Warner Brothers / Reprise Loss Leaders

With over 8000 new albums on the market each year, some good stuff has to get overlooked, thus, Warner / Reprise created this 'Loss Leaders' series & made them available at low prices in the hopes that the consumer would go out & get the full album by the artist(s) of their liking. It worked, and the series ran from 1969 to 1977. Warner/Reprise offered these LPs to U.S.A. & Canadian residents only, via Mail Order advertisements on the innersleeves of their 'stock' LPs. You couldn't buy these albums in stores. These LPs are full stereo, double albums in deluxe packaging with liner notes usually written by Barry Hansen (aka Dr. Demento), unless otherwise noted. The double albums average about 28 selections of the the artists' best work, plus a few collectors items like unreleased singles, rare commercials, and other assorted goodies.

SCHLAGERS! (PRO 359, 1970) (2-LP Set w/ 4-Page booklet attached).
Petula Clark: "Fill the World With Love"; The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band: "Love Land"; Peter, Paul &Mary: "The Song Is Love"; Ella Fitzgerald: "I'll Never Fall in Love Again"; Trini Lopez: "Love Story"; Glenn Yarbrough: "Sunshine Fields Of Love"; The Vogues: "P.S. I Love You"; Theo Bikel: "Urge for Goin'"; Joni Mitchell: "Chelsea Morning"; Gordon Lightfoot: "Pony Man"; Miriam Makeba: "For What It's Worth"; Dion: "You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover"; The Everly Brothers: "On My Way Home Again"; Arlo Guthrie: "Stealin'"; Harpers Bizarre: "Soft Soundin' Music"; Frank Sinatra: "Sabia"; The San Sebastian Strings: "Body Surfing With The Jet Set"; Rod McKuen: "Jean"; Herbie Hancock: "Fat Mama"; The Association: "Dubuque Blues"; Vince Guaraldi: "Alma-Ville"; The Neon Philharmonic: "Cowboy"; The Fifth Avenue Band: "Country Time Rhymes"; Mason Williams: "Cowboy Buckaroo"; The Mike Post Coalition: "Big Mouth Harp"; Kenny Rogers &The First Edition: "Reuben James"; Randy Newman: "Suzanne"; Doug Kershaw: "Diggy Diggy Lo". Cover art in the style of "Ben-Hur" by the same artist.

BURBANK (PRO 529, 1972) (2-LP Set)
Tower of Power: "Down to the Nightclub"; Curved Air: "Phantasmagoria"; Alice Cooper: "Public Animal #9"; Van Dyke Parks: "G-Man Hoover"; Arlo Guthrie: "Voter Registration Rag"; John Cale: "Intro; Days Of Steam"; Labelle: "Peace With Yourself"; Fanny: "Borrowed Time"; T. Rex: "Telegram Sam"; Maxayn: "Trying For Days"; Foghat: "Highway (Killing Me)"; The Meters: "Cabbage Alley"; Jimi Hendrix: "The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice"; Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan: "I Been Born Again"; Beaver & Krause: "Bluebird Canyon Stomp"; Captain Beyond: "Thousand Days Of Yesterday (Times Since Come & Gone)"; Bob Weir: "Cassidy"; John Fahey: "Steamboat Gwine 'Round The Bend"; Zephyr: "Sunset Ride"; John Baldry: "You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover"; Deep Purple: "When a Blind Man Cries"; Martin Mull: "Ventriloquist Love"; John Renbourn: "Kokomo Blues"; Matthew Ellis: "Avalon"; Geoff & Maria Muldaur: "Kneein' Me".

(2-LP Set w/ 4-Page booklet attached)
Tir Na Nog "Come & See The Show"; Arlo Guthrie "The Ballad Of Tricky Fred"; Tim Buckley "Move With Me"; Jesse Winchester "Isn't That So?"; Arthur Conley "Rita"; Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band "Too Much Time"; The Section "Doin' The Meatball"; James Taylor "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight"; America "Head & Heart"; Mickey Hart "Blind John"; Dion "Sea Gull"; The Incredible String Band "My Father Was A Lighthouse Keeper"; Bonnie Raitt "Too Long At The Fair"; Alexis Korner & Snape "Country Shoes"; Steeleye Span "Spotted Cow" (which is now the name of an especially good Wisconsin beer); Jethro Tull "Living In The Past"; Dick Heckstall-Smith "Future Song"; Harpers Bizarre "Poly High" (song written & produced by Harry Nilsson, previously not on any other LP); Sparks "Moon Over Kentucky"; The Youngbloods "Speedo"; Bobby Charles "Small Town Talk"; Memphis Slim "You're The One"; David Bowie "Can't Help Thinking About Me"; Roxy Music "Virginia Plain"; Norman Greenbaum "The Day The Well Went Dry"; John Hartford "Bye-Bye".

