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shellac shoppe 78 RPM records
The first disc format was the 10-inch 78 rpm record, invented around 1900. They are typically made of a shellac compound, and are thick, heavy and fragile. The grooves on these records are about 4 times larger than LPs, hence grading is more forgiving than for regular vinyl LPs. This list is sorted by label w/ lowest number first. Ambiguous A-sides are determined by the matrix number.


ABBOTT- 140- Mitchell Torok "Caribbean" bw/ "Weep Away"- (both sides w/ The Louisiana Hayride Band) VG $1
ABBOTT- 3001- The DeCastro Sisters "It's Love" bw/ "Teach Me Tonight"- (both sides w/ Skip Martin Orchestra) VG $2
ABC-PARAMOUNT- 9765- George Hamilton IV "A Rose & A Baby Ruth" bw/ "If You Don't Know"- VG $4
ALADDIN- 3398- Thurston Harris "Little Bitty Pretty One" bw/ "I Hope You Won't Hold It Against Me"- (1957 R&B) VG $27
APOLLO- 462- The Opals "Oh But She Did" bw/ "My Heart's Desire"- (1954 R&B formerly known as The Crystals) EX+ $85
ARA- 136- Phil Harris & Orchestra "One-zy Two-zy" bw/ "Some Little Bug"- VG $6
ARA- 138- Judy Canova & The Sportsmen "You Stole My Heart" bw/ "It Couldn't Be True"- (both sides w/ Lou Bring & Orchestra) VG- $1
ATCO- 6116- The Coasters "Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart" bw/ "Yakety Yak"- (1958) VG $22
ATLANTIC- 963 The Clovers "Middle Of The Night" bw/ "One Mint Julip"- VG $22
ATLANTIC- 1035- The Clovers "Got My Eyes On You (See Everything You Do)" bw/ "Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash"- VG $28
ATOMIC- 230- Slim Gaillard Quartette "Drei Six Cents" bw/ "Minuet In Vout" (of 'Slim & Slam' fame) EX+ $28


BANNER- 0529- Jack Kaufman "Bum Song No. 6" bw/ Frankie allace "I'm Riding The Blinds On A Train Heading West"- (both sides w/ Novelty Accompaniment) EX $5
BANNER- 0615- Carson Robinson Trio "Red River Valley" bw/ "Down On The Old Plantation"- VG+ $6
BANNER- 0773- Frankie Wallace & His Guitar "Hobo Bill's Last Ride" bw/ CARSON ROBISON TRIO "My Pretty Quadroon"- VG $6
BANNER- 1611- Vernon Dalhart "Blue Ridge Mountain Blues" bw/ "He Sure Can Play A Harmonica" VG $14
BANNER- 32338- Louis Katzman & His Orchestra "One Of Us Was Wrong" (Chick Bullock vocal) bw/ "By The Sycamore Tree" (Scrappy Lambert vocal) EX $6
BELL- 491- Honey Duke & His Uke "Crazy Words, Crazy Tune" bw/ "Ain't She Sweet"- (1927 ex- Pennsylvania Syncopators) VG+ $12
BLUEBIRD- B-5688- Mill Blue Rhythm Band- "The Stuff Is Here" bw/ "The Growl" VG+ $12
BLUEBIRD- B-5713- Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra "White Heat" bw/ "Jazznocracy" VG $3
BLUEBIRD- B-6146- The California Ramblers "Now You've Got Me Doing It" bw/ "Broadway Rhythm" (Vocal refrains by Eddiy Lloyd, November 19, 1935) NM $5
BLUEBIRD- B-6204- Benny Moten's Kansas City Orchestra "Moten Stomp" bw/ Clifford Haye's Louisville Stompers "Blue Guitar Stomp" VG+ $8
BLUEBIRD- B-7621- Wingy Mannone & His Orcherstra "The Flat Foot Floogie" bw/ "Martha" - EX $6
BLUEBIRD- B-10195- Artie Shaw & His Orchestra "You Grow Sweeter As The Years Go By" bw/ "If You Ever Change Your Mind"- (both sides w/ Helen Forrest vocals, 1939) VG $12
BLUEBIRD- B-10404- Glenn Miller & His Orchestra "Blue Moonlight" bw/ "My Prayer"- (both sides w/ Ray Eberle vocals) VG $4
BLUEBIRD- B-10530- Charles Barnet & His Orchestra "Ogoun Badagris (Voodoo War God)" bw/ "The Right Idea" VG+ $9
BLUEBIRD- B-10553- Glenn Miller & His Orchestra "In An Old Dutch Garden" bw/ "Starlit Hour"- (both sides w/ Ray Eberle vocals) VG+ $5
BLUEBIRD- B-10674- Earl Hines & His Orchestra "Boogie Woogie On St. Louis" bw/ "Number 19" VG $2
BLUEBIRD- B-10964- Bob Chester & His Orchestra "I'm In A Lovable Mood Tonight" (vocal by Delores O'Neill) bw/ "Flinging A Wing-Ding" - EX- $4
BLUEBIRD- B-11039- Teddy Powell & His Orchestra w/ vocal refrain by Ruth Gaylor "All Night Long" bw/ "Slap-Happy-Lassie" VG $6
BLUEBIRD- B-11274- Glenn Miller & His Orchestra "Elmer's Tune" bw/ "Delilah" (both sides vocals by Ray Eberle & The Modernaires) VG $4
BLUEBIRD- B-11341- Benny Carter & His Orchestra "Sunday" bw/ "Back Bay Boogie" VG $8
BLUEBIRD- B-11401- Glenn Miller & His Orchestra "Moonlight Cocktail" (vocals by Ray Eberle & The Modernaires) bw/ "Happy In Love" (from 'Sons O' Fun' w/ vocal by Marion Hutton) VG $6
BLUEBIRD- 30-0821- The Four King Sisters "I'll Get By" bw/ Spike Jones & His City Slickers "Behind Those Swinging Doors" (vocal by Del Porter) VG $7
BLUE NOTE- 501- J.C. Higginbotham Quintet (w/ Albert Ammons; Teddy Bunn; John Williams; Sidney Catlett) "Wearly Land Blues" bw/ "Daybreak Blues" VG-
BRUNSWICK- 2122- Margaret McKee "Bird Imitations" bw/ "Birds & The Brook"- EX $7
BRUNSWICK- 2264- Al Bernard w/ Carl Fenton's Orchestra "I've Got The Wonder Where He Went & When He's Coming Back Blues" bw/ "Who Tied The Can On The Old Dog's Tail"- (1922) VG $8
BRUNSWICK- 2325- Carl Fenton's Orchestra "Homesick" bw/ "Ji-Jo-Boo" VG $8
BRUNSWICK- 2327- Bennie Krueger's Orchestra "Mr. Gallagher And Mr. Shean" bw/ "Boardwalk Blues" VG $5
BRUNSWICK- 2380- The Cotton Pickers "He May Be Your Man But He Comes To See Me Sometimes" bw/ "Great White Way Blues"- (1922 Jazz) M $30
BRUNSWICK- 2482- Walter B. Rogers & His Band "Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers" bw/ "Boy Scouts Of America" (Sousa March) M $12
BRUNSWICK- 2755- The Radio Franks - Wright & Bessinger "I Don't Care What You Used To Be" bw/ "Caroline" M- $4
BRUNSWICK- 2791- The Happiness Boys - Billy Jones & Ernest Hare (w/ accompaniment on both sides by The Radio Twins - Phil Ohman & Harry Reser)- "On My Ukulele" bw/ "How Do You Do" M $4
BRUNSWICK- 3919- Brunswick Hour Orchestra (Directed by William F. Wirges) "Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life" bw/ "Ramona" (Vocal both side by Frank Munn) M $8
BRUNSWICK- 5191- Collegiate Choir "Lead, Kindly Light" bw/ "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" M $1
BRUNSWICK- 5197- Elizabeth Lennox "Good-Bye, Sweet Day!" bw/ "Sleep. Little Baby Of Mine"- M $2
BRUNSWICK- 7650- Duke Ellington & His Orchestra "Clarinet Lament" bw/ "Echoes Of Harlem" VG $5
BRUNSWICK- 8007- Hudson-DeLange Orchestra "Popcorn Man" bw/ "Goin' Haywire" VG $4
BRUNSWICK- 8124- Gene Krupa & His Orchestra- "Grandfather's Clock" bw/ "I Know That You Know" (from "Oh Please") VG $4
BRUNSWICK- 13018- Theo Karle "Mother Machree" bw/ "Come Back To Erin"- M $1
BRUNSWICK- 13021- Theo Karle & Crescent Trio "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen" bw/ "Lass O' Killean"- M $1
BRUNSWICK- 13094- Marie Tiffany "Sweet And Low" bw/ "Just You"- M $5
BULLET- 1013- Francis Craig & His Orchestra "Foolin'" bw/ "Do Me A Favor (Will Ya')"- (Nashville, Tennessee label w/ vocals on both sides by Bob Lamm) VG $3


