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Most of these artists are associated with the 1950's, although some of these LPs were released later.


RAY ALLEN & THE UPBEATS- Tribute To Six- (Buddy Holly; The Big Bopper; Ritchie Valens; Eddie Cochran; Jesse Belvin; Johnny Horton) Camay Mono VG+ $45
LEE ANDREWS & THE HEARTS- Live On Stage- (Dean Tyler production) Lost Nite Mono M- $20
LEE ANDREWS- Sings (ex-Hearts)- Post SS $28
PAUL ANKA- Same- (His 1958 Debut LP) ABC Paramount Mono VG+ $40 or VG-- $8
PAUL ANKA- My Heart Sings- (His 2nd LP) ABC Paramount Mono EX- $28 or VG $18
PAUL ANKA- Swings For Young Lovers- ABC Paramount Mono EX $25 or ABC Paramount Mono VG-- $4
PAUL ANKA- Anka At The Copa- ABC Paramount Mono EX $22
PAUL ANKA- Diana- ABC Paramount VG-- $4 or ABC Paramount Mono M- $35
PAUL ANKA- Great Hits: Strictly Instrumental- ABC Paramount EX $40
PAUL ANKA- Sings His Big 15 Vol. II- ABC Paramount Mono EX+ $38 or ABC Paramount Mono VG $12 or ABC Paramount Mono VG- $4
PAUL ANKA- Sings His Big 15 Vol. III- ABC Paramount Mono M- $33
PAUL ANKA- 21 Golden Hits- RCA M $20 or RCA Mono M- $14
SIL AUSTIN- Slow Rock Walk- Mercury VG $18
SIL AUSTIN- Everything's Shakin' - Mercury M $30
SIL AUSTIN- Plays Pretty For The People Again- Mercury DJ M $28
FRANKIE AVALON- Same- (his 1st) Chancellor Mono EX $50
FRANKIE AVALON- The Young Frankie Avalon (his 2nd) Chancellor (pink label) Mono M- $75 or Chancellor (pink label) VG+ $40
FRANKIE AVALON- Swingin' On A Rainbow- (gatefold cover w/ page, plus 23" x 17½" glossy color poster picturing a finger snapping, young, Frankie in striped grey jacket, black pants & white shoes. On blue background is a simulated signature & inscription that reads "An Avalanche of Thanks, Frankie Avalon") Chancellor (w/ color poster & page both loose) VG $33 or Chancellor (color poster & page both attached) Mono M- $58 or Chancellor (w/ color poster loose & page attached) Mono EX+ $43 or Chancellor (w/ color poster loose, no page) Mono VG+ $22 See Poster
FRANKIE AVALON- Summer Scene- (both w/ "Win a date with Frankie contest" sticker on front cover & correct contest innersleeve) Chancellor Mono EX $40 or Chancellor Mono VG+ $33
FRANKIE AVALON- A Whole Lotta Frankie- (17 hits, w/ correct innersleeve) Chancellor Mono VG $40
FRANKIE AVALON- ...And Now About Mr. Avalon- Chancellor EX $38 or Chancellor (w/ correct innersleeve) Mono M $53 or Chancellor Mono VG- $9
FRANKIE AVALON- Venus- De-Lite SS $25
FRANKIE AVALON- "Venus"- (12" 33 1/3rd Promo Only Disco Single: A-Side is 6:08 / B-Side is 4:50) De-Lite DJ M $15
FRANKIE AVALON- You're My Life- (gatefold) De-Lite DJ M $30
FRANKIE AVALON- 16 Greatest Hits- ('Stars Of The Sixies' series) UK / Probe M $20
FRANKIE AVALON- The Best Of Frankie Avalon- MCA M $9


LaVERNE BAKER- Her Greatest Recordings- Atco Mono EX+ $14
HANK BALLARD- Hangin' With Hank- Stang SS $45
HANK BALLARD- A Star In Your Eyes- King (black & silver label - no crown) Mono M- $99
HANK BALLARD- Biggest Hits- King (blue & white label w/ crown on top) M $88
HANK BALLARD- 24 Hit Tunes- King Mono SS $70
HANK BALLARD & THE MIDNIGHTERS- Mr Rhythm & Blues- King Mono SS $75
HANK BALLARD & THE MIDNIGHTERS- Greatest Juke Box Hits- King (541) Mono SS $55
HANK BALLARD & THE MIDNIGHTERS- Volume Two- King (581) Mono SS $66
TONY BELLUS- Robbin' The Cradle- NRC Mono M- $55
THE BELMONTS- Carnival Of Hits- (Their 1st LP without Dion. Includes "Come On Little Angel". The group is named after the street in their Bronx, New York neighborhood where they would hang out & sing street corner harmonies) Sabina (5001 w/ original blue label) Mono M $135 or M- $90
THE BELMONTS- Cigars, Acapella, Candy- Buddah M $50 or Buddah DJ M- $38
THE BELMONTS- Cheek To Cheek- Strawberry SS $40
JESSE BELVIN- Just Jesse Belvin- RCA VG $30
CHUCK BERRY- One Dozen Berrys- Chess Mono M- $88
CHUCK BERRY- Berry Is On Top - Chess (black & silver label) Mono VG- $38
CHUCK BERRY- More Chuck Berry- (retitled version of Chuck Berry Twist) Chess (1465 w/ original blue & silver deep groove label) Mono VG $48 or Chess (1465 w/ blue & white label) M- $38
CHUCK BERRY- Fresh Berry's- Chess M- $48
CHUCK BERRY- Live At The Fillmore Auditorium- (backed by The Steve Miller Blues Band before they released their 1st LP) Mercury M- $48 or VG- $9 or Mercury Mono VG $22
CHUCK BERRY- Chuck Berry In Memphis- Mercury VG+ $28
CHUCK BERRY- From St. Louie To Frisco- Mercury (gold label) M $48
CHUCK BERRY- San Francisco Dues- (Backing band is The Woolies, from Detroit) Chess M- $48
CHUCK BERRY- St. Louie To Frisco To Memphis- (2-LP gatefold Set) Mercury M- $48
CHUCK BERRY- The London Berry Sessions- (gatefold w/ Ian McLagen, Kenny Jones & Robbie McIntosh. ½ Live) Chess (original CH-60020 issue) VG+ $28
CHUCK BERRY- Rockit- (w/ Ken Buttrey) Atco M $26
CHUCK BERRY- Golden Hits- (re-worked Chess hits w/ electric bass. Includes "Club Nitty Gritty") Mercury M- $28
THE BIG BOPPER- Chantilly Lace- Mercury (black & silver deep groove label) Mono EX- $99 or UK/ Contour M $88
THE BLAZERS- Rock & Roll- Harmony Mono VG $4
GARY U.S. BONDS- The Greatest Hits Of Gary US Bonds- Legrand VG- $9
PAT BOONE- Same- (Debut LP)- Dot Mono SS $40 or Dot Mono VG $12
PAT BOONE- Howdy! Dot (maroon label) Mono near VG $8 or Dot (black label) Mono VG $4
PAT BOONE- This And That- Dot Mono M $14
PAT BOONE- Stardust- Dot Mono VG- $3
PAT BOONE- Great! Great! Great!- Dot Mono M- $11 or VG- $2
PAT BOONE- Greatest Hits- (2-LP Set w/ gatefold) Famous Twinsets M $25
TERESA BREWER- Naughty, Naughty, Naughty- Coral (maroon label) VG $18 or Coral (maroon label) Mono VG $12
TERESA BREWER- My Golden Favorites- Coral (maroon label) VG+ $20 or Coral (maroon label) Mono VG $18
TERESA BREWER- Greatest Hits- Philips VG $14 or Mono VG $12
AL BROWN- The Madison Dance Party- (w/ The unetoppers) Amy (Turquoise label) Mono EX $78
JOHNNY BURNETTE- Same- Liberty VG+ $20
JOHNNY BURNETTE- Johnny Burnette Sings- Liberty Mono DJ M- $40
JOHNNY BURNETTE- Roses Are Red- Liberty Mono VG- $3
JOHNNY BURNETTE- Hits & Other Favorites- Liberty VG- $5
JOHNNY BURNETTE- The Best Of Johnny Burnette- Canada / Sunset M $14
JOHNNY BURNETTE- The Very Best Of Johnny Burnette- United Artists SS $18
JOHNNY BURNETTE TRIO- Tear It Up- (Rockabilly pioneers) UK / Coral (CP-10) Mono NM $120
JOHNNY BURNETTE TRIO- Rock'n'Roll Trio- UK / Coral (CP-61) Mono NM $120
ED BYRNES- Kookie- (Star of 77 Sunset Strip TV Series) Warner Bros Mono VG $20


