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ADAM BEDSIDE READER- 1959 Vol 1 #1- 1960- (Colette Bern cover by Russ Meyer; "Ward Boy" by Connie Sellers; "The Absolute End" by Gene Farley; "The Warey Widow" by Michael Weldon; cartoons by Bob Tupper & others; 100 pages, Limited Edition) VG+ $70
ADAM BEDSIDE READER- Vol 1 #2- (Jean Jani cover photo by Ron Vogel; "The Double Hippled Hipster" by Teddy Keller: "More Deadly Than The Male" by Robert Kris; Rob Tupper cartoons, articles authored by Vincent Carr; Connie Sellers; Stan Papell; Rick Rubin; K Robert Howard; Earle Schell; Bob Tupper; Michael Weldon; John C Calhoun; Bryan Wilde; Richard Geis; Lewis Levinson; James Bellaugh; C C MacApp; George Masters;. Alan Karz; Arnold Stover, much more! 100 pages, Limited Edition) VF $75
ADAM BEDSIDE READER- Vol 1 #4- (Sharon Wiley cover by Dave Sutton; "Betty's Basement Blues" by Jack Hanley; "A Case Of Charity" by John Jakes; "A Demure Substitute" by Bob Knight; "Time Warp" by Robert O'Brien; cartoon by Bob Tupper & others; 100 pages, Limited Edition) F+ $46
ADAM BEDSIDE READER- Vol 1 #33 February 1968- ("The Music Of Our Affair" by Harlan Ellison; "Return Of The Floating Ghost' by Paul Brock; "The Librarian" by Brett Howard; "Night Blooming Jasmine" by Leo Ellis; more. Limited Edition) F+ $33
AHEM!- (#1 May 1975)- Back to Nature Issue! Satire to Tickle Your World w/ "Stalking The Wild Lasagnqa" by Yule Gibbons; The Good Life by Nott & Ellen Sneering; more. Illustrations by Gregg Williard. Published by Patrick Dowking, Waldoboro, ME) G $6 Scarce!
AMERICAN COUNTRY COLLECTIBLES- Fall, 1995- (Advertising Tin Price Guide; Hints On Chintz; Display Ideas for you Collection; Pens; Bargain Hunting tips, Tarzan collectibles; more) GCR Pub. NM $1
ANIMAL TIMES- Vol. 29 #2 2014- Cover picture & quote w/ Paul McCartney regarding PETA's 'Eat No Fish' campaign. VG+ $2
ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION- May 1944 Vol 33, #3- (Latent Image (Wesley Long); Cuckoo (P. Schuyler Miller) City (Clifford D. Simak); The Winged Man, part 1 of 2 (E. Mayne Hull); This Means War! (A. Bertram Chandler); House of Tomorrow (Roby Wentz); The Yehudi Principle (Fredric Brown); Environment (Chester S. Geier); J.W. Campbell editorial: Beachhead For Science. Cover art by Timmins; Illustrations by Alfred, Orban & Williams) 174 pgs published by Street & Smith. VG $12
ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION- June 1947 Vol 39, #4- (Centaurus II (A. E. Van Vogt) Fury, part 2 of 3 (Lawrence O'Donnell) Letter To Ellen (Chandler Davis) Errand Boy (William Tenn) The Model Shop (Raymond F. Jones); Article by J. J. Coupling: News From Our Sun. Cover art by Schneeman, Illustrations by Cartier, Orban & Schneeman) 162 pgs. published by Street & Smith. VG $12
ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION- Dec 1947 Vol. 40, #4- (Aesop (Clifford D. Simak); The Barbarian (A. E. Van Vogt); Children of the Lens, part 2 of 4 (E. E. Smith); Age Of Unreason (Alfred Coppel, Jr.); The Dreamers (Michael Yamin); Article by J. W. Abrams: White Dwarf Stars. Cover art by Alejandro, Illustrations by Cartier, Napoli, Orban & Rogers. 162 pgs. published by Street & Smith. VG+ $14
ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION- April 1948, Vol 41 #2- (Ex Machina (Lewis Padgett); He Walked Around the Horses (H. Beam Piper);...And Searching Mind, part 2 of 3 (Jack Williamson); New Wings (A. Bertram Chandler); The House Dutiful (William Tenn); J.W. Campbell editorial: Stunted Seedling. Article by R. S. Richardson: Man On Mira. Cover art by Bonestell, Illustrations by Cartier, Davis & Rogers) 162 pgs. published by Street & Smith. F $22
ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION- Nov 1948, Vol 42, #3- (Expedition Mercy (J. A. Winter, M.D.); In Hiding (Wilmar H. Shiras); Players of Null-A, part 2 of 4 (A. E. Van Vogt); The Love Of Heaven (Theodore Sturgeon); Period Piece (J. J. Coupling); J.W. Campbell editorial: No Copying Allowed. Articles by Willy Ley: The Brickwall In The Sky, & by E. L. Locke: A New Natural Law. Cover art by Rogers, Illustrations by Cartier, Orban & Rogers) 162 pgs. published by Street & Smith. F- $12
ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION- Sept 1950, Vol 46, #1- (The Lion & The Lamb (Fritz Leiber); Paradise Street (Lawrence O'Donnell); Spy Scare (H. B. Fyfe); Meteor (William T. Powers); The Sack (William Morrison); J.W. Campbell editorial: Credit Where Due. Article by L. Sprague de Camp: Why Do They Do It?. Cover art by Miller, Illustrations by Brush; Cartier; Miller & Schneeman) 162 pgs. published by Street & Smith. VG $12


BABY BOOMER COLLECTIBLES- #1-#39 Complete- (Here is the full run of the glossy Pop Culture Magazine that cover all things cool from the mid-20th Century. Great photo & a wealth of information) M (Offer entire set)
BEST SONGS- September 1951- (Guy Mitchell cover; plus lyrics to top tunes of the time) Charlton F $3
BOP- #1- (tagline: America's First & Only Music Comix Magazine w/ "Teen Beat '63"; "The Mystery Dance"; "A Night With Bo Diddley"; "East Virginia Blues"; "Barney Google"; reviews & more. Contributors include: Jerry Lee Lewis; Jim Engel; Marc Hempel; Harvey Pekar; George Moonoogian; Trina Robbins; Alex Toth; Rick Geary; more) Kitchen Sink M $15
BREEZY STORIES- October, 1934- (Pulp mag w/ assorted tawdry stories. W.B. Smith cover art) CH Young Publishing VG+ $28
BRUTARIAN- #1- (Deluxe Introductory Issue of 'The Magazine That Dares To Be Lame', by Dominick Salemi) M $88
BRUTARIAN- #7- (80 pages) M- $18


CAR-TOONS- July, 1979- (Skateboard Contest winners; How To Draw Cars; Games, 2 Iron-On Transfers, still attached inside!) VF $12
CARTOONS November, 1979- (More Tips On Drawing Cars; Photo Contest; Monte Wolverton back cover + 2 stories; Ron Harris; 2 Iron-On Transfers still attached!) VF $12
CHAMPION- Vol.1 No.1 April 1959- (bi-monthly Adventure / Exposé 'sweat' mag for men. Great bondage cover art painting by Clarence Doore) Stanley Publications VG $45
CIRCUS- November 25, 1976 (Cherie Curry cover, Runaways; Rush; Skynard; Clapton; Yes; Sweathogs) 62 pgs $12
CIRCUS- March 27, 1979- (Elvis Presley cover; Lynda Carter article & centerfold; The Warriors film; Hawaii Five-O; comics; much more) M- $8
CLASSIC PHOTOGRAPHY- #5 Autumn 1957- (Photo features of Bunny Yeager; May Mirin; Zoltan Glass; Irv Farmer; Erno Slovak; Ed Lattau; more. 50 pages) Arnold Magazines VF $16
COLLECTIBLES- Summer 1995- (Great photos & tips on collecting: Lava Lamps; 45 Records; Hammered Aluminum; 50s Drinking Glasses; Troll Dolls; Yo-yos; Cereal Boxes; Poodle collectibles) NM $2
COLLECTIBLES- Fall 1995- (Great photos & tips on collecting: Pyrex, Lu-Ray Dinnerware & other Kitchen Collectibles; Snow Domes; Colorforms; Nancy Drew; Cowboys; Halloween; Tasteless& Future Collectibles) NM $2
COLLECTIBLES- Spring 1997- (Great photos & tips on collecting. This issue: Fantastic Plastic Kitchenware; Pie Birds; Frisbee; Rock'n'Roll Posters; Noisemakers; Vintage Valentines; Kliban; Sewing Patterns; Flamingos; How to display collectibles) NM $2
COLLIER'S- March 16, 1956- (Articles on ICBM Missiles; College Basketball stars ie: Bill Russell, K.C. Jones, etc; The NYC Actors Studio w/ pictures of director Lee Strasberg, plus actors Marilyn Monroe, Helen Hayes; Paul Newman, Dane Clark, Eva Gabor, Karl Malden, Shelly Winters, & Marlon Brando, who also appears on cover in a great color shot. Great product advertisements throughout too!) VF $12
COMPACT- February, 1957- (digest sized monthly, later became "Teen Digest". This issue: Natailie Wood cover & article; Alfred Hitchcock; more) VG $5
COMPACT- May, 1957- (Don Murray cover & article; Article "Trip To Space - Your Vacation in 1965") F $5
COMPACT- July, 1957- (Montgomery Clift cover & article; Desi & Lucy; Oscar Berger) VF $5
COMPACT- September, 1957- (Susan Strasberg cover & article; College Jazz; "Pajama Game" film preview; more) F $6
COMPACT- December, 1957- (Jean Seberg cover & article; Salute to Youth issue, featuring talented teens such as Ricky Nelson; Sal Mineo; more) VG $7
COMPACT- April, 1958- (Ricky Nelson cover & article; TV Awards; more) F+ $12
COMPACT- May, 1958- (John Kerr cover & article; Roger Price Doodles; June Taylor) VF $6
COMPACT- April, 1959- (Dick Clark cover & article; Teen Faves) VF $5
COMPACT- July, 1959- (Connie Francis; Mad Libs w/ Roger Price; Swimsuit fashions) VF $6
COMPACT- September, 1959- (James Darren; Sports Cars; Payola; Annette; more) VF $7
CRACKED MAGAZINE- September, 1978, Collector's Edition- (All Monsters Issue) Major VF $5
CRACKED MAGAZINE- December, 1986, Collector's Edition #69- Nanny Dickerlings Best Interviews- (Special Nanny Photo-Comic starring Bebe Buell & Liv Rundgren (Liv Tyler); plus art by Bill Ward; John Severin; Sururi Gumen; Mort Todd; more) Globe NM+ $16


