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ADVENT- Remove The Earth- (CD Booklet Only, signed by all 5 members) Solid State / Tooth & Nail M $9
WILLIE ALEXANDER- Handmade One-Of-A-Kind Gig Poster- (8.5" x 10" b&w promo glossy, handwritten in black marker by Willie to promote show: Willie Alexander Solo Loco Piano & Vocals with Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic. September 6th, Genos, Portland) M $33
ALL OUT WAR- Assassins In The House Of God- (CD Booklet Only, signed by all 5 members) Victory M $9
DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS- 'King Of The Fuzz Guitar' Concert Ticket July 28, Free Street Taverna, Portland, Maine- (Autographed on back by Davie Allan) Unused M $38
DAVID ARNSON- Name & Address on piece of paper (w/ Insect Surfers logo doodle) EX $9
THE BANGLES- Everything- (Susanna Hoffs; Vicki Peterson; Michael Steele; Debbi Peterson. All 4 signatures on trimmed cover card) Columbia EX+ $55
THE BEACHMASTERS- Promo photo signed by entire band: Bob MacKenzie; Jim Milton; Mike R; Ken Kaiser; Carl Square) M $14
BLONDIE- Plastic Letters- (12" tall die-cut counter-top stand-up display by Chrysalis Records, shows Debbie in tight red dress leaning on stack of record LP boxes & holding a copy of "Plastic Letters" LP. Back side of standup is autographed by entire band: Debbie Harry; Jimmy Destri; Chris Stein; Nigel Harrison; Frank Infante, circa 1978. Nice item!) M- $225 Rare!
BLUES TRAVELER- North Hollywood Shootout- (CD Booklet Only, signed by all 5 members) Verve M $9
SOLOMON BURKE- Like A Fire- (CD Booklet Only, autographed by Solomon Burke!) Shout Factory M $16
THE CLICK FIVE- Modern Minds & Pastimes- (CD Booklet Only, signed by all 5 members) Lava M $12
DICK CURLESS- Signed 8" x 10" color publicity glossy- M $50
KING CURTIS- 8" x 10" b&w publicity photo autographed in pen, circa 1960s- EX- $18
THE DANDY WARHOLS- Earth To The Dandy Warhols- (CD Booklet Only, signed by all 4 members) Worlds Fair / Beat The World Records M $28
JAMES DARREN- 4" x 5" b&w signed publicity photo- EX+ $33
EARSHOT- The Silver Lining- (CD Digipak cover Only, signed by Wil Martin) Fontana / In De Goot M $5
ROKY ERICKSON- Autographed Gig Poster for Friday, March 26 at The Beat Exchange circa early 1980s?- EX $75 (It's hard to get Roky's autograph)
THE FAINT- Fascination- (CD Digipak cover Only, signed by all 5 members) Blank.Wav M $14 Scarce!
FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES- Holding The Wolf By The Ears- (CD Insert Booklet Only, signed by all 5 members) Vagrant M $9
GOD FORBID- IV: Constitution Of Treason- (CD Booklet Only, signed by all 5 members) Century Media M $9
TOMMY HAWKS- Signed b&w photo of the N.A.P. Records, Nashville recording artist- (signature is faint. Photo paper stock has age related spotting) VG $1
BOBBY JAMES- Plain white 45-RPM record sleeve autographed "To Angela Best Of Luck Bobby James". VG $1
THE LEMONHEADS- It's A Shame About Ray- (CD Insert Booklet Only, signed by Evan Dando) Atlantic / Rhino M $9
ERIK LINDGREN- Signed 8" x 10" b&w publicity glossy from January 1989) M $6
G. LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE- Superhero Brother- (CD Digipak Cover Only, signed inside by Garrett Dutton as G. Love) Brushfire M $6
JOHNNY LYDON- See PIL (Public Image Limited) where signed as Johnny Rotten.
ANDY MENDELSON BAND- Gig Contract signed by Andy Mendelson for a show at The Downtown Lounge, Portland, ME. April 23, 1980- M $15
NEW FOUND GLORY- Hit Or Miss- aka Hits- (CD Booklet signed by all 5 members) Geffen $9
NIGHT RANGER- Hole In The Sun- (CD Booklet Only, signed by 3 originaL members: Jack Blades, Kelly Keagy & Brad Gillis) VH1 Classics M $5
PIL- Unused Concert Ticket for The Orphium Theater, Boston, April 18, 1980- (Autographed by Keith Levine & Johnny Rotten) Ticketmaster M $135
PIL- UK Melody Maker December 8, 1979 (Vol. 54 #46) w/ Cover Story on PIL- (Autographed by Johnny Rotten on front cover) EX $70
RATT- Unused Concert Ticket for The Portland Expo, September 17, 1984- (Signed by the entire band: Stephen Pearcy; Robbin Crosby; Warren DeMartini; Bobby Blotzer; Juan Croucier) EX $85
THE REAL KIDS- - Gig Contract signed by John Felice for a show at The Downtown Lounge, Portland, ME. April 9, 1980- M $55
REV THEORY- Light It Up- (aka Revelation Theory. CD Booklet Only, signed by all 5 members) Interscope M $9
THE SLACKERS- Self Medication- (CD Digipak Cover Only, signed by Ara & Vic + 1) Indication M $6
THE SUPREMES- 8" x 10" b&w publicity glossy signed by the original group: Diana Ross; Mary Wilson; Florence Ballard circa 1960s (Diana Ross is not an easy autograph to get. Florence Ballard died in 1976 at age 32, so her autographs are scarce) M- $495
DAVID THOMAS- Rockets From The Tomb / Pere Ubu singer- (Signed napkin says: To Richard AHPAH David Thomas Crocus Behemouth) M- $45
THE THREE O'CLOCK- Sixteen Tambourines- (Promo only poster autographed by entire band: Michael Quercio; Mike Mariano; Danny Benair & G. Louis Gutierrez) Frontier M $44
THE TOSSERS- Gloatin' & Showboatin' Live On St. Patrick's Day- (CD Poster Booklet Only, signed by all 5 members) Victory M $12
UNNATURAL AXE- Gig Contract signed by Richard Parsons for a show at The Downtown Lounge, Portland, ME. April 4 & 5, 1980- M $44
PETER OVERAND WATTS- Name & address on piece of paper. EX+ $9
RAY WHITLEY- 7.5" x 9.5" B&W photo of Country Western star Ray Whitley w/ his wife Kay & daughter Judy Kay. Ray Whitley wrote the original western tune "Back In The Saddle Again"; starred in dozens of RKO Western movies; had radio shows on WMCA & WMEX; developed a line of guitars for Gibson; & was inducted into the Western Music Association Hall of Fame. Autographed Ray Whitley in blue ball point pen. Ray also wrote the names of his wife & daughter. M- $12
WRECKING- A New Abolition- (CD Booklet Only, signed by all 4 members) Chosen M $6


THE BEATLES- Yellow Submarine- 2.25" (full-color of the lads as cartoon characters) clasp M $12
LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN- 1.25" b&w pinback- (Says: "I Like Ludwig") M $2
BLACK HEART- heart shape in black, on white background 1.25" pinback M $8
BOSTON GROUPIE NEWS- 1" x 1.5" b&w clasp reproduces the issue of the fanzine w/ the Real Kids cover- M $12
BRIAN BRAIN- 1" b&w clasp- $6
CHEAP TRICK- 3" b&w clasp M $6
THE CLASSIC RUINS- 1" yellow & black pinback- M $4
THE CLASSIC RUINS- "Believe In The Ruins"- (1.25" red & white clasp) M $8
THE CYNICS- 1" b&w clasp- M $3
THE DLQ- 1" b&w pinback- $1
MICKY DOLENZ- 1" red & black on white, pinback- (Says: "I Love Micky") M- $24
FELINE FRENZY FANZINE- 1" black on pink, clasp- M $8
FLAMIN' GROOVIES- "I Dig The Flamin' Groovies"- 2.25" red & black clasp M $45 Rare!
