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Movie and/or Song Title
Year Star Pix


A-B-C BOOGIE- Max Spickol & Al Russell- 1954- Bill Haley & His Comets- VG+ $25
AIN'T SHE SWEET- Jeck Yellen & Milt Ager- 1961?- The Beatles (w/ Pete Best)- UK M $45 Hear It!
AN ALLIGATOR NAMED DAISY- The Crocodile Crawl- Sam Coslow- 1955 Diana Dors- UK M- $30


BACK OFF BOOGALOO- Richard Starkey- 1972- Ringo Starr (pictured as The Frankenstein Monster)- UK M $45 Hear It!
BACK ON THE STREET AGAIN- Steve Gilette- 1967- The Sunshine Company- M- $22
THE BARN-YARD RAG- Chris Smith & Billy Johnson- 1911- Cover art illustration by Grover w/ Sam Herman insert- near VG+ $40
THE BIG MONEY- The Big Money Theme- Van Phillips- 1958- Belinda Lee- UK M- $25
BLUEJEAN BOP- Gene Vincent & Hal Levy- 1956- Gene Vincent- UK M $45
BONAPARTE'S RETREAT- Pee Wee King- 1949- Kay Starr- VG+ $$6 Hear It!
THE BROKEN RECORD- Cliff Friend; Charlie Tobias & Boyd Bunch- 1935- (nice Deco Artwork)- VG $8
BRUSH THOSE TEARS FROM YOUR EYES- Oakley Haldeman; Al Trace; & Jimmy Lee- 1948- Evelyn Knight- VG to VG- $3


CAN I TRUST YOU?- A. Testa; M. Remigi; Paul Vance & Eddie Snyder (Italian & English Lyrics) 1966- Lainie Kazan- M $8
CHICKERY CHICK- Sylvia Dee & Sidney Lippman- 1945- (Barbelle cover art) Was recorded by Tiny Tim on "For All My Little Friends" LP- EX $6
THE COCKTAIL POLKA- Jack Edwards & Eddie Dorr- 1945- Korn Kobblers Band- EX $22
COME TO BABY, DO!- Inez James & Sidney Miller- 1945- The King Cole Trio- M- $5
PERRY COMO- 12 assorted titles, each w/ picture. Write for list
COSTA BRAVA- Stan Harding- 1963- The Polka Dots- UK M- $6
COW-COW-BOOGIE- (from the Walter Lantz 'Swing Symphony')- Don Raye, Gene DePaul, Benny Carter- 1941- Cover Art illustrated by Alex Lovy- EX- $33


DARK MOON- Ned Miller- 1957- Bonnie Guitar- VG+ $9
DRAGNET (Theme from "Dragnet" TV Show)- Walter Schumann- 1958- Jack Webb- near VG+ $14
DRUM TWIST- Murrey Harman- 1960- Eric Delaney- UK M $20

E - F

ECHO PARK- Buzz Clifford- 1969- Keith Barbour- M- $12
EVERYBODY LOVES A LOVER- Richard Adler & Robert Allen- 1958- The Shirelles- EX+ $40
EVERYBODY'S OUT OF TOWN- Hal David & Burt Bacharach- 1970 B. J. Thomas- M $10
EVERYBODY'S TALKIN' (Echoes)- Fred Neil- 1968- Harry Nilsson- EX+ $16
EV'RY TIME I FALL IN LOVE- Gordon Jenkins- 1944- EX $3
EXPRESSO BONGO- A Voice In The Wilderness- Bunny Lewis & Norrie Paramor- 1959- Cliff Richard- UK M- $75
EXPRESSO BONGO- Worry-Go-Lucky Me- Val Guest & Robert Farnon- 1959- Cliff Richard- UK EX+ $65
FEEL LIKE A MILLION- "It's In The Air"- Will Waldron- 1918- Illustrated cover depicts Nature's Remedy Laxative Tablets- EX+ $16
FEUDIN' AND FIGHTIN'- Al Dubin & Burton Lane- 1947- EX- $9
EDDIE FISHER- 7 assorted titles, each w/ picture. Write for list
FLY WITH ME- Chuck Woolery- 1968- The Avant-Garde (duo w/ a young Chuck in Nehru Jacket & beads) M $50
FRANKIE AND JOHNNY- Arranged by Jim Smock- 1935- Peggy Miller- VG $2