DATEBOOK- March, 1970 Vol. 7 #7- (The Tom Jones Nobody Knows- cover picture & story; Sex Education- What The Schools Don't Tell You; Is Paul McCartney Really Alive? New Rumors!; Donovan Talks! The Truth About His Secret Marriage; plus The Official British Beatles Book: John Lennon's & Yoko Ono's Toronto Concert; End Of The Performing Beatles; Apple Businessmen. Also: Interviews w/ The Raiders; Merilee Rush; Jethro Tull; The Rascals. Features on Jim Morrison; CSNY; Chambers Bros. The Sound Scene w/ Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart; The Scaffold; The Flying Machine; Spirit. Departments on Swingin Scenes; Underground; more. 74 pgs) Slim Publications, Inc VF- $12
DECIBEL- Special Collector's Edition: The Top 100 Death Metal Albums Of All Time- (Illustrated Biographies of 100 Black/Death Metal Bands, plus Hall-Of-Fame featurette on Unleashed. Great 2012 cover art by Mark Rudolph. 64 pages) Decibel NM $4
DIG- July 1957- (Tony Perkins cover; Teen-Tramp photo-movie; Tommy Sands; more) Teenage Publications VF $48
DIG- January, 1959- (Jan & Arnie (Jan & Dean) cover & story; Elvis centerfold; more) Diedre Pub. VG $48
DIG- October, 1964- (Beatles cover; Topless swim suits; Cloud 9; Recordsville) Diedre Pub. VF $58
D.I.Y.- #1- December, 1980- (The Do It Yourself New Music Magazine) VF+ $5
DOWNBEAT- December 1, 1944 (Artie Shaw); / January 15, 1945 (Peggy Mann); / February 15, 1945 (Judy Manners; Spike Jones; & Mavis Mims); / March 1, 1945 (Frances Langford); / March 15, 1945 (Duke Ellington); / April 1, 1945 (Monica Lewis); / May 15, 1945 (Glen Miller); / June 1, 1945 (Peggy Lee); / July 1, 1945 (Helen Presley); / July 15, 1945 (Cootie Williams & Ella Fitzgerald); / August 1, 1945 (Irene Daye); / August 15, 1945 (Woody Herman & His Herd); / September 1, 1945 (Glen Miller bandmates Peanuts Hucko; Bernie Privin; Mel Powell & Ray McKinley); / September 15, 1945 (Clyde McCoy & The Hotel Stevens Boulevar-dears); / October 15, 1945 (Ray Bauduc); / December 1, 1945 (Betty Bradley)- All M- to VF+ $15 each
DOWNBEAT- Music Reference Handbook '78- (Directories of Artists, Managers, Booking Agents, Record Companies, & Music Equipment Suppliers; Guide to Music Careers; plus Complete Score (sheet music) to "Rahsaan's Run" (Woody Shaw); "Clea" (Matrix IX); & other selected transcriptions) F+ $8
DRIVE-IN THEATER JOURNAL- #2 April - June 2000- (Profile on the Silver Lake Drive-In Theater, Upstate NY; Bright Leaf Drive-In of Mt. Airy, NC; Photo Scrapbook; Book Reviews; Bonus Coupon Book; more) M $12

E - F

EAR- June 1987- Mew Music News. Interviews w/ Gordon Monahan; Mieczylaw Litwinski; Nicolas Frize. Cover story on Chris Hunt. F- $1
EAST VILLAGE EYE- July 1986 Music Suppliment w/ John Lydon; Sid & Nancy; Jello Biafra On Trial; Robert Smith of Cure. Interview w/ Fela Kuti. Dancceteria R.I.P. story, more. VF $2
ELVIS- Anniversary Photo Album- #1 1978- (68 page Collector's Edition loaded w/ Never Before Seen Pictures of Elvis Presley, including 35 Full Color Pinups) Sterling Publications M $8
THE ETUDE MUSIC MAGAZINE- December 1947- (articles on "Intelligent Care Of The Singing Voice"; "What Gives A Violin Tone?"; "The Evolution Of Electricity In The Organ"; "What The Singer Needs For A Career In Radio"; "The Pianist's Page"; seasonal sheet music & much more. Painted cover art by M. Larer. 72 pages 10.5" x 12" F+ $5
EXOTIC ADVENTURES- Vol. 1, #2 1958- (Phenominal cover art by Hugh Hirtle depicts a 'Betty Page' look alike in the clutches of jungle native. Also includes "The Island of Tyooah", one of the few stories written for a men's adventure magazines by the legendary science fiction author Harlan Ellison) Gladiator Publications VF $95
EXOTIC ADVENTURES- Vol. 1, #3 1958- (Painted cover art depicts a damsel held in bondage by a menacing Arab) Gladiator Publications VF $45
EYE- #1 May 1949- (cover model Lynn Dalton shot by glamour photographer Ewing Krainin, featured at work in an article) F $44
EYE- #3 September 1949- (Sexy cover model Nita Talbot & article on Showgirls; Minskys; Juvenile Delinquent Kid Gangs; plus jazz article titled "What Is This Thing Called Bop?" picturing Charlie 'Yardbird' Parker live on-stage) F- $27
EYE- January 1952- (cheesecake cover model Dede Moore) F $18
EYE- March 1952- (Article on Marilyn Monroe "Cinema's Sexiest Starlet", plus "Oriental Oomph Girls") F $18
EYE- #10 December 1968- (Different publication than above. Candice Bergan cover pic & interview; Articles on Tim Buckley, Tiny Tim; Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman, Gordon Alexander; The Bee Gees. Profiles on Roger McGuinn, Peggy Lipton, John Philips, Van Dyke Parks, Joni Mitchell, Eric Burdon, Bob 'The Bear' Hite) VF $34
FAB-ULOUS TEEN- April, 1966- (Gidget; Herman; Supremes; Beatles; Stones; Elvis; Pharaohs; McCallum; Sonny & Cher; Natalie Wood) Flight Plan Pub. VF $27
FAMOUS FANTASTIC MYSTERIES- June, 1950- (Pulp mag w/ Book Length Novel, plus "The Outsider" by HP Lovecraft. Great cover painting by Saunders. Inside illustrations by Lawrence; Finlay & Bok) All-Fiction Field, Inc. VF $30
FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND- August, 1973, No. 100- (Special 100 page issue) Warren G $2
FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND- July, 1974, No. 108- (Special Photo Filmbook Issue. 82 pages) Warren VG- $2
FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND- October, 1976, No 129- (98 pages) Warren VG- $2
FANDOM CONFIDENTIAL- #1- (comic style photo-zine w/ Jim Engel & Chuck Fiala who put famous comic book heros & villans through the wringer. Introduction by Roy Thomas) Kitchen Sink M- $9
FANFARE- #1- Spring 1977- (formerly 'Graphic Story' Magazine, this revamped debut issue features Linda Carter as Wonderwoman; Ralph Bakshi Wizards; Interview w/ Al Felstein of Mad Magazine; The Beatles; Superheroes of TV; Broom Hilda; Abbott & Costello; more. Edited by Mark Evanier & Bill Spicer) M $28
FANGORIA- Presents Best & Bloodiest Horror Video #2,1990- (A-Z list of films w/ reviews. 82 pages) Starlog NM $4
FANTASTIC ADVENTURES- March, 1953- (Pulp mag w/ Sci-Fi Novelettes; Short Stories & Features edited by Howard Browne. Cover painting by Frank Novarro) Ziff-Davis VG $28
FANTASTIC SCIENCE FICTION- Volume 1; #1 August 1952 (Includes complete novel "The Day New York Ended" by Walter Gibson. "The Nude In The Microscope" George Moffat, Illustrated by Frank Frollo; Also w/ stories by: Phyllis L. Kaye; Bruce Crandall; G.A. Lacksey; Wallace Smith. Mostly aliases of Ed Burkholder & Walter Gibson. Cover & interior Art by Lou Morales) VF $46
FATE- November, 2000 Vol 52 #11 Issue #608- (Cover story "Bigfoot Is Everywhere w/ cover art by Robert Crumb 'Yesoda Steps Out'. Other features include: Mermaid or Mere Maid?; Japan's Living Mummy; Skull Of A Wulver?; Saucer Logic; Ghosts of St. James Hotel; Giant Reptiles & Amphibians; The Vanashing Sorcerer; plus: UFO Chronicle; Mysterious World; True Creature Encounters; Mystic Experiencesl Book Reviews; more) Llewellyn VF- $40
FILMFAX- #46 August / September 1994- The Best Of Filmfax- Attack Of The B-Movie Babes- (The Magazine Of Unusual Film & Television brings you interviews w/ Veronica Carlson; Jean Rogers; Allison Hayes; Beverly Garland; Marie Windsor; Yvette Vickers; many more, Plus Beach Party Babylon; reviews; etc) M $6
FILMFAX- #51 July / August 1995- Super Summer Issue!- Return Of The B-Movie Babes!- (The Magazine Of Unusual Film & Television brings you interviews w/ Yvonne Craig; Mari Blanchard; Ruta Lee, Ann Robinson; Hazel Court; Barbara Steele; Jeanne Carmen; Christine McIntyre; Patricia Medina, reviews & much more) M $6
FUSION- #25 January 20, 1970 (Boston area Bi-Weekly underground newspaper from New England Scene Publications w/ art direction by Ronn Campisi ex-Rockin' Ramrods. Contributing editors include Lenny Kaye; Sandy Pearlman; Jonathan Demme. Publisher Barry Glovsky later started "Pop Top") (This is'The Sixties Pop Decade Issue' in 3-sections) P $5
FUSION- #26 February 6, 1970- (Eric Clapton interview; Article 'His Satanic Majesty' Charles Manson; reviews etc) P+ $8
FUSION- #28 March 6, 1970- (Interview w/ Arthur Lee of Love; Velvet Underground; Andy Divine; The Nice) G $20
FUSION- #29 March 20, 1970 (Interview w/ Ike & Tina Turner; Bonnie Bramlett; Creedence Clearwater Revival; Paul McCartney & Louis Carroll) VF $20
FUSION- #30 April 3, 1970- (Interview w/ Marshall Chess; Townes Van Zandt; The Archies; Rock & Antonioni; Altamont On Film) G $14
FUSION- #34 May 29, 1970- ('The Ecology Of Survival' about Frank Herbert, author of 'Dune'; The Primacy Of Imagery by Sandy Pearlman; more) F- $12
FUSION- #35 June 12, 1970- (Rock Critics Issue w/ Richard Meltzer & Richard Goldstein Interviews; Guides; more) F- $18
FUSION- #38 July 24, 1970- (Sound Of The City Issue w/ articles by Robert Christgau; Stu Merbin; Charlie Gillette; more) VF $20
FUSION- #39 August 21, 1970- (Andy Warhol: Trash- Adventures At The Factory by Tom Mancuso; Jerry Leiber interview) VF- $25
FUSION- #41 October 2, 1970- (The Charles Manson Experiment by Paul Mills; Where Can You Go Captain Video? by Stu Werbin; Tounge Tied / Crosseyed- Pop Possibilities; Lillian Roxon; Ron Campisi) VF $24
FUSION- #43 October 30, 1970- (FM Radio; Interview w/ Jon Landau; Ronn Campisi art; Lillian Roxon; Richard Meltzer; more) VF- $20
FUSION- #44 November 13, 1970- (Radical Art; Women's Lib Literature; plus article by Gene Sculatti; Lillian Roxon) VF $18
FUSION- #45 November 27, 1970- (John Lindsay Primer; "Pieces Of Pisces" poetry by Lou Reed; more) VF $23
FUSION- #47 December 25, 1970- (Jim Bouton's Baseball by Robert Christgau; 'Gimmie Shelter' Movie; The Hollies; more) VF $16
FUSION- #48 January 22, 1971- (1970 Retrospective; A Christmas Poem by Lou Reed; Comic Book w/ Mad Peck art) VF- $23
FUSION- #49 February 5, 1971- (The Velvet Underground; Firesign Theater; Prisons; more) F+ $18
FUSION- #50 February 19, 1970- (Interview w/ Paul Morrissey, director of "Andy Warhol's Trash"; John Lennon & George Harrison; Billy Brooks; more) VF $22
FUSION- #53 April 2, 1971- (Jazz Issue w/ John Coltrane; Ornette Coleman; Pharaoh Sanders by Nick Tosches; Berkeley; Jimmy Breslin; more) F- $12
FUSION- #54 April 16, 1971- (An American Avatar: Mel Lyman cover story; Richard Meltzer; Ronn Campisi) NM $28
FUSION- #55 April 30, 1971- (Reader's Guide To Sports Books; 1970s; El Topo film essay by Sandy Pearlman; Lillian Roxon; more) VF $17
FUSION- #62 September 17, 1971- (Now printed in Magazine format. Nixon Dilemma Issue w/ articles: A Plea For Courage by Mel Lyman; The Scapegoats by Nick Tosches; Flash Burn Funnies by Mad Peck; Jim Morrison / Louis Armstrong; more) VF+ $28
FUSION- #63 October 1, 1971- (A Look At Today's America; Country Music; The Who; more) VF+ $17
FUSION- #80 December 1972- (Magazine format now Monthly w/ glossy cover. The History Of Cereal; Grand Funk; Roy Orbison; Woody Allen; a look back at 1972. Mad Peck; Ken Barnes; more) NM $23
FUSION- #82 January 1973- (David Bowie front & covers plus article; Inside from cover ad of Moms Apple Pie LP w/ uncensored cover art; Autobiography by Richard Meltzer; AM Radio Wrapup of 1972; Flash Burn Funnies by Mad Peck; more) VF $24
FUSION- #84 March 1973- (Guide To Deadly Diets; Trash In Fashion; Mott The Hoople; Paul Morrissey Movies; Secret Of The Stars; more) F- $14
FUSION- #85 April 1973- (Skin Mags; Elmore James; Jack Levine Mystery Part 1; more) VF+ $20
FUSION- #86 May 1973- (Jack Levine Mystery Part 2; Poco; Celtics Vs Knicks; Gamble & Huff; Sex Object; more) VF+ $20
FUSION- #87 June 1973- (Jack Levine Mystery Part 3; Rod McKuen; Mad Peck; Dion & The Belmonts; nudie cover; more) F+ $18
FUSION- #88 July 1973- (Jack Levine Mystery Part 4; Stevie Wonder; Pine Ridge Diary; nudie back cover; more) VF $17
FUSION- #89 August 1973- (Jack Levine Mystery Part 5; Capitol Records; McCoy Tyner; The Move; Black Oak Arkansas; more) VF $20
FUSION SPECIAL- Buy issue numbers 85; 86; 87; 88; 89, with all 5 installments of the Jack Levine Mystery (Parts 1-5), for only $65 (a savings of $30) !!


GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY- Vol 1, No 1; Fall, 1954- (Earl Leaf; Randolph-DeLong; more) M $26
GLANCE- August-September 1951 (Articles on Stag Parties; Baseball; Cover Model Joann Arnold) VG $16
GLANCE- October-November 1951- (Articles on Bikini's; Girly illustrator Bill Wenzel, Rita Hayworth; Football; Morality; Couples; International Burley Dancers; Cover Model June McCall) VG- $14
GLANCE- February-March 1952- (Article on Showgirls; Judy Landon; Stockings) VG- $9
GUITAR PLAYER- July 1988- (Jerry Garcia Cover Story; Eric Clapton; Vinnie Moore; Gary Grainger; Roger Sadowsky; All About Chord Progressions; article on The Guitorgan by Teisco Del Ray; plus two unplayed Flexi-Discs still attached!) M $16


HIGH TIMES- #33 May 1978- (London Punk Scene w/ rare photo of Johnny Rotten meeting Johnny Ramone; Patti Smith; Lou Reed; Muhammad Ali; Bob Dylan's 'Renaldo & Clara' by A.J. Weberman; making of 'The Smugglers'; Gilbert Shelton 'Freak Brothers' comic; 'Why I Love To Live Fast' by Andy Warhol; plus interview w/ The Unknown Comic; more) M- $25
HIGH TIMES- Auguest 1987- (Journey To The Mind's Eye- cover story on Tramps club in NYC; How To throw A Party; comics by Hager, Holstrom, MacSpade; more) Charlton M $9
HIT PARADER- January 1946- (Jeanne Crain cover w/ 'Saratoga Trunk'; plus lyrics to top tunes of the day) Charlton VG $6
HIT PARADER- July 1946- (Maureen O'Hara cover w/ 'No Leave, No Love'; plus lyrics to top hits of the day) Charlton VG $9
HIT PARADER- December 1947- (Dale Evans cover w/ 'This Time For Keeps'; plus lyrics to top tunes of the day) Charlton VG $8
HIT PARADER- November 1949- (Ava Gardner cover w/ 'Top O' The Morning'; plus lyrics to top tunes of the day) Charlton F $12
HIT PARADER- September 1950- (Teresa Wright & Marlon Brandon cover w/ 'The Men'; plus lyrics to top tunes of the day) Charlton VG $12
HIT PARADER- October 1950 (Audry Totter cover w/ music from 'Dutchess Of Idaho'; plus lyrics to top tunes of the day) Charlton EX $9
HIT PARADER- December 1950 (Betty Hutton cover w/ music from 'Let's Dance'; plus lyrics to top tunes of the day) Charlton EX $7
HIT PARADER- October 1951 (Les Paul & Mary Ford cover w/ music from 'On Moonlight Bay'; plus lyrics to top tunes of the day) Charlton VG $6
HIT PARADER- August 1956 (Rover Boys cover; Vaughn Monroe on the Rock 'n' Roll Express; Fan Clubs; plus lyrics to top tunes of the day) Charlton VG- $5
HIT PARADER- August 1957 (Johnny Ray cover; Charlie Gracie; Sal Mineo; Marty Robbins; plus lyrics to top tunes of the day) Charlton VF- $8
THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH- (1964 Film Photo-zine w/ Wally Wood artwork) Warren Pub NM $55 More Info

I - J

INGENUE- February, 1964- (Steve McQueen; Spring Styles; Hairdos, more) VG $6
INGENUE- October, 1964- (Trini Lopez; Sylvie Vartan; The Beatles; Night Life Jazz Fashions; more) F $12
INGENUE- September, 1965- (Teen Chic; Pop Music Today; Bangs Hairstyles; ad for Spam-Beaneroo; more) VG $9
INGENUE- June, 1966- Peter Jennings; Jules Feiffer; Gary Graffman talk to teens; budget fashions; more. VG $5
1972: OCTOBER- Peter O'Toole; Bette Midler; Susan Tyrrell; Marc Bolan
1973: JULY- Tatum & Ryan O'Neal; Edy Williams; Stevie Wonder; Ricky Nelson / AUGUST- Felini interviewed by Andy Warhol; Man-Ray; Jonathan Richman / SEPTEMBER- Marilyn Chambers; Lawrence Harvey; Todd Rundgren / OCTOBER- Lauren Hutton; Patti Smith; Jobriath; Barbra Streisand / NOVEMBER- Roman Polanski; Gary Merrill; Grace Slick; Muhammed Ali / DECEMBER- Cindy Lang; Adele Davis; Gilbert O' Sullivan; Madeline Kahn; Jim Brown /
1974: JANUARY- Mr & Mrs Tony Perkins; Kirk Douglas; Barry White / FEBRUARY- Jacqueline Bisset; Jamie Wyeth; Mackenzie Phillips / MARCH- Lorna Luft; Ben Vereen; Anna Carina / SEPTEMBER- John Phillips; Genevieve Waite; Barbi Benton; Eno; Jan Michael Vincent (individual or unopened bundle of 10) / OCTOBER- Luna; Martha Reeves; Waylon Jennings; Jon Voight / DECEMBER- Cher; Brooke Shields; Mae West; Todd Rundgren /
1975: JANUARY- Raquel Welch; Marlon Brando; Man-Ray; Natalie Wood; Monique Van Vooren centerfold: "Monique On The Moon", shot by Eric Boman / FEBRUARY- Marisa Berenson; Carrie Fisher; Jeff Bridges / MARCH- Lee Radziwill; Uri Geller; Divine; Phyllis Diller / APRIL- Ginger Rogers; Truman Capote; Gore Vidal; Edgar & Johnny Winter / MAY- Mr & Mrs Kenneth J Lane; Mr & Mrs Rick Derringer; Karen Black / JUNE- Delilah DiLazzaro; Jayne Mansfield; Monty Python; Al Capp / JULY- Nancy North-Dugan; Stockard Channing; Telly Savalas; Alice Cooper / AUGUST- Puerto Rico issue w/ Rita Moreno; Liz Torres; Jose Feliciano / SEPTEMBER- Bianca Jagger; Keith Carradine; Joe McDonald; Rupert Holmes / NOVEMBER- Special photo issue w/ Veruschka / DECEMBER- Tatum O'Neal; Monica Tilley; Yves St Laurent /
1976: JANUARY- Marisha Berenson; Lily Tomlin; Bruce Dern; Donna Summer / FEBRUARY- Burt Reynolds; Ida Lupino; Patti Smith; Ally Sheedy / MARCH- Isabelle Adjani; Francois Truffaunt; Ann-Margaret; Tim Curry / APRIL- April In Paris Special w/ Bridget Bardot; Yves St Laurent / MAY- Lally Weymouth; Goldie Hawn; William Burroughs; Holly Woodlawn
JAZZ & POP- February 1968- (Jazz Album Award Poll Winners of 1967; Soundings column by Nat Hentoff; Don Ewell; Interview w/ guitarist Richard 'Sham' Schamach of Eden's Children; San Francisco Music by Gene Sculatti; The Beatles; Mothers Of Invention; John Coltrane; cool inside front cover ad w/ ABC Records group Salvation for RMI Instruments; much more) F $22
JAZZ & POP- March 1970- (The Paul Perplex: article on Paul McCartney by Richard Williams; Elvin Jones; The Amboy Dukes; Rolling Stones; Interview w/ Jean Luc Ponty; Interview w/ John Lennon & Yoko Ono w/ Jutta Ney; column by Ralph J. Gleason; Nat Hentoff on Gato Barbieri; more) VF- $35
JAZZ & POP- June 1970- (Arthur Lee Interview by Lenny Kaye; John Mayall interview by Jay Ruby; Phineas Newborn, Jr; Nat Hentoff on Don Cherry; reviews; more) M $40


