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THE ABDUCTORS- A gang of kidnappers train abducted cheerleaders to become bondage slaves for wealthy men! Outrageous sexploiter starring Cheri Caffaro as super-sexy spy Ginger, who goes 'undercover' to bust up the ring. 1972 (1:30) $9
THE ACID EATERS- A group of swingers ride their motor bikes to the White Pyramid, a 50-foot sugar-cube tower of LSD! Inside, the devil makes their dreams come true. David F. Friedman sexploiter w/ Pat Barrington; Bambi Allen; Burt 'Buck' Kartalian; Sharon Carr. 1968 (1:02) $8
AGENT FOR H.A.R.M.- Ted V. Mikels & the "Outer Limits" TV director team up to bring this 1966 low-budget "Bond / 007" imitation. Wendell Cory sends his coolest secret agent to investigate scientists importing alien spores that turn people into fungus! w/ Peter Mark Richman; Barbara Bouchet, & Donna Mitchell, Playboy's Miss December, 1963. (1:23) $14
ALL THE DEVIL'S ANGELS- aka "The Psychiatrist"- The beautiful young inmates of an asylum have lost their innocence somewhere between heaven & hell, as a Satanist uses them for his covert black magic coven. He believes 'possession' leads to hysterics & sexual aberrations. w/ Diane Miller; Gena Lee; Nancy Cox. Directed by Peter Balakoff as Ted Roter. 1979 (1:38) $9 Scarce!
ALL NIGHT LONG- Paul Harris is happily married to diva Marti Stevens. Patrick McGoohan hopes to unnerve Harris by spreading rumours that Stevens has been unfaithful. Hip & cool noir reworking of Shakespeare's 'Othello' showcasing Jazz greats Dave Brubeck, John Dankworth, John Scott, Ray Dempsey, Tubby Hayes, Charlie Mingus, Keith Christie, Kenny Napper, Allan Ganley, Bert Courtley. Also stars Richard Attenborough, Keith Michell, Betsy Blair. 1962 (1:30) $9
AMERICAN HOT WAX- Semi-factual account of Alan Freed w/ performances by Chuck Berry; Jerry Lee Lewis; Screamin' Jay Hawkins; Frankie Ford. Stars Tim McIntire; Fran Drescher; Jay Leno; Laraine Newman; Jeff Altman; Melanie Chartoff; Richard Perry; Wee Willie Davis; Hamilton Camp. (1:31) $14
AMOR A RITMO DE GO-GO- Great Mexican teen-rock film w/ cool groups: The Devil's; Hooligans; & The Leo Acosta Orchestra, who play:"Hey Lupe" (Hang On Sloopy); "Si Soy Graciosa"; "Amor A Ritmo De Go Go"; "Bule Bule" (Wooly Bully); "Watussi Go-Go"; "Que Flojera";"Go-Go Tropical" & more! w/ Javier Sols; Rosa Mara Vasquez; Leonorilda Ochoa;, Eleazar "Chelelo" Garca; Ral Astor; Yolanda Montes. In Spanish. No subtitles. 1966 (1:35) $9
THE AMOROUS SEX- AKA"Bop Around The Clock", AKA"Sweet Beat"- Obscure Rock 'n' Roll sexploitation film about an aspiring singer (Julie Amber) who wins a trip to London for a possible record deal only to be duped by a shady manager, resulting in plenty of drama. Great musical appearances by Billy Myles (The Joker / Honey Bee); The Mello-Kings; Fred Parris & The Five Satins; New Orleans sax player Lee Allen; UK DJ Keith Fordyce; Sheldon Lawrence; Leonie Page; Irv Bauer & stripper Jeri Lee. This is the longer & racier US paste-up version. 1958 (1:06) $12
AN ALLIGATOR NAMED DAISY- British comedy starring Diana Dors as the fiancée of a songwriter who was given a pet alligator. (1:32) 1955 $7
AND THE BEAT GOES ON: THE SONNY & CHER STORY- (Colorful 1999 Made-for-TV biopic based on Sonny Bono's autobiography. Stars Jay Underwood & Renee Faia) (2:00) $9
ANGELS DIE HARD- Bikers Vs rednecks in this otherwise plotless film. Stars Dixie Peabody & Beach Dickerson later collaborated on "Bury Me An Angel" along w/ Colorado band, East-West Pipeline, who perform 9 songs here, plus 1 song each by Dewey Martin of Buffalo Springfield & psych group Fever Tree. 1970 (1:26) $9
ANGELS HARD AS THEY COME- Schizoid Biker gang 'The Dragons' led by a psychopath named The General, who resembles Charles Manson, face off with 'The Angels' & some hippies in a weird desert ghost town. This underrated forgotten gem marks the screen debut for Gary Busey, w/ Scott Glenn; Charles Dierkep; Gary Littlejohn; Gilda Texter; Larry Tucker & Russ Meyer vets James Inglehart & Janet Wood. Progressive biker-rock songs by Epic Records recording artists, Carp, featuring Gary Busey & Buzz Clifford. Film music score by Richard Hieronymus. Co-written & produced by Jonathan Demme, Roger Corman & Joe Viola. 1971 (1:25) $7
THE ANGRY BREED- A Hollywood wannabe gets involved w/ crazed bikers. Cool LSD montage & erotic dance. Garage fuzz music by Jaime & The Jury; The Orphan Egg. (1:29) $15
ARTISTS AND MODELS- Greenwich Village artist Dean Martin uses Jerry Lewis' far-out dreams for his comic strip. 1955 musical-comedy w/ Eva Gabor; Anita Ekberg. (1:49) $9
ASSIGNMENT TERROR- AKA"Dracula Vs Frankenstein"- Aliens try to inhabit earth w/ help from Frankenstein; Dracula; the Werewolf, Waldemar Daninsky & a Mummy. Stars Michael Rennie; Paul Naschy; Karin Dor. Not to be confused w/ the Sam Sherman / Al Adamson drive-in classic of the same name! 1969 (1:27) $8
A SWINGIN' AFFAIR- College pledge secretly prizefights to raise money for his fraternity dues. Cool twist party scenes w/ Dick Dale & His Del-Tones on "Miserlou" & title song. Dick Dale has a speaking part. Arlene Judge; Sandra Gale; Teri Garr (film debut); Susan Sturidge, Tiger Joe Marsh; Johnny Reno. 1963 (1:25) $12
ATOM AGE VAMPIRE- The natural beauty of a nite-club stripper is restored after she is in a car accident. To preserve her appearance the shady doctor who is treating her must give her additional treatments using glands taken from murdered women. His unexplained ability to turn into a hideous monster helps with this problem but does nothing to win her love. The girl’s boyfriend & police begin to close in on him. Produced by Mario Bava 1960 (1:27) $12
ATTACK OF THE MUSHROOM PEOPLE- Blown off-course by a storm, a boat of friends are stranded on a deserted island where they discover the strange Matango fungus, known to drive people mad if eaten. However, faced with starvation, they succumb one by one to the lure of the mushrooms, with disastrous effects. 1963 (1:29) $12


BAD BLONDE- Early Hammer Studios film noir starring bombshell Barbara Payton. This beautiful blonde actress was born for noir. Here she schemes to have her lover murder her husband for the insurance money, but when he decides to confess to the crime, she poisons him! 1953 (1:20) $8
BAD GIRLS DO CRY- A naive young girl goes to a model agency where she is molested, shot up with drugs & forced to become a prostitute. Stars burlesque queen Misty Ayers; w/ Heather English & June Gaver. Sid Melton sexploitation drama filmed in 1954 but not released until 1965 (1:00) $9
BALLAD IN BLUE- AKA"Blues For Lovers"- Ray Charles stars as himself in this Paul Henreid (Casablanca) directed slice of swinging 60s London. Ray & The Raelettes (The Cookies) perform 9 sizzling tunes on tour, as Ray befriends a blind British boy & plans for the child to see a top eye specialist in Paris. w/ Tom Bell; Mary Peach; Dawn Addams; Piers Bishop; Betty McDowall; Monika Henreid; Lucy Appleby. 1966 (1:29) $18
BE MY GUEST- Business starts booming at a Brighton beach hotel when David Hemmings stages a rock show w/ Jerry Lee Lewis (backed by The Plebs); The Nashville Teens; Zephyrs; Nightshades; Kenny & The Wranglers. w/ Steve Marriott, pre- Small Faces. Shel Talmy music score. 1965 sequel to "Live It Up" (1:22) $14
BEACH BALL- Edd 'Kookie' Byrnes' college band, "The Wigglers", are about to have their musical gear repossessed, but manage to stall until the crucial battle-of-the-bands concert. 1965 w/ The Hondells; Supremes (backed by The Sinners); Righteous Bros; Walker Bros; 4 Seasons; Chris Noel; Aron Kincaid. (1:23) $15
THE BEAT GENERATION- AKA"This Rebel Age"- A police detective must track down a sex offender who has targeted his wife, Fay Spain. The search leads to a beatnik coffee house where Vampira reads poetry. w/ Mamie Van Doren; Regina Carrol; Irish McCalla; Louis Armstrong; Jackie Coogan; Cathy Lee Crosby; Ray Anthony; Dick Contino; Charles Chaplin Jr.; James Mitchum; Norman Grabowski. 1959 (1:30) $20 Scarce!
BEAT GIRL- AKA"Wild For Kicks"- One of the best teenage exploitation movies to come out of the UK. Beatniks, drag racing & striptease w/ Gillian Hills; Adam Faith; Christopher Lee; Oliver Reed; Noelle Adam; Nigel Green. Boss music score by The John Barry Seven. 1959 (1:23) $12
BELLE DU JOUR- Luis Bunuel's surreal masterpiece of erotica involving a frigid young housewife who decides to spend her midweek afternoons as a prostitute. Stars Catherine Deneuve. In French w/ English subtitles. 1967 (1:35) $9
BEYOND THE DOORS- AKA"Down On Us"- Conspiracy buff & Z-grade filmmaker Larry Buchanan put together this laughable mess connecting the lives & deaths of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin & Jim Morrison! Totally unbelievable! (1:57) $16
BEYOND THE TIME BARRIER- Test-pilot breaks the speed of time & ends up in the year 2024, where earth is in pretty rough shape. Can he return to the present & change the future? The space-age sets in this film were still-standing futuristic exhibits from the Texas State Fair in Dallas. Cult director Edgar G. Ulmer shot this at the same time & locale as "The Amazing Transparent Man" w/ combined shooting time of only 2 weeks. 1960 (1:15) $12
THE BIG BEAT- 18 Top Recording Stars! 15 Song Hits! All about the guys & gals who turned Tin Pan Alley into a tempo-torrid music jungle! w/ Fats Domino; The Diamonds; Mills Brothers; Cal Tjader; George Shearing; Harry James; Lancers; Four Aces; Jeri Southern; Gogi Grant; Rose Marie; plus Hans Conried; Andra Martin; Jeffrey Stone; others, all in color! 1958 (1:21) $14
THE BIG NIGHT- A teenager finds a briefcase full of cash & keeps it in hopes of a better life. Things get complicated fast as the bad guy wants his loot back & the cops start asking questions. w/ Randy Sprarks (who formed The New Christy Minstrels the following year); Dick Contino; Robert Paget, Venetia Stevenson, Paul Langton. 1960 (1:14) $9
THE BLACK CAT- Re-telling of Edgar Allan Poe's classic short story. Celebrating their wedding anniversary, Diana (Robyn Baker) gets her husband Lou (Robert Frost) a cat which they name Pluto. He becomes obsessed with the idea that a cat is possessed & kills it. Later, he comes to believe that the cat has returned from the dead to kill him. Some cool tunes by legendary Texas rocker Scotty McKay (Max Lipscomb) who perform "Sinnerman" & "Brown Eyed Handsome Man" w/ his group The Bolero Band (Roger Bland, George Jones, Bobby Rambeau & Jerry Boin), all wearing eye patches! 1966 (1:13) $9
THE BLAST-OFF GIRLS- Sleazy music promoter Boojie Baker (Dan Conway of TVs 'ER') convinces a pop band to come work for him. He arranges play dates, publicity, record contracts & hires girls to scream at their gigs. Thus he creates the new music sensation, but the band is unhappy about Boojie keeping most of the money. When the kids play outside a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, the real-life Col. (Harland) Sanders comes out & dances. This Herschell Gordon Lewis film stars real-life Chicago garage band 'The Faded Blue' w/ Tom Tyrell; Ron Laice; Chris Wolski. 1967 (1:23) $12
BLINDMAN- Spaghetti western take on the Zatoichi character w/ blind gunslinger Tony Anthony, who tangles with a batch of desperados led by Ringo Starr (sporting an accent) who is quite good as the main villain. Anthony simply wants back his stable of prostitutes that were stolen from him. Uncut widescreen version, in English. Directed by Ferdinando Baldi 1971 (1:45) $15
BLONDE ON A BUM TRIP- A young New York City college girl majoring in chemistry, is persuaded by her roommates & a drug dealer to make LSD for them. Music by The E-Types, The Neons, & The Vagrants are heard, & The Bit 'A' Sweet perform "Out Of Sight Out Of Mind" at Scott Muni's Rolling Stone Discoteque in NYC. 1968 $14
BLOOD SONG- Strange childhood causes Frankie Avalon to become a flute playing axe murderer! w/ Donna Wilkes & Richard Jaeckel. (1:30) $12
BOIN-N-G!- Herschell Gordon Lewis & David Friedman's final nudie-cutie collaboration via this semi-autobiographical comedy satirizing the sexploitation industry. A film-within-a-film, featuring undraped damsels by the dozen! w/ William Kerwin; Robbie Bee; Bill Johnson; Christina Castel; Joanne Stuart; Marlene Gage; Linda Cotton; Vickie Miles aka Allison Louise Downe. Original organ score by H.G. Lewis. 1963 (1:10) $8
BOP GIRL GOES CALYPSO- A psychologist predicts that calypso will replace rock ''n roll. Judy Tyler (Princess Summerfall Winterspring on "Howdy Doody" in her first film, before starring in 'Jailhouse Rock'); Nino Tempo (blowin' a wild rockin' sax); Bobby Troup (he penned "Route 66" theme); George O'Hanlon (later the voice of TV’s George Jetson); two great R&B numbers by The Titans! Also, The Mary Kaye Trio; The Goofers; The Cubanos, & Lord Flea Calypsonians w/ guitarist Porkchops. Les Baxter fills out the score, which includes the original "Tequila" riff, lifted & named by The Champs, becoming a hit. 1957 (1:20) $12
BORN RECKLESS- Rodeo songfest w/ Mamie Van Doren & bronc-buster Jeff Richards. As they perform on the traveling rodeo circuit, a 3-way love triangle develops. w/ Carol Ohmart. Rock 'N Roll by Johnny Olenn. Tex Williams plays himself singing. Mamie gets several songs. 1958 (1:20) $9
BORN WILD- aka "The Young Animals"- Racial conflict & violence erupts at high school when Mexican student Tony (Tom Nardini from "Cat Ballou") starts dating Janet (Patty McCormick from "The Bad Seed"). Psychedelic music by The American Revolution "Love Has Got Me Down". The Orphan Egg play "In Big Letters" at a pool party. Joanna Frank; David Macklin; Zooey Hall & Russ Bender co-star. Score by Les Baxter. 1968 (1:34) $14
THE BRICK DOLL HOUSE- When a woman with a history of kinky sex is found murdered, a homicide detective questions the other girls who lived with her in a Hollywood apartment building, uncovering the many sordid experiences that took place there. Lots of luscious dolls w/ big hair & great eye makeup, in a continuous never-ending suburban swap meet. All the guys act like Rat-Pack wannabes & look like Ed "Kookie" Byrnes. Future cult-star Eve Orlon dances poolside in a pink bikini at one of the parties! David F. Friedman production directed by Tony Martinez. 1967 (0:55) $8
THE BRIDE & THE BEAST- Hypnosis reveals that Dans new bride was 'Queen of the Gorillas' in a previous life. Written by Ed Wood Jr; who lent all the chic angora sweaters sported by Charlotte Austin from his personal collection. 1958 (1:17) $8
BROADWAY JUNGLE- aka "Hollywood Jungle"- Paper-thin non-plot concerns a bunch of wannabe filmmakers trying to make movies on no dough. They get caught up with some sleazy mob types who want to rub'em out. The spunky female assistant director does all the heavy thinking for no-talent director Mathering, The casting call is an exquisite parade of weirdos. Some great scenes of down & out '50s era Hollywood w/ shot of an adult theatre whose marquee boasts "Indecent" & "Oriental Vanities". Auto-biographical (?) work by real-life "director" Phil Tucker w/ Diana Dors, June Gilmore Eddie Constantine & Eve Miller. 1955 (1:01) $9
BUMMER- The manager of a rock band fires the drunken, psycho bass player, who goes on a rape & murder spree. Dave Friedman produced this 'groupie' based trash classic w/ Connie Strickland & Carol Speed. 1973 (1:30) $8
BURY ME AN ANGEL- Taut biker film, told from the heroine's point of view, who is out to avenge her brother's murder, toting a shotgun & meaning business. Stars Dixie Peabody. Beach Dickerson has a small role & helped produce the movie. Written & directed by Barbara Peeters, who was script supervisor on the earlier biker film "Angels Die Hard", Obscure Colorado band, East-West Pipeline provide the great theme-song plus 4 other tunes. 1972 (1:29) $9


