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ACE TRUCKING COMPANY- Same- (w/ Fred Willard & Bill "You Can Call Me Ray" Saluga) RCA Victor SS $45 or EX $30 or VG $20
DON ADAMS- Get Smart- Liner notes by Bill Dana) United Artists Mono EX $50
DON ADAMS- The Detective- Roulette Mono M- $55
KIP ADDOTTA- I Hope I'm Not Out Of Line- (Debut LP) Laff M- $18
ERNESTO 'EVARISTO' ALBAN- Y El Satélite- (great cover photo of Evaristo in an orbiting satellite, suitable for framing) Equador / Estampas Quinteñas (113 deep groove) NM $18
AL ALBERTS & LIFERS- Sing Sing Sing-A-Long- (familiar folk songs w/ new lyrics about life in prison) Jubilee Mono VG $14
DAYTON ALLEN- Why Not! (Was voice & string puller of Phineas T. Bluster, Flubadub, & other Howdy Doody characters. Here he performs skits from the Steve Allen show, assisted by Steverino himself) Grand Award Mono VG $23 or VG- $7
ALLEN & ROSSI- Hello Dere!- (Marty Allen & Steve Rossi) ABC-Paramount SS $14
ALLEN & ROSSI- Batman & Rubin- (written by Batman creator Bob Kane) Mercury Mono M- $45
MOREY AMSTERDAM- Funny You Should Ask- (w/ Richard Deacon & Rose Marie. Cover art by Dick Van Dyke!) Marsh Mono EX $33
GEORGE ATKINS & HANK LEVINE- Sing Along With JFK- (excerpts of presidential speeches by John F Kennedy made into songs) Reprise Mono EX $35
PHIL AUSTIN- Roller Maidens From Outerspace- (Considered to be his 'solo' LP, although the other three Firesign Theater members make vocal contributions throughout. Musical help by Charles Larkey; Pete Jolley; Leslie Gore; others) Epic (w/ insert letter) M $22 or EX (no letter) $12


JIM BACKUS- Magoo In Hi-Fi- (Side-1 has dialog w/ Quincy Magoo (Jim Backus) & his nephew Waldo (Daws Butler) while Magoo attempts to set up his new sound system. Side 2 has "The Mother Magoo Suite", a series of musical pieces w/ 2 solos by Marni Nixon. Music composed & conducted by Dennis Farnon) RCA (LPM-1362) Mono VG $28
WENDY BAGWELL- This, That & The Other- (male gospel singer who fronted the Sunliters) Canaan VG+ $10
HARRISON BAKER- The Last Of The Well Comedians- (recorded at the Hungry i) RCA Mono M- $14
KAYE BALLARD & ARTHUR SIEGEL- Good Grief Charlie Brown! Peanuts- (Lucy & Charlie quip around a score of some interesting beatnik jazz music) Columbia Mono VG $16
DAVID BANKS- I Used To Be A Bus Driver- (produced for Richard Pryor) RCA Mono M- $14
DR MURRAY BANKS- How To Live With Yourself- Murmil Associates Mono EX $18
DR MURRAY BANKS- Anyone Who Goes To A Psychiatrist Should Have Their Head Examined- Murmil Associates Mono EX $18
BARNES & BARNES- Voobaha- (debut LP by Robert Halmer & child cult actor Billy Mumy. Dark-hued novelty music & absurdist, sleazy humor features the underground hit "Fish Heads"; "Boogie Woogie Amputee"; Something's In The Bag"; & "Party In My Pants") Rhino M $28
SANDY BARON- The Race Race- (inspired by Lenny Bruce. Liner notes by Dick Gregory & Jules Feiffer. Sandy was a regular on many TV shows including: "That Was The Week That Was"; "Hey, Landlord" & "Seinfeld") Roulette M- $36
THE BARRON KNIGHTS- Same- (Pop-Musical song parody w/ Duke D'Mond (Richard Palmer), Leslie "Butch" Baker, "Barron" Anthony Osmond, Pete "P'nut" Langford, & Dave Ballinger, from Leighton Buzzard. Autographed by David) UK / Tavern EX+ $44
DAVE BARRY & COMPANY- Will The Real Howard Hughes Please Stand Up?- (w/ Selma Diamond) Double Shot Mono SS $30 or M- $18
BELLE BARTH- For Adults Only- Riot Mono VG $14
BELLE BARTH- If I Embarrass You Tell Your Friends- (Her debut LP, AUTOGRAPHED!) After Hours (LAH-69) Mono EX- $25
BELLE BARTH- My Next Story Is A Little Risque- (Rare 2nd LP) After Hours (LAH-69) Mono VG $25
BENNY BELL- Shaving Cream- Vanguard Mono SS $28
SHELLY BERMAN- Inside Shelly Berman- Verve Mono SS $20 or NM $9 or EX $4
SHELLY BERMAN- Outside- Verve Mono NM $9 or EX $4
SHELLY BERMAN- Inside / Outside- (2-LP Set) Verve Mono VG $9
SHELLY BERMAN- The Edge- Verve Mono NM $9 or EX $4
SHELLY BERMAN- Great Moments Of Comedy With Shelly Berman- Verve Mono NM $9
SHELLY BERMAN- A Personal Appearance- Verve Mono VG $5
BERT AND I- Bert & I & Other Stories From Down East- (Debut LP of Downeast Maine / New England Yankee Humor by Marshall Dodge & Robert Bryan) Event (#301- Original late 50s pressing w/ Woburn, Mass address on back cover) Mono EX+ $60 or Event (#301- Original late 50s pressing w/ Cambridge, Mass address on back cover) Mono EX- $40 or Bert & Records (#1 w/ Ipswich, Mass address) Mono SS $33 or M $28 More Info
BERT AND I- More Bert & I- Bert & I (#5 w/ Cambridge Mass address) EX+ $33
BERT AND I- The Return Of Bert & I- Bert & I (#9 w/ Ipswich, Mass address) EX+ $33
BERT AND I- Bert & I Stem Inflation- Bert & I (#11 w/ Ipswich, Mass address) EX+ $33
BERT AND I- Bert & I On Stage- (Marshall Dodge in performance) Bert & I (#12 w/ Ipswich, Mass address) M- $30
BIG DADDY- Same- (Not to be confused w/ bluesman Big Daddy Kinsey, this 'Big Daddy' is a Los Angeles-based comedic pop group that emerged in 1983 w/ this debut LP, performing contemporary hits in the style of 1950s & early-'60s rock roll. Ray Campi guests) Rhino M $33
MEL BLANC- Mel Blanc Associates Presents: Superfun- (The Superfun Radio Comedy Service presents this Limited & Rare sampler designed for radio station programmers only. A-Side has 20 selected comedy 'black-out' sketches on 5 banded cuts; B-Side is not banded & has 3 installments of 'Return To Paper Plates', spoof on 'Peyton Place'. Brilliant cast is: Mel Blanc; Len Weinrib; Artie Johnson; Howard Morris; Gary Owens; Pat Carroll; Sid Melton; Jesse White; Naomi Lewis; Dave Ketchum; more. This is a 10" Radio Station Only Microgroove, w/ cover) MBA #3 Mono M- $100
BLOWFLY- Blowfly's Party X-Rated- (aka Clarence Reid, includes 'Blowfly's Rapp' the dirtiest rap ever heard!) Weird World (2034) Mono M $65
BOB & RAY- Does It Have To Happen This Way?- (Bob & Ray For EPA) US Government LP Mono M- $110 Rare!
BOB & RAY- On A Platter- (Ray Goulding & Bob Elliott, father of comic Chris Elliott) RCA near VG $45 Rare!
BOB & RAY- A Stereo Spectacular- (Jack Davis cover art) RCA M $68 or EX $55
JOE BOLOGNA & RUDY DeLUCA- Boy! Am I Glad We Joined The Indians!!- (History is kosherized by future Mel Brooks film writers, w/ Reneé Taylor) Jubilee Mono SS $28 Scarce!
BRYCE BOND- Bryce Bond's Bachelor Apartment- Strand Mono EX $35 or near VG $14
BOOGA BOOGA- Same- (Kanaka Komedy is a sensation in Kanaka, Hawaii, where the regional 'kolohe' humor is performed by Edward Kaahea; James Grant Benton & Rap Reiplinger) Booga Records M $55 Scarce!
BOB BOOKER & GEORGE FOSTER- The Handwriting On The Wall- (Aragones cover art) Atlantic M- $24
BOB BOOKER & GEORGE FOSTER- You Don't Have To Be Jewish- (w/ Lou Jacobi; Jackie Kannon; Frank Gallop; Bob McFadden; Jack Gilford; others) Kapp Mono M- $18 or VG $7
BOB BOOKER & GEORGE FOSTER- Beware Of Greeks Bearing Gifts- (w/ Anspach & Silver. Mort Drucker cover art) Musicor M $20 or EX $9 or VG $4 (Write for more Bob Booker productions w/ Will Jordan, Vaughn Meader; Jack E. Leonard)
TUBBY BOOTS- Tubby Boots Goes Topless- (Son of Vaudville team Boots & Barton, Tubby was pudgy enough to have female sized breasts, which he used to great comedic effect. On this LP cover, Tubby has AUTOGRAPHED his tassled chest!) Syl-Len (1001) Mono M $40
VICTOR BORGE- Comedy In Music- Columbia Mono VG $6
VICTOR BORGE- Caught In The Act- Columbia Mono EX $9
VICTOR BORGE- Great Moments In Comedy With Victor Borge- Verve Mono EX $8
JOHANN SEBASTIAN BORK- J.S. Bork Musical Menopause- (psychedelic version of P.D.Q. Bach w/ liner notes by Laugh-In regular, Gary Owens) Electric Lemon M $40
RAE BOURBON- Around The World In 80 Ways- (off-color songs & skits by female impersonator) UTC M $50 Scarce LP!
DON BOWMAN- The All New Don Bowman- (funny country songs) Mega M- $18
OSCAR BRAND- Brand X- (wrapped in brown paper) Roulette Mono SS $38
OSCAR BRAND- Bawdy Songs & Backroom Ballads- (Vol 1) Audio Fidelity M $16
OSCAR BRAND- Bawdy Songs & Backroom Ballads- (Vol 4; gatefold) Audio Fidelity M- $12
MORRIS BRIDGES- Morris Bridges In Oratory, Elocution, Tragedy, Drama, Recitation, Reading, Tableau, & Conversation- (Maine lobstermen tells various off-color Maine stories, some w/ musical accompaniment. Kenneth Dow also tells some stories. Recorded by Alan Bemis & Peter Kilham) Droll Yankee (DY-5) M $40
MARTY BRILL & LARRY FOSTER- James Blonde: The Man From TANTE- Colpix Mono VG $30
MARTY BRILL & LARRY FOSTER- The Other Family- Laurie Mono EX $24
JULIE BROWN- "I Like 'Em Big & Stupid" (rare exclusive extended dance mix version); bw/ "I Like 'Em Big & Stupid" & "Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun"- (3-Song 12" EP) Bulletz M $20
JULIE BROWN- Goddess In Progress- (5-Song Mini-LP) Rhino SS $20
LENNY BRUCE- (Write for list of Lenny Bruce LPs on Philles; Warner Bros; Casablanca; Fantasy; & United Artists labels)
BUCHANAN & GOODMAN- The Flying Saucer Story Vol 1- (pioneers of 'break-in' audio collage comedy) Buchanan & Goodman Records Mono EX $25
LORD BUCKLEY- Blowing His Mind (And Yours Too)- World Pacific (WP-1849) Mono M- $50 or EX $35
LORD BUCKLEY- Bad Rapping Of The Marqus de Sade- World Pacific (WPS-21889) SS $80 or EX $45
BUFFALO BILLS- Shut The Door! They're Coming Through The Window- (great novelty song collection w/ cover art by Mad Magazine artist Jack Davis) RCA Mono EX $17
VICTOR BUONO- Heavy!- (the actor recites comical poems about fatness) Dore SS $55 or EX+ $28
BURBANK PHILHARMONIC- First Album (Maybe The Last)- (send-offs of hits like "Hey Jude"; "These Boots Are Made For Walking"; "King Of The Road"; "Light My Fire"; & others by The Wilder Bros; w/ cover art by Dean O. Torrence (of Jan & Dean) at Kitty Hawk Graphics. Funny liner notes by Gary Owens of 'Laugh-In') Bravo SS $88 or Bravo NM $66
BURNS & SCHREIBER- In One Head & Out The Other- (Jack Burns & Avery Schreiber. Not the C-32442 issue) Columbia (CS-9170 w/ 360 label) M- $25 or Columbia (CL-2370 w/ 360 label) Mono DJ M $38
BURNS & SCHREIBER- Pure B.S.- (Drew Struzan cover art) Little David Mono M $30
PAT BUTTRAM & BOB CRANE- Laffter Sweet & Profane- (before Pat Buttram was Gene Autry's sidekick or starred on "Green Acres", & Bob Crane had the hit series, "Hogan's Heroes", they were radio personalities. Highlights from their shows are collected here: Pat gets the A-Side, with some toastmaster speeches. Nichols & May introduce the B-Side where Crane interviews George Jessel; Jonathan Winters & Pat Boone) KNX Radio Mono VG $28 Obscure!


