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THE ADDAMS FAMILY- All the characters from the 1991 Paramount movie appear on each of these four Ralston cereal boxes. Great graphics. The Addams Family cereal is "the creepy crunchy cereal with the great taste you'll scream for". Available are all four original versions, complete w/ premium toy character flashlight & all three versions of the door-hanger, uncut from the back of the box. (1) "Hand" flashlight w/ "Keep An Eye On You Door" hanger & 11 oz. of cereal inside, all Still Sealed in company outer shrinkwrap w/ offer sticker intact. M $25 / (2) "Lurch" flashlight w/ "Lurch" hanger & 11 oz. of cereal inside, all Still Sealed in company outer shrinkwrap w/ offer sticker intact. M $28 / (3) "Thing" flashlight w/ "Keep Your Hands Off My Things" hanger. Box intact & in original company shrinkwrap w/ sticker, but no cereal $14 / (4) "Uncle Fester " flashlight w/ "Lurch" hanger. Box intact & in original company shrinkwrap w/ sticker, but no cereal $14 See Picture
ARMAGEDDON- Various Images for Newspaper Ad Campaign- (These 3-pages of slicks are Ad Mats for the release of The Armageddon Movie starring Bruce Willis & Liv Tyler, 1998. These advertisement slicks were designed in many different sizes & layouts. Page 1 has 3 designs; page 2 has 9; and page 3 has 4 designs) Unused M $14
ARMAGEDDON TRADING CARDS- 11 assorted promo cards measuring 2.5" x 3.5" w/ metallicized printing & backing board, each individually sealed. Distributed in packages of Nestle candy bars in the USA only. $5 for the 11 card set. Duplicate of card #3 (New York City gets hit by asteroid) available, plus 3 others. SS $1 each. See Card #5 See Card #13 More Cards
AUSTIN POWERS- Collectible Card Game: The Spy Who Shagged Me- (Box set contains 2-decks of 30 cards each, one good, one evil, total 60 cards, plus rulebook. Groovy baby! 1999) Decipher M $9
AUSTIN POWERS MEGA MAGNET- This giant 6" x 9.5" refrigerator magnet is manufactured by Ata-Boy, Inc (MG-08225) & is still factory sealed on backing card. M $9 See Picture


BARBARELLA- 8.25" x 11" This special edition softcover trade paperback graphic novel book, reprints the complete original 1964 French comic strips by writer/Illustrator Jean-Claude Forest. Word balloons are translated into English by Richard Seaver. This second printing was published in 1968 by Grove Press, Inc & pictures Jane Fonda on the cover, from the Paramount film by Roger Vadim. NM $15 See Picture
BEATLES- "Hard Day's Night"- Great classic vintage movie design poster art on repro 14" x 22" cardboard nostalgic poster. M $8
BEATLES- "Yellow Submarine"- Great classic vintage movie design poster art on repro 14" x 22" cardboard nostalgic poster. M $8 See Picture
THE BORROWERS- Tool Kit- (Adjustable wrench, pliers; & interchangeable Philips/slotted screwdriver. Unused Set in 3.5" x 5" Box) Polygram Films M $8


CARS 2 PROJECTIONIST CARDS- Walt Disney Studios & Pixar have teamed up to present these 9 trading cards, made ONLY available to projectionists. The 2 3/8" x 3 1/2" limited edition full color character cards come housed in a frensel lens case, giving a 3-D effect to the art work, which features very nicely done vintage-esque posters for each of the locations depicted in the film: Title card; Paris; Porto Corsa; London (2); Japan; Tokyo; plus two end cards designed for the 3-D effect of the case. The back side of the cards has instructions for the projectionist. These are Mint, untouched, Still Sealed in original case. $26 See Picture
CIRCUS WORLD- #1 September-November 1964 (Comic-book adaptation of the Samual Bronston Cinerama film starring John Wayne, Claudia Cardinale, Lloyd Nolan, Richard Conte, & Rita Hayworth. w/ photo of John Wayne on cover) Dell Publishing F- $35