CARNIVAL ROCK- The owner of a rock 'n roll nightclub on a carnival pier has a crush on the club's star, Natalie (Susan Cabot), but she has eyes for another. Highly sought after teen flick w/ appearances by the original Platters & rockabilly stars David Houston; & Bob Luman w/ The Shadows led by legendary guitarist James Burton who later backed Ricky Nelson & Elvis. Title song by The Blockbusters. Jitterbug dancers Gil Brady & Frieda Angela Wyckoff are seen. w/ Jonathan Haze & Dick Miller in a no-budget Roger Corman production commissioned exclusively by & for the Howco drive-in theater chain. 1957 (1:15) $14
CARRY ON SCREAMING- The sinister Dr Watt has an evil scheme going. His fiendish creation, Oddbod, is kidnapping beautiful young women & turning them into mannequins to sell to local stores. Comedy / Horror farce w/ The British 'Carry-On' gang. Trivia: Sergeant Bung's car is a 1904 Brushmobile. The company was based in Loughborough in Leicestershire, England & only six of these cars were made. 1966 (1:35) $15
CATALINA CAPER- Comedy musical mystery film starring Tommy Kirk is one of the last in the beach party genre. Little Richard sings "Scuba Party". 1967 (1:24) $9
CHAMBER OF HORRORS- Wax Museum provides setting for macabre tale of insane killer terrorizing 19th-Century Baltimore. The "Fear Flasher" & "Horror Horn" add entertainment value & they forewarn skittish viewers of scary scenes. Marie Windsor; Richard O'Brien; Suzy Parker; Tony Curtis. 1966 (1:39) $9
CHASTITY- She's Not Just A Girl, She's An Experience! A lonely young girl hitchhiking across the country hopes to find someone to love & make her forget her disturbed past. She meets Andre, but feels the relationship is getting too serious so she decides to run to Mexico. Working there in a brothel she befriends the owner looking for a mother figure, but the lesbian woman has different feelings for Chastity. She soon returns to Andre & tries to start a new life. Sonny Bono wrote the film & scored the music. Starring Cher 1969 (1:23) $9
CITY ACROSS THE RIVER- Gritty film of tough juvenile delinquents in the slums of Brooklyn, NY. Based on the Irving Shulman novel "The Amboy Dukes". Stars Jeff Corey; Tony Curtis; Thelma Ritter; Sue England. 1949 (1:30) $9
COCKSUCKER BLUES- Documentary film by photographer Robert Frank on the Rolling Stones' 1972 American tour. Not released by the Stones because it contains scenes of sex & drugs. The extended rock parts include a great version of "Midnight Rambler" plus "Uptight" & "Satisfaction" medley w/ Stevie Wonder. w/ Truman Capote; Dick Cavett; Marshall Chess; Nicky Hopkins; Ahmet Ertegun; Bianca Jagger; Lee Radziwill; Tina Turner; Terry Southern; Andy Warhol. 1972 (1:28) $9
COLLEGE CONFIDENTIAL- Sociology professor studies sexual activities of his students & runs into afoul of the law. Stars Steve Allen; Jayne Meadows; Mamie Van Dooren; Walter Winchell; Norman 'Woo Woo' Grabowski Conway Twitty; Elisha Cook Jr; Randy Sparks; Pamela Mason; Rocky Marciano; Herbert Marshall; Cathy Crosby; Sheilah Graham; Mickey Shaughnessy; Earl Wilson; Louis Sobol; James Bacon. 1960 (1:31) $9
COLLEGE GIRLS CONFIDENTIAL- They join party fraternity Lamda-Sigma-Delta! Pure druggy sexploitation w/ Marsha Jordan, directed by A.C. Stephen.1965 (1:07) $12
CONNECTING ROOMS- The plot explores relationships shared by residents of a seedy boarding house, including Wanda Fleming who's flattered by the attention paid to her by rebellious pop songwriter wannabe Mickey Hollister, & former schoolmaster James Wallraven, who has been accused of pedophilia & is working as a janitor in an art gallery. This obscure film stars Bette Davis; Michael Redgrave; Alexis Kanner; Kay Walsh. Music by The Eyes Of Blue who also appear; & Lois Lane backed by The Lady Birds. 1970 (1:43) $14
THE COOL ONES- Fun movie w/ Roddy McDowell as a 'Phil Spector' type promoter who discovers Debbie Watson & Gil Peterson doing the latest dance craze, "The Tantrum", at the local club. Choreography by Toni Basil. Music by The Leaves; Bantams; Glen Campbell; & Mrs Miller; Surfaris. 1967 (1:33) $18 Rare!
THE COSMIC MAN- A spherical UFO lands. It contain one alien visitor. Investigators disagree on how to deal with him. The Cosmic Man asks them to change their attitudes so they can co-exist with others in the universe. The Cosmic Man sees that not all present think his request is a good idea. 1959 (1:12) $8
COSMIC MONSTERS- aka "The Strange World of Planet X"- At a small rural British lab, Dr. Laird creates ultra-intense magnetic fields that unintendedly let in lots of bad cosmic rays. The local insects become giants on the attack! Filmed as a companion piece to "The Crawling Eye". 1958 (1:15) $8
CREATURE OF DESTRUCTION- A mad hypnotist (Les Tremayne) reverts his beautiful assistant into the prehistoric sea monster she was in a past life. Using this power he attempts to find fame & fortune by predicting a series of murders, then using the monster to carry them out. w/ Aron Kincaid. AIP made for TV remake of "The She Creature" by bad-movie maven Larry Buchanan. Filmed in Texas w/ The Scotty McKay Quintet performing 2 songs on the beach - "All Around The World" & "Watch Out For The Batman" 1967 (1:20) $9
CREATURE WITH THE ATOM BRAIN- Mad scientist uses radio-controlled atomic-powered zombies in his quest to help a 2-bit gangster wreak revenge on his enemies & return to power. A classic! Edward L. Cahn 1955 (1:10) $9
CRIME IN THE STREETS- John Cassavetes plays an angry alienated teen from the slums who conspires to commit murder with his gang, Sal Mineo & Mark Rydell. Back alleys never looked so lurid & dangerous as they do in this sadly forgotten film, complete w/ fantastic jazz score that compliments the dark, shadowy images & the taught drama unfolding on the screen. 1956 (1:31) $15
CRY BABY KILLER- After a brawl over a tight-sweater chick, a young delinquent thinks he may have killed one of the thugs pursuing him. He takes hostages & police try to negotiate with the frightened boy, but even his friends cannot reach him. Rockin' title song. This Roger Corman classic features Jack Nicholson in his first film role. 1958 (0:52) $9
CRY TOUGH- Hard-hitting story of Puerto Rican hoodlums in New York City. John Saxon plays an ex-con tempted back to criminal life by his old gang. Also stars Linda Cristal. Based on the Irving Shulman novel. 1959 (1:23) $9
CULT OF THE DAMNED- aka "Angel, Angel, Down We Go"- Jordan Christopher as a decadent rock star (backed by Roddy McDowell & Lou Rawls) sings Barry Mann / Cynthia Weil songs to his girlfriend, Angel (Holly Near) about her dead porn-star mother Jennifer Jones. Later, Angel's father (once Christopher's lover) turns up dead. Written & directed by Robert Thom, the man who wrote the amazing counter-culture film, "Wild In The Streets". (1:43) $9
CURFEW BREAKERS- aka "Hooked!"- The narcotics squad cracks down on high-school junkies. At the juke joint a fantastic dope-inspired jazz / rhythm & blues band wails on a boogie tune while the sax man contorts his face & scats his brains out in a manner very similar to Harry "The Hipster" Gibson. Also, a lanky beatnik babe warbles the blues tune, "Baby Have Yourself A Time". You know it's a classy picture when the end credits list the characters names as "Hoodlum"; "Pusher"; "Addict" & "Coroner"! 1957 (1:11) $9


DADDY-O- aka "Downbeat", aka "Out On Probation"- Hot rodder & rock singer Dick Contino gets involved w/ platinum blonde Sandra Giles & a gang of thugs. 1959 (1:12) $12
DATE BAIT- Drive-in era teenage delinquent drama about a teen couple who gets hitched & end up on the sleazy side of town where they are victimized by the new bride's hoodlum ex-boyfriend & his psychotic drug-addicted brother! Reggie Perkins wails rockabilly title tune. w/ Sue Randall 1960 (1:05) $12
DATELINE DIAMONDS- Ex-con Kenneth Cope is manager of The Small Faces (original line-up), who smuggles diamonds to Amsterdam via an offshore pirate radio station. w/ DJ Kenny Everett; Kiki Dee; Mark Richardson; Patsy Rowlands; The Chantelles. Cool 1965 Mod Merseybeat sounds. (1:13) $14
DAUGHTER OF HORROR-A young woman wakes from a nightmare in a cheap hotel room. We follow her through the surreal skid-row night. She kills her father; encounters a pimp & the rich man he panders for & kills him. Film-noir w/ narration by Ed McMahon, but no dialogue. w/ Faith Parker as nite-club dancer & Shorty Rogers as jazz musician. In the theater sequence of "The Blob" they were showing this film! 1955 (1:00) $9
THE DEADLY BEES- After the British group 'The Birds' (w/ pre-Rolling Stones Ron Wood) perform their new pop hit "That's All I Need", it's Vicky's turn on camera, but she collapses in the middle of the song & is sent to recuperate on a bee farm. When a mysterious swarm of specially bred attack bees starts killing island residents, Vicki fights for her survival, but the smell of fear only excites the bees further. 1966 (1:23) $12
A DEGREE OF MURDER- When Anita Pallenberg kills her ex-lover by accident, she decides to conceal the body. Psychedelic soundtrack by post-Rolling Stones Brian Jones, who also makes a cameo appearance. 1967 (1:27) $14
THE DELINQUENTS- Robert Altman's 1st film, about a clean-cut kid who gets involved w/ a street gang because his girlfriend is too young to go steady. Shot in Kansas City, starring Tom Laughlin; Richard Bakalyan; Rosemary Howard; Peter Miller. 1957 (1:15) $9
DETOUR TO TERROR- Artie Johnson is the tour guide on the Vegas-bound bus driven by O.J. Simpson. They get hijacked in the desert by some dune-buggy ridin' bad guys, headed by Lorenzo Lamas. w/ Chris Noel; Anne Francis. (1:37) $14
DEVIL GIRL FROM MARS- A gorgeous leather-clad female alien, armed with a raygun & accompanied by a menacing robot, comes to Earth to collect men as breeding stock. 1954 (1:16) $8
DEVIL'S ANGELS- John Cassavetes is leader of The Skulls, a biker gang set on revenge & mayhem after being wrongly accused of raping the local beauty queen. Also stars Beverly Adams as his moll, Mimsey Farmer; Salli Sachse; Mitzi Hoag; Leo Gordon; & a film debut by Nai Bonet. Written by Charles Griffith & produced by Roger Corman. Great fuzz soundtrack by Davie Allan & The Arrows. 1967 (1:24) $18
THE DIRT GANG- A film crew making a low-budget western in the desert is terrorized by a vicious outlaw motorcycle gang on dirt bikes. God help the fuzz that flashes a badge on the dirt gang, as they have a wild free-for-all booze party w/ drugs & lots of naked fun. But the fun's over when one-eyed biker leader, Monk, discovers that an old rival is part of the film crew. w/ Paul Carr; Michael Pataki; Jo Anne Meredith; Lee de Broux; Nanci Beck. 1972 (1:29) $15
DIRT ROAD TO PSYCHEDELIA: AUSTIN TEXAS DURING THE 1960s- Comprehensive documentary tracing the roots of Austin's youth culture from beatniks to folkies to hippies to psychedelia. See & hear great exclusive vintage footage of Janis Joplin The 13th Floor Elevators, Shivas Headband, Conqueroo, Johnny Winter; Mance Lipscomb; Lightnin' Hopkins & others at pioneering music venues like The Jade Room; Ghetto; Vulcan Gas Company; Threadgills, etc. Includes interviews w/ George Kinney (Golden Dawn), Spencer Perskin (Shiva's Headband); Charlie Pritchard (Conqueroo); 13th Floor Elevators' manager Sandy Lockett, singer-songwriter Powell St. John, underground comix legend Gilbert Shelton; artists Jack Johnson & Jim Franklin; Roky’s former wife Dana Morris Erickson, & more!. (72 minutes) $9
DISK-O-TEK HOLIDAY- Casey Paxton goes to various radio & TV studios with his girlfriend, plugging his latest single. The story is a backdrop for presenting about 20 great songs, performed by the artists themselves. Disc jockeys Bob Foster, Arnie Ginsburg & Hy Lit appear, along w/ Band Of Angels "Hide & Seek"; The Bachelors "Teenage Valentino", "Low In The Valley; The Vagrants (w/ Leslie West) "Oh Those Eyes"; Peter & Gordon "Leave Me Alone", "Soft As The Dawn"; The Chiffons "Nobody Knows" (Scopitone); Freddy & The Dreamers "You Were Made For Me", "Just For You"; Johnny B. Great: "If I Had A Hammer" (cool scene); Louise Cordet "It's So Hard To Be Good"; The Applejacks "Tell Me When"; Jackie & The Raindrops "Locomotion"; The Merseybeats "Milkman"; The Rockin' Ramrods "Play It"; The Orchids "Mr. Scrooge"; Millie Small "Sugar Dandy"; Freddy Cannon "Tallahassee Lassie", "Buzz Buzz A-Diddle-It", "Beachwood City". 1966 (1:03) $12
DOCTOR GORE- A scientific genius tormented by the untimely death of his wife, sets about to create the perfect woman through a series of bizarre experiments. By reconstructing living body parts from lovely young women, he creates a ravishingly beautiful monster! Pat Patterson rarity introduced by H.G. Lewis. 1975 (1:30) $8
DOG EAT DOG- Jayne Mansfield stars in this thrill-a-minute tale of murder, lust & deceit. A band of thieves make off with $1 million to a Mediterranean island. They are trailed there by a several interested parties. When the loot disappears & the bodies begin to fall, it's every man or woman for themselves. 1966 (1:26) $9
DON'T KNOCK THE ROCK- Two 1963 concerts feature Jerry Lee Lewis; Little Richard; Animals; Gene Vincent; Shirelles; Shouts; Sounds Incorporated; & Flintstones. (0:50) $14
DON'T KNOCK THE TWIST- Chubby Checker helps stage a telethon before a rival station can. Music w/ Dee Dee Sharp; The Dovells; Gene Chandler as 'The Duke Of Earl'; Linda Scott, more. Sequel to "Twist Around The Clock". (1:27) $12
DON'T MAKE WAVES- Muscle Beach Party sex-comedy filmed on Malibu Beach w/ Tony Curtis; Claudia Cardinale; Mort Sahl; Joanna Barnes & Sharon Tate. Mattell's "Malibu Barbie" doll was modeled after Sharon Tate's character, 'Malibu'. Terry Southern screenplay w/ Vic Mizzy music score. Jim McGuinn & Chris Hillman wrote the title song, performed by The Byrds over the opening credits, & Decca recording artists The Sundowners (w/ Dominick DeMieri) make their only film appearance. China Lee; Edgar Bergen; Jim Backus; Johnny Fain; & famed bodybuilders David Draper & Chester Yorton appear. Rare original Wide Screen format of this hard-to-find film. 1967 (1:37) $15
DORMITORY GIRLS- aka "Bad Girls' Dormitory"- This women-in-prison potboiler from director Tim Kincaid delivers the sleazy goods you've come to expect from the genre. These girls are more than just bad - they're the baddest! The reformatory is really a training school for teenage hellcats, & when the warden peddles drugs & sex, something's got to give! Teresa Farley & Carey Zuris (1:30) $9
DR GOLDFOOT & THE BIKINI MACHINE- Vincent Price plans to take over the world w/ beautiful fembots like Susan Hart & Marianne Gaba, who seduce rich & powerful men like Dwayne Hickman. w/ Vox group Sam & The Apemen; Beach Party regulars Annette & Frankie; Harvey Lembeck; Deborah Walley. 1965 title song by The Supremes (1:25) $9
DR GOLDFOOT & THE GIRL BOMBS- In this 1966 sequel to above, Vincent Price returns along w/ Frankie Avalon; Dwayne Hickman; Susan Hart, & a bevy of fembots programmed to explode when making love to key NATO officers. Fabian Forte is the agent who must stop them. Directed by Mario Bava (1:18) $9
DRACULA BLOWS HIS COOL- An ancestor of the famous vampire gets a job as a photographer shooting beautiful fashion models. Euro sex-horror comedy centers around the opening of 'The Torture Dungeon' disco club, but his vampiric great-grandparents still live in the crypt, having spent many years feeding on stolen bottled plasma (supplied to them by their loyal servant Boris). Now, with an endless stream of young clubbers partying near their coffins, the undead couple cannot resist rising from their tomb to sample fresh blood. Writing & directing debut for Carl Schenkel. 1979 (1:31) $9
THE DRIVER'S SEAT- aka "Identikit"- Stars Elizabeth Taylor as a schizophrenic who travels from London to Rome in an effort to find romance with any man she meets along the way, and to have them grant her special request. One of her most compelling & stylish films! w/ Andy Warhol; 1974 (1:45) $9
DU-BEAT-E-O- Depraved film maker has 31 hours to make a Rock'N'Roll movie for the mob, but all he has are bits of Joan Jett (pre-Blackhearts) footage. His 'punk collage' movie begins to resemble the one we're watching. Original Music by Cheryl Smith. Underscore by The Lounge Lizards. (1:24) $8