CADETS- Rockin' N' Reelin'- Crown (5015) Mono VG- $50
CADETS- Rock 'N' Roll Hits Of The Fifties- United Superior SS $38
THE CADILLACS- The Crazy Cadillacs- (original 1st pressing) Jubilee (non-glossy, flat black & silver deep-groove label) Mono EX $350
FREDDIE CANNON- The Explosive Freddie Cannon- (Songs about Boston; New Orleans; Georgia; Tallahassee, Florida; Carolina; Okefenokee; California; Chattanoogie; Indiana; St. Louis; Kansas City) Swan Mono VG $45 or VG- $35 (Write for more Freddie Cannon LPs)
THE CASCADES- Rhythm Of The Rain- (Gold Star Studios) Valiant (original blue & silver label) Mono VG $33 or Mono VG- $15
THE CASINOS- Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye- Fraternity Mono M $50 or Mono VG- $12
THE CHAMPS- Everybody's Rockin' With The Champs- (w/ Jimmy Seals & Dash Crofts) Challenge (deep groove label w/ oval logo) Mono VG $58
THE CHAMPS- Great Dance Hits- (Tequila Twist; Limbo Rock; Bristol Stomp; Tijuana Two-Step; Caterpillar Stroll; Too Much Tequila, etc) Challenge (deep groove label w/ oval logo) Mono EX- $65
THE CHAMPS- The Champs Play Josh Logan's 'All American'- Challenge SS $88
GENE CHANDLER- The Duke Of Earl- (original issue LP-1040) Vee Jay Mono SS $199 or Mono M $165 or Mono VG $85
GENE CHANDLER- Duke Of Earl- (one of the leading exponents of the '60s Chicago soul scene) Up Front M $48
GENE CHANDLER- The Two Side Of Gene Chandler- Brunswick SS $77
GENE CHANDLER- Just Be True- Constellation Mono near VG $35
GENE CHANDLER- The Gene Chandler Situation- (includes "Groovy Situation") Mercury M $65
THE CHANTELS- There's Our Song Again- End Mono EX $155 or VG+ $88
THE CHANTELS- On Tour / Look In My Eyes- (7 songs by The Chantels; other selections by Chris Montez, The Imperials, Gus Backus) Carlton EX+ $299 or Carlton Mono M- $199
THE CHANTELS- The Chantels Sing Their Favorites- Forum Circle EX+ $40 or EX $35 or Forum Circle Mono M- $58 or VG- $16
PORKY CHEDWICK- Porky Chedwick's Originals Collection Number 1- (The Greatest Oldies Of All Time presented by the legendary Pittsburgh DJ & MC turned singer. He coined the phrase "Dusty Discs" on his oldies show) Collection SS $30
JIMMY CLANTON- Jimmy's Happy- (photo label) Ace Mono M- $55
JIMMY CLANTON- Jimmy's Happy / Jimmy's Blue- (2-LP gatefold Set) Ace Mono NM- $99
JIMMY CLANTON- Venus In Blue Jeans- Ace Mono M $99
JIMMY CLANTON- The Best Of Jimmy Clanton- Philips EX $28
JIMMY CLANTON & BRISTOW HOPPER- Same- (4 Songs by Jimmy, 6 by Bristow) Stereo Spectrum / Design M $9 or Design Mono EX $5
DEE CLARK- Same- (His debut LP, a sought after 'Northern Soul' / 'Popcorn' gem) Abner Mono M- $199 Scarce!
DEE CLARK- You're Looking Good- Vee Jay M $99
DEE CLARK- Hold On... It's Dee Clark- Vee Jay Mono M $80 or Mono M- $48
THE CLOVERS- Same- (Great beach; bop & shag music) Atlantic (8009 w/ red & purple label) Mono M $90
THE COASTERS- Same- Atco (101 w/ yellow 'harp' label) Mono M- $295 or Atco (101 w/ yellow 'harp' label) Mono VG- $65 or Atco (yellow label) M- $30
THE COASTERS- Coast Along With The Coasters- Atco SS $175
COASTERS- On Broadway- King M- $88
THE COASTERS- It Ain't Sanitary- Trip SS $48 or M $35
THE COASTERS- Greatest Hits- Atco (yellow 'harp' label) Mono VG- $17 or Atco (yellow 'harp' label) Mono G $12
THE COASTERS- That Is Rock & Roll- Clarion M- $50 or Clarion Mono VG- $6
THE COASTERS- Their Greatest Recordings- (The Early Years w/ gatefold) Atco SS $55
EDDIE COCHRAN- Singin' To My Baby- Liberty (LRP-3061 w/ black label) Mono M $250
EDDIE COCHRAN- My Way- Germany / Liberty M $95 (Rare!)
EDDIE COCHRAN- Never To Be Forgotten- Liberty Mono SS $95
EDDIE COCHRAN- Eddie Cochran Memorial Album (w/ original cover) Liberty Mono VG- $35
EDDIE COCHRAN- Eddie Cochran - 12 Of His Biggest Hits- Liberty Mono VG $28 or VG- $16
EDDIE COCHRAN- Eddie Cochran Story Vol 1- France / Liberty M $60
EDDIE COCHRAN- Eddie Cochran Story Vol 2- France / Liberty M $60
EDDIE COCHRAN- Eddie Cochran Story Vol 3- France / Liberty M $60
EDDIE COCHRAN- Legendary Masters Series #4- (2-LP Set w/ gatefold) United Artists Mono M $35
EDDIE COCHRAN- A Legend In Our Time- (w/ movie version of "Cotton Picker") UK / Union Pacific (white label) M- $120
EDDIE COCHRAN- The Legendary Eddie Cochran- (17 rare songs plus an interview from 1960) UK / United Artists M $85
THE COLLEGIANS- Sing Along With The Collegians- (Great R&B Doo-Wop w/ their hits "Zoom Zoom Zooom" & "Let's Go For A Ride" plus 8 more) Winley Mono M- $295 Rare!
SAM COOKE- Same- Keen (deep groove) Mono VG+ $45
SAM COOKE- Hits Of The 50s- RCA Mono VG $14
SAM COOKE- Sam's Songs- Famous Mono M- $50
SAM COOKE- Same (4 early tracks + 6 by Charlie Francis. Red finger-paint cover) Premier VG+ $9
DAVE BABY CORTEZ- Same- Hi-Life Mono SS $45 (Write for more Dave Baby Cortez titles)
JIMMY CRAIN- Rockin' With Jimmy Crain- (original 50s recordings of his pounding wild rockabilly hit rockers "Rock-A-Socka-Hop" & "Shig-A-Shag", plus many previously unreleased) Holland / White Label M $65
THE CRESCENDOS- Oh Julie- ("Oh Julie"; "Angel Face" & "I'm So Ashamed" by the original Nasco label Crescendos. Other cuts are by another Crescendos) Guest Star VG $40
CREW CUTS- Rock & Roll Bash- (includes "Sh-Boom") Mercury Mono VG+ $28
CREW CUTS- On Campus- Mercury (deep groove label) Mono EX $18 or Mercury Wing Mono M- $12
CREW CUTS- The Great New Sound Of The Crew Cuts- Camay Mono VG $9
CREW CUTS- Music Ala Carte- (great cover pic of what looks like an Alfa-Romeo kit car) Mercury (deep groove) Mono M- $30
CREW CUTS- Go Long Hair- Mercury VG $14
CREW CUTS- Surprise Package- RCA M- $22
THE CRICKETS- The Chirping Crickets- (Respictable example of rare 1957 record w/ Original textured cover) Brunswick (black & silver deep groove label) Mono VG- $99
THE CRICKETS- Something Old, New, Blue, & Somethin' Else- Liberty Mono SS $88 or Mono VG $15
THE CRICKETS- California Sun; She Love You- Liberty Mono VG $38 or VG- $22
THE CRICKETS- Rockin' 50's Rock N' Roll- (liner notes by The Beatles) Barnaby SS $33
THE CRICKETS- Remnants- (Sonny Curtis & Jerry Allison w/ Albert Lee & Rick Grech) Vertigo SS $45 or Vertigo DJ M $33
SCATMAN CROTHERS- Gone Gone Gone With Scat Man Crothers- (aka actor Benjamin Sherman Crothers) Craftsmen Mono M- $45
SCATMAN CROTHERS- Rock N' Roll With Scat Man Crothers- Tops Mono VG $28
SCATMAN CROTHERS- Big Ben Sings- Motown SS $45


