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AIRSTREAM- The History Of The Land Yacht- by Bryan Burkhart & David Hunt. 9½" x 11" 144 pgs. Chronicle Books (2000) SC M $25
THE ALBUM COVER ALBUM- 12" x 12" book of album covers, edited by Storm Thorgerson (Hipgnosis) & Roger Dean, introduced by Dominy Hamilton. 160 pgs, indexed by Diana Korchien) Paper Tiger / Dragon's World Ltd. (1977) SC VF $33
ALL TOGETHER NOW- The 1st Complete Beatles Discography 1961-1975- (every song, movie appearance, or book written by, for or about the Fab 4, & their careers after they split up. All the facts & figures of Beatlemania, illustrated throughout) Harry Castleman & Walter J. Podrazik. 386 pgs. Ballantine Books (1976) SC M $28
ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE- The Story Of Popular Music- (Blues; swing; torch songs; bop; C&W; R&B; R&R; jazz; ragtime; protest songs; bluegrass; more) by Tony Palmer 323 pgs, indexed Grossman Pub (1976) HC M $45
ALTERNATE WORLDS- The Illustrated History Of Science Fiction- (introduction by Isaac Asimov) Profusely illustrated, w/ excellent historical text by Sci-Fi writer & teacher James E. Gunn 256 pgs, indexed. 9' x 12" published by Prentice-Hall (1975) HC M- $38
ANNETTE- Sierra Summer- Story by Doris Schroeder, Illustrations by Adam Szwejkowski. Authorized 1st Edition by Walt Disney Productions (1960) HC F $9 More Info


THE BACHARACH & DAVID SONGBOOK- Same- (Brill Building maestros Burt Bacharach & Hal David wrote some of the biggest hits of the 1960s, collected here in 127 pgs of 3-staff music edited by Norman Monath, w/ introduction by Dionne Warwick) Simon & Schuster (1970) HC M- $25
BACKSTREETS- Springsteen: The Man & His Music- Nearly 150 photos of The Boss on stage & off; rare interviews, including past& present E-Street band members; family tree of the Jersey Shore music scene; complete sessionography w/ details of released & unreleased; list of every concert w/ song lists of landmark concerts; detailed guide to collecting all things Bruce Springsteen. By Charles R. Cross & the editors of Backstreet Magazine. 224 pgs Harmony (1989) HC M $22
THE BEATLES IN RICHARD LESTER'S A HARD DAY'S NIGHT- A Complete Pictorial Record Of The Movie- (the complete shooting script w/ dialogue, action, screen direction, set-ups, director's notes & over 1200 photos from the film) edited by J. Philip Di Franco. 297 pgs Penguin (1978) SC M- $65
THE BIBLE- SNIFFIN' GLUE ANTHOLOGY- Compendium of selected highlights from the 1st 10 issues of the fabled fanzine, edited by Michael Dempsey (manager of The Adverts), featuring interviews w/ Chelsea & others. Great photos by Erica Echenberg & Harry Murlovski. UK / S.G. Publications (1978) SC M $85 Scarce!
THE BIG BOOK OF URBAN LEGENDS- 200 True Stories Too Good To Be True!- adapted from the works of Jan Harold Brunvand by Robert Loren Fleming & Robert F. Boyd Jr. w/ introduction by Jan Harold Brunvand. The world's top comic artists relate outrageous 'friend-of-a-friend' stories in 8 compelling chapters. 223 pgs w/ biographies. Paradox Press (1994) SC M- $33
THE BIG BOOK OF CONSPIRACIES- Allegedly True Tales of Treachery From the Information Underground- by Doug Moench w/ introduction by Rev. Ivan Stang of The Church Of The Subgenius. 39 of the world's top comic artists relate conspiracy theories in 7 chapters. 223 pgs w/ bibliography, afterword, & biographies. Paradox Press (1995) SC M- $28
BOGEY- The Films Of Humphrey Bogert- (Cast listing, synopsis, analysis, & lots of pictures for each of his films 1930-1956) by Clifford McCarty. Citadel (1968) SC VF $9
THE BOOK OF ROCK LISTS- by David Marsh & Kevin Stein 1st Edition 643 pgs Dell / Rolling Stone (1981) SC VG $14
THE BOY LOOKED AT JOHNNY- The Obituary Of Rock & Roll- 1st printing by Julie Burchill & Tony Parsons (A British history of punk, written as the history was being made) UK / Pluto press (1978) SC M $30