E - F

ERIKA'S HOT SUMMER- Erica Gavin, of Russ Meyer's "Vixen" fame, excels in this spectacularly sensual tale of a woman who seeks the ultimate in erotic pleasure. She finds her match with Steve, a sexually active photographer, who is already in a relationship with Sherrie, the girl he met at the dance bar. Uncut version w/ pre-Playboy Playmate Mercy Rooney aka Merci Montello & Lynn Harris aka Julie Stone. 1971 (1:21) $8
THE EYE CREATURES- Alien 'eye' creatures invade a small town where the U.S. Air Force tries to hush up the event. A couple of teens figure everything out & prevent the creatures from taking over by shining lights on them. Directed by Larry Buchanan, this AIP made for TV movie is based on 'The Attack Of The Saucer Men'. 1965 (1:20) $9
FALLGUY- Cool teen Sonny Martin stops to help the victim of an auto accident but quickly realizes he’s stepped into a murder in progress. The mobsters frame him, while a hit-man is hunting him down. Who's behind it all? Nice jazzy music score by Jaime Mendoza-Nava. 1962 (1:04) $8
FASTEST GUITAR ALIVE- Roy Orbison is a Confederate spy who robs the Union mint just as the Civil War ends, & must return the loot undetected. w/ Sham The Sham & a shotgun guitar. Roy sings:"Pistolero"; "Good Time Party"; "Whirlwind"; "Rollin' On"; "River"; "Medicine Man"; "The Fastest Guitar Alive"; & "Snuggle Huggle". (1:27) $14
THE FAT BLACK PUSSYCAT- Discovering the body of Beat-poet groupie Edie Eichorn, detective Dave Walsh enters the 'Beatnik' sub-culture in search of the killer. Janet Lynd is his guide thru the Greenwich Village scene, as the body count piles up. Filmed on location in in NYC, including at the real-life Fat Black Pussycat coffee house, 1963. Originally banned in the UK. (1:34) $9
FEAR NO MORE- Traveling by train from L.A. to San Francisco, Sharon Carlin (Mala Powers) is accused of murdering the woman found dead in her compartment. Arrested and taken off the train, she escapes & soon runs into good samaritan Paul Colbert (Jacques Bergerac). He initially believes her story, but then begins to have doubts after she finds another murder victim in her apartment & it is revealed she spent time in a psychiatric institute for murder. She realizes she is being set up & sets out to find out who & why. This fast pace film has some nice twists in it... Music by Paul Glass (Lady In A Cage; Bunny Lake Is Missing & many TV episodes of Night Gallery) 1961 (1:20) $9
FEMALE FIENDS- A man awakens with amnesia & is told he's an heir to millions, but he suspects he is an heir to trouble instead. w/ Peter "The Manster" Dyneley; Carol Mathews; Lex Barker. Obscure 1958 UK thriller (1:19) $8
FEMALE JUNGLE- Jayne Mansfield's movie debut as a nymphomaniac is hardly a stretch in acting, but this B-film noir mystery crime drama has alot more going for it. 1956 (1:16) $9
FIEND WITHOUT A FACE- A scientist, experimenting with telekinetic powers enhanced by a nearby nuclear power plant succeeds in creating a new form of intelligent life, which goes on the attack, sucking the brain & spinal chord out of its victims! Cool 1958 UK/US production, based on "The Thought-Monster" by Amelia Reynolds Long, published 1930 in the pulp magazine "Weird Tales". (1:15) $8
THE FILMS OF IRVING KLAW- Original 8mm shorts includes lots of Betty Page & many others, circa 1950s. (2:00) $16
FIREBALL JUNGLE- Cars are crashing everywhere in this action film that tells the story of an ambitious driver, wanting to get to the top of the stock-car circuit. He gets mixed up with gangsters determined break into the Southern stock-car circuit. There's a wild club/party scene w/ an R&B singer & The Mercy Group (aka Mercy) singing "Love Can Make You Happy". There's a sign next to the band that says "The LSD For Lunch Bunch". w/ Lon Chaney Jr. 1969 (1:35) $12
THE FLORIDA CONNECTION- aka "Weed"- Fast moving crime-thriller heist film set in the Florida Everglades starring Houston Oilers & L.A. Rams NFL quarterback Dan Pastorini & top-heavy bombshell Playboy pinup model June Wilkinson. They were newly married at the time & it shows in the love scenes! Also stars Edward Faulkner & cult actor Bill Thurman, a regular in several Larry Buchanan films. Directed by Robert J. Emery. 1974 (1:44) $14
THE FLYING SAUCER- The CIA sends playboy Mike Trent to Alaska w/ agent Vee Langley posing as his "nurse", to investigate flying saucer sightings. Our heroes clash with KBG agents, also after the saucer secret. Stars Mikel Conrad who also produced, wrote & directed. 1950 (1:15) $9
FOR THOSE WHO THINK YOUNG- Surfing college students hang out at a club watching comedian Woody Woodbury & drinking Pepsi. Rich playboy "Ding" Pruitt falls for Sandy Palmer. His grandfather tries to have the club closed but is exposed as an ex-bootlegger. Great cast w/ James Darren; Pamela Tiffin; Paul Lynde; Tina Louise; Bob Denver; Robert Middleton; Nancy Sinatra; Claudia Martin; Paul 'Mousie' Garner. Film music played by members of The Challengers & Belairs. Bob Denver performs "Ho Daddy, Surf's Up". Cameos by Susan Hart; Laurie Burton; Mike Nader; Mickey Dora; & Lada Edmund. 1964 (1:36) $16
FORBIDDEN IMPULSE- A pair of nubile teenagers set out to seduce every older man who crosses their path. Obscure erotica w/ Denise Sexton & Crystal Tillery. (1:20) $12
FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE SPACE MONSTER- A bad movie must! Martians kidnap some party girls to repopulate their planet, and robot/astronaut Frankie goes berserk! James Karen stars w/ music by The Distance Cousins & The Poets. Inspired 1965 New York production. (1:18) $12
FREE LOVE CONFIDENTIAL- Blonde bombshell Kaye & her friend Giselle try to track down a photographer who took naughty pictures of them. Great lighting effects during the LSD sequence at 'Club Mojo'. w/ Yvette Corday & Karen Miller. Another Harry Novak classic. 1967 (1:10) $9
FREE SPIRITS- Great documentary on the 'Brotherhood of the Spirit' / 'Renaissance Community', one of the largest & most controversial communes of the 1960s-70s, which began when drop-out Michael Metelica Rapunzel & 8 friends took residence in a rural Massachusetts treehouse. Peaking at 800 members w/ real estate holdings in 4-towns, an album & national touring band 'Spirit In Flesh', plus millions of dollars, see why this model New-Age community eventually fractured. (1:40) $12
FROM HELL IT CAME- Tabanga, a monster tree stump menaces a research team on a remote Pacific Atoll. Paul Blaisdell created the cursed creature: 'the root of all evil'. Shady writing, sappy direction & wooden performances w/ Tod Andrews; Tina Carver & Linda Watkins. Great 1957 camp. (1:14) $9
FUTURE WOMEN- aka "The Seven Secrets Of Sumuru"- A world where male spies die at the hand of sexy Shirley Eaton, the British actress best known as the gold-clad female in "Goldfinger". She & her all-woman army plan to conquer the world from their base city of Femina (near Rio). Directed by Jesus 'Jess' Franco, this stylish film has excellent set & costume design, a chic & catchy theme song, unusual camera angles & a decidedly mod feel. w/ Maria Rohm who later starred in Franco's "Venus in Furs". 1969 (1:27) $12


GET DOWN GRAND FUNK- aka "Weekend Rebellion", aka "Mondo Daytona"- Thousands of partying teenagers descend on Daytona Beach for spring break, clashing with police in their untiring search for sun, sex, and overall overindulgence. Rock 'n roll; nightclubs; dancing; balcony diving; drunken mayhem; beach frolic; muscle cars & motorcycle gangs spliced in w/ musical appearances by frat house faves The Swinging Medallions; Billie Joe Royal; The Tams; & Grand Funk Railroad w/ cool psychedelic effects. 1968 (1:25) $14
GET YOURSELF A COLLEGE GIRL- aka "The Swingin' Set"- Songwriter (Mary Ann Mobley) & friends Nancy Sinatra & Chad Everett throw a wild watusi party at a ski resort w/ The Animals; Dave Clark Five; & The Standells. Also w/ Freddie Bell & The Bellboys; Roberta Linn; The Jimmy Smith Trio; The Rhythm Masters; Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto (w/ Gary Burton on vibes). Chris Noel & Donnie Brooks costar. 1964 (1:27) $16
THE GHOST GOES GEAR- Obscure film in it's day has The Spencer Davis Group (w/ Steve Winwood) stumble into a haunted British Manor, and stay to help raise money to keep it from closing. Performances by Acker Bilk; The M6; Dave Berry; The Lorne Gibson Trio; St. Louis Union; The Three Bells; others. 1966 uncut UK comedy by the creator of "Cucumber Castle" (1:19) $12
GIRL GROUPS- THE STORY OF A SOUND- Based on Alan Betrock's well researched book, we find out how the hits were made in the early 1960s. Many highlights include The Ronettes; Shangri-La's; Mary Wells; & interviews w/ Ronnie Spector; Ellie Greenwich; Darlene Love; etc. (1:05) $12
THE GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS- Michele just wants to go-go dance at The Haunted House Club in Hollywood, but she must deal with drug pushers & small time crooks. 1968 Ted Mikels film w/ Preston Epps; Mark Herron. Title song plus 3 others by Chris Howard & The Third World, who also appear. (1:31) $9
GIRL ON A CHAIN GANG- Very loosely based on the real-life case that inspired "Mississippi Burning", this tense low-budget civil rights drama/drive-in crime thriller follows a young woman & two activists who are framed, arrested & thrown in prison by corrupt Southern police. She is put on a chain gang with 17 male convicts. 1965 Jerry Gross film. (1:36) $8
GIRL ON THE RUN- A hootchy-kootchy whodunit set in a seedy carnival where a reporter tries to discover who killed his boss while his girlfriend joins the burlesque show! Pure carny-noir w/ real-life stripper Marlow as herself, & a young Steve McQueen in his 1st screen appearance (uncredited extra) as a carnival customer. 1953 (1:04) $8
GIRL WITH THE HUNGRY EYES- Two sexy gals, domineering Tiger Cat (Cathy Crowfoot) & frisky Kitty (Vicky Dee aka Adele Rein), tear up the pavement in a Corvette convertible looking for kicks. Top-heavy Pat Barrington performs an impromptu striptease go-go dance. An attempt by director William Rostler ("Mantis in Lace") to cash in on the success of "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!." 1967 (1:25) $8
THE GIRLS ON THE BEACH- aka "Summer Of '64"- Noreen Corcoran & coeds try to get The Beatles to play at their sorority benefit. When the Fab Four don't show, the girls imitate the Beatles themselves! Also, 9 great songs by: Leslie Gore; The Beach Boys; The Crickets; Gary Usher; Carol Conners. w/ Martin West (Lord Love-A-Duck); Ahna Capri (Payday); Mary Mitchel (Spider Baby, Dementia 13); Lana Wood (Natalie's sister) & Dick Miller (1:20) $18
GIRLS TOWN- aka "The Innocent & The Damned"- Bad girl Mamie Van Doren is sent to juvenile jail for a crime she didn't commit. Was the culprit Elinor Donahue, Gloria Talbot, or Cathy Crosby? Maybe Paul Anka, Mel Torme or The Platters! Also w/ Ray Anthony; Jody Fair; Dick Contino. (1:32) $9
GO, JOHNNY GO!- In this follow-up to the 1956 teen film "Rock, Rock, Rock", Alan Freed showcases music by The Cadillacs; The Flamingos; Jackie Wilson; Eddie Cochran & others while hyping Johnny Melody (Jimmy Clanton) records on his radio show. Chuck Berry plays himself. Richie Valens' only screen appearance. (1:15) $9
THE GODSON- Low budget mafia tale of an ambitious young man who finds babes, violence & lust when he tries to make it in the world of organized crime. w/ Lois Mitchell & Uschi Digart. Watch for Harlan Ellison in the background of scenes shot in his home. Directed by William Rotsler. 1971 (1:32) $8
THE GOLDEN DISC- aka "The Inbetween Age"- Screen debut of British teen idol Terry Dean who helps a new coffee bar, "The Lucky Charm", get more business. They start a record label & begin to sell records at the coffee bar. When one of their acts scores a hit, a rival record company tries to muscle in on the action. Some rare footage of legendary drummer Phil Seamon & His Jazz Group. Lots of music by: Sonny Stewart & His Skiffle Kings; Nancy Whiskey; David Jacobs; Dennis Lotis; Terry Kennedy; Lee Patterson; Mary Steele; Murray Campbell; Sheila Buxton; Jillian Comber & others 1958 UK (1:15) $12
GONKS GO BEAT- Rare & strange British '60s sci-fi comedy musical w/ Kenneth Connor as an alien who comes to Earth as peacemaker between the warring nations of 'Beatland' & 'Balladisle'. Featured performers are: The Nashville Teens; Lulu & The Luvvers; Elaine & Derek Thompson; The Trolls; Graham Bond Organization (w/ Dick Heckstall-Smith; John McLaughlin; & pre-Cream Ginger Baker & Jack Bruce); The Trekkers; The Vacqueros; plus a drum-fest featuring Andy White, the chap who replaced Ringo on initial recording of "Love Me Do"). Frank Thornton & Pamela Brown co-star. (1:30) $18
THE GREEN SLIME- In this movie, the tentacled eyeballs have little suits to fit the midgets inside! Great theme song, party scene, & outerspace battle. 1969 (1:28) $17
GUN GIRLS- A gang of teenage girls out for kicks embark on a crime spree of robberies & burglaries. Their fence keeps them supplied w/ drugs & sex. w/ Timothy Farrell. 1957 (1:07) $9


