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ADAM & EVE- Marcus Van Heller- 1967- Collectors Publication (F) $2
ALL ABOUT ANNETTE- Alan Marshall (pseudonym of Andrew J. Offutt) - 1960 Midwood 51 (F)
THE AMBOY DUKES- Irving Shulman- 1949- (Filmed as "City Across The River") Avon 169 (VG)
AMOROUS AVENGER- Roy Kelsey - Painted cover art by Robert Bonfils - 1961 - Newsstand Library 153 (VF)
ANOTHER WOMAN'S BED- Linda Whitmore- 1965- Domino 74-845 (F)
ANYTHING FOR KICKS- Morton Cooper- 1959- Avon T-311 (F)
ASPECTS OF LOVE- David Garnett- 1957- Dell D-193 (F)
ASSIGNMENT MADELEINE- Edward S. Aarons- 1958- Gold Medal 799 (F)
AWAKENING OF JENNY- Lillian Colter- 1950- Gold Medal 109 (VG)


BACK-SEAT BUNNY- Greg Hamilton- 1966- Midwood 32-585 (G)
BASEMENT GANG- David Williams- 1959- Beacon B-260 (VG)
BEACH BINGE- Dean McCoy- 1965- Softcover Library B-887X (VF)
THE BED SHE MADE- Leslie Waller- 1952- Popular Library 393 (F)
THE BED SHEET JUNGLE- Tom Phillips- Monarch 228 (P)
THE BEDROOM BROKER- Gus Stevens- 1965- Brandon House 928 (F)
BETWEEN JOY'S LEGS- Baron Wells- 1971- Midwood Cameo Edition 508-M (F) $8
BIG STAN- John Monahan- 1953- Gold Medal 355 (F)
BITTER FRUIT- Peter Parker- 1959- Popular Library G-331 (F)
THE BITTER LOVE- Don King- 1959- Newsstand Library U-124 (VG)
BIZARRE HAREM- Thomas Vail- Merit 6M488 (F)
THE BLONDE- Peggy Swenson- 1960- Midwood 56 (VG)
BLONDE DANGER- Bill Lauren- Painted cover art by Robert Bonfils - 1960 - Newsstand Library 522 (F) $45
BONNIE- Oscar Bessie- 1965- Domino 72-960 (VF)
THE BORED YOUNG WIVES- Jason Morgan- 1964- Beacon B-734 (F)
BOUGHT MALE- Dale Jordan- 1964- Tempo Publishing 120 (VF-) $8
BY FLESH ALONE- March Hastings- (pseudonym of Sally Singer) 1962- Midwood F-208 (F) Rare!


CALAMITY FAIR- Wade Miller- 1950- Signet 1270 (VG)
CARNIVAL GIRL- Max Gareth- 1960- Chariot 113 (VF)
CHAMPAGNE AT DAWN- Robert Carroll 1961- Dell B-188 (F)
CHRIS- Randy Salem- (pseudonym of Pat Perdue) 1959- Beacon B-223 (G)
THE CLUTCHES OF SIN- Don Holliday (pseudonym of Hal Dresner)- 1965- Leisure 690 (F)
COCOTTE- Theodore Pratt- 1951- Gold Medal 153 (G)
A COLD WIND IN AUGUST- Burton Wohl- 1961- Dell C-120 (F)
CONFESSIONS OF A PSYCHIATRIST- Henry Lewis Nixon- 1954- Beacon B-120 (F) $78
CONVENTION GIRL- Donald M. Wright- 1959- Chariot 101 (NM)
COUNT ME IN- Fan Nichols- 1953- Sharon 2138 (VG)
THE CRAVING- Dallas Mayo- (pseudonym of Gilbert Fox) 1962- Midwood- F-190 (F)
CROCKETT'S WOMEN- Eric Hatch- 1951- Gold Medal 176 (G)
THE CROSS & THE SWITCHBLADE- David Wilkerson- 1966- Pyramid R-980 (VF)
CRY HARD, CRY FAST- John D. MacDonald- 1955- Popular Library 675 (G)
CRY TOUGH- Irving Shulman- 1950- (Movie tie-in) Avon 244 (G)