KAPITAL INK- #1- Summer 2005- (About 1000 copies of each issue were printed by publisher Joe Harrington. Features: 46 page Swamp Witch Revival interview + photos; Plus: Nathan Rice Comix; Scene Report; Film, Books; LP & Live Show reviews. 108 pages M $9
KAPITAL INK- #2 Spring 2006- (Features: 21 pg interview w/ The Same Band, Celebrity Skin; Swamp Witch Revival follow-up; Plus: "Album X" pt. 1 by John Fahnley; Comix; Scene Report; Film, Books; LP & Live Show reviews 84 pages M $14 or F $6
KAPITAL INK- #3- Spring 2007- (Features: Sex columnist Lisa Carver shares kissing tips w/ Gene Simmons!; "Album X" pt. 2 by John Fahnley; interview w/ The Sword; Plus: Justin Melmann & Nathan Rice Comix; NY Scene Report; Film, Books; LP & Live Show reviews. 98 pages. M $14 Scarce!
KAPITAL INK- #4- Winter 2008/9 (Features: White Stripes cover story & photos!! The Leftover's Story & interview w/ Kurt Baker & Andrew Rice; The Day Richard Julio Met Lester Bangs; 3rd & final installment of "Album X" by John Fahnley; Plus: Mail Dept w/ long letter from the dude who threw a bottle at Anton in Vancouver, plus letter from Christian Reddinger of All Out Mayhem wrestling; Comix; NY Scene Report; Film, Books; LP & Live Show reviews. 72 pages. M $9
KAPITAL INK- #5- Summer 2011 (Features: The Rick Coraccio Story, in-depth 26-page interview in all its unexpurgated glory, from DMZ! The Boize! The Kids! Lyres! Last Ones! Lots of rare pictures, more. Also 4-pages: "DMZ & The Blizzard Of '76"... Plus: Comix; Scene Report; Film, LP & Live Show reviews. Great issue! 100 pages. M $12
KNIGHT- May 1963- (Pictorials on Marilyn Monroe look-alike Paula Lane; actress Ann Atmar; Misty Shafer photos by Ron Vogel; color centerfold story on Gaby Fuglsang; Feature pictorial & story on Jayne Mansfield w/ cover photo of her by Art Messick. Published by Harlan Ellison) F+ $30
KNIGHT- November 1964- (cover story & pictorial on nudie film "Black Magic Priestess" w/ Cathy Crowfoot; Lupey Lopez; Dee Dee Smith & Vicky Sierre; Jane Dunn pictorial & color centerfold by Ron Vogel; Harlan Ellison story; plus "H Is For Heroin". 10.5" x 12". 90 pages) F $28


LAFF- October 1951- (French college frolics & Pariasian Showgirls; Miss De-Icer; Girls of The Gaiety Club; Pictorials on Eleanor Stocks; Perry Sheehan) F $22
LAFF- December 1951 (Pictorials on Sheree North, Dagmar, Lili St Cyr, Joani Paris. Mara Lynn; plus Beauty Contest; Peep Show; Cover Girls) VG $30
LAFF- January 1952- (More Paris Showgirls; Barbara Greffrath pictorial) VG- $9
LAFF- February 1952- (Showgirl Dardee Orlando; Pat Moonney; & Janet Leigh pictorials; Cathy Hild, "Miss Sweater Girl 1951"; Bill Ward art) VG+ $33
LATEST HIT SONGS- July-August 1944- (Joan Davis & Eddie Cantor cover w/ 'Show Business'; plus lyrics to top tunes of the times) VF $5
LIFE MAGAZINE- April 23, 1956- (Jayne Mansfield cover & story; plus story on Mozart on his 200th birthday) VF $27 or Mexican Spanish language (en Español) edition of the same issue VF+ $25
LIFE MAGAZINE- August 3, 1959- (Kingston Trio cover & story) VF+ $9
LIFE MAGAZINE- January 31, 1964- (Cover story on Charlie Chaplin's daughter; plus article: Screaming Craze from England: "Here Come Those Beatles", pictures The Beatles in concert, all prior to their 1st US visit to perform on The Ed Sullivan Show. Fan fashions are also examined) VF $28
LIFE MAGAZINE- March 25, 1966- (Cover pics & feature article on LSD, "The exploding threat of the mind drug that got out of control". Timothy Leary & members of Ken Kesey's Acid Test & other hipsters are pictured) VF $16
LIFE MAGAZINE- May 27, 1966- (Cover story on The Discothèque pictures dancers at "The World", "LeBison", "Arthur" & "Cheetah" clubs; Andy Warhol troupe 'The Exploding Plastic Inevitable' at "The Trip" in Los Angeles, Article on beat poet Allen Ginsberg: "The Guru Comes To Kansas") VF $25
LIFE MAGAZINE- September 9, 1966- (Cover pic & story on Psychedelic Art that bombards the senses. LSD inspired Art includes "The Mesmerizing Eye", "The Infinity Projector" & work by Dr. Gerald Oster) VF+ $18
LIFE MAGAZINE- March 29, 1968- (Cover pic & article on Jane Fonda as the futuristic space traveler "Barbarella") VF $12
LIFE MAGAZINE- June 28, 1968- (Cover pic of The Jefferson Airplane, & article on "The New Rock" featuring great pics of Janis Joplin; Jim Morrison & The Doors; Cream; Jimi Hendrix; The Mothers Of Invention; The Who; Country Joe & The Fish; plus featurette on Ars Nova, & a long article written by Frank Zappa. Lyrics of popular songs past to present are also examined) VF+ $35
LIFE MAGAZINE- December 19, 1969- (famous scary cover pic of Charles Manson & article "The Love & Terror Cult") VF $20
LIFE MAGAZINE- November 21, 1969- (great cover pic & feature story on Johnny Cash "The Rough-Cut King of Country Music". Also has article on Jesse Jackson, plus "A Profound Lesson For The Living" written by Loudon Wainwright. The art of Oldenburg & Brancusi is also examined) F $22
LIFE MAGAZINE- September 18, 1970- (Tom Jones & Engelbert Humperdinck are pictured on cover for article "Top Pop Singers", centered around MAM booking in the UK. A young Raymond Gilbert O'Sullivan is also pictured) VF $14
LINE-UP DETECTIVE CRIME- October-November, 1951-(Bimonthly exposé mag w/ "Confessions Of A Gangster's Doll"; "An Exotic Temptress Is A Deadly Toy"; "Mantrap Woman"; "You Can't Fool A Dame!"; "Youth On The Rampage"; "Part-Time Wives Are Full-Time Suckers!"; and other torrird, true & thrilling cases from actual police files. Great period pulp- art cover painting of bombshell in bondage) Astro Distrib. Corp. F+ $40 Rare!
LINE-UP DETECTIVE CRIME- December, 1951- (Bimonthly exposé sleaze mag w/ "Never Been Kissed"; "The Love Cult That Bred Hate"; "Double-Trouble Dame"; "Two Souls For Satan"; and more! 74 pages) Astro Distrib. Corp. VG $22
LOOK MAGAZINE- April 15, 1958- (Cover story "The Revolution In Records" pictures Elvis Presley; Frank Sinatra; Johnny Mathis; The McGuire Sisters; Jerry Lee Lewis; Everly Bros. Articles on Hi-Fi; Baseball; Khrushchev; The Plastic Age; more) F+ $14
LOOK MAGAZINE SPECIAL FLYING SAUCERS ISSUE- 1967 (Collects the past 20 years evidence) VG- $9