HORSELIPS- Aliens- 2.25" 3-color pinback M $6
HOWARD THE DUCK BUTTON- "Get Down America! Vote Howard The Duck in '76" 2.25" round full color pinback M $22
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE- 3" multi color on white, clasp- (Says: "Jefferson Airplane Loves You") M $12
KENNY & THE KASUALS- Impact- 2.25" red & black on white, clasp- M $16
KENNY & THE KASUALS- Garage Kings- 2.25" red & black on white, clasp- M $7
THE KINKS- 1.75" b&w pinback- (Says: "The Kinks Konker") M $22
THE KINKS- "God Save The Kinks"- 2" black on brown, clasp (premium from the rare LP box set of the same name) M $55
CINDY LAUPER- Herstory In The Making- 2" 3-color clasp M $5
JULIAN LENNON- 1.25" x 1.5"b&w die-cut shape of Julian Lennon w/ a word balloon that says: "Thanx Valotte", clasp- M $15
MAKE MINE MUSIC- 1" green pinback $2
MERCENARY RECORDS- 1" b&w clasp- M $1
THE MOVE- 2" b&w metal button w/ un-bent tab- (Says: "The Move Movement") United Artists M $22
MTV- Music Television- Orange & black tiger print 'M', green 'TV' on white 1.25" pinback M $2
NAUGHTY BITS- 1.25" black on hot pink, clasp- M $3
NICKY & THE CORVETTES- 1" red & black on yellow pinback- M $5
HARRY NILSSON- Duit On Monday- 2" b&w clasp M $12
THE ODDS- 1.25" turquoise & black pinback- M $7
PASTICHE- 1.5" b&w pinback- M $5
RAY PAUL- 2.25" b&w pinback M $12
THE JOHN PAYNE BAND- 1.5" b&w clasp- M $1
PUNK MAGAZINE- 2.25" clasp (Original, as issued by the 'zine... kinda homemade looking w/ b&w logo) M $28
RAMONES- Rocket To Russia- 3" 3-color clasp M $42
THE RAVE-UPS- 1" b&w pinback- M $7 Scarce!
TOM ROBINSON BAND- 1.5" square, black & mirrored, clasp- M $12 Rare!
DIANA ROSS- Diana Ross Is Billie Holiday / Lady Sings The Blues- (w/ Handcuffed Glove on Microphone logo) 3" silver & blue clasp M $6
SHAGGS- 1.75" b&w clasp- (Says: "Where Is My Pal Foot Foot?") M $28 Scarce!
SIMPLE MINDS- 1" maroon & red on white clasp- M $4
SNIFF GLUE - 1.5" red & black on white, turned tab fastener- (Says: "Keep A Stiff Upper Lip - Sniff Glue") M- $35
YMA SUMAC- "Yma Duz Four Octaves"- 2.25" blue & white clasp M $36
TANT QU'IL Y AURA DU ROCK!- 1" green on white clasp M $3 or red on green clasp M $6 or blue on green clasp M $4 or pinback M $2 (French fanzine)
TEENAGE HEAD- 1.25" hot pink & white, clasp- M $14
TEENAGE HEAD- 2.25" black on yellow, clasp- (Says: "Gimmie Some Teenage Head") M $33 Rare!
THE THREE O'CLOCK- 1.25" maroon & beige on white, clasp- M $4
THE THREE O'CLOCK- Black logo on yellow 1" clasp $3
JOHN TRAVOLTA BUTTON- "I'm Crazy About John Travolta" 3.5" round 3-color button w/ clasp back. M- $33 Rare!
THE TWEEDS- 1.25" red on black pinback- M $14
U2- 1.25" b&w clasp- M $5
VH-1- 1.25" red & black pinback- (Video Hits One) M $2
THE VIPERS- 1.25" b&w clasp- M $5
JOHNNY WINTER GROUP- They Only Come Out At Night- 2.25" full-color pinback M $8
THE WOGGLES- 1" b&w clasp- (silhouetted group) M $3
THE WOGGLES- 1" b&w clasp- (in space) M $4


THE BEATLES- August 23, 1967 Shea Stadium, New York- Unused- Offers
BOMP!- Battle Of The Garages Tour w/ The Prime Movers; The Mad Violets; The Odds July 15, 1984 Genos, Portland, Maine. Unused Numbered M $4
DICK CURLESS- September 23, 1975 at The Loft, Portland, Maine- Unused $8
RONNIE DAWSON- April 8, 1995 Morganfields Portland, Maine- Unused M $6
DMZ- July 28, 1977 Casco Bay Lines 'Booze Cruise', Portland, Maine. Hand Numbered M $12 or EX- $9 or VG $5
BOB DYLAN- Rolling Thunder Review- November 27, 1975 Bangor Auditorium, Maine- Stub $12
GRUESOME TWOSOME TOUR- Halloween Hootenanny w/ Rob Zombie / Alice Cooper- Cumberland County Civic Center, October 14, 2010. Unused! M $12
THE KINKS- June 9, 1983 Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, Maine- 3/4 M $9
ELVIS PRESLEY- August 18, 1977 Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, Maine (Elvis Presley hadn't performed live since his June 26, 1977 concert in Indianapolis. His next concert was to be at the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland, Maine. That concert never happened because Elvis died just hours before his scheduled flight. The Civic Center refunded the ticket price, but cut off the left end of the ticket. Several years later a spectacular tribute concert was held & original tickets could be used for admission, but had to be surrendered, thereby making remaining originals quite scarce!) 3/4 M $100 See Pictures
PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED- April 18, 1980 Orphium Theater, Boston- 3/4 M $24
THE RAMONES- May 4, 1978 The Loft, Portland, Maine. Numbered Unused M $10 or M- $9 or EX $7 or VG $5
THE RAMONES- May 1, 1987 Morrell Gym, Bowdoin College, Brunswick Maine- 3/4 M $18
REAL KIDS- August 18, 1977 Casco Bay Lines 'Booze Cruise', Portland, Maine. Hand Numbered M $14 or EX $9
THUNDERTRAIN w/ SUSAN- June 25, 1977 Paris Theater, Portland, Maine- Unused M $12 Scarce!
THE CHRIS RHODES BAND w/ NRBQ- September 13, 1974 Bates College Gym, Lewiston, Maine- Unused EX $5
WOODSTOCK MUSIC & ART FAIR- Friday, August 15, 1969- Unused Ticket #D00360 // Saturday, August 16, 1969- Unused Ticket #A00807 // Sunday, August 17- Unused Ticket #A00796- All Three are guaranteed original. Unused- Offers


A&M RECORDS RECORD DISPLAY BIN- Unused & never before assembled record bin intended to display the latest new-year releases from A&M. There is an easy 3-step instruction sheet showing how to assemble the dump-bin out of the sturdy die-cut & scored corrugated cardboard panels provided. There is a header card that reads: "Step Into The Music Of The 80's With A&M Records" & pictures a pair of black sneakers w/ Day-Glo red/pink laces. Probably holds 50 LPs, waist high. A large & unique in-store item from November 1979, in unused Mint condition! $58
VIV AKAULDREN- 17"x 21.5" gig poster from 1986- Akashic Records VG $2
ALICE COOPER- The Alice Cooper Show- (made to look like a movie poster. Promotes the LP of the Live show) Warner Bros (3138) M $44 Rare!
BE-BOP DELUXE- Sunburst Finish- (Large In-Store Display Poster of nude w/ flaming guitar. "Futurama" also promoted in small corner photo) Harvest EX $14
BESERKLEY RECORDS- 11" x 14" full color in-store poster stating: "Buy 4 Singles, Get 6! - Our LPs Aren't Bad Either!" (Bonus: also includes issue #9 of "Between The Ears" Beserkley / Playboy hype-sheet newsletter, plus long sized postcard- Beserkley / Playboy EX $8 for everything
BIM BAM BOOM OLDIES MAGAZINE- 11" x 17" In-Store poster proclaiming 'Bim Bam Boom' Is On Sale Now! Includes cover slick for Issue #12, 1974 w/ Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers. M- $5
BONNIE BRAMLETT- It's Time- (Large b&w in-store only poster) Capricorn (0148) Still Sealed M $6
PAUL BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND- Better Days- (unique 21" x 36" long poster picturing an M. Honer 'Trumpet Call' Harmonica. The back-side provides photos & biographical information on the players: Billy Rich; Christopher Parker; Paul Butterfield; Geoff Muldaur; Amos Garrett; & Ronnie Barron) Bearsville M- $6
RAY CAMPI & HIS ROCKABILLY REBELS- 1977 Display poster for gigs w/ artwork by Michael Priest (Unused but some minor age related spotting) EX $6
CHEAP TRICK- In Color- (Promo Only Poster: "Here's What America's Rock Press Is Saying About Cheap Trick") Epic (34884) EX- $8
PAUL DAVIS- Southern Tracks & Fantasies- (Large Promo Only w/ McCarty Poster Art) Bang (405) M $8
DEVO- Are We Not Men? (12" x 14.5" 2-sided full color record bin divider card) Warner Bros (3239) EX- $43
D.O.A.- Bring Back The Future Tour '85- (gig poster to promote "Let's Wreck The Party" LP) Alternative Tentacles EX $6
EARTHQUAKE- Rocking The World- (red / white electrified man w/ blue note on tooth) Playboy EX- $14
ESTRUS ATTACKS- 15" x 24" in-store only poster by Art Chantry to promote the release of The Mono Men "Wrecker" LP & The Brood "Vendetta" LP. Estrus M $14
FAST FORWARD- 19" x 13" In-Store Poster to promote the Australian Fanzine 'Fast Forward - Cassette Magazine'. Tagline: "At Last, The 'Pushbutton Magazine', Out Regularly") EX+ $3
THE FOUR TOPS- Live & In Concert- (12" x 35" in-store poster: "Now In Stock!"- ABC / Dunhill M $6
THE BOBBY FULLER FOUR- Shakedown!- (Very nice 16" x 24" In-Store poster to promote the release of the 2-CD Box Set) Del-Fi Rolled M (C10) $40 Scarce!
