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ABBA- Same- (Agnetha; Benny; Björn; Anni-frid. Comes w/ BONUS: glossy 8" x 10" promo photo & letter to DJ) Atlantic M- $30
ABBA- Waterloo- Atlantic EX+ $12
ADVERTISING- Jingles- (Tot Taylor & Simon Boswell. Produced by Andy Arthurs & Kenny Laguna w/ lyric innersleeve. Their only LP) UK / EMI M $78
AEROSMITH- Look Homeward Angel- (Live) World Records (Ze Anonym Plattenspieler) ZAP-7868 VG $30
ALICE COOPER- Flush The Fashion- (includes "Talk Talk") Warner Bros M $14 or Warner Bros DJ (w/ lyric innersleeve) M $28
ALICE COOPER- School's Out- (w/ paper panties & back cover that does not list song titles) Warner Bros M $175
ALICE COOPER- Pretties For You- (w/ uncensored gatefold cover! Includes "Reflected" which was eventually reworked as "Elected" on the 'Billion Dollar Babies' LP) Straight (yellow label) M $135
ALICE COOPER- Easy Action- (gatefold w/ black letters) Straight M- $88 or VG- $28 Rare!
ALICE COOPER- Billion Dollar Babies- (Title track is a reworking of "Tell Me To My Face" by the Hollies. Has Unipak cover w/ lyric innersleeve, large paper money bill & photos intact) Warner Bros EX $70
ALICE COOPER- Love It To Death- (rare 'phallic thumb' gatefold cover in EX- condition w/ white box that says: Including their hit "I'm Eighteen") Warner Bros VG $66
ALICE COOPER- Muscle Of Love- (Original box cover w/ 'book' cover & correct innersleeve) Warner Bros M- $55
ALIVE 'N KICKIN'- Same- (Their only LP, includes "Tighter & Tighter", written & produced by Tommy James. Keyboardist Bruce Sudano pre-Brooklyn Dreams, later married Donna Summer) Roulette VG+ $6
AMEN CORNER- Round (Rare stereo pressing of the debut freakbeat mod LP w/ Andy Fairweather-Low. Has 'large' Deram label design) UK / Deram M $150
AMEN CORNER- The National Welsh Coast Live Explosion Company- (gatefold) Immediate SS $99
AMEN CORNER & SMALL FACES- (14 original 60s tracks by both groups) UK New World M $30
AMERICAN BREED- Same- (1st-wave Chicago psych-pop w/ Chuck Colbert) Acta M $40 or M- $30
AMERICAN BREED- Bend Me, Shape Me- (produced by Bill Traut) Acta M $46 or VG $12 or VG- $5 or Acta Mono EX $44
AMERICAN BREED- Pumpkin, Powder, Scarlet & Green- (They evolved into Rufus, featuring Chaka Khan) Acta M $35 or M- $28
AMERICAN REVOLUTION- Same- (A psychsploitation Sidewalk Production w/ Richard Barcelona, pre-Seeds) Flick Disc M $80 or M- $65 (Getting tough to find)
THE ARCHIES- The Archies- (w/ Ron Dante (ex-Cuff Links), Jeff Barry, Toni Wine, Ellie Greenwich, Joey Levine, Andy Kim) 51 West M- $48
THE ARCHIES- Everything's Archie- (original issue w/ "Sugar Sugar") Calendar VG+ $33
THE ARCHIES- Jingle Jangle- Kirshner M- $35 or VG+ $18
THE ARCHIES- Sunshine- Kirshner M $38
THE ARCHIES- Greatest Hits- Kirshner M- $55 Scarce!
THE ASSOCIATION- And Then... Along Comes The Association- (their debut LP w/ "Cherish" & "Along Comes Mary") Valiant Mono VG- $5
THE ASSOCIATION- Renaissance- (lead singer & guitarist Jim Yester is the brother of folkie Jerry Yester, who produces this underrated LP, w/ original verson of "No Fair At All" & "Looking Glass") Valiant SS (cover says 'featuring "No Fair At All" & "Looking Glass"') $50 or Valiant (original cover) M $42 or Valiant (original cover) Mono SS $50 or Valiant (original cover) Mono M $38 or Valiant (original cover) Mono VG $20
THE ASSOCIATION- Insight Out- (w/ "Windy" & "Never My Love") Warner Bros (gold label) Mono VG $18 or Warner Bros (W7 logo) M- $18
THE ASSOCIATION- Birthday- (excellent sunshine pop) Warner Bros M $28
THE ASSOCIATION- Stop Your Motor- (w/ the Jimmy Webb song titled "P.F. Sloane") Warner Bros SS $28
THE ASSOCIATION- Greatest Hits ("Windy", "Cherish","Never My Love", "Along Comes Mary", etc. Production credits to Curt Boetcher; Jerry Yester, Gary Paxton) Warner Bros M $26
ASTROBURGER- Venus Beach / MONSTERS OF DOOM- Lost On Venus (split LP of jangly fuzz-pop w/ Mike Mushroom. Includes rare Comic Book, promo inserts, etc. Monsters Of Doom are aka The Tables) Norway Perfect Pop M $60
THE ATLANTICS- Big City Rock- ABC M- $22


BADFINGER- Same- Warner Bros SS $45
BADFINGER- No Dice- (Geoff Emerick & Mal Evans production w/ gatefold) Apple SS $68 or Asia / Pioneer (PRC-5112 - issued wo/ gatefold) VG $33
BADFINGER- Straight Up- (Produced by Todd Rundgren, w/ "Baby Blue", used to close the 'Breaking Bad' TV series) Apple EX $45 or VG $22
BADFINGER- Magic Christian Music- (Paul McCartney & Mal Evans involvement) Apple SS $58 or Tiawan / Zone Sound (CSJ-911) EX $38
BADFINGER- Airwaves- (Tom Evans & Joey Molland w/ Andy Newmark & Nicky Hopkins) Elektra SS $28
BADFINGER- Ass (Todd Rundgren produces 2 songs) Apple SS $48
THE BANGLES- Debut 12" 5-Song EP- Faulty M $48 or M- $38 More Info
NICKEY BARCLAY- Diamond In A Junkyard- (Solo debut LP by ex- Fanny member & part of Joe Cocker's Mad Dogs & Englishmen troupe. w/ lyric sheet) Ariola America M $38
BARNABY BYE- Room To Grow- (twins Billy & Bobby Alessi (aka The Alessi Bros), former Blues Magoos guitarist Peppi Castro; & ex-Illusion drummer Mike Ricciardella) Atlantic M- $48
THE BARRACUDAS- Drop Out With The Barracudas- (Impressive debut LP by original line-up of the British surf-rock kings w/ Nick Turner ex-Raincoats, pre-Lords Of The New Church & David Buckley) UK / EMI (Regal Zonophone-103) M $88
THE BARRACUDAS- House Of Kicks- (3-Song 12" 45-RPM w/ Jim Dickson & Terry Smith. Chris Wilson also joined on guitar, making the outfit a quintet) UK / Flicknife M $48
THE BARRACUDAS- Live 1983- France / Coyote M $58
THE BATS- How Pop Can You Get?- (Jon Brion, pre-Grays & 'Til Tuesday, wrote film scores for "Magnolia", "I Love The Huckabees", & "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind", w/ Bill Murphy & Don Fertman. Lyric innersleeve. Not to be confused w/ the Flying Nun, Kiwi band, the Bats) Gustav M $275 Rare!
BAY CITY ROLLERS- Same- Arista SS $33
BAY CITY ROLLERS- It's A Game- Arista SS $33
BAY CITY ROLLERS- Strangers In The Wind- Arista SS $28
BAY CITY ROLLERS- Once Upon A Star- (die-cut cover w/ all 5 poster inserts) Bell EX+ $33 or EX- $16
BAY CITY ROLLERS- Wouldn't You Like It- (gatefold w/ poster) Italy / Bell EX $33
BAY CITY ROLLERS- Rock N' Roll Love Letter- (gatefold) Arista EX $22
BEACH BOYS- Pet Sounds- UK / Capitol Mono M- $120
BEACH BOYS- Smile- (both w/ insert & cover art by Frank Holmes) Brother (ST-2580 w/ tan label. Total time= 49:16 Includes "Holidays" & "George Fell Into His French Horn", plus longer versions of 2 songs: "Our Prayer" & "Wonderful") unplayed M $375 or Brother (ST-2580 w/ pink label. Total time= 43:07 Includes previously unreleased longer versions of 6 songs!) unplayed M $375
BEACH BOYS- Sunflower- (psych-pop w/ gatefold) UK / Stateside / EMI M $88
THE BEACH BOYS- Surf's Up- (aka 'Land Locked') Brother SS $27
BEACH BOYS- Holland- (w/ bonus EP & PS "Mount Vernon" bw/ "Fairway") UK / Brother EX+ (EP is M) $28
BEACH BOYS- Love You- (Brian Wilson wrote & performs almost this entire 'come back' album, engineered by the great Earle Mankey. Kittyhawk Graphics by Dean Torrence of Jan & Dean fame) Reprise SS $60
BEACH BOYS- The L.A. Light Album- (w/ Bruce Johnston) Caribou M $18
BEACHY & THE BEACHNUTS- "Town Without Pity", "Shake A Tail Feather" bw/ "Too Many Fish In The Sea", "Handcuffs & Lace"- (4-Song 12" 33 1/3rd EP w/ picture cover) American Music M- $12
THE BEAT- Same- (Paul Collins ex-Nerves w/ correct innersleeve autographed by Paul Collins) Columbia M $45
THE BEAT- To Beat Or Not To Beat- (mini-LP w/ back cover autographed by Paul Collins) Passport M $45
THE BEATLES- Hey Jude- Apple M- $14 (Write for more Beatles)
BEAU BRUMMELS- Same Warner Bros (BS-2842) DJ M- $35 (Write for more Beau Brummels LPs)
BE-BOP DELUXE- Sunburst Finish- (original issue) Harvest M $20
BE-BOP DELUXE- Futurama- Harvest M $16
BIG STAR- #1 Record- (Alex Chilton w/ Christopher Bell) Ardent M $225
BJÖRN, SKIFS & BLÅBLUS- Out Of The Blue- (Bjorn, Skifs & Blablus are Blue Swede. w/ gatefold) Sweden / EMI VG+ $22
THE BLISS BAND- Dinner With Raoul- (great William Stout cover art) Columbia SS $22
THE BLISS BAND- "Slipaway" bw/ "On The Highway" (2-Song 12" DJ ONLY EP) Columbia DJ M $12
THE BLISS BAND- Neon Smiles- Columbia DJ M $22
BLOND- Same- (Swedish psych & beat-pop w/ ex-Tages; Unipak cover) Fontana M $48 or M- $36
BLONDIE- Same- (produced by Richard Gottehrer) Private Stock (PS-2023 w/ full-sized color photo cover) SS $88 or Private Stock (PS-2023 w/ B&W photo in center of black cover) VG $25
BLONDIE- Same- Pickwick VG $28 Rare!
BLONDIE- Plastic Letters- Chrysalis M- $18 or EX+ $12
BLONDIE- Parallel Lines- (Original pressing w/ 3:54 version of "Heart Of Glass"; lyric innersleeve) Chrysalis M- $40
BLONDIE- Eat To The Beat- (w/ correct innersleeve) Chrysalis M- $14
BLONDIE- "Heart Of Glass" (5:50) bw/ (5:17) Instrumental Version- (1st Issue 12" Disco sleeve w/ photo label) Chrysalis SS $26
BLONDIE- "(I'm Always Touched By Your Presence, Dear" bw/ "Poets Problem", "Detroit 442"- (12" 45-RPM w/ Original B&W cover art) Chrysalis (2217) SS $33
BLONDIE- "Denis" bw/ "Contact In Red Square", "Kung Fu Girls"- (12" 45-RPM w/ Rare original red cover) Chrysalis (2204) M $35
BLONDIE- "Rip Her To Shreds" bw/ "In he Flesh", "X-Offender"- (12" 45-RPM w/ original B&W sleeve) UK / Chrysalis M $40
BLOW POPS- Charmed I'm Sure- (w/ Mike Jarvis of Green. Produced by John Frankovic of Plasticland) Get Hip M- $99
BLUE ANGEL- Same- (Original pre-stardom pressing of the Cyndi Lauper debut LP w/ original version of "Maybe He'll Know") Polydor M $55
BLUE ASH- No More, No Less- (Stiv Bators' hometown pals perform rare Bob Dylan song "Dusty Old Fairgrounds") Mercury M $65
BLUE SWEDE- Hooked On A Feeling- (The B.J. Thomas hit done in a rowdy singalong style, ala Slade. Also includes their version of songs by Jose Feliciano; Mac Davis; Allan Toussaint; Burt Bacharach) EMI EX $24
BOHEMIA- "Love Turns To Stone" bw/ "All The Way"- (12" 45-RPM Chicago Electro-pop) Discos De Tinga M $14
DAVID BOWIE- Starting Point- (early material) London Records Collectors Series SS $38
DAVID BOWIE- The Man Who Sold The World- (cartoon cover art) Mercury (original pressing w/ machine stamped matrix) M- $185 or Mercury (hand written matrix) VG $33
DAVID BOWIE- The World Of David Bowie- (early work w/ John McLaughlin; Herbie Flowers) UK / Decca (rare stereo issue) EX+ $65
DAVID BOWIE- Same- (6 early PYE songs w/ The Lower Third) Canada / Phonodisc SS $48 Rare!
DAVID BOWIE- The Manish Boys / Davy Jones & Lower 3rd- (4-Song 10" of 1965 Shel Tamley production. This is only comp featuring original versions "I Pity Fool" "Take My Tip") UK See For Miles SS $50
DAVID BOWIE- In Person- (Recorded Live October 20, 1972 at The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. Killer show & sound quality! Rare Red Vinyl - Only 100 pressed in Red!) Trade Mark Of Quality (TMOQ-71054) M $175
DAVID BOWIE- The All American Bowie- (Live, March 10, 1973 at Long Beach Area, California) Silvery Galaxy Records (DB-542) Mono EX+ $60
DAVID BOWIE- Bowie Now- (DJ ONLY issue w/ tracks from "Low" & "Heroes") RCA (DJL1-2697) DJ Only M- $55
DAVID BOWIE- 1980 Floor Show (aka "Dollars In Drag", Live "Midnight Special" from Marquee Club, October 18, 1973. Includes "I Got You Babe" duet w/ Marianne Faithful) Pig's Eye (#3) VG+ $75
DAVID BOWIE- Slaughter In The Air- (2-LP Set of entire concert at The Los Angeles Forum, April 4, 1978 w/ Adrian Belew; Simon House; Roger Powell. 2 studio cuts are: "Heroes" sung in French & German. Robert Fripp & Brian Eno appear on the German cut) UK M- $88 or US Omega (#912 Original 1st pressing w/ blue cover titled "No Ziggy Or Iggy... Just A Gigolo" 2-LP Set) SS $125
DAVID BOWIE- The World Of David Bowie- (each w/ turquiose label, this is the 1st David Bowie compilation, premiering bliss-rock favorites "Karma Man", "In The Heat Of The Morning" & "Let Me Sleep Beside You") UK / Decca (original issue w/ close-up of face on cover) M- $99 or UK / Decca (2nd pressing w/ different cover + "Silly Boy Blue" added) EX $55
DAVID BOWIE- The Thin White Duke- (Live at Nassau Coliseum, New York, March 23, 1976 to promote "Station To Station". Re-recorded & mixed in West Germany. Includes "Can You Hear Me" / "Young Americans" TV duet w/ Cher. Rare Original Color Cover!) Audifön SS $100
ANDY BOWN- Gone To My Head- (Debut w/ Peter Frampton, gatefold) Mercury SS $77 or M $58 or M- $40 More Info
ANDY BOWN- Sweet William- (ex-Herd w/ insert) Mercury SS $55 or DJ M $45 or M $33
ANDY BOWN- Come Back Romance, All Is Forgiven- EMI SS $55
TOMMY BOYCE- A Twofold Talent- (early material before teaming up w/ Bobby Hart includes "Along Came Linda"; "I'll Remember Carol") Camden EX+ $75 Rare!
TOMMY BOYCE & BOBBY HART- Test Patterns- (their debut LP) A&M M- (w/ insert) $55 or A&M M- (no insert) M- $40 Scarce!
TOMMY BOYCE & BOBBY HART- It's All Happening On The Inside- A&M M- $50
THE BOYS- Same- (new wave power pop) UK / Nems VG+ $14
THE BOYS- Alternative Chartbusters- UK / Nems M $20
THE BOYZ- No Trace- (Vermont power trio w/ Mark Bowie (guitar, vocals), Paul Lachapelle (drums, vocals), Tim Capron (bass, vocals) - AUTOGRAPHED by all 3 members) Absolute VG+ $18
BROOKLYN BRIDGE- Same- (gatefold w/ Johnny Maestro of The Crests, 1969 release) Buddah (5034) VG- $5
BROOKLYN BRIDGE- The Second Brooklyn Bridge- Buddah (5042) VG- $5
THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE- Same (gatefold w/ Johnny Maestro of The Crests, 1970 release) Buddah (5065) DJ M- $22
THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE- The Bridge In Blue- (embossed gatefold cover) Buddah (5107) DJ M $28
BROTHERHOOD- Same- (Their debut LP w/ ex-Paul Revere & The Raiders members Drake Levin (Guitar); Phil 'Fang' Volk (Bass) & Mike Smith (Drums); along with Ron Collins (Hammond Organ) RCA SS $50 or EX $38
BUBBLE GUM MACHINE- Same- (Though they hailed from New York, they have that hip California pop-psych sound w/ fuzz guitar; female & male vocal trade offs & harmonies. Similar to Yankee Dollar. Catchy covers of Buffalo Springfield, Beatles, early Bee Gees. Produced by Wes Farrell. Sampled by Black Sheep) Senate EX $120
BUCHANAN BROTHERS- Medicine Man- (aka Cashman, Pistilli & West) Event SS $45
BUCKEYE- Same- (w/ Allan Clarke of The Hollies; Ronn Price of Kevin Ayers' Band; & Ringo clone drummer, "Beav" Parker) Polydor DJ M $20
THE BUCKINGHAMS- Kind Of A Drag- (1st-wave Chicago soul-pop w/ Dennis Tufano & Carl Giammarese) USA Mono SS $75 or VG $23 or VG- $12
THE BUCKINGHAMS- Time & Charges- (w/ Marty Grebb pre-Fabulous Rhinestones. Carl Giammarese's vocals are heard on jingles for Kellogg's, McDonald's, RC Cola, & United Airlines) Columbia VG- $9 or Mono SS $33 or Mono M $22
THE BUCKINGHAMS- In One Ear & Gone Tomorrow- Columbia EX- $16
THE BUCKINGHAMS- Made In Chicago- (2-LP Set w/ gatefold) Columbia M- $22
THE BUOYS- Timothy- (title track written by Rupert Holmes) Scepter SS $28 or EX- $18