MAD MAGAZINE- (The first 200+ issues) Write for info
MAD MAGAZINE- May, 1995, No 335- (Satire of The X-Files; Pulp Fiction movie; Interview With The Vampire movie ; College Roommates; more) NM $2 (Write for many more Mad Magazines available from the 60s & 70s)
MAN'S LIFE- January, 1968- Love Lessons; Sex Tricks; Nudes & other exploitation) Stanley Publications F $22
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED- (Vol. 50 #5, May 1954) Cover story about the making of the "Gill-Man" monster costume for the Universal Pictures sci-fi horror film: "The Creature From The Black Lagoon". Speculative feature "Moon Farms To Banish Starvation" w/ color illo by Frank Tinsley. Other features on Daredevils; Electric Music; Smog; Speep Week by Tom McCahill; Robot Orchestra; phonograph Pickup Arms & Cartridges; Chevy Corvette Test; Meet The Ford Atmos (w/ rare photos of Bettie Page!); New Gadgets; Pin-Up Car; TNT On TV; Invention Clinic; Loads of great home make-it-yourself projects; plus adverts w/ AC and Champion Spark Plugs; Texaco; Kruger Pistols; Admiral Antennas; Kodak; Chris-Craft; Evinrude; much more. 224 pgs. 6 1/2" x 9 1/4" Fawcett Publications (insert intact / no mailing label) VG+ $48
MISTY LANE- #16- June 1998 (? & The Mysterians interviewed by Miriam Linna; Brian Wilson; Gonn, Grodes / Tounges Of Truth; Love; Nobody’s Children; Loons; Fleshtones; Golden Cups; Walking Screams; Shadows Of Reflections; Frantic 5; plus Beat Italiano; 60s Biker films; Quebec 60s scene; more. 80 pages) Italy / M $7
MODERN ROMANCES- June 1971- (We Had To Have A Hippie Wedding; A Guy Can Get Too Much Sex; Hot Pants Turned My Husband Into A Sex-Starved Schhoolboy; The Horrors Of A Bad Trip; plus other articles for the young homemaker) Dell VF $8
MODERN SCREEN- July 1958- (Debra Paget; Lana Turner; Frankie Avalon; Tommy Sands; Jane Russell; Rock Hudson; more) M- $12
MODERN SCREEN- September, 1958- Debbie Reynolds, Eddie Fisher & family on cover (babies Todd & Carrie); Pvt. Elvis Presley answers your mail; Jimmie Rogers story; the marriage of Jerry Lee Lewis to his 13 yr old cousin Myra; Tony Perkins; F $12
MODERN SCREEN- November 1958- (Marianne Gaba & Ricky Nelson cover; Liz Taylor; Elvis Presley; John Saxon; Garbo; Kim Novak; Natalie Wood; more) VG- $9
MODERN SCREEN- March 1960- (Liz Taylor cover; Lana Turner; Elvis Presley; Pat Boone; Joan Crawford; lots more) M- $9
MODERN SCREEN- June 1963- Sandra Dee; Debbie Reynolds; Liz Taylor & Richard Burton; Connie Stevens vs Dorothy Provine; Sue Lyon; Haley Mills; Cary Grant & Dyann Cannon; Bobby Rydell; Janet Leigh; Edie Adams; more) VG- $4
MODERN SCREEN'S HOLLYWOOD YEARBOOK- #3 1959- (Liz Taylor & Eddie Fisher cover; Fabian; Louella Parsons; Edd Byrnes; Bobby Darin; Sandra Dee; many more) 96 pages M- $14
MOJO MUSIC MAGAZINE- #57 August 1998- (James Brown; Dr. John; Randy Newman; Gene Clark; Joni Mitchell; more. 154 pages) VG+ $1
MOJO MUSIC MAGAZINE- #61 December 1998- (Gomez; Ian Drury; Frank Zappa; Beck; Hank Williams; Mike Oldfield; more. 154 pages) VG $1
MOJO MUSIC MAGAZINE- #86 January 2001- (Noel & Liam; James Brown; Serge Gainsbourg; Derek & The Dominos; Genesis; Oasis; Madonna; more. 146 pages) VG $1
MOJO MUSIC MAGAZINE- #91 June 2001- (Radiohead; Bee Gees; David Axelrod; Bob Dylan; Neu!; Nancy Sinatra; more. 162 pages) VG $1
MOJO MUSIC MAGAZINE- #92 July 2001- (Solo Beatles Special Issue w/ John Lennon cover, features articles on John & George plus exclusive interviews w/ Paul & Ringo. Also: Nuggets; The Charlatans; Bob Marley; more. 154 pages) VG- $3
MOJO MUSIC MAGAZINE- #99 February 2002 (White Stripes; Richey Manic; Marvin Gaye; Cher; Brian Wilson; Beatles; 138 pages) VG+ $1
MOJO MUSIC MAGAZINE- #100 March 2002- (amazing pull-out cover photo; articles on The Jam; Julian Cope; T-Rex; Marianne Faithfull; Jimi Hendrix Experience; John Martyn; The Who; Bob Marley; Thin Lizzy; Free; Nick Drake; Velvet Underground & Nico, 154 pages) VG $1
THE MOLE PEOPLE- Rare 1964 Film Photo-zine- Warren Pub $40 More Info
MOTION PICTURE- May 1951- (Ann Blyth cover; Ava Gardner; Burt Lancaster; Tony Curtis & Janet Leigh; Vic Damone; Robert Mitchum; more) M- $12
MOTION PICTURE- December 1955- (June Allyson; Bob Wagner; Eva Marie Saint; James Dean Debbie Reynolds; Rock Hudson; jack Lemmon; Jane Powell; more) VG- $1
MOTION PICTURE- May 1956- (Kim Novak cover; Russ Tamblyn; Grace Kelly; Liz Taylor; Marilyn Monroe; Steve Allen; Lori Nelson; article by Frank Sinatra; more) VG- $3
MOTION PICTURE- December 1956- (Lori Nelson; Elvis Presley in "Love Me Tender"; Lori Nelson; Tab Hunter; Audie Murphy; Esther Williams; Deborah Kerr; Lana Turner; more) M- $22
MOTION PICTURE- September 1957- (Janet Leigh cover; Elvis Presley; Tommy Sands; Ricky Nelson; Pat Boone; Donna Reed; Jane Russell; Piper Laurie; Tony Perkins; John Saxon; Sal Mineo, including special Sal Mineo cover tag still attached!) EX+ $18
MOTION PICTURE- November 1958- (Elvis Presley Hugh O'Brian; Jimmy Rogers; Paul Newman; Paul Anka; Jack Lemmon; more) VG- $1
MOTION PICTURE- December 1958- (Liz Taylor; James Arness; Elvis Presley; James Darren; Bobby Darin; Tab Hunter; Dick Clark; Molly Bee; more) EX $18
MOTION PICTURE- July 1959- (Frankie Avalon; Elvis Presley; David & Ricky Nelson; Fabian; Liz & Eddie; Tab Hunter; Eva Marie Saint; Tommy Sands; Johnny Mathis; more) VG- $9
MOTION PICTURE- October 1959- (Sandra Dee; Doris Day; Edd Byrnes; Dodie Stevens; Fabian; Dorothy Malone; Annette Funicello; Frankie Avalon) EX- $14
MOTION PICTURE- April 1960- (Fabian; Elvis Presley; Dick Clark; Edd Byrnes 'Kookie Dictionary'; Kim Novak; Connie Francis; Dolores Hart; Sherry Jackson; Liz & Eddie; James Gardner; more) M- $18
MOTION PICTURE- May 1960- (Connie Francis; Elvis Presley; Jo-Ann Campbell; Troy Donahue; Linda Cristal; Bobby Darin; Connie Stevens; Jill St. John; Sherry Jackson; Shirley Jones; Dolores Hart; Marlon Brando & Jack Parr cover tag still attached; more!) EX $14
MOTION PICTURE- June 1960- (Pat Boone & Family cover; Roger Smith; Lana Turner; Elvis Presley; Tuesday Weld; Nick Adams; Edd Byrnes; Troy Donahue; Frankie Avalon; James Darren; more) M- $12
MOTION PICTURE- October 1960- (Elvis Presley; Tab Hunter; Marilyn Monroe; Connie Francis; Bob Crewe; Connie Stevens; Jo-Ann Campbell; Fabian; Janet Leigh; more) M- $14
MOVIE SCREEN YEARBOOK- #3 1957- (Marilyn Monroe cover; Natalie Wood; Caroll Baker; Elvis Presley; Joan Collins; lots more) F $18
MOVIE TEEN ILLUSTRATED- March 1958- (Elvis Presley; Pat Boone; Ricky Nelson; Kim Novak; Natalie Trundy; Tony Perkins; Tab Hunter; Robert Wagner; Sal Mineo; James Dean; Tommy Sands; lots of photos) M- $50
MOVIE TEEN ILLUSTRATED- Summer 1959- (Elvis Presley; Frankie Avalon; Tommy Sands; Dick Clark; Diane Varsi; John Saxon; lots of great pictures) Camera Workshop Publications M- $50
MOVIE TEEN ILLUSTRATED- December 1959- (Special Fabian Issue; Elvis' Wedding Day; Rick Nelson; Edd Byrnes; Nick Adams; Frankie Avalon; lots of great pictures!) Camera Workshop Publications VF+ $65 Rare!
MOVIE TEEN ILLUSTRATED- March 1960- (Elvis Presley; Sandra Dee; Troy Donahue; Tuesday Weld; Edd Byrnes; Fabian; Frankie Avalon; Sal Mineo; Annette Funicello; Paul Anka; Bobby Darin; Crash Craddock; Connie Francis; Molly Bee; James Darren; Bobby Rydell; Tab Hunter; Dion; Dwayne Hickman; Dodie Stevens; many more) Camera Workshop Publications M- $58
MOVIE TEEN ILLUSTRATED- July 1960- (Fabian; Elvis; Edd Byrnes; Dwayne Hickman; Paul Anka; Troy Donahue; James Darren; Jimmy Clanton; Rick Nelson; Frankie Avalon; lots of great pictures) Camera Workshop Publications VF $55
MOVIE TEEN ILLUSTRATED- October 1968- (Monkees; Hermans Hermits; Paul Revere & The Raiders; Cowsills; Doors; Mick Jagger; Sally Field; Jefferson Airplane; Dino, Desi & Billy; Elvis; Bob Dylan; Byrds; Jay North; Bee Gees; Arlo Guthrie; Beatles; Beacon Street Union; American Breed; Sajid Khan; Blue Cheer; Association; Union Gap; Buckinghams; Who; Troggs; Moby Grape; Sunshine Company; Box Tops; Lemon Pipers; Vanilla Fudge; Ultimate Spinach; Haley Mills; Cream; Avalon Ballroom posters; much more!) Dodsmith Publishing M- $55
MY ROMANCE- August 1950- (Tawdry stories include: "Counterfeit Bride"; "She Had To Get Married"; "Savage Surrender"; "Desperate Desire"; "My Wretched Past"; "Why Husbands Cheat"; "Why Is Love So Cruel" "Haunted Passion"; "I Was A Homewrecker"; more) M- $12

N - O

NATIONAL LAMPOON 1972 Vol 1- April #25 (25th Anniversary Issue); May #26 (Men); June #27 (Science Fiction; Gahan Wilson); July #28 (Surprise); August #29 (Miracle Of Democracy); September #30 (Wide World Of Meat); October #31 (Fabulous Sixties w/ Bob Dylan & Joan Baez in 'Zimmerman Comics'; Tom Wolfe in Watts); November #32 (Decadence) All NM $6 each (except #31 $12, & #32 VG- $1)
NATIONAL LAMPOON 1973- January #34 (Death issue w/ Gahan Wilson cartoons); February #35 (Sexual Frustration); March #36 (Sweetness & Light) All NM $4 each
NATIONAL LAMPOON 1975- April #61 (Car Sickness) NM $3
NATIONAL LAMPOON 1976- March (In Like A Lion); April (Down Home w/ Fat Elvis cover); NM $5 each
NATIONAL LAMPOON 1977- April (Ripping The Lid Off Off TV); May (Gay Issue - 1st w/ UPC cover) $4; October (Beatles) $6
NATIONAL LAMPOON 1978- April (Spring Cleaning); May (Families); August (Today's Teens); November (The Body) All NM $4 ea (except May) VG- $1
NATIONAL LAMPOON 1983- February (Raging Controversy) NM $3
NATIONAL LAMPOON 1984- February (Special All Comics Issue, includes Zippy); March (The Sixties Greatest Hits); June (This Summer's Movies) All NM $9 ea
NATIONAL LAMPOON- Presents Peekers & Other True Facts (1982) VG- $2
NATIONAL LAMPOON- All New True Facts (1986 #3, edited by John Bendel w/ comics by Drew Friedman; Rick Geary; BK Taylor & others. 90 pages) NM $6
THE NELSONS- Vol 1, No. 1, 1958- (The complete Dave; Ricky; Ozzie & Harriet) Ideal Publishing VF $38
NEWSWEEK- August 8, 1977- Jazz Comes Back- (cover story w/ Herbie Hancock's 'V.S.O.P Quintet'; Keith Jarrett; McCoy Tyner; Miles Davis; Anthony Braxton; others) NM $4
NEW TIMES- November 26, 1976- (Cover story on the rise of the Rolling Stone publishing legend Jan Werner) VF $2
NEW TIMES- February 18, 1977- (Special Music '77 issue w/ Steely Dan; New Jazz (by Robert Palmer) w/ Sam Rivers; Anthony Braxton; Leo Smith; Oliver Lake; Concert promotion; Graham Parker; Burning Spear; Tom Scholz; & more) NM $4
NIGHT & DAY- September 1950- (Wild West Show; Rollerderby; Baseball; Cigarette Girls; Movies; Italy; Theora Hix Case; Cover girls Val Njord & Barbara Osterman) VG+ $18
NIGHT & DAY- May 1952- (Lily Lamont & Irish McCalla pictorials; Warren Gantt case; Cover girls Lili St Cyr & Joann Arnold) NVG $28
NIGHT & DAY- January 1955- (Stag Party; Zuma; Record Guide; Marla English pin-up; Irish McCalla pictorial; Evelyn West photo; Cover girls Betty Roe & Mara Corday) VG $24
NIGHT & DAY- March 1956- (Lynn Lampert & Cleo Moore pictorial; Cover girls Eve Meyer & Tempest Storm) VG $22
THE NOSE- #16- (features on The Return Of vintage Cheesecake; The Art of Frank Kozik w/ interview;more) EX- $6
NOSTALGIA- (NYC radio & TV personality Joe Franklin presents this high quality 1940s-1950s oriented bimonthly glossy mag. Great articles & graphics! Lasted only 8 issues from March 1990 to May 1991) Mint $64 for all 8 issues complete!
OOR- November 1995- (Dutch magazine w/ feature articles on: U2; Simply Red; Garbage; Okeh Records label; more) EX+ $8
OP- May-June 1982- ('K' Issue w/ Lenny Kaye cover; Henry Kaiser; Roland Kirk; Nancy Karp, lots more) Lost Music Network F- $5
OP- July-August 1982- ('L' Issue w/ Pattie Lenoir; Liquid Liquid; Lydia Lunch; Arto Lindsay; Steve Reich interview) Lost Music Network VF+ $6
OP- September-October 1982- ('M' Issue w/ Merideth Monk; Ennio Morricone; David Moss; more) Lost Music Network VF $5
OP- July-August 1983- ('R' Issue w/ Jonathan Richman; Rova Sax Quartet; Rank & File; Raincoats; Russian Jazz; Reggae; Rap) Lost Music Network M $5
OVER 245 WELL-KNOWN SONGS- #12 November 1949- (Bing Crosby cover; Vic Damone; Tex Beneke; Eve Young; plus lots of lyrics) Checkerboard F $6