THE GORE GORE GIRLS- 13" X 22" in-store only poster to promote their "Up All Night" LP. Get Hip M- $6
EMMYLOU HARRIS- Luxury Liner- (large promo only poster photographed & designed by Ed Thrasher) Warner Bros (2998) Still Sealed in original 'Promotional Materials' envelope. M $8
THE KEEPERS- Same (Promo Poster for Boston area Power-Pop transplants from Ohio) M $18
LOGGINS & MESSINA- On Stage- ("Now In Stock" display poster) Columbia (32848) VG $2
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS- One Love- (In-Store poster to promote the release) Heartbeat M $5
MOON MARTIN- Escape From Domination- (large display poster) Capitol (11933) M- $6
PAUL McCARTNEY- McCartney- (45" x 29" in-store poster of Paul at the mike. His eyes are tinted blue & there is a red flower in his lapel. 'McCartney' printed in red letters up the side) Columbia Rolled M- (C10) $33
PAUL McCARTNEY- On His Own- (1980 31" x 20" In-Store poster to promote "McCartney II") Columbia (P-36511) Rolled M (C10) $40 Scarce!
THE MIRACLE WORKERS- Roll Out The Red Carpet- (In-Store 18" x 24" Promo Poster from Triple X Records) Originally folded in middle, then Rolled EX- (C8) $12
JONI MITCHELL- Miles Of Aisles- (Large in-store poster to promote the 2-LP set) Asylum (202) M- $6
THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION- The Grand Wazoo- (Great large-sized poster of the cool Cal Schenkel artwork) Bizarre (2093) EX+ $35
NEW WAVE DIVIDER CARD- (Large bright green 12" x 15" 2-sided record bin divider card w/ 'wet blobs'. Catch It!) Still Sealed in original envelope $45
NEW WAVE ROCK'N'ROLL- (24" x 36" Promo Only In-Store Poster w/ tagline: "Get Behind It Before It Gets Past You". Pictures debut LPs by Richard Hell & The Voidoids; Talking Heads; Saints; Dead Boys; Ramones, plus Ramones 'Leave Home') Sire Records M $33
RANDY NEWMAN- Good Old Boys- (Large in-store only poster designed by Mike Salisbury to promote 'Good Old Boys' LP) Reprise (2193) M $3
NO WAVE- Taglines: "Nothing Clever To Say, Just Someplace To Say It" & "A Musical Dip Into The Ocean Of Contemporary Sounds"- (12" x 24" poster shows punk girl 'surfing' on an ironing board to promote Various Artist LP w/ Stranglers; Secret; Police; Dickies; Klark Kent; Joe Jackson; UK Squeeze) A&M (4738) M $24
NONESUCH RECORDS- Explore The World Of Nonesuch- (Large In-Store poster to promote their Explorer Series of LPs) Nonesuch EX $2
OLDIES BUT GOODIES ARE OUT OF SIGHT- (Clever 10.5" x 19" poster made up to look like an eye chart) Original Sound M- $3
QUESTION MARK & THE MYSTERIANS- 16" x 14.5 Promotional In-Store Only poster to promote Do You Feel It Baby? The Captivating Live Sounds Of Question Mark & The Mysterians on Norton Records (262) M $9
RADIOLA RECORDS- Real Radio Rides Again On Radiola Records- (b&w In-Store Promo Poster pictures 8 of their LP covers) Radiola EX+ $7 Rare!
RALPH RECORDS- Buy Or Die!- (RARE 22" x 34.5" In-Store Only full-color poster promoting 6 releases & a moviette from the fall of 1980. Great monster artwork by Gary Panter) Ralph M $88
RAMONES- Road To Ruin- (Great pre-Warner Bros large-sized display poster featuring John Holstrom artwork) Sire (6063) M $88
RATTLERS- 9.5" x 17.5" long B&W banner or band name logo. The band had to tape on some additional white margin area along the bottom due to a printing error. M $16 or EX $9
RAUNCH HANDS- Rio Grande- (unused store only poster to promote the LP. Artwork by KAZ, design by Judy Virsinger) Relativity (EMC-8060) M $18
THE REDUCERS- Cruise To Nowhere- (Display Tour Poster) Rave On Records EX+ $6
THE RESIDENTS- Duck Stab!- (Rare 12"5" x 19" In-Store Only, 2-color Poster to promote their new 7" EP. Cool must-have item for the completist) Ralph Records M $75
THE RESIDENTS- 11" X 17" 2-color poster promoting The Residents: "Hello Skinny", a 3-minute Resident Moviette w/ Brigit Terris. The in-store poster is printed on both sides & folded in thirds for mailing. The back-side promotes "Hello Skinny" (35mm or 16mm) plus "Third Reich & Roll" (16mm) for rental to be exhibited in your area. W/ original mailing label & postmark: Aug 6, 1980. From Canyon Cinema Cooperative. Pinhole on top. VG $65 Rare!
THE REZILLOS- Great 15" x 20" promo only B&W poster from 1978- Sire M $45
ROLLIN' ROCK RECORDS- Rockabilly Lives (10.5" x 17" In-Store poster to promote the label's roster of artists. Pictures head honcho Ronny Weiss. Comes folded) M $6
LINDA RONSTADT- 6" x 24" long color banner picturing & promoting the release of 'Simple Dreams' LP. Elektra / Asylum M- $3
LEO SAYER- Just A Boy- (Large in-store only poster) Warner Bros (2836) Still Sealed M $4
JOHN SEBASTIAN- Tarzan Kid- (Large in-store only poster) Reprise (2187) M $3
SHANANA- Promo Only Poster (b&w group shot of the boys in their element) Kama Sutra EX- $5
PATTI SMITH GROUP- Wave- ('Now Available' poster) Arista M- $6
STOIC VIOLENCE- Large 23" X 28" folded green newsprint in-store only poster to promote their 12" "Chained" LP on Deranged / Video Disease Records M $6
SWEET PIE- Pleasure Pudding- (Large 1972 b&w in-store only poster features exclusive non-LP artwork by Sweet Pie) ESP/ Rig M (Cat. #2004) $48
JAMES TAYLOR- Walking Man- (Large poster w/ picture of James by Richard Avedon) Warner Bros (2794) M $6
THE THREE O'CLOCK- Sixteen Tambourines- (Large promo only poster w/ "Their Time Is Now" caption) Frontier VG+ $2
THUNDERTRAIN- 22" x 22" folded promo only poster of Thundertrain from 1977 by their promoters, Mansion Management of Lexington, Massachusetts. It shows an ALTERNATE VERSION of the B&W group pic with them holding the 'Teenage Suicide' newspapers. Below is the Jelly Records Logo. M $16 Rare!
WENDY WALDMAN- Same- (Large in-store only display poster) Warner Bros M $3
WALLY- Same- (in-store only display poser features the cover-art graphic) Atlantic (18115) M- $2
WET WILLIE- Large In-Store Only Compilation Poster pictures their 1st 4 LPs) Capricorn M $8
THE WILD STARES- 13.5" x 19" in-store poster (To promote the 7" EP: "All We Want"; "The Moon Is Down"; "Over")- Propeller Records EX- $5
ANDRE WILLIAMS- 11" x 17" Promotional in-store poster for "Bait And Switch", available on Norton Records (288) $4
JESSE WINCHESTER- Learn To Love It- (24" x 24" poster) Bearsville (6953) M $4
JESSE COLIN YOUNG- Songbird- (Large In-Store Only poster) Warner Bros (2845) Still Sealed M $6
FRANK ZAPPA- Apostrophe- (Large sized in-store only original poster) Discreet (2175) M- $45 Scarce!