DARBY'S RANGERS- This is a one-sided 10" Advertisement Disc for the Warner Brothers film "Darby's Rangers", distributed to Radio Stations Only. The Aside has a 1 minute advertisement spot; a 1 minute spot from film star James Garner; & a 20 second advertisement spot. Each of the cuts play out to a locked groove. The B-side has a blank label & a unique geometric pattern pressed into the vinyl signaling that there is no program material recorded on the B-side The b&w label says Warner Brothers' Radio Spot Announcements (SP-793) Mono VG $25
DRIVE-IN THEATER SPEAKERS- Own an original authentic vintage die-cast aluminum drive-in movie theater speaker. Different makes available, including: RCA; Eprad (of Toledo, Ohio); Dub-L-Cone; Ballantyne; Soundmaster (scarce); Simplex; Reed; CBX Mark II; Projected Sound, TMS (Rare); etc... All the speaker boxes have knobs, and most have the cord. Most are in working condition, but are not guaranteed to be so. Common replacement part is the volume control, which is a 50 Ohm 2 Watt variable resistor, easy to get at any electronics type store... Write for details.
DRIVE-IN THEATER SPEAKER CONES- Speaker cone that goes into the speaker box. New old stock, made by Projected Sound. Weathermax #144648. The speakers measure 2" deep and 4 1/8" wide. 40v w/ strong ferrite magnet. In unused condition! 2 for $10

E - F

EARLY BLOOMER- Imageworks animated short features a tadpole who grows legs before the other tadpoles & is teased for it, until the others unexpectedly grow legs too. (Originally screened w/ "Daddy Day Care" 2003) Scope 4 minutes NM $25 Scarce!
EASY RIDER- Great classic vintage movie poster art on repro 14" x 22" cardboard nostalgic poster advertising w/ Peter Fonda; Dennis Hopper & Jack Nicholson. M $5
ERASERHEAD BABY- 7.75" x 9.5" b&w glossy of the movie's new born thing being fed. An amazing image. M $1
FARGO LICENSE PLATE- Vintage Promotional Only "Fargo" (Coen Brothers film) license plate. Made on vinyl coated pressboard, it measures approx. 6" by 11" and is in unused condition along with two small suction cups for hanging. The plate reads: An Ordinary Place FARGO An Extraordinary Thriller. M $14 See Picture
FRACTURED FAIRY TALE- When the 1999 movie "Dudley Do-Right" (starring Brendan Fraser) was released in theaters, it was preceded by a brand-new animated Fractured Fairy Tale titled "The Phox, The Box, & The Lox", (aka "The Fox, The Box, & The Lox"). This Jay Ward cartoon, produced & directed by Steve Moore, is based on an unproduced early 1960s script by Bill Scott. June Foray is the voice of the milkmaid. It was not included on the VHS or DVD release of "Dudley Do-Right". This is the original 35mm film theatrical print. Aspect Ratio: Scope. Running Time: Approx 6 minutes. Lightly used w/ no cuts or scratches. $55 Rare!
FREDDY'S DEAD 3-D MOVIE GLASSES- These glasses are from the original 3-D theatrical premiere of "Freddy's Dead - The Final Nightmare". They were given out at the front door when entering the movie theater. You were instructed to put them on only when Maggie does, to experience the film's final battle scenes in 'Freddy Vision'! They are your standard left eye red and right eye blue, and are a true collectors item from the Nightmare On Elm Street film series. They are in unused condition, with coupons still intact on the glasses. Limited Quantity! Only $1.50 each. See Picture


GREASE- The Official Poster Magazine No. 1- (John Travolta & Olivia Newton John star in the movie of the year, celebrated in the fold-open magazine w/ great 22" x 34" color poster inside of Danny & Sandy w/ plenty of pictures & information on the making of the film. Back page is ad for other 'Grease' Collectibles. 1978) Published by Paradise Press, Inc (K 49053) M- $18 See Picture
GREASE- A New 50's Rock 'N Roll Musical- (9" x 12" 16-page souvenir booklet of the 1972 Broadway Musical. Has bold yellow tagstock cover w/ b&w collage on inside covers. Articles on "Those Fabulous Fifties"; "Grease Is Something Else" by Douglas Watt; & "A Blast from The Past" by Jim Jacobs w/ 42 challenging trivia questions. Plus: biographies on creators Jim Jacobs & Warren Casey; choreographer Patricia Birch; producers Kenneth Waissman & Maxine Fox; & director Tom Moore. Sketches by Sandy Dumbrovski show costumes designed by Carrie F. Robbins, & another page w/ a sketch by Douglas W. Schmidt shows the original stage design. A 'Time Line' from 1954-1960 indicates rock music milestones. There's lyrics to 6 song-hits from the show. The centerfold 'scrapbook' & trivia sections show the troupe on Broadway & On Tour. No writing or creases. Overall beautiful near Mint! $22 Rare!