CLASSICS OF THE HORROR FILM- From The Days Of The Silent Film To The Exorcist- (Critically acclaimed classics are well researched, as well as little-known nuggets as: "Murder In The Zoo"; "Strangler In The Swamp"; "Night Of The Demon"; "The Uninvited"; "Devil Doll"; "The Man Who Laughs" & "Night Of The Demon". Well illustrated, w/ purple / green cover layout) by foremost film authority, William K. Everson. Citadel (1977) SC F $22
CLOSE UPS- The Movie Star Book- (10th Anniversary Edition w/ intimate profiles of Movie Stars by their Costars, directors, screenwriters & friends w/ 1000 photos of Sex Symbols; Hollywood Misfits; Cult Figures; Stage Actors; Stars Of The 70s; more) Danny Peary 606 pgs cross-indexed w/ filmography. Fireside / Simon & Schuster (1978) SC M- $22
THE COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIENCE OF ODD BODKINS- A metaphysical cartoon novel w/ artwork & story by Dan O'Neill- (Some Jabberwocky used) Glide Publishers (1973) SC M- $55
THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO DISCO DANCING- by Karen Lustgarten- Easily learn 19 dances, all illustrated with photos, clear step-by-step foot diagrams, & text. 128 pgs 8.5" x11" Warner Books (1978) SC VF+ $6


DRY SONGS AND SCRIBBLES- (Donovan's 1st published book of poems from 1964 to 1968. Some poems are actually song lyrics ("Catch The Wind", "Isle Of Islay", "Epistle To Derroll", "Young Girl Blues", etc.") and some are unnamed. Donovan's artwork appears as well as a few prose works) by Donovan Leitch. 164 pgs Doubleday (1971) 8.5" x 8.25" 1st edition. HC (has inscription 1st leaf) VG $15
DUNNINGER'S COMPLETE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MAGIC- (Thousands of the best illusions of all time are explained, from very large techniques requiring lots of preparation to simple tricks made with ordinary household objects. Each trick is explained & drawn to scale. Mr. Dunninger was one of the last performers of live vaudeville) by Joseph Dunninger 288 pgs Spring Books HC M- $85

E - F

ELECTRIC CHILDREN- Roots & Branches of Modern Folkrock- (w/ 'pocket-histories' of important figures in the evolution of Folk music; comparing styles, lyrics & more) by Jacques Vassal. 1st Ed. 270 pgs indexed. 30 B&W photos. Taplinger Pub. Co. (1976) HC M $20
ELECTRIC WARRIOR- The Marc Bolan Story- (Bound repro of the Rare 96 pg book by Paul Sinclair from Omnibus Press) SC M $40
ELVIS & ME- by Priscilla Beaulieu Presley w/ Sandra Harmon. Biography of the King by the one who knew him best. Includes 32 pgs of B&W pics. 6" x9" Embossed Hardcover. No dust jacket. 320 pgs. G.P. Putnam's Sons (1985) HC VF+ $8
THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BAD TASTE- Jane & Michael Stern- 331 pgs. 10 1/4" x 9" Harper Collins (1990) HC M $14 More Info
THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FOLK, COUNTRY & WESTERN MUSIC- (about 500 artists referenced, illustrated w/ nearly 100 photos. Most biographical info drawn from direct interviews) by Irwin Stambler & Grelun Landon w/ articles by Sam Hinton; Ed Kahn; & Bill Anderson. 396 pgs. 1st Ed. St. Martin's Press (1969) SC VF $16
EVERYDAY ELEGANCE- 1950s Plastic Design- (w/ Price Guide) Holly Wahlberg- Schiffer Pub. (1994) SC M
'50s & '60s STYLE- (Presents style & design in their social, economic & cultural contexts; w/ over 200 illustrations, includes a fascinating chronology chart) Polly Powell & Lucy Peel- UK/ Quintet Pub. Ltd. (1988/1994) HC M
FIFTIES SOURCE BOOK- A Visual Guide To The Style Of A Decade- (Over 300 illustrations of 50s design, fashion, architecture & art including stylish cars; art movies; TV personalities; suburban homes; Rock & Roll) by Christopher Pearce 10.5" x 10.5" 192 pgs, indexed. Quarto Pub. (1990) UK / HC M
THE FILMS OF LAUREL & HARDY- (First book-length examination of the individual films, includes the pre-team early years. 287 illustrations) by William K. Everson 223 pgs Citadel (1972) SC M- $24
A FLASK OF FIELDS- Verbal & Visual Gems From The Films Of W.C. Fields- (w/ over 700 sequential frame blow-ups & dialogue from the original films. Introduction by Judith Crist. Dust Cover Art by Al Hirschfeld) edited by Richard J. Anobile 272 pgs Darrien House (1972) HC M- $30
THE FLEISCHER STORY- A History of the Max Fleischer Cartoon Studio in the Golden Age of Film Animation 1920-1942- Featuring Betty Boop; Popeye The Sailor; Koko The Clown; Bimbo; others, by Leslie Cabarga. 216 pgs w/ filmography. DaCapo Press (Revised Edition 1988) SC M- $30
FORNICON- by Tomi Ungerer- (drawings alá George Grosz, of wild & explicit carnal acts performed in a bizarre erotic-mechanical fashion, like Rube Goldberg meets the Marquis de Sade, as interpreted by Beardsley! Foreword by John Hollander) 9.5" x 13" Grove Press (1969) HC VG $55 Scarce!