CAKE- Same- (All-Girl hippie rock w/ some folk & baroque psych moves, produced at Goldstar Studios by Jack Nitzsche. They later sang backing vocals on Jimi Hendrix's 'Electric Ladyland' LP) Decca SS $98 or M $70
CAKE- A Slice Of Cake- (Recorded at Goldstar Studios w/ Dr. John) Decca SS $98 or M $70
JOHN CALE- Vintage Violence- (ex- Velvet Underground solo debut LP- original issue) Columbia SS $40
CANDYMEN- The Candymen- (Roy Orbison related pre-Atlanta Rhythm Section) ABC SS $38 or M $27 or VG $12
CANDYMEN- The Candymen Bring You Candy Power- ABC SS $38 or M $28 or ABC Mono DJ M- $27
CAPITAL CITY ROCKETS- Same- (embossed cover w/ Jamie Lyons of The Music Explosion & members of Godz. w/ Insert) Elektra SS $77 or Elektra DJ M $60 or DJ M (no insert) $44
CARGOE- Same- (Terry Manning production. Hot Dogs related) Ardent SS $99 or DJ M- $75
ERIC CARMEN- Tonight You're Mine (ex-Raspberries) Arista M $14
ERIC CARMEN- Boats Against The Current- (scarce) Arista SS $16
THE CARPENTERS- The Singles 1969 - 1973- (gatefold w/ insert booklet) A&M VG+ $12
THE CARS- Candy-O - (original issue w/ Vargas cheesecake cover art. Includes the song "It's All I Can Do" w/ the riff later used by Third Eye Blind on "Never Let You Go") Elektra SS $22
THE CARS- Panorama- Elektra DJ M $6
THE CARS- '59 Stude- (w/ "Take What You Want" + 6 others live) Excitable M $43
DAVID CASSIDY- Cherish- (His debut LP, pre-Partridge Family) Bell M $33
DAVID CASSIDY- Rock Me Baby- (w/ Kim Carnes) Bell EX $18
DAVID CASSIDY- The Higher They Climb- (w/ Flo & Eddie; Bruce Johnston; Carl Wilson; Richie Furay; Phil Austin) RCA M $23 or M- $17
DAVID CASSIDY- Dreams Are Nothin' More Than Wishes- (gatefold) Bell SS $36
SHAUN CASSIDY- Born Late- (Star of TV's "The Hardy Boys", & younger brother of David Cassidy) Warner Bros SS $55
THE CATCH- Girls In Uniform- (4-Song 12" catchy new-wave pop by Boston area rockers) Splash SS $30
CHEAP TRICK- Dream Police- (gatefold w/ lyric innerseeve) Epic M $12
CHEAP TRICK- Same- (original) Epic SS $28
CHEAP TRICK- Heaven Tonight- (w/ promo-only postcard) Epic DJ VG+ $14
CHEAP TRICK- Samurai Rock Band- (Live stereo) CY-10 (original cover) SS $115 or (2nd press w/ boarder around cover) SS $75
CHEAP TRICK- California Man- (2-LP Set Live 1978 at The Paradise, Boston & Bottom Line, NYC w/ original deluxe color cover) Germany Audifon SS $85
CHEAP TRICK- Trick Or Treat- (Live, Rockford, Illinois, October 31, 1977) Impossible SS $100
CHEAP TRICK- One On One- Epic M $14
CHEAP TRICK- Found All The Parts- (4-Song 10" EP. Non-LP Studio / Live) Epic Nu Disk M $16
CHERRY PEOPLE- Same- (Formerly 'The English Setters', this pop combo from DC features guitarist Punky Meadows, who went on to the metal group, Angel. This, the only LP by The Cherry People, includes the Northern Soul classic "And Suddenly", written by Michael Brown & originally recorded by The Left Banke. w/ embossed gatefold cover) Heritage M- $50
LOU CHRISTIE- I'm Gonna Make You Mine- (w/ Linda Scott) Buddah SS $40
CHRISTOPHER MILK- Some People Will Drink Anything- (Chris Thomas produces zany rock critic John Mendelson) Reprise SS $35 or SS (w/ hype sheet) $40 or Reprise DJ M $28
THE CICHLIDS- Be True To Your School- Bold M $38
CITY BOY- Same- (w/ Mike Slamer pre-Kansas)- Mercury SS $35
THE CLIQUE- Same- (Texas band that started out covering the 13th Floor Elevators, hits here w/ Tommy James' song "Sugar On Sunday" & the original "Hallelujah" later covered by Sweathog, & "Superman" later covered by R.E.M. Produced by Gary Zekley) White Whale SS $55 or M $38 or EX $18
TIMOTHY CLOVER- Cambridge Concept / A Harvard Square Affair- (Nice popsike written & produced by Bruce Patch, Lennie Petze (Teddy & The Pandas) & Larry Jaspon. May be no such person as Timothy Clover, but rather a studio group only) Tower M- $65 More Info
COCKNEY REBEL- The Psychomodo- (Steve Harley) UK EMI M $40 More Info
CODE BLUE- Same- (Dean Chamberlain ex-Motels; Randall Marsh of Mudcrutch; Gary Tibbs ex-Vibrators, Ant & Roxy Music, w/ proper innersleeve. Includes "Whisper/Touch", featured in the film 'Pretty In Pink'. Has original Limited Edition blue outer bag) Warner Bros M $22
CODE BLUE- "Whisper/Touch"; "Face To Face" bw/ "Hurt"; "The Need"- (4-Song 12" PROMO ONLY EP on BLUE VINYL. Produced by famed producer for The Police, Nigel Gray) Warner Bros DJ Only M $22
COLLAGE- The Collage- (Curt Boettcher & Roger Nichols involvement) Smash SS $88
COLOURS- Same- (Good psych-pop w/ Gary Montgomery; Rob Edwards; Jack Dalton; Carl Radle- pre-Derek & The Dominoes; Chuck Blackwell) Dot SS $95 or M- $75
COLOURS- Atmosphere- (cover art by Victor Moscoso) Dot SS $120 or M $90
ELVIS COSTELLO- Armed Forces- (Special 4-flap jacket w/ 4 postcards) UK Radar M $35 (Write for more Elvis Costello LPs)
JOSIE COTTON- "Johnny Are You Queer?" b/w "(Let's Do) The Blackout"- (2-Song 12" 45 RPM w/ original camp sleeve art) Bomp M $35
JOSIE COTTON- Convertable Music- Elektra M $33
JOSIE COTTON- From The Hip- Elektra M $28
THE COUNT- I'm A Star- (Boston's Joe Vigelone, 7 years in the making! Gatefold cover) France / Flamingo M $27
BILL COWSILL- Nervous Breakthrough- (of The Cowsills, Bill was once considered to replace Brian Wilson in The Beach Boys' touring line-up. Gatefold cover w/ Patsy Clinger) MGM DJ M $40
THE COWSILLS- Same- (They were the inspiration for The Partridge Family TV Series. Their hit song "The Rain, The Park & Other Things" aka "I Love The Flower Girl", is similar to the later Three Dog Night hit "One") MGM EX- $20
THE COWSILLS- In Concert- (Barry, Bob, John, Bill & mom) MGM VG+ $12
THE COWSILLS- Captain Sad & His Ship Of Fools- (gatefold w/ "Indian Lake" sticker) MGM M- $28 or (no sticker) VG- $5
THE COWSILLS- The Best Of The Cowsills- (Jack Davis cover art) MGM M- $18 or EX $14 or VG $8
THE COWSILLS PLUS THE LINCOLN PARK ZOO- Same- (Early & obscure Cowsills recordings, plus 2 Songs by The Lincoln Park Zoo "Love Theme From Haight Street" & "If You Gotta Go (Go Now)" w/ Tom Murray, pre-Litter & Straight Up) Mercury Wing EX $16
CRISTINA MONET- Disco Clone- (12" Single by Avant-garde fashion model, Cristina, wife of Ze Records owner, w/ August Darnell, aka Kid Creole. Produced by John Cale who also provides the narrative. A-Side is English, B-side is in French. Limited edition of 1500 copies) Ze SS $45
CRYAN' SHAMES- Sugar & Spice- (nice Byrds inspired first-wave Chicago psych-pop) Columbia M- $28 or EX $18
CRYAN' SHAMES- A Scratch In The Sky- (w/ Isaac Guillory) Columbia SS $35
CRYAN' SHAMES- Synthesis- (more Chicago psych-pop. Lead guitarist Jim Fair later recorded w/ Pearls Before Swine) Columbia VG $9
THE CUFF LINKS- Tracy- (w/ Ron Dante & Rupert Holmes) Decca SS $45
THE CUFF LINKS- Same- Decca EX $30
CHERI CURRIE- Beauty's Only Skin Deep- (ex-lead singer of The Runaways w/ her sister Marie) France / Mercury unplayed M $88 Rare!
CHERI & MARIE CURRIE- Messin' With The Boys- Capitol M $68
THE CYRKLE- Red Rubber Ball- (produced by John Simon) Columbia (360 Sound) Mono VG- $5
THE CYRKLE- Neon- (produced by John Simon) Columbia (360 Sound) M $18 or Columbia (360 Sound) Mono M $18


DADDY DEWDROP- Same- (aka Dick Monda w/ "The Torrance Cookers": Bill Perry, Tom Hensley, Steve Rillera, & Larry Brown. Their one-hit wonder was "Chick-A-Boom", originally written for the TV cartoon show "Sabrina & The Groovie Goolies") Sunflower EX+ $68
DEAF SCHOOL- 2nd Honeymoon / Don't Stop The World- (2-LP Gatefold Set of their 1st 2 albums, w/ Bette Bright; lyric innersleeves. Cover AUTOGRAPHED by Rev. Max Ripple) Warner Bros M $45
DEAF SCHOOL- English Boys / Working Girls- (related to Chili Willi& Red Hot Chili Peppers, & Badger) Sire SS $28
DeFRANCO FAMILY- Heartbeat, It's A Lovebeat- (fanclub cover featuring Tony DeFranco) 20th Century SS $45 or VG+ $22
DeFRANCO FAMILY- Save The Last Dance For Me- (featuring Tony DeFranco) 20th Century M- $33
JIMMY DESTRI- Heart On A Wall- (only solo LP by ex-Blondie keyboardist) Chrysalis M $33 Scarce!
THE DETERGENTS- The Many Faces Of The Detergents- (Quite funny parodies of teen tragedy songs w/ Ron Dante pre-Archies, includes their hit "Leader Of The Laundermat") Roulette EX+ $110 or Mono M- $125
DIAMOND REO- "Lover Boy" / "Helter Skelter" / "It Ain't What You Say" (3-Song 12" DJ ONLY EP w/ inserts) Kama Sutra M $9
DYAN DIAMOND- In The Dark- (ex-Venus & The Razorblades w/ Chris Darrow; Produced by Kim Fowley) MCA M $14 More Info
DICTATORS- Go Girl Crazy- Epic SS $65 or M- $45 or Epic DJ EX+ $40
DINO, DESI & BILLY- I'm A Fool- (Dino was the son of singer/comedian Dean Martin. Desi is the son of Hollywood stars Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz of the 50's TV show 'I Love Lucy'. Billy Hinsche is the schoolmate. His sister married Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys & Billy is now a member of The Beach Boys) Reprise (each w/ Tri-color Riverboat label) Mono M $28 or Mono EX+ $14 or Mono VG- $2
DINO, DESI & BILLY- Our Time's Coming- Reprise (all w/ Tri-color Riverboat label) M $30 or Mono M- $24 or Mono DJ M- $28
DINO, DESI & BILLY- Souvenir- (no pics) (Tri-color Riverboat label) Reprise Mono VG- $12
DIRTY ANGELS- Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye- (Former backup band for Arthur Lee is also White Chocolate related. Produced by Richard Gottehrer) Private Stock SS $25 or M- $12
DISCIPLE- Come And See Us As We Are!- (sunshine psych-pop w/ the female vocals of Sandy Crespo) Avco Embassy M- $150
DOLENZ, JONES, BOYCE & HART- Same- (Mickey, Davy, Tommy & Bobby) Capitol M- $10
ROGER DOLLARHIDE- The Righteous Rock Of Roger Dollarhide- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Tom Cat M $18
DON & THE GOODTIMES- Where The Action Is!!- Wand (WDM-679) Mono M $50 or Mono VG $22
DON & THE GOODTIMES- So Good- Epic Mono M $45 or M- $28 or VG $14
DON & THE GOODTIMES-Goodtime Rock 'N Roll- Piccadilly SS $50
THE DREAM SYNDICATE- Same- (Original pre-Enigma Self-Issued Debut 4-Song 12" 45-RPM EP w/ "Sure Thing"; "That's What You Always Say" bw/ "When You Smile"; "Some Kinda Itch") Down There M $48