CADENCE- CCS-1- Bill Hayes "The Ballad Of Davey Crockett" bw/ "Farewell" EX- $15 or VG $9
CADENCE- 1232- Julius LaRosa "Eh, Cumpari" bw/ "Till They've All Gone Home"- (both sides w/ custom 'LaRosa' label) M- $9
CADENCE- 1265- Julius LaRosa "Mama Rosa" bw/ "Domani (Tomorrow)"- M- $6
CADENCE- 1291- The Chordettes "Love Never Changes" bw/ "Born To Be With You" (w/ juke box title strip) M $12 or (no title strip) M- $8
CADENCE- 1293- Archie Bleyer "The Rockin' Ghost" (co-written by Steve Allen) bw/ "Sleep, Sleep Daughter" M $16
CAMEO- 117- The Rays "Silhouettes" bw/ "Daddy Cool" EX $28
CAPITOL- 102- Freddie Slack & His Orchestra "Cow-Cow Boogie" (Ella Mae Morse, vocals) bw/ "Here You Are" (David Street, vocals) (1942 recordings on original black/silver 'dome' label. One of the 1st sessions for the newly formed Capitol Records company) M $18
CAPITOL- 116- Paul Whitman & His Orchestra "You Were Never Lovelier" (From the movie of the same name. Vocal by Larry Neil) bw/ "Trav'lin' Light" (vocal by Lady Day w/ Skip Layton on Trombone) VG $3
CAPITOL- 141- Johnny Mercer "G.I. Jive" bw/ "(I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and) Write Myself A Letter" (Johnny Mercer founded Capitol Records company) M- $6
CAPITOL- 146- Freddie Slack "Silver Wings In The Moonlight" (vocal by Margaret Whiting) bw/ "Furlough Fling" (Instrumental) M- $4
CAPITOL- 151- Ella Mae Morse w/ Dick Walters' Orchestra "Tess's Torch Song" (from 'Up In Arms') bw/ "Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet" (from MGM's 'Broadway Rhythm') M- $16
CAPITOL- 157- Martha Tilton "I'll Walk Alone" (from 'I'll Follow The Boys') bw/ "Texas Polka" M- $4
CAPITOL- 172- Freddie Slack "Small Batch O' Nod" bw/ "Cuban Sugar Mill" EX+ $4
CAPITOL- 236- Peggy Lee "I Can See It Your Way" bw/ "I Don't Know Enough About You" M- $5
CAPITOL- 248- Alvino Rey "We'll Gather Lilacs" bw/ "Cement Mixer (Put-ti Put-ti)" VG $4
CAPITOL- 251- Ella Mae Morse w/ Freddie Slack Rhythm Section "The House Of Blue Lights" (w/ Don Raye) bw/ "Hey Mr. Postman" (Februrary 1946 issue w/ George Van Eps on guitar. This is considered one of the 1st Rock & Roll records! Original black/silver 'dome' label) M $44
CAPITOL- 256- The King Cole Trio "(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66" bw/ "Everyone Is Sayin' Hello Again" M- $6
CAPITOL- 278- Ella Mae Morse & Freddie Slack w/ Rhythm Section "Your Conscience Tells You So" bw/ "Pig Foot Pete" M $6
CAPITOL- 304- The King Cole Trio "The Best Man" bw/ "For Sentimental Reasons" EX $5
CAPITOL- DDN-309- Jane Froman "With A Song In My Heart" (4-Record 78-RPM Boxed Set, 1952. Conducted by George Greeley) EX $25
CAPITOL- 474- Alvino Rey "Johnson Rag" bw/ "Patches"- VG+ $5
CAPITOL- 673- Pee Wee Hunt "The Charleston" bw/ "Youthful Fountain" EX+ $9
CAPITOL- 1316- Les Paul "Tennessee Waltz" bw/ "Little Rock Getaway" VG+ $4
CAPITOL- 1410- Yogi Yorgesson "Vot Skall We Do?" bw/ "Cookies, Pie & Cake"- (both sides w/ Johnny Duffy & The Scandahoovians) M- $14
CAPITOL- 1788- Mickey Katz "Come On-A My House" bw/ "Sound Off"- EX+ $12
CAPITOL- 1922- Ella Mae Morse "The Blacksmith Blues" bw/ "Love Me Or Leave Me"- VG $16
CAPITOL- 1961- Mickey Katz "Herring Boats" bw/ "Sin"- EX+ $10
CAPITOL- 1972- Yogi Yorgesson "Ya Sure, Please Excuse Me" bw/ "Don't Put Off Chasing Women (Til' You're Too Old To Catch 'Em)"- (both sides w/ Johnny Duffy & The Scandahoovians) DJ VG $14
CAPITOL- 1988- Cathy & Bob Crosby "Cathy" bw/ "The Bucket Song"- DJ VG+ $8
CAPITOL- 2020- Stan Kenton "Yes" bw/ "Mambo Rhapsody"- DJ EX+ $8
CAPITOL- 2486- Les Paul & Mary Ford "Vaya Con Dios" bw/ "Johnny"- EX $4
CAPITOL- 2596- Stan Freberg "Little Blue Riding Hood" bw/ St. George & The Dragonet"- DJ VG+ $55
CAPITOL- 2839- Les Paul & Mary Ford "Auctioneer" bw/ "I'm A Fool To Care"- VG+ $4
CAPITOL- 3342- Mickey Katz "Sixteen Tons" bw/ "Frailach Jamboree"- EX $8
CAPITOL- 15009- Peggy Lee "I'll Dance At Your Wedding" bw/ "Golden Earrings"- VG+ $5
CAPITOL- 25018- Mel Blanc "Bugs Bunny & The Tortoise" (Side 2 & 3 from album) VG $5
CAPITOL- 30128- Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) "Hoppy's Good Luck Coin" bw/ "The Legend Of Phantom Scout Pass"- (both sides narration w/ musical sound effects) EX+ $28
CAPITOL- 40028- Julia Lee & Her Boyfriends "Snatch & Grab It" bw/ "I Was Wrong"- (on the 'Americana' series label) M $5
CAPITOL- 40081- Tex Williams "Don't Telephone - Don't Telegraph (Tell A Woman)" bw/ "Blue as A Heart Ache"- (on the 'Americana' series label) VG- $4
CHANCELLOR- 1011- Frankie Avalon "Dede Dinah" bw/ "Ooh La La"- (1957 Pop) VG $30
CHESS- 1653- Chuck Berry "School Day (Ring Ring Goes The Bell)" bw/ "Deep Feeling" VG $40
CLEF- 2001- Norman Granz' Jazz At The Philharmonic (JATP) "Bell-Boy Blues Pt. 1" bw/ "Bell-Boy Blues Pt. 2" (w/ Willie Smith; Flip Phillips; Buck Clayton; Trummy Young; Buddy Rich; Benny Fonville; Kenny Kersey) EX+ $14
CONQUEROR- 7898- Carson Robison Trio "Twenty-One Years" bw/ "In The Cumberland Mountains"- (1931) EX- $5
CONQUEROR- 7976- Frankie & Johnny "Red Wing" bw/ "Beech Fork Special"- (1931 Vocal Duo & Old Time Dance w/ Guitar, Banjo & Harmonica. Frankie & Johnny is a pseudonym for Frank Welling & John McGhee) NM $8
CONQUEROR- 8396- Carson Robison & His Buckaroos "Ramblin' Cowboy" bw/ "Long Long Ways From Home"- VG $2
CONQUEROR- 8454- Bill Cox "The Trial Of Bruno Richard Haupmann - Part 1" bw/ "The Trial Of Bruno Richard Hauptmann - Part 2" (about the man convicted of kidnapping the baby of aviator Charles Lindbergh) M- $28
CONQUEROR- 8536- Prairie Ramblers "When I Grow Too Old To Dream" bw/ "Isle Of Capri" (1935 Yodeling) NM $6
CONQUEROR- 8541- Carter Family "River Of Jordan" bw/ "Sea of Galilee"- M $12
CONQUEROR- 8820- The Westerners (The Massey Family) "Falling Leaves" (vocal by Louise Massey) bw/ "What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul No. 2"- VG $3
CONQUEROR- 8954- Ezra Paulette & His Beverly Hill Billies "On The Texas Prairie" bw/ "Girl Of The Prairie"- VG $2
CONQUEROR- 8986- Bill Cox & Cliff Hobbs "Chittlin' Cookin' Time In Cheatham County" bw/ "The Whole Dam Family"- EX $5
CORAL- 60253- Ames Brothers "Sittin' 'N Starin' 'N Rockin'" bw/ "Can Anyone Explain" VG $1
CORAL- 60439- the Modernaires "Alice In Wonderland" bw/ "I'm Late" (both songs from the Walt Disney film) DJ VG+ $9
CORAL- 60773- Ames Brothers "Break The Bands That Bind Me" bw/ "Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart"- DJ VG $1
CORAL- 60873- Teresa Brewer "Till I Waltz Again with You" bw/ "Hello Bluebird"- EX+ $3
CORAL- 61152- Teresa Brewer "Jilted" bw/ "Le Grande Tour De L'Amour- M- $3
CORAL- 61197- Teresa Brewer "I Had Someone Else Before I Had You" bw/ "Skinny Minnie"- M- $3
CORAL- 61362 Teresa Brewer "How Important Can It Be?" bw/ "Pledging My Love"- M- $2
CORAL- 61448- Teresa Brewer "How To Be Very Very Popular" (from the film of the same name) bw "The Banjo's Back In Town"- M- $2
CORAL- 61566- Steve Allen "Let's Dance" bw/ "Goodbye"- EX- $18
CORAL- 61636- Teresa Brewer "A Sweet Old Fashioned Girl" bw/ "Goodbye, John"- M- $2


