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78 RPM records became popular during the jazz era of the 1920s, & remained popular right though the mid 20th Century, thanks in part to radio airplay. As recording technology evolved, transcription discs became the most common way of preserving live radio broadcasts. To fit the longer programs, large 16" diameter discs were used, providing better fidelity than 10" 78s. Syndicated programming then became possible.

By the late 1940s 16" transcription discs became obsolete. The 7" 45-RPM record was introduced, along with the 12" 33 1/3rd RPM LP (Long Playing) microgrooved vinyl record. Most of the LPs listed on this page are on the Radiola or Memorabilia record labels who specialize in original live radio programs of the 1930's, 1940's & 1950s. You'll find Crime shows; Comedy shows; Westerns; Personalities; Variety & more! All the Radiola Records listed here are 1st pressings, from Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y., made prior to their move to Sandy Hook CT.


ABBOTT & COSTELLO- Abbott & Costello On Radio!- (hear some of their funniest routines, circa mid-1940s-47: "Who's On First?"; The Story Of Moby Dick"; "Abbott & Costello In Alaska"; plus a complete broadcast as heard November 9, 1944 w/ Connie Haines; Cliff Nazarro; Freddie Rich & His Orchestra) Radiola (#38 - Comedy Series #14) Mono NM $25
ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES- "The Manor House Case" bw/ "The Great Gandolfo"- (Broadcast October 15 & 22, 1945 w/ Basil Rathbone & Nigel Bruce) Reichenbach Society (hand-numbered limited edition: #352) Mono M- $18
AMOS & ANDY- The Best Of Amos & Andy Volume 1- (1943) Memorabilia (#707) Mono SS $22


BABY SNOOKS- Same- (Two Different Shows, both starring Fanny Brice) Memorabilia (#720) Mono SS $16
JACK BENNY- "THE HORN BLOWS AT MIDNIGHT"- (A Rare Radio Recording based on the 1945 Film. The complete program as heard on CBS Radio; The Ford Theater, March 4, 1949 w/ Claude Raines; Mercedes McCambridge; & Jack Benny. Introduced by Fletcher Markle) Radiola (#68 - Comedy Series #24) Mono SS $28
EDGAR BERGEN & CHARLIE McCARTHY- Same- (Comedy show by the famed ventriloquist, father of actress Candice Bergen) Memorabilia (#713) Mono SS $16
THE MILTON BERLE SHOW- Uncle Miltie On Radio- (6 of his Funniest Routines before becoming 'Mr. Television'. Shows include: "Philco Radio Hall Of Fame" October 8, 1944 & November 4, 1945; "Greatest Moments In Theater History" & "To Be Or Not To Be", from 1948 'Here's To Veterans' Show w/ Frank Gallop; "Try Borscht - You Can't Beet It", from 1947 'Guest Star' Show w/ Kenny Delmar; plus "A Salute To Radio" complete show as heard September 16, 1947 w/ Arnold Stang, Arthur Q. Bryan & Ray Bloch's Orchestra Sponsored by Philip Morris. Bonus: "Uncle Miltie, Composer" sings a medley of original pop tunes on 'The Buick-Berle Show' October 13, 1953 w/ Edward G. Robinson) Radiola (#64 - Comedy Series #23) Mono SS $25
BIG TOWN- Same- (Starring Edward G. Robinson as heard on CBS Radio, Autumn, 1942) bw/ THE BIG STORY- "The Case Of The Unfinished Love Song" (story of Howard Bofay of the Cleveland News w/ Craig McDonald & Robert Sloan. Ernest Chappell announcing. As heard on NBC December 1. 1947) Radiola (numbered copy #0949 of 1000 only pressed) (Catalog #23 - Crime Series #3) Mono SS $35 Rare!
BIOGRAPHY IN SOUND- The Adventures Of W.C. Fields - The Magnificent Rogue- (The life story of W.C. Fields as told on radio by his friends Maurice Chevalier; Ed Wynn; Errol Flynn; Mack Sennett; Baby Leroy; Edgar Bergen; & W.C. Fields himself. Narrated by Fred Allen. As heard on NBC Radio February 28, 1956. Includes bonus: "The Day I Drank A Glass Of Water") Radiola (#49 Personality Series #1) Mono SS $25
BLACK RHYTHM RADIO- Same- (Live 1944 Recordings from "Jubilee", the radio show for black G.I.'s, broadcast by the Armed Forces Radio Services. Hear AFRS #77 w/ Lena Horne; The Charioteers; Jerry Colonna; Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra; Ernie 'Bubbles' Whitman; Mel Blanc (as Private Sad Sack); Anna Mae Windburn & The Sweethearts Of Rhythm; recorded at The 'Hot Horn Hall') Sandy Hook (#91) Mono SS $33
BOLD VENTURE- "The Star Of Sheba" bw/ "The Blue Moon"- (2 Adventures Starring Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall) Command Performance Records (#4) Mono SS $40
BOX 13- Same- (2 Original Radio Broadcasts circa early 1950s of this obscure series Starring Alan Ladd. Produced by George Garabedian) Mark 56 (#672) Mono SS $25
BULLDOG DRUMMOND- "The Case Of The Atomic Murders" (w/ Ned Weaver & Mercedes McCambridge as heard on Mutual Radio January 17, 1947) bw/ BOSTON BLACKIE- "The Case Of The 3-Way Split" (starring Richard Kollmar as heard on Mutual Radio July 23, 1945) Radiola (#43 - Crime Series #5) Mono SS $28
THE GEORGE BURNS & GRACIE ALLEN SHOW- Same- (circa 1940s) Memorabilia (#722) Mono SS $18
THE GEORGE BURNS & GRACIE ALLEN SHOW- Same- (w/ Jimmy Cash, Bill Goodwin, Paul Whiteman Orchestra, bw/ "Say Goodnight Gracie"- A Rare Collection Of Short Vaudeville Routines Perfected At 'The Palace') Radiola (#28 - Comedy Series #10) Mono SS $25