DAISY- Sim Wenner- 1962- Dell K-107 (F)
DARK SURRENDER- Peter Packer- (pseudonym of Marijane Meaker) 1952- Popular Library 468 (F)
DAUGHTER OF JOY- James Harvey- 1960- Newsstand Library 515 (M)
DAUGHTERS OF SIN- THE SEXUAL TRAGEDY OF ARAB WOMEN- Youssef El Masry- 1963- MacFadden 50-188 (F)
DAY IN, DAY OUT- Joan Ellis (pseudonym of Julie Ellis)- 1963- Midwood F-332 (F)
DEADLY DESIRE- Edward Booth- 1961- Newsstand Library U-146 (VG)
THE DELICATE VICE- Sloan Britton- (pseudonym of Elaine Williams) 1960- Midwood F-310 (F)
DEVIATES, INC.- Ted Thorn- 1964- Boudoir Classics 0016 (VF)
THE DOCTOR'S WIFE- Michael Avallone- 1963- Beacon B-626 (F)
DUKE- Hal Ellson- Popular Library 219 (G)

E - F

EASY COME, EASY LOVE- Philip Tremont- 1962- Monarch 242 (G)
EDGE OF TWILIGHT- Paula Christian- 1961- Crest 495 (VF)
THE EMPTY BED- Louis Lorraine- 1966- Beacon B-915 (F)
END OF THE LINE- Stanley Baron- 1951- Ace S-91 (VG)
ESCAPE INTO VICE- Fletcher Bennett - Painted cover art by Robert Bonfils - 1962 - Playtime 611 (NM) $45
EX-MISTRESS- Thomas Stone- 1960- Beacon B-285 (VG)
EXECUTIVE BOUDOIR- Ken Barry- 1962- Beacon B-488 (F)
EXOTIC SINNER- Shep Sheppard (pseudonym of Harry Whittington)- 1959- Bed Time Books 953 (VF)
FAITHFUL TO NONE- Pat Ammons- 1962- Beacon B-483 (F)
A FINE & PRIVATE PLACE- Ann Hebson- 1959- Zenith ZB-23 (VF)
THE FIRES WITHIN- Loren Beauchamp (pseudonym of Robert Silverberg)- 1961- Midwood 86 (VF)
5 NIGHTS IN A HAREM- Francois Riand- 1968- Pendulum Books 092 (F) $3
FLESH PACT- John Dexter- (pseudonym of Marion Zimmer Bradley or perhaps Lawrence Block) 1966- Ember Library 334 (F)
FLESH PULSE- Henry Stahl- 1964- Stardust Reader SR-111 (F)
FRENCH GIRLS ARE VICIOUS- James T. Farrell- 1956- Signet 1349 (F)
THE FRIENDSHIP CLUB- Dean McCoy- 1963- Beacon B-598 (F)


GANG GIRL- Wenzell Brown - Painted cover art by C.A.F. - Original 1954 printing - Avon T-560 (VG) $88
GAY INTERLUDE- Carol Carlton- 1961- Midwood F-95 (F)
GEORGIA HOTEL- Scott Lawrence- 1954- Pyramid 68 (F)
GILDA- Rea Michaels- 1964- Domino 72-705 (F)
GIVE & TAKE- Cynthia Sydney- 1966- Midwood 32-604 (F)
THE GLASS MISTRESS- Dean Hudson- 1962- Midnight Reader 464 (VG)
GO DOWN, GO UNDER- Richard Cox- Publisher's Export Co. Narcissus Series #170 (F-) $3
GOOD IS FOR ANGELS- Christopher Clark- 1951- Signet (G)


HEADLINE HARLOT- Jud Parrish- 1963- Boudoir 1029 (F)
HELL CHICKS- N.V. Jason- (Nick Jason is a pseudonym for film maker Edward D. Wood Jr., who also self-published this book on his own 'Private Edition' imprint. Story of nymphomaniac girl bikers who terrorize the countryside. Cult classic, rare & hard to find) 1968- Private Edition 456 (F) $480
HELL TO PAY- William R. Cox- 1958- Signet 1555 (F)
HER STUDENT LOVER- Neal James- 1967- Softcover Library B-1010X (F)
HIGH SCHOOL SCANDAL- Charles X. Wollfe- 1963- Beacon B-651 (VG)
HOT BAIT- Robert Dudgeon- 1961- Rendezvous Reader 104 (F)
HOTEL HOSTESS- Faith Baldwin- 1948- Bantam 411 (VG)
HOUSE OF DECEIT- Rae Loomis- 1955- Ace S-124 (VG)
HOW CHEAP CAN YOU GET- Martin Abzug- 1947- Berkley G58 (G)
HOW I BECAME A GIRL REPORTER- Hyman Goldberg- 1951- Popular Library 357 (F) <hr> THE HUNTRESS- Ed Silver- 1970- Century Books 33-118 (F) $2