E - F

EAST COAST- Same- (Not the Larry Blackmon group) RSO DJ M $9
THE EASYBEATS- Friday On My Mind- (1st US Vanda & Young LP) United Artists SS $63 or Mono VG $22
THE EASYBEATS- Falling Off The Edge Of The World- United Artists SS $55
THE EASYBEATS- Easy As Can Be- (Greatest Hits Volume 2) France / Fan Club M- $44
EDDIE & THE HOTRODS- Life On The Line- (original issue) Island (ILPS-9509) SS $20
EDDIE & THE HOTRODS- Thriller- (w/ Jools Holland & Linda McCartney. Includes poster) UK / Island M $40 or UK / Island (no poster) M- $12
THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS- Same (w/ Jayne County, Jools Holland. Produced by Martin Birch) UK / Safari w/ "On The Crest" M $48 or France / Safari w/ "Fuck Off" M $60
THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS- Storm The Gates Of Heaven- (Jayne / Wayne County on Pink Lavender vinyl w/ lyric insert) UK / Safari M $50
THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS- Things Your Mother Never Told You- (original textured cover) UK / Safari M $55
THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS- Best Of Jayne / Wayne County & The electric Chairs- (translucent Green Vinyl) UK / Safari M $60
ELECTRIC INDIAN- Keem-O-Sabe- United Artists SS $45
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA- Olé ELO- (Promo Only GOLD VINYL Pressing w/ Promo Only cover which does not have the group's name on it, just title) Jet (SP-123) DJ ONLY M $130 Rare!
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA- "Livin' Thing"- (12" one-sided Promo Only BLUE VINYL 33 1/3rd-RPM w/ Promo Only cover that says: New ELO) Jet (SP-137) DJ ONLY M $90
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA- The Light Shines On- (assorted loose ends & 'B' Sides, produced by Jeff Lynne & Ron Wood) UK / Harvest SS $40 or M $28
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA- The Night The Lights Went On In Longbeach- (Live May 12, 1974) Germany / Warner Bros SS $38
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA- Discovery- (Has the throbbing hit "Don't Bring Me Down". Gatefold w/ lyric innersleeve) Jet M- $9
ELEKTRICS- Current Events- (obscure new wave power pop) Capitol M $20
THE ELEVATORS- Frontline- (Northampton, Massachusetts 'Cars' inspired pop, produced by Earl Mankey - ex-Sparks guitarist turned pop-whiz producer) Arista M $40
ELLIE POP- Same- (underappreciated Beatles 'Pepper' era psych-pop gem w/ sunny harmonies, fuzzy guitars & swirling organs. From Michigan, w/ ex-Tidal Waves guitarist Bill Long) Mainstream SS $250
THE END- Introspection- (Highly regarded Psych Pop produced By Bill Wyman of The Rolling Stones w/ metallicized reflective silver cover art) London SS $265 or M- $185
DAVID ESSEX- Rock On- (w/ Julie Covington & ex-members of The Chocolate Watchband) Columbia M- $38
DAVID ESSEX- Same- (w/ Chris Spedding) Columbia DJ M $28 or UK / CBS (w/ gatefold) EX+ $28
DAVID ESSEX- All The Fun Of The Fair- (gatefold) Columbia M $24 or DJ M- $24
DAVID ESSEX- Gold & Ivory- (One of his better LPs, but totally obscure) Holland / CBS M $45
ETERNITY'S CHILDREN- Same- (w/ songs by Millenium members Michael Fennelly & Curt Boettcher, who also co-produces w/ ex-Music Machine bassist Keith Olsen. The group evolved into Starbuck in the 70s) Tower SS $220
EUCLID BEACH BAND- Same (w/ Eric Carmen; Rick Marotta; others) Epic / Cleveland M $20
EVERY MOTHER'S SON- Same- (gatefold w/ "Come & Take A Ride In My Boat" written by Wes Farrell who also wrote "Hang On Sloopy" & "Come A Little Bit Closer") MGM SS $45 or M $35 or VG- $5 or MGM Mono VG $20
LES EXCENTRIQUES- (French Canadian pop group w/ pink suits, pink guitars & blonde hair. AUTOGRAPHED on front by guitarist Réal. "Fume, Fume, Fume" is a French version of The Beach Boys' "Fun Fun Fun") Canada / RCA Victor Canada International Mono EX+ $220
THE EYES OF MIND- Tales Of The Turquoise Umbrella- (Edwardian flower power pop-psych produced by Mark Wirtz) France / Closer (Distributed by New Rose, Licensed from Voxx) M $24
FACTORY- Same- (Dutch import of obscure Swedish pop group w/ Mats Carinder; Ted Larsson; Lars-Olov Larsson; Mats Söderberg; Kenneth Sivertsson. Debut LP w/ lyric innersleeve) Holland / CBS M $38
FANCY- Wild Thing- (pre-Judas Priest, ex-Spencer Davis members) Big Tree SS $45
FANNY- Mothers Pride (w/ June Millington, produced by Todd Rundgren) Reprise SS $45 or VG $9
FANNY- Charity Ball- (June Millington w/ cover art by Dean Torrence & Candice Bergen) Reprise M $33 or M- $22
FAST- The Fast For Sale- (Debut LP w/ Paul & Miki Zone; lyric insert) Recca M $120
FAST- Leather Boys From The Asphalt Jungle- (their 2nd & final LP, w/ tour insert) Recca M $95
MICHAEL FENNELLY- Lane Changer- (ex-Crabby Appleton backed by 'Argent' w/ Rod Argent. Produced by Chris White of The Zombies. Creem Magazine namerd Michael Fennelly "An Americanized Marc Bolan") Epic M- $50 or VG $18
FINGERPRINTZ- The Very Dab- (w/ Jimmie O'Neill, lyric innersleeve) Virgin M $18 (Write for more Fingerprintz LPs)
THE FIVE AMERICANS- Western Union- (w/ Michael Rabin later to Gladstone) Abnak EX+ $38
THE FIVE AMERICANS- I See The Light- (gatefold) HBR EX $77 or VG+ $48
FIVE MAN ELECTRICAL BAND- Same- (ex-Staccatos, of Canada) Pickwick VG $12
FIVE MAN ELECTRICAL BAND- Good-Byes & Butterflys- (contains their big hit "Signs" w/ great overdrive intro, usually missing from the single version) Lionel (original pre-"Signs" neon butterfly front cover art) M $55 or MGM (original pre-"Signs" psychedelic cover art) DJ M- $44
FIVE MAN ELECTRICAL BAND- Coming Of Age- (gatefold) Lionel SS $48 or M $35
THE FIFTH ESTATE- Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead-(Originally formed in Stamford, Connecticut as The Decadents, then The D-Men) Jubilee M $165
THE FLAME- Same- (Blondie Chaplin w/ Ricky, Steve & brother Fataar, produced by Carl Wilson) Brother (purple / white front cover) SS $80 or Capitol / Brother (black / white front cover) EX $50
FLAMIN' GROOVIES- Supernazz- Epic SS $140 or M- $88
FLAMIN' GROOVIES- Flamingo- (gatefold) Kama Sutra SS $135 or Kama Sutra (pink label) EX $78
FLAMIN' GROOVIES- Teenage Head- Kama Sutra SS $135 or Kama Sutra (pink label) EX+ $88
FLAMIN' GROOVIES- Shake Some Action- (perfection personified) Sire (w/ impossibly rare Flamin' Groovies Newsletter #1, March 1977) SS $135 or Sire M $88
FLAMIN' GROOVIES- Still Shakin'- (selections from "Teenage Head" & "Flamingo", plus Live Studio Janurary 13, 1971) Buddah M $77 or EX+ $55
FLASHMAN- Same- (ELP inspired keyboard dominated prog glam-rock trio from the UK) Vanguard EX $33
FLIES- Same- (6-Song 12" by Boston Rockers featuring Nat Freedberg pre-Upper Crust & Titanics) Czech SS $65
THE FLIRTS- 10¢ A Dance- (3-piece NY girl group produced by Bobby Orlando) O Records EX $18
FLYING MACHINE- Same- (UK pop rockers who hit w/ "Smile A Little Smile For Me". Not James Tayor's 1st band) Janus (color cover) EX+ $33
THE FLYS- Waikiki Beach Refugees- (Speedy punk power-pop from Coventry, UK) UK / EMI SS $55
FOTOMAKER- Vis-À-Vis- (w/ Dino Danelli of The Young Rascals & Wally Bryson of The Raspberries & The Choir) Atlantic M $18
KIM FOWLEY- Sunset Boulevard- (Dyan Diamond involvement) PVC SS $40 or UK / Illegal M- $35
JOHN FRED & HIS PLAYBOY BAND- Judy In Disguise With Glasses- (same LP as Agnes English" retitled to their hit song) Paula SS $45 (Write for more John Fred LPs)
ACE FREHLEY- Same- Casablanca SS $22
THE FUN & GAMES- Elephant Candy- (pop-psych w/ Rock Romano of The Six Pents. Other band members worked w/ Mayo Thompson of The Red Crayola. Producer Gary Zekely also produced Yellow Balloon) Uni M $78


GARFIELD- Strange Streets- (Debut LP by Garfield French is Euclid related) Mercury M- $40
DAVID GEDDES- Run Joey Run- (ex-The Fredric, of Detroit) Big Tree SS $42 or M $27
THE GENTRYS- Keep On Dancing- (w/ Larry Raspberry pre-Alamo; Bruce Bowles; & Jimmy Hart aka 'The Mouth Of The South') MGM SS $60 or MGM VG+ $28 or MGM Mono SS $55 or MGM Mono EX+ $38 or MGM Mono VG $20
THE GENTRYS- Gentry Time- (Alamo related) MGM Mono VG+ $28 or MGM Mono DJ EX $45
THE GENTRYS- Same- (Jimmy Hart w/ pre-Edgewood members. Great version of Neil Young's "Cinnamon Girl") Sun M $33 or M- $22
THE GIANTS- Thanks For The Music- (Knack members w/ Ron Elliott & Dr. John. Produced by John Nagy w/ lyric insert) Casablanca SS $33 or DJ M $22
NICK GILDER- You Know Who You Are- (solo debut LP) Chrysalis M $33
NICK GILDER- City Nights- (ex-Sweeney Todd) Chrysalis SS $40
DANA GILLESPIE- Weren't Born A Man- (w/ Brian Odgers; Rosetta Hightower; John 'Rabbit' Bundrick; Bobby Keys; Keef Hartley & Rick Wakeman. Some production by David Bowie & Mick Ronson, as well as covers of of Bowie's "Andy Warhol" & "Backed A Loser") RCA SS $28
GARY GLITTER- Glitter-(aka Paul Gadd aka Paul Raven w/ gatefold cover) Bell SS $75 or VG- $14
GARY GLITTER- I Love You Love Me Love- UK / Pickwick SS $50 or M $38
GARY GLITTER- Touch Me- (gatefold) UK / Bell M $68
GARY GLITTER- Remember Me This Way- UK / Bell M $68
GARY GLITTER- The Leader- ('Leader Of The Gang' later a hit for Brownsville Station) Epic M $58
GARY GLITTER- Glitter & Gold- (6-Song 10" Mini-LP) Epic Nu Disc SS $33
THE GLITTER BAND- Hey- (Debut LP by Gary Glitter's ex-back-up band, The Glittermen, featuring Gerry Shephard & Pete Phipps, pre-Eurythmics, XTC, Genesis & The Stranglers 1982-1985) UK / Bell (241) NM $48 Scarce!
THE GLITTER BAND- ...Makes You Blind- (Gary Glitter's ex-back-up band, The Glittermen, featuring Gerry Shephard & Pete Phipps, pre-Eurythmics, XTC, Genesis & The Stranglers 1982-1985) Arista M $40
GLITTERHOUSE- Color Blind- (also appears on "Barberella" Soundtrack) Dynovoice SS $55 or M- $37 or Dynovoice Mono M- $33
GODLEY & CREME- "L"- (Kevin & Lol of 10cc)- Polydor SS $45
GOLDEN EARRING- Same- (gatefold) Dwarf DJ EX+ $85 Ultra Rare!
GOLDEN EARRING- Eight Miles High- Atlantic M $55 or Germany / Polydor VG $55
GOLDEN EARRING- Moontan- (original cameo front cover w/ naked back cover) Track M $55
GOLDEN EARRING- Switch- (orig issue) Track SS $45
GOLDEN EARRING- Grab It For A Second- MCA SS $30
GOLDEN EARRING- The Best Of Golden Earring- Germany / Karussell EX $55
GOLDEN GATE- Year One- (Rare soft-psych & blue-eyed soul w/ Billy 'Carl' Carlucci, Reid Whitelaw & Richard Bell. Backing vocals by The Tradewinds. Similar feel as Eternity’s Children; Mutual Understanding; Soft Soul Transition; The Changing Scene, The Millennium) Audio Fidelity SS $98 or M- $66
GOOD & PLENTY- The World Of Good & Plenty- (Baroque-pop w/ Doug Good & Ginny Plenty of the San Francisco Bay area, similar to the male / female duo 'Gentle Soul'. Produced, written, & arranged by Tony Romeo & Wes Farrell, famous for their work w/ The Cowsills, Partridge Family & others) Senate VG $45 or Senate Mono EX $65 Rare!
GORDIAN KNOT- Same- (folk-pop-psych w/ Pat Kincade & J. D. Weatherly) Verve M $75
GRAPEFRUIT- Around Grapefruit- (Psych-pop w/ George Alexander aka Alexander Young, brother of The Easybeats' George Young, w/ three former members of Tony Rivers & The Castaways. Group was named by John Lennon who co-produced "Lullabye For A Lazy Day" w/ Paul McCartney. Terry Melcher produced the rest of the LP. Later became Gringo) Dunhill SS $125 or M $90 or M- $75
THE GRASS ROOTS- Where Were You When I Needed You- (entirely diffent band line-up than on later hits) Dunhill VG $38
THE GRASS ROOTS- Let's Live For Today- (P.F. Sloan involvement) Dunhill VG $12
THE GRASS ROOTS- Feelings- (Sunshine pop-psyche produced by Steve Barri) Dunhill M $24
THE GRASS ROOTS- Lovin' Things- (Great cover of Nova's Nine "Pain". Gatefold. Member later to The Hook) Dunhull M- $25 or VG+ $12
THE GRASS ROOTS- Leaving It All Behind- (gatefold) Dunhill M- $24 or EX- $14
THE GRASS ROOTS- Move Along- (textured cover) Dunhill DJ M $28
THE GRASS ROOTS- Golden Grass- (Their Greatest Hits, includes "Lady Pleasure", not on their other LPs. Rare Asian Only cover art) Asia / Li Ming (LM-2266) EX $48
GREEN ON RED- Gravity Talks- (Paisley-Pop w/ Alex MacNicol, ex-Lydia Lunch sideman) Slash M $33
GROOVIE GOOLIES- Same- (Richard Delvy produced Fuzz-Bubblegum studio group based on the Saturday Morning CBS-TV kiddie cartoon series) RCA M $295 Rare! More Info
LUTHER GROSVENOR- Under Open Skies- (ex-Spooky Tooth brilliant & underrated solo LP w/ members of Fotheringay, King Crimson, Traffic, Mott The Hoople, Renaissance, Spooky Tooth, The Move. w/ gatefold. Includes the original recording of "When I Met You", later covered by Widow Maker) Island M- $99