THE EDDIE CANTOR SHOW- Same- (Featuring Jack Benny; Peter Lind Hayes & other famous personalities) Memorabilia (#702) Mono SS $16
THE EDDIE CANTOR SHOW- Same- (Featuring Dinah Shore & Cesar Romero) Memorabilia (#703) Mono SS $16
CHANDU THE MAGICIAN- Original Radio Broadcasts- (Produced by George Garabedian) Mark 56 (#655) Mono SS $33
CHARLIE CHAN- Original Radio Broadcasts- (Produced by George Garabedian) Mark 56 (#627) Mono SS $26
THE BING CROSBY SHOW- Same- (Featuring Louis Armstrong & Rose Marie) Memorabilia (#705) Mono SS $14
BING CROSBY & BOB HOPE- Same- (Side A: The complete broadcast, w/ Dorothy Lamour as heard on the 'Philco Radio Time' show, January 29, 1947, on ABC Radio. Side B: The complete broadcast, w/ Doris Day, as heard on 'The New Swan Show', November 7, 1948, on NBC Radio) Radiola (#44 - Comedy Series #16) Mono SS $25


DICK TRACY- Same- (Original 2-Part Radio Broadcast of "The Case Of The Firebug Murders", w/ cover art by Chester Gould. Sponsored by Coca Cola, as one of the 5 Mark-56 titles bearing their logo. A George Garabedian Producion) Mark 56 (682) Mono SS $30
DRAGNET- "The Greatest Dragnet Operation In History" bw/ "The Big Picture" (2 Complete Episodes as heard on NBC Radio September 10, 1949 & December 7, 1950. Starring Jack Webb, Barton Yarborough & Raymond Burr. Sponsored by Fatima & Chesterfield cigarettes) Radiola (#59 - Crime Series #9) Mono SS $25
DRAGNET- Two 1940s Episodes- Memorabilia (726) Mono SS $18
DUFFY'S TAVERN- "Duffy's Tavern"- (The 1st full-length visit to the tavern, as heard on the CBS Radio 'Forecast' Series, July 29, 1940, starring Ed 'Archie' Gardner as Duffy, w/ Gertrude Niesen, Larry Adler, John Kirby Orchestra. Mel Allen avnnouncing); bw/ MY FRIEND IRMA- "My Friend Irma"- (1st show of the series, as heard on CBS Radio April 11, 1947, starring Marie Wilson, Cathy Lewis, John Brown & Leif Erickson w/ The Sportsmen Quartet & Lud Gluskin Orchestra) Radiola (#24) Mono SS $30