I - J

I AM A LESBIAN- Lee Chapman- (pseudonym Marion Zimmer Bradley) 1962- Monarch MB-529 (NM)
I TAKE ALL- Robert Carson- 1954- Popular Library 562 (F)
ILLICIT INTERLUDE- Kimberly Kemp- (pseudonym of Gilbert Fox) 1963- Midwood F-243 (VF)
IMMORAL WIFE- Gordon Mitchell- 1959- Midwood 11 (VG)
IMPATIENT- David Lawrence- 1964- Midwood F-374 (VF)
INCREDIBLE HUNGER!- Jerry M. Goff, Jr.- Merit 7M804 (F)
IT'S A FREE COUNTRY- Ben Ames Williams- 1951- Popular Library 308 (F)
JAILBAIT- William Bernard- 1952- Popular Library 1392 (VG)
JULE- George Wylie Henderson- 1946- Berkley G-218 (VG)
JUNGLE OF LUST- Monte Steele- 1962- Bedside 1229 (VF)
JUST THE TWO OF US- Barbara Brooks- 1963- Midwood F-323 (VF)


THE KLAXON GIRLS- Tom Rowland- 1961- Monarch 186 (F)


LES GIRLS- Constance Tomkinson- 1956- Avon T-203 (VF)
LESBIAN TWINS- Willi Peters- 1960- Vega V-2 (F)
LET'S MAKE MARY- Jack Hanley- 1964- MacFadden 50-195 (F)
LITTLE TRAMP- Gil Brewer- 1957- Crest 173 (G)
THE LIVING END- Frank Kane- 1957- Painted cover art by Victor Kalin - Dell A-142 (G-) $15
LIZ- Frank Kane- 1955- Beacon B-111(F)
LOOSE WOMEN- Bill Anthony- 1962- Novel 5088 (F)
LOST PASSIONS- Gene Harvey- 1960- Kozy 113 (VF)
THE LOWEST SINS- Joe Castro- 1961- Midwood F-125 (NM)
LUCY- Kat Addams- (pseudonym of Orrie Hitt) 1960- Beacon B-308 (F)
THE LUST SEEKERS- Peggy Gaddis- 1968- Belmont 50-844 (F)


MADISON AVENUE NYMPHO- Irving George- 1962- Intimate 703 (F)
MAKEOUT CHARLIE- Mike Orleans- 1960- Novel 5003 (F)
MAN CRAZY- Max Collier- 1956- Midwood 32-568 (F)
MAN HANDLED- E.L. Scobie- 1963- Midwood F-306 (VG)
MANHANDLED- Whitman Chambers- 1964- Monarch 434 (VG)
MAN HUNT- Mark Clements- (pseudonym of Mort Cooper) 1966- Midwood 32-613 (F)
MARIJUANA GIRL- N.R. DeMexico- 1960- Beacon B-328 (VF)
A MATTER OF ADULTERY- Don Lee- 1961- Newsstand Library U-156 (VF)
MAYFAIR MISTRESS- a memoir by Shelia Foster- 1971- Olympia Press OPS-20 (VF) $4
MEG- Loren Beauchamp (pseudonym of Robert Silverberg)- 1961- Midwood 30 (F)
MIGRANT GIRL- Lisa Fanchon- 1964- Beacon B-728 (F)
THE MISFORTUNES OF MARY- Arnold Kem- 1967- Collectors Publications (VF) $4
MISS ROUND HEELS- Gerald Kramer- 1968- Midwood 34-975 (F)
THE MODERN EVELINE- Anonymous- 1970- (all 3 Volumes in one book) Grove Press Z-1058 (VF) $4
MOST LIKELY TO LOVE- Fletcher Flora- 1960- Monarch 150 (VG)
MURDER MAKES ME MAD- Ferguson Findley- 1956- Popular Library 780 (VG)