HALLUCINATION GENERATION- Hippies in Spain take LSD & the film turns from sepia tone to color! w/ Steve Rowland; Danny Stone; Marianne Kanter. 1966 (1:30) $18
THE HAPPENING- Obscure 'dark comedy' caper casts Anthony Quinn as a retired mobster who is kidnapped for ransom by 4 Miami Beach bohemians looking for kicks & quick money. The plot thickens when none of his friends will rescue him. w/ Michael Parks; Milton Berle; & Faye Dunaway in her film debut. The theme song by The Supremes was more popular than the movie. 1967 (1:32) $15
THE HARRAD EXPERIMENT- At the co-ed Harrad College, students learn about sexuality & experiment with each other in an environment of free love. Based on the 1962 book by Robert Rimmer. Young cast stars Tippi Hedren; Margaret Tenhausen; Don Johnson; Bruno Kirby. Improv comedy troupe 'The Ace Trucking Company' appear, featuring Fred Willard & Bill Saluga. Look for Ted Cassidy; Melanie Griffith Gregory Harrison; & Melody Patterson as extras. Complete un-cut un-censored 'R' Rated version. 1973 (1:37) $12
HARRY NOVAK'S BOX OFFICE BONANZA- A compilation of '60s era sexoloitation trailers & featurettes released by producer Harry H. Novak's Boxoffice International Pictures w/ Kiss Me Quick; The Touchables; Mondo Mod; Cool It Baby; Free Love Confidential; Mini Skirt Love; Venus In Furs; Mantis In Lace & 11 more, plus Featurettes: Women Of Pleasure; Hot Hippy Hips & Pot Party Girls. (1:40+) $8
HAVING A WILD WEEKEND- aka "Catch Us If You Can"- The Dave Clark 5 play movie stuntmen who kidnap model Barbara Ferris to flee swingin' London, but can't seem to get away from it all as they end up on an island that turns out to have monsters, hippies & war games! 1965 UK film (1:25) $12
HELL ON WHEELS- High action & great music in a thrilling story about 2 brothers who survive the perils of stock-car racing & a kidnaping. Stars & features music by Marty Robbins (w/ Bobby Sykes & Don Winters), plus Connie Smith, The Stoneman Family, John Ashley, Gigi Perreau, & Robert Faulk. Filmed in Nashville. 1967 (1:37) $8
HELLO DOWN THERE- Tony Randall & Janet Leigh helm this jaunty comedy about a family spending a month in a high-tech underwater house w/ dolphins & other assorted aquatic life around for lively company. Their kids are in a rock group "Harold & The Hang Ups" w/ a young Richard Dreyfuss on bass. Roddy McDowell reprises his role from "The Cool Ones" as an eccentric boy millionaire record producer. Also w/ Jim Backus; Arnold Stang; Merv Griffin; Pat Henning; Lee Meredith; Charlotte Rae; Ken Berry; Bruce Gordon; Harvey Lembeck; Lou Wagner; Kay Cole; ; Gary Tigerman; Frank Logan. Music by Brill Building alumni Jeff Barry. 1969 (1:37) Offered in widescreen $12 or standard aspect ratio $9 or both versions in a 2-DVD Set $18
HELLCATS- 5-girl catpack of biker beauties on a highway to hell. w/ Sonny West Music score by Somebody's Chyldren; Davie Allen; & Davey Jones' Dolphins. 1967 (1:30) $14
HELLS ANGELS '69- Tom Stern & Jeremy Slate are rich brothers from back East who plot to rip off Ceasar's Palace Casino in Las Vegas by using the (real) Oakland Hells Angels as a diversion while escaping into the desert. Co-stars Conny Van Dyke w/ Sonny Barger; Terry The Tramp & Magoo. Great action & location shots. Arazona group 'Stream Of Consciousness' (aka Butterscotch) perform 2 songs. 1969 (1:37) $14
HEY LET'S TWIST!- Story of the rise & fall of the Peppermint Lounge in New York City, played by the people who knew it best: Joey Dee & The Starlighters (w/ Joe Pesci as guest guitarist, in his movie debut); Teddy Randazzo; Jo Ann Campbell; Dave Brigati; Sally Kirkland; Dawn Nickerson & The Peppermint Loungers themselves. 1961 (1:20) $12
HIGH SCHOOL CEASAR- Matt Stevens is top dog at school. He shakes down students for protection money, acquires copies of tests for a fee & rigged votes so he can win the election for class president. Stars John Ashley. Johnny Faire sings "I Fell For Your Line, Baby" & Reggie Olsen sings "Lookin', Waitin', Searchin', Hopin'". Has cool teen dance scenes & rockin' soundtrack. 1960 (1:11) $9
HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL- Definitive teen-dope-crime saga w/ Russ Tamblyn as the tough-talking king of the hot-rodders at Santo Bello High School. Has some of the best Beatnik lingo ever put on film, including cameo performance by Phillipa Fallan as an ultra-hip beatnik poetess who performs at the beat hangout. w/ Mamie Van Doren as the over-sexed aunt; Jan Sterling; Jackie Coogan; Ray Anthony; John Drew Barrymore (Drew's dad); Jerry Lee Lewis; Jody Fair; Charlie Chaplin Jr; Michael Landon. 1958 (1:25) $9
HIGH SCHOOL GIRL- 1934 exploitation film by Brian Foy that went on to inspire Howard 'Kroger' Babb, who along w/ Foy & Dwain Esper, became the 1930's greatest exploitation filmmakers. (1:00) $9
THE H-MAN- A radioactive liquid turns people into slimy blobs that begin to reproduce & clutter up Tokyo's sewer system. This atmospheric gem was directed by the great Inoshiro Honda at the famed Toho Studios.1959 (1:19) $9
HOLD ON!- Shelly Fabares hopes NASA names a spaceship after Herman's Hermits! Comedy romp w/ 10 songs (1:25) $12
HOOTENANNY HOOT- America's folk favorites get together for the first, fabulous full-length hootenanny musical ever, w/ Pamela Austin; Vikki Dougan; The Brothers Four; Sheb Wooley; Johnny Cash; The Gateway Trio; Judy Henske; George Hamilton IV; Joe & Eddie; Cathie Taylor & (Bob's boy) Chris Crosby. 1963 (1:31) $12
THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH- Radioactive sea monsters chase the beach bunnies. Promoted as the first horror-musical. Local Stamford, CT film maker Del Tenney fronts party band The Del-Aires. Original aspect ratio. (1:12) $12
THE HOT BED- Obscure Upper Mid-West sleaze by Dale Berry, who also stars as Eddie Stud. He enlists stripper Fanny Bangs to smuggle some drugs over the border. An informer's tip to the feds sends Eddie into hiding, holding orgies in seedy hotel rooms. w/ Josette; Shirley Boyd, Carl Flores & Eva Moreno. Lots of great music by Emilio Luna & His Orchestra; Los Pampas Trio; plus wild live footage of The Deadbeats & The Rocking Rs. 1965 (1:10) $8
HOT CAR GIRL- Jazz innovator Cal Tjader scored this four-on-the-floor foray for Roger Corman. The plot detailing June Kenney's seduction into teen thug Richard Bakalyan's stolen wheels racket is peppered by Tjader's too-cool, bongo-driven score, reused thereafter in a number of Corman flicks. 1958 (1:11) $12
HOT CARS- Nick Dunn gets reluctantly mixed up in a stolen car ring so he can pay for an expensive operation his son needs. When detective Davenport comes snooping around about some hot cars, & later turns up dead, Nick's fortunes take a turn for the worse. w/ Joi Lansing 1956 (1:00) $9
THE HOT MONTH OF AUGUST- Campy & erotic sexual drama about a young man who sleeps with one woman (Alexis) but falls for another (Hope) while on a trip home from Athens. Alexis' jealous husband discovers the affair & mayhem ensues. Doris Wishman bought this Greek production & rewrote the narrative, overdubbing the original dialogue while adding her own sexual touches. Screen debut of teen Euro-cult star Marie Liljedahl. 1966 (1:19) $9
HOT ROD GANG- aka "Fury Unleashed"- Hot-rodder John Ashley is wanted by the law for driving recklessly through a puddle (no kidding). After being framed for stealing hub-caps he goes underground to become a rock n' roll star, helped by Gene Vincent, who has a speaking part. Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps perform "Dance In The Street'" & "Baby Blue". Kay Wheeler (founder of the very first Elvis Fan Club) does her sexy "Rock 'n Bop" dance routine. Other songs include: "Dance To The Bop" & "Lovely Loretta". Eddie Cochran's touring band, Dick D'Agostin & The Swingers perform. w/ Jody Fair; Steve Drexel; Henry McCann; Doodles Weaver. 1958 (1:11) $15
HOT ROD GIRL- Lovely Lori Nelson is the speed-craving ingenue & Chuck Connors is the understanding cop who tries vainly to keep the kids on the straight & narrow. Director Leslie Martinson sets the tone with an eye-popping high-speed opening in a story dominated by nifty racing footage. 1956 (1:17) $8
HOT RODS TO HELL- Originally intended for television but released to theaters instead, after the producers considered it too intense for TV viewers. Dana Andrews & his family are taunted by juvenile delinquents in this fact-paced actioner, one of many exploitation-type films from noted producer Sam Katzman. w/ Liz Renay & Paul Bertoya. Also stars Mickey Rooney Jr (who performs w/ his combo); Gene Kirkwood; Mimsey Farmer & Laurie Mock, who all appeared together in 'Riot On Sunset Strip' later the same year. This is in the rare original 4:3 aspect ration, as intended for the television presentation. 1967 (1:40) $12
HOT THRILLS & WARM CHILLS- A girl gang plans to heist the' King of Sex' crown at the upcoming Mardi Gras. They pull the heist & are pursued by relentless detectives & must use their feminine charms to escape incarceration. Stars Lorna Maitland; Bubbles Cash; Rita Alexander. New Orleans garage band The Glory Rhodes appear, but their music is overdubbed by Latino garage rock. 1967 (0:55) $9
HOUSE ON BARE MOUNTAIN- Beautiful Hollywood models meet the monsters Dracula, Wolfman & Frankenstein who spy on a girls' school in the mountains, where most of the girls spend their time sunbathing in the nude, nude exercises & nude art classes. The monsters finally invade the school & a wild party ensues. Filmed in Nuderama by William Rotsler. 1962 (1:01) $8
THE HYPNOTIC EYE- His hypnotic power turns humans into helpless robots! A women 'washes' her hair over a lit gas stove. Naturally her hair catches fire & she has the hairdo from Hell. Many women have been mutilating themselves for weeks. Some washed their face w/ sulfuric acid or stuck their faces into fans. The cops set a trap. w/ Lawrence Lipton as 'King of the Beatniks' & Eric Nord as bongo drummer Eric 'Big Daddy' Nord. Filmed in 'Hypno-Magic' 1960 (1:19) $12

I - J

THE ILLUSTRATED MAN- Rod Steiger's various tattoos each tell a chilling story, written by Ray Bradbury. 1969 (1:43) $8
INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS- A powerful cosmic force is turning Earth women into queen bees who kill men by wearing them out sexually. Special agent Neil Agar (B-movie great, William Smith) investigates. 1973 (1:25) $8
INVASION OF THE SAUCER-MEN- A spaceship lands near lovers lane. Johnny (Steve Terrell) & Joan (Gloria Castillo) drive off for help & accidentally run over one of the aliens. The Saucer Men costumes were designed by Paul Blaisdell, including the living hand w/ eyeball & fingers w/ syringes that inject pure alcohol. A camp classic! (1:09) 1957 $9
INVASION OF THE STAR CREATURES- Robert Ball & Frankie Ray investigate a mysterious cave in an atomic detonation area & discover several beautiful buxom alien vixens (Dolores Reed & Gloria Victor, as Puna & Tanga) who plan to conquer the world using an army of vegetable monsters. Jonathan Haze script. 1962 (1:10) $9
INVISIBLE INVADERS- Aliens, contact scientist Adam Penner to say they have been on the moon for 20,000 years, undetected due to their invisibility, and have now decided to annihilate humanity unless all the nations of earth surrender immediately. Earth resists, & the invisible aliens occupy the bodies of the recently deceased, & go on the attack! Stars John Agar. Directed by Edward L. Cahn 1959 (1:07) $8
I SAW WHAT YOU DID- Two teenagers playing telephone pranks call a man who just murdered his wife. Emmy winning made-for-TV remake w/ Robert & David Carradine; Candace Cameron (later on the TV show "Full House") & Shawnee Smith (later on the TV show "Becker") 1988 (1:40) $12 Scarce! (also available is the original 1965 film. Write)
IT CONQUERED THE WORLD- A scientist guides an alien monster to Earth from Venus, so that he can rid mankind of feelings & emotions. Roger Corman film w/ Peter Graves; Beverly Garland; Lee Van Cleef; Jonathan Haze; Dick Miller. 1956 (1:11) $8
IT'S A BIKINI WORLD- Deborah Walley digs Tommy Kirk in specks, & watching bands at The Haunted House Club, like The Animals; The Castaways; The Toys; Gentrys; Pat & Lolly Vegas. w/ Sid Haig; Bobby (Boris) Pickett; Lori Williams. Shot in late 1965 but not first released until 1967 (1:26) $15
IT'S TRAD DAD- aka "Ring-a-Ding Rhythm"- Craig Douglas & Helen Shapiro put on a music show to help convince the mayor not to ban rock & jazz. Includes numbers by Gene Vincent; Del Shannon; Chubby Checker; Gene McDaniels; Gary US Bonds; John Leyton; Brook Brothers; Paris Sisters; Acker Bilk; Kenny Ball; The Temperence Seven; & others. 1962 by UK director Richard Lester, who used many of these cool camera angles a few years later with The Beatles in "Hard Days Night" (1:15) $14
I'VE GOTTA A HORSE- Rocker Billy Fury stars as a performer who would rather be at the track watching his horse win races. Musical direction by Mike Leander w/ lots of songs by Billy Fury; The Bachelors; The Gamblers. 1965 (1:32) $9
JAZZ BOAT- Anthony Newley gets involved with a motorcycle gang & pretends to be a successful cat burglar. They want his "expertise" to commit a big robbery. Plot twists make this an enjoyable picture. Anne Aubrey plays "Doll" a voluptuous moll in skin-tight pants. w/ Joyce Blair; Ted Heath. Musical arrangements by John Keating. 1960 (1:36) $12
JAZZ ON A SUMMER'S DAY- Color film of the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival, w/ scenes of the America's Cup Yacht Races, and great footage of complete live performances by: Thelonious Monk, Bob Brookmeyer; Sonny Stitt; Anita O'Day; George Shearing; Chuck Berry; Big Maybelle; Dinah Washington; Gerry Mulligan Quartet, Art Farmer; Chico Hamilton Quintet; Louis Armstrong, Jack Teagarden; Mahalia Jackson; more! (1:25) $12
JUKE BOX RHYTHM- Princess Ann (Jo Morrow) is photographed dancing with Riff Manton (Jack Jones), son of impoverished producer George Manton (Brian Donlevy). A dress designer, Balenko (Hans Conreid), gives Riff a large commission when Princess Ann buys her wardrobe from him. Riff uses the money to help his father produce a hit show, a Juke Box Jamboree. Rockin' R&B from The Treniers "Get Out Of The Car" & Johnny Otis "Willie & The Hand Jive". Also The Nitwits' only film appearance, & music by The Earl Grant Trio. w/ George Jessel & Marjorie Reynolds. 1959 $12
JUST FOR FUN- British teens establish their own political party & it catches on, as does their fave music w/ Bobby Vee; The Crickets (w/ Sonny Curtis); Joe Brown & The Breakaways; Freddie Cannon; Johnny Tillotsen; Ketty Lester; The Tornados; Jet Harris; Tony Meehan; Dusty Springfield; The Spotniks; The Vernon Girls; Sounds Incorporated; Brian Poole & The Tremeloes; Sylvie Vartan; plus DJ's Alan Freeman; David Jacobs; Jimmy Savile. 1963 (1:20) $14
JUVENILE JUNGLE- Hopped-up teens join a young loner's kidnap & ransom scheme. w/ Corey Allen; Rebecca Welles; Dick Bakalyan; Yvette Vickers. 1958 (1:09) $12


KILLERS FROM SPACE- Big-eyed aliens save the life of nuclear scientist Peter Graves, only to hypnotize him for info to help their planned invasion of Earth! 1954 Cheapie (1:11) $8
KISS ME QUICK!- Sterilox, a sexual ambassador from a distant planet, comes to earth in search of feminine breeding stock. Dr. Breedlove, a mad scientist, treats the alien to dancing sex robots who do the nudie watusi. w/ Althea Currier (star of 3 Russ Meyer movies); Claudia Banks & Jackie DeWitt. Harry Novak's first production. 1964 (1:11) $8
KRALINGEN POP FESTIVAL- aka "Love & Music"; "The Holland Pop Festival"; "Stamping Ground"- Filmed June 26, 27, 28, 1970 in Rotterdam as the Dutch answer to the Woodstock & Isle Of Wight festivals, complete w/ full nudity & lots of drugs. Features live performances by Santana; Al Stewart; Canned Heat; T-Rex; Jefferson Airplane; It's A Beautiful Day; Family; Country Joe; Dr. John & The Night Trippers; Flock; The Byrds & Pink Floyd. Uncut (1:29) $9


LATITUDE ZERO- The evil Malec (Caeser Romero) plans to take over the world by kidnapping a top Japanese scientist who invented a serum that makes man immune to radiation. The only person who can stop his army of mutants is Joseph Cotton of an underwater civilization of benevolent geniuses. Super submarines& some good sets equal Non-stop fun. 1970 Japanese film directed by Inoshiro Honda (1:39) Offered in widescreen $12 or standard aspect ratio $9 or both versions in a 2-DVD Set $18
LEADBELLY- Epic bio-pic follows the life of blues & folk legend Huddie Leadbetter, aka Lead Belly, from his early youth, to playing local parties, womanizing & getting in trouble, to his hard time in southern prisons & his never dying love for music. Packed with great songs! Roger Mosley gives a career performance as Leadbelly. w/ Art Evans as Blind Lemon Jefferson. Directed by Gordon Parks. 1976 (2:00) $17
THE LEATHER BOYS- The British answer to "Rebel Without A Cause" for dramatic impact. Loner motorcyclist tries to adjust to married life in the poor side of town. 1963 (1:47) $8
LEGACY OF HORROR- This is a remake of director Andy Milligan's own 1968 film "The Ghastly Ones" (also available- write) where three married couples are forced to spend the night in an old remote house where they start getting killed off one-by-one by someone bent on claiming the inheritance to which they are all entitled. 1978 (1:23) $8
LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL- Absolutely terrific live performances by Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Fred Parris & The Five Satins, Bill Haley & The Comets, Bo Diddley, The Coasters (introduced by Rob Reiner), Danny & The Juniors, The Shirelles, Chubby Checker. Chuck Berry trades guitar licks & cool moves w/ Bo Diddley on a killer version of Johnny B. Goode. Bobby Comstock heads the backing band. Complete un-cut letterbox version.1973 film (1:39) w/ Bonus footage of Chuck Berry on SNL & Live at The Bitter End. $17
LIKE IT IS!- aka "Psychedelic Fever"- Documentary on the 'youth movement' of the late 1960s focuses hippies, pot smoking & free love in the San Francisco Bay area. Nudity & psychedelic sequences. 1968 (1:14) $9
THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE- A 13-year-old girl lives in a secluded house by the sea, but her neighbors are curious why they never see her parents. Her father? "He’s in the study working". Mom? "Well, she passed away". Suspenseful chiller starring Jodie Foster, Martin Sheen, Mort Shuman, Alexis Smith. 1976 (1:40) $8
LITTLE MISS INNOCENCE- A Hollywood recording executive picks up two young nymphos hitchhiking & becomes the object of their desires. They move in & he must go to great lengths to get them to leave. Obscure above average sexploiter w/ Sandy Dempsey, filmed by Ray Dennis Steckler. 1973 (1:20) $17
LIVE IT UP- Heinz Burt (from The Tornadoes) is the singer in David Hemmings's band. Their lost demo tape falls in the hands of a big producer. w/ Steve Marriott (pre-Small Faces); Patsy Ann Noble; Jennifer Moss; John Pike; Dave Clark (of DC5); Kenny Ball; Andy Cavell & The Saints; Trisha Nobel; Mick Underwood; Gene Vincent. Watch for cult band The Outlaws w/ Ritchie Blackmore (pre-Deep Purple), & Chas Hodges of Chas & Dave fame. Norrie Paramor & Joe Meek music score. 1963 Mary Quant fashions. (1:15) $12
THE LIVELY SET- Hot rodder James Darren builds a boss hoss turbine while Pamela Tiffin waits for a date. Also w/ Doug McClure; Joanie Sommers, & Marilyn Maxwell. Bobby Darin wrote the musical score. Soundtrack has the Safaris' "Boss Barracuda". 1964 (1:35) $12
LOBSTEROIDS- It's crunch time when wild, steroid-injected mutant Lobsters go on a rampage driven by the frequency of Rock & Roll music. 15 of New England's top bands appear: Carol & The Charmers- "Warning, Warning" (w/ Steve Marshall, ex-Invaders of Justice Records "On The Right Track" fame); The Brood- "Surfin' Eyeball"; Wild Hearts- "Rock N' Roll Started With Eve"; Kopterz- "3D"; Nevada Beach- "Rough House"; Boom Shanka- "Dragster From Outer Space"; Steve Howell & The Wolves- "Toy Guns"; Bebe Buell & The Gargoyles- "Claw Bite"; & others. Filmed in Portland, Maine, 1989 w/ story narration by well known Maine Humorist, Kendall Morse. Rare Director's cut by Jim Peterson w/ time-code & bonus PBS-TV interview (1:55), Plus producer's cut by John Lane w/ interactive menu & song selection. (1:25), both as 2-DVD Set $50 More Info
THE LONG HAIR OF DEATH- In the 15th century, a young woman is accused of witchcraft & murder is put to death. Years later, during a plague, she is revived by lightning. She returns to her village to prevent her daughter from marrying the man who actually committed the murder for which she was executed. Italian gothic horror w/ Barbara Steele. 1964 (1:33) $8
LOOK IN ANY WINDOW- A young Paul Anka stars as a troubled teen w/ a curiosity factor to peep into his neighbors windows. Rampant cheating, crime & alcohol abuse is the order of the day. Paul's dysfunctional parents are played by Ruth Roman & Alex Nicol. w/ Jack Cassidy (father of David Cassidy of "The Partridge Family") & George Dolenz (father of Micky Dolenz of "The Monkees"). This sleazy suburban melodrama was directed by William Alland. 1961 (1:27) $14
LOUISIANA HUSSY- Sexy Minette was found unconcious in the swamp & carried to the nearby home of fur trapper Pierre Guillot. Minette awakens & promptly seduces Pierre. When she learns he is newly married, she throws her ample charms at Pierre's brother, Jacques. This threatens the working/business relationship of the Guillot Bros., until Pierre discovers the the secret of Minette's past. Nan Peterson ("Hideous Sun Demon") plays the sexpot, Minette. Also w/ Betty Lynn ('Thelma Lou' of Mayberry fame); Filmmaker Lee Sholem is well-known for directing TV series such as "77 Sunset Strip", "Maverick" & "The Adventures Of Superrman". 1959 (1:25) $9
THE LOVE FACTOR- aka "Zeta One"- Inspired by the comic strip, this sci-fi sexploitation spy romp features a secret agent who is irresistible to the busty alien women from the planet Angvia, in another dimension, led by Dawn Addams as Zeta. Great low-budget psychedelic sets & theme song. 1969 (1:24) $12
LOVE IN A GOLDFISH BOWL- Tommy Sands & Fabian vie for the affection of Blythe Holloway, the daughter of a US Senator. Things heat up at the Balboa beach pad when Fabian enters the picture. Songs include "Love In A Goldfish Bowl" (Tommy Sands, written by Burt Bacharach & Hal David) & "You're Only One Once" sung by Fabian. 1961 (1:28) $9
THE LOVE-INS- A college professor resigns in protest & joins the hippie movement, becoming their 'Messiah'. Many parallels to Dr. Timothy Leary. The all-girl band The UFOs; New Age; Donnie Brooks; & The Chocolate Watchband play in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district & Golden Gate Park. Sam Katzman film w/ Joe Pyne; Susan Olliver.1967 (1:32) $12
LOVE-THRILL MURDERS- Late-'50s teen heartthrob Troy Donahue is Moon, leader of a hippie commune where sex, drugs & acoustic guitar folk songs lead to bigger kicks in this New York re-telling of the Charles "Manson family" murders. Harry Reems has an uncredited cameo as a cult member. (1:32) $8
THE LOVES OF IRINA- aka "Female Vampire"- It's not just their blood that she sucks in this erotic Jesse Franco film starring Lina Romay. Moody kitsch-filled long version w/ nifty euro-lounge soundtrack. 1973 (1:33) $9
LOVE & KISSES- Released during the last season of his long-running family TV series, Ozzie Nelson recasts son Ricky & real-life wife Kris as slightly more risqué versions of their sitcom roles. Rick & his band rock out on several tunes. w/ Sonny Curtis; Jack Kelly; Jerry Van Dyke; Pert Kelton; Alvy Moore. Cameos by David Nelson & Skip "Wally Plumstead" Young as bystanders in a strip joint brawl. (1:27) $12