ARCHIE CAMPBELL- The Joker Is Wild- (The Adult Deliquent Teaches Indoor Sports w/ great one-liners & some 'shaggy-dog' stories. Funny strip-poker cheesecake cover photo) Starday Mono NM $22 Scarce!
GEORGE CARLIN- Take Offs & Put Ons- RCA EX $25 or RCA Mono M- $35 or RCA Mono EX $28 or RCA (reissue w/ different cover) Camden EX $8 More Info
GEORGE CARLIN- FM & AM- Little David Mono VG $9
GEORGE CARLIN- Occupation Fool- (gatefold) Little David Mono VG $9
GEORGE CARLIN- An Evening With Wally Longo- Little David Mono VG $14
GEORGE CARLIN- Class Clown (w/ "The 7 words you can never say on television", gatefold, proper innersleeve) Little David M $14 or VG $6
GEORGE CARLIN- On The Road- Little David Mono SS $33 or EX $18
GEORGE CARLIN- Toledo Window Box- (original cover art) Little David Mono EX $33 or VG $18
BILL CARTHY- Blasts Off- Stereoddities Mono VG- $7
THE CHARACTERS- Smash Flops- (aka The Crown City Four, who perform would-be 'hits' like "The Confederate Victory Song"; "When Emelia Earhart Flies Home"; "Congratulations Tom Dewey"; "We're Depending On You General Custer"; "When The Hindenberg Lands Today", others. w/ Virgil Partch VIP cover art) PIP Mono M- $88
CHEECH & CHONG- Wedding Album- (original, w/ proper innersleeve) Ode EX- $9
CHEECH & CHONG- Same- Ode EX $14 or VG $7
CHEECH & CHONG- Los Chocinos- (die-cut cover) Ode M- $17
CHEECH & CHONG- Big Bambú- (w/ rolling paper) Ode VG $22
CHICKENMAN- The Best Of Chickenman- (aka Dick Orkin of WCLF Radio, Chicago. Original rare pre-Atco pressing) Spot Mono M- $99
A CHILD'S GARDEN OF GRASS- A Prelegalization Comedy- (cult feature of "The Radio Trip" Narrated by Michael Gwynne & Carl Esser. Written by Jack Margolis & Jere Alan Brian. Buchla Electronic Music by Alex Hassilev. w/ gatefold) Elektra EX+ $35 or Elektra DJ EX+ $40
DOUG CLARK & THE HOT NUTS- On Campus- Gross SS $44 or VG- $8
DOUG CLARK & THE HOT NUTS- Rush Week- Gross M- $28 or VG- $9
DOUG CLARK & THE HOT NUTS- Nuts To You- Gross VG $25
DOUG CLARK & THE HOT NUTS- Panty Raid- Gross VG- $9
DEL CLOSE & JOHN BRENT- How To Speak Hip- (Second City related, w/ booklet to aid in translating hep Beatnik lingo into layman's terms. Brent plays Geets Romo) Mercury SS $155 or M- $95
AL CLOUSTON- Spinnin' Yarns From Newfoundland- RCA M- $16
JERRY CLOWER- Clower Power- MCA EX $9
JERRY CLOWER- From Yazoo City / Mississippi Talkin'- Decca EX $16
MYRON COHEN- Everybody Gotta Be Someplace- RCA Mono M- $16
FRANCIS COLBURN- Campaign Speech- (Vermont humorist & University professor poking puns at politicians) Loren Mono EX $40
BEN COLDER-Spoofing The Big Ones- (aka Sheb Wooley w/ Jack Davis coverart) MGM Mono VG+ $32
BEN COLDER- Wine Women & Song- (Jack Davis cover art. AUTOGRAPHED on back as Sheb Wooley) MGM VG+ $60
BEN COLDER- Harper Valley PTA- (Jack Davis cover art. AUTOGRAPHED on back as Sheb Wooley) MGM M- $68 or MGM (not autographed) EX $22
JERRY COLONNA- Entertains At Your Party- (novelty songs by sidekick of Bob Hope) Design Mono VG- $8
COMEDY'S GREATEST HITS- (Various Artists w/ Moran & Meek "Two Black Crows"; Barney Bernard "Cohen On The Telephone"; Rudy Vallee "Old Sow Song"; Johnny Standly "It's In The Book (Pts. 1 & 2)"; Abbott & Costello "Who's On First"; Brother Bones "Sweet Georgia Brown"; Beatrice Kay "Hooray Hooray I'm Going Away"; Red Ingle & His Natural 7 "Cigarettes, Whiskey & Wild, Wild Women"; Robert Benchley "Uncle Tom's Cabin"; Jim Backus "Delicious"; Unknown Artist "Ok Laughing Record") Happy Face (1801) Mono NM $18
THE CONCEPTION CORPORATION- A Pause In The Disaster- (Like "Firesign Theater" meets "Laugh-In") Cotillion SS $33 or EX $18
CONGRESS OF WONDERS- Revolting- (Howard Kerr & Richard Rollins w/ bits on Jerry Garcia & a 12-minute drugged out Star Trek parody titled "Star Trip") Fantasy Mono SS $45
TIM CONWAY- Bull!- (Cleveland TV station WJW-TV had a show hosted by Ernie Anderson (pre-Ghoulardi) & directed by Tim Conway. During breaks Conway would appear as various odd characters who would be interviewed by straight-man Anderson, in the comedy style of Bob & Ray. Years later, after both had gained a measure of fame & fortune, they recorded this LP) Liberty M $66 Rare!
COOL U LABORATORY PLAYERS- College Humor- (Best of Fred Masrshall's "Campus Capers" LPs Jayvee 101 & 103, plus new & reworked material) Party Time Mono SS $88 Scarce!
PAT COOPER- More Saucy Stories From Pat Cooper- United Artists M- $14
PROFESSOR IRWIN COREY- The World's Foremost Authority?- Viva EX $55
BILL COSBY- Is A Very Funny Fellow... Right!- (liner notes by Alan Sherman) Warner Bros EX $9 or Mono EX $6 or Mono VG- $1
BILL COSBY- I Started Out As A Child- Warner Bros Mono M- $7
BILL COSBY- Why Is There Air?- Warner Bros Mono VG $4 or VG- $1
BILL COSBY- Wonderfulness- Warner Bros VG $4 or Mono VG $2
BILL COSBY- Revenge- Warner Bros VG $4 or Warner Bros Mono VG- $1
BILL COSBY- 200 MPH Warner Bros EX $8 or VG $3
BILL COSBY- It's True! It's True!- Warner Bros VG $5
BILL COSBY- 8:15 - 12:15- (2-LP Set) Tetragrammaton M- $50 Scarce!
BILL COSBY- More Of The Best Of Bill Cosby- Warner Bros EX+ $ $12
BILL COSBY- Bill Cosby Is Not Himself These Days - Rat Own, Rat Own, Rat Own- (Musical comedy w/ "Yes, Yes, Yes" a parody of Barry White's music, plus parodies of James Brown & other R&B soul artists; w/ Wah Wah Watson. Produced by Stu Gardner) Capitol SS $33
NORM CROSBY- Live From Las Vegas- (Rare Promo Only LP from Anheuser Busch, Inc pictures bottles & cans of beer on back cover) Natural Light SS $95


