The Cambridge Concept of...

As The Cambridge Common, Beacon Hill, and The Boston Gardens became Mecca's for the folk-hippie culture of the late 1960's, TIMOTHY CLOVER was inspired to produce this album of original songs, capturing the mood and spirit of the scene with quite good soft pop-psychedelia sounds, sunshine baroque-beat & lots of off genre-effects. It is not certain that Timothy Clover is the name of an actual person, or merely the name of the studio group that recorded this LP at Olmsted studios in New York City, 1968. The entire production seems inspired by The Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper" LP or The Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" LP of a year or so earlier. One the songs "Tear Drop Mobile" is a highlight, inspired perhaps by the group 'H.P. Lovercraft', while another song "Cotton Candy" shows hit potential as a sunshine bubblegum-psych tune. At any rate, the producers of the 'Timothy Clover' project got caught-up into the hype known as 'The Bosstown Sound' (referred to on the front cover as 'Beantown'), a 'catch all' phrase dreamed up by Alan Lorber of the MGM Record Label, hoping the resulting publicity would bolster his roster of groups including The Ultimate Spinach, The Beacon Street Union & Orpheus. Selections are: Timothy Clover; Trolly Car Line; One Day You're A Rich Man; When You're Dreamin'; Tear-Drop Mobile; A Harvard Square Affair; His Life To Live Over; Cotton Candy (Can Be Yours); My Friend John; and Great World Next Door. This hippie era masterpiece was put together by Larry Jaspon; Bruce Patch; Lennie Petze (Teddy & The Pandas); Tom Landry, and several others for Tea-Pot Productions of Boston. An original 1968 STEREO pressing on TOWER RECORDS (5114). The collage style record jacket art has a very tiny delete hole to the lower left edge, but is otherwise near Mint. The labels and playing surfaces also appear to be beautiful near MINT!