P - Q

PAPER TALKS- Greater Bangor Edition- 1997- (Super rare photos & informative text featuring over 50 cool Garage, Rock & Musical acts from the mid-late 1960s) M $40
PAPER TALKS- The Aroostook County Edition- 1999- (featuring rare photos & informative text on a slew of mid-60s-70s Maine Garage, Rock & Lounge acts) M $25
PAPER TALKS- Penquis Area Edition- 1999- (featuring rare photos & informative text on a slew of mid-60s-70s Maine Garage, Rock & Lounge acts) M $25
PAPER TALKS- Western Maine Edition- 1999- (featuring rare photos & informative text on a slew of mid-60s-70s Maine Garage, Rock & Lounge acts) M $30
PEEP SHOW- #7 March-April 1952- (cover pic of stripper Dardy Orlando, kid sister of Lili St Cyr; tassel tosser Winnie Garrett & quiver queen Francine) G $14
PEEP SHOW- #22 Summer 1955- (Hot Lili Christine cover & pictorial; plus: Devin Landis, Shirley Cook, Liz O'Leyar, Iris Bristol, Miss Jennie Lee, Nanci White, Tempest Storm & Bettie Page from "Teaserama", Linda Rochelle, more) NM $100
PENTHOUSE COMIX- May/June, 1995, No. 7- (Cover art by Luis Royo; "I Am No Batman" by Moebius; Dr. Dare by Gray Morrow; Backlash by Mark Beachum; Bethlehem Steel by Azpiri; Scion by Steve Geiger; more. Adult Mag) Published by Bob Guccione NM $2
PEOPLE WEEKLEY- August 21, 1978- (The Elvis Legend One Year Later; Glen Ford; Sgt. Pepper co-star Sandy Farina; Henry Miller; Princess Victoria of Sweden; model Nancy Ford; Ned Rorem bio; Robin Ellis; Joe Gilliam; much more) M $12
PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP- #1, Summer 1950- (Quarterly oversize mag w/ Photo-Journalism; Fashion Photography; Portraits; Figure Photography; more) Camera Workshop Publications NM $22
PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP- #2; Fall 1950- (w/ works my Earl Leaf; Salvador Dali; Philippe Halsman; & Joe Costa) Camera Workshop Publications NM $27
PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP- #3, Fall 1951- (Fernand Fonssagrives) Camera Workshop Publications NM $18
PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP- # 4, Winter 1953- (encore edition w/ Jack Webb) Camera Workshop Publications NM $16
PHOTOPLAY- February 1951- (Jane Powell cover; Tony Curtis; Gloria Swanson; Sheilah Graham; John Derek; Betty Grable; Ginger Rogers; Burt Lancaster; more) EX- $12
PHOTOPLAY- August 1955- (Liz Taylor cover w/ her new baby, Chris; Kim Novak; Tony Curtis; more) VG $12
PHOTOPLAY- October 1956- (Marilyn Monroe cover; James Dean; Kim Novak; more) EX- $33
PHOTOPLAY- March 1957- (Jayne Mansfield cover; Rock Hudson; Cary Grant; Debra Pagent; Jack Lemmon; more) EX $33
PHOTOPLAY- July 1957- (Elvis Presley cover; Marilyn Monroe; Ann Blyth; Sophia Loren; Tab Hunter; Linda Darnell; Shirley McLaine; Dorothy Malone; more) VG $33
PHOTOPLAY- May 1958- (Rick Nelson cover; Deborah Kerr; Hugh O'Brien; Sandara Dee; Liz Taylor; Rock Hudson; Elvis Presley; Eva Marie Saint; Jane Powell; more) EX+ $33
PHOTOPLAY- October 1958- (Elvis Presley cover before going overseas; Kim Novak; Johnny Saxon; Leslie Nielsen; Jerry Lewis compares himself to Jerry Lee Lewis; more) VG $33
PHOTOPLAY- March 1959- (Dick Clark cover; Article by Pat Boone; more) VG+ $9
PHOTOPLAY- April 1959- (Debbie Reynolds cover; Pinup series #1 Rick Nelson; Articles by Nick Adams; Ingred Birgman; Dick Clark; Sandra Dee; more) VG+ $12
PHOTOPLAY- January 1960- (Tony Curtis cover; Article by Sharon Sheely on Rick Nelson; Annette & Paul Anka show how to Cha-Cha; more) M- $28
PHOTOPLAY- March 1960- (Elvis Presley cover 'I'm Coming Home'; Liz Taylor; Jerry Lewis; Tuesday Weld; Fabian; Diane Baker; Roger Smith; more) M- $35
PHOTOPLAY- April 1960- (Liz Taylor cover; Rare Article written by Elvis Presley about why he changed; Articles on Edd 'Kookie' Byrnes; Sandra Dee; Bobby Darin; more) EX $38
PHOTOPLAY ANNUAL- 1960- (Sandra Dee cover; Fabian; Pat Boone; Annette Funicello; Elvis Presley; Tuesday Weld; Edd 'Kookie' Byrnes; Rick Nelson; Pinups w/ Marilyn Monroe; Sal Mineo; lots more) M- $33
PHYSICAL CULTURE- October 1933- (Dedicated to Mind, Body, Soul, Beauty, Charm, & Personality, Edited by Bernarr MacFadden. Cover art by E.F. Beauman. This Issue: "Love Starved Woman"; "Beating Nervous Breakdown"; more. 104 pages) M- $9
PIX- A Pictorial Peek At Life May 1952- (Hot Party In Hollywood; Miami Strippers Cleo Chew, Honey Lee Walker; Pictorials on Lili St. Cyr & Barbara Nichols. Cover Model Lynn Roebuck) VG $16
POPULAR SONGS- December 1950- (Ray Anthony cover; Kay Starr; Gary Crosby; plus lyrics to top tunes of the time) Charlton VF- $5
POST MAGAZINE- November 20, 1965- (Cover story on "Hell's Angels "What's Behind The Strange Cult Of Motorcycle Gangs" w/ pix of Sonny Barger's old lady shooting pool) VF $12
POST MAGAZINE- May 21, 1966- (A Study of Drugs On Campus pin-points hotspots for LSD & Marijuana use) F- $9
POST MAGAZINE- September 23, 1967- (Cover article on "The Hippie Cult" generation of Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco. Also, The Smothers Brothers hit TV Show) VF $18
PLOWBOY- (1957) Vol 1 #1- Parody of Playboy- VF+ $43 Scarce!