BILL DANA- Jose Jimenez At The Hungry I- (Original 'brick wall' cover art, featuring Jose The Astronaut) Kapp (1238) Mono M- $14
BILL DANA- Jose Jimenez The Astronaut- (same LP as above, of early routines captured at The Hungry i, but w/ different cover art) Kapp Mono VG $8
BILL DANA- Jose Jimenez In Orbit- Kapp VG $8 or Kapp Mono VG+ $8 or Kapp Mono VG $5
BILL DANA- Jose Jimenez The Submarine Officer- (routines from the Steve Allen show & Spike Jones show w/ Steve & Spike as the straight man) Kapp Mono EX- $14
BILL DANA- Jose Jimenez Our Secret Weapon- (no back cover slick) Kapp Mono EX $18
BILL DANA- Jose Jimenez Talks To Teens- (concept LP) Kapp Mono EX+ $14 or VG+ $9
BILL DANA- Jose Jimenez In Jollywood- Kapp VG $8 or Kapp Mono EX $14
BILL DANA- More Jose Jimenez- (also released as "... The Submarine Officer") Kapp Mono EX $9
RODNEY DANGERFIELD- I Don't Get No Respect- Bell Mono SS $33
RODNEY DANGERFIELD- No Respect- Casablanca Mono EX $28
RODNEY DANGERFIELD- Rodney Raps For Radio- (1-sided 12" Promo Only in plain cover) RCA DJ M- $12
SLOPPY DANIELS- Laff Of The Party- (Solo debut LP for Leroy 'Sloppy' Daniels, half of the 'Skillet & Leroy' duo) Dooto Mono VG- $9
SEVERN DARDEN- The Sound Of My Own Voice & Other Noises- (co-founder of The Second City troupe of Chicago, w/ Alan Arkin) CDR Only $12
RAY D'ARIANO- Are You On Something? (Sesame Street parody has Bert & Ernie doing the Cheech & Chong routine "Dave's Not Here". Ray later went to Soupy Sales' radio show. Cover art imitates Bob Dylan LP "Bringing It All Back Home") Kama Sutra VG $14
RICK DEES- Put It Where The Moon Don't Shine- (of "Disco Duck" fame) Atlantic M $14
THE DELEGATES- Same- (Dickie Goodman) Mainstream DJ VG $14
DR DEMENTO- Dr. Demonto's Delights- Warner Bros SS $25
JACK DENISON- Down East Humor By Jack Denison- (Ayuh!) Eastern Sound Mono M- $85 or EX $60
SELMA DIAMOND- Talks... & Talks & Talks- (only solo LP by comedy writer for Groucho Marx; Milton Berle & Sid Caesar. She later co-starred on "Night Court") Carlton Mono EX $40
PHYLLIS DILLER- Are You Ready For Phyllis Diller?- Verve Mono M- $18 or EX $15 (Write for more Phyllis Diller LPs)
PHYLLIS DILLER- What's Left Of Phyllis Diller?- Verve Mono (blue label) M $20 or EX $15 or Verve DJ Mono (yellow label) VG $15
PHYLLIS DILLER- The Best Of Phyllis Diller- Verve Mono M $22
PHYLLIS DILLER- The Beautiful Phyllis Diller- Verve EX $16
THE JACK D'JOHNS- Together- (Self-released Boston LP w/ Jack, Dan, & John who mix great vocal harmony, instrumental virtuosity & light-hearted comedy) Apogee M- $68
THE JACK D'JOHNS- Live On Stage From Boston Symphony Hall- (Gatefold cover Autographed by Jack & John) Apogee M- $58
MIKE DODGE- Swearing In The Bushes- (Maine comic delivers various off-color old Yankee stories & jokes) Droll Yankee (DY-2) Mono M $55 Scarce!
DICK DOHERTY- For Real People Only- (An assortment of originals & folk covers of Tim Harden; Buffy Sainte-Marie & Rod McKuen, Recorded Live at The Mad Russian in Boston w/Jerry Fuchs, bass & William Martin, drums. Dick Doherty is known as "The Godfather of Boston Comedy" & former owner of The Improv at The Wilbur Theater w/ Budd Friedman) Bos-Tone City (G-L 72pt) Mono EX- $28 Rare!
PAUL DOOLEY- Booked Solid!- (only solo LP by this obscure 60s sitcom character comic) Strand Mono near VG $16
EARLE DOUD- Score Three Points- Capitol Mono SS $22 or M- $16
EARLE DOUD- Celebrity Workout- (w/ Fred Travalena; Rich Little & Julie Dees) Capitol M- $18 (Write for more LPs w/ Earle Doud involvement)

E - F

JONATHAN & DARLENE EDWARDS- Sing Along With Jonathan & Darlene Edwards- (Married in real life, jazz singer Jo Stafford & band leader Paul Weston become 'Jonathan & Darlene Edwards', a bad lounge act, on this comedy parody of Mitch Miller. Stafford, as Darlene, misses her cues, sings off-key & stumbles over lyrics, while Weston, as Jonathan, plays an untuned piano off-key in bizarre rhythms. Jack Davis cover art) RCA M $50
STEPIN FETCHIT- In Person- (aka Lincoln Perry, who has appeared in many Hollywood films) VeeJay Mono EX $65
W.C. FIELDS- The Original Voice Tracks From His Greatest Movies- (gatefold w/ campy narration by Gary Owens of Laugh-In fame) Decca (maroon label + poster) EX $18 or Decca (2nd pressing - no poster) EX $5
FIRESIGN THEATER- Waiting For The Electrician- Columbia EX $18 or EX- $12
FIRESIGN THEATER- How Can You Be In Two Places At Once- Columbia EX $16
FIRESIGN THEATER- The Tale Of The Giant Rat Of Sumatra- Columbia SS $22
FIRESIGN THEATER- In The Next World, You're On Your Own- (William Stout cover art) Columbia EX $18
FISHER & MARKS- It's A Beatle World / It's A Coo Coo World- (novelty tunes & comedy sketches by Al Fisher & Lou Marks to cash in on Beatlemania) Swan (deep groove black & silver label) Mono M $125
JOEY FORMAN- The Mashuganishi Yogi- (former Sid Caesar Show regular gives an affectionate & transcendental tribute to the humor of Beatles pal, The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Bill Dana wrote some of the gags & briefly shows up in character as Jose Jimenez. Norman Fell also appears. Some nice sitar playing by Bill Plummer. A&M M- $12 or A&M (Back cover AUTOGRAPHED by Bill Dana!) M- $44
TERRY FORSTER & THE LOVEHANDLES- Fat Is In- (After David Letterman called Atlanta Braves pitcher Terry Forster "...a big fat tub of goo", Terery got the last laugh by teaming up w/ comics from The Comedy Works in Philidelphia) Comedy Works (816) Mono SS $23 Scarce!
JACK FOX- Commercials To Cringe By- Same- (w/ Pat Bright) MGM Mono EX $40 Scarce!
RED FOXX- Racy Tales- (cheesecake cover shot of Mary Barge) Dooto Mono VG $16
RED FOXX- Wild Party- Dootoo Mono EX $15
RED FOXX- Shed House Humor- Dooto Mono M $30
RED FOXX- The Side Splitter (Vol 2)- Dooto Mono EX- $25
RED FOXX- The Both Sides Of Red Foxx- Loma Mono EX+ $28
RED FOXX- On The Loose - (Recorded Live!) Loma VG $9
RED FOXX- The Best Of Redd Foxx- MF (101) EX $9
STAN FREBERG- A Childs Garden Of Freeberg- Capitol Mono (rainbow label) VG $12 or (green label) VG- $5
STAN FREBERG- The Best Of- Capitol SS $20 or Capitol Star Line Mono EX $10
STAN FREBERG- With The Original Cast- Capitol SS $20 or (yellow label) M- $14
STAN FREBERG- Underground Show #1 Pay Radio- Capitol SS $20
STAN FREBERG- The United States Of America- Capitol SS $20
FREEMAN & MURRAY- Same- (interracial comedy duo known for their appearances on The Sonny & Cher TV Variety Show. Murray Langston later became 'The Unknown Comic', performing w/ a bag over his head) Laff NM $45
THE FRIVOLOUS FIVE- Sour Cream & Other Delights- (off-key parody of the Herb Alpert LP) RCA SS $45 or RCA Mono VG $12
DAVID FROST- Las Vegas- (w/ Fred Travalena) United Artists- EX $16
DAVID FROST- The Frost Report On Everything- (Monty Python related) Janus Mono SS $35 or EX $25
DAVID FRYE- Richard Nixon, A Fantasy- Buddah Mono M- $9 or EX $5
DAVID FRYE- Richard Nixon, Superstar- Buddah M- $9
DAVID FRYE- Radio Free Nixon- (Jack Davis cover art) Elektra EX $10
DAVID FRYE- I Am The President- Elektra EX $6
DAVID FRYE- The Watergate Primer- (w/ "My Way") Waterfall Mono SS $14


