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MIKE ADAMS & THE RED JACKETS- Surfer's Beat- Crown Mono VG+ $44
AKI ALEONG & THE NOBLES- Come Surf With Me- (Awesome deep Fender reverb session at Gold Star Studio w/ "Miserlou", "Apache", "Surf Rider", "Pipeline", The Fendermen's "Torture" & Dick Dale's "Surf Beat", plus originals by TV personality Aki Aleong. Nobles guitarist Ralph Geddes is "the finest young guitarist in Southern California". The 10 surfboards pictured on the cover are by Con Custom Built Surfboards of Santa Monica, California) Vee Jay (oval logo) Mono EX- $75 Rare!
AKI ALEONG & HIS TEEN TWENTY- C'mon Baby Let's Dance- (Teen Dance Party w/ "The Roach"; "Hully Gully"; "Mashed Potatoes"; "Stroll"; "Grind"; "Bristol Stomp"; "Popeye"; "Fly", more) Reprise (Pop Series w/ Tri-color label) M- $58
CHAD ALLAN & THE EXPRESSIONS- Shakin' All Over- (early Guess Who w/ Randy Bachman) Scepter M $55 or EX $44 or Scepter Mono EX $50
RICHIE ALLEN & THE PACIFIC SURFERS- Surfer's Slide (aka Richie Podolor w/ Tommy Tedesco; Sandy Nelson; lyric innersleeve in Japanese. Jacket Obi included) Japan / Liberty M $99 Rare!
TOMMY ALLSUP- The Buddy Holly Songbook- (Instrumental LP recorded & produced by Norman Petty at his studio in Clovis, New Mexico w/ Jerry Allison, George Tomsco; Lynn Bailey, & Buzz Cason) Reprise DJ Mono EX- $27 Scarce!
THE ANGELS- My Boyfriend's Back- (The songwriting team of Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer wrote "My Boyfriend's Back" which The Angels cut as a demo for The Shirelles to consider, but F/G/G decided to release it as is) Smash Mono VG+ $44 or VG- $12
THE ANGELS- Sing 12 Of Their Greatest Hits- Ascot Mono SS $75
THE ANIMALS- In The Beginning- (The Animals w/ Eric Burdon at their rawest in an early live show, December 1963, making snide comments about their London rivals The Rolling Stones. w/ Unipak cover) Wand M- $28
THE ANIMALS- The Early Animals With Eric Burdon- (w/ Sonny Boy Williamson II on "C Jam Blues", recorded live in Newcastle, December 30, 1963, a week before his death) Pickwick EX- $12
THE ANIMALS- Same- UK / EMI / Starline Mono M $40
THE ANIMALS- On Tour- MGM EX $48 or MGM Mono EX $40
THE ANIMALS- Animalization- MGM EX $38 or VG+ $18 or MGM Mono VG+ $23
THE ANIMALS- Anamalism- MGM EX+ $55 or EX- $40 or MGM Mono M $44
THE ANIMALS- Eric Is Here- (As 'Eric Burdon & The Animals') MGM M $33 or VG $9 or MGM Mono M- $25
THE ANIMALS- Best Of- (Gatefold) MGM Mono M- $40
THE ANIMALS- Best Of The Animals- (early recordings) Springboard SS $28
THE ANIMALS- Best Of The Animals- (2-LP Gatefold Set) ABKCO M $30 or M- $20
PAUL ANKA- Our Man Around The World- (Rare Mono) RCA Mono M- $26
THE ARROWS- Apache '65- (w/ Davie Allan) Tower Mono SS $60
THE ASTRONAUTS- Surfin' With The Astronauts- RCA (black deep groove label w/ dog on top) EX- $35 or RCA (black deep groove label w/ dog on top) Mono M- $45 or Mono EX- $30 or Mono VG $20
THE ASTRONAUTS- For You From Us- RCA Mono VG+ $20
BRIAN AUGER- Jools & Brian- (pre-Atco material w/ Julie Driscoll) Capitol EX+ $22 or UK / Music For Pleasure Mono M $50 (Write for more Brian Auger & Julie Driscoll LPs)


THE BARBARIANS- Same- Laurie Mono VG $58 or Canada / Laurie Mono EX $130 or Rhino (Stereo LP, except for "Moulty", which is mono. Trivia: "Moulty" has Levon Helm & The Hawks (pre-The Band) providing the session backing track) SS $33
LEN BARRY- 1-2-3- (Title cut has similar melody to The Supremes' "Ask Any Girl", so later versions of this song give co-credit to Holland, Dozier & Holland. This pressing pre-dates that) Decca M $42 or Decca Mono EX+ $28
LEN BARRY- Sings With The Dovells- Cameo SS $35 or Cameo Mono SS $35 or Mono EX $22
THE BEACH BOYS- Surfin' USA- Capitol (rainbow label) EX $27 or Capitol (rainbow label) Mono VG $15 or Capitol (yellow/red label) M- $14
THE BEACH BOYS- Surfer Girl- (their 3rd LP, all originals) Capitol (rainbow label) VG+ $20 or Capitol (rainbow label) Mono VG $15 or Mono VG- $6
THE BEACH BOYS- Little Deuce Coupe- (early concept LP w/ all hot-rod songs) Capitol (rainbow label) Mono VG $14 or Capitol (yellow/red label) SS $17
THE BEACH BOYS- All Summer Long- Capitol EX $40
THE BEACH BOYS- Concert- (gatefold w/ pages intact) Capitol Mono EX $14
THE BEACH BOYS- The Beach Boys' Christmas Album- Capitol (rainbow label) M $22 or Capitol (rainbow label) Mono EX $20 or Capitol (yellow label) Mono M $5
THE BEACH BOYS- Today!- (Has original recording of "Help Me Rhonda" which is different from the hit single version) Capitol EX $26 or Capitol Mono EX $26
THE BEACH BOYS- Summer Day & Summer Nights- Capitol EX $28
THE BEACH BOYS- Deluxe Set- (3-LP Box Set w/ black border repackages "Pet Sounds", "Today!" & "Summer Days & Summer Nights") Capitol EX+ $125 Scarce!
THE BEACH BOYS- Beach Boys' Party!- (gatefold w/ complete & uncut photo sheet enclosed) Capitol EX $58
THE BEACH BOYS- Endless Summer- (greatest hits 2-LP Set) Capitol VG- $5
THE BEACH BOYS- The Best Of The Beach Boys- Capitol Starline (beige label) EX+ $12
THE BEACH BOYS- The Best Of The Beach Boys Volume Two- Capitol Starline (target label) M- $12 or Capitol Starline (tan label) VG $5
THE BEACH BOYS- The Best Of The Beach Boys Volume Three- Capitol M- $22 or VG- $6
THE BEACH BOYS- 20 Golden Greats- UK / Capitol / EMI EX+ $17
THE BEACH BOYS- Supergold- (2-LP Gatefold Set w/ 30 hits spanning theircareer from 1962-1969) Germany / Capital (1c 134-81 675/76) M $12
THE BEACH BOYS- Same- (an assortment of rarely compiled songs) Pickwick M- $12
THE BEACH BOYS- Be True To Your School- (an assortment of rarely compiled tracks, includes title track w/ The Honeys) Mono M $75
THE BEACH BOYS- Rarities- (13 tracks of flip sides; unreleased; outtakes; alternate takes, & "In My Room" sung in German; w/ correct innersleeve. Unauthorized collection was quickly withdrawn) Capitol M $78
BEACH BOYS / BRIAN WILSON- Rarities- (20 hard-to-find studio & live tracks by the Beach Boys, compiled by Glenn A. Baker, w/ "Pamela Jean" & "After The Game" by The Survivors; Brian Wilson productions for The Honeys, Glen Campbell ("Guess I'm Dumb); Sharon Marie; plus; Dennis Wilson & Rumbo's. Gatefold cover art by Brendon Ackhurst) Australia Only / Capitol (silver & maroon label) M $99
THE BEAGLE & THE FOUR LIVERPOOL WHIGS- (Worst-ever version of "I Want To Hold Your Hand" but the 'Other Favorites', by The Spark Plugs, include really decent doo-wop in the style of Dion & the Belmonts; etc. "Painless Thoughts" is really the "Bock Bock Chicken" song, which was titled "Crazy Beat" on The Spark Plugs LP) Sutton EX $175 Rare!
THE BEATLES- Introducing The Beatles- Vee Jay (LP-1062 Original w/ VJ bracket logo on cover & black rainbow label w/ oval VJ logo & smaller print size w/ titles justified left. 'Column back' jacket w/ "Please, Please Me" w/ comma & "Ask Me Why". Matrix: 63-3402 URJ from Columbia pressing plant in CT) Mono VG $240 or Vee Jay (LP-1062 w/ VJ bracket logo on cover & black rainbow label w/ oval VJ logo & larger print style w/ titles justified left. 'Long Playing' on left of centerhole, 'Microgroove' on right. Has 'Coffin / King' songwriting credit typo. 'Column back' jacket w/ "Please, Please Me" w/ comma & "Ask Me Why". Matrix: A-Side: 63-3402 2-3-64 URJ; B-Side: 63-3403-1 2-6-64 URJ from Southern Plastics pressing plant in TN) Mono VG+ $215 or Vee Jay (LP-1062 w/ VJ logo in brackets on cover & black label w/ silver print block VJ logo. Titles justified left on label & the word 'Side' is not all caps. 'Column back' cover w/ "Please, Please Me" w/ comma & "Ask Me Why". Matrix: A-Side: 63-3402, B-Side: 63-3403) Mono VG $100 or Vee Jay (Early counterfeit w/ Stereo on left front cover. No George shadow. 'Column back' jacket w/ "Please, Please Me" w/ comma & "Ask Me Why". Black rainbow label w/ VJ bracket logo. Does not say Stereo on label. Title & group name separated by centerhole) M $88 or M- $70 or EX+ $58 or Vee Jay (SR-1062 counterfeit w/ Stereofonic in white band across top front cover, George has shadow. 'Column back' jacket w/ "P.S. I Love You" & "Love Me Do". Black label w/ narrow color band & VJ bracket logo. Does not say Stereo on label. Title & group name separated by centerhole) M $58 or Vee Jay (SR-1062 counterfeit w/ Stereofonic in white band across top front cover, George has shadow. 'Column back' jacket w/ "P.S. I Love You" & "Love Me Do". Black & silver label w/ VJ bracket logo. Title & group name separated by centerhole. Cover was reprinted from a cover w/ ring wear) M $33
THE BEATLES- Meet The Beatles!- Capitol (ST-2047 w/ green label & purple 'C' logo) VG+ $16 or Capitol (T-2047 w/ rainbow label & BMI or ASCAP listed after each song. Cover has 'Beatles!' in tan/brown print) Mono VG+ $70 or Japan / Apple (AP-80011 w/ gatefold cover & green obi strip w/ ¥ 2,200 & Apple logo at the top & "The Beatles Forever" at bottom. Lyric insert) unplayed M $88
THE BEATLES- Second Album- Capitol (ST-2080 w/ green label) EX $26
THE BEATLES- Songs, Pictures & Stories Of The Fabulous Beatles- (w/ 2/3 width gatefold cover) Vee Jay (VJ-1092 Original w/ bracket logo & rainbow label. Has Longplaying; Microgroove, & 'Introducing the Beatles' on label above centerhole) Mono VG $155 or VG- $58 or Vee Jay (VJ-1092 w/ bracket logo & rainbow label. Later pressing wo/ gatefold cover. Label has 'Introducing the Beatles' w/ 'Beatles' below centerhole) EX $30
THE BEATLES- The Early Beatles- Capitol (T-2309 w/ rainbow label) Mono EX $95
THE BEATLES- Beatles '65- Capitol (T-2228 w/ rainbow label) Mono NM $110
THE BEATLES- Beatles '66- (Live July 2, 1966 Tokyo, Japan, plus interview) Smilin' Ears (SE-7704) Mono SS $70
THE BEATLES- Beatles VI- (Unique 1-of-a-kind misprinted cover w/ front cover slick misplaced & offset by 3", leaving 3", of bare cardboard cover stock exposed. Can read Beatles title & see about 1/2 of George on right. Back cover slick is fine, w/ song titles listed in correct order on back) Capitol (T-2358 w/ rainbow label) Mono M- $475 See Picture
THE BEATLES- Beatles For Sale- Germany / EMI / Odeon (SMO-73790) M $299 or UK / EMI / Parlophone (PCS-3062 Black label w/ EMI in box at bottom. Unipak cover) M- $275
THE BEATLES- Rubber Soul- Capitol (original rainbow label) Mono EX $58 or VG $14 or UK / EMI / Parlophone (PCS-3075 Black label w/ EMI in box at bottom. Original 'flipback' cover) M $275
THE BEATLES- Yesterday & Today- (trunk cover) Capitol (original rainbow label) Mono EX $44
THE BEATLES- Revolver- UK / EMI / Parlophone (PCS-7009 black label w/ yellow logo) EX $195
THE BEATLES- The Amazing Beatles- (4 songs by The Beatles w/ Tony Sheridan; plus 6 more Beatles' songs played by The Swallows) Clarion (SD-601) VG- $22
THE BEATLES- Featuring Tony Sheridan- (circa 1960 tracks) UK / Contour SS $55 or M $45
THE BEATLES- With Tony Sheridan & Guests- (4 early cuts plus The Titans) MGM (E-4215 Original w/ 'and guests' printed on cover) Mono EX+ $88 or MGM (E-4215 Original w/ 'and guests' printed on cover) Mono VG+ $48
THE BEATLES- This Is Where It Started- (The Beatles & Tony Sheridan) Metro (MS-563) M- $88
THE BEATLES- The Beatles First- (Recorded Hamburg, 1961 featuring Tony Sheridan & guests) France / Triumph 240011) VG- $12
THE BEATLES- In The Beginning- Circa 1960- (Original w/ gatefold) Polydor (24-4504) SS $66 or M $44
THE BEATLES- Jolly What! The Beatles & Frank Ifield On Stage- (4 songs by the Fab 4, & 8 songs by Ifield. Cover has drawing of an 'English' chap in Beatle wig holding his spectacles. Black background & no printing on spine) Vee Jay (VJLP-1085 Third pressing w/ black & silver label) Mono M $65
THE BEATLES- Beautiful Dreamer- (Title track + 17 others 1963 BBC Live) UK / Dream M $55
THE BEATLES- Live! At The Star Club- (2-LP Set live in Hamburg, Germany 1962 w/ 26 selections in all, many never before released) Germany / Bellaphon (Rare Original w/ "Twist & Shout" & "I Saw Her Standing There" "Ask Me Why"; "Reminising") M $95 or EX $70 or UK / Lingasong (w/ "Sheila"; "Where Have You Been All My Life"; "Til There Was You"; "Gonna Sit Right Down & Cry Over You") M $75
THE BEATLES- A Collection Of Beatle Oldies- (includes "Bad Boy", previously unreleased. Cover art by David Christian) Germany / Odeon VG $22 or UK / Parlophone (PCS-7016 black label w/ boxed logo at top, EMI in box at bottom. Lofthouse flipback cover) VG- $12 or UK / Parlophone (PCS-7016 black label w/ boxed logo at top, EMI in box at top & bottom) M- $35
THE BEATLES- Yellow Matter Custard- (14 BBC Radio performances from late 1962, later released as 'As Sweet as You Are' & 'Decca Audition Tapes') Trade Mark Of Quality (original TMQ issue on Red Vinyl) Mono M $125
THE BEATLES- As Sweet as You Are- (14 BBC Radio performances from late 1962, also released as 'Yellow Matter Custard' & 'Decca Audition Tapes') Dittolino Discs (0001) Mono M- $99
THE BEATLES- Decca Audition Tapes- (14 BBC Radio performances from late 1962, also released as 'Yellow Matter Custard' & 'As Sweet as You Are'. These are not their Decca Audition recordings) Berkeley (B-102)
THE BEATLES- Decca Audition Outtakes- (2-LP Set recorded BBC 1962-63. Not their Decca Audition recordings) CBM (3640/41) Mono M $95
THE BEATLES- Rarities- (Original embossed gatefold cover has inaccurate info on back about "Helter Skelter" & "There's A Place", which was corrected on later issues. Also has original photo innersleeve) Capitol (SHAL-12060) M $55
THE BEATLES- Casualties- (underground version of "Rarities" LP w/ 15 of the absolute rarest of Beatles Studio takes) M $99
THE BEATLES- Beatles Broadcasts- (Color Picture Disc w/ BBC tracks recorded 1963-1964) Circuit (LK-4450) Mono M $60
THE BEATLES- The Beatles at The Beeb- (3-LP Boxed Set w/ over 40 previously unreleased broadcast recordings plus live interviews recorded at the BBC bewteen 1962-1965) London Wavelength SS $120
THE BEATLES- 1962-1966- (2-LP Gatefold Set w/ lyric innersleeves) Apple M- $26 or UK / Apple (RED VINYL Edition) M $40
THE BEATLES- Five Nights In A Judo Arena- (Live July 2, 1966 Tokyo, Japan, plus interview. Original version of "Beatles '66") De Weintraub (DW-426) Mono SS $75
THE BEATLES- 1967-1970- (2-LP Gatefold Set w/ lyric innersleeves & advertisment insert) Apple EX $23
THE BEATLES- Silver Lining (re-release of 'The Beatles Vs. Don Ho' w/ deluxe color cover. Has 23 great & really rare selections, including: "I’m Down" (Hollywood Bowl 1965 radio broadcast); "Give Peace A Chance" rehearsal take from the Montreal bed-in; George on David Frost, playing sitar; "Maxwell’s Silver Hammer" outtake January 1969; assorted promo spots, outtakes & interviews; includes Yoko; Jimmy Nicol; Don Ho; The Residents) Midwest Music unplayed M $75
BEATLES / ROLLING STONES- Battle- (Side-1 is Rolling Stones' 1964 Chicago Studio Session. Side-2 is The Beatles Live at Shea Stadium August 15, 1965) Battle (RP-24 Original issue, pre-TMQ pressing) Mono EX+ $58
BEAU BRUMMELS- Introducing The Beau Brummels- (jangly folk-rock w/ Ron Elliott) Autumn Mono VG $28
BEAU BRUMMELS- Volume 2- Autumn Mono VG- $22
BEAU BRUMMELS- Beau Brummels '66- Warner Bros (gold label) M- $75
BEAU BRUMMELS- The Beau Brummels Sing- Post (6000) M- $42
BEAU BRUMMELS- Vol. 44- (1964-66 recordings w/ liner notes by Ralph J. Gleason) Vault VG $44
BEAU BRUMMELS- The Original Hits Of The Beau Brummels- JAS SS $44
BEAU BRUMMELS- The Best Of The Beau Brummels- (Side 2 label lists "Woman" as track 5, but it's not listed on back cover. Front cover art by Rick & Ida Griffin) Vault VG (plays VG+) $77
BEAU BRUMMELS- From The Vaults- (Demos, alternate takes, & outtakes recorded at Autumn Records) Rhino SS $48
JACK BEDIENT & THE CHESSMEN- Where Did She Go?- (Jack Bedient & The Chessmen made a good living playing lounge-clubs & casinos in Nevada during the mid '60s. This is their best LP, w/ the sought-after floor-filler "Glimmer Sunshine" & a cover of Bob Dylan's 'Subterranean Homesick Blues') Satori (1001) SS $375 Rare!
THE BEE GEES- The Bee Gees First- (w/ lead guitarist Vince Melouney ex-Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs) Atco VG- $5 or Atco Mono VG- $6 or Taiwan / Zone Sound (CSJ-803) EX+ $33
THE BEE GEES- Massachusetts- (w/ rare cover art) Asia / Tong Sheng (MXL-1227) EX+ $55 or VG $22
THE BEE GEES- Horizontal- Atco VG- $3 or Atco Mono VG $8
THE BEE GEES- Idea- (w/ "I've Gotta Get A Message To You". Klaus Voormann Cover Art) Atco M- $24 or VG $9
THE BEE GEES- Rare, Precious & Beautiful- (early material) Atco EX+ $22
LES BEL-AIR- Same- (Debut LP by Quebec garage-beat combo includes their French language hit of the Jagger Richard song "Time Is On My Side") Canada Télédisc Mono M- $85
LES BEL-AIR- Pour Faire Changement (To Make Change)- (the 1st release on their own label w/ lyric insert) Canada / Bel-Air EX- $95
LES BEL-AIR- Jouent (The Beautiful-Air play the Beautiful-Air)- Canada / Bel-Air VG $78 Rare!
DENNY BELLINE & THE RICH KIDS- Same- (Rare kid rock w/ Perry Como's nephew, later to 'Man' on Columbia) RCA Mono M- $85 or EX+ $75 or VG- $9
PETE BEST- Best Of The Beatles- (Includes "'Some Other Guy". Cover photo has white circle around Pete Best's head) Savage (BM-71 w/ orange label) Mono M- $185
THE BIG BEATS- Live! At The Off-Broadway- (San Francisco house band goes wild) Liberty M $75
BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY- Cheap Thrills- (Janis Joplin & Co. produced by John Simon; w/ R. Crumb gatefold cover art) Columbia (Red '360 Stereo' Label) M- $27 or VG+ $16
RONNIE BIRD- En Public- (Cool British Invasions sounds w/ Mickey Baker of Mickey & Sylvia fame) France / Eva Mono SS $44
THE BIRDWATCHERS- South Florida's Birdwatchers- (Compiles 1965-1967 tracks from master tapes, some alternate takes or unreleased, w/ Sam Hall ex-The Mor-Loks & The Trolls. Only 1000 pressed! Has Insert) Florida Rock M $88
BILL BLACK'S COMBO- Mr Beat- (Bill Black was Elvis' 1st bass player on Sun. He defined the 'Hi' records' instrumental sound before the Soul era. The Beatles chose him as opening act on their first U.S. tour. This LP features Bob Tucker) Hi Mono M- $18
BILL BLACK'S COMBO- Let's Twist Her- (featuring Bob Tucker) Hi VG $12 or Hi Mono EX- $16 or Hi Mono VG $9
BILL BLACK'S COMBO- Plays Tunes By Chuck Berry- (featuring Bob Tucker) Hi VG+ $16 or Hi Mono VG $12
BILL BLACK'S COMBO- Bill Black's Beat Goes On- (featuring Bob Tucker) Hi VG $12
BILL BLACK'S COMBO- Greatest Hits- Hi Mono M- $12 (Write for more Bill Black LPs)
HAL BLAINE & HIS YOUNG COUGARS- Deuces, "T's", Roadsters & Drums- (great Hot-Rod cover) RCA (Original Dynagroove black label w/ dog on top) VG+ $110 Rare!
THE BLASTERS- Sounds Of The Drags- (w/ Jerry Cole; great custom cars & dragsters pictured on the cover) Crown VG $66
BOB-B-SOXX & THE BLUE JEANS- Zip-a-dee Doo Dah- (Bobby Sheen of The Robins, w/ Darlene Love & Fanita James of The Blossoms, produced by Phil Spector) Philles (deep groove blue & black label on heavy vinyl) Mono M $485
THE BONNEVILLES- Meet The Bonnevilles- (Milwaukee, Wisconsin area pre-Beatle sounds, mostly instrumental, w/ 12-year Wendy Colby guest vocals on 2 songs. The band later reformed as the Skunks, on Teen Town. Guitarist Vince Megna became known as the leading lemon law attorney in the US) Drum Boy (1001) M- $199
PAT BOONE- Great Hits Of 1965- Dot Mono M- $14
THE BOX TOPS- Cry Like A Baby- Taiwan / Zone Sound (CSJ-706 Black Vinyl) EX+ $28 or Taiwan / Zone Sound (CSJ-706 Orange Vinyl) M- $55
THE BOX TOPS- Non Stop- Bell SS $65 or M $48
THE BOX TOPS- Dimensions - Bell SS $65 or EX $48
THE BUDDIES- Go Go With The Buddies- (1st indie production by Mike Curb, w/ Billy Strange; Bill Pitman; Davie Allen; Al Capps & The JaDetts. The songs "The Surf Is In" & "Mean Little Monza" are actually "Ridin’ Trails" & "Cycle Chase" by The Hondells) Mercury / Wing M- $78 or Mono M $80
THE BUGGS- Beetle Beat- (covers 2 Beatles Hits... Also includes "You Got Me Bugged" & "Sassy Sue" by The Pacers on Coral Records, which appear here under diffent titles) Coronet Mono M $48 or VG+ $22 or VG- $5
LORI BURTON- Breakout- (w/ Pam Sawyer, underrated queens of mascara rock!) Mercury SS $140 or M $95 or Mono M $95 or Mono DJ M- 95
THE BYRDS- Preflyte - Columbia M- $28 (Write for list of available Byrds LPs on Together + Live)