HALLUCINATION GENERATION- Great classic vintage movie design poster art on repro 14" x 22" cardboard nostalgic poster. M $8 See Picture
A HARD DAY'S NIGHT- Great classic vintage movie design poster art for this classic Beatles movie, on repro 14" x 22" cardboard nostalgic poster. M $8
HOLLYWOOD: The Dream Factory- Star Studded Group Photo to promote the special 'GE Monogram Series' on ABC Television. Air Date: January 10, 1972. The group photo, taken during the War years, pictures 65 attendees of MGM Studios' 20th Anniversary gala, including: James Stewart; Lucille Ball; Katherine Hepburn; Hedy Lamarr; Greer Garson; Lionel Barrymore; Margaret Sullivan; Irene Dunne; Harry James; Red Skelton; Mickey Rooney; Spencer Tracy; Walter Pidgeon; Gene Kelly; Tommy Dorsey; Donna Reed; Mary Astor; Van Johnson; Keenan Wynn; Marilyn Maxwell; Esther Williams; Ann Richards; Richard Carlson; Bert Lahr; June Allyson; Spring Byington; Chill Wills; Desi Arnez; Bob Crosby; studio boss Louis B. Mayer & many others. Comes with blurb from Frank Goodman Associates B&W (11"h x 14"w) EX- $20
THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH- (1964 Film Photo-zine w/ Wally Wood artwork) Warren Pub NM $40 More Info

I - J

I.A.T.S.E. 62nd BIENNIAL CONVENTION ENVELOPE- 1st Month Of Issue Cover w/ special Commemorative Postmark on July 17, 1995 from I.A.T.S.E. Station, Miami Beach, Florida 33140. Features 32 cent Marilyn Monroe Stamp. (Comes w/ card inside explaining the IA.) M $2 See Picture


KNICK KNACK- Pixar animated short features a snowglobe snowman who wants to join the other travel souvenirs in a hot party, but the glass dome that surrounds him gets in his way, despite all his efforts. One of the studio's better shorts. (Originally screened w/ "Finding Nemo" 2003 - Includes a teaser for The Incredibles) 5 Minutes total. Flat $25


LIFTED- Pixar animated short of an attempted alien abduction that doesn't quite go to plan. The story is told without dialogue, relying mostly on effectively-chosen sound effects by 7-time Oscar winner (for sound) Gary Rydstrom, who makes his directing debut here. (Originally screened w/ "Ice Age 4 - Continental Drift" 2012) Scope 5 minutes NM $25
LOBSTEROIDS- Large 3" button with film logo to the Maine cult film "Lobsteroids". Hot pink in color M $6 Scarce!
THE LONGEST DAYCARE- Animated short features Maggie Simpson who spends the day at the Ayn Rand School for Tots. There's no dialogue as Maggie saves a butterfly from the cruel Baby Gerald. (Originally screened w/ "Daddy Day Care" 2003) Scope 4 minutes NM $25