BROTHER DAVE GARDNER- Rejoice Dear Hearts- (his debut LP) RCA Mono EX $16 or VG $12
BROTHER DAVE GARDNER- Kick Thy Own Self- RCA Mono VG- $8
BROTHER DAVE GARDNER- Ain't That Weird- RCA Camden EX $8
BROTHER DAVE GARDNER- The Best Of Brother Dave Gardner- Germany RCA M- $15
JIM GEARHART- Kindly Dr. John- (Bob & Ray style soap opera parody w/ Earl Goodman; Dave Klahr; & Hamilton O'Hara) Town Hall Mono EX $20
DICKIE GOODMAN- The Original Flying Saucers- (contains many of his hits) IX Chains EX $24 or Mono DJ VG $20
THE GOONS- Goon Show Classics Vol 2- Pye SS $20
BUZZY GREENE- Adam Party Record- Stag Party Special Volume One- (Adam Magazine presents the wildest sexcapade of stag party humor ever put on record! A Bare Fax Burlesque Special Featuring the fabulous Buzzy Greene at his sizzling best! w/ original cheesecake cover art) Fax (1006) Mono EX $45
EDDIE GREENSLEEVES- Humorous Folk Songs By Eddie Greensleeves- Cameo Mono DJ M- $24
DICK GREGORY- At Kent State- Poppy SS $65
DICK GREGORY- Live At the Village Gate- Poppy VG+ $38
DICK GREGORY- East & West- Colpix Mono VG+ $32
DICK GREGORY- Talks Turkey- (his debut LP) Vee-Jay Mono EX+ $50
DICK GREGORY- Frankenstein- (2-LP Set) Poppy SS $60
DICK GREGORY- The Best Of Dick Gregory- (3-LP Set) Tomato SS $60
ANDY GRIFFITH- This Here Is Andy Griffith- Capitol Mono VG- $12
ANDY GRIFFITH- Andy & Cleopatra- Capitol Mono VG $18 Scarce!
GUCKENHEIMER SOUR KRAUT BAND- Music For Non Thinkers- (tongue-in-cheek takeoff on German beer garden 'oom-pah' bands. Fritz Guckenheimer is actually Richard Gump, of the famed Gumps Department Store in San Francisco) RCA (deep groove) Mono M- $18


BUDDY HACKETT- The Original Chinese Waiter- Dot Mono VG $14
DOUG HARRELL- Hospitality Blues- (doctor turned comic) ABC-Paramount Mono VG $16
PAT HARRINGTON JR & BILL DANA- As Guido Panzini, As Kookie As Ever- (Bill Dana plays straight main, before his Jose Jimenz routine was fully developed. Original rare pre-Roulette pressing) Signature Mono EX $50
BARON HARRIS- Pillow Party Fun- (Only LP by Baron Harris, resident comic at the Howard Theater in Washington DC. Cheesecake cover) Dooto (294) Mono M- $28
WES HARRISON- The One & Only- (aka "Mr. Sound Effects", Wes tells sound-effect stories using only his mouth to produce the sound of cars, trains, jets planes. He voiced many sound effects in the "Tom & Jerry" cartoons. Self released LP is hand AUTOGRAPHED on front cover) EX- $14
HARVARD LAMPOON- The Harvard Lampoon Tabernacle Choir Sings At Leningrad Stadium- (rock parodies w/ Christopher Cerf & others, includes "Fallout Filly". Recorded in Vibrafonic Stratophidelity 500) Vanitas Mono M- $135
HARVARD LAMPOON- The Surprising Sheep & Other Mind Excursions- Epic M- $40 or EX $28
FRANCIS WHITING HATCH- Urban Redevelopment & Other Swan Songs Of Old Boston- (Frank W. Hatch began as a writer of music & lyrics for the 'Hasty Pudding' shows at Harvard University, as well as other musical comedies. Produced by Marshall Dodge, w/ liner note by Arthur Fiedler) Bert & I, Inc. (#8 - w/ Woburn Address) Mono M $40 or M- $26 or EX- $14
FRANK HATCH- Frank Hatch Sings Songs Of Old Castine- (Folk songs of & about the town of Castine, Maine, w/ a wry Yankee humor twist. Original 1961 recording) Bert & I, Inc. (#7) Mono EX $38
FRANK HATCH- Oakum Bay- (Songs & Stories of Old New England w/ songs by Frank Hatch & Oratory by Alan Bemis & Peter Kilham) Droll Yankees (DY-2) EX $40 Scarce!
THE JIMMY HEAP SHOW FEATURING KEN IDAHO- Laff-A-Rammer- (Heap leads the legit country music back-up band, providing twangy guitar & rim-shots behind cornball Ken Idaho. This 1966 party album has mock sexy Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs cover art) Fame Mono EX- $24
BERT HENRY- In The Raw- (Original rare nudie cheesecake cover which was quickly replaced by the generic drawing cover) Fax Mono M- $40
HAL HOLBROOK- Mark Twain Tonight!- Columbia EX $12
HOMER & JETHRO- Ooh, That's Corny- (funny LP as a result of their Kellogg's Cornflakes Radio & TV commercials. Recorded in Nashville w/ Chet Atkins producing) RCA (black / silver label w/ dog on top) Mono EX- $20
HOMER & JETHRO-Life Can Be Miserable- (songs about losers, w/ Jack Davis cover art) RCA (black / silver label w/ dog on top) Mono M $20 (Write for more Homer & Jethro LPs w/ cover art by Jack Davis of Mad magazine)
HOMER & JETHRO- The Humorous Side Of Country Music- Camden- near VG $3
BOB HOPE- Hope In Russia & One Other Place- Decca Mono EX- $20 Scarce!
BOB HOPE- America Is 200 Years Old... And There's Still Hope!- Capitol M $16
HUDSON & JUDSON- Who's On First?- (Bob Hudson & Dave Judson w/ rare promo pack: Glossy; Xeroxes; 45 + LP) Cream Mono DJ M $28 or Cream Mono DJ (wo/ promo pack) M $14
HUDSON & LANDRY- Hanging In There- (Bob Hudson & Ron Landry debut LP w/ original cover art) Dore (324) NM $14
HUDSON & LANDRY- Losing Their Heads- (Bob Hudson & Ron Landry) Dore (326) EX $9 or VG $6

I - J

ERIC IDLE & NEIL INNES- Rutland Weekend Songbook- (ex- Monty Python & Bonzo Dog Band members parody The Beatles, Johnny Cash, etc) Passport M- $30
HENRY JACOBS- The Wide Wierd World Of Shorty Petterstein: More Interviews Of Our Time- (Beatnik hipster audio essays w/ sound effects & occasinal jazz music, produced by Henry Jacobs aka Shorty Petterstein. This is Vol. 2 of "Interviews Of Our Times", but wo/ Lenny Bruce) World Pacific (deep groove label) Mono EX $78 Rare!
SPIKE JONES- The Best Of Spike Jones- RCA (e) M- $15 or EX $12 (Write for More Spike Jones)
SPIKE JONES- My Man- Liberty SS $20 (Write for More Spike Jones LPs)
SPIKE JONES- 60 Years Of Music America Hates Best- Liberty VG- $9 or Mono VG $14 (Write for More Spike Jones LPs)
SPIKE JONES- Omnibust- Liberty Mono EX $17 or VG $12 (Write for More Spike Jones)
SPIKE JONES- Thank You Music Lovers- (Many of his classic songs, w/ Jack Davis cover art) RCA Mono VG+ $9 or UK / RCA M $18 (Write for More Spike Jones LPs)
WILL JORDAN- The Great Comedy Album Starring Spiro Agnew- (gatefold w/ Agnew's speeches set to a laugh track) Flying Dutchman M $14