A242- Henry Burr "The Holy City" bw/ "Take The Name Of Jesus With You"- VG $2
A593- Stanley & Burr "On Calvery's Brow" bw/ "Throw Out The Life Line"- VG+ $5
A722- Henry Burr "Saved By Grace" bw/ "I'll Go where You Want Me To Go"- VG $1
A787- Columbia Band "High School Cadets March" bw/ Vess L. Ossman "The Moose"- EX $9
A920- William McDonald "Rocked In The Cradle Of The Deep" bw/ "In Cellar Cool"- VG $1
A1305- Frank Croxton "I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say" bw/ The Peerless Quartette "When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder"- VG $1
A1362- William McEwan "Someday We'll Understand" bw/ "My Mother's Prayer"- VG $1
A1383- Edna Brown & James P. Harrison "When It's Apple Blossom Time" bw/ Henry Burr "When dreams Come True"- VG $2
A1447- William Thomas "Barney O' Hea" bw/ "Archie Anderson "When You & I Were Young, Maggie"- VG+ $1
A1493- Prince's Band "Faust" (Soldiers' Chorus) bw/ Vincent Buono & Richard McCann "Souvenir De Valence"- VG $1
A1740- Henry Burr "How The Gate Came Ajar" bw/ Gwilym Miles & Henry Burr "There Shall Be Showers Of Blessing"- VG $1
A2033- Helen Louise & Frank Ferera "Manna Kea" bw/ "That Ukulele Band"- (Hawaiian guitar duet) EX- $6
A2142- Taylor Trio "Alice, Where Art Thou? bw/ "Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes"- VG $1
A2175- Homer A. Rodeheaver "Mother's Prayers Have Followed Me" bw/ "Since Jesus Came Into My Heart"- VG $1
A2220- Columbia Stellar Male Quartet "Onward Christian Soldiers" bw/ "In The Sweet Bye & Bye"- VG $2
A2248- Homer A. Rodeheaver "A Rainbow On The Cloud" bw/ "Somebody Cares"- VG- $1
2278- Charles Harrison "Little Grey Home In The West" bw/ "Darlin'"- VG- $1
A2362- Helen Louise & Frank Ferera "Aloha Land" bw/ "Along The Way To Waikiki" (introducing 'Hawaii, I'm Lonesome or You') EX+ $9
A2398- Prince's Band "Naval Reserve March" bw/ "Jack Tar March"- EX+ $5
A2430- Harry C. Browne "Johnny Get Your Gun" bw/ "Climbinmg Up the Golden Stairs" (Great Jubilee Song) M- $2
A2489- Marconi Brothers "It's A Long Way To Berlin" bw/ "Over There"- VG $1
A2591- Columbia Stellar Quartette "You're The Flower Of My Heart Sweet Adeline" bw/ "Sweet Genevieve"- VG $1
A2654- Prince's Band "The Warbler's Band" bw/ "The Whistler & His Dog"- (both sides w/ incidental whistling by Sybil Sanderson Fagan) M- $5
A2667- Chautauqua Preacher's Quartette "When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder" bw/ Virginia Asher & Homer Rodeheaver "In The Garden"- VG $1
A2701- Henry Burr "Beautiful Ohio" bw/ Campbell & Burr "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles"- M- $6
A2742- Louisiana Five Jazz Orchestra Just Another Good Man Gone Wrong" bw/ "Yelping Hound Blues"- VG $6
A2781- Campbell & Burr "Hawaiian Lullaby" bw/ "Dreamy Alabama"- VG+ $6
A2892- Charles Harrison "Christ In Flanders" bw/ "In Flanders Fields"- M- $1
A2967- Campbell & Burr I'll Be With You In Apple Bllossom Time" bw/ "If I Wait Till The End Of The World"- VG+ $2
A2973- Henry Burr "Down The Trail To Home Sweet Home" bw/ Frank Crumit "The Love Nest" (from 'Mary') VG+ $3
A3302- Campbell & Burr "Drifting Along (On A Blue Lagoon)" bw/ "On Miami Shore"- VG $2
A3366- The Leo F. Reisman Orchestra "Love Bird" bw/ "Bright Eyes"- VG $1
A3438- Charles Harrison "Peggy O'Neil" bw/ Broadway Quartette "If Shamrocks Grew Along The Swanee Shore"- EX- $1
A3500- Vernon Dalhart "Weep No More (My Mammy)" bw/ Al Jolson "April Showers" EX+ $9
A3522- Ferera & Franchini "My Hawaiian Melody" bw/ Helen Louise & Frank Ferera "My Sweet Sweeting"- VG $2
A3690- Jess Libonati "Hawaiian Nightengale" bw/ "Isle Of Zorda"- VG $5
E1899- Banda "Inno Alle Navi Italiane" bw/ "Italia Nova"- (Italian) EX $1
E2573- Luigi Baldassare "Atrieste " bw/ "O Gioventu D'Italia"- (Italian) EX- $1
E2681- Colantuoni "La Pertenza Dei Richiamati Italiani Da Buenos Ayres" bw/ Umberto Valenza "A Trento E Trieste"- (Italian) VG $1
3-D- Joe Hayman "Cohen 'Phones For A 'Phone" bw/ "Cohen 'Phones Mrs. Levi (Regarding A Matter-O-Money)"- (1923 Comedy Monologue) VG $28
935-D- Moran & Mack "Two Black Crows (Part 1)" bw/ "Two Black Crows (Part 2)"- (March, 1927 comedy sketch by George Moran & Charles Mack w/ piano by Les Copeland) M $30
976-D- Will Fyffe "I'm 94 Today" bw/ "I Belong To Glasgow" (Scottish Comedian) EX $18
1094-D- Moran & Mack "Two Black Crows (Part 3)" (w/ piano by Bob Ricketts. Has super rare original matrix #144198, which was quickly rejected by Columbia) bw/ "Two Black Crows (Part 4)" (w/ piano by C. Luckyeth (Luckey) Roberts) M $50
1198-D- Moran & Mack "Two Black Crows (Part 5)" bw/ "Two Black Crows (Part 6)" (w/ piano by R. H. Bowers) M- $35
1560-D- Moran & Mack "Two Black Crows In The Jail House" (Part 1) bw/ "Two Black Crows In The Jail House" (Part 2)- (1928 Comedy sketch w/ Piano by Abe Kinslow) M- $35 Rare!
2163-D- Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra (w/ picture label) "It Happened In Monterey" bw/ "Song Of The Dawn"- (both sides from the Universal Pictures Talkie: 'The King Of Jazz') EX- $5
2892-D- Benny Goodman & His Orchestra (w/ Coleman Hawkins on sax. Vocal refrain by Mildred Bailey) "Junk Man" bw/ "Ol' Pappy" (nice Royal Blue shellac pressing from 1934) VG+ $28
2914-D Benny Goodman & His Orchestra "Basin Street Blues" bw/ "Beale Street Blues" VG+ $5
ACETATE TEST RECORD- no label number or matrix info- Enzio Pinza "Some Enchanted Evening" bw/ Juanta Hall "Happy Talk"- (both sides from the original 1949 Broadway cast of 'South Pacific'. I don't know if this rare acetate version differs from the final version, released as part of a 7-disc boxed set of 10" 78-RPMs on Columbia MM-850) VG- $9
10092- Columbia Tokyo Orchestra "Tokyo Boogie Woogie" (Japanese vocal by Shizuko Kasagi) bw/ "Japanese Rumba"(Japanese vocals by Nobuo Nishimoto; George Shimabukuro & The Ginza Geishas) VG+ $9
20545- Johnny Bond "Tennessee Saturday Night" bw/ "A Heart Full Of Love"- DJ EX $7
20777- Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs "Come Back Darling" bw/ "I'm Waiting To Hear You Call Me Darling"- VG $5
35338- Count Basie & His Orchestra "Hollywood Jump" bw/ "Someday Sweetheart" VG+ $1
35415- Gene Krupa & His Orchestra "Boog It" bw/ "A Lover's Lullaby" VG+ $2
35482- Benny Goodman Sextet "I Surrender Dear" bw/ "Boy Meets Girl" EX $2
35575- Horace Heidy & His Musical Knghts "America, The Beautiful" bw/ "Columbia, The Gem Of The Ocean"- VG $6
35869- Benny Goodman & His Orchestra "Cabin In The Sky" bw/ "Taking A Chance On Love" (both sides from 'Cabin In The Sky') VG $4
36231- Will Bradley & His Orchestra featuring Ray McKinley "Boogie Woogie Piggy"(w/ Terry Allen) bw/ "Love Me A Little Little" (w/ Lynn Gardner) M $9
36232- Harry James & His Orchestra "One 0'Clock Jump" bw/ "Two 0'Clock Jump"- EX $4
36399- Harry James & His Orchestra " Record Session" bw/ "Nothin'" (from "Jump For Joy") VG $3
36578- Claude Thornhill & His Orchestra "America, I Love You" bw/ "Something To Remember You By" (Both side w/ vocal chorus by 'A Pair Of Pairs' B-Side from "Three's A Crowd") M $5
36726- Gene Krupa & His Orchestra "Bolero At The Savoy" bw/ "Side By Side"- EX- S17
36774- Frank Sinatra "I Begged Her" bw/ "What Makes The Sunset?" (both sides from 'Anchors Aweigh') VG $1
36868- Frank Sinatra "Nancy (With The Laughing Face)" (about his new born daughter) bw/ "Cradle Song"- VG+ $9 or VG $5
36898- Al Dexter & His Troopers "Guitar Polka" bw/ "Honey Do You Think It's Wrong"- VG- $1
36873- Buster Bennett Trio "Leap Frog Blues" bw/ "Reefer Head Woman"- (1945 R&B 'Race' record) VG+ $58 Rare!
36943- Dinah Shore "Shoo-Fly Pie & Apple Pan Dowdy" bw/ "Here I Go Again" (from 'Are You With It?') VG+ $2
36948- James (Beale Street) Clark "Love Me Or Let Me Be" bw/ "Get Ready To Meet Your Man" EX+ $6
36956- Will Bradley & His Orchestra w/ Ray McKinley & Freddie Slack "Beat Me Daddy (Eight To The Bar) Part 1" bw/ Will Bradley Trio w/ Ray McKinley "Down The Road A Piece"- DJ EX- $4
36975- Frank Sinatra "They Say It's Wonderful" bw/ "The Girl That I Marry"- (both sides from 'Annie Get Your Gun') VG+ $1
36976- Dinah Shore "I Got Lost In His Arms" bw/ "Doin' What Comes Naturally"- (both sides from 'Annie Get Your Gun') VG+ $4
36998- Floyd Tillman "Drivin' Nails In My Coffin" (Original of song also recorded by Asleep At The Wheel; Supersuckers; Hank Thompson; Ernest Tubb & many others, including a Beck & Willie Nelson duo on the 'Hi-Lo Country' soundtrack LP) bw/ "Some Other World" M $6
37048- Frank Sinatra "Five Minutes More" bw/ "How Cute Can You Be"- VG- $1
37072- Dinah Shore "You Keep Coming Back Like A Song" (from "Blue Skies") bw/ "The Way That The Wind Blows"- EX $1
37081- Cab Calloway "Hey Now, Hey Now" bw/ "I Got A Gal Named Nettie"- EX+ $20
37189- Dorothy Shay "Feudin' & Fightin'" bw/ "Say That We're Sweethearts Again" (The Park avenue Hillbilly) EX- $12
37234- Dinah Shore "Anniversary Song" (from 'The Jolson Story') bw/ "Heartaches, Sadness & Tears" W/ Spade Cooley- VG $1
37532- Gene Krupa "Let Me Off Uptown" bw/ "Drummin' Man"- M- $8
37554- Frank Sinatra "Ain'tcha Ever Comin' Back" bw/ "I Have But One Heart"- VG- $1
37573- Rosetta Howard & The Big Three Trio "Ebony Rhapsody" bw/ "When I Been Drinking" (Big Bill Broonzy song) M- $28
37921- Arthur Godfrey "For Me & My Gal" bw/ "Too Fat Polka"- EX- $12 or VG $7
38068- Tony Pastor & His Orchestra "I'm My Own Grandpa" bw/ "The Secretary Song" (Vocal Chorus by Tony Pastor & The Clooney Sisters) VG+ $7
38212- Gene Krupa "Lover" bw/ "Green Eyes"- M- $17
38214- Gene Krupa "Body & Soul" bw/ Stompin' At The Savoy"-
38267- Happy Johnson & His International Jive Five "Barbecued Hot Dog" bw/ "Jack, My Jaw Bone's Breakin'" (jazz from December, 1947) DJ EX+ $25
38274- The Serenaders "I Want Some Money" bw/ "Underneath The Arches"- VG $1
38296- Gene Krupa "It's Whatcha Do With Watcha Got" bw/ "It's Up To You"- M- $14
38346- Freddy Gardner w/ Peter Yorke & His Orchestra "I'm In The Mood for Love" bw/ "I Only Have Eyes For You"- VG+ $3
38353- Doris Day & Buddy Clark "That Certain Party" bw/ "My Darling, My Darling"- M- $1
38769- Herb Jefferies- "Swamp Girl" bw/ "There Goes My Heart"- (Atmospheric & haunting tune arranged & conducted by Mitch Miller, Feb 1950. A jazz & popular singer, Herb Jeffries, aka "The Bronze Buckaroo", also starred as a singing cowboy in several all-black Western films, in which he sang his own western compositions. Jeffries later married burlesque star Tempest Storm in 1959, and later directed & produced "Mundo Depravados", a 1968 cult film starring his wife, Tempest Storm) EX $6
38963- Swing & Sway With Sammy Kaye "Harbor Lights" bw/ "Sugar Sweet"- VG $1
39212- Rosemary Clooney "Beautiful Brown Eyes" bw/ "Shot Gun Boogie"- VG- $1
39362- Tony Bennett "I Won't Cry Anymore" bw/ "Because Of You"- VG $1
39581- Jo Stafford "Shrimp Boats" bw/ "Love, Mystery & Adventure"- VG $6
39823- Louis Prima & His Orchestra "One Mint Julep" bw/ "Chili Sauce"- VG $8
39838- Jo Stafford "Jambalaya" bw/ "Early Autumn"- VG+ $8
39891- Jo Stafford "Keep It A Secret" bw/ "One To Every Heart"- VG+ $8
39961- Johnny Ray "Somebody Stole My Gal" bw/ "Glad Rag Doll"- EX $5
40035- Guy Mitchell "Chicka Boom" bw/ "Cloud Lucky Seven"- DJ VG $5
40048- Tony Bennett "Rags To Riches" bw/ "Here Comes That Heartache Again"- EX- $2
40459- Leona Anderson "Limburger Lover" bw/ "Yo-Ho! The Crow" EX+ $6


DISC- 5501- Charlie Ventura; George Walters & The Flash "Limehouse Blues" bw/ Erroll Garner & Slam Stewart "He Pulled A Fast One" (ASCH Recordings #861, New York December 26, 1944) M- $5
DIVA- 3063- The Georgians "He's So Unusual" (from 'Sweetie') bw/ "Singin' In The Bathtub" (from 'Show Of Shows' w/ vocals by Johnny Morris Trio) EX- $3
DIVA- 3120-G- Hotel Pennsylvania Music (w/ The Three Jacks) "Stein Song" (vocal by Sid Garry) bw/ "Once Again Before We Part" VG $1
DIVA- 6017- Vernon Dalhart "My Blue Ridge Mountain Home" bw/ "Them Golden Slippers" (the 1st country music star) VG+ $14 Scarce!
DOMINO- 379- (Lucky Strike Dance Orchestra "Somebody Loves Me" bw/ "That's Georgia" (Tan / Brown color record) VG $4
DOMINO- 3476- Continental Dance Orchestra "Bygones" bw/ Newport Society Orchestra "The Melody That Made You Mine" (Tan / Brown color record) VG $4
DOOTONE- 348- The Penguins "Hey Senorita" bw/ "Earth Angel" (1954) VG $40
DOT- 15325- Johnny Maddox "Humoresque" bw/ "The Crazy Otto" (Medley)- EX $4
DOT- 15422- Pat Boone "No Other Arms" bw/ "At My Front Door" VG $9
DOT- 15470- Nervous Norvus "Transfusion" bw/ "Dig" EX+ $22
DOT- 15485-Nervous Norvus "Ape Call" bw/ "Wild Dog Of Kentucky" EX $22
DOT- 15592- The Dell-Vikings "Don't Be A Fool" bw/ "Whispering Bells" VG $24