DANNY & THE JUNIORS- Greatest Hits Vol. 1- (A dozen cool songs 1st time on LP. Comes in plain yellow cover) Sit On It Records (SOI 5098) Mono M $28
DANTE & THE EVERGREENS- Same- (Impossibly Rare LP by this great California doo-wop vocal group w/ Donald Drowty aka Dante; Bill Young; future record producer Tony Moon; & future Beverly Hills lawyer Frank Rosenthal. They were discovered by Dean Torrance in Santa Monica) Madison (1002) Mono M- $750
BOBBY DARIN- Debut LP (w/ "Splish Splash") Atco (yellow label) Mono VG $40 (Write for list of original issue Bobby Darin LPs on Atco, Atlantic, Capitol)
BOBBY DARIN- That's All- Atco (yellow label) Mono EX+ $40 or VG- $9
BOBBY DARIN- This Is Darin- Atco (yellow label) Mono M- $45 or EX $35
DEL VIKINGS- Come Go With The Del Vikings- (original 8-song heavy vinyl pressing w/ cover slick) Luniverse (LP-1000 w/ yellow deep-groove label) Mono M- $480
DEL VIKINGS- The Swinging, Singing Record Session- Mercury (deep groove black & silver label) Mono M $250 or Mercury (deep groove black & silver label) Mono VG+ $88
THE DEL VIKINGS & THE SONNETS- Same- (Great Doo Wop LP!) Crown EX $58
DIAMONDS- Same- (America's #1 Singing Stylists perform "Cool It Baby", "Zip Zip", plus 10 others) Mercury (20309 black & silver deep groove label) Mono VG $50 or VG- $24
DIAMONDS- The Diamonds Meet Pete Rugolo- Mercury (black / silver deep groove label) Mono M $88 or M- $66
DIAMONDS- America's Famous Song Stylists- (w/ their hits "The Stroll" & "Little Darlin") Mercury Wing (blue / silver label) Mono Mono SS $45 or VG- $12
DIAMONDS- Pop Hits By The Diamonds- Mercury Wing (blue / silver label) Mono SS $44 or M $30
BO DIDDLEY- Same- (his debut LP) Chess (LP-1431 w/ black / silver label) Mono VG+ $58 or VG $40
BO DIDDLEY- Go Bo Diddley- Checker (LP-1436 w/ black / silver label) Mono VG- $30
BO DIDDLEY- Spotlight On Bo- Checker (LP-2976 w/ black / silver label) Mono VG+ $75 Scarce!
BO DIDDLEY- Bo Diddley's A Twister- Checker (LP-2982 w/ black / silver label) Mono EX $70
BO DIDDLEY- Another Dimension- Chess M $60 or EX- $48
BO DIDDLEY- 16 All-Time Greatest Hits- Checker (black / silver label) Mono M- $50 or Checker (2nd pressing blue label) Mono M- $28
DION & THE BELMONTS- Presenting Dion & The Belmonts- Laurie (1002 w/ black & gold deep groove label) Mono VG- $22
DION & THE BELMONTS- Wish Upon A Star- Laurie ( black & gold deep groove label) Mono M- $125
DION & THE BELMONTS- By Special Request... Together On Record- Laurie M- $45 or VG+ $27 or VG $22
DION & THE BELMONTS- Everything You Always Wanted To Hear By Dion & The Belmonts But Couldn't Get!- Laurie M- $30
DION & THE BELMONTS- The Dion Years- (1958 - 1962, 2-LP Set w/ 22 Original Hits) GRT M $40
DION & THE BELMONTS- Together Again- ABC M- $40 or ABC Mono M $35
DION & THE BELMONTS- Dion Sings His Greatest Hits- (w/ The Belmonts) Laurie Mono VG $23
THE DÓ-RAY-MI TRIO- That Wonderfully Musical Do-Ray-Mi Trio- (aka The Do-Ray Me Trio, w/ Al Russell who wrote “A.B.C. Boogie” for Bill Haley & His Comets. This is the original issue of what was later released on Hi-Life) Stereo-O-Craft M- $9
CARL DOBKINS JR.- Same- (Debut & Only LP by this Rockabilly great) Decca (original black & silver label) Mono M- $135
BILL DOGGETT- Everybody Dance The Honky Tonk- King Mono SS $65
BILL DOGGETT- Candle Glow- (early jazz soul funk featuring the Hammond B3 organ) King Mono DJ VG $58
BILL DOGGETT- Hold It! King M- $48 or Power Pak SS $18 (Write for more Bill Doggett titles)
FATS DOMINO- This Is Fats- Imperial (original maroon label) Mono G $9 or Imperial (2nd pressing) VG+ $18
FATS DOMINO- What A Party!- Imperial (original label) Mono M- $45
FATS DOMINO- Sings Million Record Hits- Imperial (original) VG- $12 or Imperial (original) Mono M- $50 or Imperial (2nd pressing) VG- $9
FATS DOMINO- A Lot Of Dominos!- Imperial (2nd pressing) M- $25 or Imperial (original) Mono VG+ $35
FATS DOMINO- Million Sellers By Fats- Imperial Mono M $45
FATS DOMINO- Ain't That A Shame- Sunset M- $20
FATS DOMINO- Cookin' With Fats- (2-LP Set) United Artists M- $30
FATS DOMINO- Star Collection Vol 2- Germany Midi M- $28
RAL DONNER- Same (w/ Ray Smith & Bobby Dale each on other cuts. Fazzio cover art.) Crown VG $47 or Crown Mono M- $58
RAL DONNER- The Presley Style Of Ral Donner- (23 Rare Cuts!) Gypsy Mono M $110
RAL DONNER- Takin' Care Of Business- (14 great songs) Gone Mono EX $175
RAL DONNER- Sounds Like Elvis- Firestar M $95
RONNIE DOVE- Cry- Diamond Mono SS $28
RONNIE DOVE- Greatest All-Time Hits- Certron SS $28
RONNIE DOVE- The Best Of Ronnie Dove- Diamond VG $10
RONNIE DOVE- The Best Of Ronnie Dove Vol 2- Diamond SS $18 or M $12
THE DOVELLS- You Can't Sit Down- Parkway Mono M- $35 or VG+ $20 (Write for more Dovells)
THE DRIFTERS- The Good Life With The Drifters- Atlantic Mono EX+ $35
THE DRIFTERS- Golden Hits- (Great Beach, Bop & Shag music) Atlantic M- $28 or VG+ $15 (Write for more Drifters LPs available)
THE DRIFTERS- The Drifters Greatest Hits- Atlantic Mono VG- $12
THE DRIFTERS- Their Greatest Recordings- (the early years) Atco SS $44
THE DUPREES- Have You Heard- (w/ Joey Vann) Coed Mono M $70 or VG+ $38
THE DUPREES- You Belong To Me- Coed M- $85 or VG+ $50
THE DUPREES- Sing- Post SS $28

E - F

THE EARLS- Remember Me Baby- (includes "Remember Then") Old Town Mono SS $175
DUANE EDDY- Have Twangy Guitar Will Travel- (His debut LP, produced by Lester Sill & Lee Hazelwood) Jamie (JLP-3000 Duane sitting on guitar case. Title on cover in green & red) Mono EX+ $70 or Jamie (red cover) True Stereo EX $60 or VG- $12 or Jamie (JLP-3000 w/ red cover) VG- $16 or Jamie (Capitol Record Club Edition T-90682 w/ red cover) Mono EX+ $55
DUANE EDDY- Especially For You- Jamie VG $18
DUANE EDDY- The Twangs The Thang- Jamie EX $20
DUANE EDDY- The Vintage Years- (2-LP Set w/ gatefold) Sire DJ M- $20
PAUL EVANS- Paul Evans Sings The Fabulous Teens- (His debut LP w/ "Midnite Special") Guaranteed Mono M $95
PAUL EVANS- Hear Paul Evans In Your Home Tonight- (w/ the hits "Seven Little Girls" & "Happy-Go-Lucky-Me") Carlton Mono VG $40
EVERLY BROTHERS- Songs Our Daddy Taught Us- (their 2nd LP) Cadence Mono VG+ $35
EVERLY BROTHERS- The Fabulous Style Of The Everly Brothers- Cadence Mono VG $28
EVERLY BROTHERS- A Date With The Everly Brothers- (w/ original recording of "Made To Love" aka "Girls, Girls, Girls Were Made To Love", later a big hit for Eddie Hodges. Gatefold cover)- Warner Bros VG $33 or Warner Bros (2nd pressing) Mono VG $18
EVERLY BROTHERS- The Golden Hits Of The Everly Brothers- Warner Bros Mono VG+ $12 or Warner Bros Mono VG $9
EVERLY BROTHERS- The Everly Brothers' Best- (blue cover) Cadence Mono VG $45 More Info
EVERLY BROTHERS- 15 Everly Hits- Cadence Mono VG $20 (Write for list of original Everly Bros LPs available on Warner Bros; Cadence, Barnaby, as well as Don & Phil solo LPs on Pye, RCA, Ode)
FABIAN- Hold That Tiger!- (Debut LP by Fabian Forte) Chancellor (pink label) M- $95 or EX $55 or VG+ $43
FABIAN- The Fabulous Fabian- (w/ gatefold) Chancellor (w/ page & poster still attached within gatefold) Mono M $79 or Chancellor (w/ page attached & VG- poster loose) Mono VG $28 or Chancellor (w/ page attached, no poster) Mono VG $18
FABIAN- The Good Old Summertime- Chancellor Mono VG- $12
FABIAN- The Fabian Facade: Young & Wonderful- (felt covered frame cover w/ 'Fabian Facade' photo insert) Chancellor (CHL-69802) Mono EX $99 or VG $45 Scarce!
FABIAN- 16 Greatest Hits- ABC SS $27
FABIAN / FRANKIE AVALON- The Hit Makers- Chancellor Mono M- $75 or Chancellor Mono VG $35
CHIP FISHER- Chipper At The Sugar Bowl- (Rockabilly & teen-idol pop w/ Leroy Kirkland's Band) RCA Mono VG+ $30
THE FIVE KEYS- On Stage!- (Rare Original 'phallic' thumb cover) Capitol (turquoise label) Mono vinyl: VG- / cover: VG (5" top split) $180
THE FIVE KEYS- The Connoisseur Collection Of The Five Keys- Harlem Hit Parade SS $20
THE FIVE KEYS- The Best Of The Five Keys- (14 rare Songs) SS $85
THE FIVE SATINS- The Five Satins Sing- Mount Vernon Mono EX $45
THE FIVE SATINS- Encore Vol. 2- Ember Mono (black label) M- $55
THE FLAIRS- Same- (Rock & Roll Hits of the Fifties featuring Richard Berry; Cornel Gunter & Young Jessie) United Superior SS $35
FLAMINGOS- The Flamingos Greatest Hits- (14-tracks w/ Tommy Hunt) Meka M $33
THE FLEETWOODS- Mr. Blue- Dolton Mono M $45
THE FLEETWOODS- Deep In A Dream- Dolton Mono SS $40
THE FLEETWOODS- Softly- Dolton Mono VG+ $20
THE FLEETWOODS- Before & After- Dolton VG+ $20
THE FOUR KNIGHTS- Same- (Soulful vocal group harmony) Coral (deep groove blue label) Mono DJ VG- $40 Rare!
CONNIE FRANCIS- My Thanks To You- MGM Mono VG- $7
CONNIE FRANCIS- The Very Best Of Connie Francis- (Connie's 15 Biggest Hits) MGM M- $12 (Write for more Connie Francis titles)
CONNIE FRANCIS- More Greatest Hits- MGM Mono M- $12 (Write for more Connie Francis)
BOBBY FREEMAN- Do You Wanna Dance?- (has 12 songs, 7 not on the reissue) Jubilee (deep groove label) Mono M- $120
BOBBY FREEMAN- Do You Wanna Dance?- (has 14 songs, 9 not on the original) Jubilee (import reissue says 'Jumble' on label instead of 'Jubilee') Superlaphonic Hi-Fi M $77
BOBBY FREEMAN- Twist With Bobby Freeman- Jubilee (deep groove label) Mono EX $88


