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THE BEATLES BUTTON- Yellow Submarine- 2.25" (full-color of the lads as cartoon characters) clasp back M $12
THE BEATLES CONCERT TICKET- August 23, 1967 Shea Stadium, New York- Unused- Offers
THE BEATLES CAKE DECORATIONS- "The Swingers" cake decoration in box. 3" tall Beatles figures on stage w/ instruments, microphones & drums. Made in Hong Kong, early 1970s. M- $155 See Picture
BEATLES HALLOWEEN COSTUMES- Manufactured by Ben Cooper, 1964- (Child sized costume & flesh colored mask w/ flocked 'hair') John (mask & costume wo/ box EX+ $200); Paul (mask & medium size costume w/ box EX+ $400) Ringo (mask & small size costume w/ Box EX- $350) Special- All-3 for $850 (save $100)
BEATLES- "Hard Day's Night"- Great classic vintage movie design poster art on repro 14" x 22" cardboard nostalgic poster. M $8
THE BEATLES PHOTO- 3.5" x 5" b&w 70s vintage repro photo (Shows group in their bathrobes sitting around a hotel room reading fan mail)- Barb Fennick collection- M- $2
BEATLES PHOTO ALBUM- Unique tiny 1" x 1-1/8" picture book photo album in red leather. Has snap clasp & 'The Beatles' printed in gold on cover. Opens w/ individual pictures of The Beatles in see-through pockets on an accordion pleated strip. A Rare novelty Beatles item! EX+ $60 See Picture A   See Picture B
THE BEATLES POSTER- 'The Days In Their Lives'- (Awesome 25" x 25" full color poster shows the gates to Strawberry Fields) Rolled M (C10) $28
THE BEATLES POSTER- 'When They're 64'- (23" x 30" B&W poster shows the group depicted w/ 'age enhancement') Rolled M (C10) $12 or VG (C6) $5
THE BEATLES POSTER- Same- (Cool seldom-seen group Photo circa late-60s w/ Ringo; Paul (in cowboy shirt); George; John. 23" x 35.5" in red-sepia duotone) Rolled M (C10) $22 or EX (C8) $12
BEATLES- "Tower Ballroom"- Great classic vintage rock music poster art on repro 14" x 22" cardboard nostalgic poster advertising 'Operation Big Beat 5' w/ The Beatles; Rory Storm & The Hurricanes; Gerry & The Pacemakers; Billy Kramer & The Coasters; The 4 Jays & The Mersey Beats. M $8 See Picture
BEATLES- Trading Cards - Original issue (Write for sets & numbers)
BEATLES- "Yellow Submarine"- Great classic vintage movie design poster art on repro 14" x 22" cardboard nostalgic poster. M $8 See Picture
GEORGE HARRISON & ERIC CLAPTON- Concert For Bangladesh- (23" x 36" poster of photo by Jeffrey Mayer, 1973, distributed by Great Western Distributors) Rolled M (C10) $20
GEORGE HARRISON & RAVI SHANKAR- 11.5" x 9" 24-page program guide from his 1st US tour to promote the 'Dark Horse' LP. EX+ $33 Rare! More Info
PAUL McCARTNEY- Same- (23" x 30" full color poster of a bearded Paul at the mike in a V-neck sweater, playing acoustic guitar) Rolled M (C10) $18 or EX- (C8) $10


ANNIE OAKLEY GAME- (Great vintage TV Western game w/ instructions on inner lid) Board/M; Pieces/M (1 green token replaced); Box/EX- Milton Bradley (4310-2) $15
BATMAN & ROBIN GAME- (Help Batman & Robin capture The Joker. Instructions on inner lid. Game complete) Board/M; Pieces/M; Cards/M-; Box/EX (corner repairs, price on upper right corner)1965 Hasbro (2685) $50
BEATLES- Flip Your Wig Game- (Players collect cards to win the game) Board/M; Pieces/EX- (no base for 1 piece. No die); Cards/EX+ (1 missing); Instructions on filler tray/M-; Box/VG (3-corners separated, very light writing) 1964 Milton Bradley (4404) $90 See Gameboard Picture
CHALLENGE- (From 1949, Scarne's Challenge is a Solitaire Game of Skill for $25,000 in cash prizes. Created by John Scarne, World's Foremost Game Authority, the player will find countless game possibilities on the Scarne's Challenge game board that will fascinate & perplex. It is undoubtedly the most interesting & educational of all solitaire games. Complete) Board/M; Pieces/NM; 10 Score Sheets on pad/M; Official Entry Blank/EX-; Instruction Booklet/NM; Box/EX- (2 corners of lid neatly repaired) Scarne's Challenge $35 See Picture