MARS ATTACKS!- Martian Ambassador w/ Firing Chaos Ray Blaster! Talking Action Figure Toy w/ Martian chatter & English translations. Molecular Stun Gun w/ Night-Glow Ammunition. Based on a character from the Tim Burton Movie- (1996) Trendmasters SS $40 See Picture
MARS ATTACKS!- Supreme Commander w/ Firing Disintegration Ray Staff. Leader of the Martian Strike Force. Talking Action Figure Toy w/ Martian chatter & English translations. Power Shield fires Night-Glow Missiles. Based on a character from the Topps Company- (1996) Trendmasters SS $49 See Picture
MARS ATTACKS!- Cool Martian Flying Saucer w/ 5 distinct Martian Battle Sounds; Intergalactic Star-Ray Missile Launcher w/ Night-Glow Ammunition; Classic silver flying saucer color w/ bubble-hooded cockpit in the center that opens to reveal blazing lights & removable Martian Pilot; Three collapsible landing gear struts. Awesome!- (1996) Trendmasters EX $45
MARS ATTACKS!- Martian Brain Disintegrator- This Alien Mega-Weapon utilizes a blazing Anti-Sapian Laser Beam powered by a Throbbing Martian Brain that channels evil Martian thoughts. Horrid sound effects include Martian Brain Ray; Mega Laser Pulse & Throbbing Brain Juice! (1996) Trendmasters EX- $45
MARY JANE- Great classic vintage movie design poster art on repro 14" x 22" cardboard nostalgic poster. M $8 See Picture
THE MOLE PEOPLE- Rare 1964 Film Photo-zine- Warren Pub $40 More Info
MR. BEAN GOES TO A PREMIER- AKA"Mr Bean Goes To A Royal Premiere". A 10 minute 35mm comedy short starring Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean, who literally butts heads with The Queen while waiting at the cinema. Rated PG. 20th Century Fox (Flat) M $14

N - O

THE NATIONAL ANTHEM- Original old-stock 35mm color acetate film showing various Washington DC Monuments at Cherry Blossom time, circa early 1960s, while the military band is heard playing "The Star Spangled Banner" A classic! Aspect is Flat. Excellent condition. $25

P - Q

POLYESTER ODORAMA SCRATCH & SNIFF CARD- Original 11" x 5" Card given to 1981 theater patrons of the John Waters film "Polyester" starring Divine; Tab Hunter; Edith Massey; David Samson; Mary Garlington; Ken King; Mink Stole; & Stiv Bators, all pictured on front. The 10 scratch-n-sniff dots on the back coincide w/ cues in the film. The white space on the back was rubber stamped by 'The Magic Lantern' movie theater (not seen in the picture) & dots scratched lightly once or not at all. Odors are still active due to proper storage! Overall condition of this original limited issue rarity is near Mint! $18 See Picture
THE PRICE OF LIBERTY- The first nightly news broadcasts on TV started in the 1940s, as the commercial television medium was being developed. By the early 1950s, there were only 10 million TV sets in American homes, most in or near New York City. The only motion pictures available for broadcast were from government sources, while WWII war coverage remained dominated by newspapers and radio. This 11 minute 1-Reel film titled "The Price Of Liberty" was produced & released June 19, 1954 by The US Dept. Of Defense in cooperation with The Council Of Motion Picture Organizations. It talks about the contributions & value of women to America's military. The narrator is Walter Cronkite, and opens with him seated at his desk. Other credits are: Andrew L Gold, Producer; Shermen Beck, writer; Herman Fuchs, Music editor; Kenneth Upton, Recording engineer; and Ed Powick, Film editor. The advisor was Capt. Evelyn J. Blewett, USAF. This is a Warner / Pathé 35mm film release, probably shown in theaters, but maybe broadcast on TV as well. This rare b&w acetate film is print #16. It came from an old movie theater & is fully intact with no vinegar smell or major damage of note. On a 10" reel in original labeled can. M- $85


THE RELUCTANT ASTRONAUT- Coloring Book adapted from the motion picture produced by Universal City Studios, starring Don Knotts. 2½ pictures colored, rest ok. Original 10¢ cover price (not 29¢ reprint) Saafield Publishing Co. 1967 / Artcraft (2043) VG $3
THE RESIDENTS- 11" X 17" 2-color poster promoting The Residents: "Hello Skinny", a 3-minute Resident Moviette w/ Brigit Terris. The in-store poster is printed on both sides & folded in thirds for mailing. The back-side promotes "Hello Skinny" (35mm or 16mm) plus "Third Reich & Roll" (16mm) for rental to be exhibited in your area. W/ original mailing label & postmark: Aug 6, 1980. From Canyon Cinema Cooperative. Pinhole on top. VG $55 Rare!
THE ROAD RUNNER & WILE E. COYOTE- "Coyote Falls"- (July/August 2010 animated theatrical short film: Looney Tunes Cartoon in the Chuck Jones / Carl Stalling tradition) Aspect Ratio: Flat. Letterboxed. 3 minutes) M $28
THE ROAD WARRIOR- Counter top stand-up pictures Mel Gibson in character. Measures 12.5" high x 12" wide. Issued by Warner Home Video. Unused Mint $6
DIANA ROSS- Diana Ross Is Billie Holiday / Lady Sings The Blues- (w/ Handcuffed Glove on Microphone logo) 3" silver & blue button w/ clasp back. M $6


