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AND SUDDENLY- #3- (Intervews w/ Wargasm; Sonic Youth; Christmas; House Of Large Sizes; B.A.L.L.; more) M $18
AWARE- #1 1973 (This 'zine first started w/ Vol 2. There was no Vol 1. This issue includes The Story of Apple Records; plus an interview w/ Alan Price) M $22
AWARE- #2- (The Hollies Complete LP & 45's History; plus UK Apple Records Discography w/ additions & corrections to the US Apple Discography of issue #1) M $22 or M- $17
AWARE- #3- (Searchers story; Cleveland Group coverage (Raspberries; Circyus; etc); Elektra Label Discography; more) M $22 or M- $17
AWARE #4- (Animals; Deep Purple; Isley Bros; Chuck Berry; Deram records Discography; more) M $22


BACK DOOR MAN- #12- 1977 (Iggy Pop; Sex Pistols; Beatles; Ted Nugent; Dictators; plus articles by Lester Bangs & R. Meltzer) M $47
BAD TRIP- #2; plus #4 thru #11; also #13 (Write)
BANANAS MAGAZINE- #6 Winter 2013- (Interviews w/ Paul Messis; Sasha of Chickpea Records; The Routes; The Fadeaways; Elmer of Bachelor Records; The Above; Mike Murphy ofThe Wicked Whispers; Mr. Bratto; Plus Funtastic Dracula Fest; Frank's Big Bamboo; Todd's Tabs; Greeks Back To The Cave; 13 O'Clock Records; Record Reviews; more. M $6
BANG!- #5- (Hüsker Dü; Dogmatics; Rank & File; Bangles; more) M $8
BANG!- #7- (Lyres interview; Del Fuegos; Nails; Plan 9 by Kenne Highland; Smithereens; more) M $16
BANG!- #8- (Fuzztones; Reducers; 3 0'Clock; Vipers; more) M $11
BANG!- #11- (Hoodoo Gurus; Dickies; GG Allin; O Positive; Buster Poindexter; Miracle Legion; Mosquitos) M- $24
BANG!- #12- (Toxic Reasons; Ed Gein's Car; Salem 66; The Pandoras; Turbines; Descendants) M- $9
BANG!- #13- (Robyn Hitchcock; Mod Fun; Neighborhoods; Classic Ruins by Aram Heller; Raunch Hands; Damned; Scraping Foetus; Mod Fun; more) M $8
BANG!- #14- (Sonic Youth; Bebe Buell; Replacements; Soul Asylum; Outnumbered; A-Bones; more) M $12
BANG!- #15- (Treat Her Right; Chesterfield Kings; Let's Active; Christmas; Celibate Rifles; plus Motorhead cover story; more) M $14
BANG!- #17- (Flaming Lips; Wire; Jello Biafra; Go-Betweens; Angry Samoans; Billy Bragg; Raunchettes; Naked Raygun; more) M $12
BANJO ROOM REVISITED- #1- 1995 (Rare interviews & articles on selected New England garage bands of the 60s. Erik Lindgren interviews Willie Alexander of 'The Lost'; Mark McHugh of 'Bone', & Brem Hyde of 'The Tallysmen'. Aram Heller interviews Doc Cavalier of Trod Nossel studios; Dave Vose of 'Lost Legend', & David Arvedon of 'The Psychopaths'. Also included is an interview w/ Kathy Kinsella of the 60s Boston group, 'The Pandoras'. Stories on The Trophies; Johnny DiBella. Some neat photos from Willie’s scrapbook, as well as some interesting period ads from the New England Teen Scene. Only 400 printed, intended as a companion to the reference book, 'Til The Stroke Of Dawn') M $35 Rare!
BANJO ROOM REVISITED- #2- 1998 (Special Maine Issue w/ rare interview of guitarist, producer, arranger Bobby Herne, plus interview w/ Ed & Paul Boucher of 'The Royal Knights', detailing the rise of the PAL Hops & the unique Lewiston / Auburn music scene during the 60s. Other stories & articles cover 'Euphorias Id'; 'Tidal Waves', 'Dry Ice', 'Pugsley Munion', & 'Penetrations'. Many bands covered here had worked w/ Bob Herne. Vintage ads, plus special 'New England Teen Scene' layout. Only 200 printed!) M $45 Rare!
BEAT IT!- #2 September 1977- (Devo; Dictators; Dead Boys; more) M $38
BEATLES DIGEST- #3- (Kurt Neiburg bi-monthly from Pendleton, South Carolina) F $8
BIM BAM BOOM- Vol 1 No 1- August-September, 1971- (Premier Issue of "The World's Leading Oldies Magazine Devoted To The History Of R&B", founded by Bob Galgano. Contributing writers throughout their press-run include: Marcia Vance; Phil Groia; Marv Goldberg; Stan Krause; Wayne Stierle; Tom Luciani; George Moonogian; Louie Silvani; Peter Grendysa; many others. This issue: The Cleftones; Jive Five; The Dubs; Serenaders; more) M $44
BIM BAM BOOM- Vol 1 No 2 October-November, 1971- (w/ The Harptones; El Dorados / Kool Gents; Vibranaires; Cadets / Jacks; Jay-Dee & Davis Records discographies; Chestnuts; Passions; more) M- $44
BIM BAM BOOM- Vol 2 No 2- December, 1972- (Persuasions; Jimmy Castor; Krazy Kars; Four Lovers; George Goldner Story; Shells; Rockin' Chairs; Carnations; Nutmegs; Danderliers; lots more. Over 65 pages!) M $33 or F $14
BIM BAM BOOM- Vol 2 No 3- 1973- (Little Anthony; Prisonaires; Chantels; 4 Seasons; 4 Deuces; Paul Winley Story; Wheels; lots more. Over 65 pgs) M $33 or VF $17
BIM BAM BOOM- Vol 2 No 4- 1973- (Marcels; Earl Lewis & The Channels; Big Walter Horton; 5 Keys; Norm N. Nite; Richard Nader; Buccaneers; more. Cover photo by Julio Iglesias) M $28 or VF+ $20
BIM BAM BOOM- Vol 2 No 5- 1973- (Vito & The Salutations; Ruth Brown; Supremes; Medallions; Heartbreakers; Bob Knight Four; Desires; lots more) M $28
BIM BAM BOOM- Vol 2 No 6- 1974- (Teenagers; Manhattans; Castelles; Danny & The Juniors; Little Joe & The Thrillers; more) M $28 or M- $23
BIM BAM BOOM- Vol 3 No 1- 1974- (Ronnie Spector & Ronettes; Tokens; Robins; Leiber & Stoller; Red Caps; Carols; Charlie Feathers; Admirations; Five Sharps; Four Pharaohs; Elton John; Du-Droppers; B.T. Puppy & Spark label Discographies; lots more. 88 pgs) M- $38
BITCH- "The Woman's Rock Mag With Bite"- #4- (Lizzie Ferrari; Thrash Queen; The Vyllies; more) M $38
BITCH- #5- (Pandoras; White Witches With Silver Voices; Ruggedy Annes; Frightwig; more) M $44
BITCH- #6- (Judy Tzuke; Barracuda; Rap; more) M $22
BITCH- #7- (special Minnie Mouse issue; Kaye Walden; Love & Rockets; more) M $38
BITCH- #8- (Poison Dolls; Pamela Warner of Separate Checks; more) M $22
BITCH- #9- (Malibu Barbie; Rap; Lydia Pense ex-Cold Blood; Leather Panteez; more) M- $38
BITCH- #10- (Suzy Saxon & The Anglos; Debora Lyall ex-Romeo Void; The Hunted; more) M $22
BITCH- #11- August 1986- (Interview w/ Chris Horne of The Brood; Girls Night Out; Leather Panteez; more) M $38
BITCH- #12- (Vertical Pillows w/ personal handwritten note by Paula Bouffard; Pandoras; Heroines; more) M $38
BITCH- #13- (Kate Bush; Mechanical Bride; Tomboys; more) M $28
BITCH- #14- (Girls Next Door; Malibu Barbie; Misguided; more) M $28
BITCH- #15- (Bebe Buell & The Gargoyles; Typhoon; Gash; Sue Fink; more) M $38
BITCH- #16- (Last issue in tabloid format: Das Furlines; Queen Ida; World's Cutest Killers w/ ex-Girlschool & GoGos members; Luna Ticks; more) M $28
BITCH- #17- (1st issue in magazine format: Alix Dobkin; Bitch; Angel & The Reruns; Caterwaul; Zeitgeist; Screamin' Sirens; lots more) M $28
BITCH- #18- (Christian; Throwing Muses; Jaded Lady; Debbie Valenti; Raunchettes; Suzanne Vega; Debutante; The Clams; Karen Kane; No Shame; more) M $28
BITCH- #19- ( Tetes Noires; Lauri Paisley; Pandoras; more) M $35
BITCH- #20- May 1988- (Distant Cry; World's Cutest Killers; more) M $44 Rare!
BITCH- #21- (Lady Bo pt. 1; Rock Goddess; Lorry Doll; Weenie Roast; more) M $28
BITCH- #22- (Lady Bo pt. 2; Betsy; Sinister Sisters Of Satan; Gypsy Queen; Interview w/ Judy Diugacz, founder of Olivia Records) M $28
BITCH- #23- (Lydia Lunch; Shonen Knife; Heather Leather; The Ramonas; Warlock; Joy Of Cooking; etc) M $33
BITCH- #24- (Joan Jett; Babes In Toyland; The Clams; Interview w/ Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth) M $38
BITCH- #25 July 1989 (Pandoras interview; Precious Metal interview; Carolyn Hester; Lady Bo; Two Nice Girls; Michelle Shocked; more) M $38
BIZARRE- Collectors Special- (A-Z Guide of the Wildest & Weirdest movies ever!) UK VF $8
BLACK TO COMM- #19- (Interviews w/ Miriam Linna; Jeff Clayton of Antiseen; plus articles on Pink Fairies; Lester Bangs; reviews of Joe Meek; 92 pages) M $35
BLATCH- #14- (Jim Blanchard edits Peter Bagge; Drew Elliot; R.K. Sloane (art + interview); Mike Mitchell; Chris Kegel; D. Worden; John Trubee; Gary Wray; Brad Johnson; Jeff Gaither, many others. Art; rants; comix; reviews & interviews w/ Scratch Acid; Butthole Surfers; Jimmy 'Blood' Ulmer) M $40
BLUE LUNCH- #1 & #3- (Jim Furlong 'zine w/ The Misfits; Crude; Anomie; Quickies; Young Reptiles; Rockin' Dakotas; Section 81; Chesterfield Kings; plus article on Albany, NY 60s garage band, The Grey Things; more) VG both issues for $12
BOMP MAGAZINE (Who Put The Bomp)- #10-11 Fall 1973- (Original British Invasion Issue, edited by Greg Shaw & Ken Barnes w/ articles on Liverpool; Manchester; London; British R&B; The Mod Era; Shel Talmy; Pirate Radio; Non-English Beat Groups; much more. Cover design by Dean Torrance & Kittyhawk Graphics) M- $88
BOMP MAGAZINE (Who Put The Bomp)- #12 Summer 1974- (Seeds; Standells; Knickerbockers; GNP Crescendo & Autumn Records; Leaves; Beau Brummels; etc) M $70
BOMP MAGAZINE (Who Put The Bomp)- #13 Spring 1975- (Flamin' Groovies cover & Story; Rockabilly; History Of Michigan Rock; Beatle Novelties; Cameo & Hanna-Barbera Records; articles by Kim Fowley; Ken Barnes; Gene Sculatti; Lisa Fancher) M $75
BOMP MAGAZINE- #14- Fall 1975- (1st issue w/ color cover shows Jan & Dean taking Linda Surfing. Has California Surf Roots; Dick Dale by John Blair; Dutch Nederbeat Rock by Ken Barnes; Paul Revere & The Raiders discography; Boston & NE 60s Rock by Joel Bernstein; 13th Floor Elevators w/ Roky Erickson Interview; Merseybeat; more) M $75
BOMP MAGAZINE- #15 Spring 1976- (Gala Girl Group Issue w/ Cheri Curry cover; Runaways; Leslie Gore; Shangri-Las; Jackie Dehannon; Dave Edmunds; Chicago 60s Rock; British Rock Encyclopedia; Contributing editors Alan Betrock; Seymour Stein; Marty Serf; Frank Brandon; Gene Sculatti) M- $60
BOMP MAGAZINE- #16 Winter 1976-77- (1st issue w/ shortened name. Has Brian Wilson Interview; Dwight Twilley; Monkee Mania; Mexican Punk; Jack Nitzsche; History of Swedish Rock; much more) M- $55
BOMP MAGAZINE- #17 November 1977- (Johnny Rotten cover w/ Sex Pistols & The British Punk Explosion; Blondie; Dictators; Iggy Pop & James Williamson; Beserkley Records; more 63 pages) M $38
BOMP MAGAZINE- #18 March 1978- (Power Pop Issue w/ William Stout cover art. Has Vanda-Young Story;Easybeats; History Of Glitter; T-Rex; Slade; Who; Creation; Raspberries; Ramones; Twilley; Jam; Alex Chilton) M $38