N - O

A NEST OF FEAR- Hal Ellson- 1961- Ace D-522 (VF)
NEVER LOVE A CALL GIRL- Mike Avallone- 1962- Midwood F-205 (NM)
NEW WIDOW- Rick Holmes- 1963- Beacon B-620 (F)
NINE TO FIVE- W.H. Prosser- 1960- Berkley G-483 (VF)
NINE TO FIVE- Joseph Commings- 1963- Midwood F-289 (F)
NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY- Charles Willeford- 1962- Newsstand Library U-182 (F)
NOT FOR LOVE- Virginia McManus- 1961- Dell F-159 (VF) $2
NUMBERS GIRL- Linda Michaels- 1961- Midwood 4123 (F)
NYMPH BAIT!- Jack Lewis- 1960?- Merit 655 (G)
THE NYMPHO MANIAC!- Juliette Rowell- 1964- An Original Boudoir Classic by K. S. Publishing 0013 (VF) $15
OBJECT OF LUST- Mark West- 1962 Beacon B-468 (VF)
THE ODD KIND- Arthur Adlon- 1962- Beacon B-492 (F)
ON CALL STUD- Owen Lester (pseudonym of Edward D. Wood, Jr?) - 1967- Pad Library (F) Rare!
ON THE MAKE- Della Wand- 1960- Newsstand Library U-149 (F)
ONE STEP MORE- Jess Draper- 1963- Midwood F-261 (VG)
ORGY FOR RENT- Richard Dane- 1966- Private Edition 370 (F)

P - Q

THE PACKAGE DEAL- Willis T. Ballard- 1957- Bantam A-1600 (F-)
PADS ARE FOR PASSION- "An uncensored novel of love among the beats where every man does as he pleases & every chick aims to please." Sheldon Lord (pseudonym of Lawrence Block)- 1961- Beacon B-387 (VG)
THE PASSER- Sam Merwin, Jr.- 1962- Midwood F-170 (F)
PASSION ALLEY- Andrew Shaw (pseudonym of Lawrence Block)- 1962- Nightstand 1611 (VG)
PASSION TRIP- Gene D. Robinson- 1962- Tuxedo 113 (VF)
THE PASSION OF PAIN- Roger Blake- 1965- Classics Library 9 (VF)
PATTERN FOR DESTRUCTION- Paul Daniels- 1963- Monarch 394 (F)
PAYMENT IN SIN- Kay Martin- 1961- Hillman 190 (F)
PENTHOUSE PLAYERS- Andrew Shaw (pseudonym of Lawrence Block)- 1965- Leisure 688 (VG)
PERFUME AFFAIR- I. Wellman Hill- 1963- New Chariot 6C-632 (VG)
PEVERSE LOVE / LIVING TABLEAUX, OR MY CONFESSIONS AT THE FOOT OF THE DUCHESS- 2 French Novels Translated into English- 1968- Pendulum Books 073 (F) $2
PETTING PLACE- Rex Robbins- 1962- Tuxedo 110 (F)
PICTURES OF MARCIA- Robert Bruce- 1966- Midwood 33-744 (VF)
THE PLATINUM TRAP- Mike Avallone - Painted cover art by Paul Rader -1962 - Midwood F-202 (NM) $88
THE PLEASURE & THE PAIN- Ort Louis- 1963- Midwood F-241 (F)
QUEER PATTERNS- Kay Addams (pseudonym of Orrie Hitt)- (Trashy shocker about young Nora Card, who briefly forsakes her boy friend, Roger, for a corrupt lesbian employer. Not to be confused with the Lilyan Brock book of the same name. Painted cover art by Rudolph 'Rudy' Nappi) 1959- Beacon B-259 (M)


A RAGE WITHIN- March Hastings- (pseudonym of Sally Singer) 1963- Midwood F-250 (F)
RECKLESS WIFE- Connie Nelson- 1966- Midwood 33-684 (F)
RED-HEADED SINNERS- Jonathan Craig- 1953- Lancer 72-642 (F)
REHEARSAL FOR LOVE- Faith Baldwin- 1948- Pocket Books 513 (F)
A ROOM IN PARIS- Peggy Mann- 1956- Popular Library G-167 (F)
RUSTY DESMOND- Steve January- 1954- Avon T-359 (VG)