GENTLE ON MY MIND- John Hartford - 1967- Glen Campbell- EX $5 Hear It!
GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES- A Little Girl from Little Rock- Leo Robin & Jule Styne- 1949- Jane Russell & Marilyn Monroe- M- $55
THE GIRL CAN'T HELP IT- Ready Teddy- John Marascalco & Robert Blackwell- 1956- Little Richard- UK M $38
GOING UP THE COUNTRY- Alan Wilson- 1968- Canned Heat- M- $35 Hear It!
GOLDEN GIRL- Never- Eliot Daniel & Lionel Newman- 1951- Mitzi Gaynor; Dale Robertson; Dennis Day- EX $17
THE GREAT PRETENDER- Buck Ram- 1955- The Platters- EX $12
THE GREEN DOOR- Marvin Moore & Bob Davie- 1956- Jim Lowe- EX $26


HAVE YOU HEARD- Lew Douglas; Frank Lavere; Roy Rodde- 1952- VG $8 Hear It!
HELLO CENTRAL, GIVE ME HEAVEN- Chas. K. Harris- 1937- Vic Abbs (Leader of The Four Californians)- VG $6
HI NEIGHBOR!- Adapted from the original song by Jack Owen (Narragansett Beer Brewing Company of Cranston, RI used this as their signature song)- 1950- EX+ $40 Scarce!
HIGH CLASS BABY- Ian Samwell- 1958- Cliff Richard- UK M $28
HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL- Title Song- Jerry Lee Lewis & Ron Hargrove- 1958- Jerry Lee Lewis- UK M $38 Hear It!
HORSE FEATHERS- Ev'ryone Say I Love You- Bert Kalmar & Harry Ruby- 1922- The 4 Marx Brothers- VG $20
HOUND DOG- Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller- 1956- Elvis Presley- near VG $35 or UK M $35
HOUND DOG MAN (Play It Again)- Tommy Stuart- 1976- Lenny Le Blanc (plus watercolor portrait of Elvis Presley by Jerry Cabada)- M- $24
THE HULA HOOP SONG- (Musical ode to the popular fad toy) Donna Kohler & Carl Maduri- 1958- Teresa Brewer- VG $5