AL CAIOLA- Tuff Guitar- United Artists Mono EX- $14
AL CAIOLA- Tuff Guitar English Style- (instrumental versions of hit songs by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Animals, Herman's Hermits, Dave Clark 5, Kinks, Yardbirds, etc) United Artists Mono M- $17 or VG $9
THE CANDYMEN- The Twist- (aka The Manchesters) Diplomat (FM-100) M $40 or VG $12 or Diplomat / Promenade (2262) Mono VG $8
THE CANDYMEN- Let's Twist- (Volume II) Diplomat (2263) Mono EX- $24
THE CANDYMEN- Lets Do The Twist Vol 3- (aka The Manchesters w/ Special added Attraction: Joey Dee & The Starlighters "The Girl I Walk To School") Diplomat EX+ $40
CANNIBAL & THE HEADHUNTERS- Land Of 1000 Dances- (Rare original issue) Rampart Mono M $88 or Date Mono EX+ $48
FREDDIE CANNON- Palisades Park- (Freddy 'Boom Boom' Cannon, w/ Chuck Barris on banjo) Swan (SLP-507 w/ red & white label) VG+ $68 or VG $40
FREDDIE CANNON- Freddy Cannon's Solid Gold Hits!- Swan (Red & White label) Mono M- $40 or Canada / Swan / Quality VG+ $25
THE CAREFREES- From England! The Carefrees - We Love You All- (Betty Prescott pre-Breakaways & Lynn Cornell both ex-Vernons Girls w/ Barbara Kay; Johnny Evans; John Stevens & Don Riddell. Includes "We Love You Beatles", the most successful Beatles novelty single ever recorded. The LP however, is scarce!) London Mono SS $125
CAPTAIN KINGS & THE MONKEYTIMERS- The Monkey Time- (obscure funk & soul stompers) Palace VG $17
CARROLL BROTHERS- College Twist Party- (They backed Chubby Checker in the film "Don't Knock The Twist") Cameo Mono VG $14
CAL CARTER- Twist Along With Calvin Carter- (performed on the road w/ The Spaniels, then was A&R director for Vee Jay) Vee Jay Mono M $35
THE CASCADES- Maybe The Rain Will Fall- Uni VG+ $14
AL CASEY- Surfin' Hootenanny- (Produced by Lee Hazelwood; on Surf-Colored 'Teal' Vinyl) Stacy Mono M- $345
CÉSAR ET LES ROMAINS- Same- (César & The Romans attracted attention in their home city of Quebec, Canada wearing togas & sandals on stage as they performed high powered rock'n'roll. Includes their debut hit of Babby Darin's "Splish Slash") Canada / Choc! (1201) Mono EX- $95 Scarce!
CHAD & JEREMY- 5+10=15 Fabulous Hits- Fidu Mono VG $12
CHAD & JEREMY- Before & After- Columbia VG $8 or VG- $4
CHAD & JEREMY- I Don't Want To Lose You Baby- (nice Byrds styled version of Bob Dylan's "Mr. Tambourine Man") Columbia VG $9
CHAD & JEREMY- Distant Shores- Columbia Mono VG+ $12
THE CHALLENGERS- Lloyd Thaxton Goes Surfing With The Challengers- (cover photo by Bruce Brown) Vault (101 w/ Original organge label that says 'Surfing With The Challengers') Mono M $78
THE CHALLENGERS- On The Move- (cartoon art on back cover by Rick Griffin) Vault (102 w/ Original orange label) Mono M $88
THE CHALLENGERS- Go Sidewalk Surfing!- (cartoon art on back cover by Rick Griffin) Triumph (100) Mono DJ M $88
THE CHALLENGERS- 26 Great Instrumental Hits- (2-LP gatefold Set by ex-Bel-Airs members) GNP Crescendo SS $55
THE CHALLENGERS- Wipe Out!- (The Challengers also recorded under the name of The Surfaris) GNP Crerscendo SS $48
THE CHALLENGERS- Sidewalk Surfing!- GNP Crescebdo SS $48
CHANTAYS- Pipeline- Dot Mono EX $78 or Mono VG- $14
RAY CHARLES- What'd I Say- Atlantic (orange / purple / white fan label) Mono VG- $12
RAY CHARLES- Do The Twist With Ray Charles- Atlantic (orange / purple / white fan label) Mono VG+ 16
RAY CHARLES- Greatest Hits- ABC / Paramount (black label w/ white letters on top) Mono VG $12
RAY CHARLES- The Best Of Ray Charles- MCP M $14
THE CHIPMUNKS- The Chipmunk Songbook- Liberty Mono VG+ $6
CHIFFONS- Sweet Talkin' Guy- (w/ Judy Craig) Laurie Mono SS $165
CHIFFONS- Sing The Hits Of The 50s & 60s- (their last LP) Laurie EX+ $58
CHUBBY CHECKER- Twist With Chubby Checker- (his debut LP) Parkway (original orange label) Mono VG- $10 or Parkway (2nd press) Mono VG $6
CHUBBY CHECKER- For Twisters Only- Parkway Mono VG+ $20
CHUBBY CHECKER- It's Pony Time- Parkway Mono VG- $8
CHUBBY CHECKER- Let's Twist Again- Parkway Mono M- $38 or VG $17
CHUBBY CHECKER- Your Twist Party- Parkway Mono M- $38 or VG+ $20 or VG $14 or VG- $5
CHUBBY CHECKER- Twistin' Round The World- Parkway M- $35
CHUBBY CHECKER- For Teen Twisters Only- Parkway M- $40 or VG- $12 or Parkway Mono VG $12 or VG- $5
CHUBBY CHECKER- Limbo Party- Parkway (original cover w/ Parkway Logo on bottom) Mono VG+ $33 or VG $18 or Parkway (2nd cover w/ Logo near top) Mono VG- $5
CHUBBY CHECKER- Let's Limbo Some More- Parkway Mono VG- $5
CHUBBY CHECKER- In Person- (Live, Somers Point, NJ w/ 'Twist It Up' label) Parkway Mono VG+ $12 or VG- $5
CHUBBY CHECKER- Beach Party- Parkway Mono M- $45 Scarce!
CHUBBY CHECKER- Chubby's Folk Album- Parkway Mono M $40
CHUBBY CHECKER- Greatest Hits (2-LPs Set features 20 rockin' hits) ABKCO M- $33
CHER- Same- Imperial VG $9
CHER- All I Really Want To Do- Imperial Mono VG+ $14
THE CHIMPS- Monkey Business- (The Chimps are: Michael Ziegle; Dan Freidberg (aka Freebo); Mark 'Froggy' Jordan; David 'Rip' Stock, aka The (Thomas A) Edison Electric Band, performing their best Monkees imitations on covers of "Last Train To Clarksville," & "I'm A Believer", plus sound-alike originals w/ similar titles to Monkees songs: "Sit Tight Girl" ("Hold On Girl"); "Sally Sally" ("Mary Mary); "Sunday's Kid ("Saturday's Child"); "Watch Out" ("Look Out"); "Papa's Blue Jeans" (Papa Gene's Blues")- Wyncote EX+ $99 Rare!
LOU CHRISTIE- Same- (His debut LP w/ white wall background) Roulette (orange & pink label) VG+ $42
LOU CHRISTIE- Lightnin' Strikes- (w/ backing vocals by Bernadette Carroll, Denise Ferri & Peggy Santiglia Davison aka The Delicates, pre-Angels) MGM M $58 or MGM Mono SS $58 or MGM Mono M $33 or M- $25
LOU CHRISTIE- Strikes Again- (reprint of his 'Strikes Back' LP on Co&Ce Records) Roulette Mono EX- $38
LOU CHRISTIE- Strikes Again- (different than the Roulette LP of the same name) Colpix Mono SS $66 or Colpix Mono DJ EX- $25
LOU CHRISTIE- Painter Of Hits- MGM Mono M $40
THE DAVE CLARK FIVE- "Chaquita" / "In Your Heart"- (w/ other songs by The Playbacks) Crown VG- $12 or Crown Mono VG $17
THE DAVE CLARK FIVE- Glad All Over- Epic (original "no instruments" cover) Mono M- $80 or EX+ $66 or DJ EX $68 or VG+ $44 or Epic (2nd cover pictures group w/ instruments) VG $17 or Epic Mono EX+ $28 or VG $12 or VG- $5
THE DAVE CLARK FIVE- I Like It Like That- Epic Mono VG- $12
THE DAVE CLARK FIVE- The Dave Clark 5 Return!- Epic Mono EX+ $44 or VG $26 or VG- $5
THE DAVE CLARK 5- Coast To Coast- (original issue featuring the hit "Any Way You Want It". Note: "I Can't Stop Loving You" & "Give Me Love" are the same song. One is stereo & the other is mono, but all the jackets say mono) Epic (w/ "I Can't Stop Loving You") EX $20 or VG- $9 or Epic Mono (w/ "Give Me Love") VG+ $33 or VG $22
THE DAVE CLARK FIVE- Weekend In London- (w/ "Come Home") Epic Mono VG $25
THE DAVE CLARK FIVE- I Like It Like That- Epic Mono M $66
THE DAVE CLARK FIVE- Try Too Hard- (Great power-pop) Epic Mono EX- $48
THE DAVE CLARK FIVE- Satisfied With You- Epic Mono EX- $45
THE DAVE CLARK FIVE- 5 By 5- Epic Mono M- $45
THE DAVE CLARK FIVE- You Got What It Takes- Epic Mono EX $40
THE DAVE CLARK FIVE- Everybody Knows- Epic Mono M $40
THE DAVE CLARK FIVE- Greatest Hits- Epic VG+ $9 or VG $5 or Epic Mono VG+ $16 or Mono VG $12
DAVE CLARK FIVE- Hits & Rarities- 1962-1968- (34 of their best & often overlooked songs, as well as some of their more fun hits. A real uptempo affair. The glorious original Mono mixes are more punchy than stereo. CDR Only w/ no artwork) Mono M $12
DAVE CLARK FIVE w/ RICKY ASTOR & THE SWITCHES- (DC5 play "Chaquita" & "In Your Heart". Ricky Astor & The Switches play 10 other early merseybeat songs) Cortlweigh Mono M $47 or Mono M- $28
CLASSICS IV- Traces- (partly became the Atlanta Rhythm Section) Imperial M- $14
CLASSICS IV- Song- (gatefold w/ Dennis Yost & Roger Powell) Liberty M $14
CONTOURS- Do You Love Me Now That I Can Dance- Gordy Mono VG $65
SAM COOKE- Twistin' the Night Away- RCA Mono M- $30 (Write for more Sam Cooke titles)
DAVE BABY CORTEZ- Dave 'Baby' Cortez & His Happy Organ- Clock M $38 or Clock Mono VG $16
DAVE BABY CORTEZ- The Happy Organ- Design M- $25 or VG $14 or RCA near VG $14
DAVE BABY CORTEZ- Organ Shindig- Roulette M- $30 or EX $25
DAVE BABY CORTEZ- The Fabulous Organ- Metro (original black label) Mono EX $30
BOB CREWE- Crazy In The Heart- Warwick Mono EX $35 or VG $22
BOB CREWE- All The Song Hits Of The Four Seasons- (w/ lyric innersleeve!) Philips M- $45
THE CROSSFIRES- Out Of Control- (Rockin' West Coast Surf by pre-Turtles) Rhino SS $38 or M $28
THE CROSSFIRES- Limbo Rock- (Boston, Mass frat combo, not the pre-Turtles group) Strand (deep groove label) Mono EX $38
KING CURTIS COMBO- Arthur Murray's Music For Dancing The Twist- RCA VG $6 or RCA Mono VG+ $9
BOBBY CURTOLA- Hitchhiker- (debut LP by early 60s Canadian teen idol) Canada / Tartan Mono SS $95 Scarce!
BOBBY CURTOLA- Greatest Hits Volume 4- Canada / Tartan SS $95