BOMP MAGAZINE- #19 October - November 1978- (Joey Ramone cover & Interview. Punk invades Germany; 60s German Beat Music; Acid Punk; Psychedelic Music; 'B' Girls; Devo Pin-Up; more) M $38
BOMP MAGAZINE- #21 March 1979- (Last issue, w/ Talking Heads; Greg Kihn; color Go-Gos Pinup; New Stars of '79; Interview w/ a Bootlegger; Police A&M bumpersticker) M $38
BOSTON GROUPIE NEWS- #4- (2-page xerox on a single sheet w/ all the newsy tidbits, including great hand writen blabfest on Thundertrain's release of 'Hot For Teacher' single) M $16
BOSTON GROUPIE NEWS- #8- (early issue by Miss Lyn, Paul 'Blowfish' Lovell & Pam Greene is in newsletter format w/ coverage of Thundertrain; Willie 'Loco' Alexander; The Boize, more) VG $38
BOSTON GROUPIE NEWS- #9- (1976/77 New Year edition w/ a look back, plus all the news heading into an exciting 1977 on the Boston music scene. 11" x 17" folded to 4-pages) M $16
BOSTON GROUPIE NEWS- #17- (James Isaacs interview, plus Baby's Arm; more) M $28
BOSTON GROUPIE NEWS- #20- (Interview w/ The Thrills featuring Johnny Angel; Merle Allen (G.G's brother) & Barb Kitson; plus a conversation w/ Mark Flynn of 'Skunk Piss' 'zine; more) M- $36
BOSTON GROUPIE NEWS- #21- (Interview w/ Unnatural Axe; sneak preview of film 'The Creeper'; Third Rail; more) M $38
BOSTON GROUPIE NEWS- #23- (Interview w/ The Neighborhoods; Day in the Life' of Johnny Angel of Thrills; more) EX+ $24
BOSTON GROUPIE NEWS- #25- (Interview w/ Jonathan Richman & Willie Alexander; 'Day in the Life' of Jimmy Dufour of The Loners; A Night out w/ The Mutants; Frank Rowe comic strip art; more) M- $38
BOSTON GROUPIE NEWS- #26- (Interview w/ Peter Dayton - post Thrills & Phil 'N Phlash; Flexi-Disc #1 by Kip Korea "I'm Calling On You" & "I Hate The Beatles"- still attached & unplayed; 'Day in the Life' of Barb Kitson of The Thrills; A Night out w/ The Fast; 'Kids Are Alright' column w/ Artie Freedman; Nervous Eaters; more) M $55
BOSTON GROUPIE NEWS- #27- (Interview w/ Young Snakes & The Mighty Ions; 'Day in the Life' of Vinny Fatello of The Vinny Band; Flexi-Disc #2 by The Fabulous Billy Goons "Ballad Of The Billygoons" & "Goons Are Drinking Again" still attached & unplayed; more) M $40
BOSTON GROUPIE NEWS- #28- (mis-numbered copy as #27 w/ Ric Ocasek; The Runes; Ralph Fatello comic strip art; 'Day In The Life' of WBCN DJ Oedipus; more) M- $28
BOSTON GROUPIE NEWS- #29- (Interview w/ The MIA's; & The Neats; The FU's; cool centerfold gameboard for 'Clubland' includes rules & packet of candy tokens, unused & still attached!; more) M- $28
BOSTON ROCK- #1- June 1980 (Tabloid format newspaper published by Mike Dreese, w/ Neighborhoods cover & interview; Zippy comics by Bill Griffith; Rick Harte interview; John Lydon & PIL; Rich Parsons interview on Unnatural Axe; Troggs; Suicide; more) VF $48
BOSTON ROCK- #10- February 1981 (The Ramones cover & article; Interviews w/ Bound & Gagged; U2 w/ Larry & Bono; Outlets; Mekons; plus SVT; Au Pairs; more) VF $48
BOSTON ROCK- #19- June 25, 1981- (Interviews w/ Joe Strummer & Bernie Rhodes on The Clash; Articles on The Neighborhoods; Billy Idol; Stains; Readers Poll; more) VG $33
BOSTON ROCK- #20- August 6, 1981- (Cramps cover story; Greg Kihn interview; Orchestral Manoeuvres; WBCN Rock 'n' Roll Rumble; Stompers; Ventures more) VF $33
BOSTON ROCK- #21- September 3, 1981- (Black Flag; Pretenders; Psychedelic Furs; Squeeze; Killing Joke; David Johansen; Tom Petty; Tiny Tim; Interview w/ Barb Kitson on City Thrills; Limbo Race; Plasmatics) VF $24
BOSTON ROCK- #51- (Peter Wolf; The Wipers; Lyres; XTC; Prime Movers; Bristols; Skins, more) M $45
BOSTON ROCK- #57- (Tom Silverman; Adam Levy; J. Geils; Rain Parade; John Cale; Navarre; Afrika Bambaataa, more) F- $9
BOSTON ROCK- #59- (Best of 1984 w/ The Drongos; Lyres; Scruffy The Cat; Comateens; Turbines; Wandells; Visigoths; Band 19; W.A.S.P; Ramones; F.U's; Barry Marshall; David Bryne; 3 Hands; Uzi; Dub 7; Robin Lane, more) M $36
BOSTON ROCK- #60 (Only issue as: U.S. Rock #60)- (D.C. Indies; Metallica; Eno, more) F- $11
BOSTON ROCK- #61- ('Til Tuesday; Plan 9; F.U.'s; Run D.M.C; Scruffy The Cat; James Blood Ulmer; Articles Of Faith; Judy's Timy Head; Lydia Lunch; Lizzy Bordan; Digney Fignus; Down Avenue; Bam Bam, more) VF $22
BOSTON ROCK- #64- (Black Flag; Red Rockers; Billy Bragg; Katrina & The Waves; Outlets; Beat Farmers; Lyers; Barrence Whitfield; Miracle Legion; Dead Kennedys; Neas; Beachmasters, more) M $28
BOSTON ROCK- #73- (Fine Young Cannibals; Neighborhoods; The Five; Plasticland; Zion Initation; Die Kreuzen; Violent Femmes; Pandoras; Reducers, more) M $22
BOSTON ROCK- #86- (Sonic Youth; Go Betweens; Flaming Lips; Throwing Muses; Crowded House; Dead Milkmen, more) VF $9
BOSTON ROCK- #101- (10th Anniversary Issue w/ cover story on Clint Conley & Mission Of Burma, more!) VF $17
BRAIN DAMAGE- #1 June 1974- (Mark Shipper zine w/ article on Lou Reed; Interview w/ Lester Bangs; more) M $38 or F $28
BREAKTHROUGH- #1- (by Todd Abramson & Miriam Linna w/ articles on the British Walkers; Lyres; Myddle Class; Chesterfield Kings; Trashmen; Wrestling; Prep Rock; interview w/ Richard Tepp of Richard & The Young Lions; more) M- $56
THE BROADSIDE- March 15, 1967- (Bi-Weekly Folk Music & Coffee House News from the Boston area & beyond. Siegel-Schwall cover; Spotlights on The Clara Ward Singers; The Lords & Ladies; Jack Elliott; Doc Watson. Winterfest Report includes the Expanding Headband. Emmet L. Robinson sheet music; Book Reviews as well as reviews of folk LPs & live music shows including Chris Smither & Carolyn Hester. Area Club listings announcing gigs for Eden's Children; Jaime Brockett; Spider John Koerner; Theo Bikel; Rolf Cahn; Arlo Guthrie; Jim Kweskin & Mel Lyman; The Barbarians, many more) M $38 or M- $28
THE BROADSIDE- March 29, 1967- (Bi-Weekly Folk Music & Coffee House News from the Boston area & beyond. Chris Smither cover. Reader Favorites Poll Results. Peter Stampfel reports on The Free Spirits; Jefferson Airplane; Dino Valenti; Lothar & The Hand People; Mothers Of Invention; more; Spotlights on John Lee Hooker & Eden's Children. Sheet Music; Book Reviews as well as reviews of folk LPs & live music shows including Siegel-Schwall Band & Bill & Renee. Area Club listings announcing gigs at area clubs such as King's Rook; Club 47; Y-Not; Seventh Circle; Where It's At; Loft; Unicorn; many more) EX+ $28
THE BROADSIDE- April 12, 1967- (Bi-Weekly Folk Music & Coffee House News from the Boston area & beyond. Extensive coverage of the American Festival Of Music '67; Steve Gillette & Tom Paxton sheet music; Book Reviews as well as reviews of folk LPs & live music shows, including Doc Watson. Area Club listings announcing gigs for Dave Peyton; The Ramrods; Eric Andrrson; Muddy Waters; Jefferson Airplane; Boss Todes; Beacon St. Union; many more) M- $28 or EX $18
THE BROADSIDE- May 10, 1967- (Bi-Weekly Folk Music & Coffee House News from the Boston area & beyond. Chuck Berry cover. An interview w/ Mississippi John Hurt by Pete Seeger. Steve Gilette & Tom Paxton sheet music; Spotlight on The Chambers Brothers. Scene Reports; Book Reviews as well as reviews of folk LPs & live music shows including The American Festival Of Music. Area Club listings announcing gigs for The Bagatelle; The Bait Shop; Beacon St. Union; Jaime Brockett; many more) M- $35
THE BROADSIDE- May 24, 1967- (Bi-Weekly Folk Music & Coffee House News from the Boston area & beyond. John Hammond cover. An interview w/ Mississippi John Hurt by Pete Seeger, Part 2. Eric Anderson & Jonathan Talbot sheet music. Spotlight on Summer Folk Festivals. Scene Reports; Book Reviews as well as reviews of folk LPs & live music shows. Area Club listings announcing gigs for The Sacred Mushroom at the Unicorn; Patrick Sky & Carolyn Hester at Club 47; Chris Smither at Turk's Head; Jaime Brockett at Sword & Stone; The Buffalo Springfield at Where It's At; many more, plus a full page ad for the debut issue of the Avatar) M $28
THE BROADSIDE- July 19, 1967- (Bi-Weekly Folk Music & Coffee House News from the Boston area & beyond. Merle Travis cover. Article on Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Eric Anderson & Chuck Mitchell sheet music. Spotlight on The Fugs. Scene Reports; Book Reviews as well as reviews of folk LPs & live music shows. Area Club listings announcing gigs for Jim Kweskin, Pete Seeger; Tom Paxton at the Music Barn; Buddy Guy at Club 47; Nancy Michaels at Turk's Head; Jaime Brockett at Sword & Stone; Tonto's Headband at Adam's Rib; The Ramrods & Chosen Few at Where It's At; many more) M- $24
THE BROADSIDE- September 13, 1967- (Bi-Weekly Folk Music & Coffee House News from the Boston area & beyond. Ian & Sylvia cover. Photos of the 1967 Fox Hollow Festival plus review. Pete Seeger & Emmett Lake sheet music. Scene Reports; Book Reviews as well as reviews of folk LPs & live music shows at the Mariposa Folk Festival & Philadelphia Folk Festival. Area Club listings announcing gigs for The Bagatelle; Charles River Valley Boys; & Sam Lay & The Mojo Workers at Club 47; Bill Madison & Tom Hall at the Sword & Stone many more) M- $22
THE BROADSIDE- September 27, 1967- (Bi-Weekly Folk Music & Coffee House News from the Boston area & beyond. Tom Rush cover. Tom Paxton & Joni Mitchell sheet music. Spotlight on Carolyn Hester. Scene Reports; Book Reviews as well as reviews of folk LPs & live music shows. Area Club listings announcing gigs for Gordon Lightfoot & Canned Heat at Club 47; Marcy & Dinova at Quest; Paul McNeil at Turk's Head; Whinin' Boys at the Sword & Stone; Tom Hall & Paul Lolax at Adam's Rib; many more) EX $25
BUCKETFUL OF BRAINS- #5- (Pretty Things; Barracudas; Misunderstood Flexi; more) UK / M- $44
BUCKETFUL OF BRAINS- #15- (Dream Syndicate; Playmates; Chesterfield Kings; Italian Psych, The Church interview & Flexi disc; more) M- $40
BUCKETFUL OF BRAINS- #17- August 1986 (Lime Spiders interview; Leather Nun; Twink interview; Dream Syndicate Citadel Records; Robyn Hitchcock; Hidden Charms; Leather Nun. Live Flexi by Spinning Wighats aka The Lime Spiders; more) UK/ M- $40