E - F

ESCAPE- "Leinengen Vs. The Ants" broadcast August 4, 1949; bw/ SUSPENSE- "Sorry Wrong Number" broadcast May 25, 1943 starring Agnes Moorehead) Radiola (#03) Mono SS $30
ESCAPE- "Three Skeleton Key" as heard on CBS Radio November 15, 1949; bw/ QUIET PLEASE- "The Thing On The Fourble Floor" as heard on the Mutual Network September 18, 1948. (Bonus: "The Cask Of Amontillado" as heard on NBC Radio March 9, 1952 starring Peter Lorre) Radiola (#08) Mono SS $33
F.B.I.- "Peace & War"- Memorabilia (#706) Mono SS $14
FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY- "Fibber's Closet" (The Very 1st time the famous McGee closet was opened on the radio! w/ special guest Gracie Allen, as heard on NBC's Red Network March 12, 1940); bw/ "I Can Get It For You Wholesale" as heard on NBC's Red Network December 9, 1941, 2 days after Pearl Harbor, includes war bulletins. (Both episodes sponsored by Johnson Wax & stars Jim & Marian Jordan w/ Gale Gordon, Martha Tilton; The Kings Men, Billy Mills & His Orchestra, & others) Radiola (#55 - Comedy Series #20) Mono SS $28
W.C. FIELDS- His Temperance Lecture (rare AFRS version), & Promotions Unlimited 1930s- Memorabilia (#732) Mono SS $14
W.C. FIELDS- "POPPY"- The Original Radio Adaptation Of His Classic Film- (Co-starring Anne Hirley; John Payne; & Skeets Gallagher, produced for the Lux Radio Theater by Cecil B. DeMille, circa 1937-38) Columbia (KC-33253) Mono SS $25
THE FIRST ANNUAL RADIOLA COMPANY CHRISTMAS ALBUM- Peace On Men Good Will On Earth- (Side A: The Amos & Andy Christmas Show, December 24, 1950. Side B: Truth Or Consequences, December 20, 1947) Radiola (#4) Mono SS $28


GANGBUSTERS- "The Case Of The Ape Bandit" bw/ "The Case Of The Bow-Wow Bowers" / "The Death Mask Killer" (2 Complete Broadcast Episodes as heard on NBC November 1, 1940 (sponsored by Sloan's Linament), & March 16, 1946 (sponsored by Waterman's Pens & Inks) Includes "Gangbusters Nationwide Clues") Radiola (#58 - Crime Series #8) Mono SS $28
GANGBUSTERS- "The Golf Course Murder" (August 7, 1948) bw/ "The Case Of The Chicago Tunnel Gang" (October 2, 1948)- (2 Complete Broadcast Episodes) Golden Age (#5018) Mono M $14
GANGBUSTERS- Two 1950s Broadcasts- Memorabilia (#704) Mono SS $16
JACKIE GLEASON- Jackie Gleason On Radio- (Side A: The Jackie Gleason Show as heard on "Double Feature" September 24, 1944 w/ Andy Russell, Les Tremayne, Patsy Garrett, Toots Camarata Orchestra; Side B: "And Away We Go" February 1954; "Laura" circa 1949 introduced by John Daly; "The Exterminators" as heard on 'Hollywood Open House' June 1946 w/ Amy Sidell, Ann Rutherford, Jim Ameche, Ray Bloch Orchestra, others; "You're A Dan-Dan-Dandy Bunch" February 1954; plus more) Radiola (#57 - Comedy Series #21) Mono SS $26
THE GREEN HORNET- "The Corpse That Wasn't There" as heard on the Blue Network April 18, 1943, Starring Al Hodge; bw/ "Pretenders To The Throne" as heard on the Mutual Network December 3, 1952, Starring Jack McCarthy, sponsored by Orange Crush) Radiola (#67 - Adventure Series #10) Mono SS $33
GUNSMOKE- Same- (Starring William Conrad) Memorabilia (#710) Mono SS $15