DON DAILEY- Surf Stompin'- Crown EX $88 or Crown Mono VG $55
DALE & GRACE- I'm Leaving It Up To You- (Dale Houston & Grace Broussard revive the Don & Dewey hit of the 50s) Montel Mono M $95 or near VG $45
DICK DALE & HIS DEL-TONES- Surfers' Choice- Deltone (original LPM-1001) Mono EX $199 or Mono VG $135 or Deltone (Capitol distributed T-1886) Mono VG $38
DICK DALE & HIS DEL-TONES- King Of The Surf Guitar- Capitol EX $65 or VG+ $42
DICK DALE & HIS DEL-TONES- Checkered Flag- Capitol (T-2002) Mono VG $50
DICK DALE / BO TROY & HIS HOT RODS- Wild Hot Rod Wails- (Dick Dale does "Fairest Of Them All" & "We'll Never Hear The End Of It") Diplomat (2304) Mono EX $45 or Mono VG+ $28
BOBBY DARIN- The Bobby Darin Story- (greatest hits) Atco (white cover) Mono EX+ $27 or VG $20 or VG- $15 or Atco (black cover) VG $15
BOBBY DARIN- Bobby Darin Winners- Atco VG+ $16
THE DARTELLS- Hot Pastrami!- (Some members later joined the short-lived late 1960s group Rain) Dot Mono VG+ $18 or Dot Mono VG $9
DAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK & TICH- Greatest Hits- Fontana Mono SS $66
DAVID & JONATHAN- Michelle- (Roger Cook & Roger Greenaway produced by George Martin. Cook later teamed up w/ Dudley Moore) Capitol SS $26 or EX $14 or Capitol Mono VG $5
MEYER DAVIS- Meyer Davis Plays The Twist- (Davis, the king of high society maestros, gets twist fever!) Cameo Mono EX- $17
SPENCER DAVIS GROUP- Spencer Davis- (Their debut LP) Canada / Stone (SXS-1700) SS $245 Rare!
SPENCER DAVIS GROUP- The Second Album- UK / Fontana (TL-5295) Mono M- $199
SPENCER DAVIS GROUP- Gimmie Some Lovin'- (their US debut LP) United Artists Mono SS $88
SPENCER DAVIS GROUP- I'm A Man- United Artists VG- $8
SPENCER DAVIS GROUP- With Their New Faces On- United Artists SS $77 or M $55
SPENCER DAVIS GROUP- Greatest Hits- United Artists VG- $8
JOEY DEE & THE STARLIGHTERS- Doin' The Twist At The Peppermint Lounge- (The Starlighters include future Young Rascals members Felix Cavaliere, Gene Cornish & Eddie Brigati) Roulette Mono EX $36 or VG $12 or VG- $5
JOEY DEE & THE STARLIGHTERS- The Peppermint Twisters- Scepter Mono M- $35 or EX+ $26 or VG+ $12 or VG $5
JOEY DEE & THE STARLIGHTERS- All The World Is Twistin'- Roulette Mono EX+ $40
JOEY DEE & THE STARLIGHTERS- Back At The Peppermint Lounge In Miami Beach, Twistin' With Joey Dee & The Starlighters- (Live) Roulette M- $30 or Roulette Mono M $36 or Mono M- $25 or Mono VG+ $12
JOEY DEE & THE STARLIGHTERS- Joey Dee- Roulette Mono EX- $22
JOEY DEE & THE STARLIGHTERS- Dance, Dance, Dance- Roulette Mono M $40 or Mono M- $34
JOEY DEE & THE STARLIGHTERS- Hitsville- Jubilee EX $37 or VG- $7
JOEY DEE & THE STARLIGHTERS- The Best Of Joey Dee & The Starliters- (Side A- Mono / Side - Stereo 14 songs all together) Germany / Seeburg (9424) M $14
DEEP PURPLE- Shades Of Deep Purple- (includes the hit "Hush" w/ Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Jon Lord, Roger Glover, & Ian Paice who went on to prolific recording careers including spawning White Snake & Rainbow) Tetragrammation M- $35 or VG $12 or VG- $8
THE DE-FENDERS- The De-Fenders Play The Big Ones- (Great renditions of 'Boss Guitar'; 'Wild Weekend'; Wiggle Wobble', more, pressed on RED VINYL) World-Pacific M- $99
JACKIE DeSHANNON- The Very Best Of Jackie DeShannon- United Artists M $14 (Write for more Jackie DeShannon)
DICK & DEE DEE- Tell Me / The Mountain's High- Liberty VG+ $18 or Liberty Mono DJ M- $35
DICK & DEE DEE- Thou Shalt Not Steal- Warner Bros (gold label) VG $18
DICK & DEE DEE- Songs We've Sung On Shindig- Warner Bros EX+ $28 or EX $20 or Warner Bros Mono DJ M- $35
BO DIDDLEY- Surfin' With Bo Diddley- (Rockabilly star Billy Lee Riley recorded these song w/ his band The Megatons at Pepper Studios in Memphis. The tracks were leased or sold to Chess, who erased Riley's harmonica & added Bo Diddley on guitar & released the tracks on this LP w/ new titles) Checker (maroon / silver label) Mono NM+ $78
BO DIDDLEY- 16 All-Time Greatest Hits- Checker (black / silver label) Mono M- $60 or Checker (2nd pressing blue label) Mono M- $28
THE DIMENSIONS- From All Dimensions- (Great British Invasion inspired frat-rock combo from Park Ridge, Illinois w/ killer versions of "Carol" & "Do You Love Me", plus bonus reprise) France / Eva M $65
DION DiMUCCI- Dion- Laurie SS $50 or M $45 or M- $40
DION DiMUCCI- Runaround Sue- (original) Laurie Mono VG $45 or Mono G $7
DION DiMUCCI- Lovers Who Wander- (original) Laurie Mono VG $36
DION DiMUCCI- Dion Sings To Sandy & All His Other Girls- Laurie Mono M- $55
DION DiMUCCI- Donna The Prima Donna- Columbia Mono DJ VG $18
DION DiMUCCI- Ruby Baby- Columbia (original) VG $14 or Columbia Special Products M- $23
DION DiMUCCI- Wonder Where I'm Bound- Columbia SS $40 or EX $28
DION DiMUCCI- Dion's Greatest Hits- Columbia EX $24
DION & THE BELMONTS- Everything You Always Wanted To Hear By Dion & The Belmonts But Couldn't Get- (20 boss selections) Laurie EX $24
DION & THE BELMONTS- Dion Sings His Greatest Hits- (w/ The Belmonts) Laurie Mono VG $20
MARK DINNING- Teen Angel- (Classic teenage death song written by Mark's sister Jean, of "The Dinning Sisters") MGM Mono M- $68 or VG+ $38
DISCOTHEQUE- Dancers-Go-Go!- (Unknown studio group performs instrumental party music to dance The Frug; Jerk; Watusi; Monkey; Swim; more) Coronet (245) M $18 or Mono EX- $9
DIXIE BELLES- Down At Papa Joe's- (Produced by Bill Justis. Includes their follow-up hit "Southtown U.S.A.") Sound Stage 7 Mono M $115 Scarce!
THE DIXIE CUPS- Chapel Of Love- (Discovered by Joe Jones) Red Bird VG+ $33 or VG $22 or Red Bird Mono M- $55 or Mono VG+ $22 or Mono VG- $6
THE DIXIE CUPS- Riding High- ABC Paramount Mono M $68
BILL DOGGETT- Oops!- (The Swinging Sounds of Bill Doggett w/ lots of funky Hammond organ) Columbia VG $18 or Mono VG $14
BILL DOGGETT- Honky Tonk A-La Mod!- (w/ Billy Butler & Jimmy Castor) Roulette EX $30
BILL DOGGETT- Wow!- (considered his best LP) ABC M $35
FATS DOMINO- Same- ('Stars Of The Sixties' series w/ 9 previously unissued + 5 well known hits) Holland Probe M- $45
FATS DOMINO- Same- (Attention Series Vol II) Germany / Fontana M $40
FATS DOMINO- Same- (2-LP Set. 'Legendary Masters' Series Vol 1 w/ booklet attached to middle of gatefold) United Artists Mono M $35
DON & THE GOODTIMES- Where The Action Is- (cover says Stereo, but LP is Mono) Wand (WDM-679) Mono VG $18
DON & THE GOODTIMES- So Good- Epic Mono M $45 or M- $28 or VG $14
DONOVAN- Wear Your Love Like Heaven- Epic M- $14
RONNIE DOVE- Swingin' Teen Sounds Of Ronnie Dove &zamp; Terry Phillips- (Ronnie gets 4 songs. Terry gets 6, several co-written by Lou Reed. Yes, it's the same Terry Phillips of The Primitives fame) Design (Stereo Spectrum 186) Mono M- $60 Rare!
THE DOVELLS- You Can't Sit Down- Parkway Mono M- $35 or VG+ $20
THE DOVELLS- For Your Hully Gully Party- Parkway Mono VG+ $20
THE DOVELLS- All The Hits Of The Teen Groups- Parkway Mono M- $35
THE DOVELLS- The Dovells Biggest Hits- Wyncote Mono VG+ $20
THE DRIFTERS- I'll Take You To Where The Music's Playing- Atlantic DJ Mono M- $40
THE DUALS- Stick Shift- (Excellent instrumental surf, RnB, hot-rod playing by teenage Los Angeles duo Henry Bellinger & Johnny Lageman, w/ cool photo cover) Sue (orange label) Mono M $185
THE DUPREES- Total Recall- Heritage M- $35