GRAPHIS- Record Covers-(one of the 1st books to offer a cross section of the evolution of album cover art. 192 pgs chock full of covers, many in color) 9" x 9" by Walter Herdeg- Hastings House (1974) HC $50
GROUCHO, HARPO, CHICO, & SOMETIMES ZEPPO- A Celebration Of The Marx Brothers- (Career retrospective from vaudeville to the movies, includes rare photos from the Marx family private collection) by Joe Adamson 464 pgs indexed Touchstone / Simon & Schuster (1974) SC VF+ $22


HELTER SKELTER- The True Story of the Manson Murders- (Highly acclaimed account w/ influence of The Beatles & Beach Boys as theory of motive) by Vincent Bugliosi w/ Curt Gentry. 502 pgs indexed W.W. Norton & Co (1974) HC F $20
HISTORY OF MUSIC- College Level- by Harold Watkin, revised & edited by Montague Cantor 131 pgs. College Notes & Texts / Educational Publishers (1965) SC VF $5
HOLLYWOOD & THE GREAT FAN MAGAZINES- (1930s moviedom) edited by Martin Levine 224 pgs Pub by Arbor House (1970 pre-ISBN) HC M $26 or Pub by Castle Books (1970 w/ ISBN) HC M- $12
HOME AWAY FROM HOME- Motels In America- by John Margolies 9" x 10" 128 pgs. Little Brown & Co. (1995) HC M $35

I - J

THE ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF COUNTRY MUSIC- by Fred Deller & Roy Thompson w/ Douglas B. Green consulting- (Foreword by Roy Acuff. Over 450 entries; over 300 record jackets in color; selective discographies; 256 pgs, indexed) 8.5" x 12" Salamander / Harmony (1977) SC VF- $30
THE ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JAZZ- by Brian Case & Stan Britt w/ Joseph Abent consulting- (Over 400 entries; over 275 record jackets in color; over 150 photos. 224 pgs, indexed) 8.5" x 12" Salamander / Harmony (1978) SC M- $30
THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF ROCK MUSIC- by Jeremy Pascall- (Detailed from 1954 to the splintered '70s, in 221 pgs, indexed; w/ over 400 illustrations, 200 in color) 9" x 12" Galahad Books HC M $28 Scarce!
THE INTERNATIONAL BOOK OF SONG- (Sweet Melodies For The Home, Vocal & Instrumental, beautifully illustrated w/ portraits of eminent artists & composers, w/ biographies) 440 pgs published by W.E Scull (1901) HC VF $40


THE KING- (The political aspirations & sexual exploits of Harry Orlando, a character said to be based on Frank Sinatra. The steamy novel earned praise for realistic dialogue & rich detail) by Morton Cooper 444 pgs. Bernard Geis Associates / New American Library (1967) HC F $9


LINDA'S PICTURES- A Collection Of Photographs by Linda McCartney- (150 pgs 10" x 13") Knopf (1976) HC VF $25


THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.- The Coin Of El Diablo Affair- 12 Chapters of espionage by Walter Gibson, illustrated by I. H. Guyer for Joson Art Services, Inc. 8" x 11" 48 pgs. Wonder Books / Grosset & Dunlap (1965) SC VF $12
MARGRITTE- (Works by the artist w/ 216 illustrations, 21 in color. Over 200 pgs on heavy stock) by Suzi Gablik, 5th printing, published by the New York Graphic Society (1976) SC $4
THE ORIGINAL MARVELETTES- Motown's Mystery Girl Group- (The Marvelettes gave Motown their first #1 pop record "Please Mr. Postman" & during the next decade evolved into a sultry group with a string of top-40 hits. Author Marc Taylor examines their demise from the often tough world of entertainment. 219 pgs w/ discography (including chart positions), bibliography & index) 2004 Aloiv Pub. HC M $12
MID-CENTURY MODERN- Furniture Of The 1950s- Cara Creenberg- 10" x 10" Harmony Books (1989) SC M
MONSTERS WHO'S WHO- From A-Z , All The Blood Curdling Horrors You Love To Fear- (An illustrated encyclopedia of monsters from TV, movies, myth, literature, comic books & real life!) by Dulan Barber. UK / Crescent Books / Crown Pub (1974) HC M $28
MORE BEST, WORST & MOST UNUSUAL- (bizarre knowledge & unique trivia on events, feats & blunders of every kind from the absurd, the great, & the not-so-wonderful) culled by Bruce Felton & Mark Fowler w/ the editors & staff of Information House Books, Inc. 262 pgs. Pub by Thomas Y. Crowell Co. (1976) HC M $9
MUSICAL AMERICA- February 1958 Special Issue (w/ Eleanor Steber on cover, as Tosca. Includes Piano Methods by Rafael Kammerer; Schubert & Satie; The 100 Years Of Covent Garden; Claude's Letters To Emma - A Myth Exposed; Moravian Music; Lots of full-page management & concert ads; much more) 306 pgs w/ indexed directory, 10" x 12" w/ blue plastic comb binding & clear heavy plastic covers, the front one embossed to Harold Shaw. SC VG $20 Rare!
MYSTERIES OF THE UNEXPLAINED- (True accounts of ordinary people who've experienced strange, uncanny & incredible phenomena) 320 pgs 9" x 11" Published by Readers Digest (1982) HC M- $12

N - O

NEW WAVE ON RECORD- England & Europe 1975-8- (A Discographical History of record label details by Greg Shaw. 74 pgs. A great reference book!) Bomp (1978) SC M- $40
THE 1940 NEW YORKER ALBUM- A collection of cartoons that appeared in New Yorker Magazine during 1937-38-39) Random House (1939) HC F- $22
1988- The New Wave Punk Rock Explosion- 1st printing by Caroline Coon. (Written as punk unfolded & captures the excitement. Great pics & interviews w/ The Clash, Sex Pistols, Stranglers, Damned, etc. Definitive article on The Slits) 128 pgs. UK / Orbach & Chambers (1977) SC M- $88 Scarce!
NIGHT SHIFT- (Collection of short stories from the master of horror including "Graveyard Shift" & "The Lawnmower Man", both of which were the basis for feature films. Scarce book club #2228 w/ foreword by John D. MacDonald. No ISBN. White dust jacket w/ title in black, surrounded by red border w/ 'blood' dripping at bottom) by Stephen King. 336 pgs. Doubleday (1978) HC M- $95
OPENERS- by Rev. Roger 'Roky' Kynard Erickson- (70 pgs of poetry & future song lyrics, written by Roky Erickson during his stay at Rusk Mental Institute. The manuscripts were smuggled out & published by George Kinney of 'The Golden Dawn' & 'Headstone') 1st Printing, April, 1972, Pyramid Publishing CO; Austin, Texas. (AUTOGRAPHED by Roky!) M- $545 Mega Rare!
OVER MY DEAD BODY- The Sensational Age Of The American Paperback: 1945-1955- by Lee Server. 108 pgs indexed. Chronicle Books (1994) SC M $30