CISSE HÄKKEN- Teendreams- (aka Hugo Christer Häkkinen) Finland / Love Records (181) M $28
HALFNELSON- Same- (1st Sparks LP produced by Todd Rundgren, w/ lyric insert & original cover art. Label says "Halfnelson") Bearsville SS $110 or DJ EX+ $88 Scarce!
THE HARDY BOYS- Here Come The Hardey Boys- ('Frank Hardy' is Reed Kailing of Midwest garage-rockers Michael & The Messengers) RCA VG+ $44
THE HARDY BOYS- Wheels- (Ellie Greenwich involvement. 'Frank Hardy' is Reed Kailing of Midwest garage-rockers Michael & The Messengers) RCA M $50
STEVE HARLEY- The Best Years Of Our Lives-(Alan Parsons producer) EMI M- $38
STEVE HARLEY- Timeless Flight- (w/ lyric innersleeve) EMI M $43
STEVE HARLEY- A Closer Look- (Greatest Hits LP) EMI SS $50
STEVE HARLEY- Love's A Prima Donna (w/ Cockney Rebel) EMI SS $50
STEVE HARLEY & COCKNEY REBEL- The Psychomodo- (die-cut cover) EMI M- $45
ALEX HARVEY- Souvenirs- (w/ lyric insert) Capitol M $45
THE HEATERS- Same- Ariola SS $17 or VG $6
THE HEATERS- Energy Transfer- (Maggie Connell w/ lyric innersleeve) Columbia DJ M $12
HELLO PEOPLE- Bricks- (Hungry Chuck; Kangaroo; Remains related. Produced by Todd Rundgren) ABC DJ M $38
HELLO PEOPLE- Handsome Devils- (Produced by Todd Rundgren) ABC M- $28
THE HERD- Lookin' Thru You- (early Peter Frampton w/ members-to-be of Kid Gloves & Judas Jump) Fontana SS $95 or M $78
HERMAN'S HERMITS- Same- (rare cover w/ "I'm Into Something Good" printed on cover) MGM M- $33 or MGM Mono EX $25 or Mono EX- $18
HERMAN'S HERMITS- On Tour- (includes "Henry VIII" & "Can't You Hear My Heartbeat") MGM Mono M- $12
HERMAN'S HERMITS- There's A Kind Of Hush All Over The World- MGM Mono M- $12
HERMAN'S HERMITS- Both Sides Of Herman's Hermits- (Sgt Pepper inspired cover art by Frank Frazetta - spelled 'Frank Frizetta', pictures the band performing for Lyndon Johnson, Fidel Castro, Nikita Krushchev, The Beatles, Barbara Streisand, & others notables) MGM Mono VG $24
HERMAN'S HERMITS- Best Of Herman Hermits- (gatefold cover) MGM VG $5 or MGM Mono VG $9 or Taiwan / Zone Sound (CSJ-279 w/ Rare Cover Art) M $28
HERMAN'S HERMITS- Best Of Herman Hermits Volume 2- MGM Mono M- $16 or MGM Mono (w/ poster) M- $25
RICHARD X HEYMAN- Actual Sighs- (Power-pop solo by Doughboys drummer. Includes the 6-song 'Actual Size' EP) Turn-Up (CD Only) SS $7
THE HITMEN- Torn Together- (Pete Glenister pre-Bojangles w/ lyric innersleeve) Columbia M $18
THE HITMEN- "Bates Motel" bw/ Same- (1-Song 12" Promo Only Hot-Cut) Columbia DJ M $8
THE HOLLIES- Here I Go Again- Imperial (Original black label w/ stars) Mono EX $99
THE HOLLIES- Here! Here!- Imperial SS $120 or Imperial (Original black label w/ white & pink on left) Mono VG+ $44
THE HOLLIES- Beat Group!- Imperial SS $120
THE HOLLIES- Bus Stop- Imperial (pre-UA tan & green label) DJ M $88 or Imperial (pre-UA black & green label) Mono M- $68 or Canada / Capitol (T-6195) Mono M- $155
THE HOLLIES- Stop! Stop! Stop!- Imperial (pre-UA black & green label) VG+ $44 or Imperial (pre-UA black & green label) VG $25
THE HOLLIES- Hits Of The Hollies- (their 1st & best 'greatest hits' package covering 1964-1966. These original mono copies were quickly deleted. The Capitol 6000 series was exclusive to Canada & features unique cover art & pictures, becoming a highly collectable series as a result) Canada / Capitol Mono VG $135
THE HOLLIES- Clarke, Hicks, Sylvester, Calvert, Elliott- (Allan, Tony, Terry, Bernie & Bobby respectively. Terry replaced Graham Nash, who left the group in 1969) Epic DJ M $28
THE HOLLIES- Moving Finger- (US version of the UK LP 'Confessions Of A Mind', which adds their incredibly catchy hit single "Gasoline Alley Bred") Epic EX $18
THE HOLLIES- Russian Roulette- (w/ lyric innersleeve) UK / Polydor M- $24
THE HOLLIES- History Of British Pop Vol 9- (12 early hits) Holland / Odeon SS $58
THE HOLLIES- Greatest Hits- Imperial (pre-UA black & green label) EX- $28 or Imperial (pre-UA black & green label) Mono EX $33 or VG- $5
HOLLYWOOD STARS- Same- (Kim Fowley & Skip Battin involvement) Arista M $45
HOLME- Just A Matter Of Time- (good catchy pop from New Jersey) Drive M- $48 Scarce!
HOT DATES- Same- (Greater Boston area power-pop from Jeff Root; Rob Millett (aka Blondi Von Stagdavitz); Grant Clark; Mitch Kary & Sam Simcoe, who were Beantown's WBCN 1981 'Pick To Click'. The record label is owned & operated by Wayne Wadhams of Fifth Estate & Candid Camera theme song fame) Boston Skyline M $55
THE HOT DOGS- Say What You Mean- (Terry Manning production w/ Cargoe) Ardent SS $99 or M $83
THE HOT SOUP- Openers- (Underrated LP of all originals by Frank Carillo & Mario Castellano that mix 60s pop-rock w/ some excellent heavy fuzz-organ by Willie Akridge pre-High Street Carnival; Cadillac Jack; The Woolvin James Band; & Quick. Unipak) Rama Rama M- $58 Scarce!
HOTLEGS- You Didn't Like It Because You Didn't Think Of It- (ex-Mindbenders Eric Stewart w/ pre-10cc Kevin Godley & Lol Creme. Contains their hit "Neanderthal Man") UK / Philips SS $99
DANNY HUTTON- Pre-Dog Night- (ex-Three Dog Night, circa 1966 tracks) MGM SS $48
BRIAN HYLAND- The Joker Went Wild / Run, Run, Look & See- Philips (200217 True Mono) Mono VG $14

I - J

IGGY POP- Live At The Channel 7-19-88- (Produced by 'Direct Broadcasting' for 'The King Biscuit Flower Hour'. Fritz Lang mix w/ "Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell" & "Cold Metal") A&M (SP-17641) DJ ONLY M- $99
IGGY POP- TV Eye- (Live, 1977 w/ David Bowie; The Sales Bros & Scott Thurston) RCA SS $33
IGGY POP- The Idiot- (solo debut LP w/ Tony Sales & Hunt Sales, produced by David Bowie) RCA SS $33
IGGY POP- Soldier- (w/ Glen Matlock & Ivan Kral) Arista SS $33
IGGY POP- Choice Cuts- (A-Sides of "The Idiot" & "Lust For Life") RCA M- $24
IGGY POP & DAVID BOWIE- Iggy & Ziggy- (Live in Seattle April 9, 1977) DB Pop (Duck Records / Duck Hits) M- $88
IGGY & THE STOOGES-Same- (Their debut LP) Elektra M- $88
IGGY & THE STOOGES- Fun House- (gatefold) Elektra DJ EX+ $175
IGGY & THE STOOGES- Raw Power- (Original issue w/ photo innersleeve) Columbia (KC-32111) VG+ $99 or Canada / Columbia (C-32111) SS $125
IGGY & THE STOOGES- Metallic KO- (last live show w/ original band: Scott Thurston; James Williamson; Ron & Scott Ashton, in Detroit, MI) Import M $48
IGGY POP & JAMES WILLIAMSON- Kill City- (Inspired tracks from the "Raw Power" sessions on original Green Vinyl) Bomp SS $66 or M- $48
THE INNOCENCE- Same- (post-Tradewinds w/ Peter Anders & Vinnie Poncia)- Kama Sutra SS $50 or M $35 or M- $26
THE JACKPOTS- Tic Tac Toe- (Swedish Pop-Psych Freakbeat w/ cover art by Ardy Struwer, the Swedish Peter Max) Canada / Stone SS $99
TERRY JACKS- Seasons In The Sun- (Poppy Family Prod.) Bell SS $45 or M- $28
THE JAGS- Evening Standards- (lyric innersleeve) Island M $12
THE JAM- In The City- (Debut LP) Polydor SS $50
THE JAM- This Is the Modern World- Polydor SS $45
THE JAM- All Mod Cons- Polydor SS $48
THE JAM- Sound Effects- (w/ Limited Edition bonus 45-RPM "Dreams Of Children") Polydor SS $58
THE JAM- The Butterfly Collector- (2-LP Set) TBS SS $88
THE JAM- Snap!- (2-LP 'Best Of' w/ gatefold) Polygram M- $33
TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS- I Think We're Alone Now- Roulette (rare original cover w/ group photo) VG- $18 or Roulette (footprints cover) M- $33 or Roulette (footprints cover) Mono EX $40
TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS- Hanky Panky- Roulette (w/ "Say I Am" company cover sticker) VG $16 or no stickers Roulette Mono M $38 or Mono EX $28 or Mono VG $14 or Mono VG- $5
TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS- Mony Mony- (Unipak cover) Roulette EX $28
TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS- Cellophane Symphony- Roulette M- $33
JAPAN- Adolescent Sex- Ariola America (SW-50037) SS $40
JAPAN- Obscure Alternatives- Ariola / Hansa (SW-50047) SS $33
JAPAN- "Sometimes I Feel So Low"- (12" special mix of the song) Ariola DJ ONLY M $7
JAY & THE AMERICANS-She Cried- (Their debut LP w/ Jay Traynor singing lead. Title track later covered by The Shangri-Las & Aerosmith) United Artists Mono VG+ $28
JAY & THE AMERICANS- Sunday & Me- United Artists Mono M $33 or Asia / Large World (LW-220 w/ Orange Vinyl) EX $22
JAY & THE AMERICANS- Livin' Above Your Head- United Artists Mono SS $40 or Mono VG- $2
JAY & THE AMERICANS- Try Some Of This- United Arists M $33
JAY & THE AMERICANS- Wax Museum- (includes their cover of The Ronettes hit "Walkin' In The Rain") United Artists SS $35
JAY & THE AMERICANS- Capture The Moment- (gatefold) United Artists SS $38
JAY & THE AMERICANS- Same- Unart VG $17
JAY & THE AMERICANS- Greatest Hits- (original issue) United Artists M- $24 or Mono M- $18
JIGSAW- Same- (Original 'puzzle' cover that does not list their hit "Sky High" under their name on front) Chelsea (509) M $5
JILTED JOHN- True Love Stories- (aka Graham David Fellows aka John Shuttleworth. Has the hit "Gordon Is A Moron", w/ insert) UK / EMI M $68
JOHN'S CHILDREN- The Legendary Orgasm Album- (The entire withdrawn White Whale LP, plus "Strange Affair" played backwards, & "But She's Mine". Top British R&B Mod Freakbeat, pre-Marc Bolan line-up, w/ correct innersleeve) UK / Cherry Red M $95
ROBERT JOHNSON- "I'll Be Waiting" (different than LP version) bw/ "Guide My Energy" (non-LP track Parts 1 & 2)- (ex-Belle Heirs remastered 2-Song 12") Infinity DJ ONLY M $9
BRUCE JOHNSTON- Goin' Public- (Solo LP by Beach Boys member, produced by Gary Usher w/ Cindy Bullins; Chad Stuart; Gary Puckett. Has remakes of Johnston's "Disney Girls" & "Deirdre" which he did with The Beach Boys, plus "I Write The Songs", a hit for Barry Manilow that Johnston originally wrote for David Cassidy. Cover design by Dean Torrence) Columbia DJ M $38
JOSHUA FOX- Same- (Not a person, but name of band w/ Mike Botts pre-Bread doing Sgt. Pepper style psych pop) Tetragrammaton M- $66 Rare!
JUDY'S TINY HEAD- My Car- (4-Song 12" 33 1/3rd EP Boston power-pop) Tiny Head Music M- $38
MICKEY JUPP- Juppanese- (Blue Vinyl w/ correct innersleeve) UK / Stiff M $50
MICKEY JUPP- Mickey Jupp's Legend- (#3310) UK / Stiff SS $50


ALAIN KAN- Same- (et Gary Cooper s'éloignait dans le désert (and Gary Cooper went away in the desert)- French glam-punker best known for writing 'Suffragette City', a hit for David Bowie. w/ gatefold) France / Motors M $58
KANNIBAL KOMIX- Same- (Unipak w/ topless model. Psych-pop) VG $48 Scarce!
STEVE KARMAN- I Never Had The Time- (writer of famous TV jingles for Budweiser; Wrigley Gum; etc) Audio Fidelity SS $75 RARE!
THE KEEPERS- By The Same Name- (Ohio pop-rockers who later transplanted themselves to Boston) SS $95
KENSINGTON MARKET- Avenue Road- (Debut LP by Canadian pop-psych group w/ Luke Gibson. Similar to The Paupers or Love's 'Forever Changes', but with a more Baroque feel. Produced by Felix Pappalardi) Warner Bros / 7-Arts (Original cover art w/ group photo) SS $75 or Warner Bros / 7-Arts (2nd cover w/ red electric border & stars around group photo) SS $75
THE KIDS FROM CAPER- (C.A.P.E.R. stands for Civilian Authority for the Protection of Everybody, Regardless. An NBC-TV series produced by Don Kirshner w/ songs written by some of the same people who wrote for the Monkees & The Archies) Kirshner DJ M- $66
GREG KIHN- Glass House Rock- WEA / Beserkley DJ M $15
GREG KIHN- Next Of Kihn- GRT / Beserkley SS $16
GREG KIHN- "Remember"- (2-versions of the song on 12" 33 1/3rd. A-Side: 2:59 - from LP 'Next Of Kihn'; exclusive B-Side: 6:30, w/ glossy photo) Beserkley (BJ12-001) DJ ONLY M $20
GREG KIHN- Greg Kihn Again- (original issue) CBS / Beserkley SS $40
ANDY KIM- Same- Uni M $38
ANDY KIM- How'd We Ever Get This Way- (his debut LP) Steed M- $33
ANDY KIM- Baby I Love You- (Produced by Jeff Barry) Steed SS $44
ANDY KIM- Rainbow Ride- (Peter Max style gatefold cover art) Steed SS $48
JONATHAN KING- Or Then Again- Parrot Mono M- $44
JONATHAN KING- Pandora's Box- (self produced) UK SS $48
JONATHAN KING- Bubble Rock Is Here To Stay- (famous rock hits gone wild) UK M $44 or VG+ $22 or VG- $6
THE KINGS- Amazon Beach- (Toronto pop-rock produced by Bob Ezrin of Alice Cooper fame w/ lyric innersleeve & Ron Larson cover pop-art in the style of Roy Lichtenstein) Elektra DJ M $22
KISS- Same- RCA / Casablanca SS $ or RCA / Casablanca Record Club Edition M $ or Warner Bros / Casablanca DJ M- $
KISS- Destroyer- (B-Side is mispressed w/ the group 'Lighthouse' although the lables indicate Kiss. Must-have rarity for any Kiss fan. VERY few known to exist!) Casablanca M $495
KISS- Dressed To Kill- (embossed cover) Casablanca VG $14
KISS- Kiss Destroys Anaheim (Live August 20, 1976) Idle Mind SS $100
KISS- Destroys Anaheim Part 2- (Live August 20, 1976) Idle Mind SS $100
KISS- Kiss Alive!- (2-LP set w/ photo booklet) Casablanca NM $45
KISS- Hotter Than Hell & Dressed To Kill- (includes 16-Page Book w/ photos & historic text + 8.5" x 7" unpeeled Kiss Army Sticker) Casablanca M $58
THE KIT KATS- It's Just A Matter Of Time- (preferred Mono version by this Pennsylvania pop harmony group) Jamie Mono M- $30 Scarce!
THE KLOWNS- Same- (Produced by Jeff Barry in association w/ Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey, The Klowns had an ABC-TV special that aired on November 23, 1970. Their lead singer is Barry Bostwick who later starred as 'Brad Majors' in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", & as the Mayor of NYC on the TV sitcom "Spin City". Gatefold) RCA M $28
THE KNACK- Get The Knack- (ex-Sunset Bombers; Sky; Giants, w/ proper innersleeve) Capitol (rainbow) M $14 or M- $9
THE KNICKERS- Same- "Bend Me, Shape Me"; "Ain't Nothin' But A House Party"; "The Rapper"- (3-Song 12" 33 1/3rd-RPM EP) Rhino M $14
THE KOPTERZ- Dancin' Disorder- (comes w/ exclusive ticket to record release party!) Broken Records SS $48 or M $33 More Info
THE KOPTERZ- "Sunny Side"; "Walkaway" bw/ "And Your Bird Can Sing"; "Me Or You"- (12" 4-Song 45-RPM EP w/ textured cover & insert. Great verson of The Beatles' Lennon & McCartney song) Broken Records SS $44 or M $33 or M- $25 More Info