E - F

DUANE EDDY- $1,000,000.00 Worth Of Twang- Jamie VG- $8
DUANE EDDY- $1,000,000.00 Worth Of Twang Vol II- Jamie Mono EX+ $14 or Mono VG- $5
DUANE EDDY- Twistin' With Duane Eddy- Jamie Mono VG $14 or VG- $6
DUANE EDDY- Water Skiing- RCA (Dynagroove) Mono M- $38 or Mono VG $9 or Germany / RCA (Stereo Dynagroove) M- $45
DUANE EDDY- Girls! Girls! Girls!- (pictured w/ Brenda Lee & Annette) Jamie Mono M- $38 or Mono EX $28 or Mono VG $16
DUANE EDDY- In Person- (w/ The Rebels) Jamie Mono M- $33 or VG+ $14 or VG $9
DUANE EDDY- Twistin' N' Twangin'- RCA VG $12 or RCA Mono VG $9
DUANE EDDY- Twangin' Up A Storm- RCA Mono EX+ $24 or VG- $5
DUANE EDDY- Twangin' The Golden Hits- RCA EX+ $16 or VG $9
DUANE EDDY- Twangsville- RCA VG+ $16
DUANE EDDY- The Roarin' Twangies- Reprise Mono VG- $7
DUANE EDDY- The Biggest Twang Of Them All- Reprise VG+ $16
DUANE EDDY- Guitar Man- (featuring The Rebelettes) Germany / GTO M- $48
DUANE EDDY- Movin' N' Groovin'- UK / London M $45
DUANE EDDY- The Best Of Duane Eddy- RCA SS $35
ESSEX- Easier Said Than Done- Roulette Mono M $50 or M- $38
ESSEX- A Walkin Miracle- Roulette SS $77 or VG- $9
ESSEX- Young & Lively- (featuring Anita Humes) Roulette SS $70 or VG $20 or Roulette Mono M- $44
EVERLY BROTHERS- Same- Harmony VG $6
EVERLY BROTHERS- Instant Party (special center-open die-cut cover) Warner Bros (gold label) VG+ $35 or Warner Bros Mono VG $18
EVERLY BROTHERS- Beat & Soul- Warner Bros (W7) M- $45
EVERLY BROTHERS- Two Yanks In England- (w/ uncredited backing by The Hollies) Warner Bros M- $45
EVERLY BROTHERS- The Hit Sound Of The Everly Brothers- Warner Bros EX $27
EVERLY BROTHERS- Greatest Hits Vol III- Barnaby M $27
EVERY MOTHER'S SON- Same- (gatefold w/ "Come & Take A Ride In My Boat" written by Wes Farrell who also wrote "Hang On Sloopy"; "Come A Little Bit Closer") MGM SS $38 or MGM EX $22 or Mono VG+ $14
EVERY MOTHER'S SON- Every Mothers' Son's Back- (die-cut cover) MGM Mono SS $40
THE EXCITERS- Tell Him- United Artists Mono VG $35 or VG- $15
THE EXCITERS- Caviar & Chitlins- RCA M $45
ADAM FAITH- Same- (includes "It's Alright") Amy Mono M- $45
ADAM FAITH- I Survive- (w/ Richie Blackmore, Dave Courtney) Warner Bros DJ M $28
MARIANNE FAITHFULL- Same- (the British Nico, discovered by Andrew Loog Oldman) London Mono EX $26
MARIANNE FAITHFULL- Faithful Forever- London VG $14
MARIANNE FAITHFULL- Go Away From My World- London Mono VG $9 or London Mono VG- $5
MARIANNE FAITHFULL- Greatest Hits- London VG $12
GEORGIE FAME- Same- Island SS $22
GEORGIE FAME- Yeh, Yeh- (w/ The Blue Flames, who once backed Billy Fury) Imperial SS $48 or Mono M $55
GEORGIE FAME- Get Away- Imperial Mono SS $48 or Imperial Mono M $48
FANTASTIC BAGGIES- Tell 'Em I'm Surfin'- Imperial Mono VG $88
FANTASTIC BAGGIES- Surfin' Craze- (Jan & Dean's backup group on their own) UK / Edsel M $48
THE FANTASTIC DEE-JAYS- Same- (Pittsburgh garage band evolved into The Swamp Rats) France / Eva Mono SS $75
FATS & THE CHESSMEN- Let's Twist To The Oldies- (under appreciated twist exploitation LP) Somerset VG+ $7
FEMININE COMPLEX- Livin' Love- (All-girl band w/ Mindy Dalton; Judy Griffith; Jean Williams, Pam Stephens & Lana Napier. Songs by John Buck Wilkin, leader of Ronny & The Daytonas. Engineered by Lee Hazen of The Nightcrawlers) Athena SS $199 or M $145
THE FIVE AMERICANS- Western Union- (w/ Michael Rabin later to Gladstone) Abnak EX+ $18
THE FIVE AMERICANS- Progressions- Abnak SS $75 or Abnak DJ M- $65
FLYING MACHINE- Same- (UK pop rockers who hit w/ "Smile A Little Smile For Me". Not James Tayor's 1st band) Janus (color cover) EX+ $23
WAYNE FONTANA- Same- MGM Mono SS $50 or VG $22
WAYNE FONTANA- Wayne One- (Original pressing) UK / Fontana Mono M- $65
WAYNE FONTANA & THE MINDBENDERS- The Game Of Love- Fontana (blue label) Mono M $44 or Mono VG+ $22
THE FOUR SEASONS- Big Girls Don't Cry- Vee Jay Mono VG- $2
THE FOUR SEASONS- Ain't That A Shame- Vee Jay Mono VG- $2
THE FOUR SEASONS- Recorded Live On Stage- Vee Jay Mono EX- $16
THE FOUR SEASONS- Dawn- Philips VG- $2
THE FOUR SEASONS- Christmas Album- Philips Mono SS $30
THE FOUR SEASONS- Gold Vault Of Hits- Philips (front cover has red lettering, but no black border) Mono M $38 or Philips (front cover has red lettering w/ black border) EX+ $12 or Philips Mono (same front but different rear cover) M- $12
THE FOUR SEASONS- 2nd Vault Of Golden Hits- Philips M- $18 or Philips Mono M $18 or Mono EX- $9 or VG $5
THE FOUR SEASONS- New Gold Hits- Philips SS $20 or EX- $10 or Philips DJ VG $10
FOUR SEASONS- Story- (2 LP 'Best Of' w/ gatefold) Private Stock VG+ $9 (Write for more 4 Seasons)
THE FOURMOST- First & Fourmost- (Liverpool Beat group w/ Mike Millward ex-Undertakers, managed by Brian Epstein, & produced by George Martin) UK / See For Miles unplayed M $55
THE FOX- For Fox Sake Vol 1- (Hammond organ pop-psych) Crewe M- $48
JOHN FRED & HIS PLAYBOY BAND- Same- (1st LP by this Texas/Louisania group) Paula SS $55 or Paula Mono SS $99
JOHN FRED & HIS PLAYBOY BAND- 34:40 Of John Fred & His Playboy Band- Paula SS $58
JOHN FRED & HIS PLAYBOY BAND- Agnes English- (w/ "Judy In Disguise" factory sticker on front cover) Paula M $53 or VG $33
JOHN FRED & HIS PLAYBOY BAND- Judy In Disguise With Glasses- (same LP as Agnes English" retitled to their hit song) Paula SS $44
JOHN FRED & HIS PLAYBOY BAND- Love My Soul- UNI SS $55 or M- $38
JOHN FRED & HIS PLAYBOY BAND- Permanently Stated- (gatefold) Paula SS $57
FREDDY & THE DREAMERS- Frantic Freddy- Mercury Mono SS $35 or VG- $9
FREDDY & THE DREAMERS- Do The Freddy- Mercury Mono M $22 (Write for more Freddy & The Dreamers)
FREDDY & THE DREAMERS- Same- Mercury (gold label) DJ M $30 or Mercury Mono M- $25 or Mono VG- $9
ERNIE FREEMAN- Twistin' Time- Imperial EX $33
BOBBY FULLER FOUR- I Fought The Law- (Great Texas R&R. A Classic!) Mustang M $299 or Mustang Mono SS $375 or Mono M- $225 or Mono VG- $48
BOBBY FULLER FOUR- KRLA King Of The Wheels- Mustang Mono VG $199
BOBBY FULLER FOUR- Let Them Dance- (The Rare Sides) Germany / Line SS $110
BOBBY FULLER FOUR- The Bobby Fuller Four Tapes Vol. 1- (w/ book enclosed) Rhino / Voxx M- $88
BOBBY FULLER FOUR- The Bobby Fuller Four Tapes Vol. 2- Voxx M- $88
BOBBY FULLER FOUR- Best Of The Bobby Fuller Four- Rhino SS $60


THE GANTS- Road Runner- Liberty M- $99
THE GANTS- Gants Again- Liberty Mono SS $199
THE GANTS- Gants Galore- Liberty Mono SS $199
GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS- How Do You Like It?- (their debut LP) UK / Columbia (blue/black label) Mono VG+ $85
GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS- Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying- Laurie (deep groove black & gold label) Mono VG $22
GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS- Second Album- (US release of the 'How Do You Like It?' LP, & the 1st Stereo release for Laurie records) Laurie VG $28 or Laurie (deep groove black & gold label) Mono M $68
GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS- I'll Be There- Laurie (deep groove black & gold label) VG- $5 or Laurie (deep groove black & gold label) Mono EX+ $28
GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS- Girl On A Swing- Laurie SS $99
GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS- Greatest Hits- Laurie (deep groove black & gold label) EX $18 or VG $8 or Laurie (deep groove black & gold label) Mono VG+ $18 or Laurie (deep groove black & gold label) Mono VG $12
JIMMY GILMER & THE FIREBALLS- Sugar Shack- Dot Mono VG+ $16 or VG- $9
JIMMY GILMER & THE FIREBALLS- The Sugar Shackers- Crown Mono M- $30
JIMMY GILMER & THE FIREBALLS- Sensational Crown Mono SS $40
JIMMY GILMER & THE FIREBALLS- Bottle Of Wine- Atco SS $25 or M $20
JIMMY GILMER & THE FIREBALLS- Firewater (cover as by The Fireballs) Dot M $25
GLACIERS- From Sea To Ski- (Surfin' Guitar Instro Group) Mercury Mono SS $88 or M $65
GO-GO'S- Swim With The Go-Go's- (60s surf group produced by Al Schmidt. Some Gary Usher & Roger Christian involvement. They also recorded as 'The Munsters'. Bill Wild later played in Ruben & The Jets) RCA Mono M- $66
THE GOLDTONES- Live! At The Teenbeat Club In Las Vegas!- (featuring Randy Seol, who later went on to The Strawberry Alarm Clock) La Brea EX $175 or La Brea Mono VG+ $115 More Info
GOLLIWOGS- Pre-Creedence- (early 60s singles of Tom & John Fogerty; Doug Clifford & Stu Cook, otherwise hard-to-get, compiled here) Fantasy SS $55 or M $45
THE GOODEES- Candy Coated Goodees- (All-girl frat-pop vocal trio against a Muscle Shoals / Memphis soul-rock backdrop. Includes teen melodrama classic "Condition Red") Hip M- $68
LESLIE GORE- The Golden Hits Of Leslie Gore- (original issue w/ 12 cuts & proper printed lyric innersleeve) Mercury EX- $45 or Mercury Mono VG $18 (Write for more Leslie Gore LPs & 45s)
THE GRASSHOPPERS- The Grasshoppers Sing The Hits- ("All My Loving"; "A Hard Days Night"; "I Want To Hold Your Hand"; "My Bonnie" & other hits w/ The Liverpool Sound) Diplomat Mono M- $27
BOBBY GREGG- Let's Stomp & Wild Weekend- (His only solo LP, drummer Gregg later backed Bob Dylan on 'Bringing It All Back Home' & 'Highway 61 Revisited') Epic (deep groove yellow label) VG $14
JIMMY GRIFFIN- Summer Holiday- (Rare debut LP by pre-Bread member, arranged by Jack Nitzsche & produced by Jimmy Bowen) Reprise (tri-color label) M $76 or Reprise Mono DJ M $83


THE HAPPENINGS- Same- (aka The Tokens, w/ "See You In September") B.T. Puppy Mono M $22
HARPERS BIZARRE- Anything Goes- (w/ Dick Yount) Warner Bros M $24 or VG+ $14 or Mono EX $18
HARPERS BIZARRE- Feelin' Groovy- (w/ John Peterson of The Beau Brummels) Warner Bros Mono VG- $5
HARPERS BIZARRE- Harpers Bizarre 4- (w/ Ry Cooder) Warner Bros 7-Arts SS $30 or M- $18 or DJ M- $24
ROLF HARRIS- Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport & Sun Arise- Epic Mono VG $23
ROLF HARRIS- Singing The Court Of King Caractacus & Other Fun Songs- Epic SS $42 or DJ EX+ $33 or Epic Mono M $35 or Epic Mono DJ M- $35
BOBBY HEBB- Sunny- Philips VG $9 or Philips Mono M- $16
HELLO PEOPLE- Same- (Hungry Chuck; Remains; Kangaroo members) Philips SS $33
HELLO PEOPLE- Fusion (gatefold) Philips M- $30
JIMI HENDRIX- In The Beginning- (rare 1966 NYC recording session) Germany / Bellaphon M $48
JIMI HENDRIX- What'd I Say- (Live, New Jersey 1965 w/ Curtis Knight) UK / MFP M $35
JIMI HENDRIX- Superpak II- (2-LP Set of obscure early works) Trip M- $45
JIMI HENDRIX- At His Best Vol 3- (1964 Mike Ephron Recordings) UK / Sagapan M $43
JIMI HENDRIX & LITTLE RICHARD- Friends From The Beginning- (circa 1964 Vee-Jay sides, w/ previously unreleased: "Funky Dish Rag"; "Belle Stars"; "Why Don't You Love Me" plus instrumental reworkings of "Lucille" & "Keep A-Knockin'". Don "Sugarcane" Harris on bass) ALA M- $33
THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE & OTIS REDDING- Historic Performances- (Recorded Live At The Montery International Pop Festival) Reprise M $18 or M- $14
HERMAN'S HERMITS- Best Of Herman Hermits- (gatefold cover) MGM VG $5 or MGM Mono VG $9 or Taiwan / Zone Sound (CSJ-279 w/ Rare Cover Art) M $28
HERMAN'S HERMITS- Best Of Herman Hermits Volume 2- MGM Mono M- $16 or MGM Mono (w/ poster) M- $25
THE HOLLIES- History Of British Pop Vol 9- (12 early hits) Holland / Odeon SS $50
THE HOLLIES- Greatest Hits- Imperial (pre-UA black & green label) EX- $24 or Imperial (pre-UA black & green label) Mono EX $28 or VG- $5
HOMBRES- Let It Out- (w/ B. B. Cunningham later to back Jerry Lee Lewis) Verve M $66 or M- $55 or EX $44
THE HONDELLS- Go Little Honda- Mercury Mono M- $45 or Mono EX+ $38 or Mono VG+ $18
THE HONDELLS- Same- Mercury Mono EX+ $45 or Mono VG+ $28
THE HONDELLS- Third Gear: The Singles Collection- Sweden / Star Club Mono M $66
THE HONEYCOMBS- Here Are The Honeycombs Singing Have I The Right & Other Hits- (Joe Meek production) Interphon EX $38 or VG $22 or Interphon Mono VG $26
THE HONEYCOMBS- All Systems Go!- (Joe Meek production w/ lyric insert) Japan / PRT Mono M $75
JOE HOUSTON- Doin' The Twist- Crown (gray label) Mono M- $45
JOE HOUSTON- Surf Rockin'- Crown (gray label) VG $24 or Crown (gray label) Mono VG $28
GEORGE HUDSON & THE KINGS OF TWIST- It's Twistin' Time- Capitol EX- $45 Scarce!
HULLABALOOS- England's Newest Singing Sensations- Roulette Mono SS $66 or M- $44 or EX $33 or Roulette Mono (w/ NYP-659 printed on back cover) EX $38
HULLABALOOS- The Hullabaloos On Hullabaloo- Roulette Mono SS $70 or Roulette Mono VG $25
HUMBLE PIE- As Safe As Yesterday Is- (w/ Peter Frampton & Steve Mariott) Immediate EX $28 or UK / Immediate (pink label w/ lyric innersleeve ) M $48
HUMBLE PIE- Town & Country- Daffodil M- $50
HUMBLE PIE- Lost & Found- (2-LP Set of their 1st two albums) A&M VG $9
DANNY HUTTON- Pre-Dog Night- (ex-Three Dog Night, circa 1966 tracks) MGM SS $40

