I Wanna Come Back From The
World Of L S D

And Other Psychedelic Rarities...

This CD compilation has 22 tracks, many of them previously unreleased: The Fe Fi Four Plus 2 Double Crossin' Girl; I Wanna Come Back From The World Of LSD; The Lincoln Street Exit Who's Been Driving My Little Yellow Taxi Cab; Paper Place; The Five To One Odds The Work Song; Love Is A Beautiful Thing (Previously Unreleased); Little Latin Lupe Lu (Previously Unreleased); We Ain't Got Nothin Yet (Previously Unreleased); I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore (Previously Unreleased); Yesterday's Children A Well Respected Man (Previously Unreleased); Anyway You Want It (Previously Unreleased); The Cellar Dwellers Working Man; Love Is A Beautiful Thing; The Lemon Drops I Live In The Springtime (Previously Unreleased True Stereo Version); Tommy Smith And The Laughing Kind Empty Heart; The Bluethings Talk Talk (Previously Unreleased); Mother Sturctman's Jams And Jellies For Your Love; The Mystics With The Sun In My Eyes (Previously Unreleased); Love Is A Beautiful Thing (Previously Unreleased); The Movin Morfomen Don't Go Baby; The Kreeg Impressin; and Love Special Delivery (LSD) Say That You Love Me. Also included are photos and the story of the Lance Record Label of New Mexico which released much of the material represented here. With a tiny delete hole to the corner of the jewel case, this CD time capsule of sixties psychedelia is STILL FACTORY SEALED