ALLMAN BROS.- Eat A Peach-(Two 4" x 6" full color cards on heavy heavy stock. One an image of truck w/ watermelon, the other w/ truck & peach. Very nice images & condition, suitable for matting or framing) M $4 for the pair
CHICAGO- 9" x 10" Unused Color Iron-On Transfer of "Chicago VIII" LP cover (Chicago Logo over Red Bird) M- $8
ELVIS RING- Stunning adjustable silver tone metal ring with the name Elvis encrusted in sparkling glass diamonds! Name measures 1/4" high x 1" long. Ring starting size is 3/4" diameter w/ plenty of forgiveness for larger or smaller fingers or toes. Use for Elvis Presley or Elvis Costello, or your dog named Elvis. Unique $12
ERASERHEAD BABY- 7.75" x 9.5" b&w glossy of the new born thing being fed. An amazing image. M $1
GREEN DAY PROMO GUITAR PICK PAK- Uno! Dos! Tre!- 3 unused medium guage guitar picks in a sealed pak. Each pick says Green Day on one side, w/ a colorful op-art background. The other side of each pick has an image of a band member's face. Promo Only for Record Store Day April 20, 2013) Mint $26 See Pictures
MICKEY MOUSE RECORD PLAYER- Rare 4-Speed Deluxe Model RP3122A - 20 Watts w/ tone-arm shaped like his hand. Plays 16; 33.3; 45; 78 RPM Records. Made by General Electric circa 1960s for Walt Disney Productions. White & Blue. Works fine. Near Mint. $45
RUBY STARR & GREY GHOST- Unused Iron-On Transfer sheet w/ 6"x6" image + 3"x3" image both of Ruby 'toon caricature. Cool!) Capitol M- $9
WURLITZER- 10" Circular Metal Enameled Sign- (Says: "Wurlitzer Phonograph Music" w/ tagline: "America's Favorite Nickel's Worth Of Fun". Yellow lettering on black background w/ red note shaped man w/ tophat, playing trumpet. Gusseted mounting holes on sides. Heavy metal construction) M $40


AIR SUPPLY- Same- Arista (8283) EX+ $1
BILL & TAFFY- Pass It On- RCA (0214) EX+ $1
THE BONZO DOG BAND- Tadpoles- (Unique graphic innersleeve which keys with the special die-cut cover of the LP) Liberty (LP-12445) EX- $2
DAVID BOWIE- Low- RCA (2030) M- $1
DAVID BOWIE- The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust- RCA (4702) NM $2
CAPABILITY BROWN- From Scratch- Famous Charisma (1056) VG $2 Rare!
CECILIO & KAPONO- Night Music- Columbia (34300) M $1
CHEAP TRICK- Heaven Tonight- Epic (35312) EX $1
GAIL DAVIES- Same- Lifesong (35504) M $1
THE DOORS- Soft Parade- Elektra (75005) NM- $3
EDWARD BEAR- Same- (delete hole to corner) Capitol (11157) M $1
EL ROACHO- Same- Columbia (32468) M- $1
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA- El Dorado- United Artists (339) EX $1
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA- On The Third Day- Columbia / Jet (35525)VG $1
PETER GABRIEL- So- Geffen (24088) M $1
LESLIE GORE- It's My Party- (Original sleeve w/ "Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows" included) Mercury (1024) M- $4
JOHN HIATT- Overcoats- Epic (33190) M $1
DAN HICKS & HIS HOT LICKS- Last Train To Hicksville-(original issue) Blue Thumb (51) EX+ $2
HORSELIPS- The Tain- Atco (7039) EX $2
HOUNDS- Unleashed- Columbia (35085) VG $1
JADE WARRIOR- Waves- Island (9318) VG $1
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE- Blows Against The Empire- RCA (4448) EX+ $1
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - After Bathing At Baxter's- (original issue) RCA (1511) EX+ $2
PAUL KATNER & GRACE SLICK- Baron Von Tollbooth & The Chrome Nun- Grunt (0148) EX $2
SARAH KERNOCHAN- Beat Around The Bush- RCA (0671) M- $1
JOHN LENNON & THE PLASTIC ONO BAND- Imagine- Apple (3379) EX- $1
GRAHAM NASH- Wild Tales- Atlantic (SD-7288) NM $1
ANDY PRATT- Shiver In The Night- Nemperor (443) EX+ $1
QUEEN- News Of The World- (w/ "We Will Rock You" & "We Are The Champions") Elektra (112) M- $1
HELEN REDDY- Free & Easy- Capitol (ST-11348) EX $1
RENAISSANCE- Ashes Are Burning- Capitol / Severeign (11216) M- $1
ROSIE- Better Late Than Never- RCA (1498) VG $1
CARLY SIMON- Anticipation- Elektra (75016) VG+ $1
THE STRANGLERS- Black & White- (delete hole) A&M (4706) VG $1
JOEL VANCE- What I Did On My Vacation- Cadet Concept (325) M- $2
STRAWBS- Bursting At The Seams- A&M (4383) NM $1
THE WACKERS- Wackering Heights- Elektra (74098) M- $1


THE BEATLES- Original lyric poster that came with the White Album. Glossy finish on poster side. Apple EX+ $14
JACK BONUS- Extra Added Bonus- (Illustrated lyric insert) Grunt (1005) VG $1
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART- The Spotlight Kid- (lyric insert has some staining, 1/2" edge tear) Warner Bros (2050) VG $2
HARRY CHAPIN- Verities & Balderdash- (fold open lyric insert w/ "Cat's In The Cradle") Elektra (1012) M $1
CROSBY, STILLS & NASH- Same- (fold-open lyric insert for their debut LP) Atlantic (8229) VG $1
EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER- Brain Salad Surgery- (die-cut fold-out lyric & poster insert pictures ELP) Manticore (66669) M $7 or M- $5
EVITA- Illustrated lyric booklet that came w/ the Original London Cast LP) MCA (11003) M- $1
GLASS HARP- Same- Decca (75261) M $2
MARLIN GREENE- Tiptoe Past The Dragon- (lyric insert w/ nice color fantasy art by Marlon) Elektra (75028) M- $1
SIR CEDRIC HARDWICKE- CO-STAR- (20-Page dialogue booklet from the LP where you act opposite the star) Co-Star (106) M $2
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE- Volunteers Of America- (Illustrated lyric insert w/ Willy Murphy art) RCA (4238) M $2 or M- $1
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE- Bark- (lyric sheet + suggestions for what you can do with the paper bag outer cover. See misc. for the bag) Grunt (1001) $2
CAROLE KING- Music- (fold-open lyric insert on heavy stock) Ode (77013) M- $2 or VG $1
THE KINKS- Preservation Act 2- (fold-open lyric insert) RCA (5040) VG+ $1
BILL MADISON- Sunday Morning Hayride- (fold-open lyric insert) Saloon EX $1
MASS- 32-page booklet to the Original Cast LP, composed & conducted by Leonard Bernstein) Columbia (31008) M $2
JOHN MAYALL- Empty Rooms- (fold-out lyric insert) Polydor (4010) M $1
JOHN MAYALL- Back To The Roots- (24-page full color photo book w/ lyrics) Polydor (3002) M $3
MOODY BLUES- On The Threshold Of A Dream- (12-page lyric booklet) Decca (18025) M $2
MOODY BLUES- Question Of Balance- (fold-open lyric insert) Threshold (3) M $3
VAN MORRISON- His Band & The Street Choir- (fold-open insert w/ "Domino") Warner Bros (1884) M- $1
ERIC & MARTHA NAGLER- The Gentleness Of Living- (lyric insert) Philo M $1
NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE- Powerglide- (lyrics w/ artwork by Kelly Mouse Studio) Columbia (31284) M- $2
POCO- A Good Feelin' To Know- (8-page photo booklet w/ lyrics) Epic (31601) M- $1
JOHN PRINE- Sweet Revenge- Atlantic (SD-7274) EX- $1
QUADROPHENIA- Same- (44-page souvenir booklet is mostly photos from the film, but does contain lyrics to all the Pete Townshend songs) Polydor (6235) M- $4
TODD RUNDGREN- Todd- (Lyrics printed on back of large poster which depicts the likeness of Todd's face created w/ the names of fans who turned in a post card from his previous LP) Bearsville (6952) M- $9
TODD RUNDGREN- Something / Anything- (large fold-out lyric insert) Bearsville (2BX-2066) M $1
SAMHAIN- Lyric insert from the solo debut LP of Glenn Danzig of The Misfits. Plan 9 / Caroline EX- $2
VERONIQUE SANSON- Same- (lyric insert for debut LP) Elektra (75050) M- $1
ERIC VON SCHMIDT- Who Knocked The Brains Out Of The Sky- (illustrated fold-open lyric sheet includes the song "Catch It" about Richard Fariña) Mercury (67124) M $3
CARLEY SIMON- Same- (textured fold-open lyric-poster insert) Elektra (74082) $1
CHRIS SMITHER- Don't It Drag On- (fold-open lyric insert) Poppy (5704) EX- $1
SPIRIT- Feedback- (lyric insert) Epic (31175) M- $1
RINGO STARR- Ringo- (24-page lyric booklet w/ illustrations by Klaus Voorman) Apple (3413) M- $3
CAT STEVENS- Foreigner- (12" x 12" poster of Polar Bear (watercolor) on heavy, thick stock w/ lyrics on reverse. Suitable for framing) A&M (4391) M $2
STRING DRIVEN THING- Same- (lyric insert to their debut LP) Famous Charisma (1062) M $4 Scarce!