RADIO-TV MIRROR- March 1954- (Ozzie & Harriet Nelson cover plus Nancy Coleman; Dave Garroway (NBC Today Show); Robert Q. Lewis; Helen Trent; Jan Murray; Haleloke; more) VG- $5
RAGE- Vol 1 #2 February 1957- (Men's Magazine w/ terrifying wild dog attack cover; Article written by Elvis Presley: "There's Nothing Bad About Rock 'n' Roll"; plus expose by Stu Wagner "I Run A Girlie Show Racket" Pictorials w/ Blaze Starr; Lynn Jones; Bill Ward cartoon art; Adventures stories, more) M- $70
RAVE- Vol 2 #3 March 1956- ("The Magazine Of Intimate Exposé" w/ Sophia Loren cover; Secrets Of Arthur Murray's Dance-Factory; How TV Quiz Shows Cheat You; The Girls Of Havana; Playboy: Winthrop Rockefeller; Elsa Maxwell; Ethel Waters; Mickey Finn; Rita Hayworth; more) F+ $9
RAVE- Vol 2 #4 May 1956- (Oleg Cassini & Grace Kelly; The 4 Loves of Arthur Godfrey; Harlem & Hollywood; Mae West: Queen Of The Muscle Men; Did James Dean Really Die?; Folies Bergere; Why Is Burlesque Necessary? Frank Sinatra: Narcissist?; In Defense of Homosexuals w/ Orcar Wilde; Who Has The Handsomest Behinds: How Roy Rogers' Sexy Derriere Almost Ruined His Career; Tanya Rogers photo spread; The Man Who Killed Al Capone; Howard Hughes: The Man Who Invented Big Bosoms; more) Rave Publishing Corp. VG
REAL ADVENTURE- #4 January 1956- (Three Man-Eating Tigers & Me!; MIG Kill. Adventure of a US Jet Ace jumped by a dozen MIG-15’s; A Lawyer’s Report: When is it Seduction?; Girl with the Boudoir Eyes. Face, Figure & Beauty. Death trap in the Desert; A few Israelis against attacking Arab raiders) VG+ $5
REAL MEN- #2 May 1956- (Scarce 2nd Issue w/ They Called Me A Sex Fiend; Corrupt Corpus Christi: The New Barbary Coast; Tiger By The Tail; I Dived Into A Flaming Hell; Bat Masterson: The Biggest Phony the West Ever Produced; Help Me Bury Gladys; He Broke Into 1000 Pieces; She's A Real Homebody: sexy photo spread) Stanley Publications VF $45
REAL STORY- January 1948- (Lee Morrison cover; "I Was A Home-Wrecker"; "Afraid Of Love"; "I'm No Good"; "Stolen Honeymoon"; "Second Choice Sweetheart"; more) M- $12
THE REAL TRUE BEATLES- #1 1964 by Michael Braun. Pictures of The Fab Four in Cambridge; York; On Tour; London; Liverpool; Paris; America; Washington; New York, Carnegie Hall; more! 96 pages complete. Fawcett Pub. NVG $18
THE RECORD COLLECTOR'S JOURNAL- Vol 2 #1 January 1976- (Fred Waring; Kenny Star; Tim Weisberg interview; Clifton Davis; more) VG- $1
THE RECORD COLLECTOR'S JOURNAL- Vol 2 #2 February 1976- (Elvis Presley; Roy Clark; Barbi Benton; Adrienne Barbeau; Jazz) VF $2
THE RECORD COLLECTOR'S JOURNAL- Vol 2 #3 March 1976- (Chubby Checker; Sparks; Olivia Records; Sonny Rollins; Orrin Tucker; Paul Butterfield; more) VF- $2
THE RECORD COLLECTOR'S JOURNAL- Vol 2 #4 April 1976- (Frank Sinatra; Coon-Sanders Nighthawks; Count Basie; Yardbirds; Diana Trask; Flora Purim; E.B. Smith interview) F $3
RECORD DIGEST- Music World News- (Bi-weekly publication by Jerry Osborne- #1 September 16, 1977; #2 October 1, 1977; #4 November 1, 1977; #7 December 15, 1977; #9 January 15, 1978; #10 February 1, 1978; #12 March 1, 1978, consecutive through #19 June 15, 1978; #21 July 15, 1978; #24 Sept 1, 1978. consecutive through #32 February 1, 1979) Individual or as lot (Write)
RECORD FINDER- #4 November 1978 (Discographies on Willie Nelson & Connie Francis) EX $4
RECORD FINDER-#5 January 1979 (Discographies on Bob Chester; Letteren; Apple Records) VF $5
RECORD FINDER- #6 March-April 1979 (Discographies on Les Brown; Leslie Gore; Frankie Avalon) VF+ $4
RECORD FINDER- #7 June 1979 (Discographies on Ralph Flanagan; Willie Nelson. Articles on he Monkees; Sylvester Ahola) VF+ $4
RECORD FINDER- #25 August 1983- (The Dinning Sisters; Cliff Burwell) VF $5
RECORD FINDER- #26 November 1983- (Fats Domino interview) VF+ $4
REFLEX MAGAZINE- #1 1987- (Articles & Interviews w/ Love & Rockets; Volcano Suns; Pussy Galore; Suicidal Tendencies; Anthony Phillips; Henry Kaiser; John McLaughlin; more) VG+ $1
ROADKILL MAGAZINE- #1 1986 (J.D. King, Dave Couison, Peter Bagge, John Holstrom) See Hear NM $55
ROADKILL MAGAZINE- #2 1987 (Ken Weiner, John Holstrom, Dale Ashmun, others) Weiner Publications NM $55
1969: #36 June 28- (John & Yoko Bed-In);
1970: #52 February 21- (Creedence Clearwater Revival); #53 March 7- (Zabriskie Point, Ken Kesey, Grateful Dead); #54 March 19- (Sly & The Family Stone); #55 April 2- (Abby Hoffman); #56 April 16- (Dennis Hopper; Commander Cody; 'The Unvarnashed Truth' by John Lennon); #59 May 28- (Little Richard; Bob Dylan; Cream); #62 July 9 (Van Morrison, The Who); #64 August 6- (Janis Joplin, Traffic, Wavy Gravy); #65 September 3- (Mick Jagger in 'Performance'); #66 September 17- (Grateful Dead, Betles 'Hot as Sun' LP); #68 October 15- (Jimi Hendrix memorial issue); #69 October 29- (Janis Joplin memorial issue); #70 November 12- (Grace Slick); #71 November 26 (Meher Baba); #72 December 10- (Leon Russell; Bonzo Dog Band); #73 December 24- (Dick Cavett; Rod Stewart): 1971: #74 January 21- (John Lennon Part 1) #75 February 4- (John Lennon & Yoko Ono - mis-dated cover); #76 February 18- (James Taylor); #77 March 4- (Bob Dylan); #78 March 18- (Muhammad Ali); #79 April 1- (Captain Beefheart; Nicholas Johnson); #80 April 15- (Andy Warhol movie star, Joe Dallesandro); #81 April 29- (Michael Jackson, Hunter S. Thompson); #83 May 27- (Country Joe McDonald); #84 June 10- (Elton John; Bucky Fuller); #85 June 27- (Patricia Nixon); #86 July 8- (Doug Sahm); #87 July 22- (Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull); #66 August 5 (Jim Morrison memorial issue); #89 August 19- (Keith Richard, Grand Funk); #90 September 2- (George Harrison); #91 September 16- (The Incredible Hulk; Spider Man's Secret Life); #93 October 14- (Ike & Tina Turner); #94 October 28- (The Beach Boys); #96 November 25- (Ralph Steadman cover art for 'Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas' by Hunter S. Thompson); #97 December 9- (Pete Townshend); #98 December 23- (Mel Lyman) 1972: #100 January 20 (Jerry Garcia & Stanley Kubrick interviews); #103 March 2- (Bob Dylan Part 1); #104 March 16- (Bob Dylan Part 2); #105 March 30- (Alice Cooper); #106 April 13- (The Art of Sensual Massage, Pete Seeger, Todd Rundgren); #108 May 11- (David Cassidy); #111 June 22- (Van Morrison); #112 July 6- (Mick Jagger); #113 July 20- (Paul Simon); #116 August 31- (Randy Newman; Paul McCartney & Wings); #121 November 9- (David Bowie); #124 December 21- (Keith Moon) 1973: #132 April 12- (Truman Capote); #134 May 10- (Alice Cooper); #141 August 16- (Elton John)
ROLLING STONE- #507 August 27, 1987- The 100 Best Albums Of The Last Twenty Years- A Twentieth Anniversary Special Issue- (Fresh reviews of the must-have 100 LPs + Chuck Berry ad for Christian Brothers Brandy; more. 188 pgs. VG+ $9
ROLLING STONE- #512 November 5, 1987- The Twentieth Anniversary (New Interviews w/ George Harrison; Yoko Ono; Paul McCartney; Keith Richards; Ralph Nader; Jesse Jackson; Jane Fonda & Tom Hayden; Joan Baez; Smokey Robinson; Don Henley; Edward Kennedy; Lou Reed; Walter Cronkite; George McGovern; John Fogerty; Stevie Wonder; Brian Wilson; Pete Townshend; Bono; Robbie Robertson; Tom Wolfe; Daniel Ellsberg; Timothy Leary; Hunter S. Thompson; Jackson Browne; George Lucas; Michael Douglas; Jack Nicholson; Sting; Bruce Springsteen; William Burroughs; Bob Dylan; Mick Jagger. 310 pgs. bound F+ $22
ROLLING STONE- #1222 Nov 20, 2014- Bob Dylan cover: Bob Dylan's Secret Masterpiece: The untold story of 'The Basement Tapes'; Matt Taibbi; Foo Fighters; Tributes to Jack Bruce & Paul Revere; Bob Seger; Jon Stewart; The Allmans' Last Stand; George Clinton; Lorde; Glyn Johns stories; Paul McCartney; Zap Comix; Reviews: Pink Floyd, Neil Young, more... NM $2


SATURDAY EVENING POST- Norman Rockwell Memory Album- (The Best Of Norman Rockwell Art & Humor from the Archives of The Curtis Publishing Co. Over 144 pages in high quality printing, from Summer 1979) 9" x 12" SC M $24
SCREEN ALBUM- May - July 1959- (A galaxy of stars from Tony Curtis; Sandra Dee; & Tab Hunter; to Elvis Presley; Ricky Nelson; & Jayne Mansfield. 93 pages) VG $12
SCREEN ALBUM- August - October 1959- (Sandra Dee; Fabian; Elvis; James Darren; Rick Nelson; Paul Anka; Tommy Sands; Edd Byrnes; more) VG- $6
SCREEN BOOK- August 1935- (Greta Garbo; Clark Gable; Barbara Stanwyck; Loretta Young; Bette Davis; Joan Crawford; more) VF $14
SEE- January 1948- (Articles include: Radio's youngest Disc Jockey, 5-year-old Robin Morgan; The above knee hemline controversy; Hal Wallace starlet Kristine Miller models the 'ski-o-tard' on the cover) F $14
SEE- March 1948- (Article on artist Gil Elvgren at work creating Pinup Calendars for Brown & Bigelow; Pictorial on London's Swingin' Soho District; Cover model is actress Jane Russell 'rounds' out the issue) F- $28
SEE- May 1949 (Cheesecake photos include Ann Jeffrys & cover model Linda Christian who appeared as a 'Maori' girl in MGM's "Green Dolphin Street") F $17
SICK MAGAZINE- February, 1967, No. 50- (Spoof of Mod fashions & lifestyle; Bob Taylor & Angelo Torres artwork; 'Teenman', a musical comedy by Bob Elliott; 1967 Mod Pictorial 'What To Wear' calendar insert) F $8
SILVER SCREEN- April 1954- (Marilyn Monroe cover; Sheilah Graham; Earl Wilson; more) VF+ $30 Rare!
16 MAGAZINE- July, 1964- (Beatles' Life Stories; Dave Clark 5; Bobby Vinton; Paul Peterson; Leslie Gore; Connie Francis; Troy Donahue centerfold; more) F $12
16 MAGAZINE- November, 1965- (Herman's Life Story; Cynthia Lennon on The Beatles; Patty Duke; Byrds; Chris Jagger on The Rolling Stones; Pat McGoohan; Robert Vaughn; Robert Vaughn; Dave McCallum; more) VF $14
16 MAGAZINE- December, 1965- (Herman's Hermits; Dino, Desi & Billy; Paul Revere & Raiders; Ian Whitcomb; Bob Dylan; Byrds; Beach Boys; Chris Jagger; Kinks; Jane Asher) VF $12
16 MAGAZINE- March, 1966- (50 Wild Beatle Pix; Secret Life of Bob Dylan; Rolling Stones; McCoys; Elvis; Lovin' Spoonful; more) VF $12
16 MAGAZINE- May, 1967- (300 new Monkees Pix; Hidden Life Of Mark Lindsay; Beatle Shocker; Hollies; Kurt Russell) VG $10
16 MAGAZINE- February, 1968- (Monkees; Cowsills; Rascals; Hermans Hermits; Jim Morrison; Beatles; Twiggy; Walter Koenig; more) VF $12
SONG HITS- April 1946- (Rita Hayworth cover 'Gilda'; exclusive interview w/ Gene Krupa; plus lyrics to top tunes of the month) Song Lyrics Inc VF+ $9
SONG HITS- December 1946- (Perry Como cover; Dinah Shore; plus lyrics to top tunes of the month) Song Lyrics Inc F- $5
SONG HITS- August 1948- (Judy Garland cover; plus lyrics to top tunes of the month) Song Lyrics Inc F $6
SONG HITS- July 1953- (Janet Leigh cover; Jo Stafford; Don Cornell; Eddie Fisher; Vic Damone; more; plus lyrics to top tunes of the month) Song Lyrics Inc P $1
SONG PARADE- July 1944- (Joan Edwards cover; New lyrics to 'Mairzy Doats'; Duke Ellington; plus lyrics to top tunes of the month) VG $5
SONG PARADE- February 1947- (Beverly Tyler cover 'Best Years Of Our Lives'; Claude Thornhill; Helen Hayes; plus lyrics to top tunes of the month) VG $5
STARDOM- February, 1959, Vol 1 No. 1- (Ricky Nelson cover & story; "My Romance With Elvis Presley" by Kitty Dolan; Dick Clark; Annette Funicello; Debby Reynolds; Jill St. John; more) NM $45
STEREO REVIEW- May through December 1996; January through December 1997; January through March 1998; May through November 1998; January 1999) NM $1 each or $5 per dozen