P - Q

PARRISH- debut novel by Mildred Savage, later made into a feature film starring Troy Donahue. No ISBN. 408 pgs. Simon & Schuster (1958) HC F- $8
PHONOGRAPHICS- Contemporary Album Cover Art & Design- compiled by Brad Benedict & Linda Barton- 142 pgs, indexed MacMillian / Collier (1977) SC F $35
A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF SCIENCE FICTION- by David Kyle. 9½" x 13" 173 pgs, indexed Tiger Books (1976) HC M $60
THE POSTER- Its History & Its Art- (Introduction by Fairfax M. Cone) by Ervine Metzl 183 pgs indexed Watson-Guptill (1963) HC VG $5
POSTERS OF MUCHA-A collection of posters by the popular art deco / art nouveau painter Alphonse Marie Mucha. The 1st page has an introduction by Linda Sunshine. The 2nd page has a chronology of Mucha's artwork followed by 22 full color 1-sided pages of posters by him. Includes portrayals of the noted American actress Sarah Bernhardt & reveals his distinctive depictions of women & flowers. The book measures approx 11.25" x 15" & the prints are suitable for framing. Harmony Books (1975) VF $25
PUMP & CIRCUMSTANCE- Glory Days Of The Gas Station- by John Margolies 9" x 10" 128 pgs. Little Brown & Co. (1994) HC M $25
PUNK ROCK- (early & exclusive photos taken on the scene by some notable photographers of the day) 128 pgs compiled by Virginia Boston. Designed by Derek Ridgers w/ introduction by Danny Baker & Ian Rakoff. Penguin (1978) SC F $28


RADIO TRAINING MANUAL- (a revision of Radiomans Guide) by Robert G. Middleton 192 detailed pgs indexed Howard W. Sams & Co. ( 1978) M $18
THE ROCKIN' '50s- The Decade That Transformed The Pop Music Scene- (Shaw's insider status in the music industry, & his openness to all kinds of music from all eras, puts the fifties in perspective to the decades before it, & sets the stage for what came since. A gold mine of information) by Arnold Shaw. 296 pgs, indexed. Over 30 B&W photos. Hawthorn (1974) SC M- $33 Scarce!
ROCK 'N' ROLL BABYLON- 50 Years of Sex, Drugs & Rock 'N' Roll- (Uncompromising revealing & entertaining documentation takes a hard look at the antics, excesses & foibles of rock idols. Some very graphic photos!) by Gary Herman. Perigee Books (1982) SC VF+ $33
ROCK 'N' ROLL CONFIDENTIAL- Penny Stallings- 9" x 10.5" 256 pgs. 1st Edition Little, Brown & Co. (1984) SC F $38
THE ROCK TRIVIA QUIZBOOK- by Jon Allan- 182 pgs. Drake (1976) SC M- $25
ROLLING STONE VISITS SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE- Not Ready For Prime Time Players plus The Blues Brothers; Steve Martin; Simon & Garfunkle; Lily Tomlin; Candice Bergen; Buck Henry; Robert Klein; & others. Edited by Marianne Partridge 8.5x11 192 pgs. Rolling Stone Press / Doubleday / Dolphin (1979) SC F $8
LILLIAN ROXON'S ROCK ENCYCLOPEDIA- (ambitious groundbreaking reference book has critically concise & useful biographical information including group members; instruments played; managers; producers, stylistic analysis; etc; from superstars to the quite obscure. Discographies too!) Lillian Roxon 611 pgs Universal Library / Grosset & Dunlap (1971) SC VG $14


SABOTAGE IN THE AMERICAN WORKPLACE- Anecdotes Of Dissatifaction, Mischief & Revenge- True stories edited by Matrtin Sprouse. 175 pgs w/ bibliography. AK Press / Pressure Drop Press (1992) SC M- $22
THE SCIENCE IN SCIENCE FICTION- (From Starships to Cyborgs to Extra-Terrestrials: What's possible, what's probable, & what the future may hold. Chris Foss cover art) by Peter Nicholls w/ David Langford & Brian Stableford- 8" x 11" 208 pgs, indexed. 1st American Edition, Pub by Knopf (1982) SC VF+ $34
SHOGI- Japan's Game Of Strategy- (In the family of chess games, shogi is an offshoot of India's 'chatur-anga'. Comes w/ detachable game board & pieces - all unused still attached) Trevor Leggett 1st ed Pub by Charles E. Tuttle Co. (1966) HC M- $30
60s!- John & Gordon Javna- 224 pgs. St. Martin's Press (1983) SC M- $20
PHIL SPECTOR- OUT OF HIS HEAD- Updated biography of legendary record producer by Richard Williams- Unused M $12 More Info
SPLATTER MOVIES- Breaking The Last Taboo Of The Screen- John McCarty- (197 pgs. indexed) St. Martin's Press (1984) SC M- $14
STEPPENWOLF- 12" x 12" Hard Cover Book- (34 page B&W + Color Photo Book Published in 1969 by Visual Thing, Inc. Features individual shots of band members plus group shots) M $25 Scarce!
STOMPING THE BLUES- (Besse Smith; Charlie Parker; Lester Young; Jo Jones; Louis Armstrong; Duke Ellington; et al) by Albert Murray- 264 pgs, indexed McGraw Hill (1976) HC M $26
THE STORY OF MUSIC- For Young People- (nicely illustrated) by Joseph Wechsberg 144 pgs indexed Pantheon (1968) HC M- $22
SUPER DUPER SUPERMEN!- British Comic Book Heroes from the 40s & 50s- (great comic cover art from the collection of Denis Gifford w/ synopsis & commentary) UK/ Green Wood (1992) SC M $40