JACKIE KANNON- Live From The Rat Fink Room- Roulette Mono SS $44 or VG $27
GABRIEL KAPLAN- Holes & Mellow Rolls- (star of TV's "Welcome Back Kotter" w/ gatefold & insert) ABC EX $14 or ABC DJ M $20
MICKEY KATZ- Mish Mosh- (ex-Spike Jones band member. Hit songs get pickled ie: Ernie Ford's "Sixteen Tons" becomes a kvetch about toiling at a deli) Capitol (rainbow label) Mono NM $35
MICKEY KATZ- Katz Pajamas- (Hilarious Yiddish send-ups of classic children's stories, set to song) Capitol (rainbow) Mono EX $30
MICKEY KATZ- The Borscht Jester- (A Collection Of Famous Jokes & Anecdotes in Live Performance w/ liner note by Chico Marx) Capitol (rainbow) M- $18
MICKEY KATZ- Katz: At The U-N- (A Special Session Of Laughter w/ The Delegate From Delancet St. Guests include Len Weinrib; Joel Grey (Mickey's son); Jo Wilder & Norman Fell) Capitol (rainbow) Mono M- $24
AL KELLY- Funny, You Don't Look It- (Obscure entry in the 'Jewish Comedy' craze, w/ Jack Davis cover art!) RCA Mono M $38
ALAN KING- In Suburbia (This is one of only 2 LPs he ever released!! Rare!) Seeco Mono EX $35
ALEXANDER KING & MARGIE KING- Love & Hisses- (discovered by Jack Paar, Alex tells stories & Maggie sings, sometimes in Yiddish. w/ Al Hirschfield cover art) United Artists M- $40
SAM KINISON- Have You Seen Me Lately?- Warner Bros SS $9
ROBERT KLEIN- Mind Over Matter- Brut (special DJ issue w/ banding) M $40 Rare!
ROBERT KLEIN- The Unauthorized Biography Of Howard Who?- (w/ Steve Landesberg) Caedmon SS $22 or M- $14 or VG $8


ELSA LANCHESTER- Bawdy, Cockney Songs- Tradition VG $5
ELSA LANCHESTER- Songs For A Smoke Filled Room- HiFi Records Mono VG $12
MURIEL LANDERS & STANLEY ADAMS- Marriage Is For Dinosaurs- Big Top Mono SS $30
EDDIE LAWRENCE- The Old Philosopher- Coral Mono EX+ $80 Rare!
HECTOR LEE- Folklore Of The Morman Country- (Side-1 has J. Golden Kimball Stories; Side-2 has Brother Petersen Yarns) Folk Legacy Mono SS $40
KATHIE LEE- Songs Of Couch & Consultation- (Pre-Reprise pressing of twisted, beatnik, psychoanalysis-themed spoofs of folk classics w/ Bob Thompson) Commentary (CNT-01) Mono M- $33 or VG $8
LONDON LEE- The Rich Kid- Phillips SS $25
TOM LEHRER- Songs By Tom Lehrer- (timeless song parodies by Harvard University Professor on his self-released debut) Lehrer (TLP-1 - 10" 33 1/3rd-RPM Microgroove) Mono VG+ $16 or coverless Mono VG- $2 or UK / Decca (LF-1311 10" Microgroove w/ dark blue label & diferent cover art) Mono VG $22 Rare!
TOM LEHRER- Songs By Tom Lehrer- (timeless song parodies by Harvard University Professor on his self-released debut LP) Lehrer (101) Mono VG+ $23 or VG $14 or as Lerher (TLP-1 - 10" 33 1/3rd-RPM) Mono VG- $2
TOM LEHRER- More Of Tom Lehrer- (self-released follow-up) Lehrer VG- $12 or Lehrer Mono EX $30
TOM LEHRER- An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer- Lehrer Mono EX $35 or Reprise Mono VG $5


MAD 'TWISTS' ROCK 'N' ROLL- (Mike Russo; Jeanne Hayes, & The Dellwoods, sing of various teen maladies. "She Got A Nose Job"; "Let's Do The Pretzel"; "When My Pimples Turned To Dimples "; "Throwing The High School Basketball Game" & other classics. Cover art by Norman Mingo & Mort Drucker) Big-Top (1305 w/ black & silver label) SS $275 or EX+ $99 Note: This LP plus the rare follow-up "Fink Along With Mad" are available on CD (Write)
A MAINE POT-HELLION- Various Artists- (A stew of Maine story tellers w/ Horace Stevens; Alan Bemis; Steve Graham; Walter Kilham; Peter Kilham; Lawrence Kilham; George Allen; William Lippincott, produced by Bert & I) Bert & I (#2 w/ Cambridge, Mass address) Mono M- $40 or EX $30
PIGMEAT MARKHAM- Pigmeat's Bag- (aka Judge Dewey Markham) Chess SS $25
PIGMEAT MARKHAM- Mr. Vaudeville- Chess Mono EX $16
GUY MARKS- Hollywood Sings? ABC Paramount Mono VG $10
GUY MARKS- Loving You Has Made Me Bananas- ABC Paramount M $14 or VG $6
JACK MARSHALL- My Son The Surf Nut- (Side 1: Interview on the Beach: The Hodad Of The Year / The World's Richest Surfer / The Tijuana Surfer / The Old Oceanographer / The Teen-Age Surfing Vampire / Mr. Surfboard. Side 2: The Battle Of The Surf-Nut Bands: Frank N. Stein & The Abominable Surf Men play "The Monster Surfer" / Knotknees McGurdy & The Drop Outs play "Some Gremmie Stole My Hair Bleach" / Daddie Ho & The Hodaddies play "Surfing Is My Life" / Hangten Horowitz plays "Sax Now, Surf Later" / The Dingston Trio plays "I Left My Love At Rincon" / Sudsy Shots & The Pier-Shooters play "Laura, Teen-Age Laura". This album is a production of the Newport Beach Little Theatre Surfing Group. Written and produced by Jack Marshall, composer of 'The Munsters' TV-theme song. Side 1 consists of a series of comedic interviews on stage w/ a raucus, sometimes heckling, audience. Side 2 is novelty surf songs. Rick Griffin cover art) Capitol VG $50 Scarce!
BILL MARTIN- Concerto For Headphones- ('far out' comedy ala Firesign Theater, produced by Harry Nilsson) Warner Bros SS $27 or Warner Bros DJ M- $20
STEVE MARTIN- Let's Get Small- (Cover art by Kittyhawk Graphics & Dean O. Torrence of Jan & Dean fame) Warner Bros EX $7
STEVE MARTIN- A Wild & Crazy Guy- (Cover art by Dean O. Torrence of Kittyhawk Graphics) Warner Bros EX $7
STEVE MARTIN- Comedy Is Not Pretty- (Final album cover ever done as Kittyhawk Graphics for Dean O. Torrance of Jan & Dean fame) Warner Bros M- $9
THE MARX BROTHERS- Same- The Original Voice Tracks From Their Greatest Movies- (Includes "Hooray For Captain Spaulding" some funny Chico & Harpo quips, plus a great collection of Groucho insults. Gary Owens narration w/ gatefold cover & 18" x 24" b&w poster of Groucho, Harpo & Chico) Decca (DL-79168 w/ maroon & silver label) M $22
THE MARX BROTHERS- The Very Best Of The Marx Brothers Volume 1- (2-LP Set from their radio show, includes: "Hollywood Agents" from 1938; "G. Marx, Attorney At Law" February 12, 1947; Groucho In Chicago" April 30, 1947; 4 Skits circa November 1948 to May 1949; 2 Skits w/ Chico; Groucho; Dinah Shore & Harry Von Zell circa 1945; "A Conversation With Harpo" w/ Jack Benny, Gary Cooper, others circa 1944; "Dr. G. Marx Hackenbush" w/ Verna Felton, Mel Blanc, March 12, 1944; "Groucho The Patient" w/ Marilyn Maxwell, circa 1945; more) American Album & Tape Corp. (ATT-201/2) Mono SS $40
GROUCHO MARX- An Evening With Groucho- (2-LP gatefold Set w/ photo collage page still attached. Recorded live at Carnege Hall) A&M M $35
JACKIE MASON- I'm The Greatest Comedian In The World & Nobody Knows It Yet- (Jackie's now rare brilliant debut LP was used verbatim in parts by Don Adams to help jump-start his career) Verve Mono EX $30
LEN MAXWELL- A Merry Monster Christmas- (Monster craze horror comedy co-written by Mickey Rose. w/ a few novelty songs tossed in for good luck, but the record flopped anyways) 20th Century-Fox Mono M- $95 Rare!
MITZI McCALL & CHARLIE BRILL- From Our Point-Of-View- (Recorded Live At The Upstairs at The Downstairs, includes the "White Knight" skit. Liner notes by Bill Dana) ABC Mono M $16 Scarce!
JOHN McDONALD- A Taste Of Maine Humor!- (John McDonald Caught Live at the Phyllis Schuyler Thaxter Theater, South Portland, Maine, w/ liner notes by Kendall Morse) Porpoise Mono M- $85
BRUCE COURTNEY McGORRILL- Saturday Night In Dover-Foxcroft- (Real Downeast humor by Maine comic) Melanie Mono M- $55 or VG $35
BRUCE COURTNEY McGORRILL- Goodnight Phoebe- (Scarce follow-up LP to above) Melanie Mono M $70 or M- $55
VAUGHN MEADER- The First Family- (Presented by Bob Booker & Earl Dowd, who join in at poking fun of the Kennedy administration. Many copycat LPs followed, but this is the originator, a commonly found LP, but 1st pressings w/ textured cover are getting scarce) Cadence (textured cover) Mono M $27 or Cadence (2nd pressing w/ smooth cover) EX+ $12
VAUGHN MEADER- Vaughn Meader & The First Family Volume Two- (Booker & Dowd take one last swipe at JFK) Cadence Mono M $45 or M- $35
STEVE MERRILL- Father Fell Down The Well & Other Maine Stories- (Real Downeast humor from Skowhegan, Maine, 1960. Title track plus: A Pig Named Allison; On Old Age; Chester Fogg & The Chairs; Cousin Leroy's Squash; High Power Fertilizer; Sponge Rubber Boots; Wreck Of The Nelly B; Elephant Toothaker; Maine Coast Cookery; Grandfather's Goose Gun; The Worm Fisherman; Wallace Boyd & The Misery Trout; Me & Newt Hunt Rabbits; Thin Ice On Fickett's Pond. w/ insert) Coastline Recording Corp (SM-1) Mono EX- $95 or (no insert) VG $50 Rare!
MINKA- The Fabulous Minka Party Record- (Debut LP by top-heavy Houston, Texas model & pinup turned comedienne. Minka is a 'gold digger' who jokes about Taxes; The Securitues Exchange Commission (S.E.C.); & life in Las Vegas. AUTOGRAPHED "Love and Kisses, Minka") Playgirl EX- $33 Rare!
JULIUS MONK PRESENTS RONNY GRAHAM- Take Five- (New York Cabaret style comedy show w/ Ronny Graham (later a TV actor & writer on MASH; Brady Bunch; Chico & The Man, etc); Jean Arnold; Ceil Cabot; Ellen Hanley; Gerry Matthews staged by Max Adrian & John Heawood. Music by Stan Keen. Includes "Upstairs At The Downstairs Waltz"; "Roger The Rabbit"; "Night Heat" (written by Don Adams & Dee Caruso of TV's 'Get Smart' fame); "Poet's Corner"; "Witchcraft"; "Harry The Hipster" (hep jazz musician Harry explains how to smoke reefers); "The Pro-Musica Antiqua"; "Doing The Psycho-Neurotique", & 6 other selections) Offbeat Records (4013) Mono VG- (playable despite small edge chip just before 1st groove) $25 Rare!
MONTY PYTHON- Monty Python's Previous Record- (2-LP Set) Kama Sutra M- $25
MONTY PYTHON- Another Monty Python Record- Buddah / Charisma SS $25
MONTY PYTHON- Instant Record Collection- Charisma M $20
RUDY RAY MOORE- Let's Come Together- (Lusty, Sexual Humor recorded at his home w/ personal friends in attendance as the audience. This is where the term 'party records' comes from, with soul comedian Rudy Ray Moore creating the format) Dooto EX- $50
RUDY RAY MOORE- Merry Christmas, Baby- (Rudy puts the 'X' in Xmas) Kent (Comedian Series) SS $45
CAPTAIN KENDALL MORSE- Seagulls & Summer People- (Real Downeast Story Telling from Machias, Maine) Folk-Legacy Mono M $45
MARTIN MULL- In The Soop With Martin Mull- (debut LP w/ Les Daniels, vocals) Vanguard SS $45 or M- $37
MARTIN MULL- Same- (Solo debut w/ insert) Capricorn Mono DJ EX $45
MARTIN MULL & HIS FABULOUS FURNITURE- In Your Living Room- (Live) Capricorn Mono DJ VG+ $20
MARTIN MULL- Days Of Wine & Neuroses- Capricorn Mono DJ M- $27
MARTIN MULL- No Hits, Four Errors / The Best Of Martin Mull- Capricorn Mono SS $40
MARTIN MULL- I'm Everyone I Ever Loved- ABC Mono SS $30
KEN MURRAY- Dave Siegal presents Ken Murray's Blackouts-(Vaudeville style comedy w/ stage show of risqué humor, well-proportioned young starlets (including the busty Marie Wilson), musical interludes & novelty acts that ran for over 7 years at The El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles. A George Garabedian production w/ Gatefold) Mark 56 (#701) SS $30