HELLO CAROL- Music You Can't Forget- (7-LP Boxed Set of 13 different 15-minute radio shows for the US Social Security Administration, hosted by Carol Channing w/ music by Judy Garland; Frank Sinatra; Pearl Bailey; Nat King Cole; Aretha Franklin; Les Paul & Mary Ford; Four Lads; Johnny Ray; Tom Jones; Jerry Vale; Mike Douglas; Liza Minelli; Judy Collins; Shirley Bassey; Jerry Orbach; Dinah Shore; Norma French; Zero Mostel; Mel Torme; Dean Martin; Mike Douglas; Peggy Lee; Sammy Davis, Jr; Nancy Wilson; Debby Boone; Frankie Lane; Harry James; Glen Campbell; many others. Shows #131-143 on 7 LPs in intact hinged box w/ order form & letter enclosure) Social Security Administration (SSA-78-10763) M $35
HOLLYWOOD ON THE AIR PRESENTS- "The Feminine Touch- (19 selection of various artists recorded live on the air circa 1935-1952 doing film songs & comedy shorts. w/ Jean Harlow; Marilyn Monroe; Merlene Deitrich; Alice Faye; Vivien Leigh; Carole Lombard; Betty Grable; Martha Raye; Ann Sothern; Bebe Daniels; Dorothy Lamour; Ginger Rogers; Greer Garson; Lauren Bacall; Bette Davis; Irene Dunne; Jeanette MacDonald; Lana Turner) Star-Tone Mono NM $25
BOB HOPE- The Bob Hope Radio Show- (Side A: as broadcast live from the Santa Ana California Separation Center to American G.I.'s around the world October 23, 1945. w/ Jerry Colonna, Francis Langford, Skinnay Ennis & His Orchestra, plus 'Brenda & Cobina'. Side B: as broadcast live from the San Francisco to American GIs around the world December 18, 1945. w/ Jerry Colonna, Francis Langford, Skinnay Ennis & His Orchestra w/ guest Wayne Morris) Radiola (#60 - Comedy Series #22) Mono SS $25

I - J

I LOVE A MYSTERY- "The Temple Of Vampires"- (2-LP set presents Jack, Doc, & Reggie in their greatest radio adventure, as heard on the Mutual Network January 2-27, 1950, starring Tony Randall; Jim Boles; Russell Thorson; Mercedes McCambridge; Luis Van Rooten; Sarah Fussell; & Angelina as the High Priestess of 'The Temple Of Vampires'. Note: The show aired 15 minutes a day, so this 20-part series was carefully edited to remove repetitious show openings; closings; story recaps; etc, to provide an exciting action-packed continuous 2-LP version, w/ gatefold cover) Radiola (#62/63 - Adventure Series #8/9) Mono SS $35
THE INNER SANCTUM- "The Vengeful Corpse" as heard on CBS Radio September 12, 1949, bw/ THE HERMIT'S CAVE- "Hanson's Ghost"- Radiola (#16) Mono SS $33
THE INNER SANCTUM- "Death By Scripture"- Memorabilia (#729) Mono SS $28
THE INNER SANCTUM- "Till Death Do Us Part"- Memorabilia (#727) Mono SS $28
THE JAZZ SINGER- A Rare Radio Recording Based On The 1927 Film: The World's First Full-Lengeth Talking Movie- (The complete radio show as heard on CBS Lux Radio Theater, June 2, 1947, starring Al Jolson w/ Gail Patrick, Bill Johnstone, & Eddie Marr. Hosted by William Keighley. Music by Louis Silvers. Announced by John M. Kennedy) Radiola (#70 - Personality Series #3) Mono M SS $30
AL JOLSON- The Famous Al Jolson Show 1938- Memorabilia (#701) Mono SS $14
JUNGLE JIM- Same- (Original Radio Broadcasts w/ cover art by Alex Raymond. A George Garabedian Production) Mark 56 (#604) Mono SS $28