SCRAT'S CONTINENTAL CRACK-UP- Scrat's Continental Crackup is an animated short film directed by Steve Martino & Mike Thurmeier for Blue Sky Studios. This is the precursor to the July 2012 feature, "Ice Age 4". The short features the character Scrat from the Ice Age series, who while trying to hide his beloved acorn ends up causing the Continental drift (an idea previously seen in Gone Nutty). 35mm Color Film. Running time = 2 minutes 32 seconds. Played a couple of times on well-maintained equipment. No scratches or splices. Aspect Ratio: Flat NM $18 or Scope NM $12
MAGGIE SIMPSON- The Longest Daycare- (Maggie goes up against Baby Gerald in this sequel to The Simpsons TV episode "A Streetcar Named Marge". In this story, Marge Simpson drops Maggie off at the Ayn Rand School for Tots, where her nemesis Baby Gerald squashes butterflies with a mallet. Maggie finds a caterpillar & when the newly formed butterfly emerges, she tries to protect it from Gerald. Theatrical release from July 2012, as seen preceding the feature "Ice age 4". 35mm Color Film. Aspect Ratio: Scope. Running time = 4 minutes 30 seconds. Played a couple of times on well-maintained equipment. No scratches or splices. NM $22
FRANK SINATRA in "Battlefield"- This PSA (Public Service Announcement) was released December 6th, 1948 on behalf of The Christmas Seal Foundation. Frank visits a boy at his hospital bed playing with toy soldiers, & makes a plea to buy & use Christmas Seals to help fight TB. There is some nice film-noir lighting. This is original 35mm b&w acetate film. The heads & tails have been removed, but overall condition is Excellent with no splices or vinegar smell. Aspect is Flat. Running time approx 2 minutes. Rare Sinatra collectible! $60
SPOOF / PARODY TRAILERS- This is the entire set of joke trailers that came with the theatrical release of "Tropic Thunder" for fake movies titled: "Scorcher VI: Global Meltdown";"The Fatties: Fart 2" (a parody on Eddie Murphy Klumps/Norbit/Nutty Professor w/ Jack Black playing all the parts); & "Satan's Alley" (a kind of medieval remake of "Brokeback Mountain", in which closeted monks played by Robert Downey Jr. & Tobey Maguire furtively fondle each other's rosaries. Begins w/ rapper Alpa Cino (Brandon T. Jackson), spoof snack-bar ad for the faux energy drink, 'Booty Sweat' & a candy bar called 'Bust-A-Nut') 35mm Film in Scope $28
SPOOF MOVIE THEATER SNACK-BAR AD- Brandon T. Jackson plays rapper Alpa Cino in this spoof snack-bar ad for an energy drink called 'Booty Sweat' & a candy bar called 'Bust-A-Nut'. Originally came with the feature film "Tropic Thunder"- 35mm Film in Scope $12
SPY KIDS 3 IN 3-D- MOVIE GLASSES- Brand New, Unused Theatrical 3-D Glasses for the 2003 Miramax Film release. These premium glasses have left eye red, right eye blue, & have an elastic head band for a snug fit. Manufactured by Playwerks, one size fits all. Comes in original clear resealable bag. Can be used to view any red/blue 3-D processed image source, either on a television set, computer monitor, comic book, or whatever. SK3D- .50 cents each or 5 for $2.00
STAR WARS S.E.- DTS-6 Discs A & B. This is a CD-ROM of the complete 6-channel audio soundtrack to Stars Wars Special Edition. Disc (1350). Manufactured in 1997 only for movie theaters using the new 6-channel DTS (Digital Theater System) sound system, which was just being introduced in select theaters that year. Some of the audio mixes, dialogue, and effects heard in this Special Edition are different from the original 1977 Star Wars film, and are exclusive to this special edition. Discs also include Teaser Trailers for: 'Empire'/'Jedi' Trailer "C"; 'Anastasia' Trailer "A"; 'Volcano' Trailer "A"; 'Inventing The Abbotts' Trailer "A", plus versions of 'Grand'; 'Broadway'; 'Tex'; 'Simpsons'. THX Certified, and very rare since only a few theaters had DTS-6 at the time! Nice 2-disc DTS ROM set, each in it's own original permanent case. NM $75 set. Rare!