THE LAST- L.A. Explosion!- Bomp SS $45 or M $33
THE LAST- Fade To Black- (4-Song 12" 45-RPM) Bomp M $40
THE LAST- "Objections" bw/ "Be-Bop-A-Lula"- (2-Song 12" 45-RPM PROMO ONLY from 'LA Explosion' LP w/ generic plain white cover) Bomp DJ Only M- $40
THE LAST ONES- "Number One Again"; Bit Of You" b/w "Waiting For You"; "Much Too Much" (4-Song 12" 45-RPM EP w/ Rick Coraccio of DMZ & Lyres; Dean & Ritchie Johnson; Rick Carmel. Only 500 pressed!) Star Rhythm (EP-1201) SS $88 Rare!
LAVENDER HILL MOB- Same- (Based out of Quebec, Canada, guitarist Ronny Jones ex-Alexis Korner Blues Incorporated teamed up w/ Chuck Chandler; Gerald Hardy; Vito Fiory; & Nicky Prigeno) United Artists M $12
JACK LEE- Jack Lee's Greatest Hits Vol 1- (ex-Nerves guitarist & songwriter backed by bandmates Peter Case (Plimsouls) & Paul Collins (The Beat), along w/ The Rubbert City Rebels. Includes "Hanging On The Telephone". There was no Vol 2) Maiden America (½ Speed Mastered) SS $63 Scarce!
LEAPY LEE- Little Arrows- Decca M- $18 or Decca DJ M $33
LEFT BANKE- Walk Away Renée- (Excellent baroque-pop) Smash Mono EX+ $45 or VG $28
LEFT BANKE- Left Banke Too- (Rare 2nd & final LP of their masterful psychedelic baroque pop) Smash M- $125
LEFT END- Spoiled Rotten- (New York's follow-up to The New York Dolls) Polydor M $88
THE LEMON PIPERS- Green Tambourine- (w/ Bill Bartlett, later to Ram Jam) Buddah M- $50 or VG+ $28 or VG $14
THE LEMON PIPERS- Jungle Marmalade- Buddah EX- $33
GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS- This Diamond Ring- (Al Kooper penned song performed by son of comedian Jerry Lewis) Liberty VG $16 or Liberty Mono VG $12
GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS- A Session With Gary Lewis & The Playboys- Liberty Mono VG+ $22
GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS- Everybody Loves A Clown- Liberty M $32 or VG+ $16 or VG $9
GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS- She's Just My Style- Liberty VG $12 or Liberty Mono VG $9
GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS- (You Don't Have To) Paint Me A Picture- Liberty M $22 or Liberty Mono SS $33 or Mono M $18
GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS- Close Cover Before Playing- (Unipak 'matchbook' cover) Liberty M $33 or M- $28
GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS- Rhythm Of The Rain / Hayride- (w/ "Sugar Coated Candy Love") Liberty M- $30
GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS- Hits Again! Liberty M $18 or EX $14 or Liberty Mono VG+ $9
GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS- Golden Greats (gatefold) Liberty Mono M- $18
GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS- More Golden Greats- (gatefold) Liberty VG- $3
GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS- Same- Sunset M- $18 or VG $6
LIMOUSINE- Same- (Dutch guitar-keyboard rock quartet, like 'Sweet'. w/ lyric insert) Pye M $44
LIVING MARIMBAS- Sugar Sugar- Camden EX $9
IAN LLOYD- Same- (ex-Stories solo debut w/ Mick Jones) Polydor DJ M $35
IAN LLOYD- Goose Bumps- (Larry Fast w/ Ric Ocasek & Benjamin Orr or The Cars; lyric innersleeve) Scotti Bros M $40
IAN LLOYD- Third Wave Civilization- (w/ Bryan Adams & The Aliens) Scotti Bros M $25
LONELY BOYS- Same- (produced by Andy Arthurs) Harvest M $33
THE LOVE GENERATION- Same- (Group leaders John & Tom Bahler also sang w/ The Partridge Family; Davy Jones; Bobby Sherman; Gary Puckett; The Difrancco Family; Sugar Bears, & many more. Love Generation also sang the theme song to the TV show 'Love American Style'. Other membeers include Ann White ex-New Christy Minstrels; Marilyn Miller, the singing voice of Sally Field on the Gidget TV show) Imperial VG+ $63
THE LOVE GENERATION- A Generation Of Love- Imperial M $95
THE LOVE GENERATION- Montage- (Includes "Let The Good Times In" as it appeared in the TV pilot episode of The Partridge Family, minus Shirley's backing vocals) Imperial SS $125
THE LOW NUMBERS- Twist Again With The Low Numbers- (multi-color vinyl) Rhino SS $45 or M $34
NICK LOWE- Jesus Of Cool- (ex-Kippington Lodge; Brinsley Schwarz; etc) UK / Radar M $40
NICK LOWE- Pure Pop For Now People- (same LP as above w/ added track. Comes w/ bio sheet) Columbia DJ EX $28
ELLIOT LURIE- Same- (of Looking Glass "Brandy" fame w/ Michael Omartain & Joe Sample) Epic M $38


MALIBOOZ- Malibooz Rule!- (sweet surf-pop w/ Walter Egan plus original members of 60s surf group, The Malibus: Chris Murray, Dennis Lopez & Tom Scarp) Rhino SS $38
EARLE MANKEY- Same- (6-Song 12" 33 1/3rd-RPM EP includes "Mau Mau") Select SS $44 or M $33 Essential!
MARMALADE- Reflections Of My Life- London EX+ $44 or VG $12
MARMALADE- The Best Of Marmalade- Epic EX $24
MARSHMALLOW WAY- Same- (New Jersey area sunshine garage-pop w/ Tom Nardi of 'Sainte Anthony's Fyre'. Songs written & produced by Billy Carl & Reid Whitelaw, the same team that brought us The 1910 Fruitgum Company LP "Goody Goody Gumdrops" & later The Golden Gate LP "Year One") United Artists M $88
THE MAUDS- Hold On- (Chicago based Blue Eyed Soul, Mod Groove Beat & Fuzzed Garage Pop) Mercury (red label) VG+ $58 Scarce!
PAUL McCARTNEY- Ram- (pre-Wings homegrown delight w/ gatefold) Apple M $55 or VG+ $28
PAUL McCARTNEY- Suitable For Framing- (Rare Nashville studio tracks; Live Dutch Radio; alternate & complete versions of previously released songs; plus Wings outtakes from 'Back To The Egg', 'Red Rose Speedway', & 'London Town' LPs) MLP (JPM-40 1F in plain white cover) unplayed M $95 or MLP (JPM-40 1F PICTURE DISC in color cover) unplayed M $145
ROBIN McNAMARA- Lay A Little Lovin' On Me- (ex-Robin & The Hoods frontman, he was later in the Broadway cast of "Hair" w/ Sally Eaton & Sakinah (aka La La Brooks of the Crystals), who also sing backup on this LP, produced by Jeff Barry. Has the song "Lost In Boston", mentioning Fenway Park) Steed M $55
MEGATONES- "Don't Drop The Bomb (On My Boyfriend)" bw/ "The Brezhnev Boogie"- (1-Sided 2-Song 8" 33 1/3rd-RPM EP w/ Donna Ross; folded lyric cover. Only 500 made!) Azra M- $33
LES MILADYS- Sugar Town- (French Canadian Yé -yé vocal Mod Girl Group) Canada / Tradition EX+ $45
THE MILLENIUM- Begin- (Must-have Art Rock classic w/ Curt Boettcher & Mike Fennely) Columbia (w/ insert. Name on back cover 'Bangs' written by Lester Bangs) M $88 or Columbia (wo/ insert) VG- $18
THE MONKEES- Same- Colgems EX+ $8 or VG- $5 or Colgems Mono VG+ $16 or Mono VG $8; or Colgems ("Papa Gene's Blues" is mistitled on the label as "Papa Jean's Blues") Mono VG $65 (Note: MONO releases of the 1st 4 Monkees LPs are True Mono, offering different mixes from the stereo version & provides the 'big-beat boom' sound production, vastly different from the stereo pressing)
THE MONKEES- More Of The Monkees- Colgems VG $14 or Colgems (w/ original mix of "Steppin' Stone") Mono VG+ $33 or Mono VG $24 or Mono VG- $8 or UK / RCA Victor Mono EX+ $48 (Note: MONO releases of the 1st 4 Monkees LPs are True Mono, offering different mixes from the stereo version & provides the 'big-beat boom' sound production, vastly different from the stereo pressing)
THE MONKEES- Headquarters- Colgems VG- $5 or Colgems Mono VG $12 or Colgems (RARE original back cover has withdrawn photo) VG $50 or Colgems (RARE original back cover has withdrawn photo) Mono VG+ $68 or Colgems (RARE original back cover has withdrawn photo) Mono VG $55 (Note: MONO releases of the 1st 4 Monkees LPs are True Mono, offering different mixes from the stereo version & provides the 'big-beat boom' sound production, vastly different from the stereo pressing)
THE MONKEES- Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.- (w/ extended fade on "She Hangs Out", produced by Chip Douglas, who also appears along w/ Doug Dillard & Paul Beaver) Colgems VG+ $26 or VG $9 or VG- $5 or UK / RCA Victor Mono M- $60 or VG+ $35 (Note: MONO releases of the 1st 4 Monkees LPs are True Mono, offering different mixes from the stereo version & provides the 'big-beat boom' sound production, vastly different from the stereo pressing)
THE MONKEES- The Birds,The Bees & The Monkees- Colgems M- $40
THE MONKEES- Instant Replay- Colgems EX+ $38 or EX $30 or EX- $25 or Rhino SS $22
THE MONKEES- The Monkees Present- Colgems EX+ $45
THE MONKEES- Monkeemania- (2-LP gatefold Set) New Zealand / Arista M $65
THE MONKEES- Golden Story- (2-LP gatefold Set w/ lyric insert & Obi Strip) Japan / Arista M $90
THE MONKEES- Monkeeshines- (previously unreleased tracks) Zilch M $99
THE MONKEES- Greatest Hits- Arista (4089 Original Issue Catalog Number) EX $9
MONTAGE- Same- (Baroque pop w/ Mike Brown of The Left Banke. Unipak) Laurie SS $140 or M- $88
CHRIS MOON- The Chris Moon Group- (prog-pop by ex-3rd Bardo singer Jeff Monn, aka Chris Moon) Kinetic M $60
MORTIMER- Same- (Beatlesque Baroque Bubblegum psych-pop) Philips DJ M- $75 More Info
THE MOSQUITOS- That Was Then, This Is Now!- (original verson of the song that The Monkees hit with) Valhalla M- $65
THE MOTORS- "Airport" bw/ "Cold Love" & "Gotta Be"- (3-Song 12" Blue Vinyl 45-RPM) UK / Virgin M $12
MOTT THE HOOPLE- Same- (Their debut LP w/ Ian Hunter; Pete Overend Watts pre-British Lions; Mick Ralphs pre-Bad Company. Textured gatefold cover art by M.C. Escher) Atlantic (w/ 1841 Broadway Address label) M- $78
MOTT THE HOOPLE- Mad Shadows- (gatefold) Atlantic M $42 or VG- $6
MOTT THE HOOPLE- Brain Capers- Atlantic DJ EX $24
MOTT THE HOOPLE- The Golden Age Of Mott The Hoople- (Recorded Live, 1974 at The Portland Expo, Portland, Maine w/ ex-Spooky Tooth guitarist Luther Grosvenor aka Ariel Bender) Berkeley (2054) NM $199
THE MOVE- Same- UK / Holland / MFP SS $58
THE MOVE- Message From The Country- Capitol M $45 or EX $33
THE MOVE- Firebrigade- UK / Holland / MFP SS $40 or EX+ $16
THE MOVE- Shazam + Move- (2-LP Set w/ gatefold) Fly Records (Doubleback Series) M- $66
THE MOVE- Split Ends- (featuring "Do Ya") United Artists M- $33
THE MOVE- Greatest Hits Vol. 1- (in true stereo except "Night Of Fear") UK / Pickwick M- $14
THE MOVE- The Best Of The Move- (2-LP Set w/ Roy Wood; Bev Bevan; Jeff Lynn, et al. 25 choice cuts Include "I Can Hear The Grass Grow"; "Wild Tiger Woman"; "Omnibus"; "Cherry Blossom Clinic"; "Hey Grandma"; & other rarities) A&M NM $66
THE MOVIES- Same- (Public Foot The Roman related group w/ Michael Morgan, Peter Barnes & Ted Medbury,&ex-member of New England legends, The Ascots. Produced by Vini Poncia) Arista DJ M $14
THE MUSIC EXPLOSION- Little Bit O' Soul- (ex-members of 'The Chosen Few', produced by Jerry Kasenetz & Jeff Katz, w/ some session drumming by Tony Cambria of 'The Rare Breed', & Bob Avery later to 'Crazy Elephant') Laurie (black & gold label) EX $48 or VG $30
GARY MYRICK & THE FIGURES- Living In A Movie- (synth-pop glam post-punk) Epic M $28
MYSTIC ASTROLOGIC CRYSTAL BAND- Clip-Out, Put On Book- (featuring Steve Hoffman w/ gatefold. Their West Coast psych-pop style has been compared to that of Yellow Balloon) Carole M $195 Scarce!