742- Coleman Hawkins & His Orchestra "Meditation" bw/ "What Harlem Is To Me" (good 1936 jazz) VG+ $8
1586- Chick Webb & His Orchestra "Rock It For Me" (vocal chorus w/ Ella Fitzgerald) bw/ "Strictly Jive" (1937) VG+ $8
1587- Chick Webb & His Orchestra "The Dipsy Doodle" bw/ "Midnight In A Madhouse" VG+ $7
1618- Louis Prima & His Band "Rosalie" bw/ "Yes, There Ain't No Moonlight (So What!) VG $5
1840- Chick Webb & His Orchestra "A-Tisket A-Tasket" (vocal chorus w/ Ella Fitzgerald) bw/ "Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)" VG $2
2191- Ruby Newman (w/ vocal by Ray Morton) "Say It With A Kiss" bw/ "Please Come Out Of Your Dream" EX+ $1
2192- Ruby Newman "From Now On" bw/ "Get Out Of Town" (both from the Vinton Freedley musical, 'Leave It To Me') M $2
2208- Bob Crosby & His Orchestra "Honky Tonk Train" (featuring piano by Bob Zurke) bw/ "The Big Noise From Winnetka" VG+ $1
2278- Three Sharps & A Flat "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You" bw/ "Skinny-Do" M- $4
2326- Andy Kirk & His Clouds Of Joy "Honey" (vocal by PHA Terrell) bw/ "Mary's Idea" M- $4
2508- Woody Herman & His Orchestra "Blues Upstairs" bw/ "Blues Downstairs" VG+ $7
2599- Mills Brothers "Way Down Home" bw/ "Side Kick Joe" EX $5
2800- Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters "Ciribiribin (They're So In Love)" bw/ "Yodelin' Jive"- VG $2
3258- Ink Spots "Whispering Grass" bw/ "Maybe" VG+ $1
4045- Ink Spots "Nothin'" (from 'Jump For Joy') bw/ "Somebody's Rocking My Dreamboat"- VG $1
5404- Leon's Lone Star Cowboys "Wild Cat Mama" bw/ "Your In My Heart To Stay"
5451- Hugh & Shug's Radio Pals "Are You From Dixie?" bw/ "Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue" VG+ $10
8654- Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five "Ration Blues" bw/ "Deacon Jones" VG $4
18579- Ink Spots "I'll Get By" (from movie 'A Guy Named Joe') bw/ "Someday I'll Meet You Again" (from movie 'Passage To Marseilles') VG $1
18598- Russ Morgan & His Orchestra "Good Night Wherever You Are" bw/ "Louise" (from the movie 'You Can't Ration Love') VG $1
18600- Helen Forrest (w/ vocal by Camerata) "Time Waits For No One" (from 'Shine On Harvest Moon') bw/ "In A Moment Of Madness" (from Two Girls & A Sailor') EX+ $2
18610- The Merry Macs "Pretty Kitty Blue Eyes" bw/ "Sing Me A Song Of Texas"- EX $8
18619- Woody Herman "Let Me Love You Tonight" (vocal by Billie Rogers) bw/ "Who Dat Up Dere?" (vocal by Woody Herman) VG $2
18653- Mel Torme & His Mel-Tones "A Stranger In Town" bw/ "You Laughed At Me For The Last Time" M- $3
18700- Andrews Sisters "The Blond Sailor" bw/ "Lily Belle"- VG $2
18728- Jimmy Wakely & Eddie Miller & His Hep Dogies "I've Got Nuggets In My Pocket" bw/ "Too Bad Little Girl Too Bad" M $15 (Original 1945 recording by Jimmy Wakely, a singing cowboy & actor, discovered by Gene Autry)
23350- Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters "Is You Is Or Is You Ain't" (from ' Follow The Boys') bw/ "Hot Time In The Town Of Berlin"- VG $1
23353- Ethel Smith "Tico-Tico" bw/ "Lero Lero" / "Bem Te Vi Atrevido"- (1st disc only of a 4-disc set) M $2
23379- Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters "South America, Take It Away" (from 'Call Me Mister') bw/ "(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66!"- VG- $1
23393- Eddie Condon & His Orchestra "When Your Lover Has Gone" bw/ "Wherever There's Love" (w/ Lee Wiley. Trombone solo by Jack Teagarden) VG $1
23541- The Delta Rhythm Boys with Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra- Just A-Sittin' And A-Rockin' bw/ No Pad To Be Had- (March 1946- Decca Personality Series) VG $6
23769- Hoagy Carmichael "Ole Buttermilk Sky" (from the movie 'Canyon Passage') bw/ "Talking Is A Woman"- VG $1
23804- Bing Crosby & Judy Garland "Connecticut" bw/ "Mine"- M- $20
24279- Bing Crosby "Now Is The Hour" bw/ "Silver Threads Among The Gold" (both sides w/ Ken Darby Choir) M- $1
24380- Andrews Sisters "Toolie Oolie Doolie (The Yodel Polka)" bw/ "I Hate To Lose You"- EX+ $6
24450- Milt Herth & His Trio "Herthquake Boogie" bw/ "Twelfth Street Rag" (Jazz from September, 1947) EX $16
24489- Evelyn Knight "Buttons & Bows" (from the movie 'Paleface') bw/ "I Know Where I'm Going"- M $4
24490- Andrews Sisters "You Call Everybody Darling" bw/ "Underneath The Arches"- EX $3
24530- Evelyn Knight "Powder Your Face With Sunshine" bw/ "One Sunday Afternoon" (from the movie of the same name) M- $6
24533- Andrews Sisters "The Pussy Cat Song" bw/ "Don't Worry 'Bout Strangers"- M $9
24693- Ink Spots "Who Do You Know In Heaven (That Made You The Angel You Are?" bw/ "You're Breaking My Heart"- VG- $1
24605- The Andrews Sisters & Dan Dailey w/ Vic Schoen Orchestra "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" bw/ "In The Good Old Summertime" (Original 1949 pressing) M- $33
24881- Carmen Cavallaro "O, Katharina" bw/ "Music! Music! Music!"- EX $1
24887- Ink Spots "Lost In A Dream" bw/ "With My Eyes Wide Open, I'm Dreaming"- DJ EX+ $12
27326- Ink Spots "I Hear A Choir" bw/ "It Is No Secret"- EX+ $12
27569- Andrews Sisters "Gotta Find Somebody To Love" bw/ Patty Andrews "Too Young"- M- $9
27934- Bing Crosby "At Last! At Last!" bw/ "The Isle Of Innisfree"- DJ VG $6
27971- Guy Lombardo "Noodlin' Rag" bw/ "Bundle Of Southern Sunshine"- DJ VG $2
29782- Marlon Brando "Luck Be A Lady" bw/ Jean Simmons "If I Were A Bell" (both sides from the Sound Track of 'Guys And Dolls') EX+ $28
29783- Marlon Brando & Jean Simmons "I'll Know" bw/ "A Woman In Love" (both sides from the Sound Track of 'Guys And Dolls') EX- $20
29818- The Dream Weavers "You're Mine" bw/ "Into the Night" EX+ $16
29854- Buddy Holly "Blue Days, Black Nights" bw/ "Love Me" (Historically Significant 1956 Rare Original Debut Release by Buddy Holly. "Love Me" would later be released as an A-side with a different flip) EX- $450 Very Rare!
30039- Helmut Zacharias & His Magic Violins "When The White Lilacs Bloom Again" bw/ "Blue Blues"- EX+ $2
46205- Red Foley "Sugarfoot Rag" bw/ "Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy"- M- $14

E - F

END- 1005- The Chantels "Maybe" bw/ "Come My Little Baby" VG $15 (scarce on 78 rpm)
EPIC- 9082- The Four Coins "Maybe" bw/ "I Love You Madly"- VG- $1
ESSEX- 336- Eddie Calvert "Oh, Mein Papa" bw/ "Mystery Street"- (both side w/ Norrie Paramor) EX+ $7
EXCLUSIVE- 68x- Joe Liggins & His Honeydrippers "Blue Moods" bw/ "I've Got A Right To Cry" M $12
EXCLUSIVE- 262- Joe Liggins & His Honeydrippers "Worried" bw/ "How Come" (rare promo only remix) DJ ONLY M- $30
FIDELITY- 3001- The Four Flames "Tarabin" bw/ "W-I-N-E" (pre-Hollywood Flames of "Buzz-Buzz-Buzz" fame. Fidelity Records is a subsidiary of Specilty Records) VG+ $38
FLAIR- 1016- Richard Berry & His Orchestra "I'm Still In Love With You" bw/ "One Little Prayer" (his debut release, 1953) NM $45
FLAIR- 1052- The Dreamers featuring Richard Berry "Bye Bye" bw/ "At Last" (1954 R&B) EX+ $35
FLAIR- 1058- Richard Berry & The Dreamers "Daddy Daddy" bw/ "Baby Darling" (1955 R&B - two years later he would write & release "Louie Louie") EX- $33
FLASH- 109- The Jayhawks "My Only Darling" bw/ "Stranded In The Jungle"- EX $33
FRATERNITY- 734- Cathy Carr "Ivory Tower" bw/ "Please, Please Believe Me" EX $12


GEE- 102- Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" bw/ "Please Be Mine" EX+ $27
GENNETT- 5342- Lieut. Matt's 106th Infantry Band "Semper Fidelis March" bw/ "Le Regiment De Sambre Et Meuse (French National Defile March)" (circa 1923) M $3
GENNETT- 9111- His Majesty's Scots Guards Band "Pass Along March" bw/ "Thistledown March" M- $2
GOOD TIME JAZZ- #1 Firehouse Five Plus Two "Firehouse Stomp" bw/ "Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me" VG $2
GOOD TIME JAZZ- #5- Firehouse Five Plus Two "Brass Bell" bw/ "Everybody Loves My Baby" VG $1
GREY GULL- 1105- Yerks S.S. Flotilla Orchestra "Teasin'" (vocal chorus by Arthur Hall) bw/ "Swannee River Moon"- (1922 Jazz Band) VG $9


HARMONY- 223- Broadway Bell-Hops "Someone Is Losin' Susan " bw/ "Barcelona"- (1926 Jazz) EX $12
HERALD- 478- The Turbans "B-I-N-G-O (Bingo)" bw/ "I'm Nobody's"- (1956 R&B) M- $30
HI-TONE- 103- Eugenie Baird "Powder Your Face With Sunshine" bw/ Larry Douglas "Red Roses For A Blue Lady"- VG $1
HI-TONE- 286- Jimmy Barry w/ Ray Arthur Quartet "Cry Of The Wild Goose" bw/ "Go To Sleep, Go To Sleep, Go To Sleep"- (Tan/ Brown color record) VG+ $12
HIT- 7083- Louis Prima & His Orchestra "Robin Hood" bw/ "I'll Walk Alone" EX+ $5
HIT OF THE WEEK- 1036- Hotel Pennsylvania Music "University Of Maine Stein Song" bw/ -back side blank- (Unique one-sided 10" 78-RPM record from April, 1930, made of paper & resin, called Durium) M $14
HOLIDAY- 5001- Lonnie Johnson "In Love Again" bw/ "Drifting Along Blues"- (Blues) EX+ $25
H.R.S.- 2001- Bechet-Spanier Big Four "Four Or Five Times" bw/ "China Boy" (12" microgrooved 78-RPM w/ Muggsy Spanier, Sidney Bechet, Carmen Mastren, Wellman Braud) EX+ $12

I - J

IMPERIAL- 5348- Fats Domino "Ain't It A Shame" bw/ "La-La" (w/ original maroon label: Imperial logo is curved along top of label & in a fancy font, no crown. The 5 stars below logo are large) EX- $22
IMPERIAL- 5375- Fats Domino "Bo Weevil" bw/ "Don't Blame It On Me"- VG $22
IMPERIAL- 5407- Fats Domino "Blueberry Hill" bw/ "Honey Chile"- VG $18
IMPERIAL- 5417- Fats Domino "Blue Monday" bw/ "What's The Reason I'm Not Pleasing You" EX $28
IMPERIAL- 5474- Ernie Freeman "Raunchy" bw/ "Puddin'" M $33
IMPERIAL- 5483- Ricky Nelson "Stood Up" bw/ "Waitn' In School"- (1958 Pop) VG $26
IT'S A NATURAL- 5000- The Orioles "Barbra Lee" bw/ "It's Too Soon To Know" (their debut release from July, 1948 w/ Sonny Til, later reissued on Jubilee. This group inspired the multitude Doo Wop vocal groups to follow) M- to EX+ $250
JOSIE- 798- The Cadillacs "Betty My Love" bw/ "Woe Is Me" (1956 rarity by great R&B Doo Wop vocal group) M- $35
JUBILEE- 5025- The Orioles "At Night" bw/ "Every Dog-Gone Time" VG $28
JUBILEE- 5128- THE FOUR TUNES "Marie" bw/ "I Gambled With Love" (Doo Wop) VG+ $16


KING- 828- Hank Penny "I Was Satisfied" bw/ "Bloodshot Eyes"- (Hillbilly Bebop) VG+ $ 18
KING- 4210- Wynonie Harris "Good Rockin' Tonight" bw/ "Good Morning Mr. Blues"- (1952 R&B) VG+ $50
KING- 4699- Earl Bostic "Cracked Ice" bw/ "My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice" (1953 recording w/ Stanley Turrentine) EX+ $20


LIBERTY- 55022- Patience & Prudence "Tonight You Belong To Me" bw/ "A Smile And A Ribbon" EX $8
LONDON- 238- Primo Scala's Banjo & Accordion Orchestra w/ The Keynotes "Underneath The Arches" bw/ "Side By Side"- UK / M- $5
LONDON- 302- Primo Scala's Banjo & Accordion Orchestra w/ The Keynotes "Jingle Bells" bw/ "The Mistletoe Kiss" UK / M- $4
LONDON- 367- Primo Scala's Banjo & Accordion Orchestra w/ The Keynotes "More Beer" bw/ "Powder Your Face with Sunshine"- UK / EX $14
LONDON- 536- Anton Karas "The Third Man Theme" bw/ "The Cafe Mozart Waltz" (both songs as performed by him in the film) UK / EX+ $4
LONDON- 760- Kay Armen w/ Anton Karas "I'm In The Middle Of A Riddle" bw/ "Where Do I Go From You"- UK EX- $3
LONDON- 1086- Teresa Brewer "Longing For You" bw/ "Jazz Me Blues"- (Pop) DJ VG $4
LUNIVERSE- 101- Buchanan & Goodman "The Flying Saucer (Part 1)" bw/ "The Flying Saucer (Part 2)" (1st release by these comedy break-in pioneers) EX- $30 Rare!