I - J

I AM A HEART- Buddy Kaye & Arthur Altman- 1952- Dinah Shore- UK VG+ to EX $9
I DON'T WANT A HOME IN THE COUNTRY (City Life's The Only Life For Me)- John T. Kelly- 1912- John T. Kelly- VG $12
I TAUT I TAW A PUDDY-TAT- (I Thought I Saw A Pussy Cat) Alan Livingston, Billy May, Warren Foster- 1950- Illustrated w/ Sylvester The Cat & Tweety Bird (aka Tweety Pie)- EX- $22 or UK Illustrated w/ Sylvester The Cat, Tweety Bird (aka Tweety Pie), & Mel Blanc- M- $20
I WONDER WHAT'S BECOME OF SALLY- Jack Yellen & Milton Ager- 1924- Al Jolson- VG $9
I WONDER WHO'S KISSING HER NOW- Title Song- Will Hough, Frank Adams, & Joseph Howard- 1947- June Haver- VG $4
I'M A HAPPY CHRISTIAN- Redd Harper (aka 'Mr Texas')- 1952- Redd Harper- VG $14
I'M ALL BOUND 'ROUND WITH THE MASON DIXON LINE- Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young; Jean Schwartz- 1st Edition Cover Art by Barbelle w/ pic of Harry Fox- 1917- EX $14
I'M GONNA RISE- (aka The Hitler Song, a Negro Spiritual, w/ extra verse: "Here old Hitler's causing trouble, causing war and fine too/And causing mis-(ery, causing mis-) ery all a round/But my Lord's gonna stop the reigning of Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini/And that wicked bunch will then all be put down")- Richard M. Gunn- 1941- Illustrated w/ caricatures of southern blacks- M- $35
I'M MY OWN GRANDPAW- Dwight Latham & Moe Jaffe- 1947- (w/ Lorenzo & Oscar on back cover) M- $26 or (w/ Satisfiers on back cover) EX $17
I'VE GOT A NEW HEARTACHE- Wayne Walker- 1956- Ray Price- M $17
IF A MAN ANSWERS- Title Song- Bobby Darin- 1962- Sandra See & Bobby Darin- UK M $30
IS IT ANY WONDER- Bob Hayes & Roy Rodde- 1953- Joni James- EX- $9
IT'S FOR YOU- John Lennon & Paul McCartney- 1964- Springwell- EX- $45
JENIFER JUNIPER- Donovan Leitch- 1968- M- $18
JILTED- Robert Colby & Dick Manning- 1954- Teresa Brewer- EX $5
JOHNNY GET ANGRY- Sherman Edwards & Hal David- 1962- Joanie Sommers- M $60 Rare!
JUST ONE MORE CHANCE- Sam Coslow & Arthur Johnson- 1931- Les Paul & Mary Ford- M- $5


THE KINKS- Album Of Song Hits & Photographs- (21 page Songbook w/ All Day & All Of The Night; Come On Now; I Gotta Move; I Took My Baby Home; It's All Right; Stop Your Sobbin'- All songs by Ray Davies- 1965- The Kinks- UK M $40
A KISS AND A CUDDLE (And A Few Kind Words From You)- Leslie Baguley & Ben Kelsey- 1953- Diana Dors- UK M $27
KISS OF FIRE- Lester Allen & Robert Hill- 1952- (Artist Copy) VG+ $6 or Georgia Gibbs- VG+ $5 or Tony Martin VG- $2 Hear It!


LADY IN THE DARK- Suddenly It's Spring- Johnny Burke & Jimmy Van Huesen- 1943- Ginger Rogers VG+ $5
LALEÑA- Donovan Leitch- 1968- Donovan- M $18 Hear It!
LET'S DINE ALONE TONIGHT- Ruth Sylvia Keil (This song won $1,000 1st prize, picked out of 10,000 songs reviewed by Nathaniel Shilkret; Rudy Vallee; Paul Whiteman; Deems Taylor; & George Marek. The sheet was produced to promote interest in Pictorial Review Magazine. This was their 1st Song Contest winner.) 1936- Ruth Sylvia Keil- VG $16
LITTLE BLUE RIDING HOOD- (novelty song set to the theme music of "Dragnet" TV show)- Walter Schumann w/ comic lyric/ script by Stan Freberg & Daws Butler- 1953- Stan Freberg- EX- $55
LITTLE HOME OF LONG AGO- Shelly Lee Alley- 1934- Chuck Wagon Gang- VG $5
LITTLE JESSIE JAMES- Suppose I Had Never Met You- Harlan Thompson & Harry Archer- 1923- Good Girl Art cover illustration- M- $22
THE LIVELY SET- If You Love Him- Babby DAarin- 1964- James Darrin & Pamala Tiffin plus Doug McClure & Joanie Sommers- UK M $35
LOVE ME- Mike Stoller & Jerry Leiber- 1954- Elvis Presley VG $45 Hear It!
LOVE ME TENDER- Title Song of film- Elvis Presley & Vera Matson- 1956- Elvis Presley near VG $22
LOVIN' SPREE- Joan Javits & Phil Springer- 1954- Eartha Kitt- EX- $9
LOVIN' UP A STORM- Luther Dixon & Allyson Khent- 1959- Jerry Lee Lewis- UK M $35
LULLABY TIME- Harold B. Freeman- 1919- Mabel Normand- VG (back cover tear) $5
LUSH LIFE- Billy Strayhorn- 1949- EX $9