HEN GATES & HIS GATERS- Let's All Dance To Rock & Roll- (Hen Gates is stage name for jazz pianist James Foreman who worked w/ Dizzy Gillespie & James Moody in the late 40s. Great instrumental R&B featuring honking sax man Freddie Mitchell who started w/ Fletcher Henderson & Benny Carter in the 40s) Masterseal (deep groove) Mono VG $50 or Palace VG+ $30
CHARLIE GRACIE- Charlie Gracie's Early Recordings- (Early sides by Philadelphia's first rock & roll star) Revival Mono M- $48


BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS- Rock 'N Roll Stage Show- Decca Mono VG+ $75 or Decca Mono VG- $25
BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS- Rockin' The Oldies- Decca Mono VG $55
BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS- Rockin' Around The World- Decca Mono VG- $25
BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS- Rock Around The Clock- (Simulated Stereo) Decca SS $88 or Decca (black label w/ colorband 1967 issue) M $33
BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS- Rock With Bill Haley & The Comets- Somerset Mono VG- $30
BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS- Same- Warner Bros (WS-1378 w/ gold 'Vitaphonic Stereo' label) VG $33 or Warner Bros (w/ grey Vitaphonic label) Mono M- $48
BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS- The King Of Rock- (1968 LP) UK / Ember M- $48
BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS- The King Of Rock & Roll- Alshire SS $18
BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS- Rock 'N' Roll Revival- (early 60s recordings) Warner Bros (green label) EX $26 or Warner Bros (W7) DJ (w/ timing strip included loose in jacket) M $38 or Warner Bros (W7) DJ (no timing strip) M- $30
BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS- Bill Haley Scrapbook- (Live at The Bitter End) Kama Sutra DJ M- $40
BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS- Travelin' Band- Janus DJ M- $40
BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS- Razzle Dazzle- (2-LP Set w/ gatefold) Janus DJ M $58
BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS- Rock 'N' Roll- GNP Crescendo M- $28
BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS- Biggest Hits- France / Mode M $50
BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS- Greatest Hits- Springboard M $15
BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS- Golden Hits- (2-LP Set w/ Gatefold cover) Decca (black label w/ rainbow color bar across middle & silver print) M $9
LARRY HALL- Sandy & Other Larry Hall Hits- Strand Mono M- $78
HARPTONES- Same (Crows & Paragons related)- Harlem Hit Parade M $18 or M- $14
HARPTONES- Same- (different material as above LP) Emus SS $24
DALE HAWKINS- Same- ('Best Of' w/ alternate takes & previously unreleased. Liner notes by Cub Koda) Chess (ACRR-703 w/ original orange & blue label) SS $33 or M $25
DALE HAWKINS- L.A., Memphis & Tyler Texas- (w/ Ronnie Weiss & other members of Mouse & The Traps) Bell DJ M $65
DALE HAWKINS- Wildcat Tamer- (Swamp-Rockabilly legend comeback recording after 30 years, includes a remake of his hit "Suzie-Q", w/ Kenny Brown, R.L. Burnside's guitar player) Mystic (CD ONLY) M $5
RONNIE HAWKINS- Same- (w/ King Biscuit Boy & Duane Allman) Cotillion EX- $35
RONNIE HAWKINS- The Giant Of Rock 'N' Roll- Monument SS $30 or M- $18
RONNIE HAWKINS- Same- (w/ The Hawks, ie: Levon Helm of The Band) Roulette EX $75
RONNIE HAWKINS- Rock & Roll Resurrection- Monument SS $33
SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS- What That Is!- Philips VG+ $125
SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS- I Put A Spell On You- (aka Jalacy Hawkins) Epic M- $150 or Versatile SS $48 Rare!
SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS- Frenzy- UK / Edsel Mono EX $48
RON HAYDOCK & THE BOPPERS- Same- (Original 1959-1961 recordings for Cha-Cha Records, USA, includes "Rat Fink" as a result of Ron's association w/ filmmaker Ray Dennis Steckler) Sweden / Rock & Country Mono M $65
DEAN HIGHTOWER- Guitar, Twangy With A Beat- ABC Mono VG- $25
BUDDY HOLLY- That'll Be The Day- (Title track is the original July 22, 1956 recorded version, not the February 25, 1957 hit version recorded on Brunswick records) Decca (DL-8707 Original w/ black label & silver print) Mono VG $450
BUDDY HOLLY- The Buddy Holly Story- Coral (original maroon label w/ back cover printed in red & black) Mono M- $225 or Coral (original maroon label w/ back cover printed in all black) Mono EX $95 or VG- $44 or Coral (black label w/ color bars & pictures on back cover) M- $48
BUDDY HOLLY- Same- Coral (57210 w/ Maroon label) Mono VG- $25
BUDDY HOLLY- The Buddy Holly Story Vol. II- Coral (black label w/ color bars) Mono M- $48
BUDDY HOLLY- A Rock & Roll Collection- (2-LP Set w/ gatefold) Decca (DXSE-7207) M/M- $45
BUDDY HOLLY- Reminising- Coral (w/ maroon label) VG $44
BUDDY HOLLY- Buddy Holly Showcase- Coral M $75
BUDDY HOLLY- Holly In The Hills- (Most of the songs on this LP were recorded in 1955 w/ Bob Montgomery. The Fireballs provide backing on some tracks) Coral M $80 or Coral (Rare yellow promo label) Mono M $175
BUDDY HOLLY- Buddy Holly's Greatest Hits- Coral M $48
BUDDY HOLLY- The Best Of Buddy Holly- (2-LP Set w/ gatefold) Coral (CXB-8) EX- $55
BUDDY HOLLY- Good Rockin'- Vocalion (VL-73923) EX $75
BUDDY HOLLY- Remember- UK / Coral (CPS-71) M $77
BUDDY HOLLY- Rave On- UK / MFP M $48
BUDDY HOLLY- The Nashville Sessions- UK / MCA / Coral Mono M $77
BUDDY HOLLY- The Great Buddy Holly- (original issue) MCA / Coral (CB-20101)SS $28 or MCA / Coral M $12
BUDDY HOLLY- Live Vol I- Cricket (C001000) SS $95
BUDDY HOLLY- In Person Vol II- (Rare material, alternate takes; live on Ed Sullivan show; newscasts, more. 17 cuts in all) Cricket (C002000) SS $95 or M- $47
BUDDY HOLLY- 20 Golden Greats- (w/ 'Buddy Holly Lives' cover) MCA M- $14
BUDDY HOLLY- The Complete Buddy Holly- (6-LP Boxed Set w/ 64 page souvenir book, including unpublished photos. Complete Collection of Every Record by Buddy Holly & The Crickets together w/ many rare & hard-to-find interviews, television appearances & demo recordings. Over 120 tracks from original masters! Extensively annotated by John Beecher & Malcolm Jones) MCA M $155
BUDDY HOLLY & THE CRICKETS- Same- Coral (757405 w/ maroon label) EX+ $55
BUDDY HOLLY & THE CRICKETS- A Rock & Roll Collection- (2-LP Set w/ liner notes on back cover) MCA SS $22
JOE HOUSTON- Twisting In Orbit- Crown (grey label) M- $40
JOE HOUSTON & HIS ROCKETS- Rock & Roll With Joe Houston & His Rockets- Tops Mono VG+ $32
IVORY JOE HUNTER- I Need You So- (original early 50s version of R&B title track, later covered by Pat Boone & Elvis Presley) Lion (deep groove) Mono EX+ $90