TAOS- Same- (fold-open poster w/ lyrics. Has small delete hole) Mercury (61257) M- $1
JAMES TAYLOR- Sweet Baby James- (fold-open poster & lyric sheet) Warner Bros (1843) M- $1 (Specify sepia tint or b&w)
10CC- Sheet Music- (lyric insert) UK (53107) M $3
TOMMY- Same- (28-page illustrated lyric booklet that came w/ the Studio Cast LP. Features artwork by Richard Amsel; David Byrd; Robert Grossman; many others) Ode (99001) M $3
URIAH HEEP- The Magician's Birthday- (lyric insert) Mercury (652) M $2
UTOPIA- Another Live- (lyric insert) Bearsville (6961) M- $1
NEIL YOUNG- After The Goldrush- (seldom seen lyric poster) Reprise (6383) EX- $5
VIRGO RISING- Songs Of Sisterhood- (14" x 28" lyric sheet of LP by Janet Smith; Malvina Reynolds; Kit Miller; Nancy Rave; others. Tagline: The Once & Future Woman") Thunderbird (7037) M- $1


JOE BAUER- Moonset- (Cover slick suitable for framing) Warner Bros (1901) M- $1
THE BEATLES- 3.5" x 5" b&w 70s vintage repro photo (Shows group in their bathrobes sitting around a hotel room reading fan mail)- Barb Fennick collection- M- $2
DAVID BOWIE- Aladdin Sane- (Iconic cover slick) RCA (4852) VG $2
CELEBRATION AT BIG SUR- Textured 4-panel insert w/ the poem "The Teeth-Mother Naked at Last" by Robert Bly,& passages from Leo Tolstoy's "Working Classes of All Nations". This folio came w/ the original quasi-soundtrack LP only & was not replicated on the CD reissue. Ode(SPX-77008) M $6
CAPTAIN BEYOND- Same- (5" x 7" 3-D cover graphic only) Capricorn (0105) M- $9
D.C.3- This Is The Dream- (Cover slick suitable for framing) SST (Cat #1985) M $2
DIVIDER CARDS- vintage 12" white vinyl dividers w/ a 2" tab factory embossed w/ artists name in metallic red. Available: Johnny Cash ($5); Dick Curless ($8 Rare); The Doors ($9); Jimi Hendrix ($15); Instrumental ($5); Instrumental ($5); Instrumentals ($6); Tom Jones ($5); Three Dog Night ($5); Most are printed on both sides making the tab either left or right. All 9 for $40
BOB DYLAN- Planet Waves- (original reflective gold colored back cover slick) Asylum (1003) M- $2
EARTHQUAKE- 8" x 10" b&w glossy promo photo- Beserkley M $3
ENVELOPES- Four 9.5" x 12.5" white envelopes each boldly printed in the upper/mid left w/ a name in a different color: Freddie King; Leon Russell; Jimmy Rogers; Black Grass- Unused w/ adhesive flaps NM $2 set
FABIAN- Huntingdon's Fabulous Fabian Sweaters- (Medium-large vintage plastic bag for: "Your Fabulous Fabian Sweater - Authentically Fashioned By Huntingdon Mills, Inc.") EX $20 Rare!
W.C. FIELDS- The Magnificent Rogue- (original cover slick) Radiola Records (1049) EX- $1
1960s GROUP GUIDE- 11" x 17" sheet Published in 1974 by 'The Rock Marketplace' owner & rock historian Alan Betrock. One side is a collage of famous faces in music, the other a listing of genre specific groups by category. Came folded. M $1
JIMI HENDRIX- Electric Church: A Visual Experience- (Rare 1969 official concert tour program book w/ great tri-fold, full-color stiff outer cover & 24 inner pages packed w/ 47 Monochrome & 35 color photos of the band, printed on thick coated paper stock, measuring 12" square. The photos by "Raffaelli" are stunning, chronicling Jimi, Mitch & Noel. The book dates to before June 29, 1969 when Noel played his last gig with Jimi. A very respectable copy of this legendary item! Color photos are much more vibrant than the low resolution scans provided here) M $199 See Pictures
HOLY WAR- 8" x 10" b&w glossy promo photo of NY all-girl power trio)- M- $2
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE- Bark- (Paper Bag packaging concept by Amy Lehman. Was shipped as outer cover to the first pressing, but was too bulky for rack-jobbers to deal with) Grunt (1001) M- $8
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA w/ JOHN McLAUGHLIN- Inner Mounting Flame- (9" x 10" inert that came w/ LP has thoughts on 'Aspiration' by Sri Chinmoy) Columbia (31067) M $1
MANCHILD- 8" x 10" b&w glossy promo photo- Capitol EX+ $1
MARC McCLURE- 8" x 10" b&w glossy promo photo- Capitol VG $1
MEAT PUPPETS- Up On The Sun- (Cover slick suitable for framing) SST M- $2
MEAT PUPPETS- Meat Puppets II- (Cover slick suitable for framing) SST EX+ $1
MINUTEMEN- Project Mersh- (Cover slick of D. Boone art, suitable for framing) SST M $2
THE MONO MEN- 5.25" x 3.5" full color postcard promoting "Shut Up!". Has cheesecake photo in Art Chantry 'Ace Magazine' inspired layout design. Rare! M $9
VAN MORRISON- Saint Dominic's Preview- (4-page 8.5" x 11" booklet that came w/ the LP has credits & production notes) Warner Bros (2633) NM- $1
MOUNTAIN- (8" x 10" b&w glossy showing Leslie West & group posed in front of their airplane at the airport hanger. Part of a 2-photo set that came w/ "Nantucket Sleighride" LP. Windfall (5500) EX+ $1
THE OTHERS- Same- (5" x 7" b&w glossy group shot of these Italian garage rockers. Backside includes group line-up & says: "Love From The Others" written by Brian 66) M $6
THE PERSUADERS- We Came To Play (8.5" x 17" b&w group picture backed w/ reviews & hype by Lenny Kaye; Stu Werbin; others. Came w/ LP) Capitol (791) M- $1
JONATHAN RICHMAN- 8" x 10" b&w glossy promo photo- Beserkley M $4
ART ROSENBAUM- Five String Banjo- (Cover slick) Kicking Mule (108) VG $1
RUBINOOS- 8" x 10" b&w glossy promo photo- Beserkley M $2
TODD RUNDGREN- Unused postcard from 1973 in which you submit your name to be used on a poster for the forthcoming Todd LP. Cool & obscure artifact. M $2
SANTANA- Energy For The Universe From The Center Of A Volcano- (colorful insert w/ production note, song titles & musician credits) Columbia (31308) M $1
PATTI SMITH GROUP- 8" x 10" b&w glossy promo photo- Arista M $3
STEPPENWOLF- 12" x 12" Hard Cover Book- (34 page B&W + Color Photo Book Published in 1969 by Visual Thing, Inc. Features individual shots of band members plus group shots) M $30 Scarce!
SWEET PIE- Pleasure Pudding Postcard- (Rig Comix Presents a 5 panel comic w/ artwork by Sweet Pie himself, promotiong is ESP (#2004) album on a 5.5" X 7" unused postcard from 1972. No bends or folds, but some stains, discoloration make it VG $6 Very Scarce!
TAVARES- 8.5" x 11" bio hype-sheet printed on coated heavy stock, circa mid-1970s- Capitol M $1
200 MOTELS- (16-page booklet that came w/ the 1971 soundtrack LP featuring Frank Zappa; The Mothers Of Invention; Ringo Starr; Theodore Bikel, others) United Artists (9956) VG $5
THE WHO- Live At Leeds- (8" x 12" b&w mini-poster insert shows Peter Townshend jumping up w/ guitar overhead. Came w/ original LP) Decca (79175) M- $1
NANCY WILSON- 8" x 8" bio hype-sheet printed on coated heavy stock, circa mid-1970s- Capitol M $1
YANKS- 8" x 10" b&w glossy promo photo- DTI Records M $2


THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND with BOZ SCAGGS - Great classic vintage rock music poster art on repro 14" x 22" cardboard nostalgic poster advertising 1974 concert Fri Sept 21 at San Diego Sports Arena. M $6
THE BAND- Rock Of Ages- (Large fold-open bio & photo gallery, designed by Bob Cato) Capitol (11045) M $12 Scarce!
THE BEATLES- 'The Days In Their Lives'- (Awesome 25" x 25" full color poster shows the gates to Strawberry Fields) Rolled M (C10) $28
THE BEATLES- 'When They're 64'- (23" x 30" B&W poster shows the group depicted w/ 'age enhancement') Rolled M (C10) $12 or VG (C6) $5
THE BEATLES- Same- (Cool seldom-seen group Photo circa late-60s w/ Ringo; Paul (in cowboy shirt); George; John. 23" x 35.5" in red-sepia duo-tone) Rolled M (C10) $28 or EX (C8) $14
LENNY BRUCE- Carnegie Hall- (great poster by Bob Cato from the 3-Record Set) United Artists (9800) M $7
CACTUS- Same- (Looks like they are at Electric Ladyland Studios. Cool poster) Epic M- $17
JOHN CALE- Sabotage / Live- (Unused 1980 gig poster w/ powerful John Vogel photo & tagline: Ready For War!) SPY (007) M $12
CHICAGO- Chicago III- (powerful anti-war poster by Horn / Griner Studios w/ their trademark wide-angle lens, picturing the group at Arlington National Cemetery. Came w/ LP) Columbia (30110) M $2
ELVIS COSTELLO- Get Happy- (Large 53" x 35" ceiling poster. Very nice image) Rolled M (C10) $40 Scarce!