N - O

WAZMO NARIZ- Things Aren't Right- (aka Larry Grennan, along w/ his Wazband, is like Brian Frerry fronting Sparks meets Oingo Boingo. Their off-kilter Chicago-based pop debut LP includes "Checking Out The Checkout Girl") Illegal / IRS (SP-005 w/ fpfpfpfpfp embossed in gold on back cover - initials of distributor, Faulty Products) SS $60
NASTY HABITS- "Can't Help Wondering", "Lonely Tonight", "You Keep Me Loaded"- (3-Song 12" w/ original cover) Big Chief SS $28
NASTY POP- Mistaken ID- (Liverpool's answer to 10CC, w/ Steve Grace, ex- Stopouts & Stevie Corduner, ex- Byzantium) UK / Polydor M $36
NATURAL GAS- Same- (w/ Joey Molland ex-Badfinger; Mark Clarke ex-Uriah Heep; Colosseum; Jerry Shirley ex-Humble Pie; Peter Wood ex-Sutherland Bros & Quiver. Produced by Felix Pappalardi w/ gatefold cover & lyric innersleeve) Private Stock SS $60 or Private Stock DJ M- $46
THE NAZZ- Nazz- (Unipak w/ Todd Rundgren) SGC VG $28
THE NAZZ- Nazz Nazz- SGC (SD-5002 on Red Vinyl) VG+ $45 or (Red Vinyl) DJ EX $85 or SGC (SD-5002 on Black Vinyl - rarer than the red ones) EX+ $88 or (Black Vinyl) VG $45
THE NAZZ- From Beginning To End- (Not found in any discography, this is a 3-LP Box Set of their SGC LPs) SS $125 Rare!
THE NAZZ- Retrospective Foresight- (Rare Tracks & Studio Outtakes) Dragonfly M- $80
THE NEATS- Same- (Boston popsters produced by Rick Harte) Ace Of Hearts M $55
THE NEATS- The Monkey's Head In The Corner Of The Room- (7-Song 12" 33 1/3) Ace Of Hearts VG+ $28
THE NEIGHBORHOODS- Fire Is Coming- (8-Song Debut LP w/ David Minehan) Mustang M $33
NERVOUR EATERS- Same- (Embossed cover w/ die-cut 'bite marks') Elektra M $65
NERVOUS GERMANS- Same- Shatter M $28
NEW ADVENTURES- Same- Polydor M $22
NEW COLONY SIX- Attacking A Straw Man- Mercury SS $68 or M- $48 (Write for more New Colony Six titles)
THE NEW MIX- Same- (Perfect pop-psych moody masterpiece w/ Rob Thorne ex-Hummingbirds, later to The SpongeTones. His uncle was Les Brown) United Artists SS $75 or M $47
NEW MUSIK- Straight Lines- (4-Song 10" EP of their 1st 2 UK singles, featuring the fine electro-pop of Tony Mansfield, pre-B52's producer) Epic / Nu Disk (3E 36450) M $6
NEW YORK DOLLS- Same- (Original 1st pressing of their debut LP w/ pink back cover; lipstick labels & 'bend over' innersleeve) Mercury SS $199
NEW YORK DOLLS- Too Much Too Soon- (original pressing w/ proper innersleeve) Mercury SS $99 or M $77
NEW YORK DOLLS- Same- (2-LP gatefold set) UK / Mercury (6641631) M- $99
NEW YORK DOLLS- Night Of The Living Dolls- ('Best Of...') Mercury SS $75
NEW YORK DOLLS- Dolls Live: Dallas '74- Smilin' Ears (7707) M $99
THE NEWBEATS- Bread & Butter- Hickory M $42 or Hickory Mono M $48
THE NEWBEATS- Run Baby Run- Hickory Mono EX $33 or VG $9
THE NEWBEATS- Big Beat Sounds- Hickory Mono M $50
1910 FRUITGUM COMPANY- 1, 2, 3 Red Light- Buddah M- $38
1910 FRUITGUM COMPANY- Goody Goody Gumdrops- Buddah EX $33
1910 FRUITGUM COMPANY- Indian Giver- Buddah M $38
1910 FRUITGUM COMPANY- Hard Ride- Buddah M $44
NO DICE- 2 Faced- (Two Faced is their 2nd LP, w/ Gary Strange, Produced by Rupert Holmes w/ lyric innersleeve) UK / EMI M- $40
NOAH- Same- (Canadian pop-psych rock w/ reflective metallicized silver foil cover) RCA M- $17
THE NOW- Same- (produced by Bobby Orlando who also woked w/ The Flirts) Midsong M $40
THE NU KATS- Plastic Facts- (5-Song 10" Mini-LP w/ Freddy Moore pre-Dates, was married to Demi) Rhino M- $28
O POSITIVE- Cloud Factory- (Boston popsters Dave Herlihy & Alan Petitti) Link M $9
THE OHIO EXPRESS- Beg, Borrow & Steal- (Bubblegum masterpiece! Title track actually by The Rare Breed) Cameo EX $44 or EX- $33
THE OHIO EXPRESS- Same- (w/ Joey Levine vocals) Buddah M- $38
THE OHIO EXPRESS- Chewy, Chewy- (w/ Joey Levine vocals) Buddah SS $53
OLA & THE JANGLERS- Let's Dance / What A Way To Die- (plus 10 other neat pop-tunes from these Swedish heart-throbs) GNP Crescendo M- $55
THE ONLY ONES- Special View- (glam-punk w/ Alan Mair of Spooky Tooth. Contains "Another Girl, Another Planet") Epic DJ EX+ $28
ORANGE COLORED SKY- Same- (They started out in Erie, PA as The Fabulous Epics & became the house band at The Peppermint Lounge. Tom Hanks loosely told their story in his film " That Thing You Do". In-demand sunshine vocal pop-psych) Uni M- $77 Rare!
THE ORIGINAL CASTE- One Tin Soldier- (Original version of the song Coven hit with in the film "Billy Jack". w/ lyric innersleeve) TA M $28
OSMOND BROTHERS- The New Sound Of The Osmond Brothers- (The 4 Original Brothers) MGM Mono M $45 Rare!

P - Q

LA PANDILLA- Same- (Great early 70s Kid Rock from Spain. Later relocated to Puerto Rico. Covers of Neil Sedaka; Badfinger; Paul McCartney & Wings) Spain FM M- $35
PAPER LACE- Paper Lace & Other Bits Of Material- (w/ "The Night Chicago Died" & "Billy, Don't Be A Hero") Mercury M $28
PARTRIDGE FAMILY- Sound Magazine- Bell M $28 or EX $16
PARTRIDGE FAMILY- Shopping Bag- (Unipak cover - no bag) Bell VG $5
PARTRIDGE FAMILY- Notebook- Bell M- $30
THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY- Up To Date- (w/ book cover insert) Bell M $48 More Info
PARTRIDGE FAMILY- At Home With Their Greatest Hits- Bell M- $30
PARTRIDGE FAMILY- The World Of The Partridge Family- (2-LP Set) Bell EX+ $75 Rare!
RAY PAUL & RPM- Go Time- (Boston area pop-rocker) Muscle Recordworks M- $58
PEPPERMINT RAINBOW- Will You Be Staying After Sunday- (Lemon Pipers related) Decca SS $55 or M $40 or VG $17 or Decca DJ M $50
PEPPERMINT TROLLEY COMPANY- Same- (w/ brothers Danny & Jimmy Faragher. The Peppermint Trolly Co. played on 'The Brady Bunch' TV theme song) Acta M- $75
TOM PETERSON- And Another Language- (Cheap Trick bassist solo debut 6-Song 12" 33 1/3rd Mini-LP) NM $22
THE PEZBAND- Same- (Fantastic Chicago Power Pop w/ Clarence Clemons) Passport SS $45 or M $33
THE PEZBAND- Two Old Two Soon- (Promo Only 4-Song 12" 45-RPM recorded Live At Dingwall's 1978 Includes covers of Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away" & The Swingin' Medalions' "Hippy Hippy Shake") UK / Passport (Fake-2) DJ ONLY unplayed M $33
PICKETTYWITCH- Same- (UK Pop w/ the hits "That Same Old Feeling" & "Sad Old Kinda Movie". Features singer Polly Brown. Drummer Keith Hall later joined Gerry & The Pacemakers) Janus M- $33
PILOT- January- (w/ ex-Bay City Rollers David Paton & Billy Lyall, along w/ Ian Bairnso of The Alan Parsons Project & Stuart Tosh of 10cc & Camel) EMI SS $65 or M $48
PILOT- Second Flight- UK / EMI M $55
PILOT- From The Album Of The Same Name- (essentially evolved into The Alan Parsons Project at this point) EMI M- $33 or UK / EMI M $44
PINKINY CANANDY- Same (Unipak cover) Uni M- $65
PIPER- Same- (w/ Billy Squierex-Sidewinders); Alan Lane Nolan; Richie Fontana (Jayne County; Paul Stanley); Tommy Gunn; Danny McGary) A&M M $28
PIPER- Can't Wait- (Recorded at Electric Lady Studios A&M M $25
THE PIPKINS- Gimmie Dat Ding- (w/ Tony Barrows) Capitol SS $48 or M $33
THE PLIMSOULS- Same- Planet DJ EX $16
THE PLIMSOULS- Everywhere At Once- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Geffen- M- $15
THE POOR BOYS- Ain't Nothin' In Our Pockets But Love- (Funky psych-pop. Their only LP) Rare Earth SS $44
THE POP- Hearts & Knives- (6-Song 12" EP) Rhino SS $26
THE POP- Same- Arista M $23
POP ART- Same- (6-Song Mini-LP w/ David Steinhart pre- Small Brown Handbag) Stonegarden SS $28
THE POPPY FAMILY- Which Way Are You Goin' Billy?- (Canada's answer to The Partridge Family w/ Susan & Terry Jacks) London EX- $40 Scarce!
PRIVATE LINES- Trouble In School- Passport SS $28
PROCESSION- Same- (Spinoff of The Australian Playboys produced by Mike Hugg & Bay City Rollers boss Phil Wainman. Great prog & pop psych w/ Brian Peacock & Craig Collinge both ex-The Librettos; Mick Rogers pre-Manfred Mann's Earthband; & Trevor Griffin) Smash M- $48
PROFESSOR ANONYMOUS- Living in The World- (w/ members of the Cars, Andy Paley & Erik Lindgren) Quark SS $26
THE PROOF- It's Safe- (produced by John Leckie) Nemperor DJ M $45
SUZI QUATRO- Same- (w/ "48 Crash"; textured cover) Bell SS $68 or M $44
SUZI QUATRO- Quatro- Bell M- $40
SUZI QUATRO- Rock Hard- (w/ correct innersleeve) Dreamland M- $40 or Dreamland DJ M $50
QUEEN ANNE'S LACE- Same- (Anne Phillips performs Sunshine Pop versions of favorites by Lennon-McCartney; Burt Bacharach-Hal David; Peter Cofield; Paul Simon, & some nice originals) Coral EX $48


THE RAIN- To The Citadel- (Indie Brit-pop) UK / Orangewood EX+ $44
RASPBERRIES- Same- Capitol (w/ scratch & sniff cover sticker that still smells like raspberries!) M $58 or VG $28 or (no scratch & sniff sticker) VG $5
RASPBERRIES- Fresh Raspberries- Capitol M- $18
LARRY RASPBERRY & THE HIGHSTEPPERS- Highsteppin' & Fancy Dancin'- (ex-Gentrys w/ lyric innersleeve) Enterprise EX- $22
LARRY RASPBERRY & THE HIGHSTEPPERS- No Accident- (includes promo pack w/ bio & 2 glossies) Mercury M $35
THE RECORDS- Same- (John Wicks & Will Birch, ex- Kursaal Flyers w/ gatefold) Virgin M $9
RED KROSS- Teen Babes From Monsanto- (Jeff & Steven McDonald) Enigma M $40
LOU REED- Rock n Roll Animal- (gatefold) RCA M $22 or VG $8
LOU REED- Sally Can't Dance- RCA SS $28
RENE & RENE- Lo Mucho Que te Quiero- ("The More I Love You") White Whale EX $24
THE REPLACEMENTS- Hootenanny- Twin Tone EX $88
THE REPLACEMENTS- Let It Be- Twin Tone EX- $99
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS- Hard 'N' Heavy With Marshmallow- (Rare color cover) Columbia M- $48
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS- Greatest Hits- (Volume 1) Columbia (35593) M $9 or Columbia (2662 w/ 8 page booklet of pix from 'Where The Action Is' TV show) Mono VG+ $28 (Write for more Paul Revere LPs available)
RICH KIDS- Ghosts Of Princes In Towers- (Glen Matlock ex-Sex Pistols; Midge Ure pre-Ultravox; Steve New & Rusty Egan. Produced by Mick Ronson, w/ lyric innersleeve) UK / EMI unplayed M $99
THE ROBBS- Same- (Jangly folk-pop w/ killer hooks & strong harmony vocals by Del Shannon's ex-backup band. They evolved into the group 'Cherokee') Mercury Mono M $55 or VG- $9
ROCK FLOWERS- Same- (Soulful soft-psych female trio w/ Rindy Dunn (designed album covers for The Buffalo Springfield & others); Debbie Clinger (of The Clinger Sisters!); Ardie Tillman. Backed by Hal Blaine, Mike Melvoin, Louis Shelton, Dennis Budimir & Max Bennett. Produced by Wes Farrell (Partridge Family). Includes "Number Wonderfull" later done by Jay & The Techniques as "Number Onederful"; & in the UK by Pickittywitch. 'Rock Flowers' is patterned after the musical dolls made by Mattel Toys, who own the Wheel label) Wheel EX+ $75
ROCKPILE- Seconds Of Pleasure- (Nick Lowe & Dave Edmunds w/ bonus 7" EP w/ Picture Sleeve included + green bio sheet) Columbia SS $55 or Columbia DJ LP/M EP/M $44 or Columbia (no bio sheet) LP/EX+ EP/M- $22
THE ROCKSPURS- Getting Off- DJM M $18
TOMMY ROE- Sweet Pea- (Includes "Hooray For Hazel" & "Sheila") ABC Mono VG $5
TOMMY ROE- Dizzy- ABC SS $45 or M- $28
TOMMY ROE- We Can Make Music- ABC M- $24
TOMMY ROE- Energy- (Original issue) Monument (PZ-34182) DJ VG+ $22
TOMMY ROE- Whirling With Tommy Roe- (Tommy Roe on the A-Side; Al Tornello on the B-Side) Diplomat (DS-2474) SS $18
THE ROKES- These were The Rokes- (Great 60s UK pop group, relocated to Italy & found fame) Italy / RCA / Lineatre unplayed M $65
THE ROLLERS- Elevator- (formerly The Bay City Rollers) Arista SS $28
THE ROLLING STONES / NANKER PHELGE- "Schoolboy Blues" (aka "Cocksucker Blues") bw/ "Andrew's Blues" (aka "Fuckin' Andrew")- (2-Song 10" 45-RPM w/ R. Crumb inspired cover art depicting Betty Boop. There's something very special about the sound on this Original Rare BLACK vinyl pressing. The echo on 'Cocksucker Blues' is especially spectacular & menacing, & 'Andrew's Blues' is just right underground lo-fi perfect. Later releases of these songs, including the brown vinyl pressing, are not top sound. This is the one to get!) Earful SS $135
THE ROLLING STONES- Sticky Fingers- (Andy Warhol cover art, modeled by Joe Delesandro, w/ metal zipper) Rolling Stones VG $24 or VG- $9 or Spain / Rolling Stones (w/ syrup can cover. Rare original pressing w/ "I Got The Blues" followed by a 30-second silent break. "Sister Morphine is replaced exclusively by "Let It Rock", recorded at University of Leeds, March 13, 1971. "You Gotta Move" mistakenly credited to Jagger/Richards. Manufactured in Madrid, Spain. Distributed by Hispavox, S.A. w/ no song titles listed between Mick & Keith on back cover. Front cover 'Tongue Logo' is Red. Vertical lines alongside the logo are white, as is the catalog number: HRSS 591-01 (COC 59100) ESTEREO. Label indicates: Impuesto De Lujo a Metalico: Permiso Nº 3637 Insert indicates: Depósito Legal: M.14.273-1971) M $177
THE ROLLING STONES- Exile On Main Street- (2-LP Unipak w/ postcards) EX/M- $38 or EX/EX $28
THE ROLLING STONES- Goats Head Soup- (gatefold w/ insert) Rolling Stones M $15
THE ROLLING STONES- Some Girls- (The following all have the Rare die-cut cover w/ original uncensored pictures of Lucille Ball, Raquel Welch, Marilyn Monroe) Rolling Stones SS $120 or Rolling Stones (Orange Vinyl w/ lyric insert) M $90 or (Orange Vinyl w/ no lyric insert) M- $65 or Rolling Stones (black vinyl) VG $22
THE ROLLING STONES- "Miss You" (12" 33 1/3rd-RPM Maxi-Single on Pink Vinyl. One of the 1st remixed singles made, this is the exclusive 8:36 minute version of the song w/ extra lyrics) Rolling Stones unplayed M $12
THE ROLLING STONES- Undercover Of The Night- (12" 33 1/3rd PROMO ONLY Single. Side-A: Extended Version; Side-B: LP Version) Rolling Stones (685) DJ M $33
THE ROMANTICS- Same- (w/ correct innersleeve) Nemperor M $22 or DJ M $25
THE ROMANTICS- National Brerakout- (w/ correct innersleeve) Nemperor DJ M- $22
THE ROMANTICS- Strictly Personal- Nemperor M $24
THE ROMANTICS- In Heat- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Nemperor M- $18
MICK RONSON- Slaughter On 10th Avenue- (Solo debut by David Bowie's guitarist) RCA EX+ $28
MICK RONSON- Play Don't Worry- (gatefold w/ killer version of "White Light White Heat") RCA M $33
ROSETTA STONE- Same- (Irish version of the Bay City Rollers w/ Ian Mitchell) Private Stock SS $45 or M $33
T. ROTH & ANOTHER PRETTY FACE- Face Facts- (w/ interesting cover of The Beatles "She's A Woman") Reflection M $28
ROXY- Same- (Randy Bishop, & Bob Segarini ex-Family Tree, pre-Wackers w/ lyric insert. Cover has photo of famed Elektra album cover designer William S. Harvey) Elektra SS $58 or M $44 or EX+ $28
ROXY MUSIC- Manifesto- Atco SS $28
THE ROYAL GUARDSMEN- Snoopy & His Friends- (Charles Schultz cover) Laurie M- $33
THE ROYAL GUARDSMEN- The Return Of The Red Baron- Laurie (contains "Any Wednesday"; "So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star" & other great non-novelty tracks. w/ Lester Bangs 'Bangs' signed cover!) Mono EX+ $48 or Laurie Mono VG $14
THE ROYAL GUARDSMEN- Snoopy For President- Laurie (black & gold label) M- $45
RUBETTES- Same- State SS $33 or M- $22
RUBINOOS- Same- Beserkley SS $28 or M $17 or EX $12
RUBINOOS- Back To the Drawing Board- Beserkley SS $35 or M $22 or DJ M $18
RUNAWAYS- The Best Of The Runaways- Mercury M $38
TODD RUNDGREN- Runt- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Ampex DJ VG- $24
TODD RUNDGREN- Runt- (w/ extra cut) Bearsville EX- $99
TODD RUNDGREN- Runt, The Ballad Of Todd Rundgren- (gatefold) Bearsville EX $28 or VG $14