I - J

THE IMPALAS- Sorry, I Ran All The Way Home- Cub Mono VG- $95
JORGEN INGMANN- Swinging Guitar- (his debut LP) Mercury (deep groove black label) Mono VG $45
JORGEN INGMANN- Swing Softly- Mercury (deep groove black label) Mono EX+ $55
JORGEN INGMANN- Apache- Atco (yellow harp label) Mono EX+ $65
JORGEN INGMANN- The Many Guitars Of Jorgen Ingmann- Atco Mono DJ M- $70
THE INK SPOTS- Same Coronet M- $7 (Write for list of original Ink Spots LPs available on Crown, Diplomat, Design, Golden Tone, Rondo, Paula)
THE INNOCENTS- Innocently Yours- Indigo Mono M- $120
THE INNOCENTS- Our Best To You- (w/ Kathy Young, original recordings of the group signed by Kim Fowley & Gary Paxton) Starfire (PICTURE DISC) Mono uplayed M $99 or Starfire (Yellow Vinyl) Mono unplayed M $88
JACKS- Rock'N'Roll Hits Of The 50's- (Cadets related) United Superior SS $35
JAN & DEAN- Same- (1959 Debut LP by Jan Berry & Dean Torrence, includes "Baby Talk") Dore (light blue label w/ black print & feather on top) Mono EX $165
JOHNNY & THE HURRICANES- Same (w/ "Red River Rock") Warwick Mono M- $125 or Mono EX- $55 or Mono VG $28 or Mono VG- $9
JOHNNY & THE HURRICANES- Stormsville- Warwick VG- $14
JOHNNY & THE HURRICANES- The Big Sounds Of Johnny & The Hurricanes- Big Top (black & silver label) Mono EX $99
BENNY JOY- Rock-A-Billy With Benny Joy- (Original 50s Recordings) Holland / White Label M $75


JERRY KENNEDY- Dancing Guitars Rock Elvis' Hits- (Great instrumental versions of Elvis Presley's early hits by the fellow who played many of Elvis' studio sessions, as well as sessions w/ Jerry Lee Lewis; Ringo Starr; Kris Kristofferson, others. Jerry eventually headed Smash Records) Smash Mono EX $28
THE KEYMEN- Dance With Dick Clark- (Dick Clark pictured on front cover) ABC M $48 or VG- $4 or ABC Mono EX $20
BUDDY KNOX- Same-(great rockabilly sounds on his debut LP) Roulette (original issue label w/ roulette wheel at top) Mono DJ VG $95
BUDDY KNOX- Buddy Knox's Golden Hits- Liberty M $37 or VG- $7 or Liberty Mono VG $9 or VG- $3 or Liberty Mono DJ EX+ $23
BUDDY KNOX & JIMMY BOWEN- Same- Roulette Mono EX- $88
KOKOMO- Asia Minor- (aka the Jimmy Wisner Trio, playing Grieg's "Piano Concerto in A Minor", & other classical numbers with a rock 'n' roll beat, on a cheap upright honky-tonk piano) Felsted (deep-groove label) Mono M- $38
BOBBY KRANE & HIS ORCHESTRA- Tops In Pops Vol. 1- (Today's Juke-Box Parade Of Hits includes "Stagger Lee"; "All American Boy"; "16 Candles"; "To Know Him Is To Love Him") Bravo (K-101) Mono VG $3
BOBBY KRANE & HIS ORCHESTRA- Tops In Pops Vol. 2- (Today's Jukebox Parade Of Hits includes "Kansas City"; "Tallahassee Lassie "; "Hushabye"; "Happy Organ"; "Just Keep It Up") Bravo (K-B-101) Mono VG- $1


PATTI LaBELLE & THE BLUEBELLES- Early Hits (previously as Newtown singles) Trip M- $30
FRANKIE LAINE- Rockin' (w/ "Rockin' Chair" & "That's My Desire")- Columbia Mono M- $30 or Columbia Mono DJ VG $25
JULIUS LaROSA- Hey Look Me Over- MGM Mono SS $10
BRENDA LEE- All The Way (includes "Dum Dum") Decca Mono EX $20 (Write for more Brenda Lee on Decca)
BOBBY LEWIS- Tossin' & Turnin'- (his only LP) Beltone Mono VG $88 or Germany / Outline M $24
JERRY LEE LEWIS- Jerry Lee's Greatest!- (His debut LP) Sun (SLP-1265 'Microgoove' deep groove label) Mono EX- $150
JERRY LEE LEWIS- Unlimited- Mercury Wing M- $18
JERRY LEE LEWIS- The Return Of Rock- Smash M- $40 or Smash Mono VG $18
JERRY LEE LEWIS- Roll Over Beethoven- Pickwick / Hilltop M $14 or M- $8
JERRY LEE LEWIS- The Best Of Jerry Lee Lewis- Smash M- $18
JERRY LEE LEWIS- The Golden Rock Hits Of Jerry Lee Lewis- Smash (SL-7001) Mono M- $12
JERRY LEE LEWIS- The Golden Hits Of Jerry Lee Lewis- (recorded 1963) Smash Mono VG $14
JERRY LEE LEWIS- Original Golden Hits Volume Two- Sun SS $22
JERRY LEE LEWIS- Original Golden Hits Volume Three- Sun SS $18
JERRY LEE LEWIS- Hall Of Fame Hits Volume Two- Smash VG- $5
LEIBER-STOLLER BIG BAND- Yakety Yak- Atlantic (red / purple label) Mono EX+ $48 or VG $23
THE JERRY LIEBER BEAT BAND- Scooby Doo- (early LP by Jerry Leiber) Kapp (deep groove) Mono DJ M- $155 Scarce!
LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS- We Are The Imperials, Featuring Little Anthony- End (303) Mono EX $99
LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS- Goin' Out Of My Head- Veep VG+ $14
LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS- Movie Grabbers- Veep M $22
LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS- Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind- (Original Issue) United Artists (UAS-6720) M- $30
LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS- Sing Their Big Hits- Forum Circle EX $18
LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS- The Hits Of Little Anthony & The Imperials- Pickwick M $16
LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS- The Best Of Little Anthony & The Imperials Volume 2- Veep (16519) SS $38 or M- $18
LITTLE RICHARD- Same- (w/ Buck Ram) RCA Camden (CAL-420 w/ blue & purple label) Mono EX+ 99 or VG $68
LITTLE RICHARD- Here's Little Richard- (Original pressing of his debut LP) Specialty (SP-100) Mono VG- $55
LITTLE RICHARD- Same- Specialty (SP-2103 w/ original black & gold label. Cover photo fills entire front cover) Mono VG+ $68 or VG $50
LITTLE RICHARD- Sings Gospel- 20th Century Fox Mono VG- $38
LITTLE RICHARD- Sings Spirituals- United SS $38
LITTLE RICHARD- Gospel! King Of The Gospel Singers- Pickwick EX+ $28
LITTLE RICHARD- Little Richard Sings Clap Your Hands- Spin-O-Rama M $38 or Spin-O-Rama Mono M $38
LITTLE RICHARD- Coming Home- Coral Mono M $60
LITTLE RICHARD- Little Richard Is Back- (Original Stereo w/ Jimi Hendrix as session guitarist) Vee Jay SS $115
LITTLE RICHARD- The Explosive Little Richard- Okeh SS $75 or Okeh Mono M $60
LITTLE RICHARD- Same- Kama Sutra VG+ $40
LITTLE RICHARD- Every Hour With Little Richard- RCA Camden SS $55
LITTLE RICHARD- The 'Rill' Thing- Reprise SS $60 or Reprise DJ M $58
LITTLE RICHARD- The King Of Rock & Roll- Reprise SS $58 or Reprise DJ M- $53
LITTLE RICHARD- The Second Coming- ('Bumps' Blackwell production) Reprise SS $60 or M $48
LITTLE RICHARD- The Unreleased Little Richard- France / EMI M $85
LITTLE RICHARD- Cast A Long Shadow- (2-LP gatefold Set) Epic M- $40
LITTLE RICHARD- The Original Greatest Hits Of Little Richard- (2-LP Set w/ 20 Original Recordings) GRT M- $40
LITTLE RICHARD- The Best Of Little Richard- Scepter M $35
LITTLE RICHARD- His Greatest Hits- (w/ Jimi Hendrix as session guitarist) Vee Jay VG $75
JIM LOWE- The Door Of Fame- Mercury (w/ black / silver Microgroove label) Mono NM+ $95 or EX $55
JIM LOWE- Wicked Woman- Dot Mono EX+ $75
FRANKIE LYMON- Rock & Roll Party Starring Frankie Lymon- (Other selections by The Cleftones; Heartbeats; Billy King; Sammy Greene; Jimmy Vogel) Guest Star Mono EX $28
FRANKIE LYMON- Frankie Lymon's Greatest All-Time Oldies- (Presented by Jerry Blavat 'The Geeter With The Heater') Roulette Mono VG+ $33