CIRCUS- November 25, 1976- (Cherie Currie cover; Runaways poster; Queen; Rush; Yes; Dylan; Skynyrd; Clapton; Aerosmith) M- $9
CLE- #3B- (Cleveland area 'zine w/ definitive history of Pere Ubu; an unplayed still attached Flexi-Disc w/ the Seeds classic "Pushin' Too Hard" by Pere Ubu bw/ "Searching Through Sears" by Dave E. & The Cool Marriage Counselors; plus The Clocks; more) M $40
CONNECT- #3- (a precursor 'zine to 'Creeping Sounds' w/ Interview of The Bangles by Julia Carmel & 'My Story Of The Gizmos' by Kenne Highland) M- $28
CRAWDADDY- 1970 (Newspaper format w/ 2 sections. Interview w/ Marc Bolan of T-Rex; Rolling Stones; Johnny Winter; Psychedelic Art & Music; Procol Harum; The Nice; Byrds) EX $28
CRAWDADDY- August 1, 1971 (Newspaper format w/ 2 sections. Interview w/ Emerson Lake & Palmer (cover); Interview w/ Timothy Leary; Interview w/ Poco; Shawn Phillips; Joe Gallivan) EX+ $25
CRAWDADDY- February 1974 (Magazine format w/ flying saucers cover & story; article "Who Killed Buddy Holly"; Elton John; Rod Stewart; Marty Balin, UFO's. 90 pages) EX+ $22
CRAWDADDY- August 1976 (Mick Jagger Interview (cover); American Nazis; Pinball Machines; Alice Cooper; Sid Caesar) EX+ $18
CRAWDADDY- December 1976 (William Shantner cover; John Lennon Beatles Breakup feature by Anthony Fawcett; Star Trek; Haiti) M- $18
CREEM- April 1978- (Johnny Rotten cover w/ Sex Pistols US Tour coverage; Eric Clapton; Queen; Elvis; Punk Reciords Guide; great photos, more) F- $18
CREEM- June 1979 (Blondie cover; Interview w/ Debbie Harry; History Of '60s Punk Pt 1 by Lester Bangs; Bad Co; Dire Straits; The Police) 66 pgs NM $38
CREEM- July 1979- (Cheap Trick cover; Joe Jackson; History Of '60s Punk Pt 2 by Lester Bangs; Roxy Music; Bryan Ferry interview) 74 pgs NM $38
CREEPING SOUNDS- #1- Winter 1984- (Interview w/ JJ Rassler of The Odds; Chain Link Fence; Cheepskates; Moose & The Mudbugs by Kenne Highland, more) M $14
CREEPING SOUNDS- #2- Summer 1985- (Dark Cellars by Kenne Highland; Last Stand; Dogmatics; The Brood; Unclaimed) M $14
CRYPTIC TIMES- #2- (Canadian 'zine by Alan Wright w/ great cover art & comic strip by Darren Merinuk, who is also interviewed; plus articles on Rich Coffee; Tommyknockers; Beatnik Termites; Yard Trauma; Brood; Les Thugs; 1313 Mockingbird Lane; 14th Wray; Thee Flypped Whigs; more) M $38


DANGEROUS RHYTHMS- #6 Winter 1985-1986- (Gene Temsey 'zine w/ Concert & Record reviews on Das Yahoos; Redd Kross; Skulls; Cure; much more) M $18
DECEMBER'S CHILDREN- #3 (Rolling Stones fanzine w/ Mike Stax involvement) M $38
DECEMBER'S CHILDREN- #4 (Rolling Stones fanzine w/ Mike Stax involvement) M $38
THE DUMB ANGEL GAZETTE- #3- (Domenic Priore 145 page surf oriented book'zine interviews Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth & Davie Allen & The Arrows; plus features on The Fireballs; Jeff Barry & Ellie Greenwich; Jill Gibson; Hot Rod 45's; Euro R&R Instrumentals article by Mike Stax; lots more!) M $44

E - F

FANDOM CONFIDENTIAL- #1- (comic style photo-zine w/ Jim Engel & Chuck Fiala who put famous comic book heroes & villains through the wringer. Introduction by Roy Thomas) Kitchen Sink M- $8
FANZINE FOR THE BLANK GENERATION- #3 May 1977- (The Damned interview, live review; plus The Dils & more) M $66
FANZINE FOR THE BLANK GENERATION- #4 July 1977- (Dils cover; Interview w/ Blondie; Record Reviews; Ramones Pinup; more) M $66
FELINE FRENZY- #1 thru #8; #10- (Write)
FFANZINE- #13- 1985-(Gary Glitter; Fuzztones; Chesterfield Kings; Vipers; Vibrators; Kate Bush; Monkees; Dwight Twilley; Spanky (of Our Gang); Vintage Flyers; Cramps Poster) M- $28
FIZ- #11 April/May 1994- (Ramones cover story; plus interviews w/ Snatch; Archers; Beck; Unsane; Methedrine Doll; more. 112 pgs) M $14
FLEXIPOP- #18- (UK 'zine w/ Marc Almond; Gary Numan; Wattie of The Exploited; Bauhaus; Lemmy; Pig Bag; Altered Images; plus photo-comic "The Slime Beast" featuring Tight Fit. Has 7" yellow flex-disc by Bow Wow Wow w/ exclusive new versions of "King Kong" & Elimination Dance") Flexi is unplayed Mint; Mag is M- $43
FLIP SIDE- #49 Summer 1986- Rank N' File; Screamin' Sirens; The Brigade; MIA; more) M- $12
FLIP SIDE- #59 Spring 1989- (interviews w/ J.F.A.; Neurosis; Bad Religion; Rich Coffee of Thee Unforgiven; Dave Goodman of the Sex Pistols; Rich Kids; Penelope Houston of the Avengers; Serial Killers; Lunachicks; more) M $18
FRENZY- #1 "Boston's New Wave Rock Mag"- (Willie Alexander; Richard Nolan interview by Liz Ireland; Column by Ms. Lyn) M $14
FUCK YEAH!- #10- The Girls- (Interviews w/ The Brood; Trashwomen; Whistlebait; Neptunas; Thirst; Glynis of Feline Frenzy; plus article by Sue Stax; more) M $18 or M- $16
FUSION- Many issues available from 1970-1971... (Write)
FUTURE- #2 July 1977- (The Droogs; Van Der Graaf Generator; Dad Mania) M- $75
FUTURE- #3 Spring 1978- (Captain Beefheart; The Babys; Twilley; Eno; Shoes; Dad Comics) M $85
FUTURE- #4 November 1978- (Handwritten issue by Greg Prevost w/ DMZ; Real Kids; Willie Loco Alexander; Stones; Troggs; The Lost; Kenny & The Kasuals; Dad Comics) M- $85
FUZ BRAINS- #8 (Worcester, Massachusetts based 'zine by Rev. Joe; Deb Beaudry; Capt. P.J.; & others -features interview w/ Poncho Vidal of Wild Thing) M $22
FUZ BRAINS- #9- 1985- (interviews w/ Plan 9, & The Vipers) M $14
FUZ BRAINS- #12- Fall 1986 (Das Furlines; Monkees; Cramps; plus interview w/ The Del Fuegos; more) M $14
FUZ BRAINS- #13- 1986- (Gizmos; interview w/ The Raunch Hands & Creeps) M $22
FUZ BRAINS- #14- 1987 (Interview w/ The Wylde Mammoths; Time Beings) M $18
FUZ BRAINS- #15- 1988- (Lime Spiders; plus interview w/ The Shambles; Classic Ruins; Bags) M $15
FUZ BRAINS-#16- April 1988- (Anniversary Issue features reprints of interviews from issues 1-8, plus an exclusive interview w/ The Cynics by Beki, more) M $22
FUZBRAINS- Fall 1997- (Captain PJ interviews The Brood & Fleshtones. Deb Beaudry on The Chesterfield Kings, more) M $18
FUZ BRAINS- Winter 1998- Special 20th Anniversary Issue w/ Free Radicals; Prefab Messiahs; plus reviews & columns by Deb Beaudry; LB Worm; & Captain PJ who also interviews Rick Derringer) M $14
FUZZ BUZZ- #1- (By & about The Fuzztones) M $45 Rare!