I - J

IAN & THE ZODIACS- Same- (Great UK Mod-Garage Mersey Beat) Philips Mono M $150
THE IN-SECT- Introducing The In-Sect Direct From England- RCA / Camden VG- $16
THE INVICTAS- À Go-go- (Upstate New York garage stomp originally out on Sahara Records, not to be confused w/ the surf group of the same name) France / Eva SS $70
THE IVY LEAGUE- Tossing & Turning- (UK group w/ John Carter & Ken Lewis, both of The Southerners, plus Perry Ford. All three were session singers w/ vocal ranges that extended to falsetto. They were 1st heard doing background vocals for The Who on their hit "I Can't Explain") Cameo Mono SS $120
CHUBBY JACKSON- Twist Calling- (A-Side has jazz bassist Chubby Jackson calling the twist steps ala a square dance or Arthur Murray dance instruction record. B-Side has same songs as instrumentals) Laurie Mono M- $28 or EX+ $24 or VG+ $18
JAN & DEAN- Take Linda Surfin'- (w/ The Beach Boys) Liberty M $88 or Liberty Mono VG $22
JAN & DEAN- Drag City- Liberty Mono EX $38
JAN & DEAN- Dead Man's Curve / New Girl In School- (color cover) Liberty VG- $5
JAN & DEAN- Little Old Lady From Pasadena- (w/ Brian Wilson on title track) Liberty VG $12 or Mono VG- $8
JAN & DEAN- Command Performance / Live In Person- (w/ The Fantastic Baggies) Liberty SS $55 or VG+ $16
JAN & DEAN- Folk 'N Roll- Liberty Mono EX+ $35
JAN & DEAN- Filet Of Soul- Liberty Mono M $45
JAN & DEAN- Jan & Dean Meet Batman-(Their last LP is an astounding homage to the caped crusader) Liberty EX+ $58
JAN & DEAN- Popsicle- (Released a year after Jan's accident, this is a collection of previously released & unreleased studio tracks & song writing collaborations w/ Brian Wilson) Liberty Mono EX+ $35 or VG- $6
JAN & DEAN- Oddities- (17 early rare cuts, Ltd edition) Magic Carpet SS $75 or Magic Carpet (PICTURE DISC) unplayed M $75
JAN & DEAN- Legendary Masked Surfers- (2-LP Set 33 rarities) Blue Pacific SS $95 or M $68
JAN & DEAN- The Best Of Jan & Dean- Liberty M $16
JAN & DEAN- The Very Best Of Jan & Dean Vol 1- United Artists M $14
JAN & DEAN- Golden Hits- Liberty Mono EX- $17
JAN & DEAN- Golden Hits Volume 2- Liberty Mono EX+ $20 or Mono VG+ $9
JAN & DEAN- Heart & Soul Of Jan & Dean- (4 rare cuts J&D recorded for Challenge Records, the rest by The Satellites. Scarce heavy vinyl w/ original motor bike cover) Design (Stereo Spectrum) EX $38 or Design Mono EX+ $38 or VG $23
JAN & DEAN- Jan & Dean With The Soul Surfers- (4 rare cuts J&D recorded for Challenge Records, the rest by The Soul Surfers) L-J (101) Mono M- $45 or VG $25
BOBBY JAY & THE HAWKS- Everybody's Doin' It Vol. 1: The Watusi- Warner Bros (Vitaphonic) Mono DJ M $65
BOBBY JAY & THE HAWKS- Everybody's Doin' It Vol. 2: The Ska- Warner Bros (Vitaphonic) Mono DJ EX $35
BRUCE JOHNSTON- Surfin' 'Round The World- (Rare solo debut by future Beach Boy, produced by Terry Melcher) Columbia Mono DJ M $185
BILL JUSTIS- Plays 12 More Big Instrumental Hits- ("Rebel Rouser"; "Raunchy"; "The Lonely Bull"; "Telstar"; Wheels"; "Last Night"; "more) Smash Mono M- $9


KEITH- 98.6 / Ain't Gonna Lie- Mercury Mono EX+ $25 or VG+ $18
KEITH- Out Of Crank- Mercury SS $35
KEITH- The Adventures Of Keith- RCA M $30
KINGS ROAD- Let It Be- (Beatle'sploitation studio group is Hobbits related) Pickwick VG+ $18
KINGS ROAD- The Beatles 1962-1970- (2-LP Gatefoldd Set) Pickwick VG+/EX $24
THE KINGSMEN- In Person (featuring "Louie Louie") Wand Mono M- $27 or VG+ $14 or VG- $4
THE KINGSMEN- On Campus- Wand M- $30 or Wand Mono EX $18 or Wand Mono (rare black & white label) EX $30
THE KINGSMEN- Up & Away- Wand SS $40 or EX+ $24 or Wand Mono VG- $5
THE KINGSMEN- More Great Sounds Vol II- (includes "Death Of An Angel") Wand Mono VG- $8
THE KINGSMEN- Volume 3- (includes "Jolly Green Giant") Wand VG- $7 or Wand Mono M- $30 or EX+ $22 or EX- $16
THE KINGSMEN- 15 Great Hits- Wand M- $30 or Wand Mono VG- $5
THE KINKS- You Really Got Me- (Debut LP) Reprise Mono EX $50 or VG $17
THE KINKS- Kink-Size- (US release only) Reprise EX- $33 or Reprise Mono M- $55 or EX- $38 or VG+ $26 or VG- $8
THE KINKS- Kinda Kinks- Reprise Mono VG $30 or Canada / Marble Arch SS $40 or M $35 or Canada / Marble Arch Mono SS $45
THE KINKS- Kinkdom- (has "A Well Respected Man"; "Who'll Be the Next in Line"; "Never Met A Girl Like You Before" & other great songs) Reprise (1st track needs weighted tone-arm) M- $5 or Reprise Mono EX $40
THE KINKS- Face To Face- (produced by Shel Talmy w/ hits: "Dandy"; "Sunny Afternoon") Reprise M $42
THE KINKS- The Live Kinks- Reprise M- $28
THE KINKS- Greatest Hits- Canada / Marble Arch SS $38 or Canada / Marble Arch M- $24
THE KINKS- Greatest Hits!- Reprise (gold label) M- $28 or Reprise (orange & gold label) VG- $5 or Reprise Mono (riverboat label) VG+ $28
KNICKERBOCKERS- The Fabulous Knickerbockers- Lies- (w/ Bill Crandall ex-Royal Teens) Challenge (Original rare black & silver label. Title of LP not on label) M $225 or Challenge (Original standard blue & silver label) Mono M $165 or Germany / London (Original) M- $165 or Germany / Line / Impact (white vinyl edition) M $75
BILLY J. KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS- Little Children- (George Martin production includes "Bad To Me" & "I'll Keep You Satisfied" + 1 more also written by John Lennon & Paul McCartney) Imperial (black & pink label) Mono M $45 or Mono EX $22
BILLY J. KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS- I'll Keep You Satisfied- (George Martin production includes "I'll Be On My Way" & "From A Window" + title cut & 1 more also written by John Lennon & Paul McCartney) Imperial (black & pink label) Mono M $45 or Mono M- $35
BILLY J. KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS- Trains & Boats & Planes- Imperial (black & pink label) VG+ $28
BOB KUBAN & THE IN-MEN- Look Out For The Cheater- (w/ Walter Scott) Musicland M $90 or Musicland Mono M $80 or VG+ $40 or VG- $14


PIERRE LeBON & THE SEPARA-TWISTS- LeBon Twist- Canada / Rusticana Mono VG- $16
MAJOR LANCE- Monkey Time (And Other Dance Party Hits)- Okeh EX $48
DICKEY LEE- The Tale Of Patches- Smash VG $18
LEAPY LEE- Little Arrows- Decca M- $17 or Decca DJ M $33
THE LEGENDS- Let Loose- (Milwaukee's finest during the early-mid 1960s. Sam McCue later backed The Everly Bros; then joined Crowfoot) Capitol M $85 or VG- $25
JERRY LEE LEWIS- The Session- (recorded in London w/ Alvin Lee; Klaus Voorman; Peter Frampton; Tony Ashton; Matthew Fisher; Rory Gallagher; Gary Wright; Ray Smith; others. 2-LP Set w/ die-cut cover & innersleeves) Mercury EX+ $33 (Write for more Jerry Lee Lewis LPs available)
JERRY LEE LEWIS- 'Live' At The Star Club, Hamburg- (April 5, 1964 w/ backing by The Nashville Teens, making this their debut recording. Regarded as one of the wildest live LPs ever! Rare original pressing, said to have better sound quality than CD reissue) UK / Philips M $88
THE LIFEGUARDS- C'Mon & Swim- Wyncote EX $25
THE LIONS- Twist With The Lions- (arranged by Billy Mure) Metro EX- $18
LITTLE EVA- L-L-L-L-Loco-Motion- (w/ backing vocals by The Cookies. Includes "Keep Your Hands Off Of My Baby") UK / London / Decca SS $66 or M $55
LIVERPOOL KIDS- Beatle Mash- (aka The Schoolboys. One of the 1st Beatle exploitation LPs on the market, pre-dating The Beatles arrival in America & their TV appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show) Palace Mono VG+ $38
THE LIVERPOOLS- Beatle Mania!- Wyncote (green/red/yellow cover) Mono EX $38 or Wyncote (red/white cover) Mono VG $17 or VG- $7
PAUL LIVERT & THE LIONS- Chicken Twist Vol 2- Metro Mono M $24
TRINI LOPEZ- At PJ's- (Live) Reprise Mono M- $12 or VG $5
TRINI LOPEZ- Live At Basin Street East- Reprise Mono VG $6
TRINI LOPEZ- Greatest Hits- Reprise EX+ $16
LOS BRAVOS- Black Is Black- Press M $60 or Press Mono SS $65 or Mono VG $30
LOVIN' SPOONFUL- Do You Believe In Magic?- Kama Sutra Mono VG $9
LOVIN' SPOONFUL- Daydream- Kama Sutra Mono M- $12
LOVIN' SPOONFUL- Everything Playing- Kama Sutra VG $9
LOVIN' SPOONFUL- Hums Of The Lovin' Spoonful- Kama Sutra M $12 More Info


THE MAMAS & PAPAS- THE MAMAS THE PAPAS- If You Can Believe Your Eyes & Ears- (w/ P.F. Sloan; Hal Blaine) Brasil / RCA (DLP-5001) Mono VG $14
THE MAMAS & PAPAS- THE MAMAS THE PAPAS- People Like Us- Dunhill SS $22
THE MANCHESTERS- Beatlerama- (The Manchesters are aka "Randy Andy & The Candymen" w/ David Gates) Diplomat (DS-2307) EX $44 or Diplomat Mono EX $38
THE MANCHESTERS- Beatlerama Vol. 2- (These Manchesters are aka The Chartbusters who previously hit w/ "She's The One" & "Why (Doncha Be My Girl)", which appear here as alternate versions of their Mutual Records singles hits) Diplomat (D-2310) Mono EX $50
THE MANCHESTERS- A Hard Day's Night- (These Manchesters are aka "Randy Andy & The Candymen" w/ David Gates) Diplomat (no group name listed on label) Mono VG $28
MANFRED MANN- The Manfred Mann Album- Ascot VG+ $16 or Ascot Mono EX $38 or Mono VG+ $16 or Mono VG- $3
MANFRED MANN- The Five Faces Of Manfred Mann- (w/ Paul Jones) Ascot EX+ $28 or Ascot Mono SS $40
MANFRED MANN- Pretty Flamingo- (w/ Jack Bruce) United Artists Mono SS $45 or VG+ $18
MANFRED MANN- Greatest Hits- United Artists M- $18 or United Artists Mono VG $7
MANFRED MANN- The Mighty Quinn- (w/ Mike D'Abo ex-Band Of Angels, plus Klaus Voormann) Mercury VG $14
THE MANISH BOYS bw/ DAVY JONES & THE LOWER THIRD- (4-Song 10" EP. Produced by Shel Talmy. Side One: The Manish Boys "I Pity The Fool" & "Take My Tip"; Side Two: Davy Jones & The Lower 3rd "You've Got A Habit Of Leaving" & "Baby Loves That Way". Both groups feature a young David Bowie) UK / Charlie / See For Miles (CYM-1) Mono SS $43
THE MARKETTS- Out Of Limits- (hot surf instrumental group w/ solid drumming & a great Phil Spector sensibility) Warner Bros Mono M $70 or VG- $16
THE MARKETTS- The Batman Theme- Warner Bros DJ Mono M $75
THE MARKETTS- Take To Wheels- (w/ Plas Johnson, produced by Joe Saraceno) Warner Bros M- $33
THE MARKETTS- Sun Power- Liberty EX+ $22
THE MARKETTS- AM, FM, Etc.- Mercury SS $33
GEORGE MARTIN- London By George- United Artists SS $44 or M- $28
GENE McDANIELS- Spanish Lace- Liberty VG+ $8 (Write for more Gene McDaniels LPs)
THE MERCY- Love Can Make You Happy- (Tampa, Fla group produced by Jack Sigler, first performed this would-be hit in the film "Fireball Jungle") Sundi M- $44
LES MERSEY'S- Le Premier- (Montreal, Quebec Rolling Stones inspired mod-beat garage-pop w/ ex-Blue Men & pre-Sinners members) Canada DSP / Idole (304) Mono M- $199
LES MERSEY'S- 21 Disques D'Or- Les Archives (AQ-21020) SS $120
THE MONKEES- Greatest Hits- Arista (4089 Original Issue Catalog Number) EX $9 (Write for more Monkees LPs)
MONTAGE-Same- (Scarce Left Banke spinoff w/ Unipak cover) Laurie SS $145
CHRIS MONTEZ- Let's Dance & Have Some Kind Of Fun- UK / London-Monogram Mono (original) VG+ $125
CHRIS MONTEZ- Watch What Happens- A&M EX $17 or A&M DJ EX+ $25
CHRIS MONTEZ- Time After Time- A&M Mono VG $9
MOODY BLUES- The Magnificent Moodies- (UK Only Debut LP w/ exclusive line-up of Dennie Laine; Clint Warwick; Mike Pinder; Ray Thomas; Graeme Edge) UK / Decca (LK-4711) Mono M $165
MOODY BLUES- #1 Go Now!- (their US Only debut LP w/ 4 different songs & different song-order than their UK debut LP) London M $44 (Write for more Moody Blues)
LAS MOSQUITAS- Same- (Great girl group from Argentina w/ Spanish language versions of "Be My Baby"; "I Only Want To Be With You" & lots of groovy 60s surf / twist / dance sounds. Rare party record w/ cute cover art too!) Mardi Gras Mono M- $495
THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION- The XXX Of The Mothers- (gatefold) Verve M- $48 or EX $35
THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION- Pop History Volume 7- (Best of 2-LP Set w/ gatefold) Germany / Polydor EX- $48
MUNGO JERRY- Same- (The PYE History Of Rock Music) Pye SS $38
THE MUNSTERS- Same- (The Munsters TV show characters are only pictured on the cover, along with their cool George Barris designed 'Munster Koach' custom car, but do not appear on this scarce novelty cash-in, performed uncredited mostly by RCA records surf trio, The Go-Go's: Jim Infield; Roger Yorke & Bill Wild, pre-Ruben & The Jets. Produced by Joe Hooven & Hal Winn, the guys behind Johnny Crawford's hits, & who later founded the Double-Shot label) Decca Mono VG- $48