MAJESTIC- 1029- Louis Prima & His Orchestra "Brooklyn Boogie" bw/ "You Won't Be Satisfied (Until You Break My Heart)" (Rare 'signature' label) M- $6
MAJESTIC- 1074- Eddy Howard & His Orchestra "Missouri Waltz" bw/ "My Best To You" VG $1
MAJESTIC- 1204- Rose Murphy "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" bw/ "When I Grow Too Old To Dream" VG $1
MERCURY- 5007- Frankie Laine & Mannie Klein's All Stars "That's My Desire" bw/ "By The River Sainte Marie" EX+ $1
MERCURY- 5010- Ralph Bell & His Hammond Organ Trio- "Wabash Blues" bw/ "Oh Johnny, Oh" (1951) EX- $3 Scarce!
MERCURY- 5721- Billy Daniels "That Ol' Black Magic" bw/ "I Concentrate On You"- EX+ $2
MERCURY- 5762- Sophie Tucker "After You've Gone" bw/ "I Wanna Say Hello"- EX- $1
MERCURY- 5773- Bobby Maxwell & His Swinging Harps "Chinatown My Chinatown" bw/ "Shuffle Off To Buffalo"- VG $1
MERCURY- 5806- Billy Daniels "Diane" bw/ "September Song" (both sides w/ Russ Case Orchestra & Benny Payne, Piano) EX- $1
MERCURY- 5899- Patti Page "You Belong To Me" bw/ "I Went To Your Wedding"- VG $1
MERCURY- 70872- Lonnie Donegan "Stewball" bw/ "Lost John" M- $14
MERCURY- 11076- Charlie Parker "Leap Frog" bw/ "Relaxing With Lee" (both sides 1950 jazz w/ Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, Buddy Rich, Curly Russell. Original pressing) VG $28
MERCURY- 70146- Richard Hayman "Ruby" bw/ Dansero"- VG- $1
MERCURY- 70319- Jim Lowe "River Boat" bw/ "Goodbye Little Sweetheart"- M- $5
MERCURY- 70404- The Crew Cuts "Sh-Boom" bw/ "I Spoke Too Soon" VG $3
MERCURY- 70443- The Crew Cuts "Oop-Shoop" bw/ "Do Me Good Baby" VG $3
MERCURY- 70529- The Crew Cuts "Earth Angel" bw/ "Ko Ko Mo" VG $4
MERCURY- 70633- The Platters "Bark, Battle & Ball" bw/ "Only You (And You Alone)"- M- $4
MERCURY- 71093- The Platters "I Wanna" bw/ "My Dream" (1957 vocal group sound) VG+ $2
MGM- 10082- Art Lund "Jealous" bw/ "And Mimi"- VG $2
MGM- 10125- Kate Smith "Now Is The Hour" bw/ "I'll Never Say I Love You" (from the movie 'Sign Of The Lamb') VG $1
MGM- 10809- Jerry Irby & His Texas Rangers "Hillbilly Boogie" bw/ "Ball & Chain" (both sides w/ Woodrow 'Woody' Carter; Deacon Evans; Pete Burke; Tony Sepolio) VG $18
MGM-10989- Tommy Edwards "The Morningside Of The Mountain" bw/ "F'r Instance"- VG- $1
MGM- 11054- Hank Williams "Lonesome Whistle" bw/ "Crazy Heart"- EX $9
MGM- 11057- Frank Petty Trio "Down Yonder" bw/ "Precious"- EX $9
MGM- 11333- Joni James "Why Don't You Believe Me" bw/ "Purple Shades"- VG $2
MGM- 11919- Joni James "This Is My Confession" bw/ "How Important Can It Be?"- VG $2
MUSICRAFT- 500- Sarah Vaughan w/ Teddy Wilson Octet / Quartet "Don't Worry About Me" bw/ September Song"- VG+ $16
MUSICRAFT- 546- Shep Fields & His Rippling Rhythm Orchestra "Laroo, Laroo Lilli Bolero" (vocal by Bob Johnstone) bw/ "Hold It Joe" (vocals by Toni Arden & Bob Johnstone) EX $16

N - O

NASH (?)- (no number) Charles Harrison "The Old Red Roses Growing By The Door" bw/ "Back To Maine"- (local 1921 release by Carl A. Nash Music Co, of Windham, Maine) VG+ $78 Very Rare!
NATIONAL- 9103- Eileen Barton "If I Knew You Were Comin' (I'd've Baked A Cake)" bw/ "Poco, Loco In The Coco"- (original pre-Mercury edition. When the song took off, National was too small to handle the sales volume, so Mercury picked it up) VG- $4
OFFICIAL MICKEY MOUSE CLUB- DBR-50- Jimmy Dodd & The Merry Mouseketeers w/ Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Jiminy Cricket "Mickey Mouse Club March" (rare version w/ Donald Duck in the mix) bw/ "Monday Through Friday Songs"- (10" black vinyl, from 1955, this is the 1st of a series of Mickey Mouse Club 78s for kids) EX- $5
OKEH- 04246- Gene Autry "As Long As I've Got My Horse" bw/ "The Dude Ranch Cowhands" (both side from the movie 'Gold Mine In The Sky') VG $1
OKEH- 04267- Gene Autry & Jimmy Long "Beautiful Texas" bw/ "There's A Little Old Lady Waiting"- EX $12
OKEH- 5672- Gene Krupa & His Orchestra "Blueberry Hill" bw/ "Orchids For Remembrance" VG $4
OKEH- 6106- Gene Krupa & His Orchestra "Wire Brush Stomp" bw/ "Hamtramck" VG+ $6
6130- Benny Goodman & His Orchestra (vocal refrain & chorus w/ Anita O'Day) "Let's Get Away From It All" bw/ "Just A Little South Of North Carolina" VG+ $2
OKEH- 6145- Tommy Tucker Time "Lazy River" (Vocal chorus by Don Brown & Voices Four) bw/ "I Love You" (Theme Song) (Vocal Chorus by Voices Three)- (1941) M $5
OKEH- 6204- Golden Gate Quartet "Daniel Saw The Stone" bw/ Jezebel" EX+ $1
OKEH- 6278- Gene Krupa & His Orchestra "Kick It" (vocal chorus by Anita O'Day) bw/ "After You've Gone" (w/ Roy Eldridge on trumpet) EX $3
OKEH- 6497- Benny Goodman & His Orchestra "Somebody Else Is Taking My Place" bw/ "That Did It, Marie"- VG $1
OKEH- 6564- Count Basie & His Orchestra "Harvard Blues" (vocal chorus w/ James Rushing) bw/ "Coming Out Party" EX $5
OKEH- 06630- Big Bill Broonzy "Why Should I Spend My
Money" bw/ "She's Gone With The Wind"- EX- $35
OKEH- 6687- Louise Massey & The Westerners "Gals Don't Mean A Thing" (In My Young Life) bw/ "Honey Song"- (1942 w/ Curt Massey vocals both sides) NM $2
OKEH- 6690- Gene Autry "Jingle Jangle Jingle" bw/ "I'm A Cow Poke Pokin' Along"- VG $1
OKEH- 6695- Gene Krupa "Massachusetts" bw/ "Murder, He Says" ( from the movie 'Happy Go Lucky', w/ Anita O' Day vocals) VG $7
OKEH- 6706- Ted Daffan's Texans "Born To Lose" (vocal by Leon Seago) bw/ "No Letter Today" (vocal duet by Chuck Keeshan & Leon Seago) VG $3
OKEH- 6708- Al Dexter & His Troopers "Pistol Packin' Mama" bw/ "Rosalita"- VG $2
OKEH- 6719- Ted Daffan's Texans "Bluest Blues" bw/ "Look Who's Talkin'" (vocal by Leon Seago) M- $20
OKEH- 6737- Gene Autry "I'll Be Back" bw/ "At Mail Call Today"- VG $2
OKEH- 6840- Johnny Ray "Cry" bw/ "The Little White Cloud That Cried" (both sides w/ vocal backing by The Four Lads)- VG $1
OKEH- 7094- Little Joe The Thriller "The Echoes Keep Calling Me" bw/ "Lonesome"- VG $14
OKEH- 8615- Victoria Spivey w/ Clarence Williams' Blue 5 "My Handy Man" bw/ "Organ Grinder Blues" VG $6
OKEH- 16019- International Rhythm Boys "Off & On Polka" bw/ "Joker Polka" VG $1

P - Q

PALDA- 109- Ferko String Band "Heartbreaker" bw/ "Kelly & H-A-R-R-I-G-A-N"- VG- $1
PALDA- 110- Ferko string Band "I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover" bw/ "Heart Of My Heart"- VG+ $1
PERFECT- 12632- Frankie Wallace & His Guitar "Hobo Bill's Last Ride" bw/ "Naw, I Don't Wanta Be Rich" (tan colored record) VG $6
POPULAR- 3022- Tony Martin & The Starlighters w/ Al. Sack & His Orcherstra "To Each his Own" (from the Paramount film of the same name) bw/ "I'll See You In My Dreams"- (distributed by Mercury Records) NM- $2


RADIEX- 2228- Hall & Ryan- "Then I'll Be Happy" bw/ Mr. "X" w/ Orchestra "I Wonder If She's Waiting" (Mr. "X" is James Hunter)- EX $6
RAINBOW- 171- Eddie Miller Trio "Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers" bw/ "Stepping Out with My Baby"- VG- $1
REGENT- 131- Sam & Yussell w/ The Catskill Knockers "Viffle A Zager" bw/ "Farkien Song"- EX $25
RICHMOND- 148- Marshall Young w/ Sal Vasta's Orchestra "Cigarette Serenade" bw/ "Someday I'll Get Lucky"- M- $12
RONDO- 624- Mulcay Trio "Beer! Beer! Beer!" bw/ "America I Love You"- VG $15
RPM- 453- The Teen Queens "Eddie My Love" bw/ "Just Goofed" VG- $8