CHARLIE'S ANGELS GAME- (Based on the TV Series. Instructions on lid. Game complete) Board/M; Pieces/M; Cards/M; Box/M- 1977 Milton Bradley (4721) $23
THE GONG SHOW GAME- (You too can do your act on your own Gong Show!) Board/M; Pieces/M (No bases. 1 character missing); Cards/M; Instructions/M; Box/EX- (1 corner separation) 1977 American Publishing Corp (APC 4615) $18
HASHIMOTO-SAN GAME- (Based on the animated Japanese House Mouse of early-1960s Terrytoons, as featured on the Hector & Heathcote Saturday morning cartoon TV show) Board/M; Tokens/M (complete); Instructions/M-; Spinner/M; Box/VG (1 corner separation) 1963 Transogram (3803) $27 Scarce! See Picture
HIPPETY-HOP- A New Children's Game- (This is a children's track game from 1940, published by the Corey Game Co. of Boston, Massachusetts. 2-6 players race across a wonderfully illustrated 18" X 18" game board. When you land on a space you must read the rhyme aloud & follow the instructions. A spinner with numbers 1-6 is used for movement, but I think a single die would do better. The first player to reach the end of the track wins. Playing time is about 30 minutes. The colorful dog; bird; frog & mushroom illustrations are uncredited. Board/M-; Wooden Tokens/EX (5 of 6); Instructions on inside box lid; Spinner/VG; Box/VG (2 nicely repaired corner separations to lid; All 4 corners repaired on bottom of box) 1940 Corey Games "Play-Grow" Series (700) $33 Rare! See Picture 1 See Picture 2
JAMES BOND SECRET AGENT 007 GAME- (Thrilling adventure game tests your wits as you race the game clock while planning a secret rendezvous. Instructions on inner lid. Game complete) Board/M; Pieces/M; Cards/NM; Box/NM 1964 Milton Bradley (4527) $35 See Picture
KENTUCKY JONES HORSE AUCTION GAME- (Based on the nationally famous NBC TV Show starring Dennis Weaver. Instructions on inner lid. Game complete) Board/M; Pieces/M; Cards/M; Box/EX- 1965 T. Cohn, Inc $60 Rare! See Picture
KNIGHT RIDER- (A High Speed Adventure Game Based on the TV Series) Board/M; Pieces/M (missing even numbered die); Cards/M; Instructions on filler tray/M; Box/NM. 1983 Parker Brothers (0071) $9 See Picture
LONE RANGER & TONTO- (A game about the masked man and his Indian companion who bring law & order to the Old West. Complete) Board/M; Pieces/M; Cards/M; Instructions on filler tray/M; Box/M- 1978 Warren $26
MIND MAZE- (Set up a maze to baffle your opponent. Using a magnetic controller to maneuver a steel ball through the unseen path, you race to win the game) Instructions/M; Box Tray/M; Game Complete/M; Box/VG. 1970 Parker Bros (73) $22 See Picture
MR. ED THE TALKING HORSE- (Rare Game based on the CBS TV Show. Instructions on inner lid) Board/M; Pieces/all 4 token missing; Dice/2 out of 4 needed; Cards/M (2 out of 4 'move 2 spaces' cards missing) Box/M- 1962 Parker Brothers $42
PARTRIDGE FAMILY GAME- (After playing a local arena, the first member of the family to reach the bus wins! Instructions on inner lid) Board/M; Pieces/M- (no base for 1 piece); Dice/1; Cards/22 EX-; Box/VG (separated corners, price on upper right corner) 1971 Milton Bradley (4221) $35
PATTY DUKE GAME- (With Patty And Cathy. Instructions on inner lid) Board/EX; Pieces/M (2 missing); Cards/EX-; Box/VG (corners separated. Edge wear) 1963 Milton Bradley (4421) $9
THE PEOPLE'S COURT- (An exciting fun-filled board game for those who would like to 'Tell It To The Judge'. Game complete) Board/M; Pieces;/M; Judge Wapner Spinner/M; Cards/M; Instructions/M; Box/EX- (wear) 1986 Hoyle (7019) $26