N - O

NASHVILLE TEENS- Tobacco Road- London (Original maroon label w/ unboxed logo) Mono M- $88
RICK NELSON- Four You- (4-Song 10") Epic Nu Disk SS $18
SANDY NELSON- Let There Be Drums- Imperial EX+ $12 or VG $7
SANDY NELSON- Drums À Go-Go- Imperial Mono VG+ $9
SANDY NELSON- Drum Discotheque- Imperial VG $8
SANDY NELSON- Best Of The Beats- Imperial (girl on cover) SS $38 or Imperial (Sandy on cover) Mono M $28 or Imperial (Sandy on cover) Mono EX $12
SANDY NELSON- 'In' Beat- Taiwan / Zone Sound (CSJ-286) EX- $24 Scarce!
SANDY NELSON- Cheetah Beat- Imperial VG+ $18
SANDY NELSON- Walkin' Beat!- Sunset M- $14
SANDY NELSON- Superdrums!- Imperial EX $22
SANDY NELSON- Be True To Your School- Imperial Mono M- $14
SANDY NELSON- Rock 'N Roll Revival- (w/ Jim Horn; James Burton; Al Casey; Larry Knechtel; Don Randy) Imperial EX- $18 (Write for more Sandy Nelson LPs)
THE NEP-TUNES- Surfer's Holiday- Family (SFLP-552) EX $88 or VG $58 Scarce!
NEW COLONY SIX- Colonization- (6:58 version of "Mister You're A Better Man Than I" mis-timed on the LP jacket as 7:55) Sentar SS $199 or Sentar Mono SS $199 or M- $99
THE NEW DIMENSIONS- Deuces & Eights- (Hot Rod Surf Instros) Sutton Mono EX $99
NEW VAUDEVILLE BAND- Winchester Cathedral- (Has original recorded version of "There's A Kind Of Hush" later a hit cover for Herman's Hermits. A Geoff Stephens creation w/ vocals by John Carter of the Ivy League / Flowerpot Men. Carter & Stephens teamed up on numerous catchy pop songs in the 60s, including the magnificent "My World Fell Down" recorded by Sagittarius) Fontana EX+ $22 or VG $7
NEW VAUDEVILLE BAND- On Tour- (w/ Bob Kerr, ex-Bonzo Dog Band, pre-Whoopee Band) Fontana EX $16
THE NICE- The Immediate Story Vol 1- (2-LP Set) Immediate / Sire SS $30 (Write for more LPs by The Nice)
THE NIGHTCAPS- Wine, Wine, Wine- (early 60s frat-rock combo from Dallas, Texas w/ Billy Joe Shine, was an influence on Stevie Ray Vaughan & ZZ Top) Vandan Mono M- $125 or 2nd Pressing M- $80 or Baron Records (Collectors reissue on Colored Vinyl) M- $40
THE NOW GENERATION- Come Together- (Studio group w/ Jimmy Buffett; Bill Purcell; Pig Robbins; Henry Strzelecki; David Briggs; Norbert Putnam; Bob Moore; & other Nashville greats perform contemporary hits of the day by Elvis; Monkees; Archies; Roy Orbison; others, including a rockin' Tony Sheridan & The Beatles style version of "My Bonnie") Spar VG $44 Scarce!
THE NOW GENERATION- Hits Are Our Business- (Studio group w/ Jimmy Buffett; Bill Purcell; Pig Robbins; Henry Strzelecki; David Briggs; Norbert Putnam; Bob Moore; & other Nashville greats perform contemporary hits of the day by The Beatles; Rolling Stones; Sam The Sham; Nancy Sinatra; Creedence; Rascals; others) Spar M- $80
THE ORIGINAL SURFARIS- Wheels, Shorts, Hot-Rods- (They were known as The Surfaris, until another group calling themselves The Surfaris had a hit w/ "Wipe Out") Diplomat VG- $4 or Diplomat Mono VG+ $24
THE ORLONS- Biggest Hits- Cameo Mono M- $55
THE OUTCASTS- Live! Standing Room Only- (1957 concert by the Manhasset, New York garage rock group, plus stuido &l previously unreleased tracks) Cicadelic Mono SS $44
THE OUTSIDERS- Time Won't Let Me- (Their debut LP w/ Jimmy Fox pre-James Gang) Capitol Mono EX $40 or VG- $4
THE OUTSIDERS- In- (Has original recording of "Bend Me Shape Me" later a hit for The American Breed) Capitol Mono VG- $6
THE OUTSIDERS- Happening Live! (Their last LP before Sonny Geraci & Walter Nims formed 'Climax' & hit w/ "Precious & Few") Capitol VG $22 or Capitol Mono VG $16

P - Q

EARL PALMER- Percolator Twist- Liberty Mono VG- $12
THE PANICS- Discotheque Dance Party- (South Philly soul-twist combo w/ Lou Lupo, Live in New Jersey) Philips Mono VG- $9
PAUL & PAULA- We Go Together- Philips Mono M- $33
PAUL & PAULA- Sing For Young Lovers- Philips VG- $6 or Mono M- $33 or Mono EX $22
PAUL & PAULA- Holiday For Teens- Philips M $42 or Philips Mono SS $46 or Mono M $33 or Mono VG+ $22
DANNY PEPPERMINT- Twist! Carlton VG- $12 or Carlton Mono VG+ $22
PETER & GORDON- A World Without Love- (Title song written by Paul McCartney who was dating Jane Asher, sister of Peter) Capitol Mono M $24 or VG+ $9
PETER & GORDON- I Don't Want To see You Again- (Their 2nd LP, peaking at #95, was very under-achieving considering it had two Lennon/McCartney penned songs) Capitol Mono VG+ $24 Scarce!
PETER & GORDON- I Go To Pieces- (US only LP w/ "Sleepless Nights" & "Good Morning Blues") Capitol VG- $5 or Capitol Mono EX+ $33 or Mono VG- $5
PETER & GORDON- True Love Ways- Capitol Mono VG $12
PETER & GORDON- Woman- Capitol VG $9 or Capitol Mono M- $12
PETER & GORDON- Lady Godiva- Capitol Mono VG+ $9 or Asia / Lux (2006 w/ alternative cover art) M- $24
PETER & GORDON- Knight In Rusty Armour- Capitol EX $18 or Capitol Mono M- $20
PETER & GORDON- In London For Tea- Capitol Mono M $
PETER & GORDON- Hot & Cold Custard- (Pop-Psych US Only LP) Capitol SS $95 Rare!
THE PHANTOMS- Wheels & Other Guitar Hits- (instrumentals) Canada / Arc EX $40
GENE PITNEY- The Big Hits- Musicor M $18 (Write for more Gene Pitney titles available)
GENE PITNEY & THE NEWCASTLE TRIO- Same- Stereo Spectrum / Design EX $9 or Design Mono M- $12
BRIAN POOLE & THE TREMELOES- Brian Poole Is Here!- Audio Fidelity Mono SS $70
PREMIERS- Farmer John Live- Warner Bros (signed by Lester Bangs) EX+ $68 or Warner Bros Vitaphonic Mono SS $99 or Vitaphonic Mono (signed by L. Bangs on back cover) M $99 or Vitaphonic Mono DJ VG $33
ELVIS PRESLEY- Elvis Is Back- (gatefold) RCA Mono VG- $2
LOUIS PRIMA- Doin' The Twist With Louis Prima- Dot Mono EX $20
THE PYRAMIDS- Penetration- What Records SS $99


BOOTS RANDOLPH- Yakety Sax!- (His tenor sax is a cornerstone of the Nashville sound) Monument EX+ $12
BOOTS RANDOLPH- Yakety Revisited- Monument M- $14
BOOTS RANDOLPH- King Of Yakety- Monument M- $14
BOOTS RANDOLPH- Sax-Sational!- Monument M- $12
BOOTS RANDOLPH- The Yakin' Sax Man- Camden (original label w/ aqua blue & dark blue top & light blue bottom) EX $5
THE RASCALS- The Young Rascals- Atlantic (orange/purple) Mono VG- $6 or (purple/gold) Mono VG $4
THE RASCALS- Time Peace: Greatest Hits- (Unipak cover) Atlantic (blue/green label) EX- $12 or VG $9 or VG- $2 or Atlantic (red/green label w/ gatefold) M $12
THE RATTLES- Liverpool Beat / Live Im Star-Club Hamburg- Vol 1- Germany / Ariola SS $65
THE RATTLES- Liverpool Beat- Vol 2- Germany / Ariola SS $65
DIANE RAY- The Exciting Years- (includes "Please Don't Talk To The Lifeguard", a hit for Diane, but originally recorded by Andrea Carroll) Mercury (red label) VG+ $99 or Mercury (deep groove gold label) DJ Mono VG $65
RED RYDERS- Same- (instrumental combo) Mercury VG+ $40 Rare!
THE REFLECTIONS- Just Like Romeo & Juliet- Golden World Mono M $165 or M- $125 or EX+ $98
THE REMAINS- Same- (the Mono studio tapes of The Remains' mixes are gone) Epic Mono M $299 or Spoonfed SS $99
THE REMAINS- Live In Boston- France / Eva SS $88
DIANE RENAY- Navy Blue- (backibng vocals by The Toys) 20th Century Fox VG $55 or 20th Century Fox Mono SS $125
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS- Here They Come!- Columbia (360 Sound) VG $20 or Columbia (360 Sound) Mono VG+ $25
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS- Just Like Us!- (Has the original recording of "Action", later a hit for Freddie Cannon. The song was modeled after "Shim Sham Shuffle" by Ricky Lyons) Columbia (360 Sound) Mono VG- $5
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS- Midnight Ride With Paul Revere & The Raiders- Columbia (360 Sound) Mono M- $30 or Mono EX+ $24
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS- The Spirit Of '67- (early pop-psych answer to the Beatles' Revolver album) Columbia (360 Sound) EX $22 or VG+ $14 or Columbia Mono M- $40 or Mono EX+ $33 or Mono VG $12 or Mono VG- in stereo jacket $2
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS- Revolution!- Columbia (360 Sound) M $40 or VG $12 or VG- $4 or Columbia Mono EX $28 or VG $14
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS- A Christmas Present... & Past- Columbia (360 Sound) M $35 or Mono VG $22
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS- Goin' To Memphis- Columbia M- $22
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS- Something Happening- Columbia M $33
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS- Alias Pink Puzz- (gatefold) Columbia (w/ filled-in fan club insert) VG+ $24 or Columbia (wo/ fan-club insert) VG $12 or VG- $3
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS- Collage- (Unipak cover) Columbia M- $30
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS- Same- (reissue of their rare LP on Sande, minus 2 tracks, w/ Peter Max style cover art) Pickwick VG+ $9
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS- Greatest Hits- (Volume 1) Columbia (35593) M $9 or Columbia (2662 w/ 8 page booklet of pix from 'Where The Action Is' TV show) Mono VG+ $28
TEDDY REYNOLDS & THE TWISTERS- The Twist- (w/ foot diagrams on back cover) Crown (gray label) M $40 or Crown (black label w/ color crown logo. Song titles on back cover) M- $28
CLIFF RICHARD- Cliff's Hit Album- (Best of w/ The Shadows & Norrie Paramor) UK / Columbia (flipback) Mono EX- $58
THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS- Some Blue Eyed Soul- Moonglow Mono M $52 or VG $16
THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS- Right Now!- (Debut LP for Bobby Hatfield & Bill Medley) Moonglow VG- $6
THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS- This Is New!- Moonglow Mono M- $45 or Mono EX $38
THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS- The Best Of The Righteous Brothers- Moonglow Mono VG- $5
THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS- You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'- Philles (4007) Mono VG+ $18 or Mono VG $12 or Philles (T-90692 Capitol Record Club Edition) Mono VG $18
THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS- Just Once In My Life- Philles Mono VG+ $18 or Mono VG $12 or Mono VG- $5
THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS- Back To Back- Philles (4009) EX $23 or EX- $18 or Philles Mono M- $28 or Mono VG- $5
THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS- Soul & Inspiration- Verve (black label) VG- $6 or Verve (blue label) M $22 or VG $5
THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS- Go Ahead & Cry- Verve Mono M- $20
THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS- Sayin' Somethin'- Verve Mono VG $9
THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS- Souled Out- Verve M- $22 or VG $9
THE RIP CHORDS- Three Window Coupe- Columbia Mono M $80 or EX $48
THE RISING STORM- Calm Before The Rising Storm- (Boston area frat rockers cover The Remains & Rockin' Ramrods, plus add their own haunting original folk-ballads) France / Eva SS $58
JOHNNY RIVERS- The Sensational Johnny Rivers- Capitol Mono EX $22 or VG+ $14
JOHNNY RIVERS- In Action- (rare alternative cover art) Asia / Large World (LW- 297) EX $18
JOHNNY RIVERS- Meanwhile Back At The Whiskey Á-Go-Go- Imperial EX $18
JOHNNY RIVERS- Changes- (Contains the original recorded version of "By the Time I Get To Phoenix") Imperial VG $9
JOHNNY RIVERS- Golden Hits- Imperial M $25
ROBBIE ROBBER & THE HI-JACKERS- The Twist- (aka Robby Robber) Premier VG $18 or Premier Mono NM $25 or Premier Mono EX $16 or Spin-O-Rama Mono EX- $28
ROBBY ROBBER & THE HI-JACKERS- Let's Twist Again- Coronet (CX-157) Mono M- $38
ROCKIN' REBELS- Wild Weekend- Swan Mono EX- $88
ROCKY FELLERS- Killer Joe- (Manila-born Mindanao "Pop" Feller & his four sons) Sceptor Mono SS $99 or Mono M- $75 or Mono VG+ $40 or Mono VG $27 or Mono VG- $12
THE ROLLING STONES- Same- (England's Newest Hitmakers - No photo insert) US / London (PS-375 w/ deep rich blue & silver label w/ logo in box) M- $24 or Canada / London (LL-3375 w/ original textured cover & original silver logo in box on maroon label) ffrr Mono VG- $12
THE ROLLING STONES- Out Of Our Heads- (w/ Phil Spector on piano) London (original silver logo at top w/ no box, on maroon label) Mono VG+ $55 or VG $30 or VG- $9 or London (maroon label w/ silver box on top) Mono EX $135 or VG $44 or UK/ Decca (SKL-4733 navy label w/ Decca in ffss box. UK only pressing) M- $165 or UK / Decca (LK-4733 UK only pressing w/ grooved maroon ffrr ear label. BIEM & NCB box is on the left side of label. Side 2 label & back cover have Decca logo covered over, indicating it was imported to the US & not to be confused w/ the US Decca company) Mono VG $42
THE ROLLING STONES- December's Children- London (maroon label w/ silver box on top. Thick vinyl) Mono VG $25 or London (red label silver box on top. Different layout of type than maroon label) VG $20
THE ROLLING STONES- Big Hits- High Tide & Green Grass- (gatefold w/ booklet attached) London (original dark blue label w/ logo in silver box) VG $14 or UK / Decca (teal color ffrr label w/ silver print) Mono VG $95
THE ROLLING STONES- Big Hits Volume 2- Through The Past Darkly- (die-cut octagon shape gatefold cover) London EX- $14 or Germany / Decca (not die-cut) M- $75
THE ROSE GARDEN- Same- (SF sunshine-pop had a hit w/ the Kenny O'Dell song "Next Plane To London" featuring Diana DeRose. Pat Vegas & Gene Clark also contribute songs) Atco EX- $33
ROUND ROBIN- Lloyd Thaxton Presents The Land Of 1000 Dances- (backing band is The Soul Rascals, pre-6IX) Challenge (rare black & silver label w/ oval logo & "long-playing recording" along bottom) Mono EX $48
THE ROUTERS- Let's Go! - Warner Bros M $55 or Warner Bros Mono EX $40 or Mono VG $16
THE ROUTERS- Play 1963's Great Instrumental Hits- ('Wrecking Crew' members) Warner Bros DJ Mono VG $30 Scarce!
THE ROUTERS- Charge! Warner Bros Mono M $55 or Mono M- $44 or Mono EX+ $35
THE ROUTERS- Super Bird- Mercury SS $58
BOBBY RYDELL- (Write for info on LPs & 45s)
MITCH RYDER & THE DETROIT WHEELS- Take A Ride- New Voice M $55 or New Voice Mono EX $35
MITCH RYDER & THE DETROIT WHEELS- Breakout...!!!- (wo/ "Devil In A Blue Dress" & "Good Golly Miss Molly") New Voice NM $55 or New Voice Mono VG+ $34 or VG- $18
MITCH RYDER & THE DETROIT WHEELS- Breakout...!!!- (w/ "Devil In A Blue Dress"; & "Good Golly Miss Molly", but wo/ "Any Day Now") New Voice SS $48 or New Voice Mono VG+ $22 More Info
MITCH RYDER & THE DETROIT WHEELS- Sock It To Me!- New Voice Mono VG $17
MITCH RYDER & THE DETROIT WHEELS- All Mitch Ryder Hits!- (original issue) New Voice (S-2004) VG $12
MITCH RYDER & THE DETROIT WHEELS- Mitch Ryder Sings The Hits- (Unipak) New Voice M $45 or VG+ $23