CREAM- Goodbye Cream- (Ltd poster w/ caption 'Farewell From The Cream' Came w/ LP) Atco (7001) VG-- $1
CREAM- Great classic vintage rock music poster art on repro 14" x 22" cardboard nostalgic poster advertising their farewell concert tour Fri Nov 1, 1968 at The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA. M $6
'CROWNING GLORY'- 12" x 15" full color Pinup Poster by M.M. Phillips on heavy stock. Numbered: #166 of 950) Rolled M (C10) $26
RONNIE DAWSON- Same- (14" x 22" gig poster featuring Lisa Pankratz on drums, w/ High Noon at Morganfield's, Portland, Saturday April 8th, circa 1995. Autographed by Sean Mencher. Printed on heavy stock) Rolled M (C10) $15
THE DOOBIE BROTHERS-What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits- (came w/ LP) Warner Bros (2750) M $2
BOB DYLAN- At Budokan- (large poster came w/ original LP) Columbia (36067) EX $5
EAGLES- Hotel California- (fold-out poster came w/ original LP) Asylum (1084) M $2
GEORGE HARRISON & ERIC CLAPTON- Concert For Bangladesh- (23" x 36" poster of photo by Jeffrey Mayer, 1973, distributed by Great Western Distributors) Rolled M (C10) $20
MICK JAGGER- Same- (Super-large 42" x 59" poster of Mick at the mike w/ glam sequined eye make-up; tiara; denim jacket. 1974 by Public Eye Features) Rolled M (C10) $40
JETHRO TULL- Same- (Super-large 42" x 59" collage poster w/ photos by Fortune / Rodabaugh, Inc. 1975) Rolled M (C10) $33
ELTON JOHN- Same- (Super-large 42" x 59" collage poster by Public Eye Features, Fortune / Rodabaugh, Inc. 1974) Rolled M (C10) $20 or M- (C9) $12
KISS- Great classic vintage rock music poster art on repro 14" x 22" cardboard nostalgic poster advertising 1983 Elder Tour. M $8
GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS- The Way We Were- (color tinted display poster) M $4
'LILI'- 13" x 17" full color Pinup Poster by Rusty, copyrighted by M.M. Phillips & D, Rust. Numbered & signed by Rusty! #105 of 950) Rolled M (C10) $26
LYRES- Same- Card Stock poster of LP cover shows parrot on Lyre shaped guitar- M $1
LYRES- Happy Now- (18" x 24" gig poster for Zootz, May 28th) Folded then Rolled EX (C8) $14
PAUL McCARTNEY- Same- (23" x 30" full color poster of a bearded Paul at the mike in a v-neck sweater, playing acoustic guitar) Rolled M (C10) $20 or EX- (C8) $10
RANDY NEWMAN- Sail Away- (poster insert came w/ LP) Warner Bros (2064) VG+ $1
HARRY NILSSON- Son Of Schmilsson- (24" x 36" B&W poster that came with the LP, shows Harry in his 'Dracula' cape. Lyrics printed on back) RCA LSP- 4717 VG+ $4
NORTON RECORDS PRESENTS- Giant Holiday Show & Dance w/ Andre Williams; King Coleman; Nathaniel Mayer; Gino Washington; The Mighty Hannibal; Lonnie Youngblood; The Great Gaylord; The Fabulous Soul Shakers; Rudy Ray Moore: Saturday, Dec 27 at Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY. 8.5" x 14" M $6
THE JOHNNY OTIS SHOW- Live At Monterey- (poster came w/ LP pictures band members, Esther Phillips; Shuggie Otis; Ivory Joe Hunter; Big Joe Turner; Cleanhead Vinson & others) Epic (30473) EX $8
THE PARTY DOLLS- Same- (17" x 22" gig poster for the all-girl group from New Jersey, from August circa early-90s) Folded then Rolled VG (C6) $5
PINK FLOYD- Dark Side Of The Moon- (now scarce poster that came w/ LP) Harvest (11163-2) M $12
ELVIS PRESLEY- Same- (Exclusive 22" x 27" color Promo Only poster used to promote Elvis Perfume, available only at J.C. Penny, circa late-90s) Rolled M (C10) $28 Rare!
THE PRIME MOVERS- Same- (22" x 26" self-distibuted, monotone group shot) Rolled M- $50 Rare!
MARTHA REEVES- Same- (large display poster based on the LP cover) MCA (414) M $4
ROLLING STONES- Goats Head Soup- (12" x 12" color poster of a goats head stewing in a kettle. Came w/ LP. Heavy stock, suitable for framing) EX+ $3
THE SMALL FACES- A Nod Is As Good As A Wink- (super-large photo-collage poster that came w/ the LP) Warner Bros (BS-2574) EX- $8
SPANKY & OUR GANG- Wild Eyed At The Ball- (23" x 30" poster that came folded inside the 'Like To Get To Know You' LP)- Mercury (SR-61161) M- $7
SWEATHOG- Hallelujah (seldom-seen fold-open poster) Columbia (31144) M $17
THOR- Keep The Dogs Away- (Insert poster that came w/ the LP shows the mighty Thor flanked by Doberman Pinschers) Midsong (2337) EX $28 Scarce!
UNNATURAL AXE- 17"H x 22"L gig poster (w/ two shooting target outlines with bullet holes, and one scared looking youngster. Some stains, pinholes, curls) VG $14
'VISITING THE GRANDPARENTS'- 17" x 24" Color Print of famed advertisement by Will Elder that first appeared in Mad Magazine. Depicts family drinking beer together. Heavy stock by Litho Stabur Graphics, Inc. 1985. Signed by Will Elder!) Rolled M (C10) $55
'VOMIT GLOSSARY'- by Peter Bagge- (26" x 30" B&W poster from 1984) Rolled M (C10) $38 Rare!


THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND- Dreams (32-page 11" x 11" booklet that came with the 4-CD Boxed Set. Chock full of rare photos, info & band history by John Swenson, plus illustrated discography & embossed die-cut cover) PolyGram M $2
BONZO DOG BAND- Gorilla (Large Sized 12-page Illustrated booklet that came w/ the LP) Imperial (12370) M- $9
BONZO DOG BAND- Urban Spaceman- (Large Sized 12-page Illustrated booklet that came w/ the LP) Imperial (12432) M- $9 or EX $5
THE CONCERT FOR BANGLA DESH- Same- (64-page photo souvenir booklet that came in the boxed set features George Harrison; Ravi Shankar; Bob Dylan; Leon Russell; Ringo Starr; Billy Preston; Others) Apple (3385) M $4
ELTON JOHN- Captain Fantastic & The Brown Dirt Cowboy- (Illustrated "Scraps" souvenir booklet w/ lots of photos, tidbits & rare comic book picture story) MCA (2142) M $4
KISS- Platinum Award Plaque- (embossed 8" x 10" metallicized card that came with the 'Double Platinum' LP Casablanca NBLP-7100) VG+ $3
THE LAUGHING DOGS- Original Joehead Face Mask- (Big-eared 1/2-face style mask, was given out only at concerts) EX+ $8
THE MANDRAKE MEMORIAL- Puzzle- (Circular insert, of M.C. Escher's "Curl Ups", intended for your turntable. Flip side shows color photo of the band) Poppy (PYS 40.006) EX- $75
SHELLY MANNE - Perk Up Burlap Coffee Bag- (Large 34"L x 21 w/ Heavy Burlap Bag printed 3-colors on one side, as a Promotional Only item for the Shelly Manne LP, "Perk Up". The printing reads from top to bottom: US. No. 1 / Shelly Manne "Perk Up" (as the album cover art) / Grown & Packed by / Concord Jazz, Inc. / Concord, Calif. / company logo. Perfect for carrying laundry, coffee beans, etc. From 1976. Extremely Rare!) Mint $55 See Picture
PAUL McCARTNEY- 7 3/4" x 10 3/4" color glossy photo that originally came with The Beatles' White Album- Apple EX $5
ELVIS PRESLEY- Elvis' Christmas Album- (50th Anniversary reprint of photo booklet. Nice quality) RCA M $2
THE POLICE- Police Whistle- (Regulation sized police whistle in dark grey / black plastic w/ 'The Police' printed in red on the side. Comes with chain holder & chain) A&M M $45 Rare!
THE ROLLING STONES- Exile On Main Street- (Complete Set of 12 Postcards - unused & unseparated) M $30
SON OF DRACULA- Iron On Transfer- (Came w/ the 1974 soundtrack LP featuring Harry Nilsson as 'Count Downe' & Ringo Starr as 'Merlin, The Magician'. Unused & packaged in original black bag w/ instructions from Connection Design of the UK) Apple (0220) NM $45 Rare!