THE THREE STOOGES IN ORBIT- 1962 (Photo comic-book format adaptation of the zany comedy-adventure Columbia film starring Moe, Larry & Curly-Joe. Emil Sitka also appears. Directed by Edward Bernds. Select pics from film w/ captions tell the story) Gold Key / Normandy Productions VF $20
TOTAL RECALL- 12½" x 8¾" x 8¾" Triangular shaped transparent 4-color promo for Total Recall - Summer 1990 - Schwarzenegger. (6" H x 12½" W) Has dot screen pattern. Lettering seems to disappear at certain angles. EX+ $2
TOY STORY CHARACTER TOY- Kicking Woody- (Rare original 1995 6" Action Figure Toy w/ special Limited Production Separate Hair Piece. Includes: Kicking Woody w/ Leg Kicking Action, Hat, & Curled Up Cobra Snake) Disney / Thinkway Toys (#62863) SS $48 See Picture
TOY STORY CHARACTER TOY- Quick-Draw Woody- (Rare original 1995 6" Action Figure Toy w/ Limited Production Separate Hair Piece. Includes: Quick-Draw Woody w/ Quick-Draw Action, Hat, & Lasso) Disney / Thinkway Toys (#62801) SS $55 See Picture
TOY STORY 3 PROJECTIONIST CARDS- 10 Trading Cards come in frensel case for 3-D effect. "Perfect Projection" Promo for projectionists only. Pixar (8009918) SS $38 Rare!

U - V - W

UP- 4-page Notice To Projectionist color booklet that came in the can with prints of the Walt Disney / Pixar feature film, "Up". Besides graphics of the main characters, detailed information is provided regarding proper presentation of the film, including 35mm Projection Specifications & 2-D Digital Projection Specifications. The back-page repeats the 35mm specs in French. A unique & rare item. M- $3
VERTIGO- This is a 10" Advertisement Disc for the Alfred Hitchcock film "Vertigo", distributed to Radio Stations Only. The A-Side has a 1 minute cut; a 30 second cut; & a 20 second cut. The B-Side has three assorted 10 second cuts. Each of the cuts play out to a locked groove. The red & white label says Paramount Radio Recording, Produced by Paramount Pictures Corporation, Hollywood, Calif. USA. (SP-851) Mono VG $22

X - Y - Z

YOU- Original pressbook for the 1968 Paul Hunt / Bob Cresse adult film "You", starring Natasha Shore; Linda Reese; Carolyn Ornsby; Leisha Kai; Robyn Hilton (unaccredited); Shelley Williams; & others. Shot in "Feel-A-Vision". Tagline: YOU will perform every act in this picture! YOU will feel every sensuous sensation! YOU will live through every shattering climax! Includes advertising mats & synopsis in one 17" X 22" folded sheet on heavy stock. M- (C9) $25
THE X-FILES- Various Images for Newspaper Ad Campaign- (These slicks are Ad Mats for the release of The X-Files Movie, designed to be run for 3-days on June 18, 19, 20, 1998. These 3-pages of co-op ads have 7 different layouts for the 18th, and 9 layouts for the other two days) Unused M $20
YELLOW SUBMARINE- Great classic vintage movie design poster art for this classic animated Beatles movie, on repro 14" x 22" cardboard nostalgic poster. M $8 See Picture