LONNIE MACK- Glad I'm In The Band- Elektra SS $46 or M- $28 or VG+ $16
LONNIE MACK- For Collectors Only- Elektra M- $33 or DJ EX+ $36
LONNIE MACK- The Wham Of That Memphis Man- (original) Fraternity Mono EX- $45
JOHNNY MAESTRO- The Johnny Maestro Story- (The Crests & Brooklyn Bridge) Buddah SS $20
THE MAJORS- Meet The Majors- Imperial Mono M- $199 or Mono EX $155
THE MARCELS- Blue Moon- Colpix (light blue label) Mono VG $83
ERNIE MARESCA- The Original Songs Of Ernie Maresca- (headed & wrote for Chancellor Records) Laurie SS $40
JANIS MARTIN- Rockin' Rollin' Janis- (Considered 'The Female Elvis Presley'. 14 Obscure tracks from 1956-61, plus 2 by The Three Jays, includes "The Legend Of James Dean". 16 in all) Germany-Holland / Country Classics Library (CCL-1106) M- $88
MARVIN & JOHNNY- Rock'N'Roll Hits Of The '50s- United SS $28
GENE McDANIELS- 100 Lbs. Of Clay!- Liberty (black label) VG $8 or Liberty DJ Mono VG- $9
MICKEY & SYLVIA- Do It Again- (Includes "Love Is Strange") RCA Mono SS $40 or M $28 or M- $22
EDDIE MILLER & HIS BLUE NOTES- Fraternity Hop- (Frat Hop Instrumentals With A Beat For Dancing) Tops Mono VG $22
BOBBY MITCHELL & THE TOPPERS- I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday- (Originator of the Fats Domino hit) Mr R&B Mono EX $28
THE MOONGLOWS- Moonglows- Chess SS $35
THE MOONGLOWS- Collectors Showcase Vol II- Constellation SS $45
THE MOONGLOWS- The Return Of The Moonglows- RCA M $22

N - O

JOHNNY NASH- Same- (His debut LP w/ backing by The Halos) ABC / Paramount Mono M- $40
JOHNNY NASH- Let's Get Lost- ABC / Paramount Mono M- $38 or VG $20
JOHNNY NASH- Hold Me Tight- JAD M- $45
JOHNNY NASH- Soul Folk- (Great 3-D Cover) JAD VG $55
RICK NELSON- Ricky- (debut LP) Imperial (black label w/ stars) Mono EX $58 or Mono VG- $18
RICK NELSON- Ricky Nelson- Imperial (black label w/ stars) Mono VG+ $50 or UK / London (HA-P 2119) Mono VG- $22
RICK NELSON- Ricky Sings Again- Imperial (black label w/ stars) Mono VG- $18 or Imperial (black & pink label) M- $28
RICK NELSON- More Songs By Ricky- (gatefold w/ poster, but detached from center) Imperial (black label w/ stars) Mono VG $28
RICK NELSON- Rick Is 21- Imperial (black label w/ stars) Mono VG+ $28
RICK NELSON- It's Up To You- Imperial (black label w/ stars) Mono M- $55
RICK NELSON- Sings For You- Imperial (black & pink label) VG $18
RICK NELSON- Best Sellers- Imperial (black label w/ stars) Mono VG $18
RICK NELSON- Million Sellers- Imperial (black & pink label) Mono VG- $8
RICK NELSON- Ricky Nelson- (2-LP Gatefold Set w/ pages in middle still attached) United Artists M- $33
TERRY NOLAND- Same- (Great Rock-A-Billy recorded at Norman Petty's studio in Clovis New Mexico, w/ "Hypnotized", later covered in an R&B style by The Drifters. Terry's only LP) Brunswick (deep-groove yellow label) Mono DJ VG- $78 Rare!
THE OLYMPICS- Sing- Post SS $28
ROY ORBISON- Sings Lonely & Blue- Monument Mono VG- $22
ROY ORBISON- Crying- Monument Mono VG $22
ROY ORBISON- Early Orbison- Monument EX+ $44 or Mono M- $55
ROY ORBISON- Orbisongs- Monument Mono M- $44
ROY ORBISON- Hank Williams The Roy Orbison Way- MGM M- $48
ROY ORBISON- Laminar Flow- (TEST PRESSING. Don't know if this Test Pressing differs from final commercial release) Asylum M $60
ROY ORBISON- Greatest Hits- Monument Mono VG- $5 or Monument Mono (later pressing w/ different cover) VG $5
ROY ORBISON- More Of Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits- Monument Mono VG $10 or VG- $5 or Monument Mono (later pressing w/ different cover) VG $4
ROY ORBISON- The Very Best Of Roy Orbison- Monument Mono VG- $5
ROY ORBISON- Orbiting With Roy Orbison- (Roy on Side-A bw/ Bristow Hopper on Side-B) Design Spotlight VG $9 or VG- $5
ROY ORBISON- The Sun Story (Vol 4 or a series, each featuring a different label artist) Sun SS $25
CLYDE OTIS & HIS SMOOTHIES- Dance The Stroll- (w/ Jimmy Brown, Ann English, Mark Stone, & Eddie Manson, plus The Bluebells on the Otis Blackwell song, "Squeegie". Includes a foot diagram to dance The Stroll) Kapp (deep groove) Mono EX $18 or Mono EX- $14 or Kapp (deep groove) Mono DJ EX $22

P - Q

THE PARAGONS VS THE HARPTONES- Same- (1 group on each side) Musicnote (8001) Mono M $45
CARL PERKINS- Same- Harmony (11385) M- $14
CARL PERKINS- Blue Suede Shoes- Sun SS $40 or M $27
CARL PERKINS- Matchbox- Pickwick / Hilltop M- $35 or VG $14
CARL PERKINS- The Rockin' Guitar Man- Bopcat M $48
CARL PERKINS- On Top- Columbia (360 Sound white letters label) EX+ $28
CARL PERKINS- Ol' Blue Suede's Back- Jet DJ M $20
CARL PERKINS- Original Golden Hits- Sun (111) M $33
CARL PERKINS- Greatest Hits- Columbia (Special Products) M- $15
CARL PERKINS- Greatest Hits- Canada / Super Selection M $15
CARL PERKINS- Tennessee Starring Carl Perkins- (Carl does "Tennessee"; "Movie Mag"; "Honey Don't", & "Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby". Other Artists are: Carl Belew "You Never Want Me To Love You" & "I Laughed So Hard I Cried" // Frank Simon "Truer Love" & "There He Goes" // Heulyn Duvall "Fool's Hall Of Fame" & "Pucker Paint") Design Mono SS $22
THE PLATTERS- Same- Mercury Mono VG- $9
THE PLATTERS- Volume Two- Mercury Mono VG+ $12
THE PLATTERS- The Flying Platters Around The World- Mercury M $16 or Wing Mono VG $2
THE PLATTERS- Remember When- Mercury Mono VG $4
THE PLATTERS- Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries- Mercury Mono M- $12 or DJ VG- $5
THE PLATTERS- Sing Latino- Mercury Mono VG- $2
THE PLATTERS- Christmas With The Platters- Mercury Mono VG- $2
THE PLATTERS- Reflections- Wing Mono VG+ $5
THE PLATTERS- Super Hits Of The Platters- Pickwick M $5
THE PLATTERS- Encores! Wing Mono SS $15 or M- $9
THE PLATTERS- Encore Of Golden Hits- Mercury VG- $5
THE PLATTERS- More Encore Of Golden Hits- Mercury EX $9
THE PLAYMATES- Calypso With The Playmates- (The Bahamian Islands, West Indies, serve as inspiration on their debut LP) Roulette (original deep groove black & silver label) Mono VG $28
PLAYMATES- At Play With The Playmates- Forum Mono EX $28
PLAYMATES- Cuttin' Capers- Roulette SS $50
PLAYMATES- Broadway Show Stoppers Forum Mono EX $18
JOEY POWERS- Midnight Mary- (folk-pop rock hit by Artie Wayne) AMY Mono VG- $14
ELVIS PRESLEY- The First Years- (Scotty Moore Tells The Story on Side-1 while Side-2 is a Live Broadcast From the Eagle's Hall, March 19, 1955 in Houston, Texas, but credited to Cook's Hoedown Club. An exciting set, before their rise to fame) HALW Inc. (Original 1979 Special Collector's Edition 00001) Mono SS $35
ELVIS PRESLEY- The King Goes Wild- (1950s live recordings) UK / Wylde Productions / E. P. Records (PRP-207) Mono unplayed M $44
ELVIS PRESLEY- Same- (original French release) France / RCA / Impact SS $45
ELVIS PRESLEY- Same- (Tribute Songs. Cover has rare self-photo taken by Elvis in a 25¢ photo booth in a Memphis Drug Store 1952)- Vantage (NR-6695) Mono M- $
ELVIS PRESLEY- Rock 'N' Roll Forever- RCA (Special Products) VG+ $9
ELVIS PRESLEY- The Hillbilly Cat 1954 - 1974 Vol. 1- (Some unreleased songs) Brookeville (BRLP-311) M $48
ELVIS PRESLEY- Rock My Soul- (Elvis At His Rarest w/ unreleased live & studio 1957 - 1972. Original pressing, on colored vinyl) Teddy Bear (IMP-1108) Mono SS $57
ELVIS PRESLEY- Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do!- (1950s era live & outtakes + interview w/ Dick Clark) Pirate (PR-101) Mono M $48
ELVIS PRESLEY- Loving You- Gold Suit Production M $58
ELVIS PRESLEY- For LP Fans Only- Germany / RCA (LPM-1990-C) Mono EX $38
ELVIS PRESLEY- Elvis Is Back!- Germany / RCA (LPM-2231) Mono EX $48
ELVIS PRESLEY- Worldwide Gold Award Hits Parts 1 & 2- (2-LP Set only available through RCA Record Club) RCA SS $45
ELVIS PRESLEY- The Sun Years- (Interviews & Memories w/ light yellow / brown print & classic Sun label design) Sun SS $95 or Sun (darker brown print & yellow label) M $45 or Canada / Sun / Quality (white label) M- $45
ELVIS PRESLEY- Elvis: The Sun Collection- UK / RCA / Starcall Mono M $70
ELVIS PRESLEY- The First Year- (Recorded Live, March, 1955 at The Eagle's Club, Houston, Texas. w/ two Interviews, Blue Vinyl) Black Belt Mono M- $66
ELVIS PRESLEY- Elvis- RCA (orange label) VG+ $40 or RCA (black label w/ dog near top on right & 'Victor' on left) M- $20 or RCA (50th Anniversary Label) Mono M- $15
ELVIS PRESLEY- Elvis' Christmas Album- (Elvis Sings Christmas Songs) RCA (LPM-1951) Mono EX+ $45 or RCA (LSP-1951e) SS $28 or RCA (LSP-1951e in a Mono jacket) VG $12 or RCA Camden (2428 w/ Blue Label Includes "If Everyday Was Like Christmas" & "Mama Liked The Roses" not on previous issues) Mono M $20
ELVIS PRESLEY- Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas- RCA (ANL 1-1936) SS $17
ELVIS PRESLEY- Elvis' Golden Records- RCA (album title in blue print & black 'long play' label) Mono VG- $40 or RCA (album title in white print & black 'monaural' label) Mono M- $27 or VG- $9 or RCA (50th Anniversary label) Mono M- $14
ELVIS PRESLEY- Elvis' Gold Records Vol 2- (50,000,000 Elvis Fan Can't Be Wrong)- RCA (silver print on label) VG-- $14 or RCA (white print on label) VG $12 or RCA (tan label) M- $20 or Canada / RCA (Gold Vinyl Edition) VG- $9
ELVIS PRESLEY- The Rockin' Rebel Vol III- (1956-57 w/ unreleased & alternate studio takes; early TV appearances; March Of Dimes interview; Ed Ripley interview) Golden Archives (350) Mono M $40
ELVIS PRESLEY- The Sun Sessions- RCA (APM1-1675) SS $27
ELVIS PRESLEY- A Legendary Performer- (Vol 2 w/ die-cut cover; booklet) RCA M $23 or M- $17
ELVIS PRESLEY- A Legendary Performer- (Vol 3 w/ die-cut cover; booklet) RCA (Picture Disc) M $33
ELVIS PRESLEY- Rocker- RCA (50th Anniversary Label) M $16
ELVIS PRESLEY- Same- RCA (50th Anniversary Label) M $16
JOHNNY PRESTON- Running Bear- Mercury Mono EX $30 or VG $20 or VG- $8 or VG-- $2 or Canada / Mercury (black / silver deep groove label) Mono VG $28
LLOYD PRICE- The Exciting Lloyd Price- ABC Paramount Mono G $15
LLOYD PRICE- Mr. Personality- UK / RCA Mono EX- $60
LLOYD PRICE- Mr. Personality's 15 Hits- ABC Paramount Mono EX- $48
LLOYD PRICE- The Fantastic Lloyd Price- ABC Paramount Mono EX+ $45 or Mono DJ VG+ $45
LLOYD PRICE- Sings The Million Sellers- ABC Paramount EX+ $45 or ABC Paramount Mono M $48 or Mono VG $17
LLOYD PRICE- 16 Greatest Hits- ABC M- $20
LOUIS PRIMA- Rock & Roll- (backed by America's All Star Groups) Halo (50192) Mono VG+ $9