ZAPPÉD (PRO 368, 1970) (Single disc- Black & White cover w/ title in Red. Has some different tracks than the issue without red title print, as pictured) Notes by John Mendelsohn. Alice Cooper: "Titanic Overture"; "Reflected" Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band: "The Blimp (Mousetrapreplica)"; "Old Fart At Play"; Judy Henske & Jerry Yester: "St Nicholas Hall"; Tim Buckley: "I Must Have Been Blind"; Wild Man Fischer: "Merry-Go-Round"; Tim Dawe: "Little Boy Blue"; Lord Buckley: "The Train"; Jeff Simmons: "Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up" The Mothers of Invention: "Valerie"; The GTO's: "Do Me In Once & I'll Be Sad, Do Me In Twice & I'll Know Better (Circular Circulation)"; Frank Zappa: "Willie The Pimp".

THE BIG BALL (PRO 358, 1970) (2-LP Set)
Four-page booklet attached inside with liner notes by Richard Goldstein.
The Fifth Avenue Band: "Nice Folks"; John Sebastian: "Red-Eye Express"; The Beach Boys: "This Whole World"; Geoff & Maria Muldaur: "New Orleans Hopscop Blues"; Arlo Guthrie: "Coming In To Los Angeles" (early mix); Eric Andersen: "I Was The Rebel, She Was The Cause"; Norman Greenbaum: "Jubilee"; Savage Grace: "Ivy"; Van Morrison: "Caravan"; Fleetwood Mac: "Oh Well (Parts 1 & 2)"; The Pentangle: "Sally Go Round The Roses"; Jethro Tull: "Nothing Is Easy"; Small Faces: "Flying"; Family: "No Mule's Fool" The Kinks: "When I Turn Out The Living Room Light"; The Everly Brothers: "I'm On My Way Home Again"; Tim Buckley: "Happy Time"; Joni Mitchell: "Big Yellow Taxi"; Neil Young: "The Loner"; Gordon Lightfoot: "Approaching Lavender" Randy Newman: "Mama Told Me Not To Come"; James Taylor: "Fire And Rain"; Dion: "Sit Down Old Friend"; Ed Sanders: "The Illiad"; The GTO's: "Kansas & The GTO's"; "The Captain's Fat Theresa Shoes"; "The Original GTO's"; Captain Beefheart: "Ella Guru"; The Mothers Of Invention: "WPLJ"; Wild Man Fischer: "The Taster"; "The Story Of The Taster"; Pearls Before Swine: "Footnote"; The Grateful Dead: "Turn On Your Love Light" (abridged).

(PRO 423, 1970) (3-LP Boxed Set)
WB Radio Spots: "It's the Plastic"; "Chip Dip"; Faces: "Real Good Time"; Black Sabbath: "Paranoid"; Little Feat: "Strawberry Flats"; Hard Meat: "Smile As You Go Under"; Fleetwood Mac: "Tell Me All The Things You Do"; Jimi Hendrix: "Stepping Stone"; John Simon: "The Elves' Song"; Ry Cooder: "Alimony"; Randy Newman: "Let's Burn Down The Cornfield"; Gordon Lightfoot: "Me & Bobby McGee"; Jimmy Webb: "P. F. Sloan"; Performance: "Harry Flowers"; Little Richard: "I Saw Her Standing There"; The Grateful Dead: "Sugar Magnolia"; Van Morrison: "Call Me Up In Dreamland"; The Kinks: "Apeman"; Arlo Guthrie: "Valley To Pray"; The Beach Boys: "It's About Time"; The Youngbloods: "It's A Lovely Day"; Jeffrey Cain: "Houndog Turkey"; Lovecraft: "Love Has Come To Me"; Sweetwater: "Just For You"; Captain Beefheart: "Lick My Decals Off, Baby"; The Mothers Of Invention: "Directly From My Heart To You"; Alice Cooper: "Return Of The Spiders"; Frank Zappa: "Would You Go All The Way?"; Beaver & Krause: "Spaced"; Sanctuary"; Pearls Before Swine: "The Jeweler"; James Taylor: "Lo & Behold"; Harpers Bizarre: "If We Ever Needed The Lord Before"; Van Dyke Parks: "On The Rolling Sea When Jesus Speaks To Me"; The Persuasions: "It's All Right"; Turley Richards: "I Heard The Voice Of Jesus ".