N - O

NATIONAL LAMPOON- Missing White House Tapes- Banana / Blue Thumb SS $50
NATIONAL LAMPOON- Radio Dinner- (w/ Tony Hendra, Christopher Guest, Jack Marks, Melissa Manchester & other who parody Bob Dylan, Joan Baez & The Beatles "Magical Misery Tour") Banana / Blue Thumb M- $50
NATIONAL LAMPOON- Lemmings- (Woodstock parody w/ John Belushi & Christopher Guest. Gatefold w/ insert) Banana / Blue Thumb EX- $22 or VG+ $16
NATIONAL LAMPOON- That's Not Funny, That's Sick!- (w/ Richard Belzer; Brian Boyle-Murray; Bill Murray & Christopher Guest) Label 21 Mono VG $18
MIKE NEUN- More Mike Neun Humor- (Only LP by Canadian Folkie, host of CBC variety show 1970-71) Nasco Mono EX+ $40 Rare!
BOB NEWHART- The Button Down Mind Of Bob Newhart- Warner Bros Mono M $14 or EX $9 or VG $5 or VG- $2
BOB NEWHART- The Button Down Mind Strikes Back!- Warner Bros Mono M- $14 or EX $9
BOB NEWHART- Behind The Button Down Mind Of Bob Newhart- Warner Bros Mono M- $14
BOB NEWHART- The Button Down Mind On TV- Warner Bros Mono EX $14
BOB NEWHART- The Windmills Are Weakening- (cover art by Bob Kurtz) Warner Bros Mono EX $14 Scarce!
BOB NEWHART- The Very Funny Bob Newhart- ('Best Of' selections from his later LPs) Harmony M $12
MIKE NICHOLS & ELAINE MAY- Improvisations To Music- Mercury Mono EX+ $18 or Mercury Mono EX- $12
MIKE NICHOLS & ELAINE MAY- Retrospect- (2-LP Set repackages "An Evening With Nichols & May" plus best cuts from "Nichols & May Examine Doctors" & "Improvisations To Music") Mercury M $40
WES "SCOOP" NISKER- Scoop's Last News Show- (musical comedy, social commentary & parody by the famed San Francisco KSAN-FM Radio personality Scoop Nisker, who also produces. Music by The Energy Crisis: Phil Marsh; Bruce Barthol; Tom Ralston; & Gary Salzman. Includes: "The Swami From Miami" "Kundalini Cowboy") Home Of The Hits M $45
THE NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME PLAYERS- Saturday Night Live (The only LP for SNL TV show, w/ Dan Aykroyd; Garrett Morris; Laraine Newman; John Belushi; Jane Curtin; Chevy Chase; Gilda Radner; plus: Buck Henry; Richard Pryor; Lily Tomlin; Paul Simon; others) Arista SS $22
THE NUTTY SQUIRRELS- Bird Watching- (Novelty jazz version of The Chipmunks created by Don Elliott w/ Sascha Burland on vocals, backed by Cannonball Adderley; Bobby Jaspar; Hal McKusick; Sam Most; others) Columbia (Red 6-Eyes label) DJ EX $48
DAVID OSSMAN- How Time Flys (Firesign Theater w/ Harry Shearer & Wolfman Jack) Columbia VG+ $9

P - Q

JACK PAAR- The Best Of What's His Name- Ramrod Mono VG $9
ANDY PARKS- Sex School... And Like Other Pressures- (Andy is son of Larry Parks, star of "The Jolson Story", & Betty Garrett, aka Irene Lorenzo on "All In The Family". They both appear on this LP, written by famed comedy writer Bud Freeman) Capitol Mono SS $45
TOM PATCHETT & JAY TARSES- Instant Replay- (football humor) Decca EX $16
PAT PAULSON- Pat Paulson For President- Rubicon River M- $14
PAT PAULSON- Live At The Ice House- (includes rare insert of Pat Paulson's 8-page Handbook Of Finger Shadows) Mercury M- $18
MINNIE PEARL- Howdee!- (aka Sarah Ophelia Colley, Queen of the Grand Ole Opry. Original issue) Starday EX $20
JOE PERHAM- That Wonderful Old Two-Holer- (Incredibly funny Downeast Stories, Poems & Songs: 'Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Outhouses, But Were Afraid To Ask.' Rare Americania from West Paris, Maine, AUTOGRAPHED by Joe Perham) Mono M $150 or (not autographed) Mono EX+ $60 or Mono EX- $40
JOE PERHAM- 6 A.M. At The Trap Corner Store- (One of Maine's better Downeast Humorists... There is more here than meets the ear!) Mono SS $70 or M- $40
FREDDIE PRINZE- Lookin' Good- Columbia DJ M- $15
PROCTOR & BERGMAN- TV Or Not TV- (Firesign Theater) Columbia SS $14
RICHARD PRYOR- Same- Dove Mono SS $40
RICHARD PRYOR- Who Me? I'm Not Him- Laff Mono SS $40
RICHARD PRYOR- Wanted, Live In Concert- (Two 3 minutes excerpts, Promo Only) Warner Bros DJ M- $9
BS Pully- Fairy Tales- (only LP by the film actor) Surprise Mono VG $11
MAE QUESTEL- Mrs. Portnoy's Retort- (A spoken comedy performance w/ Milt Moss & small studio audience. Mae Questel was the cartoon voice of Betty Boop, Olive Oyl & Casper The Friendly Ghost) United Artists M- $40