A MAN AND A WOMAN- Same- Pierre Barouh, Jerry Keller & Francis Lai (French & English Lyrics) 1966 EX+ $5
MEET ME IN LAS VEGAS- The Gal With The Yaller Shoes- Nicholas Brodszky- 1955- Cyd Charisse- VG $9
MELANCHOLY SERENADE- (The Theme Song to 'The Honeymooners' TV Series) Jackie Gleason- 1952- Jackie Gleason- M- $75
MELODY TIME- Melody Time (Title Song of Walt Disney Musical)- Bennie Benjamin & George Weiss- 1948- Original orange & black Illustrated cover w/ assorted Walt Disney characters- M- $30
MERCI BEAUCOUP- Garinei-Giovannini & Kramer- 1953- The Peter Sisters- Italy VG- $5
MICKEY MOUSE'S BIRTHDAY PARTY- Charles Tobias; Bob Rothburg; Joseph Meyer- 1936- Disney cover art VG-/G $5
MOCKIN' BIRD HILL- Vaughn Horton- 1949- Great cover photo of Les Paul & Mary Ford recording in their living room- VG+ $40
MONDO CANE- More (Theme)- Norman Newell & N. Oliviero- 1963- $5
MONTANA MOON- The Moon Is Low- Arthur Freed & Nacio Herb Brown- 1930- Joan Crawford- EX- $9
MORE BEER!- Julian H. Miller- 1948- EX- $35
A MOTHERS PRAYER FOR HER BOY OUT THERE- Andrew B. Sterling & Arthur Lange- 1918- Starner Cover Art- VG $14
MUSIC! MUSIC! MUSIC!- Stephan Weiss & Bernie Baum- 1950- pre-TV Game Show host Gene Rayburn & Dee Finch of Radio WNEW- EX $22
MUSIC TO WATCH GIRLS BY- Tony Velona & Sid Ramin- 1967- cover shows model w/ scuba gear- (vocal version) EX+ $12 or VG $4 or (piano version) VG $5 Hear It!
MY BABY'S COMING HOME- William Leavitt, John Grady & Sherm Feller- 1952- Les Paul & Mary Ford- VG $5
MY BUNNY AND MY SISTER SUE- Kay Twomey, Fred Wise, Ben Weisman, Ed Burton- 1953- Jimmy Boyd- VG $6
MY DREAMS ARE GETTING BETTER ALL THE TIME- Mann Curtis & Vic Mizzy- 1944- Marion Hutton- VG $3
MY GENERATION- Peter Townshend- 1965- The Who- UK M $30
MY LOVE, MY LOVE- Bob Haymes & Nick Acquaviva- 1952- Joni James- EX- $9
MY LOVE SONG TO YOU- Ray Alfred & Al Frisch- 1954- Bob Manning (who recorded the song on Capitol) insert photo, & Jackie Gleason (w/ a facsimile of his signature), who introduced & performed the song on an episode of his TV show "The Honeymooners"- EX+ $85
MY MOVING PICTURE GIRL- C.L. Tucker, arranged by H. Walters- 1913- portrait of The Kalem Girl- VG $44
MY WORLD KEEPS GETTING SMALLER EVERY DAY- Neil Sedaka & Howard Greenfield- 1970- Eydie Gorme- M- $10