KAY KYSER'S COLLEGE OF MUSICAL KNOWLEDGE!- C'Mon Chillun, Yet's Dance!- (Total Radio Madness as heard October 11, 1944 from the U.S. Naval Air Station at Alameda, California w/ Kay Kyser; Ish Kabibble; Georgia Carroll; Sully Mason; The Town Criers; & Bill Foreman announcing. B-Side w/ Kay Kyser & His Band From The Carolines June 12, 1934; The Wit & Wisdom Of Ish Kabibble; Sully Mason) Radiola (#75 - Music Series #12) Mono SS $30


THE LIFE OF RILEY- Same- (Starring William Bendix) Memorabilia (#711) Mono SS $22
THE LONE RANGER- "The Iron Horse" as heard on ABC Radio May 22, 1950, Starring Brace Beemer & John Todd, sponsored by Wheaties & Cheerios. Includes last interview w/ Brace Beemer; bw/ HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL- "Farewell To Paladin", the last show of the series, as heard on CBS Radio November 27, 1960, Starring John Dehner, Ben Wright & Vic Perrin, sponsored by Commander cigarettes) Radiola (#56 - Western Series #3) Mono SS $30
THE LONE RANGER- The Adventures Of The Lone Ranger- (6 Two-Part Original Radio Stories featuring The Lone Ranger, Tonto, Silver, Dan Reid, and Assorted Villans. 12 episodes all together, circa 1957) Decca (DL-7125) SS $30
LUM & ABNER- Same- (1940s) Memorabilia (#716) Mono SS $16


MA PERKINS bw/ HOP HARRIGAN- Same- (Two obscure radio shows from the 1940s on one LP) Memorabilia (#725) Mono SS $16
DEAN MARTIN & JERRY LEWIS SHOW- Same- (Their Debut Show on the Air, 1948, w/ guest star Lucille Ball) Memorabilia (#714) Mono SS $25
THE MARX BROTHERS SHOW- The Very Best Of The Marx Brothers Volume 1- (2-LP Set w/"Hollywood Agents" from 1938; "G. Marx, Attorney At Law" February 12, 1947 w/ Bing Crosby; Groucho In Chicago" April 30, 1947 w/ Bing Crosby & Dorothy Shay; 4 Skits w/ Groucho, Al Jolson & Oscar Levant circa November 1948 to May 1949; 2 Skits w/ Chico; Groucho; Dinah Shore & Harry Von Zell circa 1945; "A Conversation With Harpo" w/ Jack Benny, Gary Cooper, others circa 1944; "Dr. G. Marx Hackenbush" w/ Verna Felton, Mel Blanc, others March 12, 1944; "Groucho The Patient" w/ Marilyn Maxwell, Frank Nelson, Harry Von Zell circa 1945; more...) American Album & Tape Corp. (ATT-201/2) Mono SS $40
GROUCHO MARX- Groucho On Radio!- (a collections of programs including: "Hollywood Agents" on 'The Marx Brothers Show', CBS Radio, 1938 w/ Chico Marx Hollis Shaw, Bill Goodwin & The Raymond Paige Orchestra; plus a wartime "Command Performance" broadcast on AFRS; plus "You Bet Your Life" on 'The Big Show' NBC Radio November 12, 1950 w/ Tallulah Bankhead, Enzio Pinza, Fanny Brice, Hanley Stafford, Jane Powell, Meredith Wilson, Jimmy Wallington; plus more) Radiola (#72 - Comedy Series #25) Mono SS $28
GROUCHO MARX- "Hollywood Agents" 1938 w/ Chico Marx plus "You Bet Your Life" 1930s & 1940s) Memorabilia (#733) Mono SS $25
GROUCHO MARX- "You Bet Your Life"- (Two Complete NBC Radio Shows: December 16, 1957 & February 10, 1958) Golden Age Records (#5021) Mono M $20
MERCURY THEATER- "The Immortal Sherlock Holmes"- (the 12th show of the Mercury Theater series, as heard on CBS Radio September 25, 1939 starring Orson Welles) Radiola (#36 - Crime Series #4) Mono SS $25
MERCURY THEATER- "War Of The Worlds" (2-LP Set of the original complete broadcast that panicked the nation, as heard on CBS Radio October 30, 1938 starring Orson Welles. Gatefold liner notes by Howard Koch, who wrote the chilling radio play based on the famous H.G. Wells novel) Evolution (4001) NM $45 or Longines Symphonette Society (single LP version) Mono NM $7
THE HENRY MORGAN SHOW- Same- (w/ guest Arnold Stang) Memorabilia (#718) Mono SS $15
THE HENRY MORGAN SHOW- The Best Of Henry Morgan- (Excerpts & Commercials from his ABC-Radio Program 1946-1947) Command Performance Mono M $35 Scarce!
MR. DISTRICT ATTORNEY- "The Case Of The Money Machine"- (April 11, 1951); bw/ THE F.B.I- "The Traveling Man" (As heard on The Mutual Network June 10, 1953. Sponsored by Lava Soap) Radiola (#11) Mono SS $30
MR. DISTRICT ATTORNEY- "Set Up For Reentry"- Memorabilia (715) Mono SS $16
MR. KEEN, TRACER OF LOST PERSONS- "The Case Of The Man Who Invented Death" (as herard on CBS Radio October 6, 1949); bw/ MR. & MRS. NORTH- "Operation Murder" (as heard on CBS Radio September 19, 1954 starring Barbara Britton & Richard Denning) Radiola (#47 - Crime Series #6) Mono SS $ 28
MYSTERY IN THE AIR- "The Black Cat" bw/ "The Queen Of Spades"- (two complete episodes of the NBC Radio Crime Drama Series starring Peter Lorre, circa 1947) Nostalgia Lane (#1020) Mono SS $38 Rare!