RED SHADOW- Better Red- (social / political satire rock songs from obscure Cambridge Mass band) Physical SS $45
CARL REINER & MEL BROOKS- The 2000 Year Old Man- Pickwick EX $5
CARL REINER & MEL BROOKS- The Incomplete Works Of Mel Brooks & Carl Reiner- (3-LP Box Set) Warner Bros SS $45
THE RICHIE BROTHERS- Bottoms Up!- (original cover art w/ 'naked lady' drink mugs across the bootom half) Jubilee Mono VG $14
DON RICKLES- Speaks- Warner Bros EX $18
DON RICKLES- Hello Dummy- Warner Bros VG- $7
JOAN RIVERS- The Next To Last Joan Rivers Album- (original issue) Buddah VG+ $22
ALEN ROBIN- Funny Farm- (was head writer for The Tonight Show w/ Johnny Carson during the 1960s) Courage SS $45
ALEN ROBIN- Supershrink- Janus SS $45 or M $35
ALEN ROBIN & EARLE DOWD- Welcome To The LBJ Ranch- (Actual voices of mid-late 1960s era politicians spliced in for fake interviews. John Cleese involvement. Cover art by Frank Frazetta) Capitol Mono SS $55 or EX+ $33
ALEN ROBIN & EARLE DOWD- Lyndon Johnson's Lonely Hearts Club Band- (Robin was head writer for 'The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson' during the 60s) Atco M $45 or Atco Mono M- $33
WILL ROGERS- Same- (1935 recordings nicely done) Distinguished Recordings Mono SS $25
MURRAY ROMAN- Out Of Control With Murray Roman- (His debut LP features jokes on skiing, recorded at Aspen, Colorado. Rare original pressing, later reissued as "This Is Murray Roman" on Everest) Nero Mono EX $75
ANNA RUSSELL- Anna Russell Sings?- (International Concert Comedienne parodies opera & classical music w/ wry remarks between tunes) Columbia Masterworks (6-eyes w/ grey label) Mono EX+ $9
ANNA RUSSELL- Anna Russell Sings! Again?- Columbia Masterworks (6-Eyes w/ grey label) Mono M- $9
ANNA RUSSELL- The Anna Russell Album?- (2-LP Set has gatefold cover w/ Edward Sorel artwork) Columbia Masterworks Mono M- $20
ANNA RUSSELL- In Darkest Africa- recorded at the Johannesburg Music Festival) Columbia Masterworks Mono EX $18
ANNA RUSSELL- A Square Talk On Popular Music- Columbia Masterworks Mono VG $8
NIPSEY RUSSELL- Confucius Told Me- (His debut LP) Humorsonic Mono VG+ $20
NIPSEY RUSSELL- Special Nipsey Russell Comedy Sampler- (Limited Time Offer LP w/ 'best of' of appearances on the Jack Paar Show; Ed Sullivan Shop; Robert Q. Lewis Show; Tonight Show) Humorsonic (706) Mono EX $22
THE RUTLES- Same- (Promo Only 5-Song 12" EP of Beatle song parody w/ "I Must Be In Love" ("A Hard Day's Night"/"Can't Buy Me Love"); "Doubleback Alley" ("Penny Lane"); "With A Girl Like You" ("If I Fell"); "Another Day" ("Martha My Dear"); "Let's Be Natural" ("Dear Prudence") by Monty Python & Bonzo Dog Band members. Pressed on translucent Yellow Vinyl) Warner Bros (PRO E-723) DJ ONLY SS $75


MORT SAHL- The Future Lies Ahead- Verve Mono VG $14
MORT SAHL- Look Forward In Anger- Verve Mono VG $14
MORT SAHL- A Way Of Life- Verve Mono SS $35
MORT SAHL- The Next President- Verve Mono SS $40
MORT SAHL- The New Frontier- Reprise Mono SS $35
TIM SAMPLE- The Tim Sample Comedy Album- (Debut LP AUTOGRAPHED by local Maine humorist Tim Sample, who is often seen on the CBS 'Sunday Morning' Show. Co-produced by Noel Paul Stookey, w/ liner notes by Marshall Dodge of 'Bert & I' fame) Elephant's Graveyard M $40
TIM SAMPLE- Downeast Standup- A Tim Sample Comedy Album- (Tape edit by Noel Paul Stookey, w/ liner note by Larry Glick of WBZ Radio, Boston) Bert & I (#15) M $18
TIM SAMPLE- Back In Spite Of Popular Demand- (Live Concert October, 1984 at the Portland, Maine Performing Arts Center, featuring 'Trailer Life'; 'Teddy Roosevelt Visits Greenville'; 'Black Fly Festival', & more) Bert & I (#16) SS $30 or M $22
KERMIT SCHAFER PRESENTS THE BLOOPY AWARDS- For Broadcasting's Classic Bloopers- (Uncensored, Vol 1 w/ Sports; Kid Shows; Commercials; DJs; News; Announcers; Audience Members; Weather; Special Events; Dramatic Shows, etc) Kapp VG- $2
SECOND CITY- Comedy From The Second City- (debut LP by the original improv troupe w/ Severn Darden; Alan Arkin; Barbara Harris; Howard Alk; Eugene Troobnick; others) Mercury (OCM-2201) Mono M- $65
SECOND CITY- The Second City Writhes Again- (Best Of LP w/ Del Close; Jack Burns & Avery Schreiber along w/ regular cast. Has exclusive previously unreleased track, "Man In The Nightclub") Mercury M- $40 More Info
SEXCESSFULLY YOURS- Be The Life Of The Party By Making The Party Come To Life- (Adult Humor w/ uncredited studio cast, consisting of Eddie Davis; Eddie Cantor; Milton Berle; Jimmy Durante; Al Jolson; Jackie Gleason; & Martha Raye) Herald (3401) Mono VG+ $35 or Mono VG $26 Scarce!
ALLAN SHERMAN- My Son The Folk Singer- (was a comedy writer on The Steve Allen Show during the 1960s) Warner Bros M- $14 or Warner Bros Mono M $14 or EX $9
ALLAN SHERMAN- More Folk Songs- (early recordings released after the success of 'My Son The Folk Singer', LP is filled out by other Yiddish comedy artists) Jubilee Mono EX $22 Scarce!
ALLAN SHERMAN- My Son, The Celebrity- Warner Bros Mono VG $4
ALLAN SHERMAN- Allan In Wonderland- Warner Bros Mono VG- $5
ALLAN SHERMAN- My Son The Nut- ("Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh") Warner Bros Mono EX+ $9
ALLAN SHERMAN- For Swingin' Lovers Livers Only!- (w/ "Pop Hates The Beatles", "12 Gifts Of Christmas", others) Warner Bros (Gold Label) Mono M- $18 More Info
SKILLET & LEROY- The Burglar In The Bedroom- (Skikllet Mayhand & Sloppy Danials jive routines in the Pigmeat Markham tradition, live on the Johnny Otis Hollywood Show) Laff (141) EX+ $14
THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS- At The Purple Onion- Mercury EX+ $12 or Mono EX $9 or Mono VG $7 or Mono VG- $4
THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS- The Two Sides Of The Smothers Brothers- Mercury EX $12 or Mono EX $9
THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS- Think Ethnic!- Mercury M- $12 or Mono (black label) VG $9 or VG- $6 or Mono (red label) VG $5
THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS- Tour de Farce American History- Mercury Mono VG $5 or VG- $3
THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS- Aesop's Fables- Mercury Mono EX $9 or VG $3
THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS- Mom Always Liked You Best- (includes "Great Last Waltz")Mercury M- $14 or Mercury Mono VG $6
THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS- Golden Hits Of The Smothers Brothers Vol 2- Mercury Mono VG- $2
THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS- Smothers Comedy Brothers Hour- (Unipak Cover) Mercury / Rubicon River M $14
KENNY SOLMS & GAIL PARENT- Our Wedding Album- (lampoons Lucy Baines Johnson w/ Fannie Flagg & Jo Ann Worley) Jamie Mono EX $16 or VG $9
KENNY SOLMS & GAIL PARENT- Here Comes The Bird- (Jo Ann Worley returns as Lynda Byrd Johnson, daughter of LBJ) Atlantic M- $16 or VG- $7
BOB STEELE- Boob... Er... Uh... Bob Steele Goes On Record!- (Famed New England broadcaster talks about his boxing & baseball careers, youth, relatives, word pronunciations, jokes, predictions, anecdotes, even recipies! Plus loonie letters from listeners, The Lion & Albert; The Worm Family; late scores; time checks; bulletins, & other spoken comedy) WTIC Radio 1080 M $30
DAVID STEINBERG- The Incredible Shrinking God- Uni Mono M- $16
DAVID STEINBERG- Disguised As A Normal Person- Elektra SS $22 or M $14
DAVID STEINBERG- Goodbye To The 70s- Columbia SS $22 or DJ M $14
ELINORE STEN- The Mental Blocks Of Elinore Sten- (Chicago-based risque comic/songstess, w/ cigarette holder & tounge-in-cheek. Her double entendre songs & intellictual asides highlight her only album, self-released on beautiful Yellow/Gold Vinyl... AUTOGRAPHED!) Blox Mono M $48 Scarce!
JERRY STILLER & ANNE MEARA- Laugh When You Like- Atlantic EX $40