SAM THE SHAM & THE PHARAOHS- Wooly Bully- MGM VG $18 or MGM Mono EX $38 or Mono VG+ $18
SAM THE SHAM & THE PHARAOHS- Their Second Album- MGM Mono M- $42 or EX $28 or MGM Mono DJ M- $47
SAM THE SHAM & THE PHARAOHS- On Tour- MGM VG- $8 or MGM Mono M- $42 or Capitol (T-90688 Record Club Edition) Mono VG $33
SAM THE SHAM & THE PHARAOHS- Li'l Red Riding Hood- MGM Mono SS $65 or Mono EX- $35 or Mono VG- $8 or Mono DJ EX+ $45
SAM THE SHAM & THE PHARAOHS- The Best Of Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs- ("Ready Or Not" only appears on this LP, & later became a hit for Jay & Techniques as "Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie". w/ gatefold) MGM Mono M- $55 or Mono EX $40
SANTO & JOHNNY- The Beatles Greatest Hits- Canadian American Mono M- $55 or EX $38 or VG $22 or VG- $5 (Write for more LPs by the Santo & Johnny Farina bros.)
THE SCAMPS- Teen Dance & Sing Along Party- (One of only 3 LPs released by the label. Lee Hazelwood involvement. No lyric sheets) Project Mono VG+ $24
THE SCHOOLBOYS- Beatle Mania: I Want To Hold Your Hand- (aka The Liverpool Kids. The 1st Beatle exploitation LP on the market, predating The Beatles arrival in America & their TV appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show) Palace (w/ brown & white cover) EX+ $64 or Palace (w/ pink cover) Mono EX $50
TOMMY SCOTT & THE BOYS- Sing Along With Beatles' Songs- (ex-Andy Stewart cohort performs great instrumental versions of early fab Beatles hits that you can sing to) UK / Decca / Ace Of Clubs M- $60 Rare!
THE SCRAMBLERS- Little Honda- (surf & bike songs w/ Jerry Cole include "Mister Hot Rod"; "G.T.O."; "Dragster On The Prowl", & more) Wyncote VG- $9 or Wyncote Mono VG $28
THE SCRAMBLERS- Cycle Psychos- (w/ Jeerry Cole) Crown EX $45 or Mono EX $48
THE SEARCHERS- Meet The Searchers- Kapp EX- $28 or VG- $9 or Kapp Mono EX $35 or VG $15
THE SEARCHERS- This Is Us- Kapp Mono EX $28 or Mono VG $17
THE SEARCHERS- The New Searchers Lp- Kapp Mono (w/ "Bumble Bee" on top strip of front cover) VG+ $30 or Kapp Mono (wo/ "Bumble Bee" listed on top strip) SS $38 or M- $26 or EX $20
THE SEARCHERS- Searchers No. 4- Kapp Mono VG $22
THE SEARCHERS- Sounds Like The Searchers- Canada / Pye (NPL-30056) Mono EX $40
THE SEARCHERS- Take Me For What I'm Worth- Kapp M $50 or Canada / Pye (NPL-30079) Mono VG+ $36
THE SEARCHERS- Hear! Hear!- Mercury (red label) Mono EX- $33 (Write for more Searchers LPs)
THE SEARCHERS- Smash Hits- UK / Marble Arch (flip-back laminated cover) VG- $12
NEIL SEDAKA & THE TOKENS- Same- (Neil, backed by The Tokens, do 2 early songs; the remainer of the LP is rounded out by the mighty sounds of The Nomads, & The Birdwatchers) Vernon (original lavender & white stereo label) EX+ $43 or Vernon (original black & silver mono label) Mono EX- $28
THE SHADOWS- Surfing With The Shadows- Atlantic (green & blue label) VG $48 or Mono DJ EX+ $66
THE SHADOWS- The Shadows Know!!!!- Atlantic (red & purple label) Mono VG $68 Rare!
THE SHADOWS- The Sound Of The Shadows- (Lofthouse flipback cover) UK / Columbia (SCX-3554) M $55
THE SHADOWS- Specs Appeal- UK / EMI M $45
THE SHADOWS- More Hits!- UK / Columbia Mono M $58
THE SHADOWS- From Hank, Bruce, Brian & John- France / Columbia EX $45
THE SHADOWS- Live At The Paris Olympia- UK / EMI M $40
THE SHADOWS- Rarities- (16 songs, including "Boogatoo"; the freakbeaty "Scotch On The Socks"; "Sunday For Seven Days" & 3 rare instrumentals from 'Thunderbirds Are Go!) UK / EMI SS $55
THE SHADOWS- The Best Of The Shadows- (2-LP Gatefold Set) Germany / EMI / Columbia M $48
SHANGRI-LAS- Leader Of The Pack- Red Bird Mono VG $18 or Mono VG- $8
DEL SHANNON- Runaway With Del Shannon- (contains original recorded version of "His Latest Flame", later a hit for Elvis Presley) Big Top (black & silver label) Mono M- $110 or Mono VG+ $60
DEL SHANNON- Little Town Flirt- (also includes "Runaway"; "Hats Off To Larry"; "Runaround Sue", more) Big Top Mono EX $55 or VG- $17
DEL SHANNON- Handy Man- (contains early version of the Lennon / McCartney song "World Without Love") Amy Mono M- $88 or Mono EX- $58 or Mono VG $33
DEL SHANNON- One Thousand Six Hundred Sixty One Seconds With Del Shannon- (w/ "Keep Searchin", "Stranger In Town", "Do You Wanna Dance", "I Go To Pieces" more) Amy Mono VG $55
DEL SHANNON- The Vintage Years- (2-LP Set) Sire DJ NM $28 or Sire DJ VG $16
DEL SHANNON- The Best Of Del Shannon- Dot M- $40 or EX+ $35 or VG- $5 (Write for more Del Shannon)
DEE DEE SHARP- It's Mashed Potato Time- Cameo (original cover, before "Gravy" was a hit) Mono EX+ $48 or Mono EX $40 or Mono VG $28 or Mono VG- $8 or Cameo (2nd cover w/ starburst) Mono VG- $5
DEE DEE SHARP- All The Hits- Cameo Mono EX- $44 or Mono VG- $8
DEE DEE SHARP- All The Hits Vol 2- Cameo Mono EX+ $45 or G $1
DEE DEE SHARP- Do The Bird- Cameo Mono M- $45 or Mono VG- $5 or Cameo Mono DJ EX+ $55
DEE DEE SHARP- Biggest Hits- Cameo Mono EX $30 or Mono VG- $5 or Cameo Mono DJ EX $40 (Write for more Dee Dee Sharp)
SANDIE SHAW- Me- (2nd LP by cool British singer w/ cult status, discovered by Adam Faith) Reprise Mono SS $33
THE SHIRELLES- Greatest Hits Vol 2- Scepter VG $14 (Write for more Shirelles)
RUBY SHORT & HIS DRAGSTERS- Hot Rodders' Battle Rock & Roll- (Beatin' sax-led instro combo w/ organ & some wild guitar mixed w/ authentic drag-racing sound effects like loud mufflers, screeching tires & souped up engines make for a wild ride!) Palace Mono M- $88
NANCY SINATRA- Boots- Reprise VG $7 or Reprise Mono (Riverboat label) M- $28 or Reprise Mono DJ EX $50
NANCY SINATRA- How Does That Grab You?- Reprise M $27 or Reprise Mono DJ VG $30
MILLIE SMALL- My Boy Lollipop- (The Bluebeat Girl w/ a very young Rod Stewart on harmonica & backed by Brian Diamond & The Cutters of "Shake, Shout & Go" fame) Smash Mono VG+ $38 or VG $30
SONNY & CHER- Look At Us- (their debut album) Atco (original gold & grey label) Mono M- $14
SONNY & CHER- The Wondrous World Of Sonny & Cher- Atco VG $5
SONNY & CHER- Baby Don't Go- Reprise Mono EX- $12
SONNY & CHER- All I Ever Need Is You- Kapp VG- $2
SONNY & CHER- The Best Of Sonny & Cher- Atco (purple/tan label) EX+ $18 or Atco (yellow label) EX $9
SONNY & CHER- Greatest Hits- (2-LP Set) Atco M- $18
SONNY & THE EAGLES- Everybody Monkey- (Sonny Lester) United Artists VG $16
THE SOPWITH CAMEL- Same- (includes "Hello Hello" w/ Victor Moscoso cover art) Kama Sutra M $30
THE SORROWS- In Italy- (Coventry, UK Beat Group, relocated to Italy. Reissue of their Italian LP 'Old Songs New Songs' plus their rare 1st Italian single 'Take A Heart' / 'Baby' as bonus cuts) France / Eva SS $60
THE SOUVENIRS- Everybody's Doin' It- Reprise DJ EX $20 or DJ VG $14
SPANKY & OUR GANG- Like To Get To Know You- (Unipak cover w/ poster) Mercury EX $25
SPANKY & OUR GANG- Anything You Choose / Without Rhyme Or Reason- (their 3rd LP, includes "Give A Damn") Mercury DJ VG $9
SPANKY & OUR GANG- Live- (Elaine MacFarlane) Mercury DJ M- $30
THE SPI-DELLS- I'm Comin' Home- (mid-60s private pressing LP w/ Jack Andrews, Jimmy King, Charlie Robbins, Jerry Vallee & Don Perry of Taunton, Massachusetts, popular on Cape Cod) Demco VG $75 Rare!
SPIRIT- Same- Ode VG $14
THE SPOKESMEN- Dawn Of Correction- Decca Mono M- $40 or Mono EX $25 or Mono VG+ $18 or Mono DJ M $55
THE SPOTNICKS- The Story Of The Spotnicks- (2-LP retrospective of the legendary Swedish guitar group w/ Jimmy Nicol, the drummer who sat in w/ the Beatles in Holland when Ringo took ill) Germany / Polydor M $68 Scarce!
THE SPOTNICKS- The Spotnicks No 3- (w/ Jimmy Nicol) France / President VG $38
CRISPIAN ST. PETERS- The Pied Piper- Jamie Mono VG- $5
TERRY STAFFORD- Suspicion!- Crusader Mono EX $35
THE STANDELLS- Live In Person At P.J.'s- (their debut LP) Liberty Mono M- $155
THE STANDELLS- 'Live' & Out Of Sight- Sunset Mono M $55
THE STANDELLS- Dirty Water- Tower (T-5027) Mono EX+ $155 or Mono EX- $130 or Mono VG- $40
THE STANDELLS- Why Pick On Me / Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White- Tower (T-5044) Mono EX $145
THE STANDELLS- The Hot Ones!- Tower (5049) Mono VG+ $78
THE STANDELLS- Try It- Tower ST-5098) SS $135 or M $99 or VG $45
BILLY STRANGE- Limbo Rock- (The World's longest Limbo LP) Coliseum Mono VG $14
BILLY STRANGE- The Best Of Billy Strange- (Funky 12 String Guitar w/ The Transients) Surrey (black label) Mono VG+ $18 or Surrey (purple label) Mono VG $14
THE STRANGELOVES- I Want Candy- (Bob Feldman, Jerry Goldstein & Richard Gottehrer. Has original version of "Hang On Sloopy") Bang Mono VG- $14 or Canada / Bang Mono M- $88 or Germany / Outline SS $48
THE STRING-A-LONGS- Wide World Hits- Atco VG $18
THE STRING-A-LONGS- Pick A Hit- (featuring "Wheels") Warwick Mono VG $24
SUNNY & THE SUNLINERS- Talk To Me- (Produced by Huey P. Meaux) Tear Drop Mono SS $90 or EX- $45
SUNNY & THE SUNLINERS- Las Vegas Welcomes Sunny & he Sunliners- Tear Drop Mono M $55
THE SURFARIS- Wipe Out- (The original Surfaris recording of "Wipe Out" & "Surfer Joe". The other tracks are actually recorded by The Challangers under the Surfaris name) Dot VG $9 or Dot Mono VG $9 or Dot Mono VG- $5 or Dot Mono (back cover pictures 4 group members) EX+ $78 or Dot Mono (back cover pictures 4 group members) EX $65
THE SURFARIS- Hit City 64- (First pressing w/ backing vocals by The Honeys, plus blazing surf instros like "Scatter Shield" & "Earthquake". Gary Usher co-wrote "Wax, Board & Woodie" & also performs. Bassist Ken Forssi later joined Arthur Lee & Love) Decca VG+ $40 or Decca Mono EX- $45 or Mono VG+ $33 or Mono VG $25
SWINGIN' MEDALLIONS- Double Shot- (South Carolinia Beach Music Frat Combo) Smash Mono VG $18 or Mono VG- $5
SYNDICATE OF SOUND- Little Girl- Bell SS $75