THE SCANDAL SET- Jason Morgan- 1964- Beacon B-702 (F)
THE SENSUALISTS- Ben Hecht- 1964- Dell 7736 (VF)
SERENADE TO SEDUCTION- Thom Martin - Painted cover art by Robert Bonfils - Newsstand Library 508 (VF) 1960
SEX BETRAYAL- Tom Haunt- 1966- Imperial 774 (VG)
THE SEX GAME- Mike Skinner- 1962- Midwood F-192 (G)
SEX NEST- Meredith Stern- 1965- Beacon B-806X (VF)
SEX WITH A TWIST- Joan Ellis (pseudonym of Julie Ellis)- 1962- Midwood 4173 (F)
SEXPOT!- Andrew Shaw (pseudonym of Lawrence Block)- 1960- Nightstand 1531 (F)
THE SHADOWY SEX- Hilary Hilton- 1963- Beacon B-578 (NM)
SHANTY BOAT GIRL- Kermit Welles- 1951- Cameo (G)
SHRIEK WITH PLEASURE- Toni Howard- 1950- Signet 820 (VG)
SIDE STREET- Wright Williams- 1961- Beacon B-391 (F) $45
SIN HOTEL- Don Holliday (pseudonym of Hal Dresner)- 1960- Nightstand 1518 (F)
SIN SHOW- Don Holliday (pseudonym of Hal Dresner)- 1961 Midnight Reader 403 (F)
THE SINNING NUN- David Mark- 1976- Stag Books 197 (VF) $12
SINTIME BEATNIKS- D. S. Froeman - 1967 - Compass Line (CL-155) VF
THE SISTERS- Norman Bligh- 1960- Beacon B-363 (VG)
SONG OF SEXPENCE- J.X. Williams (pseudonym of Andrew J. Offutt) - 1966- Ember Library 334 (F)
SPLIT-LEVEL LOVE- Carlton Gribbs- 1964- Beacon B-724 (F)
SQUEEZE PLAY- Walter Feldspar- 1961- Kozy 132 (F)
STAG STRIPPER- Mike Avallone- 1961- Midwood F-132 (NM)
STOLEN WOMEN- Wade Miller- 1955- Gold Medal 513 (VG)
STRANGE EMBRACE- Ben Christopher (pseudonym of Lawrence Block)- 1962- Beacon B-487 (NM) $120
STRANGE SISTERS- Fletcher Flora- 1954- Pyramid G-474 (F)
STRANGER IN HER BED- Jay Albert- 1963- Beacon B-593 (F)
STRIPPER!- John Dexter (pseudonym of Marion Zimmer Bradley or perhaps Lawrence Block)- 1960- Nightstand 1530 (F)
STUD FARM- Ray Wilde- 1966- Publisher's Export Co. G-1102 (F)
SWAPASS- George Spelvin- 1969- Publisher's Export Co PEC Giant G-1184 (F) $5
SWING SHIFT- Grant Corgan- 1964- Midwood F-384 (NM)
SWIVEL HIPS- Donna Richards- 1963- France 1052 (VG)