MACABRE- A small town doctor believes his daughter has been buried alive in this 1958 William Castle debut shocker. Lloyds Of London had originally insured theater patrons against "death by fright". (1:13) $12
MADISON AVE. CONFIDENTIAL- A randy guidance counselor personally tests the talents of his female students before they get jobs. w/ Cheri Baines. Roberta Findlay 'adult' film. She also cameos as the cleaning woman. (1:14) $9
MAN BAIT- Early Hammer Studios film noir starring bombshell Diana Dors who catches a man stealing a rare book from the bookstore where she works. Instead of reporting him to the police, she starts dating him, then starts blackmailing him, which leads to murder. This lively crime thriller is directed by Terence Fisher. 1952 (1:18) $9
THE MAN FROM S.E.X. - aka "Licensed To Love & Kill"- Fun James Bond style British spy spoof w/ super sleuth & undercover lover Charles Bind. Plenty of gadgets, cool cars, innuendo, intrigue, & naked babes. While tracking down a nobleman in the USA, Bind comes up against an evil genius plotting to clone the Vice President. Epic scene at Scarlet Star's Burlesque club where Bind is menaced by tassel twirling strippers w/ razor blades attached. Bind holds up a chair to protect himself, & it's reduced to sawdust. Also stars Gareth Hunt (Mike Gambit of The New Avengers) & Nick Tate (of Space 1999 fame). Catchy mod music score by Simon Bell. Rare full-length uncut version, directed by Lindsay Shonteff. 1979 (1:34) $14
THE MAN WITHOUT A BODY- A scientist's experiments in brain transplantation leads to reviving the head of Nostradamus, which can still make predictions! 1957 UK camp (1:15) $12
MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE- A family gets lost on the road & stumbles upon a hidden, weird underground cult led by a fearsome Master & his human-goat hybrid servant Torgo, who gather beautiful women only to deface them with a burning hand. Bizarre imagery, nonsensical dialog & off-kilter music score creates a surreal experience. Written, directed & starring Hal Warren, the film is lauded for its complete lack of any production value. 1966 (1:14) $8
MARS NEEDS WOMEN- Martians land on Earth to abduct women & bring them to Mars to keep their population growing. Based on the "Pajama Party" storyline, this AIP-TV remake by Larry Buchanan stars Tommy Kirk; Yvonne Craig; Pat Delaney; Bubbles Cash. 1967 (1:20) $9
MARYJANE- The high school art teacher (Fabian) catches his students smoking pot. He's hot for the history teacher (Diane McBain) until he discovers she is their main dealer! Cast includes Kevin "Wild In The Streets" Coughlin; Patty "Bad Seed" McCormack; Joe E. Ross; Russ Bender, & Terri Garr. Co-written by Richard Gautier (Hymie the robot on "Get Smart"), & Peter Marshall (game show host of "Hollywood Squares"). Turned-on Mike Curb Sidewalk Productions music score includes "The Fun Zone" & "Grass Party". Directed by Maury Dexter, who also filmed "The Mini-Skirt Mob" the same year. 1968 (1:25) $14
MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN- Rock concert, hippie, marijuana, midnight movie documentary w/ San Francisco underground DJ Tom Donahue, who founded Autumn Records & KSAN radio. He leads a 'musical caravan' across the United States w/ B.B. King; Alice Cooper; Delaney & Bonnie; Sal Valentino (of Beau Brummels); Stoneground; Youngbloods; & a fantastic appearance by Doug Kershaw. There's mishaps along the way & a wild rant by David Peel! Woodstock inspired 'split screen' FX by Martin Scorcese, who was editor & associate producer. 1970 (1:30) $12
THE MINX- The Minx are a crew of lovelies specially trained in the art of sensual pleasure & corporate espionage. w/ Jan Sterling & Robert Rodan of 'Dark Shadows' fame. Trippy musical score & appearance by The Cyrkle. 1969 (1:24) $8
MISTER ROCK & ROLL- The big story of the musical sensation that's swept the world, told by the King of Rock 'N' Roll himself, Alan Freed! 21 musical performances w/ Teddy Randazzo; Laverne Baker; Rocky Graziano; Lionel Hampton; Ferlin Husky; Moonglows; Fisher & Marks; Frankie Lymon; Little Richard; Brook Benton; Chuck Berry! 1957 (1:26) $12
MONDO MOD- Quasi-documentary w/ surfing; karate; dirt bikes & go-carts; hippies; sex, drugs & rock'n'roll w/ cool beat groups Sam The Soul & The Inspirations; The Gretchmen; & The Group, live at Sunset Strip clubs The Trip; Whisky-A-Go Go; Pandora’s Box; Gazzarri's & The Fifth Estate. Flip out into oblivion with a mod look at the psychedelic sixties, photographed by future Academy Award winners Vilmos Zigmond & Lazlo Kovacs. Narrated by L.A.'s hippest DJ, Humble Harve Miller. Cult movie maven William Rotsler as an LSD user. 1967 (1:12) $9
MONDO TEENO- aka "The Teenage Rebellion"- Quickie documentary, originally on a drive-in double bill w/ "Mondo Mod", claims to provide lowdown on crazy teenage goings-on around the globe. LSD, beatnik parties, groovy dancing, & music produced by Mike Curb for the Sidewalk record label. Narrated by Burt Topper 1967 (1:21) $12
THE MONKEY HU$TLE- Chicago hustler recruits teenagers to perform rip-offs for him in exchange for pocket money. His lady friend, played by Rosalind Cash, owns a soul food restaurant. Rudy Ray Moore is an underworld type who owes some favors. Jive talkin' cast also includes Randy Brooks; Frank Rice; Fuddle Bagley; Donn Carl Harper; Thomas Carter (pre-White Shadow); Kirk Calloway; Steven Williams; a small uncredited role by Robert Townsend & a young Debbi Morgan. 1976 (1:30) $9
THE MONSTER & THE STRIPPER- aka "The Exotic Ones"- A strip club owner with ties to the mob is looking for new ways to thrill his customers, so he captures a wild man from the swamps & makes the creature perform live in a cage while the strippers dance around him. w/ Sleepy LaBeef as The Swamp Thing & a Bourbon St. bevy of bayou beauties! Directed by Ron & June Ormond. 1968 (1:30) $16
MONSTER FROM THE SURF- aka "The Beach Girls & The Monster"- 1940s matinee idol Jon Hall directs & stars as an oceanographer who dresses as a bug-eyed sea monster, attacking promiscuous teenage beach girls (actually the dancing troupe from the Whisky-A-Go- Go club) & their bongo playing boyfriends. Score by Frank Sinatra Jr. 1965 (1:12) $9
MONSTERS CRASH THE PAJAMA PARTY- A group of teenage girls spend the night in a 'haunted house' as an initiation into a college sorority. What they don't know is that the old mansion is actually the headquarters for a mad scientist & his hunchbacked assistant, who experiment with turning beautiful girls into gorillas. The girls are abducted but their boyfriends arrive to save them. The mad scientist then instructs his henchmen to blast a hole in the movie screen with a laser gun & venture out into the audience. At this point the screen goes blank... During the original theatrical run, actors wearing monster costumes would run through the crowd. A real 'spook show' artifact. 1965 (0:45) $8
MOTORCYCLE GANG- Terrific motorcycle punks & their hot chicks! A troublemaker returns to town only to find his old tearaway pals have joined a supervised motorcycle club. Friction erupts between him & the new leader about this goody-goody setup & about the charms of gang moll Terry. Semi sequel to "Dragstrip Girl". Directed by Edward L. Cahn. Stars Steven Terrell; John Ashley; Anne Neyland; Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer; Russ Bender; Jean Moorhead; Paul Blaisdell; Aki Aleong. 1957 (1:18) $12
THE MOVING FINGER- $90,000 in stolen cash shakes up a bunch of grubby bohemians when they discover a wounded bank robber hiding in the basement of a beatnik coffee house run by a phony poet (gravelly-voiced Lionel Stander). Theatrically unreleased art house/exploitation noir crime film about Greenwich Village lowlifes, perfectly captures the late-50s beat scene. Shot on location in NYC, stars Barry Newman (of "Vanishing Point"), Zelda Suplee, Barbara London, Art Smith, & music by Shel Silverstein. The legendary Moondog also appears. 1963 (1:21) $9
MURDER À-LA MOD- Love-starved Karen is startled to learn her boyfriend Christopher makes a living starring in nudie movies. She steals some extra cash for him so he can divorce his wife, leave the movie biz & be with her! Meanwhile, the stage-hand Otto (William Finnely) aims to prevent the production from shutting down. Great opening theme song! Also has some voice-over work by Phil Proctor of Firesign Theater. This is the debut film of director Brian De Palma, which briefly played one theater in NYC before disappearing in1968 (1:20) $9
MUSICAL MUTINY- Don Williams The Great invites patrons over to a free concert at the Pirate World Amusement Park in Florida. Starring The New Society Band; Grit; Fantasy, plus a Janis Joplin soundalike & a Melanie soundalike. Iron Butterfly perform several songs including the complete long version of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida". Barry Mahon film. 1970 (1:14) $12
MUNDO DEPRAVADOS- aka "World Of The Depraved"- Two inept policemen try to track down a killer who's been murdering women at an exercise spa for exotic dancers (filmed at the old Gaiety Theater). Funny stuff happens along the way in this lurid nudie-whodunit. Starring burlesque queen Tempest Storm; Ron Von Klausen; Dolores Carlos & Bunny Ware w/ impersonation comedy team Johnny Decker & Larry Reed as the detectives. The only film that veteran singer & actor Herb Jeffries wrote & directed himself. 1967 (1:13) $9
MY BROTHER'S WIFE- A man's wife starts having an affair with her brother-in-law, who is temporarily staying at their apartment. Doris Wishman sexploiter. 1966 (1:11) $8
THE MYSTERIANS- aka "Chikyu Boeigun"- Space invaders attempt to destroy Earth & steal it's women! Directed by Ishirô Honda, the special effects are good. The cool looking weapons, designed by famous Japanese sci-fi artist Shigeru Komatsuzaki, have a retro look which still works today, making this one of Toho Studio's best. 1958 (1:25) $14

N - O

NAKED: AS NATURE INTENDED- British girlie filmaker George Harrison Marks features the assets of his wife Pam Green in a brisk tour of the Cornwall & Trewyn Sun Clubs. Also w/ Bridget Leonard & Angela Jones. 1961 (1:00) $8
THE NAKED ROAD- When a sleazy married ad exec tries to take a beautiful model to a motel, they argue. As he's taking her home instead, he gets pulled over for speeding & taken to a police office. He needs to go home to get money to pay the fine, & leaves the model as collateral! A stranger, also pulled in for speeding, pays his fine & bails her out. He then takes her & holds her prisoner in this utterly off-kilter, no-budget 1959 sleaze epic! w/ Jeanne Rainer; Harry Stanton; Eileen Letchworth; Ronald Long. (1:14) $8
NAUGHTY DALLAS- A small-town girl comes to Dallas to make it as a stripper. Bill Peck & His Peckers are the 'bump & grind' backing band at The Colony Club. Breck Wall appears in a comedy routine. Jack Ruby owned the Carousel Club a few blocks down the street, seen in a brief exterior shot. Larry Buchanan film w/ Marilyn Pope; Jada; Kim Athas; Peggy Steele. 1964 (1:18) $12
THE NAUGHTY STEWARDESSES- Flight gals who live in the fast lane. Directed By Al Adamson (1:38) $9
NECROMANIA- A tale of weird love, written & directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr. Stars Rene Bond & Ric Lutz visit the mysterious Madame Heles for help with their flagging sex life, & get more than they bargain for in a series of erotic lessons which include skulls, spells, & sex in a coffin. You have been warned! Long version (0:55) $9
NIGHT OF LUST- Parisian drug gangs battle over turf, leading to kidnappings, beatings, murders, betrayals, & other intrigues. This French-made erotic crime potboiler features a marvelous free-jazz score by Chet Baker, plus some of the most beautiful French babes ever caught on film! Originally banned in over half the world!! w/ Yvonne Monlaur. Produced by José Bénazéraf w/ involvement by Bob Cresse & Lee Frost. Dubbed in English. 1963 (1:00) $9
NO TIME TO BE YOUNG- aka Teenage Deliquents. Early film roles for Robert Vaughn (Man From U.N.C.L.E.), Roger Smith (77 Sunset Strip. as the deal with the aftermath of a botched supermarket robbery. Crowding a lifetime of kicks into one night! w/ Tom Pittman (High School Big Shot); Merry Anders,Kathleen Nolan. 1957 (1:22) $8
THE OMEGANS- An artist plans to do away with his wife & her lover by having them pose in a river polluted by deadly Omega radiation. The results are shocking. Filmed in the Philippines w/ Hammer Horror actress, Ingred Pitt. 1967 (1:25) $18 Rare!
ONCE UPON A COFFEE HOUSE- aka "Hootananny A GoGo"- Square New York playboy Jonathan Peabody trades Madison Ave for fun in the sun when he buys a Miami coffee house. w/ Eve Tellegen; The Goldebriars w/ Curt Boettcher; Free Wheelers; Oscar Brand; New Coachmen; Jake Holmes; Joan Rivers; Vince Martin; Barbara Cole. 1965 (1:19) $9
ONE WAY WAHINE- A 'one way wahini' is a girl from the mainland who gets a one-way ticket to Hawaii. Blonde bombshell Joy Harmon ("Village Of The Giants") in her starring debut is a runaway teenager who gets talked into robbing a pair of gangsters. Filmed & set on O'ahu, Hawaii. Edgar Bergen cameos a beachcomber. Soundtrack w/ Ray Peterson & Jody Miller. 1965 (1:20) $12
OUT OF SIGHT- A secret spy must stop an organization called "F.L.U.S.H", who is out to end rock'n'roll. Lots of boy crazy beach bunnies frolic about. George Barris' killer custom hot rods are awesome! (He built the Batmobile; Monkeemobile & The Munsters' Dragula & Koach). I even noticed more cars showing up as "extras" including Sonny & Cher's Barris custom Mustangs in the background. Great 60s artists & songs include Gary Lewis & The Playboys (Malibu Run); Dobie Gray (Out On The Floor); The Turtles (She'll Come Back); The Astronauts (Baby Please Don't Go); The Knickerbockers (It's Not Unusual); Freddie & The Dreamers (Funny Over You; A Love Like You). Follow up film to "Beach Ball". Stars Jonathan Daly; Karen Jensen; Carole Shelyne; Wende Wagner; Robert Pine; Norman Grabowski; Jamie Farr; Bob Eubanks; Pamela Rodgers. 1966 (1:27) $18 Rare!
OUTLAW RIDERS- From the people that gave us "Hellcats" comes this obscure late-entry biker movie that proves biker gangs are tough as leather & harder than steel. w/ Rafael Campos as a near-insane whip-wielding mexi-biker; Bryan 'Sonny' West; Darlene Duralia; Lindsay Crosby (Glory Stompers); Jennifer Bishop; & Al Adamson regular Bambi Allen. Look for Ed Wood regular Valda Hansen as a nun! Music by Simon Stokes & The Nighthawks. Only directing credit for Tony Huston, best known for his writing & acting work w/ Larry Buchanan. 1971 (1:25) $9