20-1580- Fats Waller "Honeysuckle Rose" bw/ "Your Feet's Too Big"- (Sides 1 & 2 from album P-151) VG+ $12
20-1583- Fats Waller "Two Sleepy People" bw/ "The Minor Drag"- (Sides 7 & 8 from album P-151) VG+ $12
20-1717- Betty Jane Bonney w/ Orchestra conducted by Russell Case "Ho Hum (I Wish I Were Someone In Love)" bw/ "I Can Make You Love Me" (1945) NM $12 Scarce!
20-1842- Tommy Dorsey & His Clambake Seven "There's Good Blues Tonight" bw/ "Don't Be A Baby, Baby"- (both side w/ vocals by Sy Oliver) VG $12
20-1864- Elton Britt & The Skytoppers "Someday" bw/ "The Best Part Of Travel"- (The finest western music yodeler) VG $12
20-2050- Bill Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers "Oklahoma Bound" (Vocal refrain by Bill Boyd) bw/ "Jim's Polka" VG $2
20-2068- Bill Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers "Under The Double Eagle" bw/ "Over The Waves Waltz" VG+ $3
20-2075- Phil Harris "The Dark Town Poker Club" bw/ "Woodman, Spare That Tree"- VG $12
20-2361- Vaughn Monroe & His Orchestra "Kokomo, Indiana" bw/ "You Do"- (both side w/ vocals by Vaughn Monroe& The Moon Maids from the movie 'Mother Wore Tights') VG+ $1
20-2680- Pee Wee King & His Golden West Cowboys "Rootie Tootie" bw/ "Tennessee Waltz"- (both sides w/ Redd Stewart vocals) VG $5
20-2711- Louis Prima & His Orchestra "The Bee Song" bw/ "Tutti Tutti Pizzicato"- EX $18
20-2774 (Special Purpose Series w/ red promo Label) - Johnny Tyler & The Riders Of The Rio Grande "Old McDonald's Boogie" bw/ "Swamp Woman Blues" (Smiley Burnette song)- DJ EX+ $35
20-2806- Eddie Arnold The Tennessee Plowboy "Texarkana Baby" bw/ "Bouquet Of Roses"- VG $5
20-3119- Jack Lathrop & The Drugstore Cowboys "Dainty Brenda Lee" bw/ "Cornbelt Symphony"- EX+ $20
20-3139- (Special Purpose Series w/ white promo Label) - Johnny Tyler & The Riders Of The Rio Grande "Little Rock A-R-K" bw/ (20-3136) Six Fat Dutchmen "Woodchopper's Song"- DJ-574 VG $3
20-3144- Kenny Clarke & His 52nd Street Boys "Epistrophy" bw/ "Royal Roost"- (both sides w/ Theodore Navarro, Edward Stitt, Earl Powell, John Collins, other jazz greats) VG+ $16
20-3680 (Special Purpose Series w/ white promo Label) SAMMY KAYE- "Wanderin'" (DJ-910-A) bw/ "Songs Of The Road"- DJ VG $1
20-4056- Tony Martin "Would I Love You (Love You, Love You)" bw/ "I Apologize"- M- $1
20-4830- Eddie Fisher "The Hand Of Fate" bw/ "Wish You Were Here" (from the movie of the same name) M- $1
20-5108- Eddie Arnold The Tennessee Plowboy "Condemned Without Trial" bw/ "Eddy's Song"- EX $5
20-5830- Eddie Fisher "Heaven Was Never Like This" bw/ "I Need You Now"- VG+ $1
20-6198- Eddy Arnold "Just Call Me Lonesome" bw/ "That Do Make It Nice"- EX+ $5
20-6420- Elvis Presley "Heartbreak Hotel" bw/ "I Was The One" EX $88
20-6540- Elvis Presley "I Want You, I Need You, I Love You" bw/ "My Baby Left Me" EX $88
20-6643- Elvis Presley "Love Me Tender" bw/ "Anyway You Want Me" EX+ $99 or EX $88
20-6663- Harry Belafonte "Once Was" bw/ "Jamaica Farewell"- EX- $1
20-6800- Elvis Presley "Playing For Keeps" bw/ "Too Much" EX+ $99
20-7035 Elvis Presley "Jailhouse Rock" bw/ "Treat Me Nice" EX $90
20-7150- Elvis Presley "Don't" bw/ "I Beg Of You" EX $88
20-4021- (Special Purpose Series w/ white promo Label) The Three Suns & The Sons Of The Pioneers "The Hokey Pokey" bw/ "I Still Feel the Same About You"- DJ EX+ $5
20-4125- (Special Purpose Series w/ white promo Label) Spike Jones & His City Slickers "My Daddy Is A General To Me" bw/ "Ill Barkio" (vocals by Ina Souez & Horatio Q. Birdbath)- DJ VG- $6
20-4257- (Special Purpose Series w/ white promo Label) Eddie Fisher w/ Hugo Winterhalter & His Orchestra "Turn Back The Hands Of Time" bw/ "I Can't Go On Without You"- DJ VG $2
20-4345- (Special Purpose Series w/ white promo Label) Tony Martin & Dinah Shore "Manhattan" (from 'Garrick Gaities') bw/ "If You Catch A Little Cold"- DJ VG $2
20-4444- (Special Purpose Series w/ white promo Label) Eddie Fisher "Trust In Me" bw/ "Tell Me Why- DJ VG $1
20-4546- (Special Purpose Series w/ white promo Label) Spike Jones & His City Slickers "Deep Purple" (vocal by Paul Frees) bw/ "It Never Rains In sunny California" (vocals by Larry Cotton & Dick Morgan) DJ VG $14
20-5106- (Special Purpose Series w/ white promo Label) Eddie Fisher "Even Now" bw/ "If It Were Up To Me"- DJ EX $2
20-5413- (Special Purpose Series w/ white promo Label) Spike Jones w/ The Jud Conlon Choir "God Bless Us All" (vocal by George Rock) bw/ "I Just Love My Mommy" (vocal by Marian Richman) DJ VG $16
20-5515- (Special Purpose Series w/ white promo Label) Dinah shore "Changing Partners" bw/ "Think"- DJ VG+ $3
20-5725- (Special Purpose Series w/ white promo Label) Dinah Shore "Come Back To My Arms" bw/ "This Must Be The Place"- DJ EX+ $3
21-0441- Hank Snow The Singing Ranger "Down The Trail Of Achin' Hearts" bw/ "Bluebird Island" (both sides w/ vocals by Anita Carter & The Rainbow Ranch Boys) VG $5
33-0001- (Bluebird Series) Jesse Rogers & His '49ers "Hadacol Boogie" bw/ "Country Boy"- VG $5


SAVOY- 520- Hot Lips Page's Swing Seven "Uncle Sam Blues" bw/ "Paging Mr. Page" (Original issue swing blues & hot jump, recorded NYC June 14, 1944) M $9
SIGNATURE- 281116- Barney Bigard Trio (w/ Eddie Heywood & Shelly Manne) "Tea For Two" bw/ "Moonglow" (recorded NYC 1946) M $5
SONORA- 1038- Bob Stanley & His Orchestra "Missouri Waltz" bw/ "Beautiful Ohio"- VG $1
STELLAR- 1016- Dick Hayman & His Harmonica Sparklers "Carolina In The Morning" bw/ "Missouri Waltz"- VG $1
SUN- 234- Carl Perkins "Blue Suede Shoes" bw/ "Honey, Don't!" EX- $70
SUPER DISC- 1004- The Rambler Trio "Guitar Boogie"' (featuring Arthur Smith, guitar) bw/ The Tennessee Ramblers "Beaty Steel Blues"(featuring Cecil Campbell, guitar) (Awesome & very Early acoustic Rockabilly by two of the genre's best players including Arthur "Guitar" Smith) M $6 or EX- $3


TEMPO- 622- Ben Light (at the Steinway Organ) & Herb Kern (at the Hammond Organ), w/ Lloyd Sloop (Novachord) & Bill Markas (drums) "Orchids In The Moonlight" bw/ "Do You Ever Think Of Me?" (w/ Tony Romano, guitar) VG- $2
TEMPO- 652- Brother Bones & His Shadows "Sweet Georgia Brown" bw/ "Margie"- (This late 40s Novelty Recording was adopted in 1952 by the Harlem Globetrotters as their theme song) EX- $35 More Info
TRUMPET- 174- Willie Love & The Three Aces "21 Minutes To Nine" bw/ "Shady Lane Blues"- M $50
TRUMPET- 175- Willie Love & His Three Aces "Nelson Street Blues" bw/ "V-8 Ford"- M $65
TRUMPET- 182- Beverly White "I Waited Too Long" bw/ "I Don't Care"- M $28
TRUMPET- 221- Lucky Joe Almond & His Hillbilly Rockers "Gonna Rock And Roll" bw/ "Hickory Nut Boogie"- M $45
TRUMPET- 224- Tag Williams "Bamboo Tamboo" bw/ I'm Building A Castle"- M $16

U - V - W

VARIETY- 527- Cootie Williams & His Rug Cutters (Johnny Hodges; Harry Carnie; Joe Naton; Hayes Alvis; Duke Ellington; Sonny Greer) "Downtown Uproar" bw/ "Blue Reverie" EX- $2
VARSITY- 8173- The Varsity Seven "How Long, How Long Blues" bw/ "Pom Pom" VG+ $2
VEE-JAY- 165- The El Dorados (w/ Al Smith's Orchestra) "I Began To Realize" bw/ "I'll be Forever Loving You" VG- $6
VICTROLA- 653- Alma Gluck w/ Orpheus Quartet "Darling Nellie Gray" bw/ "Nelly Was A Lady"- EX+ $5 (Alma Gluck (born Reba Feinsohn) married violinist Efrem Zimbalist, & their son, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. became a well known actor in the role of suave private detective Stuart Bailey on the weekly TV series "77 Sunset Strip". Alma was the first person ever to have a million selling record in the history of recorded music)
VICTROLA- 704- Hans Kindler "Simple Confession" bw/ "Killarney"- EX- $2
VICTROLA- 725- Fritz Kreisler "Melody In A Major" (Carl Lamson, piano) bw/ "Paradise"- EX+ $5
VICTROLA- 761- John McCormack "Forgotten" bw/ "Dreams"- EX+ $5
VICTROLA- 64340- John McCormack "I Hear A Thrush At Eve" bw/ (one-sided)- M- $5
VICTROLA- 64785- John McCormack "Dear Old Pal Of Mine" bw/ (one-sided)- EX $5
VICTROLA- 64878- John McCormack "The Barefoot Trail" bw/ (one-sided)- EX $5
VICTROLA- 64914- Reinald Werrenrath "Stein Song" bw/ (one-sided)
VICTROLA- 87524- Alma Gluck & Louise Homer "Whispering Hope" bw/ (one-sided)- EX- $6
VOCALION- 03583- Hoosier Hot Shots "Goofus" bw/ "Runnin Wild"- VG $3
VOCALION- 4153- Al Donahue & His Orchestra "Spring Is Here" bw/ "Music, Maestro, Please!"- EX- $1
VOCALION- 14315- Bar Harbor Society Orchestra "Old Timers Fox Trot Medley" bw/ "Southern Medley One Step" (banjo solo by J. Cali) (Tan / Brown color record) VG $18
VOCALION- 14350- Carolyne Burns "I Love To Tell The Story" bw/ "Hold Thou My Hand" (Tan / Brown color record) VG+ $6
VOCALION- 14387- Selvin's Dance Orchestra "Old Time Waltzes-3" bw/ "Old Time Waltzes-4" (Tan/ Brown color record) VG $1
VOCALION- 14405- Ferrera & Franchini "Honolulu Honeymoon" bw/ "Hawaiian Rainbow"- (Tan / Brown color record) VG- $6
VOCALION- 14787- Ferrera-Franchini Quartet "When It's Love-Time In Hawaii" bw/ "Waikiki Is Calling Me" (Tan / Brown color record) VG+ $12
VOCALION- 14858- Irving Kaufman w/ Selvin's Orchestra "Follow The Swallow" bw/ "When I Was The Dandy & You Were The Belle"- (Tan / Brown color record) VG $2
VOCALION- 24016- Colin O'More "At Dawning" bw/ "I Hear A Thrush At Eve"- (Tan / Brown color record) EX+ $5
VOGUE- R-712- Shep Fields & His Orchestra "Atlanta G.A." bw/ "Aren't You Glad You're You" (Picture Record) EX+ $135 See Picture
VOGUE- R-718- Lulu Belle & Scotty- "Some Sunday Morning" bw/ "In the Dog House Now" (Picture Record) VG+ $75 See Picture
VOGUE- R-720- Lulu Belle & Scotty- "Grandpa's Getting Younger Ev'ry Day" bw/ "Time Will Tell" (Picture Record) G- (edge damage) $33
VOGUE- R-755- The Charlie Shavers Quintet- "Serenade To A Pair Of Nylons" bw/ "Broadjump" (Picture Record) EX+ $250 See Picture
WHIPPET- 100- The Robins "Cherry Lips" bw/ "Out Of The Picture"- (debut recording by The Coasters related group) VG $48