TAPE OP- #46 March / April 2005- (Interviews w/ record producer Tom Erdelyi aka Tommy Ramone; Mouse On Mars; Sonic Boom; Gordon Paphael; Phil Taylor & The Astoria; plus Vocalist Tips & Tricks; The Decca Tree Microphone Technique explained; reviews & more) VG+ $8
TASTY WORLD- March 1986- Violent Femmes cover & story; Aimee Mann interview; Minutemen Tribute; Sonic Youth; Don Dixon; Butthole Surfers; Shriekback; Mojo Nixon; more. VG $1
TEASE!- #1 through #7 1995-96 (The Magazine of Sexy Fun by Greg Theakston, founder of The Betty Pages) Pure Imagination NM (Write)
TEEN- January, 1964- (Teen Idols; Cars; Hair Styles, more) VF $14
TEEN- February, 1964- (Bobby Darin Vs Jimmy Darren; Fashions. No cover) VF $1
TEEN- March, 1964- (Dallas Teens; Teen Pan Alley; more) F $14
TEEN- April, 1964- (Janet Lennon & Annette cover; Dee Dee Sharp story; 1964 NY World's Fair) F $18
TEEN- May, 1964- (Fashions; Hairstyles; Records; Beatlemania; Beatles; more) F+ $18
TEEN- June, 1964- (Hayley Mills cover; Swimsuit Fashion; Annette & Frankie 'Tanfastic' Tanning Oil Ad; George Masters Hairdos; Surfin' Girls, more) VF $12
TEEN- July, 1964- (Donna Loren cover; Dave Clark 5 story; Leslie Gore; more) VF $14
TEEN- September, 1964- (Entertainment Issue w/ Debbie Watson (TV's "Karen") on cover; Rita Pavone; Beatles story) F+ $12
TEEN- November, 1964- (Musical Notes by Fred Martin w/ The Beatles; Beach Boys; Dave Clark 5; Peter & Gordon; Rolling Stones; Dusty; Wedding Bells for Annette, Shelley Fabares, more) VF $14
TEEN- December, 1964- (Colleen Corby cover; Mia Farrow; Beatle close-ups w/ pics + Q&A by Earl Leaf; more) NM $15
TEEN- January, 1965- (Mods Vs The Rockers; Brit Teens; Shindig TV Show; Yvette Mimieux; & Dick Chamberlain) VF $14
TEEN- March, 1965- (Fred Martin's Musical Notes w/ Sylvie Vartan; The Kinks; Dino, Desi & Billy; Hollywood, by Earl Leaf; "I Kissed Dave Clark 5 Times" by Vickie George) F $15
TEEN DIGEST- December, 1959- (Dwayne 'Dobie Gillis' Hickman; Basketball; "Li'l Abner" movie prevue; more) VF $9
TEEN DIGEST- January, 1960- (Johnny Nash; Nick Adams; Teen Fashion; Platter Talk; more) VF $6
TEEN DIGEST- March, 1960- (Bobby Darin cover & article; Connie Stevens & Edd "Kookie" Burns; exposé on pep pills; more) NM $12
TEEN DIGEST- April, 1960- (Pat Boone cover & article; Kingston Trio; Son of Mad Libs; Rock & Roll Dancing; George Hamilton; more) VG $5
TEEN LIFE- May, 1966- (Beatle Stories; Batman & Robin; Rolling Stones; The Toys; Joni James; Adventures of Teena Go Go) VF $20
TEEN LIFE- May, 1967- (Monkees; Elvis' Hidaway; Beatles Mystery; Dick Clark) VG $16
TEEN PINUPS- December, 1965- (Beatles confide & confess; Shindig; Patti Duke; Elvis; Stones; Rick Nelson; Sal Mineo; Gene Pitney) VF $18
TEEN SCREEN- December, 1965- (Beatles; Sonny & Cher; Turtles; Yardbirds; Sam The Sham; Bob Dylan) VG- $8
TEEN TRENDS- March, 1966- (Kinks; Hermans Hermits; Sam The Sham; Yardbirds; Beatles; Mia Farrow) Country Wide Pub VG $14
TEEN WORLD- February, 1966- (Beatles Hot Secrets; DC5; Kinks Animals; Pacemakers; Beach Boys; Elvis) Reese VG $18
TEEN'S TOP TEN- December, 1967- (Beatles; DC5; Expo '67; Monkees; Leslie Gore; Turtles; Dylan) VF $16
3-D MONSTERS- Vol 1 No. 1, 1964- (Horrific! Scarifying! This 48-page one-shot specialty magazine is mostly B&W photos from monster movies, plus a 3-D gallery of stills featuring classic monsters on 10 pages, mostly dioramas of Aurora monster model kits. One of the photos shows the classic collectible battery operated Frankenstein toy. The magazine also featured stories & flat stills of Tarantula, This Island Earth, Lon Chaney Jr.'s Werewolf, Boris Karloff's Mummy, Vincent Price in The Premature Burial, Tales of Terror, Peter Cushing as Frankenstein, Count Cagliostro's cookbook & Nightmare Alley) Fair Publishing, Ltd. VF $65
THRILLING LOVE- April, 1934- (Pulp mag w/ Book-Length Novel; "Directed By Love"; Novelette: "Forbidden Fruit"; Thrilling Short Stories & Fascinating Features. 130 pages) Standard VG $24
TIME- December, 16, 1974- Music Issue featuring Rock Woman, w/ cover story on Joni Mitchell; film review of That'll Be The Day" starring David Essex & Ringo Starr; more) VF $4
TRUE CONFESSIONS- August 1945- (Expose mag w/ book length confessions: "Heaven For Three"; "Between Two Loves" "My Stepmother's Secret"; "My Brother's Strange Wife"; more) VF- $9
TRUE CONFESSIONS- October 1947- (Expose mag w/ book length confessions: "I Sold My Soul To The Highest Bidder" & "Delinquent Mother"; plus: "Charge Account Bride"; "I Stole A Baby"; "Anything To Hold Him"; "He's My Man" by Mrs Dale Carnegie; & much more! 120 pages) Fawcett Publications VF+ $12
TRUE CONFESSIONS- June 1948- (Expose mag w/ book length confessions: "Wayward Wife"; "Dark Waters"; "I Climbed Out Of Hell"; "Forbidden Fling"; "Quicksand Marriage"; "Temptation"; more) VG- $5
TRUE ROMANCE- May 1952- ("I Loved Somebody Else's Husband"; "Runaway Bride"; "I Married Danger"; more) VG- $5
TRUE ROMANCE- November 1952- ("Too Many Men"; "I Married A She-Devil"; "Why My Husband Turned To Another Woman" more) VG $6
TRUE STORY- October 1944- ("No Other Man"; "Lady Luck"; "Those Dangerous Years"; "Farewell To First Love"; more) F- $8
TRUE STORY- February 1947- ("Sin Of Omission"; "Romance À La Carte"; "Vain Woman"; "It Happened On A Train") F- $8
TRUE STORY- March 1954- ("Violated By My Own Husband"; "Lovers In Hiding"; "Devil On Wheels"; "She Was Too Hot To Handle"; more) VG- $5
TRUE STORY- May 1954- ("Cheap Girl"; "The Right Kind Of Wife"; "My Two-Timing Husband"; more) VG- $5
TRUE STORY- June 1971- (Four Babies..Four Fathers, But I'm Still A Virgin!; Sex Turned Me Into A Woman; My Wife Is Leaving Me For Another Woman; Those Private Games I Play With My Man; The Night I Had To Prove Myself; plus: Features; Food & Homemaking; Beauty & Fashion; more. 136 pgs) VG $3
TRUE STORY- TV & MOVIE SCREEN- September, 1977- (Sonny & Cher cover story; John Travolta; Rob Reiner & Penny Marshall; Jaclyn Smith; more) Published by Sterling VG- $4
TV RADIO MIRROR- September, 1957- (Ricky Nelson cover & story; plus color features w/ Elvis; Sal Mineo; Spike Jones; & The Lennon Sisters) MacFadden Pub VG- $12
TV RADIO MIRROR-May, 1964- (Beatles / Lennon Sisters cover; Frank Sinatra Jr; Dick Chamberlain; Country Music Today; Cynthia Lennon tells "What It's Like To Love A Beatle" w/ exclusive pix; more) MacFadden Pub VG $14

U - V - W

UFO UNIVERSE- Presents Space Monsters, Vol 1 No. 1, February, 1990 (Paul Blaisdell story; History of Space Monster movies; Story on "Outer Limits" TV show; Boris Karloff films; 86 pages) Condor Pub. NM $5
VICE SQUAD- January, 1966- (Bimonthly expose mag w/ "Teenager In Miami Murder Case Was Beatles' Beach Girl"; "I Played Roulette At A Suburban Swap Party"; "The 8 Greatest Myths About Lesbianism"; "The Marriage Of A Sex-Change Girl" & much more! 66 pages) Natlus Inc. F $35 Rare!
VICE SQUAD- March, 1966- (Bimonthly expose mag w/ "Beatle Paul McCartney's Illegitimate Baby"; "Beatnik Blondes Need A Fix - So They Butcher A Man" by Bruce Bucknell; "Irma La Douce, German Style"; "How To Pep Up Your Petered Passions" & much more! 66 pages) Natlus Inc. F- $48 Rare!
VIDEO MAGAZINE- (December 1996; January 1997; April through November 1997; January to March 1997) NM $1 each
THE WASHINGTON POST MAGAZINE- March 30, 1980- (Newspaper supplement w/ cover story: 'Midnight Patrol w/ Washington's Punk / New Wave - The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly' by Blaine Harden w/ photos by Lucian Perkins. Features The Bad Brains) NM- $2
LAWRENCE WELK ALBUM- 1956- (From 'Spiked Beer' to Champagne; Alice Lon, Lawrence Welk's Petticoat Princess; plus more career highlights w/ band profiles of Myron Floren; Larry Dean; Jack Martin; Aladdin; Buddy Merrill; others. 54 pages) Monarch Magazine published by Skyline VG $15 Rare!
WORLD OF MEN- June, 1966- (Bound Beauties; Lethal Lust of the Teenage Prom Dancers; Sex Drive; Love Crazed Wives; & other exploitation) EmTee Publications VG $12

X - Y - Z

YAHOO! INTERNET LIFE- August 1998 (Music On The Net issue w/ Elvis cover) VF $4
YAHOO! INTERNET LIFE- (September 1998; January 1999; April 1999; June 1999; July 1999; September through December 1999; January through December 2000; Winter 2000 Internet Shopping Guide; January through December 2001; January through August 2002) NM to F+ $1 each or $5 per dozen.
YANKEE MAGAZINE- September, 1935, Vol 1 No. 1- (New Hampshire story & poem; Governor Bridges; Andrew Felker; "When Keene Was Very Young" by Sewell Ford; Country Dancing; more) 50th Anniversary Exact Reprint NM $14