GABBA GABBA HEY- #3- (Interviews w/ The Sex Pistols; Buzzcocks; Doctors Of Madness; more from Middlesbrough, UK) M $63
GEARHEAD- #4- (interviews w/ George Barris; Nomads. Cover art by Coop; more) M $28
GOLDMINE- #10 May 1976- (Is Sam The Sham Dead Or Is It All An MGM Hoax?- parody of 'Is Paul Dead' w/ 'clues' & all; Dig Records discography) M $28
GOLDMINE- #11 July 1976- (Del Shannon interview; Hollies; Monkees; Flip & Cobra Records discographies; more) M $22
GOLDMINE- #12 September-October 1976- (Jack Scott; Bo Diddley interview; Simon & Garfunkle early years; Cover Records of the 50s; more) M $28
GOLDMINE- #14 January-February 1977- (Eddie Cochran; Janis Martin; Jimmy Clanton) M- $28
GOLDMINE- #24 March 1978- Inrerview w/ Nate Nelson of The Flamingos+ cover pic; Charlie Gracie; more. VG $12
GOLDMINE- #34 March 1979- (Ronnie Spector Interview; Stiff Records Tour; Leslie Gore; Josie Records Story & Discography; The Delta Rhythm Boys; more) M $8
GORE GAZETTE- Issues #99 thru #110- (Notorious yet scarce Rick Sullivan publication covering horror, exploitation & sleaze films of all eras) $6 each or all 12 issues for $48
GREAT RECIPIES FOR HARD TIMES- #2 October 1986- (Stuart Sherward newsprint 'zine w/ Johnny Quest; Whooping Cranes; Mercy Seat; Yo La Tengo; plus a rare unplayed 2-Song Flexi Disc w/ Classic Ruins "How Do You Know?" (Jeff Conolly / Lyres song); Throweing Muses "Fish") M $45 Rare!


HAPPY LAND- #2- (Selwyn Harris zine w/ Flipper; Interview w/ NYC Dominatrix Mistress Delilah White; Fashion; Movies, more) M $30
HARD TIMES- #3 November 1984- (Interviews w/ Johnny Rotten; Suicidal Tendencies; Bangles; Latex Sex Camp; more) M $48 Rare!
HEARTBEAT- #1 1984- (Dave Clark Five; Droogs; Nomads; Escalatorz; Fleshtones; Pork Dukes; Comics; more) M- $20
HEARTBEAT- #3 1985- (Germany In The 60s; Slickee Boys; The Swedish Scene; Mood Six; Subtones; lots more) M $16
HERE 'TIS- #3- (In-depth interviews w/ Larry Tamblyn of The Standells; Larry Parypa of The Sonics; The Chesterfield Kings; The Tell-Tale Hearts; more) M $44
HERE 'TIS- #6- (Paul Revere & The Raiders by Mark Lindsay; USA Records; The Rationals; plus interviews w/ Jerry McGeorge of The Shadows Of Knight; Jim Skeen of The Choir; Jackie Lomax of The Undertakers (UK); more) M $38
HERE 'TIS- #7- August 1995 (Wayne Proctor Story of We The People; plus interviews w/ Sam The Sham; Daryl Hooper of The Seeds w/ remarks by Kim Fowley; Barry Tashian of The Remains; Paul Atkinson of The Zombies; more) M $38
HERE 'TIS- #8- (Mott The Hoople; Saturday's Children Story; plus rare interviews w/ Jim Lowe of The Electric Prunes; Rick Andridge of The Seeds; more) M $38
HOOSIER HYSTERIA- #1- (Ron Simpson 'zine featuring interviews w/ members of Indiana garage bands: The Everyday Things; Me & Them Guys; plus Brad Long; more) M $48 Rare!
HOOSIER HYSTERIA- #2- (Ron Simpson 'zine featuring interviews w/ members of Indiana garage bands: The Renegades; Knightsmen; Sangralads; Foggy Knights; more) M $48
HOPSCOTCH- #1- (signed by Jake Cavaliere of The Bomboras) M $18
HOT WACKS QUARTERLY- #1- (Wendy O' Williams cover & pictorial; Plasmatics; Bootleg Reviews; Rolling Stones & other Video Rarities; more) M $65
HOT WACKS QUARTERLY- #4- (History & reviews of Bootleg Records; The Orchids; Pat Benatar; Elvis Presley & other Videos Rarities) M $48
HOT WACKS QUARTERLY- #8- (Interview w/ Girlschool; feature on the Wild Woman of Rock; Gina & The Cutthroats; Bootleg Boxed Sets; more) M $45
HOT WACKS QUARTERLY- #9- (Kid Creole & The Coconuts; Groupies; Bebe Buell; Debi Neal; Bootlegs & Videos) M $48
HOT WACKS QUARTERLY- #10- (Annabella Lwin; Abba; Suzi Quatro; Siouxsie Sioux; Toyah; Karla Devito; Ozzy; more) M $45
HOT WACKS QUARTERLY- #12- (Mud Shark Label Pt 1; Collecting Zappa; Black Magic; more) M $40
HOT WACKS QUARTERLY- #13- (Angelyne fold-out cover; Mud Shark Label Pt 2; New Order / Steve Morris Interview; Vogue Picture Discs by Lenny Kaye; more) M $45
HOT WACKS QUARTERLY- #14- (Bebe Buell cover story; The Flirts; Vogue Records Discography; New Jersey Woman Rockers; Interview w/ Cavern Club DJ Bob Wooler on The Beatles; more) M- $44
HOT WACKS QUARTERLY- #15- (Final Issue w/ Ruby Starr; John McCartney photo file; bootleg reviews; more) M $40

I - J

INNER MYSTIQUE- #1- (Bill Shute 'zine featuring articles on Kim Fowley; Zakary Thaks; plus interview w/ G.G. Allin; more) M- $55
INSTRUMENTAL REVIEW #1 - April 1980- Trev Faull 'zine covers UK singles by Eddie Cochran; Legendary Lonnie; Tooting Frooties; The Paper Bags; Orange Juice; Booker T. & The MG's; Mar-Keys discography; Bar-Kays; Stick Shifts; Reg Guest Story; Surf Music & more. 30 pages. 6" x 8" pocket sized. UK F+ $28
INSTRUMENTAL REVIEW #2 - February 1981- Trev Faull 'zine covers UK singles by Lloyd Glenn; Ventures; The Lansdowne Dance Band; Ernest Ranglin; Booker T. & The MG's update; Earl Bostic; Viscounts; Rapiers; Reg Guest; Defectors; more. 34 pages.6" x 8" pocket sized. UK F $28
INSTRUMENTAL REVIEW #3 - April 1981- Trev Faull UK 'zine, 1st large sized 8.25" x 11.75" issue w/ Duane Eddy; Bill Smith; Beat from 1968; New Surf: Wedges & Ray-Beats; Reviews: 50's to 80s, Update to singles catalog, Joe Huston, more 32 pages VF $33
INSTRUMENTAL REVIEW #5 - February 1983- Trev Faull UK 'zine, large sized 8.25" x 11.75" issue w/ Modern Surfin' Scene (updated); Plas Johnson Story; Big Jay McNeeley discography; Duane Eddy; Shadows news; reviews, more. 17 pages UK M $22
INSTRUMENTAL REVIEW SPECIAL CATALOGUE #1- September 1980- Trev Faull UK 'zine, large sized 8.25" x 11.75" issue w/ Details of most known UK singles in the pop, rock, light jazz, R&B, R&R Soul, Blues, Reggae style from 1956-1966. 30 pages UK M $40 (Order issue #1 + #2 for $70)
INSTRUMENTAL REVIEW SPECIAL CATALOGUE #2- August 1981- Trev Faull UK 'zine, large sized 8.25" x 11.75" issue w/ Similar style to the 1st issue, but detailing the EP releases from the same period 1956-1966, plus helpful instrument guide to be able to identify sax featured EPs from those featuring guitar, etc... UK M $35 (Order issue #1 + #2 for $70)
IT WILL STAND- #2 April 1975- (Linda Coyle edits articles on The Blue Jackets; Sun Records; Buddy Holly; Bird Groups; Wynonie Harris; Bobby Curtola; Rock & Roll Dance History; & more for fans of Beach Music, Shag & Bop) M $18
IT WILL STAND- #3 May 1976- (Orioles; Regency Records Label; Gospel Music; Comix; & more for fans of Beach Music, Shag & Bop) M $14
THE JIGSAW- #5 1/2- (Bikini Kill related zine w/ reviews) M $1


KAPITAL INK- #1- Summer 2005- (About 1000 copies of each issue were printed by publisher Joe Harrington. Features: 46 page Swamp Witch Revival interview + photos; Plus: Nathan Rice Comix; Scene Report; Film, Books; LP & Live Show reviews. 108 pages M $9
KAPITAL INK- #2 Spring 2006- (Features: 21 pg interview w/ The Same Band, Celebrity Skin; Swamp Witch Revival follow-up; Plus: "Album X" pt. 1 by John Fahnley; Comix; Scene Report; Film, Books; LP & Live Show reviews 84 pages M $14 or F $6
KAPITAL INK- #3- Spring 2007- (Features: Sex columnist Lisa Carver shares kissing tips w/ Gene Simmons!; "Album X" pt. 2 by John Fahnley; interview w/ The Sword; Plus: Justin Melmann & Nathan Rice Comix; NY Scene Report; Film, Books; LP & Live Show reviews. 98 pages. M $14 Scarce!
KAPITAL INK- #4- Winter 2008/9 (Features: White Stripes cover story & photos!! The Leftover's Story & interview w/ Kurt Baker & Andrew Rice; The Day Richard Julio Met Lester Bangs; 3rd & final installment of "Album X" by John Fahnley; Plus: Mail Dept w/ long letter from the dude who threw a bottle at Anton in Vancouver, plus letter from Christian Reddinger of All Out Mayhem wrestling; Comix; NY Scene Report; Film, Books; LP & Live Show reviews. 72 pages. M $9
KAPITAL INK- #5- Summer 2011 (Features: The Rick Coraccio Story, in-depth 26-page interview in all its unexpurgated glory, from DMZ! The Boize! The Kids! Lyres! Last Ones! Lots of rare pictures, more. Also 4-pages: "DMZ & The Blizzard Of '76"... Plus: Comix; Scene Report; Film, LP & Live Show reviews. Great issue! 100 pages. M $12
KICKS- #3- 1984- (Esquerita Interview + discography; The Phantom; Link Wray; Herbie Duncan; Jess Hooper Interview; Benny Joy; Beach Boys; Collins Kids; Steve Carl Interview; Golliwogs; Banshees Interview; Little Richard; Trashmen; Bobby Fuller; The Heard Interview; Motions (from Ohio); Tommy Lam Interview; Ronnie Dawson; Hasil Adkins Interview; White Castle; 60's Bands; Surf & Loads more...) 76 pages M $65
KILLER- #6- Late 1984- (Interview w/ Richard Edson; Ian MacKaye; Bond Bergland; Butthole Surfers; Mark Cunningham of Don King; more) M $66
KING'S RANSOM- #1- (Dave Bass 'zine w/ contribution by Mike Schultz, cover New England area garage obscurities including The King's Ransom; Ramains; The Ones; Prince & The Paupers; Shadows 4; more) M $65 Rare!
KING'S RANSOM- #2- (Improper Bostonians; Tallysmen; Richie's Renegades; New Colony Six; Mass & PA Discography; more) M- $65