RINGO STARR- 7 3/4" x 10 3/4" color glossy photo that originally came with The Beatles' White Album- Apple EX $5
TEMPTATIONS- 10th Anniversary Album- (12-page souvenir booklet) Motown (782) EX- $2
WARNER / REPRISE: Hicksville- Letters... We Get Letters, We Get Sacks & Sacks Of Letters- (A unique collection of underground ads coupled w/ letters that Warner / Reprise got from the public, compiled in a rare 9" x 12" industry booklet w/ cardboard covers & orange plastic comb binding, made for distributors & writers only. Circa 1969 VG+ $40
JOSH WHITE- Ballads & Blues- (5.25" x 8.5" 12-page booklet that came w/ 10" 78-RPM 8-song album set, from September, 1946. Notes by Alan Lomax provides info on each song origin, plus lyrics) Decca (A-447) M- $5


ROY AYRES- Everybody Loves Sunshine- (Polydor folder (VG-), w/ 8" x 10" b&w glossy (EX), in-store poster (M), bio & press clips (M) $1 for all.
DAVID DUNDAS- Same- (8" x 10" b&w glossy & bio of the guy who sang 'Jeans On') Chrysalis EX $1
FAB MOTION- Howdy, Can I Bum A Smoke?- (Bio cover sheet + 9 pages of reviews & 8" x 10" b&w glossy) N-Dent Records M $9
FABIAN FORTE- Same- (5-page Biography circa March 1975 from Gene Shefrin Associates PR firm of Beverly Hills, CA) M- $8
NICK GILDER- Same (8" x 10" b&w glossy & 4-page bio sheet) Chrysalis EX $2
PHILLIP GOODARD-TAIT- Same- (8" x 10" b&w glossy & sheet) Chrysalis EX $1
JIMI HENDRIX- Crash Landing- (7-page bio) Reprise M $17
THE IMPOSSIBLE YEARS- (8" x 10" b&w glossy; & several pages of critical reviews for this Philly power pop threesome) M $3
KATFISH- Same- (8" x 10" b&w glossy; neon orange 3.75" x 12" bumpersticker; 2-page bio from Northeast Concerts for this little-known Maine area hard-rock outfit featuring Nick Knowlton; Maurice McKenna; John Hart & Jeff Wright, previously known as 'Catfish') Big Tree M $85 Rare!
KENNY &THE KASUALS- The Impact Sound Of Kenny & The Kasuals- (Two 8" x 10" b&w glossy photos + reviews & articles including a reprint on an interview in 'Not Fade Away'; plus a couple of hype sheets & a cover letter signed by Mark Lee to promote the re-release of the rare original LP. Comes in rubber-stamped folder. Includes a personal hand-written note to me by Mark Lee. Everything comes in original mailing envelope post-dated Feb 23, 1978) Mark Lee Productions M $125
JOHN LENNON- Walls & Bridges Press Kit- Listen To This Envelope- (13.5" square B&W mailing envelope w/ flap. Version 1 w/ standard "eyes" photo on front; Capitol address label on back w/ 10/3/74 mailing date. Contains: "Listen To This Picture Record" 12" LP picture disc w/ interviews including John talking about the Butcher cover. "Listen To This Press Kit / John Lennon Walls & Bridges"- Contains: Outer Folder, Listen To This Photo # 1 (8" x 10"), Listen To This Photo #2 (8" x 10"), Listen To This Interview Card (8" x 10"), Listen To This Postcard (4-3/4" x 6-3/4"w/ Apple logo on back); Listen To This Sticker (4-3/4" x 6-3/4" color), plus 8-page booklet & printed cardboard innersleeve that comes w/ the stock 'Walls & Bridges' LP) Overall M to NM $399
ROY LONEY & THE PHANTOM MOVERS- Out After Dark- (2-page bio w/ Two 8" x 10" b&w glossy photos + 3-pages of reviews; a couple of extra hype sheets & a 2.25" b&w button, all in large textured Solid Smoke folder!) Solid Smoke M $65 Rare!
MAGAZINE- Secondhand Daylight- (bio sheet w/ 8" x 10" glossy in Virgin Records folder) Virgin EX $33
THE RAMONES- Road To Ruin- (2-page bio w/ 8" x 10" glossy in Sire folder) Sire / Warner Bros M $95
THE REDS- 20-pages of late 1978 to early 1979 reviews, gig ads, quotes, etc., xeroxed from Larry Wright Promotions of Philadelphia, PA. M- $12
PATTI SMITH GROUP- Wave- (3-page bio w/ Three different 8" x 10" glossies in Arista folder) Arista M- $28
JOEY STEC- Same- (bio, 8" x 10" b&w glossy; etc in Playboy Records folder to promote his solo debut. Discovered by Gary Usher, Joey has performed on LPs by The Byrds, Sagittarius, & contributed the song "Begin" as well as play on the Curt Boettcher masterpiece LP, Millenium. Joey also joined The Blues Magoos) Playboy Records VG $2
THE IAN THOMAS BAND- Goodnight Mrs Calabash- (8" x 10" b&w glossy & 5-page bio sheet) Chrysalis EX+ $2
THE TURTLES- 12-page 12" x 12" Promo Only booklet w/ individual pages for band member bios on Howard Kaylan; Mark Volman; Al Nichol; John Barbata; Jim Tucker; Jim Pons ex-Leaves; plus management contacts; reviews, lots of B&W photos, full color cover & 2-page centerfold. Issued in limited quantities by their Management Company: Noga Enterprises of Beverly Hills, California to coincide w/ the release of 'Happy Togegther'. M- $40 Rare!
THE WILD SEEDS- Same (8" x 10" b&w glossy & 3-page bio sheet & 12-pages of reviews for these young Austin, TX upstarts) M $18


HERB ALPERT'S TIJUANA BRASS- Whipped Cream & Other Delights- (still in shrinkwrap w/ famed cheesecake cover photo of Delores Erickson, 'Miss Washington' covered in cream) A&M (4110) M $2
BEAVER & KRAUSE- All Good Men- Warner Bros M- $1
BILL BLACK'S COMBO- Movin'- Hi Mono M- $1
BOSTON CELTICS- Havlicek Stole The Ball- (Exciting Highlights Of Celtic 1956-57 / 1965-66 Basketball Play-Offs w/ complete team photos on back) Fleetwood (FLP-3019) EX+ $3 See Picture
TERESA BREWER- Music, Music, Music- Coral Mono EX $3
ED BYRNES- Kookie- (Star Of '77 Sunset Strip') Warner Bros Mono EX $1
CHEECH & CHONG- Same- (their debut LP) Ode EX $1
CHICAGO ANTHOLOGY- (Archive Series Vol III w/ Charlie Musslewhite; Barry Goldberg; Harvey Mandel) Together EX+ $2
CIRCUS MAXIMUS- (their debut LP w/ Jerry Jeff Walker) Vanguard M $5
THE CRYSTALS- Sing The Greatest Hits- Philles Mono EX- $4
REVEREND GARY DAVIS- Pure Religion!- Prestige Mono EX $1
THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP- I'm A Man- United Artists VG $1
DOORS- L.A. Woman- (original die-cut 'yellow window' glassine cover w/ embossed lettering) Elektra (75011) EX $28
THE DRIFTERS- The Good Life With The Drifters- (small delete hole to upper left corner) Atlantic (8103) Mono M $3
BOB DYLAN- Blonde On Blonde- (original gatefold cover w/ nine inner photos including Claudia Cardinale & the unidentified 'whispering girl') Columbia (C2S-841) EX $18
EAST OF EDEN- Mercator Projected- (their debut LP w/ 2 1/4" circular Promo Sticker to non-graphic area of front cover) Deram (DES-18023) EX $8
THE ELECTRIC PRUNES- Mass In F Minor- Reprise EX+ $3
MAURICE EVANS- Reads A.A. Milene's Joyful Winnie-The-Pooh- (Cover has a great illustrations by E. H. Shepard w/ photo insert of the distinguished British stage actor) Pathways EX+ $3 Scarce!
THE EVERLY BROTHERS- Songs Our Daddy Taught Us- Cadence Mono VG+ $1
THE GRATEFUL DEAD- (Debut LP w/ Kelly Mouse Studios cover art) Warner Bros (1689) EX $5
HARVARD LAMPOON- The Surprising Sheep & Other Mind Excursions- Epic EX+ $2
HP LOVECRAFT- Same- (their debut LP w/ Unipak cover) M- $6
THE HULLABALLOOS- England's Newest Singing Sensations- Roulette Mono EX+ $3
THE INCREDIBLE NEW LIVERPOOL SCENE- Same- (Mersey Beat Poetry w/ Andy Roberts; Adrian Henri & Roger McGough w/ liner notes by Allen Ginsburg. Textured cover) Epic Mono (LN-24336) VG $6 Scarce!