TEACH ME TO LOVE- Gerald R. Kelly- 1963- Beacon B-689 (VG)
THAT WILD SUMMER- Matt Harding- 1963- Beacon B-642 (VF)
THE THIRD SEX- Artemis Smith- (pseudonym of Annselm Morpurgo) Not the Savant Garde Workshop, reprinting... This is the original 1959 1st printing- Beacon B-268- (VF) $125
THE THIRD STREET- Joan Ellis (pseudonym of Julie Ellis. Painted cover art by Isaac Paul Rader of two gals from behind walking down the street holding hands. Gal on left in yellow skirt. Gal on right in slacks)- 1964- Midwood F-386 (VF) $115
THE 3rd THEME- March Hastings (pseudonym of Sally Singer) - Painted cover art by Robert Bonfils - 1961 - Newsstand Library U157 (VF)
THE THIRD WAY- Sheldon Lord (pseudonym of Lawrence Block. Painted cover art by Tom Miller)- 1962- Beacon B-491 (NM)
THIS SPRING OF LOVE- Charles Mergendahl- 1954- Popular Library EB-18 (F)
THE THRILL MAKERS- Brad Hart- 1962- Beacon B-500 (NM)
THUS A BOY BECOMES A MAN- Edward S. Fox- 1963- Belmont 90-290 (F)
A TIME FOR PLEASURE- Phyllis Hastings- 1955 Popular Library 672 (G)
TIME TO EMBRACE- Joseph Foster- 1955- Popular Library EB-52 (F)
TOO HARD TO HANDLE- Derrick Nabarro- 1955- Popular Library EB-34 (F)
TOPLESS TEMPTRESSES- Channy Wadd- 1967- Bee-Line 238 (VG)
TOUCH ME GENTLY- Horace Milton- 1969- E.L. Pub. Co. MDC-7 (VG)
TWELVE ANGELS FROM HELL- Dave Wilkerson- 1966- Pyramid X-1463 (F)
21 SUNSET DRIVE- Henry Ellsworth- 1963- Monarch 397 (F)
A TWILIGHT AFFAIR- James Harvey- 1960- Midwood 59 (F)
TWISTED- George Jones- 1957- Beacon B-373 (F)

U - V - W

UNDERSTUDY FOR LOVE- Charles Willeford- 1961- Newsstand Library U-170 (F)
UNTAMED LUST- Barton Kirk- 1964- Playtime 689 (F)
VACATION GIRLS- Jay Carr- 1963- Beacon B-675 (G)
THE VIOLATED- Ashe Mannix- 1972- Venus Library V-1095 (VF) $9
THE VIOLATORS- Israel Beckhardt- 1956- Popular Library 734 (G)
THE VIRTUOUS HARLOTS- Jan Hudson- (pseudonym of George Henry Smith) 1963- Playtime 664 (VG)
WALK IN FEAR- W.T. Ballard- 1952- Gold Medal 259 (G)
WANTON BRIDE- George Cassidy- 1962- Bedside 1226 (VF)
WARM SUMMER'S SHAME- Ken Blackwell- 1966- Midwood 33-745 (VF)
THE WAYS OF DESIRE- David Garnett- 1960- Popular Library G-435 (F)
THE WAYWARD ONES- Sara Harris- 1954- Signet 1146 (VF) $78
WEEKEND WIFE- Ben Elliot- 1961- Beacon B-423 (VF)
WHAT'S HAPPENING- J. Nicholas Iannuzzi- 1963- Paperback Library 53-261 (F)
WHEN LIGHTS ARE LOW- Dallas Mayo- (pseudonym of Gilbert Fox) 1963- Midwood F-315 (F)
WHERE THERE'S SMOKE- Michael Burgess- 1964- Midwood F-357 (F)
THE WHIPPING BOY- S.E. Pfoutz- 1957- Popular Library 821 (F)
THE WHOLE TOWN KNEW- Francis Irby Gwaltney- 1955- Popular Library 699 (F)
THE WICKED, WICKED WOMEN- James Kendricks- (pseudonym for Gardner E. Fox) 1961- Monarch MA-304 (F) $58
THE WIFE SWAPPERS- Bonnie Golightly- 1962 - Painted cover art by Brule - Lancer 72-642 (F)
THE WIFE TRADERS- Charles Beck- 1961- Beacon B-450 (VG)
WILD BLONDE- Jack Kelly- 1959- Beacon B-258 (VF)
WOMAN OF EVIL- Wenzell Brown- 1963- Monarch 293 (VF)
THE WOMAN TRAP- J.X. Williams (pseudonym of Andrew J. Offutt) - 1966- Sundown Reader 594 (F)
WOMAN'S BARRACKS- Tereska Torres- 1950- Gold Medal 1450 (F) or 1951 Gold Medal 132 (VF)
A WOMAN'S TOUCH- Vin Fields (unconfirmed Ron Haydock pseudonym)- 1966- Midwood 33-728 (VF)
A WORLD WITHOUT MEN- Valerie Taylor- (pseudonym of Velma Nacella Young) 1963- Midwood F-346 (F)

X - Y - Z

YIELD TO THE NIGHT- Jack Karney- 1960- Monarch 157 (F)
THE YIELDING FLESH- Paul V. Russo- 1961- Midwood 94 (VG)