RANDY & THE RAINBOWS- Joy Ride- Magic Carpet SS $46 or M $35
RANDY & THE RAINBOWS- Remember- Ambient Sound M $37
THE RAVENS- Same- Harlem Hit Parade M- $28
THE RAVENS- The Greatest Group Of Them All / Roots Of Rock & Roll Vol 3- (2-LP Set) Savoy M $35
JOHNNY RAY- Same- (10" debut LP) Columbia (CL-6199 Microgroove w/ maroon deep groove label) Mono EX+ $45
BETTY REILLY- The Explosive Betty Reilly- (includes "The Saga Of Elvis Presley") Golden Tone Mono SS $55 or M- $40 or EX $30
THE ROCKIN' R'S- Crazy Baby- (previously unissued 1950's Midwest teen rockabilly. Original pressing) Norton M $22
JIMMIE RODGERS- Same- (Includes "Honeycomb" & "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine") Roulette (R-25020 w/ original deep groove black label) VG $25
JIMMIE RODGERS- His Golden Year- Roulette (original deep groove white label) Mono VG+ $20 or VG $12
TOMMY ROE- Sheila- ABC / Paramount M- $78 or ABC / Paramount Mono M- $70 or EX $44 or VG- $17 (write for more Tommy Roe LPs)
THE ROYAL TEENS- Music Gems From The Royal Teens- (Includes the original 'Short Shorts' & others, plus the previously unreleased 'Dotty Ann' & 'All Right Baby'. Bob Gaudio left the group in 1960 to join the Four Lovers who soon became the Four Seasons. Bill Crandall resurfaced in 1965 as leader of the Knickerbockers) Tru-Gems Mono SS $75
THE ROYAL TEENS- Newies But Oldies- (No relation to the group that hit w/ 'Short Shorts') Musicor M $38
RUBY & THE ROMANTICS- Our Day Will Come- Kapp Mono EX $33 or VG- $5
RUBY & THE ROMANTICS- Same- Kapp Mono DJ VG+ $28
RUBY & THE ROMANTICS- Makin' Out- Pickwick SS $16
RUBY & THE ROMANTICS- Greatest Hits Album- Kapp VG $14


THE SABRES- Ridin' High With The Sabres- (male vocal group w/ The Dennis Farnon Orchestra) RCA Mono M- $20
TOMMY SANDS- Steady Date With Tommy Sands- (His debut LP) Capitol (Turquoise label) Mono VG+ $33 or Mono VG $22 or Mono VG- $12
TOMMY SANDS- Sands Storm!- Capitol Mono M $48 or Mono VG $18
TOMMY SANDS- This Thing Called Love- Capitol VG- $9
SANTO & JOHNNY- Same- Canadian American Mono (black label) VG- $14 or Canadian American Mono (color bars label) VG $9
SANTO & JOHNNY- Encore- Canadian American Mono (black label) VG- $12 or Canadian American Mono (color bars label) VG $9 (Write for more LPs by the Santo & Johnny Farina bros.)
JACK SCOTT- Same- Carlton (w/ Stereo' printed across top of jacket) VG $60 or Carlton Mono (heavy vinyl) VG- $40 or Mono (2nd pressing) VG $23
JACK SCOTT- What Am I Living For- Carlton Mono VG- $14
JACK SCOTT- I Remembeer Hank Williams- Top Rank Mono DJ VG- $45
JACK SCOTT- What In The World's Come Over You- Top Rank Mono VG- $40 or Top Rank Mono DJ M- $135
JACK SCOTT- The Spirit Moves Me- (w/ The Fabulous Chantones) Top Rank Mono VG+ $70
JACK SCOTT- Burning Bridges- Capitol (ST-2035) EX $75
JACK SCOTT- The Way I Rock- Jade M $60
JACK SCOTT- Jack Scott Rocks- Rock'N'Roll (75-001) M $60
JACK SCOTT- Same- (Collection of sides from 1957-1960, includes some rare tracks & previously unissued tracks) UK / Krazy Kat (794) M $14
JACK SCOTT- Great Scott!! It's Jack- (2-LP Gatefold Set) Rocket 88 (RLP-5103-2) M- $70
NEIL SEDAKA- Little Devil & His Other Hits- RCA VG+ $8
NEIL SEDAKA & THE TOKENS- Same- Guest Star Mono VG $16
NEIL SEDAKA & THE TOKENS- Same- (Neil, backed by The Tokens, do 2 early songs; The Coins do the rest. Cover painting by Fazzio) Crown M- $25 or EX $18 or Crown Mono M- $22 or VG+ $14
DAVID SEVILLE & HIS FRIENDS- The Witch Doctor- (Pioneering work by the creator of The Chipmunks) Liberty Mono M- $160 or Mono VG $78
SHA NA NA- The Night Is Still Young- (gatefold) Kama Sutra SS $28
SHA NA NA- Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay- Kama Sutra SS $40 or DJ VG+ $12
SHA NA NA- Hot Sox- (Unipak) Kama Sutra SS $33
SHA NA NA- Sha Na Now- Kama Sutra EX $22
SIMON & GARFUNKEL- The Hit Sounds Of Simon & Garfunkle- (Early Tom & Jerry sides released to capitalize on their new found fame as Simon & Garfunkle. Was quickly withdrawn when the duo sued) Pickwick M- $70 or Pickwick Mono M- $125 or Mono EX $88
SIMON & GARFUNKEL- The Tom & Jerry Sessions- (1957-58 recordings) Offshore SS $58
THE SKYLINERS- Same- (Great group sound LP includes their hit "Since I Don't Have You") Calico (turquoise label w/ black print) Mono M- $199
THE SKYLINERS- Once Upon A Time- (Featuring Jimmy Beaumont) Kama Sutra SS $45
HUEY 'PIANO' SMITH & THE CLOWNS- Having A Good Time- (original w/ "Don't You Just Know It"; "Rockin' Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie Flu"; "High Blood Pressure") Ace (1004 w/ black / silver label) Mono VG- $90 Rare!
JIMMY SOUL & THE BELMONTS- Same- (released to cash-in on Jimmy's hit "If You Wanna Be Happy". 3 songs actually w/ The Chants, & 2 w/ The Belmonts (their Mohawk sides). Charlie Francis on Side-2) Spin-O-Rama M- $38 or Spin-O-Rama Mono EX- $28
THE SPATS- Cookin' With The Spats- ABC / Paramount SS $99 or M- $77 or ABC / Paramount Mono SS $90 or Mono VG $38
TERRY STAFFORD- Suspicion!- Crusader Mono EX+ $35
KAY STARR- Rockin' With Kay- RCA Mono VG $18
BIG LUKE SYKES & HIS ORCHESTRA- Rock 'N' Roll At The Sugar Bowl- Design Mono EX $20