LIVING BLUES- Issues #1 thru #25 - Spring 1970 to Winter 1976- (Informative Chicago based blues 'zine still in operation today) M Rare! (Write for details)
LOST IN TYME- #4- Summer 2008 (Greek 'zine in English w/ stories & interviews on: The Rising Storm; Cheepskates; Brood; Cynics; Los Peyotes; Os Haxixins; Urges; Thanes; Higher State; Holly Golightly; Royal Hangmen; Gitanes; D. Daclin & The Lears; Dolly Rocker Movement; more. Comes with 25-track CDr by these groups plus 11 more, including unreleased. Cool 'Munster' Cover Art by Darren Merinuk) M $24
LOST MYNDS- #0; (Canadian 'zine features articles on The Haunted; T-Rex; plus interviews w/ Rich Coffee of Thee Fourgiven; The Gruesomes; The Trip; more) M- $50
LOST MYNDS- #1- (Canadian 'zine w/ articles on The Pretty Things; Raunch Hands; Vipers; Los Mockers; Yardbirds; Plasticland; Cramps; Sinners; The Brood; plus interviews w/ Greg Prevost of The Chesterfield Kings; Monoman of the Lyres; more) M- $55


MAXIMUM ROCK & ROLL- #66- November 1988 (Fugazi; Change; & lots more) M $9 or M- $5
MISTY LANE- #16- June 1998 (? & The Mysterians interviewed by Miriam Linna; Brian Wilson; Gonn, Grodes / Tounges Of Truth; Love; Nobody’s Children; Loons; Fleshtones; Golden Cups; Walking Screams; Shadows Of Reflections; Frantic 5; plus Beat Italiano; 60s Biker films; Quebec 60s scene; more. 80 pages published by Massimo del Pozzo aka Brian ’66 of 'The Others'. Includes exclusive non-LP 7" 45-RPM vinyl single w/ Picture Sleeve of an unreleased Fuzztones track they recorded w/ Sean Bonniwell of 'The Music Machine') Italy / M/M $45 or Magazine Only M $18
MOD SCENE- #1- (Mod Fun; Elvis Costello; Style Council; more) M $12
MONSTER WITHOUT A BRAIN- #1- September, 1991 (Boston scene w/ Deb Beaudry involvement of FuzBrains; Hell Troupee interview; Hellcats From Outer Space interview + bonus poster; Cassette Culture; more) M $8
MUSIC WORLD- Premier Issue (#32) March 14, 1979- (A Jellyroll Productions Publcation, evolved from Record Digest, hence starting w/ #32) M- $5
MUSIC WORLD- #38 April 25, 1979 (debut of weekly issues) to #45 May 16, 1979 (A Jellyroll Productions Publcation w/ Ann-Margret; Jimmy Ellis interview; Peter & Gordon; Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps; Bob Dylan; more) M $25 for entire 8-issue set
MUSIC WORLD- #47 May 30, 1979 to #53 July 11, 1979 (A Jellyroll Productions Publcation w/ Pink Lady; Beach Boys; Billy Crash Craddock; Del Shannon; more) M $20 for entire 7-issue set
MUSIC WORLD- #55 July 25, 1979 to #62 September 12, 1979 (A Jellyroll Productions Publcation w/ Bobby Fuller 4; Ventures; Teresa Brewer; Elvis; Duane Eddy; Dorsey Burnette; Monkees; Eddie Cochran, more) M $35 for entire 8-issue set
MUSIC WORLD- #64 September 26, 1979, + #66 October 10, 1979 & #67 October 17, 1979- (A Jellyroll Productions Publcation w/ Gene Pitney; Platters, more) M $5 for 3-issue set
MUSIC WORLD- #69 December 1979 to #73 April 1980- (A Comic Kingdom Publication w/ The Penguins; Bob Dylan; Elvis Presley; Elvis Costello; Beatles, more) M $20 for entire 5-issue set
MUSIC WORLD- June 1981- (Bill Cole Publication w/ Chuck Berry; Sir Douglas Quintet; Adam & The Ants; Lee Andrews & The Hearts; Otis Redding; Jazz Odyssey LP Series; more) M $7

N - O

NEW DEZEZES- 1978? (San Francisco 'zine interviews w/ Detrick of The Nuns; The Screamers; Crime; Dils; Bobby Death of The Skidmarx; Avengers; more) M $60 or F- $44
NEW ORDER- #1- (after publishing 'New Age' Nancy Foster wrote for this zine which features: Iggy Pop; New York Dolls; Patti Smith interview; Richard Hell interview; Fox Pass) M $45
NEW ORDER- #2- (Cramps interview; Blue Oyster Cult interview; Ramones & Dictators by Miriam Linna; Sirus Trixon interview; Damned, more!) M $53
NEW POSITIVE SANCTIONS- #4- (interviews w/ Barbie Army; Agnostic Front; Chemical People; Bhang Revival; Sick Of It all; Burning Bush; Wrecking Crew; more) M $9
NEW WAVE ROCK- Vol 1 #1- (Kiss cover; Dictators; Clash; John Cale; Ramones; Jam; Television; Blondie) M $38
NEW WAVE ROCK- Vol 1 #2- (Elvis Costello; 'Roots Of Punk' essay by Lester Bangs; plus interviews w/ Patti Smith; Billy Idol; XTC; Nico; & Robert Gordon; more) M $38
NEW YORK ROCKER- #11- February / March 1977 (tabloid format Special Pseudo-Arty New Year Issue w/ Patti Smith; Robert ordon; New Yourk's Top 50 Bands; Nico, more) VG- $48
NEW YORK ROCKER- #56- March 1984 (magazine format w/ features on Lucinda; Patti Smith; Los Lobos; plus cover story & interview w/ Johnny Rotten of PIL; more) M- $28
THE NEXT BIG THING- #26- (Supersuckers; Radio Sweethearts; Forbidden Dimension, Impala, Sabre Jets; Nomads discography; Fastbacks; Beat Poets; Riverdales; Hellacopters; The Blasters; Dick Dale interview; Cramps; plus vinyl 45-RPM by The Mono Men w/ Pic Sleeve) M $28
99th FLOOR- #4; #5; #6; #7 (w/ flexi) Write
NO EXIT- (Tony Steel 'zine from San Francisco w/ Crime; Novak; more) M $58 or VF- $44
NOISE QUEEN- #22- Summer 2000 (book, record & video reviews) M $2
NOT FADE AWAY- #1 Fall 1975- (Doug Hanners zine on Texas Garage w/ 13th Floor Elevators History & more) M- $65
NOT FADE AWAY- #2- (Kenny & The Kasuals Story; Doug Sahm & Sonobeat Records Discography's; Interviews w/ Shivas Headband & Red Krayola) M $75
NOT FADE AWAY- #3- (Mouse & The Traps Story; Larry & The Blue Notes; Josefus; Stereo Shoestring; J-Beck & Cee-Bee Records Story w/ Bad Seeds; Zakary Thaks; Liberty Bell; more) M $65
NOT FADE AWAY- #4- (Blue Things; Sparkles; Stoics; Remaining Few; Lavender Hour; Lost & Found; Sherwoods; Golden Dawn; more) M $65
OFFBEAT- November 1997- (University Of Victoria, Canada publication featuring Captain Cook & The Nootka Sound; Superchunk; Ray Condo; Purrr; more) EX $4
OUTLET #16- January 1980- Trev Faull UK 'zine w/ Chrome; Slickee Boys; Art Bears; Survivors; 1/2 Japanese; Killing Joke debut; Philip Johnson; Siren Records; Arawak Records; Stiff Records; Doctor Bird Records; Studio One Records; more. 38 pages, 6" x 8" pocket sized. UK F- $28
OUTLET #17- March 1980- Trev Faull UK 'zine, 1st large sized 8.25" x 11.75" issue w/ Metabolist; Thomas Leer; Robert Rental; Don Bradshaw-Leather; Sonny Boy Williamson; Little Walter; Ada Wilson; Novak; Labels: Sequel; Waldos, Esoteric, more. 33 pages UK VF $26
OUTLET #21- December 1980- Trev Faull UK 'zine w/ Bain Total; DDAA; Eskation; Roky Erickson Story; Chinese Puzzle; Bomis Prendin; Glen Branca; Surf; Label listings for Small Wonder; Factory; Sandwich, Monogram, Warning; more. 64 pages. UK VF- $36
OUTLET #26- July 1982- Trev Faull UK 'zine w/ Eddie Cochran; Jack Scott; Terry dene; Tommy Lewis; Gerry & The Pacemakers; Columbia label beat records list; plus label listings for Salvo; Trumpet (US); XX; Pyramid; Rio; Embassy, more. 32 pages. UK M $33
OUTLET #29- November 1983- Trev Faull UK 'zine w/ The full Residents' story, plus discog, live review & family tree. Pinakotheca Records from Japan; Full F-Beat listing; Edsel; Demon, etc. UK M $45
OUTRAGE- #4- (Canadian 'zine formerly 'Public Outrage', w/ Haunted family tree; origins of The Animals; Wylde Mammoths; plus interviews w/ The Gruesomes; The Brood; more) M $44
OUTTASIGHT- #3- (Greg Prevost 'zine features interviews w/ Nancy Sinatra; The Nightshadows; Ray Davies of The Kinks; members of Blue Cheer; Fred Cole; Wee Four; Willie Alexander of The Lost; Jorma Kaukonen of The Jefferson Airplane; Juke Box Jury w/ Jim Sohns of The Shadows Of Knight & Sal Valentino of The Beau Brummels; Dad's Comix; more) M $46