2976- Harry Tally "Always In The Way" bw/ (one-sided) VG $4
5697- Harry MacDonough & Haydn Quartet "Good Luck, Mary" (one-sided w/ handmade 3/4" centerhole) VG+ $2
16092- Vess L. Ossman "A Gay Gossoon" bw/ Ossman-Dudley Trio "St. Louis Tickle"- M- $5
16225- Cal Stewart "Uncle Josh's Trip To Boston" bw/ "Uncle Josh's Arrival In New York City"- (rural dialect comedy) EX+ $65 Rare!
16408- Harry MacDonough "The Palms" bw/ "The Holy City"- EX- $3
16531- Harlan & Stanley "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp" bw/ The Peerless Quartet "Old Back Joe"- EX+ $16
16535- Harry MacDonough "In The Valley Of Yesterday" bw/ In The Evening By The Moonlight, Dear Louise"- EX+ $3
16836- Collins And Harlan "Under The Yum Yum Tree" (comic duet) bw/ Byron G. Harlan "Cyrus Pippin's Wedding Day" ('Rube' song) NM- $12
16934- William H. Reitz "U.S.A. Patrol" bw/ Fred Van Eps "Rag Pickings"- EX $6
16977- Reed Miller "All That I Ask Of You Is Love" bw/ Raymond Dixon "You Are The Ideal Of My Dreams"- VG $1
17189- Alan Turner "Oh Promise Me" (from 'Robin Hood') bw/ Elsie Baker "Dearie"- NM $3
17225- Victor Concert Orchestra "The Birth Of Passion" (from 'Madame Sherry') bw/ Reinald Werrenrath & The Hayden Quartet "By The Saskatchewan" (from 'The Pink Lady') M- $2
17385- Sascha Jacobson w/ pianoforte by Charles A. Baker "Traumerei" bw/ "Berceuse"- M- $2 or EX- $1
17416- William Place, Jr. "Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms" (w/ Stuart Ross, piano) bw/ Charles Scheutze "Annie Laurie"- NM $2 17543- De Los Becker "A Fool There Was" bw/ "Little Church Around The Corner"- (circa 1914) EX- $3
17577- United States Marine Band "National Emblem March" bw/ "German Fidelity March"- (1914) VG $2
17668- Sousa's Band "La Marseillaise - National Air Of France" bw/ Victor Military Band "Belgium National Air"- M- $1
17700- Charles Ross Taggart "Old Country Fiddler In New York" bw/ "Violin Mimicry"- (rural monologue w/ violin specialty) VG- $9
17701- Pale K. Lua & David K. Kaili (of The Irene West Royal Hawaiians) "Hawaiian Waltz Medley" bw/ "Kilima Waltz"- M- $16
17755- Billy Murray "The Little Ford Rambled Right Along" bw/ "Auntie Skinner's Chicken Dinner" (1915 comic songs w/ orchestra) EX $40
17786- Homer Rodeheaver "I Am Coming Home" bw/ "He Knows The Way"- VG $1
17835- McKee Trio "A Perfect Day" bw/ "Mother Machree" (from 'Barry Of Ballymore') VG+ $2
18240- Helen Louise & Frank Ferera "Yaddie Kaddie Kiddie Kaddie Koo" bw/ "Everybody Hula"- EX $9
18292- Marimba Centro Americana de Guatemala (Central American Marimba Band Of Guatemala) "Captain Betty One-Step" bw/ "Besame One-Step" M- $4
18380- Helen Louise & Frank Ferera w/ Athenian Mandolin Quartet "Aloha Land" bw/ "Hawaii I'm Lonesome For You"- M- $9
18432- Waldorf Astoria Dance Orchestra directed by Joseph Knecht "Maytime Waltz" (from the operetta 'Maytime') bw/ "American Serenade" (from the operetta 'Her Regiment')- VG $1
18465- Bill Murray "They Were All Out Of Step But Jim" bw/ William J. ('Sailor') Reilly "We're All Going Calling On The Kaiser"- VG+ $14
18498- United States Marine Band "National Emblem March" bw/ Arthur Pryor's Band "Lights Out - March"- EX- $1
18501- Monroe Silver "Cohen Gets Married" bw/ "Cohen On His Honeymoon"- (ethnic comedy)- EX $20
18517- Lewis James & Shannon Four "Mother, Here's Your Boy" bw/ Charles Hart "Watch, Hope & Wait Little Girl (I'm Coming Back To You)"- EX- $3
18518- Charles Hart & Lewis James "Till We Meet Again" bw/ Sterling Trio "Have A Smile"- EX $1
18537- Arthur Fields "How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On he Farm?" bw/ Billy Murray "How Are You Goin' To Wet Your Whistle?" (prohibition comedy song)- VG $16
18603- Selvin's Novelty Orchestra "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" bw/ Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra "Yearning" Medley w/ "Springtime" (w/ Hugo Frey & Josef Ruben) VG+ $1
18663- Palace Trio "I'll See You In CUBA" Medley w/ "I'm Gonna Spend My Honeymoon In Dixie" bw/ "The Crocodile"- VG $1
18677- Billy Murray "Tiddle-Dee Winks" (comic song w/ orchestra) bw/ "I Love The Land Of Old Black Joe"- (1920) M- $14
18712- Billy Murray "Oh Gee! Say Gee! You Ought To See My Gee Gee From The Fiji Isle" bw/ Victor Roberts & The Harmonizers Quartet "My Home Town Is A One Horse Town But It's Big Enough For Me"- VG $4
18714- Six Brown Brothers "Tip Top Medley" (2-Songs from the musical 'Tip Top') bw/ "I Wish I Could Make It So" Medley w/ "Tickle Me" (from 'Tickle Me') (1920) M- $7 or EX $4
18720- Homer Rodeheaver "Carry Your Cross With A Smile" bw/ "Tell Me The Story Of Jesus"- EX- $1
18730- Peerless Quartet "My Mammy" bw/ Albert Campbell & Henry Burr "Underneath Hawaiian Skies"- M- $12
18747- HENRY BURR- "My Mother's Evening Prayer" bw/ "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep"- EX- 4
18760- Billy Murray "Pucker Up & Whistle" (whistling specialty from 'Till The Clouds Roll By') bw/ Alleen Stanley "Home Again Blues"- (April, 1921) EX- $9
18764- Victor Roberts "Wait Until You See My Madeline" bw/ "Peggy O'Neil"- VG $1
18771- Cal Stewart "Uncle Josh In A Cafeteria" (Part 1) bw/ "Uncle Josh In A Cafeteria" (Part 2) (Rural Comedy)- EX+ $35
18812- Peerless Quartet "My Sunny Tennessee" bw/ "Ain't You Coming Out Malinda?"- VG+ $1
18815- Eddie Ross "Ross' Dog Trot" bw/ "Ross' Reel"- (Hillbilly 'black-face' banjo player) EX $18
18831- Club Royal Orchestra (directed by Clyde Doerr) "Dapper Dan" bw/ "The Sheik"- M $2 or M- $1
18870- The Benson Orchestra Of Chicago (directed by Roy Bargy) "My Mammy Knows" bw/ "Angel Child"- VG+ $9
18915 / 18916- Victor Records For Health Exercises- (Exercise instruction w/ orchestra accompaniment. Prepared under the supervision of Prof Charles H Collins of the Collins Institute for Physical Culture, Philadelphia) 2 discs in an embossed tri-fold case. (1922) NM $6
18928- All Star Trio & Their Orchestra "After A While" bw/ "I'm Happy"- VG- $1
18952- The Goldman Band (Edwin Franko Goldman, conductor) "Chimes Of Liberty March" bw/ "Sagamore March"- VG $2
19129- S. S. Leviathan Orchestra (directed by Nelson Maple) "Tell Me A Story" bw/ The Benson Orchestra Of Chicago (directed by Don Bestor) "Love Is Just A Flower"- VG+ $5
19153- Trinity Choir "Star Of The East" bw/ "The Birthday Of A King"- EX $1
19198- The Benson Orchestra Of Chicago (directed by Don Bestor) "Lonesome & Blue" bw/ "When Lights Are Low"- VG- $1
19203- The Manhattan Merrymakers (directed by Hugo Frey) "Tweet Tweet" (bird interpolations by Margaret McKee) bw/ "I've Been A Fool"- M $6
19276- The Troubadours "Good Night - Medley" bw/ Jack Chapman & His Drake Hotel Orchestra "Love Days - Medley"- M $2
19300- Marcia Freer "When Lights Are Low" bw/ Peerless Quartet "What's To-Day Got To Do With To-Morrow"- VG $1
19319- Jack Chapman & His Drake Hotel Orchestra "The Land Of My Sunset Dreams" bw/ The Troubadours "Georgia Lullaby" (vocal refrain by Marcia Freer)- M $3
19322- American Quartet "Polly Put The Kettle On" (from the Ziegfeld production 'Kid Boots') bw/ Marcia Freer & Lewis James "School Day Sweethearts"- M $3 or VG $1
19400- Sousa's Band "The Chantyman's March" (founded on working songs of the sea) bw/ "Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company March"- M- $2
19427- Vernon Dalhart "Wreck Of The Old 97" bw/ "The Prisoner's Song"- (1924) EX+ $16 (This was the first country record to sell a million copies)
19473- Lewis James "The Pal That I Loved Stole The Gal That I Loved" bw/ "The Ten Commandments Of Love"- EX+ $3
19526- Meyer Davis' Le Paradis Band (directed by W. Spencer Tupman) "Washing & Lee Swing" (introducing 'Sweethearts Of Sigma Chi') bw/ "Nobody Loves You Like I Do"- VG $2
19572- Jesse Crawford "Old Pal" bw/ "Dreams Never Come True"- (both sides played on a Wurlitzer Pipe Organ) VG $1
19713- Hilo Hawaiian Orchestra "Hawaiian Love" bw/ "Beautiful Gown (Hano Hano Hanalei)"- EX $8
19714- International Novelty Orchestra "The Prisoner's Song" bw/ "After The Ball"- M- $1
19741- Sousa's Band "The National Game - March" bw/ "The Black Horse Troop - March"- M- $2
19753- Paul Whitman & His Orchestra "I Miss My Swiss" bw/ "The Kinky Kids Parade" EX $1
19795- Aileen Stanley & Billy Murray w/ Frank Banta at the piano "Keep Your Skirts Down Mary Ann" bw/ "If I Had A Girl Like You"- VG $2
19796- The Revelers "Dinah" bw/ "Oh, Miss Hannah"- M $3
19821- Vernon Dalhart "Death Of Floyd Collins" bw/ "Dream Of A Miner's Child"- (1925) EX $22
19838- Aileen Stanley & Bully Murray "Down By The Winegar Wolks" bw/ Billy Murray "Roll 'Em Girls (Roll Your Own)" (comical selections w/ orchestra) M- $17
19878- Arthur Pryor's Band "La Paloma (The Dove)" bw/ "Over The Waves"- M- $1
20539- Vernon Dalhart & Carson Robinson "My Blue Ridge Mountain Home" bw/ "Golden Slippers"- M- $18
20590- Lewis James "Charmaine!" bw/ Franklyn Baur "I Found You"- M $2
20596- Hilo Hawaiian Orchestra "Honolulu Moon" (vocal refrain by Johnny Marvin) bw/ "Hawaiian Dreams" VG+ $9
20674- Vernon Dalhart "Lindbergh (The Eagle Of The USA)" bw/ "Like An Angel You Flew Into Everyone's Heart"- VG- $12 Scarce!
20715- Frank Crumit "Frankie And Johnny" bw/ "Abdul Abulbul Amir" VG+ $2
21100- The Revelers "Among My Souvenirs" bw/ "Nola"- M $2
21735- Frank Crumit "Gay Caballero" bw/ "I Learned About Women From Her"- (comedian w/ viola & guitar) VG+ $6
21869- Rudy Vallée & His Connecticut Yankees "Sweet Suzanne" bw/ Honey"- (1929) VG $1
22026- Helen Clark "Smiling Irish Eyes" bw/ "A Wee Bit Of Love" (both sides from the First National film 'Smiling Irish Eyes')- EX+ $2
22066- Jesse Crawford "My Sin" bw/ "Singin' In The Rain"- (both sides played on a Wurlitzer Pipe Organ, & w/ vocals by Paul Small, 1929) VG $1
22149- Amos & Andy "The Diary" bw/ "At The Bull Fight"- (humorous dialogue by Freeman Gosden & Charles Correll, October, 1929) VG+ $35
22321- Rudy Vallée & His Connecticut Yankees "Stein Song (University Of Maine)" bw/ "St. Louis Blues" M- $24
25631- Fats Waller "I Ain't Got Nobody" bw/ "Basin Street Blues" EX $7
25676- Tommy Dorsey & His Clambake Seven (w/ vocal refrain by Jack Leonard) "Josephine" bw/ "If The Man In The Moon Were A Coon" NM- $12
25721- Larry Clinton & His Orchestra "Jubilee" (from the movie 'Every Day's A Holiday') bw/ "Scrapin' The Toast" (from the movie 'You're A Sweetheart')- (both sides w/ Bea Wain vocals) VG $1
25768- Larry Clinton & His Orchestra "Always & Always" (from the movie 'Mannequin') bw/ "Dr. Rhythm" (from the movie of the same name)- (both sides w/ Bea Wain vocals) EX- $3
25799- Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra "How Can You Forget" bw/ There's A Boy In Harlem" (both from the movie 'Fools For Scandal' w/ vocals by Edythe Wright) VG $2
25803- Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra "Good Night, Sweet Dreams, Good Night" bw/ "Moonlight On The Purple"- (both sides w/ Jack Leonard vocals)- (1938) VG $1
25879- Larry Clinton & His Orchestra "S'Good Enough For Me" (vocal by Carol Bruce) bw/ "How Am I To Know?"- VG $1
26062- Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra "Rainbow 'Round The Moon" (vocal by Edythe Wright) bw/ "Stompin' At The Stadium" (vocals by Edythe Wright & Skeets Herfurt) VG $2
26072- Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra "Carolina Moon" bw/ Sammy Kaye "Carolina Moon" (vocal by Tommy Ryan) VG $1
26226- Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra "You Grow sweeter As The Years Go By" bw/ "In The Middle Of A Dream" (both sides w/ vocals by Jack Leonard)- (1939) VG $1
26233- Lionel Hampton & Orchestra (w/ Cozy Cole on drums) "Wizzin' The Wiz" bw/ "Denison Swing" VG+ $2
26287- Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra "You Don't Know How Much You Can Suffer" (Edythe Wright vocal) bw/ "Oh You Crazy Moon" (Jack Leonard vocal, 1939) VG $1
26335- Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra "Goodnight My Beautiful" (Jack Leonard vocal) bw/ "Are You Having Any Fun?" (Edythe Wright vocal)- (both sides from 'George White's Scandals', 1939) EX $2
26351- Larry Clinton & His Orchestra "Twilight Interlude" bw/ "The Last Two Weeks In July" (both sides w/ Terry Allen vocals) VG $1
26393- Lionel Hampton & Orchestra (w/ Cozy Cole on drums) "One Sweet Letter From You" bw/ "Early Session Hop" EX $3
26477- Jiminy Cricket "When You Wish Upon A Star" bw/ "Geppetto "Little Wooden Head"- (both sides from the Walt Disney movie 'Pinocchio') VG- $1
27230- Artie Shaw "Star Dust" bw/ "Temptation"- (1940) VG+ $1
Victor Smart Set P-56 (3-disc album released November 11, 1940 as NBC's Chamber Music Society Of Lower Basin Street) 27302- Dinah Shore "Mood Indigo" bw/ Henry Levine & His Barefoot Dixieland Philharmonic "Muscrat Ramble" (w/ Sidney Bechet) / 27303- Paul Laval & His Woodwindy Ten "Runnin' Wild" bw/ Dinah Shore "Dinah's Blues" / 27304- Paul Laval & His Woodwindy Ten "Shoemaker's Holiday" bw/ Henry Levine & His Barefoot Dixieland Philharmonic "Basin Street Blues"- entire set in album cover NM- $12
27304- Paul Laval & His Woodwindy Ten "Shoemaker's Holiday" bw/ Henry Levine & His Barefoot Dixieland Philharmonic "Basin Street Blues"- (Sides 5&6 from album P-56) VG $2
27444- Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra "Siboney" bw/ "Havana's Calling Me"- VG $1
27446- Larry Clinton & His Orchestra "Town Tattler" bw/ "Tempus Fugit"- (1941) EX $1
27516- Wayne King & His Orchestra "Blue Danube" bw/ "Time & Time Again"- VG $1
27600- Sidney Bechet & His New Orleans Feetwarmers "Texas Moaner" bw/ "Limehouse Blues" VG- $1
27855- Mark Warnow & His Orchestra "All The Things You Are" (from 'Very Warm For May', w/ Joan Edwards vocal) bw/ "I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire" (Barry Wood vocal) VG $2
45156- Olive Kline & Orpheus Quartet "A Little Birch Canoe And You" bw/ Elsie Baker "The Bluebird"- M- $3
45177- Olive Kline & Elsie Baker "Jesus, My Saviour" bw/ "Let The Lower Lights Be Burning"- M- $3
45201- Olive Kline "The Japanese Sandman" bw/ "Old Fashioned Garden" (from 'Hitchy-Koo')- VG+ $3
64088- Evan Williams "Mary Of Argyle" bw/ (one-sided)- VG+ $4
64103- Maud Powell "At The Brook" bw/ (one-sided) M $3
64120- John McCormack "I Hear You Calling Me" bw/ (one-sided)- VG $5
64139- Evan Williams "Four Leaf Clover" bw/ (one-sided) M $4
64181- John McCormack "Mother Machree" bw/ (one-sided)- VG $5
64306- Evan Williams "A Perfect Day" bw/ (one-sided)- VG $2
64389- Evan Williams "Just A-Wearyin' For You" bw/ (one-sided) M $4
64398- Alma Gluck "Lass With The Delicate Air" bw/ (one-sided)- M $8
64543- John McCormack "A Little Bit Of Heaven" bw/ (one-sided)- EX $5
67191- B. S. Rybowiak "Ach Te Oczy" bw/ "Matysek"- VG+ $1
67735- Chaby Pinheiro "Rataplan" (Monologue) bw/ "O Pequeno Vendedor De Jornaes"- VG $1
69238 Aristarcho Brandão "Stella" bw/ Salles Ribeiro "Mont' Estoril"- VG $1
69311- Eva Gauthier "Ah! Qui Me Passera Le Bois?" / "En Roulant Ma Boule" bw/ "Un Canadien Errant"- (folk songs) VG+ $2
69450- Orchestra Del Grammofono "Carambolage" bw/ "La Petite Espagnole"- Vg- $1
20-1654- Spike Jones & His City Slickers "Chloe" (from the movie 'Bring On The Girls') bw/ "A Serenade To A Jerk" (vocals by Judy Manners & Red Ingle) VG $8
20-1661- Tony Pastor & His Orchestra "Bell Bottom Trousers" (Ruth McCullough vocal) bw/ "Five Salted Peanuts"- VG+ $3
20-1789- Elton Britt "Wave To Me, My Lady" bw/ "Blueberry Lane"- (Considered the finest western music yodeler) VG+ $12

