WOLF CALL - Various Artists

CALLING ALL CADS!! These 1957-64 insane rarities were culled from the vaults of Golden Crest and Shelley Records, the fabled East Coast company that first released The Fabulous Wailers, Mando & The Chili Peppers, Mask Man & The Agents and loads more raunchy, greasy, slobberin' clobberers! Dig these rockin' rock n' roll instrumentals, cool soul floor-shakers, and hairy doo-wop & rockabilly squallers, guar-anteed to elevate your status in all sudsy circles! Hear: THE KACT-TIES- Were-Wolf; GINO- Hand Clappin' Time; BABY STICKS & THE KINGTONES- Pigmy; SENATORS- Loretta; PAUL & THE FOUR-MOST- Tight Spot; MAD PLAIDS- Blood Rare; WAILERS- Tall Cool One; PRECISIONS- Cleopatra; AUGIE RIOS- Linda Lou; HITCH-HIKERS- Dog Fight; CYCLONES- Take Off; BANDIDOS- Bandido; WIGS- Chicken Switch; MASK MAN & THE AGENTS- Roaches; JAPANESE BEATLES- The Beatle Song (Japanese Style); MANDO & THE CHILI PEPPERS- Congo Mombo; DONNY LEE MOORE- I'm Buggin' Out Little Baby; and the title track by LORD DENT & HIS INVADERS- Wolf Call. These eighteen wild foot stompin', brain sprainin' teentown tantrums will take your house party from zero to sixty-nine in two seconds flat! Also included are RARE photos and extensive detailed liner notes, plus a variety of their boldly regal record label designs, all presented for your drooling pleasure on this Dee-luxe package, STILL FACTORY SEALED!