P - Q

PAID MY DUES- Vol 1 #1- "A Quarterly Journal Of Woman & Music"- (Guitar buying tips; Women In Radio; Interview w/ Barbie & Joanie; Mary Jo Valenti of The Beatlettes; History Of Woman In Music Pt. 1; Sheet Music to 4 songs) M- $28
PAID MY DUES- Vol 1 #2- (Copyrighting Songs; Holly Near; History Of Woman In Music Pt. 2; Olivia Records; Sheet Music to 10 songs; Bay Area Woman) M $22
PAID MY DUES- Vol 1 #3- (Interviews w/ Chris Gora; Carolyn McDade; Sara Phillips; Joan Renne; Mary Waters; Vivian & Fran; Sheet Music to 10 songs) M $18
PAID MY DUES- Vol 1 #4- (Interview w/ Willie Tyson; Sheet Music to 8 Songs; many articles & reviews; Centerfold Poster) M- $17
PAUL'S RECORD MAGAZINE- November 1975- (Informative 'zine by Paul Bezanker, plus frequent contributions by: Victor Pearlin; Peter Grendysa; Nay Nassar; Frank Caravello; Jerry & Marcia Vance; Ed Engel; Dr Demento; Ronny Weiser; Peter Smart; Greg Shaw, others. This issue: The Wild Weeds interview w/ Al Anderson; Beale Streeters; The Dubs; Fortune Records; more) M $38
PAUL'S RECORD MAGAZINE- December 1975- (Buddy Holly; Paul Evans; Philles Records Story; Chuck Willis; more) M $26
PAUL'S RECORD MAGAZINE- January 1976- (Buddy Know; Chubby Checker; Ebb Records Story; British R&R '56-'60; more) M $18
PAUL'S RECORD MAGAZINE- February - March 1976- (Del Serino & The Bowties; Larry Dale; Wayne Jones Interviews Paul Peterson; Anna / Tetra Records discography; more) M $18
PAUL'S RECORD MAGAZINE- April 1976- (Jo-Ann Campbell; Lamp Records Story; Decca 48000 Series; more) M $20
PAUL'S RECORD MAGAZINE- May 1976- (Nostalgia Issue w/ Buffalo Bob Smith & Howdy Doody Interviewed; Pet / Pink Records discography; more) M $17
PAUL'S RECORD MAGAZINE- June 1976- (Bobby Rydell; King Records 500 Series Pt. 1; Conway Twitty interviewed by Wayne Jones; more) M $17
PAUL'S RECORD MAGAZINE- July - August 1976- (Dovells / Len Barry Story; Buddy Holly Q&A's; Record Label Discography's of Rust; Laurie; Big Top; Carlton; Era Records Pt. 1; plus King 500 Series pt. 2; 'Doc' Cavalier Interview; more) M $17
PAUL'S RECORD MAGAZINE- Fall - Winter 1976- (Duane Eddy; Patti LaBelle; Philly Sound Story; Tribute To Jimmy Reed; Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons; Label discographies of Shad, Sunbeam, Demon, Time; Era Records Pt. 2; more. w/ pull out centerfold still attached) M $20
PAUL'S RECORD MAGAZINE- January - February 1977- (The Elegants; Ray Peterson Story; Complete Histories of Swan, Laurie Labels; plus addition & corrections; more) M $17
PAUL'S RECORD MAGAZINE- March - April 1977- (The Premiers; Diamonds; Neptune Records; Era Records Pt. 3; more) M $12
PAUL'S RECORD MAGAZINE- May - June 1978- (124-page Special Elvis Issue; plus Shirelles; Dreamtones; Ray Artis; Censored 45s in the UK; Interview w/ Ray Allen of The Gum Drops; Label Discography's for King; Monument; Parkway; Exclusive; Swingtime; more) M $10
PEEK-A-BOO- #4- (Interview w/ Death Valley & El Diablo Robo of the Teen Titans; reviews; comics; etc) M $2
PITTSBULL- Fall/Winter 1991- (Reviews & stuff from Belgium in English) M $1
POPAGANDA- #1- (Journal of Pop & Politics from Montreal, Quebec w/ Bob Dylan's Golden Period; The Who; Anita Pallenberg; Julie Christie; more) M $18
THE PORTLAND PIPELINE- #1- (Local 'zine covering The Stains; plus articles on PIL; Mission Of Burma; Buzzcocks; record reviews, more) M $9 or M- $5
POW!- #1- (Local 'zine w/ feature on Rockabilly band The Memphis Mafia - before they had to change their name to King Memphis) M $9
Psychedelicatessen- #1- December 1986 (Fuzztones; Creeps; more) $48
Psychedelicatessen- #2- Winter 1988 (Cynics; Mojo Nixon; Cornflake Zoo; Los Negativos; more) M $48
Psychedelicatessen- #3- (Interviews w/ The Dearly Beloved; Sot Weed Factor; The Brood; plus Blacklight Chameleons; more) M $38
Psychedelicatessen- #5- (Girl Trouble; Mono Men; Marshmallow Overcoat; more) M $38
PUNK- #12 1977- (5 pages of New York Dolls photos; Devo photo comic strip, CBGB cartoon by Joey Ramone, "Ramones' Color the Cretin Hop" by Bobby London, more Ramones comix, Robert Gordon interview, Helen Wheels interview with full-page illustration by Robert Crumb, more. M $45 (Write for other issues of Punk Magazine available)
PUNK GLOBE- Fall 1985- (Edited & Published by Ginger Coyte w/ cover story on The Moguls; Zero Mentality interview by Bebe Buell) M $45
PUNK GLOBE- Winter 1985-86- (year-end wrap-ups) M $28 or M- $22
PUNK GLOBE- 1986- (Interview w/ Bebe Buell; The Muscrats; celeb photo spread; more) M $38
PUNK GLOBE- 1987- (interviews w/ Holden Snyder of 'As The World Turns'; Jello Biafra by Bebe Beull; more) EX- $38
PUNK ROCK MAGAZINE- Vol 1 #1 December 1977- (Patti Smith cover; 1st US interview w/ The Stranglers; Sex Pistols; DMZ; Iggy Pop; Dead Boys; Blondie. Some color pages) M $35
PUNK ROCK MAGAZINE- Vol 2 #1, Issue #2- (Blondie cover; Dictators; Devo; Jam; Weirdos; Sylvain, Sylvain; Iggy; Criminals; Richard Hell; more) EX $38
PUNK ROCK MAGAZINE- Vol 2 #2, Issue #3 April 1978- (Johnny Rotten cover; Sex Pistols Special; Iggy Pop; Blondie; Dead Boys w/ pic of Stiv eating flies off of flypaper; David Bowie; Eraser; more) M $38
PUNK ROCK MAGAZINE SPECIAL- Vol 1 #1- Spring 1978- (All Johnny Rotten & The Sex Pistols w/ cool pics & profiles band members) M- $38
PUNK ROCK STARS- UK & US Stars: Johnny Rotten; Patti Smith; Blondie; Talking Heads; Ramones; Vibrators; Clash; many more) EX $28
PURPLE FLASHES- #3- (Bart Mendoza of Manual Scan; Untold Fables interview; The Eyes (UK 60s); Funseekers; Beguiled; The Brood; more) EX+ $22
QUIDNUC- #1- Winter 1989 (interviews w/ prog group Cheer-Accident; & cartoonist Dan Clowes) more) M- $38 Rare!


RAUNCH 'N' ROLL- #3 May 1975- (Soloman & Jay Gruberger cover Blue Oyster Cult; David Bowie; more. Kenne Highland NY Diary 'Banzi Brooklyn' included) M $40
RAUNCH 'N' ROLL- #4 October 1975- (Grand Funk; Leslie West; 10th Annual Schaefer Music Festival; Dawson Jam Factory by Ken Highland; more) M- $44
REBEL TEEN- #1- (articles on The Rising Storm; Futuras; Knights In Blue; Cirkyt; Crestones; plus Rite Records; Bocky & The Visions Discography; more) M $38
REBEL TEEN- #2- (more Northeast Ohio garage band info featuring Youngstown; plus, The Choir; Tree Stumps; Rats; TC Atlantic; Tulu Babies; Long Hair; The Mods; Antoine; Joey & The Continentals; more) M $38
RECORD MIRROR- January 1, 1983- (Top records lists & recap of 1982, plus The Beat; Led Zep; Stranglers; Grandmaster Flash; Malcom McLaren; more) UK EX $3
REVIEWSIT- Fall 1975 (Orleans; Heartsfield; Tagget; Thin Lizzy; Texas Music; more) M- $4
REVIEWSIT- Winter 1976 (Blue Note Jazz Series by Gary Barger; Roxy Music; Merle Taylor; Cate Bros; Duke & Drivers; Gary Wright; Country Joe McDonald) M- $4
RIPPED & TORN- #6 Summer 1977- (UK 'zine w/ Interviews of The Lurkers; Electric Chairs; Ramones Pinup; more) M $66
RIPPED & TORN- #9 November 1977- (1 year Anniversary Issue featuring interviews w/ The Weirdos; Dead Fingers Talk; plus Tom Robinson; 999; Sex Pistols; more) M $60
THE ROCK MARKETPLACE- #5 April 1974- (10-CC; Creation; Bruce Johnston; an Addendum to previous issues) M $38
THE ROCK MARKETPLACE- #8 December 1974- (Shel Talmy; Ray Davies; P.F. Sloan; Carol Connors; High Numbers; Jimmy Page; more) M $42
THE ROCK MARKERTPLACE BOOK OF ROCK N ROLL ADS- Cool 1974 40-page one-shot by Alan Betrock reprints vintage seldom-seen display ads for The Easybeats; Who; Kinks; Them; Byrds; Small Faces; MC5; Dylan; Creation; Shangri-Las; Beatles; Stones & many others. BONUS: 1960s GROUP GUIDE- 11" x 17" sheet. One side is a collage of famous faces in music, the other a listing of genre specific groups by category. Came folded) TRM Guide & Ad Book M $18 for the pair
ROLLER COASTER- #2- (Greek language 'zine w/ Red Hot Chili Peppers; Nick Cave; The Brood; Radio Birdman; Sonic Youth; Lollapalooza '92; much more) M $28
RPM- #1 August 1983 (In the first issue of Record Profile Magazine are articles on Muddy Waters; an Morrison; Captain Beefheart; MC5; Arhoolie & Sky Records Stories Pt 1; much more) M $38
RPM- #2 September 1983- (Chuck Berry; The Enchanters; Fortune Records Story; The 60s Tucson Scene; Arhoolie & Sky Records Stories Pt 2; MC5 offshoot bands; more) M $38
RPM- #3 December - January 1983-84- (Elvis Presley Pt. 1; Willie Mitchell; W.C. Handy; Jimmy Reed; Mysteries of the 60s; The Daybreakers; Surf Wax; more) M $38
RPM- #4 February- March 1984- (Shadows Of Knight; Jujus; Little Richard; Elvis Presley Pt. 2; Centurys; Fenton Records; Jackie Wilson; more) M $28
RPM- #5 May 1984- (Fats Domino; Moses Asch; Tommy James; Sunshine Company; Profiles on Folkways, Star-Rhythm & Hideout Record labels) M $28
RPM- #6 July 1984- (Marv Johnson; Bobby Darin; Johnny Winter; Royal Flairs; Rain Parade; Motorhead; Lenny Kaye; more) M $28
RPM- #7 September - October 1984- (Howlin' Wolf; Peter J. & The Jaywalkers; 13th Floor Elevators; Plan 9; Rev. C.L. Franklin; Bobby Helms; Syndicate Of Sound; Beatles' Short Films; R.E.M.; Beach Boys; more) M $40
RPM- #8 December 1984- (Connie Francis Interview; Everly Bros; Otis Blackwell; Status Quo Pt. 1; Baron Records; more) M $38
RPM- #9 March 1985- (Ventures; Janis Joplin & Big Brother & The Holding Co.; Ramones; Ravi Shankar; Status Quo Pt. 2; Youngbloods) M $38
RPM- #10 July - August 1985- (John Lennon; Merrell Fankhauser; C.A. Quintet; Motown Oddities; The Band; Conway Twitty; more) M $28
RPM- #11 October - November 1985- (The Beach Boys; Yellow Balloon; Royaltones; Earls; Johnny Powers; Iowa Discography; more) M $28
RPM- #12 February - March 1986- (Interview w/ The Fugs; Merrell Fankhauser; Hysteric Narcotics w/ Flexi Disc still attached; more) M $40 or M- (lower right corner fold to pages) $35