N - O

NOSTALGIA NEWS NETWORK- Same- (Side A: Program #1011-1012 Aired August 6, 1977 on the 32nd Anniversary of bombing Hiroshima. Interviews witness/survivor of attack. Program #1013-1014 Aired August 7, 1977 interview w/ US pilot Francis Gary Powers, who was captured by the Russians); bw/ bw/ CANDID NEWS NETWORK- Same- (Side B: Program #101B-101C Aired August 9, 1977 interview w/ California Congressman James Corman on the energy crisis. Program #101D-101F Aired August 10, 1977 interview w/ black Congresswoman Yvonne Brathwaite Burke) (Both Sides Hosted by Steve Nielson w/ locked grooves between shows) Silver Hill Recording, Inc. M $12
OLD TIME RADIO- Same- (2-LP Set of Great Stars & Shows from the 20's, 30's & 40's (w/ Rudy Vallee; Bing Crosby; Kay Kyser; Eddie Cantor; Burns & Allen; Jimmy Durante; Victor Borge; Al Jolson; Baby Rose Marie; Uncle Don; W.C. Fields; Arthur Godfrey; Cliff Edwards; Ray Noble; Arthur Tracy 'The 'Street Singer'; Wee Bonnie Baker w/ Orrin Tucker; Eileen Farrell; Morton Downey; Will Rogers & others, plus excerpts from "Our Miss Brooks; "The Whistler"; "The F.B.I. In Peace & War"; "Mr. Keen, Tracer Of Lost Persons"; more!) Columbia Musical Treasures (5287) Mono VG to VG- $2
OLD TIME RADIO'S GREATEST SHOWS- This value packed collector package features 60 radio programs on 20 90-minute audio cassettes featuring the most popular radio stars including Burns & Allen, Jack Benny, The Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet and many, many more. An anectdotal guide is included for a more in-depth background on the shows. Over 30 hours of nostalgic listening. Comes in molded keeper case. This collection makes a wonderful gift. Radio Spirits, Inc. SS $25 More Info
OUR MISS BROOKS- Same- (Starring Eve Arden) Memorabilia (#728) Mono SS $14

P - Q

MARY PICKFORD- Original Radio Broadcasts- (10 assorted selections include Rudy Vallee Show, May 29, 1955; Cecil B. DeMille 77th Birthday, August 12, 1958; Edgar Bergen Show, February, 1948; Motion Picture Relief Fund, 1941; & more. A George Garabedian production) Mark 56 (#702) Mono SS $25
PINOCHIO- Same- (A Rare Broadcast of the famed fable, starring Fanny Brice & The Screen Guild Players, 1948) Memorabilia (#730) Mono SS $12