SUE SAAD & THE NEXT- Same- (ex-Calliope, produced by Richard Perry) Planet M $18
SALVATION ARMY- Same- (pre-Three O'Clock before the Salvation Army forced them to change their name) Frontier SS $175 or M $115 Rare Original Issue!
CLIVE SARSDTEDT- Same- (Younger brother of Peter & Richard Sarstedt, Clive Robin Sarstedt, aka Wes Sands, was once managed & recorded by Joe Meek. As Clive Sands he joined The Deejays in Sweden 1966. This is his solo debut LP, a freak folk/sunshine pop rarity, produced by Ray Singer & Simon Napier-Bell (Yardbirds, John's Children) w/ backing vocal by Doris Troy & others) RCA M- $17
THE SCAFFOLD- Same- (w/ Mike McGear, Paul McCartney's brother) UK / Parlophone (PMC-7051) Mono EX+ $150
THE SCAFFOLD- L. The P.- (w/ M.C. Escher cover art) UK / Parlophone (PCS-7077) M $150 or M- $120
THE SCAFFOLD- Thank U Very Much- Bell SS $88
SCROUNGER- Snap- (w/ Ray Russell, produced by Mike Hurst) Anchor M- $15
THE SCRUFFS- Wanna Meet The Scruffs?- (Memphis power pop) Power Play SS $95
THE SEARCHERS- Same- (w/ correct innersleeve) Sire M $15
THE SEARCHERS- The Pye History Of British Pop Music Vol 1- (Embossed Unipak w/ 'The Pye History Of British Pop Music' liner notes by Alan Betrock) Pye SS $44
THE SEARCHERS- The Pye History Of British Pop Music Vol 2- Pye SS $44
THE SEARCHERS- The Golden Hour Of The Searchers Vol 2- Golden Hour SS $38 (Write for more Searchers LPs)
BOB SEGARINI- Gotta Have Pop- (ex-Family Tree, Roxy; Wackers & Dudes, on marbled lilac color vinyl w/ correct innersleeve & lyric insert) Canada / Bomb M $99
PHIL SEYMOUR- Same- (w/ The Textones & 20/20) Boardwalk M- $24 More Info
SHADOWS OF KNIGHT- Gloria- Dunwich VG $32 or VG- $9 Dunwich Mono VG $38
SHADOWS OF KNIGHT- Back Door Men- Dunwich Mono M- $68
SHARKS- First Water- (w/ Chris Spedding & Andy Fraser. Has original version of "Dr. Love", later recorded by Leslie West) MCA SS $43 or M- $28
SHARKS- Jab It In Your Eye- (Chris Spedding & Andy Fraser w/ the soulful bluesy vocals of Snips) MCA SS $43
BOBBY SHERMAN- Here Comes Bobby- (debut LP of the 'Shindig' TV discovery) Metromedia (w/ original triple fold-out cover) M- $33 or Metromedia (w/ Unipak cover) EX- $12
BOBBY SHERMAN- Getting Together- (Unipak die-cut cover with wheel that changes pic in TV) Metromedia NM $28
BOBBY SHERMAN- Portrait Of Bobby- (embossed & die-cut cover w/ removable stand-up picture still attached) Metromedia M $28
THE SHOCKING BLUE- Same- (Dutch garage-beat w/ Robbie van Leeuwen ex-Motions. Includes their hits "Venus" & "Mighty Joy", plus "Love Buzz", the sitar driven "Acka Ragh" & others) Colossus M- $46
SHOES- Black Vinyl Shoes- (w/ lyric innersleeve) PVC SS $38 or M $26
SHOES- Present Tense- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Elektra SS $33 or M $24 or M- $18
SHOES- Tongue Twister- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Elektra SS $28
SHOES- Silhouette- (w/ lyric innersleeve) France / New Rose unplayed M $40
THE SIDEKICKS- Fifi The Flea- (ex-Redcoats members Randy & Zac Bocel, Mike Burke, John Spirt. Has their hit "Suspicions", plus the title track, originally by The Hollies) RCA M- $48 or Asia / Large World (LW-307 w/ Orange Vinyl) EX+ $40
THE SIDEWINDERS- Same- (Boston popster Andy Paley w/ Eric Rosenfeld & members of Maine group, Catfish Black. Ernie Brooks & Jerry Harrison bacame founding members of The Modern Lovers. Produced by Lenny Kaye w/ rumored David Bowie involvement) RCA SS $88 or M $75 or M- $60
SILVERHEAD- Same- (debut LP w/ Michael Des Barres pre-Power Station & Nigel Harrison pre-Blondie. Unipak w/ metallicized reflective silver cover art) Signpost M $120 or M- $95 or MCA (gatefold) SS $65 or MCA VG+ $25
SILVERHEAD- 16 & Savaged- (Bobby Blunt w/ Nigel Harrison pre-Blondie; Michael Des Barres pre-Power Station) MCA SS $75 or EX $55
NANCY SINATRA- Sugar- Reprise (Tri-color Riverboat Label) EX- $14
SKY- Same- (Detroit hard power trio w/ Doug Feiger pre-Knack; plus Jim Price; Bobby Keys; Ian Stewart; PP Arnold; & Doris Troy, produced in the UK by Jimmy Miller. They backed up Brett Smiley on tour) RCA SS $75 or M $55 or EX- $35
SKYBAND- Same- (Pete Beckett ex-Palladin, pre-Player, & Little River Band w/ Steve Kipner. Skyband played only one gig) RCA SS $32
SKYHOOKS- Ego Is Not A Dirty Word- (Produced by Ross Wilson of Daddy Cool. Gatefold cover w/ insert) Mercury SS $43 or M $28
SKYHOOKS- Living In The 70's- (Produced by Ross Wilson of Daddy Cool, w/ lyric insert) Mercury M $28
SKYLARK- Same- (synth-pop w/ textured cover & lyric innersleeve) Capitol M- $18
SLADE- Play It Loud- Cotillion EX $38
SLADE- Slayed- Polydor SS $58 or M $45 or M- $35 or UK / Polydor EX $38
SLADE- Sladest- Reprise M- $44 or VG $22
SLADE- Stomp Your Hands, Clap Your Feet- Warner Bros SS $58 or M $45
SLADE- Nobody's Fool- Warner Bros SS $58
SLADE- Same- (special edition 4-song 12" sampler of songs from the LP "Smashes". Includes "Cum On Feel The Noize") UK / Polydor SS $48 Rare!
NELSON SLATER- Wild Angel- (Produced by Lou Reed; w/ lyric innersleeve) RCA SS $46 or M $28
SLICKEE BOYS- Uh Oh, No Brakes- (Kim Kane & Mark Noone) Twin Tone EX $33
SLIK- Same- (ex-Salvation members, including Midge Ure, later to Ultravox & Kenny Hyslop, later to the Simple Minds) Arista DJ M $45
THE SMALL FACES- Same- (their debut LP, produced by Ian Samwell) UK / Decca (LK-4790 maroon ffrr label w/ silver print) Mono M- $595
THE SMALL FACES- From The Beginning- UK / Decca (LK-4879 maroon ffrr label w/ silver print) Mono M $695 Rare!
THE SMALL FACES- Same- (The original 14-song UK version of the LP issued differently in the US as 'There Are But Four Small Faces'. This has a superior mix than the US version. Georgie Fame's band, The Blue Flames, provide backing on "Eddie's Dreaming") UK / Immediate (008) Mono M- $495
THE SMALL FACES- There Are But Four Small Faces- (Original full color cover) Immediate SS $440
THE SMALL FACES- Odgen's Nut Gone Flake- (Original Round Cover) Immediate M $695
THE SMALL FACES- Same- UK / New World Ltd. (NW-6000) M $125
THE SMALL FACES- Early Faces- Pride SS $68 or M- $44
THE SMALL FACES- The History Of The Small Faces- Pride SS $68
THE SMALL FACES- Archetypes- MGM SS $58
THE SMALL FACES- Wham Bam!- Holland / EMI Disc M- $125
THE SMALL FACES- The Immediate Story Vol 2- (2-LP Set w/ Ronnie Lane; Ian McLagen; Steve Marriott; Kenny Jones) Sire DJ EX $65
THE SMALL FACES- First Step- (gatefold w/ Rod Stewart) Warner Bros (label says "Small Faces") M $75 or Warner Bros (label says "Faces") M $30
THE SMALL FACES- Playmates- Atlantic SS $22
THE SMALL FACES- 78 In The Shade- Atlantic M $17
SMALL WONDER- Same- (w/ James Phillips; lyric innersleeve) Columbia DJ M- $9
SMALL WONDER- Growin'- Columbia DJ M $9
THE SMITHEREENS- Beauty & Sadness- (5-Song 12" Mini-LP) Little Ricky M $24 or M- $16
THE SMITHEREENS- Especially For You- (w/ Suzanne Vega) Enigma M- $12 or Enigma (Unplayed PICTURE DISC w/ 12" x 24" fold-out poster cover) M $33
SMOKIE- Midnight Cafe- (ex-Rory Storm & The Failures) RSO DJ M- $33
SMURFS- Father Abraham In Smurfland- (w/ Pierre Kartner) Sessions SS $38
SMURFS- The Smurfs All-Star Show- (The fan's favorite Smurf LP, is also hardest-to-get) Sessions SS $48
SMURFS- Best Of Friends- (nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Children's Record) Sessions SS $38
SMURFS- Smurfing Sing Song- Sessions VG $14
THE SNEAKS- Sneak Preview- (6-Song 33 1/3rd mod-pop Mini-LP) Taste Records M- $33
SNEAKERS- In The Red- (w/ Chris Stamey & Mitch Easter) Car Records SS $95
SNEAKERS & LACE- Skateboardin' USA- PIP SS $33
SORROWS- Love Too Late- (ex-Poppees produced by Shel Tamley, the man behind all the early Kinks & Who LPs) Pavillion M $33
SORROWS- Teenage Heartbreak- (w/ proper innersleeve) Pavillion DJ M- $33
SPARKS- Same- (original cover w/ lyric insert) Bearsville M- $58 or Bearsville DJ M $75
SPARKS- A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing- (w/ lyric insert) Bearsville DJ M $75
SPARKS- Kimono My House- Island SS $45
SPARKS- Propaganda- (lyric innersleeve) Island M- $28
SPARKS- Indiscreet- (gatefold) Island M $33
SPARKS- Introducing Sparks- (w/ insert + lyric innersleeve) Columbia DJ EX $33
SPARKS- Big Beat- Columbia SS $38
THE SPLIT LEVEL- Same- (obscure psych-pop) Dot (25836) M $88
THE SPORTS- Suddenly- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Arista M $14
THE SPORTS- Don't Throw Stones- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Arista M $12
SPRINGFIELD RIFLE- Same- (Beatles inspired garage pop produced by Jerry Dennon of Jerden Records. w/ Jeff Afdem) Burdette SS $99 or Burdette DJ M $88 Rare!
RICK SPRINGFIELD- Comic Book Heroes- (Starred on daytime soap "General Hospital. Gatefold w/ lyric innersleeve) Columbia EX+ $23
RICK SPRINGFIELD- Wait For The Night- Chelsea SS $33
HOLLY STANTON- Temptation- (great new wave power pop) War Bride M $28 Rare!
STARJETS- Same- (pre-Adventures w/ correct innersleeve) Portrait M- $9 or DJ M $15
STARZ- Same- (embossed cover) Capitol SS $22 or M- $9
STARZ- Violation- (w/ Michael Lee Smith, brother of Rex Smith host of TV's Solid Gold, & hitmaker in his own rite) Capitol SS $22 or M $12
STARZ- Attention Shoppers! Capitol SS $18 or M $9
THE STATUS QUO- Messages From The Status Quo- (w/ "Pictures Of Matchstick Men") Cadet Concept SS $99 or M $75 or M- $60
STATUS QUO- Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon- Janus SS $99
STATUS QUO- Quo- (w/ lyric innersleeve) A&M DJ M- $28
STEAM- Same- (includes the enduring hit "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye") Taiwan / Zone Sound (CSJ-891) EX+ $18
STONEPILLOW- Eleazar's Circus- (soulful soft-psych sunshine pop w/ gatefold) London Phase-4 M $48 or M- $38 or DJ M $53
STORIES- Same- (their debut LP w/ Michael Brown ex-Left Banke. Has the hit "I'm Coming Home". Embossed cover) Kama Sutra DJ VG- $9
STORIES- About Us- (gatefold w/ "Brother Louie", originally done by White Chocolate) Kama Sutra SS $43 or EX $25
THE SUGAR BEARS- Presenting the Sugar Bears- (songs by Mike Settle; Kim Carnes; & Baker Knight, who wrote songs for Rick Nelson, Nancy Sinatra; Dino, Desi & Billy; Elvis; West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band) Big Tree DJ VG+ $88
SUNDOWNERS- Captain Nemo- (rare NY Albany / Schenectady area Beatlesque pop-psych) Decca EX+ $95
SUNSET BOMBERS- Same- (w/ Doug Feiger of The Knack) Ariola SS $40 or M $28
THE SUNSHINE COMPANY- Same- (Fully AUTOGRAPHED by All 5 Members!) Imperial Mono M- $125 More Info
THE SUNSHINE COMPANY- Happy Is- (Southern California sunshine-pop quintet. Includes Original verson of "Up Up & Away", a hit for The 5th Dimension. The rhythm section later went on to back Loggins & Messina) Imperial EX- $40 or VG $18
THE SUNSHINE COMPANY- Sunshine & Shadows- (their 3rd & final LP, w/ gatefold cover art by Kittyhawk Graphics & Dean O. Torrence of Jan & Dean fame) Imperial M $55
SUSAN- Falling In Love Again- (Boston rockers w/ Tom Dickie pre- The Desires, & Ricky Byrd pre- Joan Jett & The Blackhearts) RCA (w/ Lyric insert) M- $40 or RCA / Champion (Special Limited Edition Advance PROMO ONLY Turquoise Vinyl w/ 'RCA Associated' label BXL1-3372) DJ M $55 Rare!
SWEET- Desolation Boulevard- (Essential Glam LP, includes "Ballroom Blitz" which is a reworking of "Let's Stomp" by Bobby Comstock, plus the original version of "'Fox On The Run" before it was re-recorded & became a hit single. Gatefold w/ lyric insert) RCA M $38
SWEET- VI- Capitol M $28