P - Q

PANIC BUTTON- A businessman plans to solve his tax problems by financing a bad film designed to lose money, w/ hilarious results. Stars Jayne Mansfield; Maurice Chevalier; Mike Connors; Akim Tamiroff. 1964 (1:30) $12
PARANOIAC- Simon Ashby (Oliver Reed) is trying to drive his sister insane so that he can inherit their parents mansion. One day, Ashby's long lost brother mysteriously arrives but events prove that he is an impostor, sent by Keith Kossett, son of the attorney for the family estate, who has been dipping into the family trust fund. Simon vows to get revenge on the man & take care of his sister in the process. Well done British suspense from Hammer Films.1963 (1:20) $9
THE PARTY CRASHERS- Hot rod gang led by 'Twig' (Mark Damon) crashes one party too many when he walks in on his cheating mom at a 'swingers' motel party. Connie Stevens plays a heathen! Final film appearance of Frances Farmer & child star & oscar winner Bobby Driscoll who had been busted for "H" & was a junkie during the making of this film. w/ Walter Brooke, Doris Dowling, Denver Pyle, Robert Paget, Titus Moede. 1958 (1:16) $9
PEOPLE NEXT DOOR- Incredibly sordid film depicting dysfunctional New York suburbanites whose seemingly perfect 16-year old daughter is sexually active, on the pill & has been tripping on LSD. Her long-haired brother is in a band & gets kicked out of the house. Affairs & alcoholism abound. All star cast: Deborah Winters, Eli Wallach, Julie Harris, Nehemiah Persoff, Cloris Leachman, Hal Holbrook & Rue McClanahan. Song-track w/ The Bead Game & The Glass Bottle. Directed by David Geene 1970 (1:33) $12
PETE KELLY'S BLUES- A 1920's racketeer tries to blackmail a small-time jazz band into signing with his talent agency. 1955 w/ Ella Fitzgerald; Peggy Lee; Jack Webb; Miff Mole (1:30) $9
THE PHYNX- The SSA (Super Secret Agency) tries to rescue icons of American culture who have been kidnapped & brought to Albania, by forming a pop-rock band & have them invited into the country. w/ George Jessel, Rudy Vallee, Edgar Bergan, Huntz Hall, Leo Gorcey, Joe Louis, Marilyn Maxwell; Busby Berkeley; Col. Sanders, Xavier Cugat; Ed Sullivan; Richard Pryor, Dick Clark, James Brown; Martha Raye; Joan Blondell; Ultra Violet; Rona Barrett; Dorothy Lamour; Jay Silverheels; Edgar Bergan; Andy Devinel; Guy Lombardo; Johnny Weissmuller, others! The Voxmobile even makes an appearance! Sally Struthers' film debut. Songs by Lieber & Stoller. George Foster & Bob Booker story. 1970 (1:24) $12
PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES- In a gothic fog-drenched village inhabitants live under a cloud of doom, dominated by an arrogant squire & his gang of thugs. This influential Hammer horror film started the zombie craze with its still unequaled eerie introduction of the zombies, clawing their way up through the earth & emerging as lumbering, deathly ghouls. Phil Anselmo of the heavy metal band Pantera has a tattoo on his arm of the Zombie that throws Jaqueline Pearce's character down the hill. 1966 (1:30) $12
PLANET OF BLOOD- aka "Queen Of Blood"- Futurific Russian stock footage combined with story of bloodsucking alien. Roger Corman involvement, w/ Dennis Hopper & John Saxon. 1966 (1:21) $8
PLAY IT COOL- British rocker Billy Fury in his finest pre-Merseybeat era performance. Lots of music w/ Billy Fury & The Satellites; Shane Fenton & The Fentones; Bobby Vee; Helen Shapiro; Danny Williams; Jimmy Crawford. 1962 (1:22) $12
POPCORN – AN AUDIO-VISUAL ROCK THING- Sixties music collage w/ wild psychedelic footage of The Rolling Stones; Jimi Hendrix; Joe Cocker; Animals; Traffic; Vanilla Fudge; Otis Redding; Bee Gees & many others. Twiggy fashion show, hippies, flower power, concert & festival footage. The Stone's promo films for "Jumpin' Jack Flash" & "2000 Light Years From Home" are highlights, as well as a very psychedelic promo film for Traffic's "Hole In My Shoe". Directed by Peter Clifton. 1969 (1:00) $15 Rare!
THE PRIME TIME- A bored young girl looking for excitement gets involved with nude modeling for a beatnik artist, drugs, a rock band & night time swimming parties where everything goes! Film debut by Karen Black, directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis 1960 (1:10) $8
PRISONERS IN PETTICOATS- When innocent cocktail pianist Joan Grey (Valentine Perkins) is implicated in a crime committed by her gangster boss, she tells the police nothing & goes to prison, rather than reveal her true identity, thereby humiliating her highly respected father. Veteran musical comedy performer Queenie Smith steals the show as an elderly convict. 1950 (1:10) $14
PRIVILEGE- Set 3 years in the future, UK-rock has become government controlled, using their biggest star, Steven Shorter, to quell rebellious teens. An interesting look at the cult of celebrity & the influence of media in modern culture. Stars Paul Jones of the Manfred Mann group, in his acting debut. Supermodel Jean Shrimpton plays a sultry mod girl in her only film role. Also w/ Jeremy Child; The George Bean Group as a cool jangle-beat rock group dressed as monks. This film was censored by the BBC. 1967 (1:41) $12
QUATERMASS I- The Quatermass Xperiment- aka "The Creeping Unknown"- After returning from space, the only surviving crew member undergoes a horrible metamorphosis turning into a monstrous 'thing'. He breaks out & starts killing humans & animals to feed his transformation. 1955 (1:22) $8
QUATERMASS II- aka "Enemy From Space". This tense scary British sci-fi classic concerns a secret alien invasion involving human body-snatching. 1957 (1:25) $8
QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE- Eric Flemming ("Rawhide") & crew land on Venus, finding only women, who hold them as prisoners while Zsa Zsa Gabor tries to free them. Some intended laughs. 1958 cheapie (1:09) $9


REVOLUTION- Hippie Hill & the Panhandle areas of Golden Gate Park, San Francisco are chronicled in this trippy quasi-documentary centering around a flower-child who changed her name to 'Today'. Live footage of John Cipollina & The Quicksilver Messenger Service performing "Babe I'm Gonna Leave" & the Buffy St. Marie song "Codine". The Steve Miller Band perform early version of "Mercury Blues" plus 2 other unreleased songs. In the park, Country Joe & The Fish perform "Fixin' To Die Rag"& the all-girl band Ace Of Cups perform "The Grass Is Greener". Rare footage of Dan Hicks of The Charlatans w/ solo acoustic version of "He's Stoned". Mother Earth w/ Tracy Nelson perform 3 songs including the title track. Daria Halprin of 'Zabriskie Point' dances nude. Liquid light shows; Buena Vista Park; Haight Ashbury; plus interviews w/ Rev. Cecil Williams; the staff of The Free Medical Clinic; Ronnie Davis w/ The San Francisco Mime Troupe & Herb Caen. Lou Gottlieb of the early-60s folk group The Limeliters, is shown at Morningstar Ranch, one of the more famous communes of the time. Jack O'Connell produced & directed this groundbreaking patchwork portrait of the hippie scene in 1967. It was re-edited in 1996 & retitled "The Hippie Revolution". This is the original, from a 1968 theatrical print. (1:28) $14
RIDE THE WILD SURF- Filmed at Waimea Bay, Hawaii during peak surf conditions, w/ footage of Mickey Dora, Greg Noll, Dick Ziker, Phil Edwards, Dave Jackman & Butch Van Artsdalen challenging the big waves at Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach, & Haleiwa, makes this one of the best beach movies of the time. Stars Fabian; Tab Hunter; James Mitchum; Shelley Fabares; Barbara Eden; Susan Hart. 1963 (1:41) $8
RIOT IN JUVENILE PRISON- Explosive story of a co-ed reform school for troubled teens. Scott Marlowe & Dorothy Provine. Directed by Edward L. Cahn. 1959 (1:11) $9
RIOT ON SUNSET STRIP- (Standells performance of "Get Away From Here" different than soundtrack version. Full description coming soon!)
ROCK ALL NIGHT- One of the more action-packed rock noir films of the 50's, taking place a Al's Cloud Nine. Comic relief & cool jive talk by beatnik music agent Sir Bop. Stars Dick Miller w/ future TV stars Abby Dalton (Falcon Crest); Russell Johnson (Gilligan's Island); Jeanne Cooper (Young & The Restless). Also w/ Jonathan Haze & Beach Dickerson. Musical appearances by The Blockbusters; Nora Hayes & The Platters. Roger Corman 1957 (1:02) $8
ROCK CITY: SOUNDS OF THE CITY (1963-73)- Peter Clifton film w/ Rod Stewart & The Faces; Peter Townshend; Cream; Rolling Stones; Otis Redding; Ike & Tina Turner; Cat Stevens; Jimi Hendrix; Blind Faith; Joe Cocker 'Mad Dogs & Englishmen'; Eric Burdon & The Animals; Pink Floyd; Crazy World Of Arthur Brown; Donovan, more. 1981 (1:44) $12
ROCK PRETTY BABY- Sal Mineo; Rod McKuen & John Saxon form a combo to impress Shelly Fabares. 1957 (1:29) $12
ROCKABILLY BABY- Fine cast of unknowns provide good character development when a mom w/ a 'shady past' as a stripper leaves Ohio w/ her two teenagers & tries to adjust to a conservative town where Les Brown plays. 1957 w/ Irene Ryan (Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies). (1:21) $12
ROME POP FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS- Film report for British TV featuring Brian Auger & The Trinity w/ Julie Driscoll; plus glimpses of Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band; The Nice; Donovan; The Association; I Giganti; Pink Floyd; The Move; The Saumrai, plus interviews w/ Miki Curtis; Carl Wayne; Richard Thompson & others, at the International Pop Festival, Rome, Italy May 10, 1968. (0:19) $5
RUN HOME, SLOW- Mercedes McCambridge heads a family of outcasts who rob a bank & track down a rival family to get revenge for lynching their father. Bizarre western w/ Linda Gaye Scott as a nymphomaniac cowgirl married to her cousin, played by Gary Kent. They later appeared together in "Psych-Out". Music soundtrack by Frank Zappa w/ early versions of "Duke Of Prunes"; "The Little March"; "The Idiot Bastard Son" & "Peaches en Regalia". 1965 (1:15 ) $14