SEARCH & DESTROY- #1, 1977- (Published by V. Vale w/ donations from Allen Ginsberg & Lawrence Ferlinghetti of City Light Bookstore in San Francisco. Later evolved into RE/Search publucations. Premiere issue has: Nuns; Crime; Jennifer X; Vermillion Bitches; "The Politics Of Punk" by Nico Ordway; Allen Ginsberg on New Wave; Collage centerfold. Original Ltd. S.F. Edition) M- $150 or F- $99
SEARCH & DESTROY- #2, 1977- (Clash centerfold; Interviews w/ The Ramones; Clash; Penelope of The Avengers; Nickey of The Weirdos (cover); Devo; Dils; Zeros; Patti Smith; Iggy; more) M $77
SEARCH & DESTROY- #3, 1977- (Dead Boys interview w/ great Stiv Bators cover; Black Randy; Avengers; Devo; Weirdos; Mark P; Patti Smith; Damned; Alternative TV; Blondie; Residents; more. Rare Original) M $95
SEARCH & DESTROY- #4, 1977- (Patti Smith & Iggy Pop interviews; Iggy centerfold; Mumps; Helen Wheels (cover); Jordan; Dead Boys; Metal Urbain; Sham 69; 2 articles by Nico Ordway) M $68 or F- $48
7th NOSTALGIC ROCK'N'ROLL SHOW- Program Guide styled artist overviews of Gus Gossert's NYC Concert w/ Johnny Maestro & The Crests; Nolan Strong & The Diablos; Schoolboys; Turbans; Moonglows; Ronettes; Shangra-Las; Mystics; Buddy Knox; Tokens; Diamonds & others, plus articles on Dick Clark & Rock & Roll) M $14
SHEET MUSIC EXCHANGE- #1- (Articles on Ada Jones; Borrah Minevitch; Revised Sheet Music Mending Procedure; more) M- $5 Scarce!
SHOW ME BLOWOUT!- #2- (Mid-Missouri 60s Teen Scene Pt 1; plus, The Krazy Kats; Goldilocks & The Three Bears; Plato & The Philosophers; Clann; Bossmen; Jekyll & The Hydes; Aesop Fables; The St. Johns; Wolfgang & The Warlocks; Norsemen; Rebel Rousers; Apparitions; Nomadds; Vandals; Maynard Horlick; more) M $46
SHOW ME BLOWOUT!- #3- (84 pages of 60s Missouri madness w/ Teen Scene Pt. 2; Lyndells; Aquinos; Rebel Rousers; Uncle Buck Lipe; The Kyks; Rodney Scott; an extensive Missouri Record Discography; lotsa cool pics; more) M $46
SLASH- Vol. 3 #5- 1980- (World Update Issue w/ Roky Erickson; Adam & The Ants; Crass; Skids; Middle Class; Phillip K. Dick; Biafra; Units; Urinals; Basement 5; more. Mark Vallen illustration on cover. Final issue before starting record label of same name) VF+ $48 (Write for more issues of Slash)
SMASHED BLOCKED- #5- (Bill Luther'zine w/ T-Rex; Nazz; Georgie Fame; Cilla Black; Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas; Origins of Punk; Rare Stones photos; Manchester Beat; more) M- $16
SNIFFIN' GLUE- #7- February 1977- (All are Original Issues of this highly regarded Mark Perry publication! Adverts Interview; Don Letts Cover & Interview; Gorillas; Roxy Club News; Record Reviews) M- $99
SNIFFIN' GLUE- #9- April / May 1977- (Cortinas; Damned; Models; Clash; Record Reviews. With photography by Harry T. Murlowski & Jill Furmanovsky, the noted rock photographer) M- $99
SNIFFIN' GLUE- #10- June 1977- (Chelsea; Johnny Moped; John Cale poster; Record Reviews; Erica's Hang-up: Buzzcocks) M- $75
SNIFFIN' GLUE- #11- July 1977- (Sex Pistols; Squeeze; Damned; Modern Lovers; Erica's Hang-up #4. Includes a piece by Mick Jones of the Clash) M- $120
SNIFFIN' GLUE- #12- August / September 1977- (Anniversary Issue & final issue. w/ Alternative TV; Chiswick; A Night At The Vortex; Generation X; Sham 69; Photography by Harry T. Murlowski & Jill Furmanovsky, the noted rock photographer. Next to last page is loose, but issue has all pages) NM- $50
THE S.O.B. NEWSLETTER- #4- (The Sons Of Blowfish)- Boston area news by Paul Lovell who talks about 'The Spit' club run by Jim Kaufman; Original art about Willie Alexander; & 'The Blowfish Bowl w/ tidbits of news on Kenne Highland; Elissa Bernstein; Flower Ducklings; Mary Kiwi; Pastiche; La Peste; Vacuumheads; etc. 2-pages xeroxed. $2
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN- Collector's Guide- (1985 by Tony Montana w/ 48 Pages of the Boss' Rarest Records) M $9
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN- Bootleg Bible- (1985 by Tony Montana w/ 48 Pages of Underground Records) M $9
START- #7- (Fleshtones; 3 0'Clock; Vipers; Hoodoo Gurus; Droogs; reviews; more) M $2
STOMP & STAMMER- September 1998- (Zombies; Charlie Feathers; Brian Jones Massacre; Bob Mould; Atlanta Fuzzstomp listings) M $9
STOP!- #1- (Comic-zine by John Holstrom; Peter Bagge, JD King, Ken Weiner. Interviews w/ John Candy & Von Lmo; Bowery Boys; more) M $150
STOP!- #2- (Interview w/ The Sick F*cks; Debut of 'Spare Parts' column by Dale Ashmun; John Belushi; Honeymooners; more) M $135
STOP!- #3- (Interview w/ Bill Scott, the cartoon voice of Bullwinkle The Moose; Bosko; Studs Kirby; more) M $99
STOP!- #4- (Interview w/ The Rattlers; Shemp Vs Curly; more) $99
STOP!- #5- (Interview w/ Ross Bagdasarian, Jr. Of Alvin & The Chipmunks fame; Punxploitation article by John Holmstrom; more great comix) M $90
STOP!- #6- (Interview w/ S. Clay Wilson; Big boy; Articles on Jack Webb; Doodles Weaver; more) M $90
STOP!- #7- (expanded issue w/ Soupy Sales & Bill Griffith Interviews; Chesterfield Kings; 'Our Gang' by Drew Friedman; more) M $85
STOP!- #8- (Even more comics, plus articles 'Tor Meets Groucho'; 'Geek Maggot Bingo'; 'Scandal Girlie Mag'; column by Joey Ramone; more) M $88
STOP!- #9- (Final Issue w/ How Top Throw A Party; Golden Age of Novelty Records; Whit Bissell; Wrestling; Louie & Bulldozer comix; more) M $88
STOP! SPECIAL- Get the complete run, all 9 issues of STOP! for only $1000 postpaid with tracking & insurance!
STRANGER THAN FICTION- #2- (Rudie Rosinski 'zine w/ articles by Ron Rimsite; Patrick Soubielle & others) M $28
STRATOSPHERE- #1- (Interviews w/ Kathleen of Bikini Kill; Miki of Lush; Cranes; Pet UFO; Fretblanket; The Smears; plus profiles on Lush; Babes In Toyland; Therapy; more) M- $12
STREET LIFE- #2 (Lisa Fancher fanzine edited by Bob Morris w/ Greg Shaw interview; Sex Pistols cover feature; Bowie's Low; much more) M- $44
SUBWAY NEWS- #0 Spring 1979- (Premier issue of Boston Area music scene tabloid format w/ Willie Alexander on cover. Barb Kitson; Oedipus; Eddie Kent designer cloths; The Clash; G.K. Bellows Sci-Fi centerfold art; Elliot Easton; Sons Of Sun; Mark Beyer comic; Flamin' Groovies; more) VG- $42 Scarce!
SUBWAY NEWS- #2 September 1979- (Interviews w/ Lenny Kaye; Infliktors; Lou Miami; Miss Lyn; Peter Dayton, plus lots of photos by Phil-In-Phlash. Mark Beyer & Eileen Eitherway comic art; more) VG+ $38
SUBWAY NEWS- #4 1980- (Article on The Hillbilly Ranch; Britain's Throbbing Underground; Dubwise; Wreckless Eric; Mono Mann Jeff Connoly interview; Third Rail; Rockin' Ramrods interview; more great Fashion photos; comic art by Mark Beyer; Frank Rowe; Janet Stein; much more) VF $38
SUBWAY NEWS- #5 Summer 1980- (Tontileo cover; John Lydon interview on PIL; Gang Of 4 interview; Jim Carroll interview; Wormtown; Fashion photos; Richie Parsons interview on Unnatural Axe + "No Surfin' In Dorchester Bay" photo comic; DJ Arnie 'Woo Woo' Ginsberg; Frank Rowe comic art; more. Final Issue) VG $38
THE SULLIVAN LETTER- Prefessional subscription service newsletter designed for broadcasters only, w/ intresting facts & info about recording artists with hits or hits-in-the making. Not a tip sheet or record company hype, it's an invaluable tool for any on-air personality & a wealth of information for the serious researcher interested in recordings of the 1970s. Also included are the cumulative indexes for easy research on a particular artist. By issue #50, they became the Kaleidoscope News Service after moving from New York to California in July 1975. This is a unique & scarce item, best catagorized here. This is the COMPLETE run, from Issue #1 July 1973, through issue #53 August 1975. Over 600 pages in all. NM $90
SUPER ROCK- August 1977- (Dead Boys cover; John Cale; Iggy Pop; Starz; Abba; Talking Heads; Lynyrd Skynyrd; Kraftwork; Television; Ramones; Mink DeVille; some color pages more) M $46