N - O

NAPPY LOVE- Bill Oddie- 1975- The Goodies- UK VG+ $12
NEVER BE ANYONE ELSE BUT YOU- Baker Knight- 1959- Ricky Nelson- VG $12 Hear It!
NEVER ON SUNDAY- Same- Billy Towne & Manos Hadjidakis- 1960 VG- $2 Hear It!
NIGHT BEAT- I'm Not In Love- Harold Purcell & Ben Bernard- 1947- Christine Norden- UK M $25
NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN- Justin Hayward- 1968- The Moody Blues- VG $2
96 TEARS- Rudy Martinez (aka 'Question Mark' of ? & The Mysterians)- 1966- EX+ $50
NO MATTER WHAT SHAPE (Your Stomach's In)- Granville Burland- 1965- The T-Bones- EX+ $12
ODE TO BILLY JOE- Bobbie Gentry (also pictured)- 1967- VG $5
OH, SUCH A STRANGER- Don Gibson- 1963- Paul Anka- UK M- $9
THE OLD TOWN CRIER (Oyez! Oyez!)- Tommy Connor & Phil Green- 1948- Cyril Stapleton- UK M $10
OUR COUNTRY- March Song One Step- Plus: Dirigo & My Uncle Sam- Written & Published by Byron Verge (Portland, Maine) 1921- EX $45

P - Q

PASSAGE TO MARSEILLE- Someday, I'll Meet You Again- Ned Washington & Max Steiner- 1944- Humphrey Bogart & Michele Morgan VG to VG+ $5
PEGGY SUE- Jerry Allison & Norman Petty- 1957- Buddy Holly pictured on cover without his trademark glasses- M- $50 Rare!
PLEASE PLEASE ME- John Lennon & Paul McCartney- 1963- The Beatles- UK M $45
POOR JENNY- Boudleaux Bryant & Felice Bryany- 1959- The Everly Brothers- VG $9
PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE AMMUNITION!!- Frank Loesser- 1957- Illustrated w/ Kay Kaiser on back cover- near VG $12
PRIMROSE LANE- Wayne Shanklin & George Callender- 1958- Jerry Wallace- UK EX $15


RAG-A-MUFFIN (Rag & Two Step)- William Thomas Pierson- 1913- (complete, but pages separated. Cover displays well) VG- $35
RAINY DAY WOMEN #12 & 35- Bob Dylan- 1966- (Original Dwarf Music edition, published by Bob Dylan Music Co, Inc, distributed by 'The Big 3', Robbins, Feist, Miller)- M- $70 Rare! Hear It!
THE REASONS WHY- Norman Newell & Cyril Ornadel- 1962- Lena Martell- UK M- $12
RIGHT HERE ON EARTH- Charles Singleton- 1959- Gene Vincent- UK M $35
THE ROAD TO MOROCCO- Moonlight Becomes You- Johnny Burke & James Van Heusen- 1952- Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour, Bob Hope- EX $5
ROBERTA- Smoke Gets In Your Eyes- Jerome Kern & Otto Harbach- 1933- VG $2
ROBINSON CRUSOE JR (Winter Garden Production)- Down Where The Swanee River Flows- Chas McCarron; Chas S. Alberte; Albert Von Tilzer- 1916- Al Jolson on front. Great graphic on back cover for "Ragging the Scale" by Ed B. Claypoole- VG- $4
ROCK AN' ROLL RAG- Enoch Light & Lew Davies- 1956- M $12
ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK- Teach You To Rock- Freddie Bell & Pep Lattanzi- 1956- Bill Haley & The Comets- UK M $30
ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK- Giddy Up A Ding Dong- Freddie Bell & Pep Lattanzi- 1956- Bill Haley & The Comets- UK M $27
ROLL 'EM GIRLS (ROLL YOUR OWN)- Micky Marr, Bobby Heath, Archie Fletcher- 1925- The Bobby Heath Revue (showgirls)- M- $40
ROSE OF THE ALAMO- Billy Hughes- 1946- Tex Williams- M- $12
RUBY GENTRY- Ruby- 1953- Jennifer Jones- VG $7