SANTEE- The 1st Western shot on videotape stars Glenn Ford as a former lawman turned bounty hunter who takes in the son of a man he killed. w/ Jay Silverheels. Produced by Ed Platt. The Don Randi song "Jody" is performed by The Raiders, featuring Paul Revere & Mark Lindsay. (1:33) $8
SATAN'S SLAVE- A young girl is caught up in a devil cult run by her evil uncle & cousin who head a coven of witches that roams the countryside in search of new minions for the Dark Prince. British film. 1976 (1:26) $8
SATURDAY NIGHT OUT- A trio of merchant seamen & several passengers disembark from their ship & go out for a Saturday night in 1964 swinging London. The Beatles were asked to appear but the producers wouldn't pay train fare from Liverpool. The Searchers appeared in the club scene instead. The theme song was the flipside of their hit, "Needles & Pins". Cool Piccadilly & seedy West End footage w/ Heather Sears, Francesca Annis, Erika Remberg & model Margaret Nolan. 1964 (1:32) $9
SCOPITONES- (Over 15 hours of these great 1960s video juke-box music films are available, including Scopitone competitors, Cinebox & Color-Sonics. Send your wants from the list & I'll compile a custom program for you) More Info
SCORCHY- Sexy undercover cop Connie Stevens fights bad drug dealers under the covers, in this drive-in sexploiter. The always reliable William Smith is on hand in another of his many bad guy roles. Incredible chase scene between Smith & Stevens through the streets of Seattle! 1976 (1:39) $12
SCREAM OF THE BUTTERFLY- A beautiful woman marries a rich man for his money, then embarks on an affair & plans to use her boyfriend to help murder her husband. A tawdry tale w/ a twist ending that mixes murder, mayhem & mambo. Stunning star Nélida Lobato is referred to onscreen as "Miss Slutsy-Wutsy". This lusty, busty noir film was photographed by cult fave Ray Dennis Steckler. 1965 (1:18) $9
SCREAM FREE! aka "Free Grass"- Richard Beymer falls in love with Lana Wood (Natalie's sister). They need cash and agree to help Russ Tamblyn & his gang smuggle street drugs from Mexico to L.A. After drug king-pin Casey Kasem (yes, the real-life DJ) kills a couple of drug agents, Russ kidnaps Lana & drugs Beymer with a huge dose of LSD! Club scenes w/ The Boston Tea Party performing "Free Service". Both title & closing songs, plus incidental music is by the California Spectrum, who are really The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band under an alias! Also w/ ith Bing's son Lindsay Crosby, Joel's son Jody McCrea. A Sidewalk production, directed by Bill Brame ("The Cycle Savages") 1969 (1:20) $14
SCREAMING MIMI- Anita Ekberg plays a woman who goes mad after narrowly escaping a killer's knife while showering! She finds work at a strip club where we get to see her doing her sexy act, backed by The Red Norvo Trio. Soon a series of murders begin where she's the main suspect. There's suspense around every curve in this tense & sleazy film-noir crime thriller w/ Gypsy Rose Lee as the strip-club owner. Based on a book by famed author Fredric Brown & an inspiration for Dario Argento's masterpiece, "Bird With Crystal Plummage". Directed by Gerd Oswald 1958 (1:19) $16
SECRET OF THE INCAS- Good adventure of explorer searching for fabled treasure in the mountains of Peru. Yma Sumac sings several songs in several octaves! 1954 (1:40) $14
THE SEVENTH COMMANDMENT- A man & his girlfriend are in an auto accident. The man gets amnesia & wanders away. He meets a traveling preacher & transforms himself as Rev. Tad Morgan w/ the power to "heal". While touring, he visits his hometown, still unaware of his previous life there. His girlfriend, who was injured in the accident is now an ex-convict living with her crooked boyfriend in a sleazy apartment. She decides to blackmail her ex in this marvelous pulp-mix of revenge, salvation & outright obsession! Gritty low-budget melodrama directed by Irvin Berwick (Monster Of Piedras Blancas, Hitchhike To Hell, Malibu High) 1961 (1:22) $8
SEX KITTENS GO TO COLLEGE- You never saw a student body like the curvaceous Mamie Van Doren who heads the college science department, home of Electro the Robot as 'Thinko'. Also w/ Tuesday Weld; Mijanou Bardot; Mickey Shaughnessy; Louis Nye; Jackie Coogan; Pamela Mason; Maila Nurmi (in a rare non-Vampira appearance); Norman Grabowski; John Carradine; Jody Fair. Conway Twitty sings a rockabilly-ish song. 1960 Rare long version! (1:42) $12
SEXTETTE- Stars Mae West. Description coming soon.
SEXUS- (French title: Enfer dans la peau, L') A beautiful young woman is kidnapped from the streets of Paris & held for ransom. She unintentionally provokes passion, jealously & rage among her beguiled captors. Musical score written by jazz legend Chet Baker. This low-budget masterpiece from director José Bénazéraf has the feel of early Godard with its eccentric editing. The film breaks out into wild erotic dances to free-form jazz which don't really fit with the story, lending a surrealistic, devil-may-care beatnik aura. In this film, Sexus (Latin for "sex") refers to 'Sex In Excess', and is not to be confused with the Henry Miller novel of the same name. Radley Metzger directed the nude dance scenes for the American 'grindehouse curcut' release. 1965 (1:28) $9
THE SHADOW ON THE WINDOW- Suspenseful crime thriller as 3 teen thugs hold the wife of a police detective hostage. Stars Cory Allen; John Drew Barrymore; Jerry "Beaver" Mathers; Betty Garrett; Philip Carey. Directed by William Asher. 1957 (1:16) $6
SHANTY TRAMP- On a hot night in Dixie, the local shanty tramp heads out for adventure. The lust she excites in the local men leads to unforgettable sexual encounters w/ a crooked tent-revival preacher, a sadistic motorcycle gang leader, & her own alcoholic father. Before the night is over, Emily & her wanton ways will force a collision of these disparate groups, with shocking & scandalous effect! This tawdry exploitation sleaze classic is a must for any fan of subversive cinema. 1967 (1:12) $9
SHED NO TEARS- Film Noir w/ some cool plot twists after a wife convinces her husband to fake his death so they can collect the life insurance. He doesn't know she's been having an affair, and she has plans for the money that doesn't include him. Stars June Vincent & Wallace Ford. 1948 (1:09) $7
SIN IN THE CITY- Three girls head from boarding school to NYC, arriving by bus & vowing to "get into trouble", not turning down any request. They head to a Greenwich Village bar where they copycat a girl stripping to dance topless atop the bar, then head to a Village party & finally crash a posh uptown swappers' party before catching the bus home. Barry Mahon film w/ Gigi Darlene, Uta Erickson, Darlene Bennett & Joanna Cunningham and a great montage of signs from Cafe Wha?;Googie's; La Groceria; Four Winds; Night Owl Cafe; Miteras; Cafe Basement; Gaslight Cafe; Pizza Plaza; Duke's; The Dugout; The Gold Bug & Cafe Feenjon. 1966 (1:02) $9
SINTHIA, THE DEVIL'S DOLL- Psychedelic supernatural thriller by Ray Dennis Steckler has Cynthia Kyle entering puberty with a vengeance, murdering her parents as they make love. Eight years later she's free & wants to marry, but she is plagued by demonic nightmares. 1968 (1:18) $8
SIX TO FIVE SPECIAL- The big-screen version of the popular BBC-TV musical variety series has a plot line about a train full R&B & Rock acts enroute to play on the 6.5 show. w/ Lonnie Donegan; Petula Clark; Cleo Laine; Diane Todd; John Barry Seven; The King Brothers; Russ Hamilton; Jimmy Lloyd; Don Lang; The Ken-Tones; Johnny Dankworth; Mike & Bernie Winters. Jim Dale doin' "Train Kept A-Rolling" is wild! 1957 (1:25) $14
SKATERDATER- One of the first & very best films to feature skateboarding. Noel Black's first project after graduate film school was writing & directing this short subject cinematic romance without dialogue, which used only music & sound effects to advance its plot. It won nine international film awards. It was also the first soundtrack written by Mike Curb & features Davie Allan & The Arrows. 1965 (18 minutes) $9
SKI PARTY- The Beach Party gang trades surf & bikinis for snow & Capri pants! Frankie Avalon & Dwayne Hickman dress in drag to crash a girls-only party at a ski lodge! Great music performed by The Hondells; James Brown & The Famous Flames; & Lesley Gore. Cool fun w/ Deborah Walley; Annette Funicello; Bobbi Shaw; Yvonne Craig; Aron Kincaid; Robert Q. Lewis; Patti Chandler. 1965 (1:30) $9
SKIDOO- After an intense acid trip in his jail cell, gangster Jackie Gleason plots to spike the cafeteria food w/ LSD & escape while everybody is tripping out! All-star cast w/ Cesar Romero; Burgess Meredith; Mickey Rooney; Frank Gorshin; Frankie Avalon; Carol Channing; John Phillip Law; Peter Lawford; Slim Pickins; Arnold Stang; George Raft. Groucho Marx play a rich drug dealer named God who smokes joints instead of cigars. A counter culture classic directed by Otto Preminger, w/ music score by Harry Nilsson. 1968 (1:37) $12
SLAVES OF LOVE- Two men are held prisoners on a mysterious island of gorgeous babes, where they must... Obscure late-60s sexploitation w/ Tina Brown & Sally Blair. (1:26) $12
THE SLENDER THREAD- A woman takes an overdose of sleeping pills & calls a crisis clinic for help. The college volunteer tries to keep her on the phone while a rescue crew attempts to track her down. Filmed in Seattle, starring Sidney Poitier; Anne Bancroft; Telly Savalas; Steven Hill; Ed Asner. Cool club scene w/ Sons Of Adam performing unreleased freakout instrumental w/ Randy Holden (pre-Other Half); Michael Stuart (pre-Love & Other Half). Sydney Pollack's directorial debut. 1965 (1:38) $14
SMASHING TIME- Rita Tushingham & Lynn Redgrave go-go stark raving mod in this swinging London / Carnaby Street based comedy. The group Tomorrow w/ Steve Howe appear as 'the Snarks' & London DJ Mike 'The Marshall' Lennox cameos. The BBC series 'Juke Box Jury' is parodied as 'Hi-Fi Court'. 1967 (1:36) $10
SMOKE & FLESH- Psychedelic variant of Peter Sellers' "The Party" from the same year. A groovy shindig at Turk's New York City pad w/ go-go dancing girls & lecherous boys waiting for a special delivery of pot to enliven the festivities. Bikers crash the party after they recognize one of the party girls, but Turk slips them cubes of LSD & a mind-blowing trip scene ensues. Nice cinematography thoughout. w/ Cherie Winters; Janet Banzet; Ann Brandt & Natara. 1968 (1:08) $9
SO EVIL, SO YOUNG- British film stars Jill Ireland as an innocent girl doing hard time at a reformatory. An interesting glimpse of the pre-Beatles coffee bar culture in England, w/ songs performed by co-star John Charlesworth. 1961 (1:17) $12
SOME PEOPLE- Filmed in Bristol, England, this color film centers around juvenile delinquent bikers who form a beat instrumental group similar to The Shadows. Ensemble cast w/ David Hemmings. Beat music by Valerie Mountain & The Eagles. Directed by Clive Donner. 1962 (1:33) $12
SON OF DRACULA- Seldom seen 1974 Apple film stars Harry Nilsson & Ringo Starr w/ cameo appearances by Keith Moon; Peter Frampton; John Bonham; Klaus Voormann; Marc Bolan & others as the band "The Count Downes". Nilsson sings "Daybreak"; "Jump Into The Fire"; "Without You"; "Down"; others. (1:30) $18
SON OF SINBAD- Dale Robertson stars in this colorful tongue-in-cheek Arabian Nights romp featuring a bevy of beauties including Lili St. Cyr; Mari Blanchard; Nejla Ates (the dancer seen on cover of Mohammed El Bakkar's LP 'Port Said'); Kalantan; Sally Forrest; Bette Arlen; Bobette Bentley; Eve Bernhardt; Pat D'Arcy; Barbara Drake; Anna Navarro; Jane Easton; Chris Fortune; Joi Lansing; Dolores Michaels; Joan Arnold; Kim Novak; many more. Vincet Price as Omar Khayyam. Produced by Howard Hughes 1953-55 (1:31) $12
THE SORCERERS- Boris Karloff & his elderly wife use a telepathy / mind control machine to experience the thrills of being a young mod adult in swinging 1960's England. They're able to have a little sex, drugs & violence without getting in trouble. But the thrills soon escalate out of control. A gritty British cult classic sci-fi horror shocker w/ Susan George; Sally Sheridan; Maureen Booth; Catherine Lacey; plus a mod garage-beat musical appearance by Lee Grant & The Capitols w/ Toni Daly, who also has a speaking part. 1967 (1:27) $14
THE SPACE CHILDREN- A glowing brain-like creature arrives on a beach near a rocket test site via a teleportation beam. The benevolent alien communicates telepathically with the children of scientists. The kids start doing the alien's bidding. Slowly & with horror the parents realize their children are controlled by the thing from outer space! Director Jack Arnold considered this to be his personal best. 1958 (1:09) $9
THE SPY WITH A COLD NOSE- In this obscure spy-spoof, a British bulldog is fitted w/ a transmitter & given to the Russian Premier. When they discover they've been bugged, the Russians put sexy Princess Natasha Romanova (Daliah Lavi) on the case. Great 60s fashions abound. Stars Laurence Harvey; Lionel Jeffries & Nai Bonet as the Belly Dancer. Terrific score by Riz Ortolani. 1966 (1:53) $12
STARDUST- In this sequel to "That'll Be The Day" David Essex plays singer Jim Maclaine, a 60s Beatlesque pop-star who fronts 'The Stray Cats', a beat group w/ Dave Edmunds on guitar & Keith Moon on drums! This hard-hitting movie shows the dangers of too much sex, drugs & rock'n'roll. w/ Adam Faith; Marty Wilde; Larry Hagman; Ed Byrnes. Cameo by Nick Lowe. Uncut nude version. 1974 (1:51) $14
STARK FEAR- Ellen Winslow (Beverly Garland in one of her best roles) has had enough of her controlling husband Gerald (Skip Homeier) after he gets all cranky on his birthday because she took a job with a Cliff Kane (Kenneth Tobey), a former business rival of his. He says he wants a divorce & splits, but she goes off to find him when his boss says he might be fired. She starts to delve into his past and realizes everything he has told her is lies. Meanwhile, with hubby nowhere to be found, she starts falling for Cliff. This Oklahoma/Arkansas-lensed B-movie has some nice B&W noir photography, including scenes of a Comanche tribal dance. 1963 (1:26) $9
THE STRAWBERRY STATEMENT- Based on James Kunen book about student unrest on Columbia University campus. Freshman meets hippie chick & becomes politically active. Music by CSN&Y; Buffy Sainte-Marie; Thunderclap Newman; & others accurately reflect the turbulent times. Bud Cort; Bob Balaban; Michael Margotta; James Coco; & Eric Gavin. 1970 (1:43) $14
STRIKE ME DEADLY- (Description coming soon!)...
THE STRIP- A Hollywood starlet is murdered! The mystery unfolds in a series of flashbacks as told by jazz drummer Stan Maxton (Mickey Rooney). Musical film noir w/ cool hipster jazz by Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong, Earl 'Fatha' Hines, Jack Teagarden, Barney Bigard, Vic Damone. Mickey Rooney's drumming is very good! w/ Sally Forrest, William Demarest, James Craig, Kay Brown. 1951 (1:25) $14
THE SUBTERRANEANS- A writer goes to the San Francisco North Beach area to live among the beatniks. Based on the Jack Kerouac novella; this 1960 film stars Roddy McDowell; George Peppard; Leslie Caron; Anne Seymour; Artie Johnson. Reviled by Allen Ginsberg; despite nice jazz soundtrack w/ Art Pepper. Carmen McRae sings "Coffee Time" & Gerry Mulligan appears as a street priest. Film score by Andre Previn. (1:29) $18 Rare!
SUGAR COOKIES- A pornographer tricks a model into committing suicide on camera. The dead girl's friend discovers what happened & swears to take her revenge. Inventive erotic thriller with plot-twists & mind games loosely inspired by Hitchcock's Vertigo. w/ Warhol regular Ondine; Monique Van Vooren; Jennifer Welles; Lynn Lowry; Mary Woronov; & a pre-Troma Lloyd Kaufman who also co-wrote. Music by Gershon Kingsley. "Sally Go Round The Roses" performed by the Jaynettes. 1973 (1:30) $14
SUMMER CHILDREN- A sailing adventure to Catalina Island leads to free love & conflict for a group of teens. Unreleased film restored from lost negatives. Club scene includes The Deacons surf group. Beautifully photographed by cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond. 1965 (1:30) $12
SUMMER LOVE- Sequel to "Rock, Pretty Baby" w/ 7 new songs! A neighborhood rock band gets a job playing at a summer camp. The kids are wild about love & crazy about music! All-star cast w/ John Saxon, Molly Bee, Fay Wray, Rod McKuen, Shelley Fabares, Troy Donahue, Edward Platt, Beverly Washburn, Judi Meredith & pinup model Jill St. John. Kip Tyler sings the title song! 1958 (1:25) $12
SUNBURY ROCK FESTIVAL- Australia's answer to Woodstock. Shot in documentary style, similar to D.A. Pennybanker's "Woodstock", this January 1973 music festival features comedian Paul Hogan ("Crocodile Dundee") as MC. Highlights include Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs; Coloured Balls; MacKenzie Theory; Band Of Light (w/ Phil Key ex-La De Das); Johnny O'Keefe; Friends; Madder Lake & others; plus hippies in mud, nudity & lots of great music. Bonus: Rocket Films "The Aztecs" Live featuring Billy Thorpe. B&W footage (2 hours total) $9
SURF PARTY- Romance among the sands of Malibu w/ Bobby Vinton as the owner of a surf shop. Rare B&W beach party movie w/ lots of musical appearances: The Astronauts "Fire Water" & "Surf Party"; The Routers "Crack Up" (w/ Michael Z. Gordon of Marketts fame & Scott Walker of The Walker Bros); Pat Morrow (pre-'Peyton Place') "That's What Love Is"; Kenny Miller "If I Were An Artist" & "Pearly Shells". Stars Bobby Vinton & co-stars Jackie De Shannon "Glory Wave" & "Never Comin' Back". w/ Lory Patrick; Richard Crane; Lloyd Kino; Kenny Miller; Jerry Summers. Cool surfing scenes w/ Johnny Fain & Mickey Dora. Film music by Jimmie Haskell & The Big Wheels w/ Tommy Tedesco. 1964 (1:08) $15
SWAMP COUNTRY- It's a country-lovin' song-filled swamp romp in a small southern town where a local girl is found murdered. A young California man passing through is blamed. Fleeing the local lynch mob he escapes into the Okeefeenokee Swamp; where he runs into even more dangers. Meanwhile; moonshine mobsters kidnap guitar singer Baker Knight who croons "Swaaaaaammmp Country" & "I'm a Misfit". Stars Lyle Waggoner (of the Carol Burnette Show); Sue Casey; Rex Allen; David Dalie. 1965 (1:32) $9
SWAMP WOMEN- An undercover policewoman infiltrates a group of three hardened female convicts who are planning a jail break to retrieve their stash of stolen diamonds hidden in a swamp. The 1st films directed by Roger Corman; stars Marie Windsor; Carole Mathews; Beverly Garland; Mike Connors; Jonathan Haze; Jil Jarmyn. 1955 (1:08) $8
THE SWEET RIDE- Beatniks, hippies & biker freaks in a beach film starring Tony Franciosa as a tennis bum & his protégé beach-bum roommate Michael Sarrazin putting the moves on Jacquelin Bisset, seen topless on Malibu beach. Has surfing scene w/ David Nuuhiwa, Mickey Dora & other well known surfers, then goes right into a psychedelic scene filmed at the Taranchula Club w/ Moby Grape performing "Never Again". w/ Pat Buttram; Bob Denver as a beatnik jazz pianist, & everybody' favorite broken-nose bad guy Charles Dierkop as leader of the biker gang. Lee Hazelwood cameos & provides musical elements to the soft-psych Pete Rugolo score. Dusty Springfield sings the title song over the credits. The surfing footage was some of the first big-time jobs for MacGillivray & Freeman. Underrated 1968 film. (1:50) $15
A SWINGIN AFFAIR- A college pledge attending a cool school dance where all the kids are twisting their butts off, secretly leaves the shindig to fight as "Kid Gallant" the prizefighter! Why does he fight? To raise money for his college fraternity initiation dues! w/ Ernie de la Puente; Tiger Joe Marsh; Johnny Reno; Dick Dale & His Del Tones. Film debut of Teri Garr. 1963 (1:25) $12
THE SYSTEM- aka "The Girl-Getters". Full description coming soon... Stars Oliver Reed. The song "Teenage Idol" from the club scene, is done by The Laurie Jay Combo (uncredited), who appear briefly in the clip. Laurie Jay's main claim to fame was that he once gave Dave Clark drum lessons. Guitarist Stan Gordon was later in Magna Carta.