TAGES- 1964-68!- (2-LP Set w/ 32 killer tracks; correct innersleeves) Sweden / Platina M $66
RICHARD TAYLOR- Same- (of Zehn Archer. 4-Song 12" 45-RPM w/ photo & bio) Star Rhythm M $28 Scarce!
TEDDY & THE PANDAS- Basic Magnetism- (Good Boston psych-pop. Their only LP) Tower SS $95 or VG+ $38
THE TEE SET- Ma Belle Amie- (Unipak cover) Colossus DJ M $43
10CC- Deceptive Bends- (gatefold cover art by Hipgnosis, w/ lyric innersleeve) Mercury M $22
10CC- Bloody Tourists- (gatefold w/ lyric innersleeve) Polydor EX+ $9
10CC- The Original Soundtrack- (gatefold cover art by Hipgnosis) Mercury SS $35
10CC- 100 CC- UK Records EX+ $27
THEE PROPHETS- Playgirl- (great bubblegum soul-pop) Kapp SS $55
THE THIRD RAIL- Id Music- (Masterpiece psych-pop debut LP by Joey Levine, Artie ("Under The Boardwalk") Resnick & Kris Resnick. Has the underground hit "Run, Run, Run") Epic Mono M- $85 or Mono VG+ $38
THE THREE O'CLOCK- Baroque Hoedown- (5-Song 12" produced by Earle Mankey) Frontier SS $28
JOHNNY THUNDERS- In Cold Blood- (2-Set: Studio disc (4-Song 12" 45-RPM) / Live disc (33 1/3rd) w/ Joe Mazzari) France / New Rose M $28
THUNDERTRAIN- Teenage Suicide- (Heavy glam w/ Mach Bell pre-Joe Perry Project, & Willie 'Loco' Alexander) Jelly SS $66 More Info
TIN TIN- Astral Taxi- (Elegant Australian popsike, sounding like The Bee-Gees meets The Beatles. Steve Kipner & Steve Groves (of famed UK duo "Steve & Stevie") w/ Johnny Vallins, who once played w/ Steve Groves in The Kinetics. Produced by Maurice Gibb of The Bee-Gees, who also appears. Gatefold) Atco EX $12 or Atco DJ M $38
TOMMY TUTONE- 2- (Name of band, not lead singer, Tommy Heath, once aka Tommy & The Tu-tones. w/ lyric innersleeve) Columbia M $9
THE TREMBLERS- Twice Nightly- (Peter Noone fronts group featuring most of The Heartbreakers (minus Tom Petty) & Phil Seymour helping out on vocals. Co-produced w/ Bruce Johnston. Lyric innsrsleeve) Johnston DJ M $50 Scarce!
THE TREMELOES- Here Comes My Baby- Epic Mono SS $45 or M $34 or M- $28 or VG $9
THE TREMELOES- Even The Bad Times Are Good / Silence Is Golden- Epic M- $30
THE TREMELOES- Suddenly You Love Me- Epic SS $44 or Epic Mono M $28 or EX- $17 or Epic Mono DJ EX- $22
TREMELOES- Shiner- (includes advertising sheet for the LP) DJM DJ M $23 or DJ M- $16
T-REX- Tyrannosaurus Rex (A Beginning)- (2-LP Set, gatefold) A&M DJ $48
T-REX- Light Of Love- Casablanca SS $45
T-REX- A Beard Of Stars- (gatefold) Blue Thumb M- $65
T-REX- Electric Warrior- (gatefold cover art by Hipgnosis) Reprise M- $38 or EX- $25
T-REX- Unicorn- (gatefold w/ poster) Blue Thumb (pre-Gulf & Western) M- $75 More Info
TRICKSTER- Same- (Phil Bates, ex-Duane Eddy w/ members of The Raspberries & Les Variations) Jet SS $28
THE TRICYCLE- Same (Mystical acid-pop sitar-psych ala 'The Queen's Nectarine Machine' & 'The Tea Company' meets 'Mandrake Memorial' & 'Cream'; w/ gatefold) ABC SS $88 or VG $33
THE TUBES- Now- A&M SS $33
THE TUBES- "Prime Time" bw/ "No Way Out"- (2-Song 12" 33 1/3rd-RPM produced by Todd Rundgren) A&M DJ M $16
THE TUBES- The Tubes In: Rock & Roll Hospital- (2-LP Set on RED Vinyl) Bloodwax M $98 Rare!
THE TWEEDS- Music For Car Radios- (4-Song 12" 45-RPM by these great Boston popsters) Eat M $66
THE TWEEDS- Perfect Fit- (12" 5-Song 33 1/3rd-RPM EP; AUTOGRAPHED on front by Marc McHugh) Autobahn M $80
20/20- Same- (Their debut LP) Portrait (NJR-36205) M $40
20/20- Same- (4-Song Promo Only 12" EP w/ songs from their debut LP) Portrait (AS-672) DJ ONLY M $35
20/20- Look Out!- (Produced by Earl Mankey, w/ lyric innersleeve) Portrait M $40
20/20- Sex-Trap- (Original pressing w/ pre-Enigma mixes) Mainway SS $48
TWICE SHY- All The Right Noises- (w/ insert attached inside) Mad Rover NM- $18
DWIGHT TWILLEY BAND- Twilley Don't Mind- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Arista (AUTOGRAPHED on Front by both Phil Seymour & Dwight Twilley!) M $250 or Arista EX $12 More Info
DWIGHT TWILLEY BAND- Twilley- (w/ lyric innersleeve + matching press-kit folder w/ glossy photo & 1-sheet press article) Arista M $45 or Arista (no press-kit) M $14
DWIGHT TWILLEY BAND- Sincerely- (w/ insert) Shelter / ABC SS $38 or M $26
DWIGHT TWILLEY BAND- Shelter Sneak Preview- (w/ "I'm On Fire" (3:05) & "Did You See What Happened?" bw/ Same. Recorded in Tulsa, Oklahoma November 27, 1974. Produced by Oister) Shelter DJ ONLY M $83

U - V - W

ULTRAVOX- Vienna- Chrysalis DJ M $12
ULTRAVOX- Quartet- Chrysalis SS $18
THE UPSTARTS- Boppin' In The '80s- (6-Song Mini-LP of Boston area popsters w/ Ted Richards, produced by Peter Dayton of La Peste) Crank It Up SS $48
CHERRY VANILLA- Bad Girl- (ex-scene actress for Andy Warhol & publicist for David Bowie. w/ Louis Lepore, guitar) RCA SS $33
VANITY FARE- Early In The Morning- (w/ "Hitchin' A Ride") Page 1 M- $33
LES VARIATIONS- Moroccan Roll- (Recorded while "Suzy & The Red Stripes" were in Paris (Oct 20, 1973) Rumored possible Paul McCartney jamming involvement) Buddah SS $55
LES VARIATIONS- Café de Paris- (Rumored Dave Davies (Kinks) involvement) Buddah SS $55
LES VARIATIONS- Take It Or Leave It- (Recorded in Memphis w/ Larry Raspberry. Produced by Don Nix. Gatefold cover art by Voss '73) France / EMI / Pathé SS $65
VENUS & THE RAZORBLADES- Songs From The Sunshine Jungle- (Sal Maida ex-Roxy Music; & Dyan Diamond, produced by Kim Fowley; w/ lyric innersleeve) Visa SS $38 or M $28
VIBRA CORPORATION- The Vibra Corporation Christmas Single- (2-Song 12" 45-RPM w/ "Snow White Rock Christmas" bw/ "I Wish It Would Be Christmas Everyday" (Roy Wood song). From the people who brought you The Intergalactic Touring Band) Passport DJ M $18
THE VIBRATORS- Pure Mania- (The band 'Stiff Little Fingers' got their name from the song of the same name from this album) Columbia DJ M $90 or Columbia DJ M- $78 or UK / Epic (better than US mix) M- $99
THE VIBRATORS- V2- (w/ lyric innersleeve. Scottish punk rock band 'The Exploited' covered "Troops Of Tomorrow"' as the title track of their 2nd LP) UK / Epic M $90
THE WACKERS- Wackering Heights- (Randy Bishop; Michael Stull; & Robert Segarini of Family Tree & Roxy. Produced by Gary Usher. w/ lyric innersleeve) Elektra M $48
THE WACKERS- Hot Wacks- (w/ lyric insert) Elektra M- $38 or EX $30
WADSWORTH MANSION- Same- (w/ Wayne Gagnon ex-Tangerine Zoo. Has "Sweet Mary" & "What's On Tonight") Sussex M $45 or M- $33
THE WEATHER GIRLS- Dear Santa - Bring Me A Man This Christmas- (12" EP w/ Vocal Version on A-Side & Instrunmental Version on B-Side. From the group who hit w/ "It's Raining Men") Columbia DJ M $16
DAVID WERNER- Whizz Kid- (w/ lyric innersleeve) RCA M- $22
WILD FANG- The Promised Airwaves- Mugician M $78
WILD GIRAFFES- Right Now- (Cleveland, Ohio based mod-punk group) Neck SS $48 or Neck (fully autographed by each band member) M $75
THE WILD SEEDS- Life Is Grand (Life In Soul City)- (6-song 12" EP w/ Michael Hall, part of the Austin, Texas 'New-Sincerity' movement) Aznut SS $44
JOEY WILSON- Going Up- (produced by Jimmy Destri of 'Blondie' fame) Modern M $14
WINGS- Wild Life- (Debut LP of Paul & Linda McCartney group w/ Denny Laine ex-Moody Blues) Apple (SW-3386) M- $58 or UK / Apple EX $66
WINGS- Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance- (Wings Live 1972-73 + Studio Tracks) Lostalent (WRMB-342) Mono SS $95
WINGS- Oriental Nightfish- (2-LP Set w/ Paul McCartney & Wings: Early Demos, TV, & Live: San Diego, June 16, 1976; Midnight Special 1975 w/ Rod Stewart; Hanover Germany 1972. Pressed on colored vinyl Sound varies) HAR (169) SS $75
WINGS- Paul McCartney & Wings- Red Rose Speedway- (w/ Henry McCullough ex-Spooky Tooth guitarist. Original pre-Capitol issue w/ gatefold & 12-page insert booklet attached; blue company sticker on front, graphic label & brail back message to Stevie Wonder that reads: 'we love you baby') Apple EX $43
WINGS- Paul McCartney & Wings- Band On The Run- (1st issue w/ lyric innersleeve & insert) Apple (SO-3415) M $38
WINGS- Venus & Mars- (w/ Jimmy McCulloch ex-Thunderclap Newman & Stone the Crows; Joe English ex-Sea Level. Guests include Geoff Britton ex-East Of Eden; Dave Mason; Tom Scott; Allen Toussaint. Produced by Paul McCartney w/ gatefold; proper innersleeve & insert posters) Capitol M- $44
WINGS- Fly South- (1975 World Tour) Wonderland / Old Glory (WRMB-380) Mono M $74
WINGS- Wings From The Wings- (3-LP Box Set Recorded Live at The L.A. Forum June 23, 1976 - The Last Show of the 1975-76 World Tour. Each disc on different color vinyl) IMP (1117 to 1119) NM $95
WINGS- Wings Over America- (3-LP Set w/ proper innersleeves & poster. Artwork by Hipgnosis) Capitol M- $38
WINGS- London Town- (original issue w/ lyric innersleeve & 23" x 34" poster) Capitol EX $26
WINGS- Cold Turkey For Kampuchea- (B&W PICTURE DISC Live at Hammersmith Odeon, December 29, 1979 w/ matrix #W-29129) M $78
WINGS- Back To The Egg- (Their last LP, w/ guests John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Ronnie Lane, Dave Gilmour, Gary Brooker Tony Ashton, Hank Marvin, Pete Townshend, others. Original innersleeve) Columbia (w/ title & song stickers on shrinkwrap) SS $50 or M- $24
WINGS- "Goodnight Tonight" bw/ "Daytime Nightime Suffering"- (2-Song 12" 33 1/3rd-RPM Disco Disc w/ non-LP songs, in generic white cover) Columbia EX+ $12
WOLFE- Same- (Beatles inspired UK mod-pop psych group Peter & The Wolves w/ John Pantry & Nick Ryan, both ex-Factory. US Only release. Includes psych covers of "Funny Funny" by Sweet, & "Dancing In The Moonlight" by King Harvest) Rare Earth DJ NM $65 Scarce!
THE WOMBLES- Wombling Songs- (British novelty pop group is the brainchild of British music writer & composer Mike Batt w/ Chris Spedding as Wellington, Clem Cattini as Bungo, Les Hurdle as Madame Cholet, Jack Rothstein as Great Uncle Bulgaria & Mike Batt dressed as Orinoco, the characters from the children's TV show) UK / CBS SS $120
THE WOMBLES- Remember, You're A Womble- (Follow-up LP w/ same line-up as debut. The Womble motto is "Make Good Use of Bad Rubbish") Columbia M- $95
STEVIE WRIGHT- Hard Road- (ex-Easybeats singer solo debut, produced by Harry Vanda & George Young, who also play backing. It's rumored that Angus & Malcolm Young of AC/DC also play on the LP. Contains "Evie Parts 1, 2 & 3", later covered by Rod Stewart) Atco M $65

X - Y - Z

THE YELLOW BALLOON- Same- (Canterbury Records was formed by Ken Handler, the real-life model for the "Ken" doll, whose parents founded the Mattel Toy Company. The title track "Yellow Balloon" was written by Jan & Dean cohort Gary Zekley, who also sang it. When the song hit, topping Jan & Dean's version, the Yellow Balloon band was formed, featuring ex-Mouseketeer Don Grady, who portrayed Robbie Douglas on the hit TV series "My Three Sons". To fill out the needed LP, Gary co-wrote several other songs w/ Dick St. John of 'Dick & Dee Dee' fame; & Jill Gibson, Michelle Philips one-time replacement in The Mamas & Papas) Canterbury M $178
DENNIS YOST & THE CLASSICS IV- What Am I Crying For?- (One of 3 LP titles ever released on the MGM 'Sounds Of The South' label. The title track is their final hit, following "Spooky" & "Stormy") MGM / South SS $22 or M- $12
YOUNG SNAKES- Bark Along With The Youbg Snakes- (5-Song 12" EP Boston power-pop punk w/ Aimee Mann pre-'Til Tuesday. Michael Hausman guests) Ambiguous M $55 Rare!
THE ZIG ZAG PEOPLE- Take Bubblegum Music Underground- (Earle & Jack Murphy psychsploitation studio group, produced by Vinny Testa) Decca DJ EX- $88
THE ZIPPERS- Same- (6-Song Mini-LP produced by Ray Manzarek) Rhino SS $55
THE ZOMBIES- Odessey & Oracle- (their final LP) Date (original psychedelic front cover that does not mention 'Time Of The Season') M- $99 or EX- $77 or Date (front cover mentions 'Time Of The Season') VG+ $44