KING SIZE TAYLOR & THE DOMINOS- Live At The Star-Club Hamburg Volume 1- Germany / Ariola SS $40
KING SIZE TAYLOR & THE DOMINOS- Live At The Star-Club Hamburg Volume 2- Germany / Ariola M $38
THE T-BONES- No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)- Liberty SS $33 or EX+ $18 or Mono SS $30
THE T-BONES- Sippin' 'N Chippin'- Liberty Mono M- $20
THE T-BONES- Everyone's Gone To The Moon (And Other Trips)- Liberty Mono EX+ $22 or EX- $14 or Liberty Mono DJ VG+ $14
THE T-BONES- Shapin' Things Up- Sunset Mono EX $14 or VG $4
THE TEENBEATS- Surf Bound- (Las Vegas' all-time great rock n' roll combo w/ rare 45's, unissued studio tracks, boss radio ads & killer live 1962 radio broadcasts! 1st pressing) Norton SS $24 More Info
36 TODAY!- The 'Now' Sound Of Young Music- (2-LP Set of unknown studio group(s) covering the hits of the day. Hear amazingly inept versions of The Rolling Stones' "Lady Jane", "Mother's Little Helper","Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadows?"; or other hits originally by The Beatles; Monkees; Kinks; Count 5; Hollies; Left Banke; Yardbirds; Los Bravos; Donovan; ? & The Mysterians; Swingin' Medallions. High camp for fans of The 'Underground Electrics') Columbia Record Club Mono VG+ $18
B.J. THOMAS- Tomorrow Never Comes- Scepter EX+ $9 (Write for more Billy Joe Thomas LPs)
B.J. THOMAS- Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head- (Unipak) Scepter EX $8
THE TIDES- Surf City / Surfin' USA & Other Surfin' Favorites- Mercury Wing SS $28
THE TOKENS- It's A Happening World- Warner Bros Mono SS $22 or EX $17
THE TOKENS- King's Of The Hot Rods- (Plus instrumentals by Hal Jones & The Wheelers) Diplomat Mono VG $22
TOMMY & THE TWISTERS- Let's All Do the Twist- (Produced by Herman Lubinsky of Savoy Record fame, & grandfather of T.J. Lubinsky, producer & director of many PBS Doo Wop programs) Regent Mono VG $22
THE TONGUES OF TROUTH / THE GRODES- Rough Diamonds: The History Of Garage Band Music, Vol. 2- (Tucson group best known for the original version of "Let's Talk About Girls". Includes Manny Fresier previously unreleased debut "I Won't Be There" recorded by Jerry Kasenetz w/ Gary Paxton) Voxx M $40
TONY'S TYGERS- Little By Little- (Milwaukee, Wisconsin garage band fronted by Tony Dancy who along w/ organist Craig Fairchild later went on as songwriting team for such TV shows as "The Brady Bunch" & "Flinstones". Joe Turano went on to back Micheal Bolton & Al Jarreau. Their only LP, produced by Jon Hall) Teen Town (102) M- $195 Rare!
TORNADOES- Telstar- (The Original Telstar w/ The Sounds Of The Tornadoes, a UK instrumental group w/ Heinz Burt & Alan Caddy, produced by Joe Meek) London (LL-3279 w/ maroon & silver ffrr 'ear' label) Mono M- $63 or VG $40
TORNADOES- The Sounds Of The Tornadoes- London (LL-3293 w/ maroon & silver ffrr 'ear' label) Mono VG- $28
GEORGE TORRES & THE TWISTERS- Let's Do The Twist- Seeco (Gold Series) EX $40
THE TORQUÉS- Zoom- (Excellent up-tempo surfin' frat-rock from Philips Andover prep school in Massachusetts) Kenneth Raymond Wright & Associates (of Princeton, New Jersey) Wiggins (WA-64-010) M- $595 Rare!
THE TOYS- The Toys Sing 'A Lover's Concerto' & 'Attack'- Dyno Voice SS $65 or Dyno Voice Mono SS $53 or Mono M $40 or Mono DJ M- $36
THE TRADEWINDS- Excursions- (ex-Videls Peter Anders (Andreoli) & Vinnie Poncia 1st LP. Later became The Innocence. Has "New York Is A Lonely Town" & the early psych-pop gem, "Mind Excursions") Kama Sutra SS $78 or M- $48
THE TRASHMEN- Surfin' Bird- (Minnesota Surf Garage coolness) Garrett (GAS1-SKIVA E5) M $75 or Garrett (LPGA-200 Dist. by Soma) Mono M $199 or Garrett (LPGA-200 Dist. by Soma) Mono VG $68
THE TROGGS- Wild Thing- (Title song written by Chip Taylor, brother of actor Jon Voight) Fontana M- $60 or Fontana (stereo LP in Mono cover) VG $38 or Fontana Mono VG+ $44 or Atco (original gold over gray label) Mono EX $63 or Atco (original gold over gray label) Mono VG- $18 (Note: Original Atco pressings are raraer than on Fontana)
THE TURTLES- It Ain't Me Babe- White Whale Mono EX+ $27 or VG- $5
THE TURTLES- You Babe- White Whale Mono VG $16
THE TURTLES- Happy Together- White Whale EX+ $28 or EX $20 or VG+ $14 or Mono VG- $5
THE TURTLES- Happy Together Again- (2-LP Set of greatest hits) Sire / ABC M $27
THE TURTLES- Golden Hits- (Cover art by Kittyhawk Graphics & Dean O. Torrence of Jan & Dean fame) White Whale (solid blue label) VG- $6 or White Whale (white & blue 'target' label) VG- $3
THE TURTLES- 1968- (4-Song Picture Disc) Rhino M- $17
TWIST PARTY- Same- (Artist Unknown) Palace Mono M- $22
THE TWISTERS- Doin' The Twist- (Obscure entry in the twist fad w/ nice stripped-down sound) Treasure Productions Mono VG+ $17

U - V - W

UNIT 4 + 2- #1- (different mix w/ more punch than stereo version) London (original maroon label w/ unboxed logo) Mono M- $120
PHIL UPCHURCH- The Big Hit Dances- United Artists Mono EX+ $48 or EX $40
ROCKY VALE & HIS SURFERS- Everybody's Surfin'- Strand Mono VG $88
VALJEAN- The Theme From Ben Casey- (plus themes to G.E. Theatre; Alcoa Premiere; Naked City; Dr. Kildare; Peter Gunn; Checkmate; & other TV Shows) Carlton M- $48
BOBBY VEE- The Night Has A Thousand Eyes- (w/ original version of "Go Away Little Girl") Liberty Mono EX+ $30 or Mono VG $9 or Mono DJ M- $48
BOBBY VEE- Sings The New Sound From England! Liberty Mono M- $33 or Mono EX+ $28 or Mono EX $22
BOBBY VEE- Gates, Grills & Railings- (gatefold) Liberty M- $28
BOBBY VEE- Merry Christmas From Bobby Vee- (w/ "Christmas Vacation" & "A Christmas Wish", not available on the reissue) Liberty Mono M $30 or Sunset (reissue of 'Merry Christmas From Bobby Vee' retitled as 'The Christmas Album') SS $18
THE VENTURES- Walk Don't Run- Dolton (dark blue label) VG $5 or Dolton (light blue label) Mono VG $5 or Taiwan / Zone Sound (CSJ-602) M- $48
THE VENTURES- Walk, Don't Run Vol 2- (w/ "Diamond Head") Dolton EX+ $18 or VG $6
THE VENTURES- Same- Dolton (light blue label) Mono M- $15
THE VENTURES- Another Smash- Dolton (light blue label) Mono EX+ $33
THE VENTURES- The Colorful Ventures- Dolton (light blue label) M $35 or Dolton (light blue label) Mono EX $14
THE VENTURES- Twist With The Ventures- Dolton (light blue label) EX+ $28 or Dolton (light blue label in 'Dance With The Ventures' jacket) Mono VG $2
THE VENTURES- Mashed Potatoes & Gravy- (w/ "Spudnik" which the Lively Ones retitled as "Surf Rider") Dolton (light blue label) Mono VG+ $16 or Dolton (dark blue label) Mono EX+ $20
THE VENTURES- The Ventures Play Telstar, The Lonely Bull & Others- Dolton VG $5
THE VENTURES- Surfing (Big Wave Rider Sammy Lee pictured on cover) Dolton Mono EX+ $15
THE VENTURES- Let's Go- Dolton (dark blue label) NM $12 or Dolton Mono EX+ $12
THE VENTURES- Á Go-Go- Dolton EX $7
THE VENTURES- The Ventures In Space- Dolton Mono M- $18 or Dolton Mono EX $12
THE VENTURES- The Fabulous Ventures- Dolton M- $20
THE VENTURES- Knock Me Out!- Dolton Mono VG $12
THE VENTURES- The Ventures' Christmas Album- Dolton (black & blue label) VG $14 or Dolton (blue label) Mono VG $18
THE VENTURES- Where The Action Is- Dolton (blue label) VG $8
THE VENTURES- Go With The Ventures!- Dolton M- $18
THE VENTURES- The Guitar Genius Of The Ventures- Sunset EX- $17
THE VENTURES- On The Scene- Liberty M- $20
THE VENTURES- $1,000,000.00 Weekend- Liberty M $12
THE VENTURES- Hawaii Five-0- Liberty EX- $12
THE VENTURES- The Versatile Ventures- Liberty (MCR-5) Mono EX- $18 Scarce!
THE VETTES- Rev Up- (cool hot rod LP w/ Bruce Johnston & Steve Douglas) MGM SS $225
THE VICEROYS- At Granny's Pad- (Founding member of this Seattle frat band, Jim Valley, went on to join 'Don & The Goodtimes' & 'Paul Revere & The Raiders'. Rare Original Issue) Bolo (8000) Mono M $135
BOBBY VINTON- Greatest Hits- Epic Mono VG $3 (Write for more Bobby Vinton LPs)
THE V.I.P.'S- Same- (2-LP gatefold set collects singles & EP tracks recorded 1964-1967. The band later changed their name to 'Art'. They were forerunners to bands like Spooky Tooth, Humble Pie & Mott The Hoople. w/ Keith Emerson; Mike Harrison; Greg Ridley; Luther Grosvenor, others) Australia / Funtona SS $70
THE VOGUES- Meet The Vogues- (The Racket Squad provide backing on "You're The One") Co&Ce (1229) Mono EX- $38 or Mono DJ M- $57
THE VOGUES- Five 0'Clock World- Co&Ce Mono EX $42
THE VOGUES- Turn Around, Look At Me- (w/ original version of "It's Getting Better" larer a hit for Mama Cass) Reprise W7 (original blue cover w/ drawing) EX $32 or Reprise W7 (photo of couple on cover) EX- $12
THE VOGUES- Till- Reprise EX+ $18 or VG+ $9
THE VOGUES- Greatest Hits- Reprise W7 DJ VG $12
THE WAIKIKIS- Greatest Hits From Hawaii- (surfer cover art) Kapp EX- $18
THE WAILERS- The Fabulous Wailers- (Their debut LP) Golden Crest (CR-3075 Large sized B&W band photo on front cover w/ 'Fabulous' in blue print & song titles in small black print. Considered to be the 1st cover version) Mono VG $140 or Golden Crest (CR-3075 Smaller B&W band photo on front cover w/ 'Fabulous' & song titles in multi-different colors. Considered the 3rd cover version) Mono VG+ $120 or Golden Crest (CR-3075 Same LP, but titled "The Wailers Wail" w/ no band photo on front cover & song titles in color on a black background. Song "Shanghied" mis-spelled as "Shanghaied") Mono SS $199 or Canada / Allied (Same LP, but titled "The Wailers Wail" w/ no band photo on front cover & song titles in color on a black background. Song "Shanghied" mis-spelled as "Shanghaied") Mono M- $220
THE WAILERS- At The Castle- (Featuring Rockin' Robin Roberts & Gail Harris) Etiquette Mono EX- $155
THE WAILERS- The Wailers & Co.- Etiquette Mono M- $235 or Mono VG- $44
THE WAILERS- Tall Cool One- Imperial Mono VG+ $125
THE WAILERS- Wailers!!!! Wailers Everywhere- Etiquette Mono EX $225
THE WAILERS- Out Of Our Tree- (later issue) Etiquette Mono M $48
THE WAILERS- Outburst!- United Artists SS $325 or United Artists Mono SS $299
THE WAILERS- Walk Thru The People- (w/ Kent Morrill; Buck Ormsby; Ron Gardner; Dave Roland; Denny Weaver) Bell SS $185 or EX- $99
THE WEASELS- The Liverpool Beat- (great Merseybeat exploitation) Mercury Wing SS $44
IAN WHITCOMB- You Turn Me On!- Tower (Duophonic) EX+ $28 or Tower Mono M- $26 or VG $9 or Canada / Capitol VG $16
THE WHO- Happy Jack- (their 2nd LP) Decca EX $70 or Decca Mono M $170
THE WHO- Sell Out- (Superior sound than the CD reissue) Decca EX+ $73 or EX $58 or VG+ $38 or VG $22 or Mono DJ EX+ $345
THE WHO- Direct Hits- UK / Track (613-006) M $77 (Write for more Who)
THE WILD ONES- The Arthur Sound- (cool mod soul garage sounds) United Artists Mono SS $88 or EX+ $65 or EX- $48 More Info
WILD THING- Partyin'- (Originally the Dynamic Deltones, this Massachusetts-based biker bar band w/ enormous silver-sprayed bouffant hairdos are: Pancho Vidal, guitar; Patrick "Stud" Mitchell, bass; Dennis Lannitelli, drums; & Jesse Brock, Hammond organ) Elektra (red label) NM $120 or M- $95 or VG+ $55 or Elektra DJ EX+ $99
J. FRANK WILSON & THE CAVALIERS- Last Kiss- (The quintessential teenage death song, by these Texas one-shots) Josie Mono VG $75
THE WOOFERS- Dragsville- (Cool songs about Hot-Rods & Dragsters) Wyncote M- $35 or EX $28 Scarce!

X - Y - Z

THE YARDBIRDS- For Your Love- Epic (yellow label) Mono VG+ $48 or Mono VG $35 or Mono VG- $12
THE YARDBIRDS- Having A Rave Up With The Yardbirds- Epic (yellow label) Mono M- $99 or Mono VG $35
THE YARDBIRDS- Over Under Sideways Down- US / Epic (LN-24210 yellow label w/ 10-tracks; different mix than stereo issues) Mono SS $245 or Epic (LN-24210 yellow label w/ 10-tracks; different mix than stereo issues) Mono M- $99 or Canada / Capitol (ST-6202 w/ 12-tracks in different order than UK issue) M- $370 or UK / Columbia / EMI (aka 'Roger The Engineer'; SCX-6063 w/ blue & black label; 12-tracks) M $395
THE YARDBIRDS- Jeff Beck & The Yardbirds- Germany / BYG (200.139) M $38
THE YARDBIRDS- Live Yardbirds (Featuring Jimmy Page at the Anderson Theater, New York City, March 1968) Epic (E-30615 Original withdrawn issue w/ yellow labels & color cover) M- $385 or 'Epic' (B&W cover w/ cream colored labels) VG+ $99 or Sutton / Columbia (color cover) SS $199 or M $150
THE YARDBIRDS- On Down- (Rare studio Tracks w/ Jeff Beck; Rod Stewart; Jimmy Page; Keith Relf, et al) Susan Records (720-WCF) Mono M- $125 Scarce!
THE YARDBIRDS- Greatest Hits- Epic (yellow label) Mono VG+ $33 or Mono VG $18
THE YARDBIRDS- Shapes Of Things- (2-LP Set collection of classic & rare Yardbirds tracks, 1964-66 w/ gatefold & colored vinyl) Canada / Bomb SS $64 or Canada / Bomb (green vinyl) M $50
THE YARDBIRDS- Favorites- Epic M- $16
THE YOUNG RASCALS / THE ISLEY BROTHERS- (4 early tracks by The Rascals, who are pictured. 6 early tracks by The Isley Bros) Design (253) Mono VG $2
THE ZOMBIES- Same- (w/ "She's Not There"; "Tell Her No"; "Woman", & 9 others) Parrot Mono
THE ZOMBIES- Odessey & Oracle- (their final LP) Date (original psychedelic front cover that does not mention 'Time Of The Season') M- $99 or EX- $77 or Date (front cover mentions 'Time Of The Season') VG+ $44