77 SUNSET STRIP- Mack David & Jerry Livingston- 1959- M- $12
A SHOT IN THE DARK- Same- Henry Mancini- 1964- UK EX- to VG+ $6
SILVESTER THE CAT'S NINE LIVES- Tedd Pierce & Warren Foster- 1955- Illustrated w/ the cartoon character Sylvester on a tight rope- EX+ $30
SING AS WE GO- Love- Harry Leon & Leo Towers- 1934- Gracie Fields- UK VG $14
SLENDER, TENDER AND TALL- (The Chicks I Pick are... The Gates I Date Are...)- Mike Jackson & Hughie Prince- 1942- cool cover illustration- M $18
SLIPPING AROUND- Floyd Tillman- 1949- Dick Thomas- VG- $3 Hear It!
SLOW DOWN- Larry Williams- 1963- The Beatles- UK M $40 Hear It!
SLOW POKE- Pee Wee King; Redd Stewart & Chilton Price- 1951- Pee Wee King & Redd Stewart- EX+ $9 Hear It!
SMOKE ON THE WATER- Earl Nunn & Zeke Clements- 1943- Zeke Clements- VG $10
SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS- Whistle While You Work- Larry Morey & Frank Churchill- 1937- Walt Disney Studios Cover Art- M- 27
SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS- With A Smile & A Song- Larry Morey & Frank Churchill- 1937- Walt Disney Studios Cover Art- M- 27
SOMEDAY (You'll Want Me To Want You)- Jimmy Hodges- 1944- Red River Dave- VG $5
SONG OF THE ISLANDS- Sing Me A Song Of The Islands- Mack Gordon & Harry Owens- 1942- Great Hula cover w/ Betty Grable & Victor Mature- M- $25
SPACE ODDITY- David Bowie- 1969- David Bowie- EX $22
STAGE DOOR CANTEEN- We Mustn't Say Goodbye- Al Dubin & James V. Monaco- 1943- VG+ $3
STEP LIVELY- Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are- Sammy Cahn & Jule Styne- 1944- Frank Sinatra NM $5
A STORY UNTOLD- LeRoy Griffin- 1955- The Crew Cuts- VG $16 Rare!
SUGAR, SUGAR- Jeff Barry & Andy Kin- 1969- The Archies (cool cartoon drawing) M $60
SUNNY- Bobby Hebb- 1966- Mod model in op-art dress- M- $14 Hear It!
SWEET RIDE- Title Song- Lee Hazelwood- 1967- Surfers, Bikers, & Jacqueline Bisset- M- $14
A SWINGIN' SAFARI- Bert Kaempfert- 1962- Billy Vaughn- M $12


TAKE A LETTER TO MY DADDY OVER THERE- Billy Baskette, Roger Lewis & Bobby Crawford- 1918- Master Jack Connors- VG $12
TAKE YOUR GIRLIE TO THE MOVIES (If You Can't Make Love At Home)- Edgar Leslie; Bert Kalmar; Pete Wendling- 1919- Barbelle cover art- VG- $44 Hear It!
TEARS OF LOVE- S.R. Henry & Frank H. Warren- 1918- Norma Talmadge- VG+ $8
TELSTAR- Joe Meek- 1962- M- $34
THAT THING YOU DO- Title Song- Adam Schlesinger- 1996 EX+ $8
THE THING- Charles Grean- 1950- Phil Harris- EX- $12
THE 3rd MAN- The Third Man Theme (The Harry Lime Theme)- Anton Karas- 1949- Joseph Cotton & Orson Wells- EX- $12
THERE'S NO YOU- Tom Adair & Hal Hopper- 1944- Frank Sinatra- NM $4
THEY MADE IT TWICE AS NICE AS PARADISE AND THEY CALLED IT DIXIELAND- Raymond Egan & Richard A. Whiting- Cover Art by Einson-1916- VG $30 Hear It!
THIS IS LIFE- Al Conray & Graham Fisher- 1961- Gery Scott- UK M- $15
TRANSFUSION- Jimmy Drake- 1956- Nervous Nervus- M $46 Rare!
TWEEDLEE DEE- Winfield Scott- 1954- sexy Georgia Gibbs photo cover- M $12 Hear It!
TWO GUYS FOM TEXAS- Ev'ry Day I Love You (Just A Little Bit More)- Jule Styne & Sammy Cahn- 1948- Dennis Morgan, Dorothy Malone, Jack Carson- near VG $5