THRIFT STORE PAINTINGS- Paintings Found in Thrift Stores, edited by Jim Shaw. Full color panels in over 200 pgs, indexed. Heavy Industries Pub (1990) SC M- $60
A TREASURY OF TRIVIA- Frankly, Dear Eve, I Don't Give a Damn!- (Q&A, statistics, quotes, poems, sports, & countless facts) by Donner & Eve Paige Spencer. 420 pgs. Doneve Designs Inc. (1978) SC M- $20
THE TRIVIA ENCYCLOPEDIA- A handy collections of those 'tiny' facts like who is Axis Sally; Dagwoods Son; Lena the Hyena; Rosemary's Baby's Name; Longest-lived Dog?) Fred L. Worth 303 pgs. Brooke House (1974) HC M $5
TRUCKIN' WITH THE GRATEFUL DEAD TO: EGYPT- (details of their trip to the Great Cheop's Pyramid where they tried to wire the sound system into the King's Chamber to use as an echo chamber) by Robert Nichols. 100+ pgs w/ 38 photos, many in color; Appendix; Epilogue & more. Moonbow Press (1984) SC VF+ $44
20th CENTURY TYPING- College Edition- (lessons & drills for Remington; Underwood; L.C. Smith; Woodstock; & Royal typewriters) by D.D. Lessenberry- 11" x 8" 172 pgs. Pub South-Western (1930) HC F $8

U - V - W

VA VA VOOM!- Bombshells, Pin-Ups, Sexpots & Glamour Girls- by Steve Sullivan w/ over 200 Rare & Classic photos. 288 pgs Rhino Books (1995) SC M $30
VOLUME- International Discography Of The New Wave- (A complete guide to over 10,000 records by over 4000 punk bands, on over 1,000 indi labels; plus over 400 fanzines. w/ listings on Distributors; Record Stores; Radio Stations; Clubs; more) by B. George & Martha DeFoe published by One Ten Records (1980) SC VF $26
WE GOTTA GO NOW- The complete story of 1960s Rhode Island garage band The Mojo Hands. This personal backstage account folows the band & their fans from childhood to formation - from the garage to the big stage. Self published by author Dennis A. Blackledge, this 8.5"x11" indexed book has 271 pages in 14 Chapters, plus introduction, coda, photo album & more! 1st 1998 printing by Windholme Press. SC F $16
WEST COAST STORY- Featuring: Surf / Hot Rod Music; L.A. Music; San Francisco Music; more) by Rob Burt & Patsy North- 9" x 12" Chartwell Books, Inc. / Phoebus (1977) HC VG $12
WHY A DUCK?- Visual & Verbal Gems from the Marx Bros Movies- (edited by Richard J. Anobile w/ introduction by Groucho Marx. Art by Hirschfeld) 8.5" x 11" 288 pgs. Avon Books (1973) SC F $8
WIDE AWAKE STORY BOOK- Original 1918 book of 'Jolly Stories For Boys & Girls'. Nice etchings begin each story, & there is a color plate at the front) Hurst & Company (1918) F $12
THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF MUSIC- (The Story Of Music Through the Ages by two of Britian's distinguished musicians; presenting a primer on appreciation & how the language of music terminology evolved; how instruments were developed; how styles for expressing ideas grew. Illustrated & indexed) by Benjamin Britten & Imogen Holst Doubleday (1968) HC M- $15

X - Y - Z

YEAR IN ROCK 1981-82- A Comprehensive look at early 80s music includes Musician magazine interviews w/ The Clash; Rolling Stones; Jerry Garcia; Steely Dan & others plus commentary & updated essays combined w/ monthly charts from Billboard. Edited by John Swenson 8.5" x 11" 272 pgs. Delilah Books SC NF $5
YESTERDAY'S TOMORROWS- The Golden Age Of Science Fiction Movie Posters- by Bruce Lanier Wright w/ foreword by Ray Harryhausen. 184 pgs indexed plus selected filmography. Taylor Publishing (1993) SC M $42