TAKING OFF- This overlooked comedy drama has straight-laced parents Buck Henry & Lynne Carlin looking for their runaway teenage daughter. In the process they experience some sex; drugs & rock-n-roll. A great time capsule of early 1970's life; co-starring Georgia Engel ('Georgette' on Mary Tyler Moore Show); Paul Benedict ('Harry Bentley' on The Jeffersons); Audra Lindley ('Helen Roper' on Three's Company); w/ appearances by Ultra Violet; Ike & Tina Turner Revue; Carly Simon; Nina Hart; Kathy 'Bobo' Bates; Mary Mitchell "Ode To A Screw"; Nancy Bell; Nirmala Catherine Heriza "Lessons In Love"; Jessica Harper. Soundtrack has "Air" by The Incredible String Band. Directed by: Milos Forman. 1971 (1:29) $14
TEENAGE BAD GIRL- First out as "My Teenage Daughter" in 1956, Sylvia Syms was 'born good with a desire to be bad'. Good cast shows sordid side of British delinquency. (1:40) $12
TEEN-AGE CRIME WAVE- Adolescent hoodlums terrorize a farm family after a robbery & shooting. Loosely based on the Charles Starkweather / Caril Ann Fugate story. w/ Mollie McCart & Sue England. 1955 (1:17) $9
TEENAGE GANG DEBS- Like a delinquent Lady Macbeth, Brooklyn bad girl Terry isn't content just being one of the "Teenage Gang Debs". Instead, she becomes the top mama of "The Rebels" in this gritty, tough-as-nails J.D. gem best described as sleaze-noir. 1966 (1:15) $9
TEENAGE WOLFPACK- A good look at juvenile delinquency in Germany, 1957, has some of the local atmosphere that affected The Beatles. After this played the UK, it came to the US co-run w/ "Teenage Bad Girl". Essential! (1:30) $9
TERROR FROM THE YEAR 5000- On a remote island near Florida, scientists use an elaborate time-travel device to swap artifacts with denizens of the future, including a mutated woman who "trades" her body with that of a nurse (broadway actress Salome Jens) who she becomes. 1958 (1:16) $9
THAT'LL BE THE DAY- Ringo Starr; Keith Moon; Billy Fury & David Essex star in this cult classic about the birth of British Rock & Roll. This gritty drama is said to be based on the early life of John Lennon. Great soundtrack. 1973 (1:31) $12
THE 30 FOOT BRIDE OF CANDY ROCK- Lou Costello's last film & his only starring role without Bud Abbott. He invents a time controlling machine. Dorothy Provine is the 30-Ft. Bride. Also w/ Gale Gordon & Jimmy Conlin. 1959 (1:14) $12
THUNDERCRACK!- It's a dark & stormy night & the rain hammers down as rising rivers wash out the bridges. Mrs. Gert Hammond sits in her Gothic mansion drinking to the memory of her dead husband & son. Out in the storm, three travelers & a hitchhiker they've picked up, crash their car! A couple passing by rescues them & they all converge on Mrs. Hammond's house, where they change into dry clothes & spend the night squabbling with each other, forming random kinky sexual liaisons & dragging out each others' deepest, darkest secrets. Meanwhile, a circus truck crashes on the treacherous road & the driver stumbles in. Now with four men, three women & a gorilla, Mrs. Hammond, who has some pretty dark secrets of her own, tries hard to be a gracious hostess as the night unfolds. 1975 (2:38) $18
TONITE, LET'S ALL MAKE LOVE IN LONDON- Peter Whitehead's little-seen documentary, beautifully shot, w/ Syd Barrett leading Pink Floyd who supply the soundtrack. "Interstellar Overdrive" plays behind some arty nightclub scenes, while Chris Farlowe's rendition of the Rolling Stones' "Out of Time" accompanies a visually captivating look at the London 'In-Crowd'. Includes "Winter Is Blue" by Vashti Bunyan. Also w/ Eric Burdon; Mick Jagger; Andrew Loog Oldham; Michael Caine; Julie Christie; Allen Ginsberg; Vanessa Redgrave; The Small Faces; David Hockney; Edna O'Brien & other 'dedicated followers of fashion' at the mod clubs & discotheques of the day. 1967 (1:00) $12
TOO LATE BLUES- Absorbing John Cassavetes drama starring Bobby Darin as leader of a jazz quintet, basically meant to personify Cassavetes during his move from New York to Hollywood. The story involves the artistic compromise between staying with his jazz band without having to answer to anyone, or selling out & working with a greedy label & opportunistic producer. When he meets & falls in love with a beautiful singer, things get complicated. w/ Vince Edwards; Stella Stevens; James Joyce; Everett Chambers; June Wilkinson & Slim Gaillard. 1961 (1:43) $12
THE TOUCHABLES- Four sex-hungry British mod groupies kidnap their favorite pop star & keep him in their huge transparent inflatable plastic-fantastic dome home in the English countryside. They use him for all their far-out games & worldly pleasures. It's "Love in the Fifth Dimension!" w/ David Anthony; Judy Huxtable; Esther Anderson; Marilyn Rickard & Kathy Simmonds. Obscure flower-power UK group Nirvana perform the very mod theme song, "All Of Us", said to be composed by Steve Winwood. Other groovy music by Wynder K. Frog; Roy Redman; The Ferris Wheel. The only feature film directed by Beatles photographer Robert Freeman, who shot the cover for Rubber Soul. Fantastic arty cinematography. 1968 (1:28) $12
TV THE WAY IT OUGHT TO BE- Get a custom made VHS or DVD with your favorite Television Shows from the past. From lost B&W rarities to lots of camp & cult collectibles. Shows like: It's About Time; Johnny Staccato; Kiddie A-Go-Go; Andy's Gang; unaired pilots & much more! More Info
TWIST AROUND THE CLOCK- Similar to "Rock Around The Clock", but with a twist! Hit songs performed by Chubby Checker; Dion; The Marcels; Clay Cole; Vicki Spencer. 1961 (1:26) $12
TWIST CRAZE / DANCE CRAZE- Two musical theatrical short subjects by Bill Rebane were purchased by American International & Crown International Pictures respectively. Ral Donner & The Millionaires appear at Flo's Kit Kat Club in Chicago. Also w/ Sig Sagowitz, Frankie DeSanti, "The King Of The Twist", Jim Lounsbury, Sandra Keto, Joe Cavalier, Tobin Matthews. 1962 (0:30) $7
TWO LANE BLACKTOP- James Taylor & his mechanic, Dennis Wilson race their '55 Chevy (1st seen in the film American Grafitti) against Warren Oates' G.T.O. w/ Laurie Bird & Harry Dean Stanton. 1971 (1:41) $9
TWO TICKETS TO PARIS- Twist musical w/ Joey Dee & The Starliters, who get a gig in Paris. Joey & Piper are engaged & plan to marry in Paris, but Piper's mom insist they have a chaperone until the wedding. Hijinks & misunderstandings abound on board the ocean liner when Coco, a french dancer, uses Joey to make her straying boyfriend jealous. w/ Gary Crosby; Charles Nelson eilly; Nina Paige; Lisa James; Jeri Lynn Frazer; Dave Brigati. 1962 (1:30) $12

U - V - W

UNCLE JOE- Made by the John Deere Co. in 1941 to be shown at state fairs to get prospects 'into the tent' to sell them tractors, this comedy stars a young Gail Storm; Zasu Pitts & Slim Summerville, who must win a radio jingle contest to save their farm. Campy teen, hot rods, jokes, & music (0:55) $12
UNEARTHLY STRANGER- When John Neville discovers that his new bride Gabriella Lucidi has no pulse, she reveals that she's a visitor from another planet, sent as the vanguard for an invading alien army. w/ Patrick Newell & Philip Stone. Overlooked 1963 British gem based on William Sloane's "To Walk The Night". (1:18) $9
UNHOLY WIFE- Statuesque femme fatale bombshell Phyllis (Diana Dors) tells her sordid story from a prison cell. Via flashbacks we see how her marrige to Napa Valley wine vintner Paul Hochen (Rod Steiger) goes sour when Phyllis begins having an affair with a local rodeo rider. This lurid, seldom-seen 1957 color film-noir drama, co-stars Marie Windsor. Screenplay by crime writer Jonathan Latimer. (1:34) $9
UNTAMED YOUTH- Mamie Van Doren & Lori Nelson are sent to an illegal teen prison farm & meet Eddie Cochran for some 1957 style sin, sex & song. Hear "Go, Go Calypso"; "Oobala Baby"; "Cottonpicker"; "Salamander"; & "Rolling Stone". Also w/ Yvonne Lime & The Hollywood Rock N Rollers. (1:20) $9
VALUE FOR MONEY- A young man from Yorkshire inherits a sizeable legacy from his millionaire father. He decides to try the nightlife of London & meets a young girl performing in a nightclub. She intends to take him for all he's got, & he's quite happy to be taken. British romantic comedy starring John Gregson & Diana Dors. (1:30) 1955 $8
VAMPIRE ON BIKINI BEACH- aka "Vampires On Bikini Beach"- Bikini-clad girls, awesome waves, radical wheels & 80s style rock n' roll as Venice Beach surfers get a wave of murders by a vampire cult trying to take over the world. w/ Jennifer Badham; Nancy Rogers; Todd Kaufman. Music by The Michael Easton Band & Brian Cadd. 1988 (1:15) $18 Scarce!
VARGA GIRL- In 1916, Alberto Vargas (1886-1982) arrived in New York City from Puru. Trained in photography, he soon in love with American showgirls & began drawing for Florenz Ziegfeld Jr., who helps Vargas develop an eye for talent & personality. Married & living in Hollywood, Vargas draws women at night. This documentary film traces his career, developing the "Varga Girl" for Esquire Magazine, the popularity of his art during World War II, & his work apart from Esquire. Photographer Bunny Yeager recounts her association with Vargas. 1995 (0:53) $8
VARIOUS ARTISTS- I have a large collection of 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s & 80s artists & groups performing live music, lip-synching, making an appearance on TV, or in a movie. Too many to list. Write with your want/wish list & I would be happy to compile a custom made program featuring your interests.
VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS- It's 'goliaths a-go-go' as unsupervised teens become supersized! Based on "Food Of The Gods". Shot in "Perceptovision" w/ Tommy Kirk; Ron Howard; Beau Bridges; Johnny Crawford; Mike Clifford; Toni Basil. Music w/ Freddie Cannon; Beau Brummels; Jack Nitzsche. Directed by Bert I. Gordon who remade this in 1976 w/ Marjoe! A biggie! 1965 (1:20) $9
VIOLATED- Forgotten tabloid film-noir as Manhattan homicide detectives search for the killer of several prostitutes. Burlesque star Lili Dawn is beautifully photographed by cinematographer Pat Rich, as she helps solve the crimes. Cool haunting sound score by jazz guitar ace Tony Mottola (Frank Sinatra; Perry Como; The Tonight Show Orchestra w/ Doc Severinson) 1953 (1:07) $7
THE WAYWARD GIRL- Tawdry tale of a young girl accused of killing her step father. In prison, the warden's sister tries to help her get paroled. w/ Whit Bissell & Ric Roman. Directing debut by Lesley Selander. 1957 (1:11) $9
WEREWOLF IN A GIRL'S DORMITORY- This low budget, melodramatic euro-horror film has several shadowy characters suspected of being the murderous wolf-man-like creature. Wayward girls are attacked as they wander off into the nearby forest every time the moon is full. 1961 (1:24) $9
WHAT'S GOOD FOR THE GOOSE- A timid banker with a fairly hum drum life goes to an executive conference at a seaside resort. On the way he picks up two teenage girl hitchhikers who end up opening his eyes to the fun filled world of the late 1960s. Features The Pretty Things as "The Electric Banana" in a psychedelic mod club scene. With Sally Geeson (sister of Judy) who once said the most embarrassing thing she ever did was the nude scene in this film. Norman Wisdom; Sarah Atkinson; Hilary Pritchard; Sally Begley. 1969 UK film (1:45) $12
WHEN WOMEN HAD TAILS- A band of 7 cavemen discover the female species, who teach them that girls are for loving. Italian made stone-age comedy. 1970 (1:39) $8
WHO KILLED TEDDY BEAR?- Nightclub disc jockey Juliet Prowse is stalked & terrorized by a sex psycho. Classic sleaze-noir that really delivers in the sick department w/ porn addiction, physical assault, voyeurism, possible inter-family relations, solo pleasures & a vintage tour of NYC's 42nd Street adult shops! There is some shocking behavior & sequences that will even surprise viewers today. This film quickly & quietly disappeared after it's initial short theatrical run. Stars Sal Mineo & Jan Murray. Excellent music by Al Kasha (aka Billy Casher of the 4-Evers); Charles Calello & Bob Gaudio of The Four Seasons. Directed by Joseph Cates. 1965 (1:34 ) $18 Rare!
THE WILD & THE WILLING- College student Harry Brown makes the grade w/ his professors wife. Film debut for Samantha Eggar; John Hurt & Ian McShane. 1963 (1:50) $12
WILD ON THE BEACH- Song-filled frat-fest as coed's vying for possession of the same beach house schedule parties there on the same weekend. Great tunes by The Astronauts; Sonny & Cher; Jackie & Gayle (ex-Christy Minstrels); Cindy Malone; Sandy Nelson. Stars Frankie Randall; Sherry Jackson; Russ Bender; Booth Colman. Directed by Maury Dexter who also filmed "Surf Party" the year before. 1965 (1:17) $15 Scarce!
WILD ONES ON WHEELS- (Description coming soon!)....
THE WILD REBELS- Action-packed biker film about stock-car racer (Steve Alaimo) who gets mixed-up with beatnik biker gang Satans Angels as their getaway driver in a bank heist. Cool folk-rock Florida band The Birdwatchers appear at Trader John's Club in North Dade County performing "Can I Do It". The song, produced by Steve Alaimo, wasn't issued on record at the time & only appeared in the film. Other scenes were filmed in Jupiter, North Miami, West Palm Beach & the Miami / Key Biscayne area of Florida. Cameos by disc jockeys: Dutch Holland (WFUN) & Milton "Butterball" Smith (WAME). 1967 (1:30) $8
WILD WILD WINTER- Most of the male population at a college with ski slopes needs the help of a surf bum to defrost the Dean's secretary. Musical acts include The Astronauts; Jay & The Americans; The Beau Brummels; Dick & Dee Dee; Jackie & Gayle. w/ Gary Clarke; Chris Noel; Vicky Albright; Suzie Kaye; Steve Franken (Chatsworth from Dobie Gillis); James Frawley (directed & appeared in Monkees TV episodes); Dick Miller; & Les Brown, Jr. 1966 (1:20) $16
THE WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN- At The Star Club, as her colleagues go-go dance, a Batmaiden is drugged & kidnapped. Recovering consciousness, she manages to use her wrist-radio to alert Batwoman (Katherine Victor). A masked, cloaked supervillain named Rat Fink later contacts Batwoman demanding that she help him steal a revolutionary atomic hearing aid in exchange for the safe return of the kidnapped girl. w/ Steve Conte. A totally batty B-movie, directed by Jerry Warren. 1966 (1:10) $8
WINTER A-GO-GO- Lake Tahoe teens warm up to the sounds of The Astronauts; Hondells; Reflections; Nooney Rickett Four; Joni Lyman; James Stacy. Boyce & Hart wrote 2 of the songs. Stars Julie Parrish; Jill Donohue; Beverly Adams; Nancy Czar. (1:28) $14
WOMAN'S PRISON- Ida Lupino as a cruel warden & Howard Duff as a sincere doctor, deal with inmates in revolt. w/ Jan Sterling. This 1955 classic set the template for the 'Woman In Prison' genre including the Australian TV soap opera "Prisoner (In Cell Block H)" (1:19) $9
WORLD'S GREATEST SINNER- A bored insurance salesman quits his job. He gets inspired by rock-n-roll, becomes a rock star of sorts, a preacher, a politician & finally sells himself as God to his cult of followers. Then he starts having doubts about the eternalness of man. w/ Titus Moede. Stars Timothy Carey, who also produced & directed. 1962 (1:17) $16

X - Y - Z

YOUNG & DANGEROUS- Tommy Price (Mark Damon) is the leader of a gang of young thugs interested in thrills, hot rods & girls. His friends bet him he can't make it with 17-year-old Rosemary Clinton (Lili Gentle). Their date turns out badly & her parents forbid her to see him again. w/ Connie Stevens; Judy Bamber & Kim Scala. 1957 (1:18) $12
THE YOUNG GRADUATES- The Love Generation gets educated in sex, drugs & Rock & Roll. Bruno Kirby; Dennis Christopher; Patricia Wymer; Terri Johnson; Debbie Osborne; Jane Tsentas. A young Pat Russell is seen fronting The Spare Change, one of the first girl groups to play their own instruments. 1971 (1:39) $12
YOUNG PLAYTHINGS- Bizarre Swedish avant-garde masterpiece from sexploitation legend Joe Sarno, starring Christina Lindberg; Eva Portnoff & Margaretha Hellström. They're the erotic toys of the mindless generation, trapped in a never-neverland of distorted sexual practices. 1972 (1:45) $9
THE YOUNG RACERS- Exciting location footage of actual Grand Prix races in France, Belgium, England, & Monaco spices up the story. Real-life racers Jim Clark, Bruce McLaren, & Trevor Taylor appear as themselves. Stars Mark Damon (voiced over by William Shatner!) William Campbell, Luana Anders, Patrick Magee. Directed by Roger Corman. 1963 (1:24) $12
THE YOUNG RUNAWAYS- Patty McCormack becomes a hippy in Chicago. Brooke Bundy; Richard Dreyfuss; Dick Sargent; Lynn Barri costars. Music w/ The Gordian Knot, who appear in the club scene. 1968 (1:31) $15
THE YOUNG SWINGERS- Singer Rod Lauren tries to keep his music nightclub open despite interference from greedy developers. w/ Molly Bee; Jack Larson; Gene McDaniels; Sherwood Singers. Songs include: "Come To The Party," "Mad, Mad, Mad," "Come A-Runnin'," "Watusi Surfer," "Greenback Dollar," "I Can't Get You Out Of My Heart," & "You Pass Me By". Director Maury Dexter later produced "The Mini-Skirt Mob". 1963 (1:11) $9
YOUNG & WILD- Classic 1950s JD film noir of thrill-seeking teens on joyriding spree. Stars Gene Evans; Scott Marlowe; Carolyn Kearney; Robert Arthur; Tom Gilson; Ken Lynch; Wendell Holmes. 1958 (1:09) $12
YOU'RE A BIG BOY NOW- New York's Greenwich Village scene & 42nd St. red-light discrict is explored by a young man hoping to lose his virginity.w/ Elizabeth Hartman, Julie Harris, Geraldine Page, Peter Kastner, Rip Torn, Karen Black, Dolph Sweet. The Lovin' Spoonful provide 7 sonngs & appear in the psychedelic discotheque club scene. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola. 1966 (1:29) $9
YOU'RE GONNA MISS ME- A psychedelic reprise from the days of The 13th Floor Elevators. Insightful interviews w/ drummer Ike; their soundman; & Stacy's mom! Not to be confused w/ the commercial release of the same name. (0:40) $14 (write for more Roky titles)
YOU'VE RUINED ME EDDIE!- Teenage sex kitten Joan Denton tells low-class lunkhead Eddie Mercer to shove-off in this wonderfully deranged Southern-fried potboiler featuring some sax-y rock'n'roll numbers. 1958 (1:15) $9
ZONTAR, THE THING FROM VENUS- John Agar tries to stop the thing from controlling his friends. 1966 AIP-TV remake of 1956 film "It Conquered The World", both by Larry Buchanan. (1:12) $9