JAN & DEAN- Jan & Dean Meet Batman- Liberty VG $3
THE KINKS- Muswell Hillbillies- (w/ gatefold) RCA M- $2
LEO KOTTKE- 6 & 12 String Guitar- Takoma EX $2
THE McCOYS- Hang On Sloopy- (record cover fully AUTOGRAPHED by all 4 musicians: Rick Derringer; Randy Hobbs; Randy Zehringer; Ron Brandon, front & back, plus some other writing as well) Bang Mono EX- $150
MISSISSIPPI FRED McDOWELL- I Do Not Play Rock'N'Roll- Capitol M- $2
THE MC5- Kick Out The Jams- (original uncensored gatefold w/ "Kick out the jams, motherfucker!" liner notes by John Sinclair) Elektra (74042) EX+ $40
VAN MORRISON- Saint Dominic's Preview- Warner Bros M- $1
THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION- Absolutely Free- (gatefold cover) Verve (V6-5013) M- $4
NAZZ- Nazz III- (small sawmark to lower left edge) SGC (5004) EX+ $1
TRACY NELSON- Deep Are The Roots- Prestige Mono M- $2
NEW YORK MILITARY BAND- Invercargill March (Alex F. Lithgow)- Edison Amberol #851 (Cotton lined box & lid only. No record) M- $3
PEERLESS QUARTET & CO.- The Peerless Minstrels- (Released for promotional purposes as part of the Amberol conversion kit package. Cotton lined cylinder record box & lid only. No record) Edison (#1515- Special K) Amberol (Blue Box & Lid) M- $4
ELVIS PRESLEY- Harum Scarum- (Soundtrack LP to MGM Film) RCA (LSP-3468) M $2
THE ROLLING STONES- Through The Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2)- (original die-cut octagon shaped gatefold cover) London (NPS-3) EX+ $3
SAGITTARIUS- The Blue Marble- Together EX $3
THE SEARCHERS- Hear! Hear!- Mercury Mono EX+ $2
BOB SEGER- Brand New Morning- Capitol EX+ $1
THE SIEGAL-SCHWALL BAND- Shake!- Vanguard M- $1
NINA SIMONE- At Town Hall- Colpix Mono M- $1
NINA SIMONE- The Best Of Nina Simone- RCA M $1
STEPPENWOLF- Steppenwolf- (their debut LP w/ silver metallicized cover: includes hit 'Born To Be Wild') Dunhill (50029) EX $1
THE TEA COMPANY- Come And Have Some Tea With The Tea Company- Smash (67105) M- $5
DAVE VAN RONK- Folksinger- Prestige M- $1


ANGRY YOUNG BEES- Same- (3" x 11.5 unused band made glossy bumper sticker w/ logo lettering in yellow & black) M $3
BLACK FLAG- 5.5" x 4.25" B&W logo. M- $6
BLUES UNDERGROUND SOUND 70- (4" unused circular sticker to promote the European only Various Artists LP on CBS Records. Great color pic of Janis Joplin! Tagline: "Superhypermost") CBS M $9 Rare!
BRITISH LIONS- Unused 7" circular color sticker. M $9
LEE CLAYTON- Bottles Of Booze- (3.5" unused circular promo sticker w/ tagline "Drink It - Play It") MCA (40151) M $1
D.C.3- Same- (4.75" x 5.5" unused glossy promo sticker w/ Naomi Petersen photo) ) SST Records M $2
FALLEN ROCK- Watch For Fallenrock- (4" x 4" unused promo triangular shaped sticker to look like roadside warning sign) Capricorn (0143) M $2
GOLDEN EARRING- Switch- (4" unused die-cut circular promo sticker) MCA (2139) $3
GROOVIE GHOULIES- 1 3/8" x 5 3/8" green on black name logo; or 4" x 4" purple & white ghoul in flying saucer w/ name logo; or 4" round orange, green & black 'Frankula' monster head w/ name logo. Unused M $4 each or all 3 for $10
HEART- Magazine- (Mushroom shaped sticker to promote cuts "Magazine" & "Heartless) MRS (5008) M $1
HEARTWOOD- Nothin' Fancy- (6" x 6" unused full color promo sticker) GRC (10008) EX $2 Scarce!
HOUSE OF GUITARS- Vinyl Bumper Sticker (3" x 11" glossy sticker to promote the upstate NY store) M $1
HUNTER RONSON- Tour- (3" x 5.5" b&w unused tour sticker) EX $1
THE JONESES- Keeping Up With The Joneses- (3.5" x 8.5" unused sticker) Mercury (1021) M $1
KENNY & THE KASUALS- Garage Kings- (approx 3" x 4" unused 2-color sticker) Mark Lee Productions M $4
LOCUST- (3.5" x 9" unused sticker to promote the record label. Say: "1977 Is The Year Of Locust" available wherever better music is sold. Slight crease to bottom edge & separation of backing paper. Stickiness somewhat dried out along exposed portion) Locust $1
LYRES- Lyres Lyres- (2.75" x 3.5" unused sticker to promote the song "She Pays The Rent") Ace Of Hearts (10015) M- $3
MISTER BASSIE- Same- (2" x 5" unused color name sticker for the roots reggae star) M $1
THE MOLLS- Same- (3.75" x 13" unused b&w band made sticker for this Boston area cult band) M- $38
O.B.E.Y- Charged- 3.5" x 4.4" vinyl sticker M $1
POLICE- Support The Police- (4" x 14" unused bumper sticker, pictures the group. Came as a premium w/ Bomp Magazine #21) A&M EX $5
THE QUEERS- 9.5" x 3" B&W Vinyl Bumper Sticker $4 or 3.5" round B&W vinyl sticker 'The Queers All Stars' $1 (get the bumper sticker & receive the round sticker for FREE)
RIPPLE- Same- (3.5" x 4"unused promo sticker w/ tagline: "Extra Funky")- GRC (5005) M $5 Scarce!
SACCHARINE TRUST- Same- (4.5" x 5.5" color glossy promo sticker w/ band logo by Raymond Pettibon) SST Records M $4
SCHWANN- (4" unused die-cut circular sticker says: "Ask For Schwann" 1 (monthly catalog of new records) or 2 (semi-annual supplement) made for record shops / rack jobbers only) M $1
SCRUFFY THE CAT- Same- (3.5" x 5.5" yellow & black indi band made sticker) M $4
THE TWEEDS- Same- (B&W 4.25" x 8" unused sticker for this Boston power-pop group, w/ logo in their own font style) M $14 or (B&W 4.25" x 11" unused sticker same as design as shorter one but includes: 'Consumable on Eat Records & Tapes') M $18
UNTAMED YOUTH- Same- (2.75" x 11" b&w unused band sticker "Stomp With The Untamed Youth) M $12
UNTAMED YOUTH- (3" x 11" b&w unused band sticker "Member In Good Standing - The Untamed Youth 'Sophisticated International Playboy Club'". Pictures Beverly Hillbillies TV character Jethro) M $18
VAMPIRE LEZBOS- Same- (4" x 5" band sticker) M $2
WET WILLIE- Keep On Smilin'- (unused 'diamond' shaped promo sticker on large sheet shows a bunny rabbit w/ big smile) Capricorn (0128) M $6
THE WHO- Quadrophenia- (3" unused circular sticker) MCA / Track M- $2
WINGS- Venus & Mars Are Alright Tonight- (4" unused die-cut circular promo sticker) Capitol (11409) M $12
JESSE COLIN YOUNG- Light Shine- (3" unused circular b&w promo sticker on square sheet) Warner Bros (2790) M $1
FRANK ZAPPA- Apostrophe- (4.5" x 12" bumper sticker. Red w/ husky dog on left & yellow lettering: "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow". 4" of protective paper on back missing. Exposed area has picked up alot of debris over the yrs, so it will not stick on it's own. Rest of protective paper is intact. Small tear to lower edge has clear tape on it. Bit of left corners missing) Discreet (2175) VG- $12 Rare!



CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL- Pendulum- (14" x 15" heavy vinyl record carry bag w/ handle & color printing. Back side shows their previous 5 LPs) Fantasy (8410) EX+ $12 Rare!
HARRY NILSSON- "Harry Is A Mother" graphic on one side of bag to promote 'Nilsson Schmilsson' LP. Other side of bag pictures Redd Foxx as Fred Sanford & Demond Wilson as Lamont Sanford: "Elect Sanford & Son '72"- to promote the LP from the Soundtrack Of The NBC TV Show. 14" x 17" vinyl bag w/ built-in handle, color printing. RCA M- (folded in quarters) $12
RECORD STORE DAY: APRIL 17, 2010- Large 15" x 15" White Record Tote w/ Black Handles & Reinforcing Trim. Printed text gives glimpse into the alternative listening method: Records!. Made of rugged coated ripstop nylon! Unused. Still Sealed M $8