SAM 'THE MAN' TAYLOR- Music With The Big Beat- (Produced under the supervision of Alan Freed) MGM (deep groove yellow label) Mono EX $43
SAM 'THE MAN' TAYLOR- Rockin' At The Hop- (Music With The Big Beat) Lion Mono EX+ $37
THE TEDDY BEARS- The Teddy Bears Sing!- (w/ Phil Spector; Annette Kleinbard aka Carol Connors; & Marshall Leib) Imperial Mono VG+ $245
THE TEEN QUEENS- Rock 'N' Roll Hits Of The 50s- United Superior SS $35
THE TEEN QUEENS- Eddie My Love- Crown Mono NM- $150 or VG- $25
THE THREE CHUCKLES- Same- (Their sole LP, w/ Tommy Romano; Tommy "Russ" Gilberto & Teddy Randazzo, backed by Marty Gold & His Orchestra) Vik Mono VG- $40
JOHNNY THUNDER- Loop De Loop- Diamond Mono SS $99 or Diamond (w/ 'Lester Bangs' written on back cover) Mono M $88 or Diamond Mono M- $75 or Diamond Mono EX $66
SONNY TIL & THE ORIOLES- Sonny Til Returns!- RCA M- $18
THE TIMETONES MEET THE NOBELS- Same- (great doo-wop w/ 1 group on each side) TS M $26
THE TOKENS WITH NEIL SEDAKA- Same- (also tracks by Joe Martin) Guest Star Mono M- $14

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RITCHIE VALENS- Donna- Guest Star EX- $37 or Guest Star Mono VG- $12
RITCHIE VALENS- Ritchie- Del-Fi (1206) Mono M- $128 or VG $55 or VG- $12
RITCHIE VALENS- In Concert At Pacoima Jr. High School- (A-Side is Live; B-Side has assorted previously unreleased rough takes & song ideas) Del-Fi (1214 w/ gold cover) Mono M- $245 or Del-Fi (w/ B&W cover & label) M $125
RITCHIE VALENS- His Greatest Hits- (white cover) Del-Fi (1225) Mono M $140 or VG- $18
RITCHIE VALENS- His Greatest Hits Volume 2- Del-Fi (1247) Mono VG $70
RITCHIE VALENS- Richie Valens Golden Archive Series- MGM Mono M $70 or MGM Mono M- $57
RITCHIE VALENS- The Best Of Ritchie Valens- Rhino (Golden Archive Series) EX- $18
RITCHIE VALENS & JERRY COLE- Same- Crown M- $48 or EX $38 Scarce!
BOBBY VEE- Bobby Vee Meets The Crickets- (w/ Joel Mauldin; Jerry Allison & Sonny Curtis) Liberty Mono VG $9 or VG- $4 or UK / Sunset M $16
BOBBY VEE- I Remember Buddy Holly- Liberty VG- $7 or Liberty Mono VG $14
LARRY VERNE- Mister Larry Verne- (His only LP, includes the novelty hits " Mr. Custer" & "Mister Livingston", as well as "Mister Nero"; "Mister Saki"; "Beatnik"; "Miss Pricilla" & others:) ERA Mono EX- $68
GENE VINCENT- Bluejean Bop!- (w/ The Blue Caps. Their Debut LP. Eugene Vincent Craddock is the cousin of Bill Craddock) Capitol (T-764 w/ turquoise label w/ 'Long Playing' on bottom, but not 'High Fidelity') Mono EX $230 or Mono VG+ $160 or Mono VG $99 or Mono VG- $45
GENE VINCENT- Gene Vincent & The Bluecaps- (w/ Johnny Meeks on lead guitar) UK / Capitol (T-811 w/ turquoise label) Mono EX+ $325
GENE VINCENT- Gene Vincent Rocks! & The Blue Caps Roll- Capitol (T-970 w/ turquoise label) Mono M- $345 or Mono VG- $55 or Mono (Yellow Label Promo!) EX+ $720
GENE VINCENT- A Gene Vincent Record Date- France / Capitol Mono M $145
GENE VINCENT- Sounds Like Gene Vincent- Capitol (T-1207 original black early edition rainbow label w/ Capitol logo at left) Mono VG- $55 or France / Capitol Mono M $130
GENE VINCENT- The Crazy Beat Of Gene Vincent- (no US issue) France / Capitol Mono M $150
GENE VINCENT- The Bop That Just Won't Stop- Capitol Mono M $70
GENE VINCENT- Bird Doggin'- UK / Bulldog M- $75
GENE VINCENT- I'm Back & I'm Proud- (w/ Johnny Meeks back on lead guitar) Dandelion DJ M $125
GENE VINCENT- Gene Vincent's Greatest!- (gatefold w/ "Over The Rainbow") Capitol Starline Duophonic M $66 or M- $50
GENE VINCENT- Same- (w/ Augie Meyers ex-Sir Douglas Quintet; Chris Darrow, others. Has "If Only You Could See Me Today". Gatefold) Kama Sutra (2019) SS $66 or M- $44
GENE VINCENT- The Day The World Turned Blue- Kama Sutra (2027) SS $66 or EX $38 or DJ M- $48 More Info
GENE VINCENT- The Capitol Golden Years- (Volume 7 & 8: The Gene Vincent Story. 2-LP Gatefold Set) France / Capitol M $155
GENE VINCENT- The Best Of Gene Vincent- UK / Capitol Mono M- $99
GENE VINCENT- The Best Of Gene Vincent Volume 2- UK / Capitol M $
GENE VINCENT- Pioneers Of Rock Vol. 1- UK Capitol Starline SS $
GENE VINCENT- Be Bop A Lula Inédit- (w/ "The King Of Fools" & 11 other Rare UK singles tracks produced by Norrie Paramor & Bob Barratt) Belgium / France / Sounds Superb (2-M-048-52162) M $99 or M- $78
GENE VINCENT- Forever- (Recorded at Ron Weisner's apartment September 1971 w/ songs by Gene's daughter; Johnny Meeks; Johnny Carroll; Ray Campi & others. Gene does 4 tunes) Rollin' Rock (022) SS $75
FRANK VIRTUE & THE VIRTUES- Guitar Boogie Shuffle- (Original pre-Strand issue) Wynne EX $68 or Strand (heavy vinyl w/ deep groove label) Mono EX+ $38 or Mono EX $30
VITO & THE SALUTATIONS- Greatest Hits- (Autographed on front by Vito Belsamo & one of the Salutations!) Red-Kape (1002) EX $50
BILLY WARD- Pagan Love Song- (ex-Dominos w/ The Jack Halloran Singers. Has original version of the "Blue Hawaii" later reworked & adapted for Elvis Presley) Liberty (LST-7113) NM $80 Rare!
BILLY WARD & HIS DOMINOES- Featuring Clyde McPhatter & Jackie Wilson- King (#733) Mono SS $150
BILLY WARD & THE DOMINOES- Same- (textured cover) Decca Mono VG+ $80 or Decca (deep groove pink label) Mono DJ VG- $50
LENNY WELCH- Since I Fell For You- (w/ "Ebb Tide") Cadence M- $25
LENNY WELCH- Two Different Worlds- Kapp EX+ $20
OTIS WILLIAMS & HIS CHARMS- Sing Their All-Time Hits- King (570) Mono SS $200 (no Crown logo)
OTIS WILLIAMS & HIS CHARMS- This Is Otis Williams & The Charms- King (614) Mono SS $200
OTIS WILLIAMS & HIS CHARMS- The Greatest Hits Of Otis Williams & The Crown- Power Pak M $45
THE WIZARDS- Fifties Come Alive- (Great Privately Pressed Doo Wop LP from Sloatsburg, NY produced by Tom Lewandowski & Joel Katz, w/ lyric insert) Round Table Records M- $14
LINK WRAY- Link Wray & The Wraymen- (His Debut LP) Epic Mono G $55
LINK WRAY- Jack The Ripper- (as Link Wray & His Raymen) Swan Mono VG+ $88 or Mono VG $68 or Mono VG- 50
LINK WRAY- There's Good Rockin' Tonight- (as Link Wray & The Raymen) UK / Union Pacific (Stereo panned Mono) M- $88
LINK WRAY- Early Recordings- UK / Ace Mono M $88
LINK WRAY- Rumble- Germany / Line M $75
LINK WRAY- Bullshot- Visa SS $55 or M $38
LINK WRAY- Same- (die-cut Unipak cover) Polydor M $48
LINK WRAY- The Link Wray Rumble- Polydor M $48

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