31595 (12" 1-Sided 78 RPM) Victor Dance Orchestra "Day Dreams - Medley Waltz" (w/ "Won't You Come Over To My House"; "Absinthe Frappe"; "Day Dreams"; "Waltz Me Around Again, Willie") VG $17 Rare!
31613 (12" 1-Sided 78 RPM) Dance Orchestra "Arrah Wanna Medley Two-Step"- VG- $9 Rare!
35239- (12" 78 RPM) Kryl's Bohemian Band "Rigoletto" (Quartette) bw/ Vessella's Italian Band "Il Trovatore Selection" (Duet "Home To Our Mountains") VG $1
35351- (12" 78 RPM) Victor Mixed Chorus "Sea Songs" (w/ "Sailing"; "Larboard Watch"; "Rocked In The Cradle Of The Deep"; "Life On The Ocean Wave"; "Asleep In The Deep"; "Nancy Lee" & "Anchored") bw/ Victor Male Chorus "War Songs" (w/ "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp"; "Just Before The Battle, Mother"; "Marching Through Georgia"; "Vacant Chair"; "Tenting To-night"; "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"; "Battle Cry Of Freedom")- M- $1
35394- (12" 78 RPM) Victor Light Opera Company "Gems From 'Passing Show Of 1914'" (w/ "Out In Frisco Town"; "You're Just A Little Bit Better"; "Kittty MacKay"; "Eagle Rock"; "Levee Days") bw/ "Broadway Favorites" (w/ "This Is The Life"; "My Croony Melody"; "When The Angelus Is Ringing"; "I Love The Ladies"; "They're On Their Way To Mexico") VG+ $1
35404- (12" 78 RPM) Victor Light Opera Company "Gems From The Girl From Utah" (w/ "Land Of Let's Pretend"; "Same Sort Of Girl"; "Why Don't They Dance The Polka Any More"; "They Didn't Believe Me"; "You Never Can Tell"; "The Girl In The Clogs & Shaw") bw/ "Gems From Miss Daisy" (w/ "The American Girl"; "Send Me My Love"; "My Little Queen Bee"; "My Love For You"; "Little Girl, What Have You Done To Me") M- $1
70076- (12" 1-Sided 78 RPM) Harry Lauder "The Wee Hoose 'Mang The Heather"- M $3
70122- (12" 1-Sided 78 RPM) Harry Lauder "Don't Let Us Sing Anymore About War, Just Let Us Sing Of Love" (aka "Peace Song")- M $5
74042 (12" 1-Sided 78 RPM) Emilio de Gogorza "El Canto del Presidiario" (Spanish aritone) VG $1
74043 (12" 1-Sided 78 RPM) Emilio de Gogorza "Roi de Lahore" (Spanish Baritone - Aria) VG $1
74063 (12" 1-Sided 78 RPM) Alice Neilsen & Florencio Constantino "E il sol Dell' Anima" Italian Duet Rigiletto) M- $1
74167 (12" 1-Sided 78 RPM) Mischa Elman "Serenade" (violin solo w/ piano accompaniment by Percy B. Kahn) EX- $1
74197 (12" 1-Sided 78 RPM) Fritz Kreisler "Caprice Viennois" (w/ piano forte by George Falkenstein) M- $2
74570- (12" 1-Sided 78 RPM) Jascha Heifetz La Ronde Des Lutins" (Dance Of the Goblins)- M $5
88056 (12" 1-Sided 78 RPM) Mario Ancona "Faust" (Italian Baritione- Dio possente) VG $1
88582-(12" 1-Sided 78 RPM) Enrico Caruso: Eugen Onégin Air de Lienski - Écho lointain de ma jeunesse (Faint Echo Of My Youth) Tschaikowsky (1916 in French) NM $12
88383 (12" 1-Sided 78 RPM) Frieda Hempel "Ernani, Ernani, Involami" (Italian Soprano) EX $1
85540 (12" 1-Sided 78 RPM) Frieda Hempel "Blue Danube Waltz"- M- $1
89060 (12" 1-Sided 78 RPM) Ernestine Schumann-Heink & Enrico Caruso "Trovatore - Ai Nostri Monti" (Home To Our Mountains)- M $3

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YOUNG PEOPLE'S RECORDS- 705- Gilbert Mack "Happy Birthday" bw/ "Happy Birthday"- VG $1
ZODIAC- 103- Norman Brooks "This Waltz With You" bw/ "A Sky-Blue Shirt & A Rainbow Tie"- EX $5