THE FORCE (PRO 596, 1975)
Leo Sayer "Long Tall Glasses"; Jethro Tull "Bungle In The Jungle"; Kenny Rankin "In the Name Of Love"; Fleetwood Mac "Silver Heels"; Percy Sledge "I'll Be Your Everything"; Graham Central Station "Feel The Need"; Trapeze "Turn It On"; Foghat" Rock & Roll Outlaw"; Montrose "I Got The Fire"; Utopia "Freedom Fighters"; Brave Belt "Goodbye, Soul Shy"; Deep Purple "Stormbringer"; The Marshall Tucker Band "This Ol' Cowboy"; John Sebastian "Wild About My Lovin'"; Debbie Dawn "Hands"; Maria Muldaur "It Ain't The Meat, It's the Motion"; Jan & Dean "Laurel & Hardy"; Mike McGear "Norton"; The Doobie Brothers "Black Water"; Ron Wood "I Can Feel The Fire"; Tower Of Power "Only So Much Oil In The Ground"; Gregg Allman "Double Cross"; Van Morrison "Comfort You".

James Taylor "Shower The People"; Gordon Lightfoot "I'd Do It Again"; Dion "Runaway Man"; The Beach Boys 'Back Home"; Arlo Guthrie "Patriots' Dream"; Mike Finnigan "Saved By The Grace Of Your Love"; Fleetwood Mac "Over My Head"; Peter Ivers "In Pursuit Of Treasure"; Tiger "Suzy Slicker"; Alice Cooper "Go To Hell"; Graham Central Station "Save Me" Philip Catherine "We'll Find A Way"; Nazareth "I Will Not Be Led"; Lamont Dozier "Right There"; Little Feat "All That You Dream" (rare revised single version); George Benson "This Masquerade"; Al Jarreau "Hold On Me"; Rod Stewart "The Killing Of Georgie (Parts I and II)"; Billy Joe Shaver "Texas Uphere Tennessee"; Leon Redbone "Polly Wolly Doodle"; Michael Franks "Popsicle Toes"; Rex Allen, Jr. "Crying In The Rain"; Bonnie Bramlett "You Send Me"; Ray Stevens "Om"; Tom Ranier "Goin' Home".

(Single disc DJ ONLY - not part of the 'Loss Leader' series)
Kensington Market "I Would Be The One"; Joni Mitchell "Night In The City"; Eric Anderson "Avalanche"; The Collectors "What Is Love"; Tiny Tim "Then I'd Be Satisfied With Life"; David Blue "Ambitious Anna"; The Grateful Dead "Born Cross-Eyed"; Jimi Hendrix "If 6 Was 9"; Arlo Guthrie "The Motorcycle Song"; Randy Newman "I Think It's Going To Rain Today"; The Fugs "Crystal Liaison"; The Electric Prunes "Kyrie Eleison"; Tom Northcott "1941"; Van Dyke Parks "Donovan's Colours".

Sex Pistols "Anarchy In The USA"; "No Fun" (live); Urban Verbs "Subways"; "The Only One Of You"; Robin Lane & The Chartbusters "Don't Wait Till Tomorrow"; "Kathy Lee"; Wire "Map Reference 41N 93W"; "I Should Have Known Better"; Marianne Faithfull "Working Class Hero"; "Broken English"; John Cale "Temper"; Gang Of Four" Damaged Goods"; "Anthrax"; Modern Lovers "I'm Straight"; " Government Center"; Devo "Social Fools"; Public Image Ltd "Public Image"; "Swan Lake"; Buggles "Video Killed The Radio Star"; "Clean, Clean"; Pearl Harbour & The Explosions "You Got It (Release It)"; "Busy Little B Side"; Nico "My Only Child"; Brian Briggs "Nervous Breakdown".