RADIO CLIFF HANGERS- Same- (2-LP Set of 8 assorted radio shows including: "The Amazing Interplanetary Adventurers Of Flash Gordon"; "Adventure Time With Little Orphan Annie"; "The Incomparable Charlie Chan"; "Chandu The Magician"; "Dan Dunn Secret Operative #48"; "The Shadow Of Fu Manchu"; "The Adventures Of Jungle Jim"; "I Love A Mystery") Radiola (#21/22) Mono SS $33
RADIO RARITIES- Same- (From 16" Transcription Discs by the National Advertising Co. circa 1929; 1930 & 1939 featuring the orchestra's of: Red Nichols; Ray Miller; Coon-Sanders; Benny Goodman; Hal Kemp; Mitchell Ayers. Various bandmembers include: Muggsy Spanier; Glenn Miller; Toots Mondello; Adrian Rollini; Gene Krupa; Ziggy Elman; Bud Freeman; Joe Sullivan; Mary Williams; Mary Ann Mercer; Janet Blair; Bob Nolan & more!) Broadway Records (BR-100) Mono SS $45
RADIO'S SUPER HEROES AT WAR- 4 Thrilling Radio Adventures: HOP HARRIGAN- As heard on the Blue Network February 19, 1942; TERRY & THE PIRATES- As heard on the Blue Network February 9, 1942; bw/ SKY KING- "The Land Of The Diamond Scarab"as heard on ABC Radio July 14, 1947 w/ Mike Wallace announcing; TOM MIX RALSTON STRAIGHTSHOOTERS- "The Hidden Mesa" as heard on NBC Radio April 18, 1941- Radiola (#54 - Adventure Series #6) Mono SS $35 Scarce!
REMEMBER THE GOLDEN DAYS OF RADIO- Volumes 1 & 2- (Two seperate LPs sold together, includes: Philco Radio Show w/ Bing Crosby; George Burns & Gracie Allen; Jack Benny & Mary Livingston; Fred Allen & "Allen's Alley" w/ Senator Claghorn; Fibber McGee & Molly; Lum 'N Abner; Bob Hope; Mel Blanc as 'The Maxwell Car'; The Shadow; Lone Ranger; Terry & The Pirates; Jack Armstrong; Gang Busters; Dangerous Assignment; Mr. Keen, Tracer Of Lost Persons; plus Classic Radio News Broadcasts; Daytime Radio Soap Operas & Commercials. Announced by Jack Benny & Frank Knight) Longines Symphonette Society (#s 5183 - 5184) Mono M- to EX+ $7
WILL ROGERS- Original Radio Broadcasts- (Produced by George Garabedian w/ beautiful embossed gatefold cover) Mark 56 (#659) Mono SS $35


SAD SACK- Same- (Original 1946 broadcasts of the famous WWII G.I., turned civilian. Cover art by George Baker. A George Garabedian production) Mark 56 (#682) Mono SS $33
THE SHADOW- Original Radio Broadcasts- (Adventure #1 bw/ Adventure #2) Mark 56 (#591) EX- $5
THE SHADOW- "The Chill of Death" as heard on the Mutual Network January 4, 1948 bw/ "The Face" as heard on the Mutual Network September 21, 1947- (Stars Bret Morrison & Grace Matthews w/ André Baruch announcing) Radiola (#73 - Crime Series #10) Mono SS $33
THE SHADOW- The Tomb Of Terror / The Tenor With The Broken Voice (Two Complete Episodes w/ Orson Wells) Golden Age (5001) Mono EX $12
THE SHADOW- The Fire Bug / Death From The Deep- (Two Complete Episodes w/ Orson Wells) Golden Age (5029) Mono Ex- $9
THE SHADOW- The Shadow Knows... About The Drug Pushers- (w/ Orson Wells, 1939) Memorabilia (#735) Mono SS $30 Scarce!
SHE LOVES ME NOT- Same- (Radio adaptation of the 1934 film, as heard on the Lux Radio Theater November 8, 1937 starring Bing Crosby & Joan Blondell w/ Nan Grey, Sterling Holloway & William Frawley. Songs include: "I'm Humin', I'm Whistlin', I'm Singin'", "Love In Bloom", "Straight From The Shoulder") Canada Totem (#4) Mono NM $9
SKY KING- Same- (2 Original Radio Broadcasts w/ America's most famous Flying Cowboy! Produced by George Garabedian) Mark 56 (#703) Mono SS $25
SON OF JEST LIKE OLD TIMES- More Genuine Original Recordings Of Radio's Most Famous Funny Men- (Classics of Radio Comedy w/ Fibber McGee & Molly; Duffy's Tavern; Vic 'N Sade; Jimmy Durante & Eddie Cantor; Jack Benny "The Railroad Station"; Jack Benny "The Vault & The Violin"; Fred Allen "Break The Contestant"; Fred Allen "Allen's Alley"; Jack Benny & Fred Allen "The Maxwell") Radiola #2 (Original 1st Pressing from November, 1970) Mono M- $18
SUSPENSE- Same- (1940s) Memorabilia (#724) Mono SS $18
SUSPENSE- Same- (Starring Bela Lugosi w/ narrative introduction by Bela Lugosi, Jr. Produced by George Garabedian) Mark 56 (#611) Mono NM- $18
SUSPENSE- "Love's Lovely Counterfeit" as heard on CBS Radio March 8, 1945, Starring Humphrey Bogart w/ Lureen Tuttle. bw/ "The Giant Of Thermopylae" as heard on CBS Radio May 3, 1954, Starring Frank Lovejoy w/ Joseph Kearns, Paul Frees, Herb Ellis, Charlotte Lawrence, Jerry Hausner, w/ Harlow Wilcox announcing. Sponsored by Autolite) Radiola (#61 - Adventure Series #7) Mono SS $28