TAKE IT!- #6- (Articles by Snakefinger; Erik Lindgren; Byron Coley; Mick Farren; Richard Meltzer; Gregg Turner; w/unplayed Flexi Disc still attached of Tex & The Horseheads;Flesh Eaters; & Meat Puppets; plus Jad Fair art & a John Holstrom comic; more) M $28
TEENAGE RAMPAGE- #0- (2-sheet xerox-zine w/ lotsa reviews) M $55 Rare!
TEENAGE RAMPAGE- #13 May 1977- (reviews of Television; Bizarros, Iggy; etc) M $55
THE TEEN SCENE- #58- (116 pages includes a run-down of Cavestomp #1; Greek Garage Scene 1964-67 by Dinos Mekios; Golliwogs; Outsiders; Morlocks; Chesterfield Kings; Head & The Hares; Makers; Untamed Youth; Diaboliks; more) M- $38
THE STORY SO FAR- #2- (Modettes; Clash; Joy Division; Doctor Mix & The Remix; Cramps; Barracudas; Spizz; Surfaris; more) M $9
THE THING- #8- (Greek language 'zine interviews Smashing Pumpkins, & Flowers Of Romance; plus features on Alice In Chains; Wipers; Mazzy Star; Fugazi; Pearl Jam; Penelope Houston; Verve; Outsideinside; more) M $24
THE THING- #11- (Greek language 'zine interviews Helmet; Petals; Krupps; Pop Will Eat Itself; Sister Double Happiness; Jello Biafra; plus articles on New Bomb Turks; Greg Shaw; Epitaph Records; Knitting Factory; Celibate Rifles; Last Drive; more) M- $22
THUNDERTRAIN- Photo Mag- Vol 3 #1 Summer 1977- (12-page hype-zine put out by the band themselves. Has lots of photos, fan club info, story on the Teenage Suicide' LP; Mach Bell interview, facts on group members; more! M- $25 Rare!
TIME BARRIER EXPRESS- #18 August-September 1976- (Bill Schwartz publication w/ Otis Williams & The Charms; Eternals; Partial Labelography on Imperial & Goldband) M- $26
TIME BARRIER EXPRESS- #19 October 1976- (Temptations; Obscure Records; plus Partial Labelography on Okeh; Chess; & Columbia R&B Series) M- $26
TIME BARRIER EXPRESS- #20 November-December 1976- (Gus Gossert Memorial Issue) M- $48 Scarce!
TIME BARRIER EXPRESS- #21 January-February 1977- (1st Issue edited by Ralph Newman, ex-'Bim Bam Boom' editor. Includes: Vito Picone & The Elegants; The Jivetones / Desires; Earls; plus Ace Records Story & Discography) M- $26
TIME BARRIER EXPRESS- #22 March-April 1977- (R&B Vocal Groups in Films; Carl Perkins; The Royal Counts; Laurie Records Story & Discography; more) M $40
TIME BARRIER EXPRESS- #23 July-August 1977- (Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons Story + Discography; Roy Orbison's Sun Days; Jerry Butler, Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions Story + Discography; The rarest R&B Records; more) M $24
TIME BARRIER EXPRESS- #25 July-August 1979- (Elvis Presley Sun Years; Carl Perkins Interview; Otis Blackwell Interview; Robert Gordon; 20 Rarest Rockabilly Records; Major Lance Story & Discography; Repararta & The Delrons Story & Discography; more) M- $28
TIME BARRIER EXPRESS- #26 September-October 1979- (Sam & Dave; Story & Discography; Mitch Ryder Story & Discography; Shadow Morton Interview; Link Wray plus Wray Family Discography; Carl Perkins Comprehensive Discography; Most Collectible 45s; more) EX $24
TIME BARRIER EXPRESS- #27 April-May 1980- (Final Issue w/ The Chips; Legend Of Johnny Burnette Trio; Chuck Berry Story; Lou Christie; Early Sonny Bono; Norman Petty Interview; Motown Label Rarities) M- $28
TRIPPIN' THROUGH THE MIDWEST- #1- (Roots Of Minnesota Punk by Greg Shaw; Midwest Surf Bands & Discography; Moanin' Glories by Tom Tourville; Bobby Lowell Story; Daybreakers; Marina Records Label; much more) M $43
TRANS-OCEANIC TROUSER PRESS- #11 (Trouser Press magazine published a total of 96 issues between 1974 & 1984. This issue: Alex Harvey; Ducks Deluxe by Pete Silverton; Fairport Convention; Pink Floyd; plus letter to the editor from paid subscriber Gene Simmons) M $
TRANSOCEANIC TROUSER PRESS- #12- (Dave Edmunds; Renaissance; Al Stewart; plus emerging NYC scene w/ Milk 'n' Cookies; Television, & John Collins Band) M $
TRANSOCEANIC TROUSER PRESS- #13- (Kinks; John Cale; Gentle Giant; Pretty Things; Rory Gallagher; Flaming Groovies) M $
TROUSER PRESS- #15-35 inclusive- (Newly shortened name this issue) M- $
TROUSER PRESS- #37-82 inclusive- M- $
TROUSER PRESS- #96- (Final Issue w/ Joey Ramone cover) M $
TROUSER PRESS- The Who (Definitive Discography & Guide to Collecting their records. 1975 edition by Ira Robbins & John Visnaskas) M- $12
TWIST & SHOUT- #1- (Canadian 'zine Bill Nelson interview; Status Quo feature & discography; Sparks interview; '77 Punk; more) M- $35
TWISTED- #2 1977 (w/ Ramones cover) M $55
TWISTED- #3 March 1978- (w/ Sex Pistols cover) M $60

U - V - W

UGLY THINGS- #2 thru #6; #11; #13; #15; #17 thru #24- (Write)
UGLY THINGS PRESENTS: Don't Bring Me Down... Under- The Pretty Things In New Zealand, 1965- (Two Weeks Of Mayhem With Viv Prince by Mike Stax; Andy Neill & John Baker, w/ Forward by Dick Taylor) M $28
UNGAWA! #3- (Tura Satana; Keith Anger) UK M $28
UNGAWA! #4- (Kitten Natividad; Martin Denny; Samuel Z. Arkoff) UK M $25
WCD PERIOD- #11 1985- (interview w/ Half Life; Reagan Youth; plus reviews, comics & artwork) M $22
WCD PERIOD- #12 1985- (Interview w/ Beefeater; Love & Rockets feature; plus reviews, comics & artwork) M- $18
THE WEDGE- #1- (Detroit 'zine, hand-numbered 76/150 w/ The Hentchmen; Trashwomen; Jackie & The Cedrics; more) M $38
THE WEDGE- #2- (Monomen; Volcanos; Stanley Mouse artwork; Dr. Moondawg; more) M $33
THE WEDGE- #3- (Man Or Astroman? interview; Jo-Han; Huevos Rancheros; Fortune & Maltese; Stanley Mouse artwork; more) M $28
THE WEDGE- #4- (Interviews w/ The Boss Martins; Daytonas; Kaisers; Prof. Schmiddy & The Elements; plus features on Fortune & Maltese; Screaming Apple Records; more) M $22
THE WEDGE- #5- (Johnny Bartlett discusses Hillsdale Records; interview w/ Sir Bald Diddley & His Right Honourable Big Wigs; Lunkheads; plus The Volcanos; photo spreads on The Hentchmen; Fortune & The Maltese; more) M $18
THE WEDGE- #6- (interviews w/ Sean Bonniwell of The Music Machine; The Brood; plus The Silencers; cover art by Merinuk; more) M $35
WHAAAM!- #7- (Mod Pop scene featuruing interviews w/ Mood Six; Lee Joseph; plus scooter gear; unplayed Flexi Disc still attached w/ Beat Direction "Ska Au-Go-Go" & Squire "Does Stephanie Know") M $38
WHAT NOW?- #1- (Canadian 'zine by Alan Wright (Dr. Weasle) & Charlene (Madame X) w/ articles on Henry Rollins; Pol Pot; Get Hip Records; poetry; more) M $16
WHAT NOW?- #2- (Deja Voodoo; more) M $12
WHAT WAVE- #13- (Canadian 'zine w/ The Fuzztones; Wylde Mammoths; Royal Nonesuch; Cynics; Monks; Hank Davis interview; more) M $24
WHAT WAVE #15- (Canadian Records roundup; Razorbacks; Teenage Head; The Brood; Thee Fourgiven; Mystic Eyes; Ugly Ducklings; Interviews w/ The Gruesomes; Al Perry & The Cattle; more) M- $28
WICKED FREE- #5; #6; #7; #8/9- Local Maine 'zine (Write)

X - Y - Z

YESTERDAY'S MEMORIES- Vol 1 No. 1 March, 1975- (Premier Issue of the ultimate Oldies Doo-Wop, R&B R&R Mag to ever hit the shelves. Edited by Marv Goldberg; Mike Redmond & Marcia Vance. This issue: The Four Tunes / Brown Dots; Lee Andrews & The Hearts; Black Pop Groups of the 1950s; Dreamers; Sonny Til; reviews, more. Writers throughout the nearly 3-year press-run include: Pete Grendysa; Phil Groia; Ray Levy; George Moonogian; Rick Whitesell; et al) M $42
YESTERDAY'S MEMORIES- Vol 1 No. 2 June, 1975- (The Jacks / Cadets; Crickets (not Buddy's group); Blenders; Beavers; Rocketones; reviews, more) M $40
YESTERDAY'S MEMORIES- Vol 2 No. 1 1976- (The Red Caps; Kodoks; Deltars; Dean Barlow Story; Hollywood Flames; Billboard Reviews, more) M $33
YESTERDAY'S MEMORIES- Vol 2 No. 2 1976- (The Spaniels; Cats & The Fiddle; Jesters; Tiny Grimes Story; Gems; Teddy Harper Story; Five Pennies; corrections, more) M $33
YESTERDAY'S MEMORIES- Vol 2 No. 3 1976- (The 4 Vagabonds; Chords; Bobbettes; Velours; Heartbreakers, additions & corrections, more) M $32
YESTERDAY'S MEMORIES- Vol 2 No. 4 1976- Special 'Back To Baltimore / DC' Issue (w/ The Bachelors; Cap-Tans; Honey Boys; Magic Tones; Twilighters; Plants; Marvels; Chateaus; Misc. D.C. Groups; Billboard Reviews; Photo Album, more) M $35
YESTERDAY'S MEMORIES- Vol 3 No. 1 1976- (The Ink Spots; Teddy & The Twilights; Demems; Baton Records Story; additions & corrections, more) M $28 or F $14
YESTERDAY'S MEMORIES- Vol 3 No. 2 1977- Special 'California Sound' Issue (w/ The Squires; Shields; Olympics; Flairs; Meadowlarks; Turks; Jewels; Souvenirs; Titans; Youngsters; Jaguars; Revised Hollywood Flames Discography, more) M $35
YOUNG, FAST & SCIENTIFIC- #1 Winter 1977-78- (Todd Abramson zine w/ writers Miriam Linna; Eddie Flowers; Bernard Kugel; Loretta Baretta; Gregg Turner & others cover MX-80 Sound; Dictators; Real Kids; Ramones; Sic Fu-Ks; Twinkeyz; w/ Guest editorial by Adny Shernoff) M $45
YOUNG, FAST & SCIENTIFIC- #2 (other writer include Lindsay Hutton; Charles Lamey; Billy Miller; Peter Holsapple who cover The Romantics; Flamin' Groovies; Fleshtones; Scruffs; dB's; Zantees; Twilley; Dave Edmunds; Pirates; Roky Erickson; Bishops; more) M $55
ZIG ZAG- October 1977- (Mink DeVille; Gene Vincent; Siouxsie & The Banshees; Rich Kids; Buzzcocks; more) VG- $4
ZIG ZAG- December 1978- (PIL; Siouxsie & The Banshees; Clash; Ultravox; Dennis Brown; Zippers; more) M- $12