IRVING TAYLOR- Terribly Sophisticated Songs - A Collection of Unpopular Songs For Popular People- (Put on your top hat & open a can of pork'n'beans for this one. Irving Taylor wrote the Edd 'Kookie' Byrnes' hit "Kookie, Kookie Lend Me Your Comb" & penned the theme to TV's "F-Troop". On these 12 gems he enlists the vocal talents of Ginny O'Connor; Loulie Jean Norman; Key Howard; Susan Allen; Gil Mershon; Joe Pryor; Allen Davies; Jimmy Joyce ("When The Crab Grass Blooms Again"); Gil Mershon ("The Brooklyn Beguine"); Robie Lester ("I'm Filled With That Empty Feeling"); & Earl Brown singing on the original recording of "Pachalafaka", later a hit for Soupy Sales. This elusive LP is expertly arranged & conducted by Henry Mancini w/ cool cover art by William Box) Warner Bros (1210) Mono M- $45
BUB THOMAS- 7 Places To Hang A Hat- (original nude cover) Laff (A-5010) Mono M- $45
TERRY THOMAS- Terry Thomas Discovers America- (funny monologue sketches by the British comedy actor) Warner Bros Mono VG+ $17
THE THREE STOOGES- The Nonsense Songbook- (12 Musical selections to have fun by w/ orchestra directed by Lew Douglas) MCA M $14
THE THREE STOOGES- Madcap Musical Nonsense- (12 Musical selections, different than above LP) Rhino Picture Disc M $20
LILY TOMLIN- On Stage- Arista M- $6
BERNIE TRAVIS & THE PENTAGON PLAYERS- The Pentagon Papers- (Dark Satire w/ Fred Travalena; Bob Kaliban; Dave Kent; Frank Borgman; Suzanne Astor, others. Bernie Travis played Lenny Bruce in the film "Dirtymouth") Audio Fidelity (1712) SS $18 Scarce!

U - V - W

PETER USTINOV- The Grand Prix Of Gibralter- (great race car humor by the distinguished British actor w/ authentic racing sounds from the Riverside vaults) Riverside Mono EX $42 or VG $32
JACKIE VERNON- The Day My Rocking Horse Died- United Artists M- $30
RUTH WALLIS- Saucy Hit Parade- (Private pressing from 1958 of great double-entendre saucy songs recorded live & produced by Kermit Schafer. Includes "Johnny Had A Yo-Yo" & "The Dinghy Song") Wallis Original Record Corp (#11) Mono EX $40
RUTH WALLIS- Salty Songs For Underwater Listening- (Private pressing from 1958 of great double-entendre saucy songs w/ music directed by Jimmy Carroll) Wallis Original Record Corp (#16) Mono M- $45 Rare!
RUTH WALLIS- He Wants A Little... Pizza- (10 Saucy Songs, Risque All The Way) King EX $24
RUSTY WARREN- Songs For Sinners- (her debut LP) Jubilee Mono VG $14
RUSTY WARREN- Knockers Up!- Jubilee Mono EX $16 or VG $7
RUSTY WARREN- More Knockers Up! Jubilee Mono EX+ $16
RUSTY WARREN- Bottoms Up- Jubilee EX $17
RUSTY WARREN- Bounces Back- (w/ "Bounce Your Boobies", as heard Fridays on The Randi Rhodes Air America Radio show) Jubilee Mono VG+ $20
RUSTY WARREN- In Orbit- Jubilee Mono EX+ $27
RUSTY WARREN- Sex-X-Ponent- (Live at The Chariot Room) Jubilee Mono EX+ $18 or EX $14 or VG $7
RUSTY WARREN- Banned In Boston?- (Live at The Surf Club, Revere Beach, MA) Jubilee Mono EX $17 or VG $7
RUSTY WARREN- Sin-Sational- (Live at The Club Alamo, Detroit) Jubilee Mono M- $18 or VG- $3
RUSTY WARREN- Look What I Got For You- (Best Of compilation for Adults Only) Jubilee M $12
WASHINGTON IS FOR THE BIRDS- (Way before sampling, George Atkins & Hank Levine put soundbites of Lyndon & Lady Bird Johnson, Nixon, Goldwater, Humphrey, Bobby Kennedy & others into custom-made pop tunes. w/ great cover art by Frank Armitage) Reprise Mono VG+ $18
TONY WEBSTER- Marriage Counselor- (3-time Emmy winner Webster wrote comedy for Art Carney; Bob & Ray, plus TV's 'Your Show Of Shows' w/ Sid Caesar, 'Sgt. Bilko' & 'Car 54 Where Are You'. Liner notes by Carl Reiner) Verve Mono M $17
ORSON WELLES- The Begatting Of The President- Mediarts EX $14 or VG $9
SLAPPY WHITE- The First "Slappy" White Astronaut- (Recorded 'Live' at The Apollo Theater) Brunswick DJ (w/ yellow label) Mono M $36 Scarce!
SLAPPY WHITE- Slappy White At The Playboy Club- (overlooked comic caught here in his prime) Mercury Mono VG+ $24
THE WICKED GOOD BAND- Dare To Be Wicked Good- (Their debut LP features novelty songs about Maine food (clams, potatoes, beans & Italian sandwiches); Maine outdoor sports ("Road Kill" & the game warden named "Vernal B. Good") in ever-changing styles from '50s rock to Country & Western, played on keyboards, guitars, saxophones, stand-up bass, washboards, kazoos, wrenches, & electric gargling. Hard to find on vinyl) Wicked Good Records M- $45
WILDMAN STEVE- King Of Them All - (syndicated radio DJ Steve Gallon delivers energetic & raunchy humor on his scarce 3rd LP) Raw (7002) VG $14 or Trip (302) VG $8
PEARL WILLIAMS- A Trip Around The World Is Not A Cruise- (aka Pearl Wolfe, who delivers jokes punctuated by her piano on this, her 1962 debut LP) After Hours Mono VG $8
PEARL WILLIAMS- At Las Vegas- (Pearl was a contemporary of Belle Barth) Riot Mono VG $8
ROBIN WILLIAMS- Reality... What A Concept- Casablanca EX $8
DAP SUGAR WILLIE- From North Philly (Live)- (was a regular as 'Lenny' on TV sitcom "Good Times". Has funky musical interludes between comedy cuts, w/ Dexter Wansel on Moog. Includes insert) Philadelphia International DJ M $33
MARTIN ADAM WILLSON- Gerald Gardner Presents... He's In Charge Here- (Gerald Gardner authored a series of novelty photo books 'Who's In Charge Here', putting funny captions in the mouths of politicians. Hence the title of this LP, where Martin Adam Willson imitates JFK as a cash-in on 'The First Family' craze) Atlantic Mono EX $27 or VG $14
JUSTIN WILSON- Keep It Clean- Paula M $18 or M- $14 (Write for more Justin Wilson LPs)
JUSTIN WILSON- Justin Wilson Reasding Christmas Stories- Paula SS $22 (Write for more Justin Wilson LPs)
JUSTIN WILSON- A Cajun Christmas With Justin Wilson- Paula SS $22 (Write for more Justin Wilson LPs)
WINDERSPHERE & BOOMER- The Crepitation Contest- (The original classic of the low-brow 'farting contest' humor genre, & one of the best) Laff M- $75
JONATHAN WINTERS- The Wonderful World Of Jonathan Winters (His debut LP)- Verve Mono VG $18 More Info
JONATHAN WINTERS- Down To Earth- (His 2nd LP) Verve Mono VG $15
JONATHAN WINTERS- Here's Jonathan- Verve Mono (black label) EX $28 or Verve Mono (blue label) M- $18 or EX $12
JONATHAN WINTERS- Another Day, Another World- Verve Mono EX+ $25
JONATHAN WINTERS- Whistle Stopping- (Great political humor written by Pat McCormick, who plays straightman to Winter's side-splitting wit. McCormick became head writer at The Tonight Show w/ Johnny Carson) Verve Mono EX $14 or Verve Mono VG $5
JONATHAN WINTERS- Mad Mad Mad Mad World- Verve Mono SS $35
JONATHAN WINTERS- Great Moments In Comedy With Jonathan Winters- Verve M- $18
JONATHAN WINTERS- Movies Are Better Than Ever- Verve Mono M- $18
JONATHAN WINTERS- Wings It!- Columbia SS $30
JONATHAN WINTERS- Stuff 'n Nonesense- (His last 'official' comedy album) Columbia EX $16
THE WMMR MORNING ZOO ALBUM- Zoo's Next- (The Zoo perform zany studio sketches, wacky fake radio commercials, & pseudo-hip song parodies ie: "I Wanna Be A Lifeguard" (Blotto); & others. Cover art parodies the 'Who's Next' LP) Comedy Spotlight M $28
WOODY WOODBURY- Looks At Love & Life- (cheesecake cover) Stereoddities Mono VG $9
WOODY WOODBURY- Laughing Room- Stereoddities Mono M- $9 or EX $7
WOODY WOODBURY- Concert In Comedy- Stereoddities Mono EX- $9 (Write for more Woody Woodbury LPs)

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WEIRD AL YANKOVIC- Same- Rock 'n' Roll Records DJ EX $14