TERRY & THE PIRATES- Same- (Original Radio Broadcasts w/ cover art by Milton Caniff. A George Garabedian Production) Mark 56 (#630) Mono SS $30
THEMES LIKE OLD TIMES- 90 Of The Most Famous Radio Themes- (A Snuff Garrett production. Recordings from the archives of Radio Yesteryear) Viva SS $9
THE THIN MAN- A Rare Radio Recording Based On The 1934 Film- (The complete show as heard on CBS Lux Radio Theater, June 8, 1936, starring William Powell, Myrna Loy & Asta the dog, w/ Barbara Luddy, Bret Morrison & Wally Maher. Hosted by W.S. Van Dyke. Music by Louis Silvers. Bonus selection: Theda Bara interview) Radiola (#77 - Crime Series #11) Mono M SS $30
TOKYO ROSE- Radio Traitor Or Radio Patriot?- (Authentic recordings & interviews w/ Iva Toguri D'Aquino aka Tokyo Rose during & after WWII. Includes "The Zero Hour", broadcast August 14, 1944 featuring news propaganda, & the complete shortwave Radio Tokyo broadcast of "Ann & The Orphan" on JLP at 15325 Kilocycles; plus "I'll Bet You're Sorry Now" written & sung by Abe Burrows July, 1947; & more) Radiola (#76 - Actuality Series #2) Mono SS $38

U - V - W

THE WHISTLER- "Panic" (a radio broadcast of murder & suspense, as heard on CBS Radio April 4, 1946); bw/ THE MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER- "The Last Survivor" (as heard on the Mutual-Don Lee Network, 1949) Radiola (#37 - Adventure Series #5) Mono SS $30

X - Y - Z

X MINUS ONE- "Chain Of Command" as heard 0n NBC Radio November 21, 1956; bw/ BEYOND TOMORROW- "Incident At Switchpath" as heard on CBS Radio April 11, 1950) Radiola (#12) Mono SS $35
THE YEARS TO REMEMBER- Same- (Dramatic & notable newscasts include: WWII events w/ Adolf Hitler; Prime Minister Chamberlain; FDR; Winston Churchill; Dwight D. Eisenhower; President Truman; General MacArthur; reports on Munich Conference; King George VI; etc; plus Major Sporting events w/ Joe Lewis; Jesse Owens; Ted Husing; Clem McCarthy; Max Baer; Jack Dempsey; Gene Tunney; Davis Cup finals; Babe Ruth; Lou Gehrig; more. Companion release to: "Remember The Golden Days Of Radio" Vols 1 & 2, listed above) Longines Symphonette Society (5185) Mono NM- $5