U - V - W

UNDER THE SWANEE MOON- Dick Howard- 1913- Cover Art by Edward H. Pfeiffer w/ insert of Charles & Alison Black- VG+ $25
UNTIL IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO GO- Buffy Sainte-Marie- 1965- Buffy Sainte-Marie- M- $10
UPTOWN- Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil- 1962- The Crystals- EX+ $65 Rare!
RUDY VALLÉE- 6 assorted titles including "The Maine Stein Song", plus AUTOGRAPH!
WALK AWAY- Udo Jurgens w/ English lyrics by Don Black- 1966- M $12
WAVE- Antonio Carlos Jobim- 1968- VG+ $6
WHAM BAM SHANG-A-LANG (and a Sha la la la la thing)- Rick Giles (pictured in silhouette)- 1975- EX+ $5
WHERE DO YOU WORK-a, JOHN? (Push-a Push-a Push)-(aka The Delaware-Lackawan Song)- Mortimer Weinberg; Charley Marks; & Harry Warren- 1926- Ernie Krickett (Politzer Art of Railroad Push Car) VG+ $14
WHO'S AFRAID OF THE BIG BAD WOLF- (From The Walt Disney Silly Symphony "The Three Little Pigs") Frank E. Churchell & Ann Ronell- 1933- Disney cover art. M- $45 or EX- $35 or VG $20 Hear It!
WHO'S PUSHIN' YOUR SWING- Artie Glenn- 1958- Gene Vincent- UK M $35
WHO'S YOUR BABY- Jeff Barry & Andy Kim- 1970- The Archies (cool cartoon drawing) M $50 Scarce!
WHY DON'T YOU BELIEVE ME- Lew Douglas; King Laney; & Roy Rodde- 1952- Joni James- M- $10
WILD CAT- Aaron Schroeder & Wally Gold- !959- Gene Vincent- UK M $35
THE WINDOWS OF THE WORLD- Hal David & Burt Bacharach- 1967 M $6 Hear It!
THE WISE OLD OWL- Joe Ricardel- 1940 (Nice Deco Cover Art by Robert Holley) EX $14
WONDERLAND (The only Authorized Song for the Largest Amusement Park in the World)- Thomas S. Allen- 1906- Sandy Chapman insert w/ Starmer cover art of the short-lived (1906-1911) Revere Beach park, in Boston's northshore area. The Wonderland Ballroom still operates today. The Park is believed to have inspired Walt Disney's Disneyland- VG- $33
WOODY WOODPECKER- (The Cartoon Theme Song-) George Tibbles & Ramey Idriss- 1957 Leeds Music issue- Walter Lantz illustrated cover shows Woody playing guitar & serenading two 'chicks' in a tree- VG $20 Hear It!
WOULD I LOVE YOU- Bob Russell & Harold Spina- 1950- (Walt Disney Studio Art) VG (woc) $2

X - Y - Z

YOU'LL ALWAYS BE THE ONE I LOVE- Sunny Skylar & Ticker Freeman- 1946- Frank Sinatra M $5
YOU'RE FOOLIN' SOMEONE- Leo Fox; Wayne Muir; Frank Lavere; Wally Griffith- 1953- EX+ $12
(YOU'RE SO SQUARE) BABY, I DON'T CARE- Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller- 1957- Buddy Holly- UK M $75 Hear It!