SATELLITE CITY- Wow! Is this thing Rare!! Inside the 9.5" x 15" x 3" deep box lies an assortment of oddly shaped & textured wooden dowels. Some are colored, some natural. There is also a playing board that opens to a 14.5" square 'moonscape' to act as an 'L' shaped backdrop. The idea is to setup the wood pieces in anyway imaginable to built a space city of the future. Included is an 8.5" x 11" tri-fold booklet that opens to describe the 42 variously sized wooden shapes, & suggest ways to interact them to create an Astro Hotel; Transvision Studio; Cosmomart; Astro Drone; Lunar Retroport; Universe U.; Meteor Municipal; & Gyro Cinema. Pretty soon you will have a Satellite City, with a skyline like no other! There are several pieces made in each of the 42 shapes, making too many to count in overall total. Sort of like Tinker-Toys meets Leggos meets an Erector Set. Construction fun for children of all ages. Board/M; Pieces/M; Booklet/M; Inner storage trays/M-; Box/M-1966 Saunders Brothers Wood Products of Westbrook, Maine. Complete & Mint. $235
SHINDIG TEEN GAME- (Test Your Knowledge About Top Entertainers. Based on the ABC TV Show hosted by Jimmy O'Neill, pictured) Filler Tray Board/M; Pieces/M (complete); Question & Answer Cards/M (counted 236 out of 240); Instructions/M; Box/EX 1965 Remco (854) $38
THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN- (Be the 1st to complete your assignment & win the game) Board/M; Pieces/M; Cards/M; Instructions on filler tray/M; Box/M- 1975 Parker Brothers $18 See Picture
THE SMURF GAME- (Big fun w/ your little blue pals in an exciting 3-dimensional game) Filler Tray Board/M; Pieces/M complete); 32 food basket discs/M (1 disc missing, non-essential); Instructions on box lid. Box/EX- 1981 Milton Bradley (4113) $18
SOLID GOLD MUSIC TRIVIA GAME- (Contains over 2,200 fun & fascinating trivia questions on the world of popular music in 6 exciting categories: Golden Oldies, British Invasion, 70s, 80s, Songs & Stars. Questions in each category are Multiple Choice, True Or False, or Direct Answer) Board/M; Game Pieces/M (Complete); Instructions/EX+; Questions/M-; Juke Box Revealer/M-; Inner Tray & Box/VG. 1984 Ideal (24426) $40 See Picture
SORRY!- (Late 1950s edition of this classic slide-persuit game. Complete) Board/EX-; Pieces/M; Instructions/EX; Cards/M-; Box/EX corner repairs to lid. Parker Brothers $9
SPY VS SPY- (Mad's Spy Vs Spy is an explosive tunnel-building game of risk & Rivalry) Board/M; Pieces/M (1 bomb missing); Rule Book/M; Box/M Milton Bradley (4600) $18
STAR TREK THE GAME- (A strategic game of logic, trivia & chance that will engage the senses. Numbered Collector's Edition: #16,550 of 200,000. Game Complete) Board/M; Cards/M; Pieces/M; Trays/M; Instructions/M; Box/EX- (1 corner separated) Classic Games $22 More Info
TV-5 EYEWITNESS NEWS GAME- (Become a cub reporter for TV-5 Eyewitness News & be the 1st one back to the station with all the facts & get your story on the air. Produced for WEWS. Game complete) Board/M; Pieces/unused/M; Instructions/M; Cards/M; Box/EX+ 1981 Marino Games, Inc. $14


AUTOGRAPHED DICK DALE ADVERTISMENT CARD- 1960's vintage 7" X 4" two-color printed card advertising: Capitol Records Presents Dick Dale 'King Of The Surf Guitar' & His Del-Tones at The Famous Rainbow Club, Wildwood, New Jersey. Dick Dale is pictured on the card, and he autographed the front in ball-point pen. Very Nice! Mint condition $88 Rare!
AUTOGRAPHED LUCILLE BALL MAGAZINE PAGE- Circa late 1940s / early 1950s movie-star magazine page w/ full-page photo of Lucille Ball, which has been autographed "Lucille Ball". After her famous 'I Love Lucy' TV show was a hit, she changed her autograph to 'Lucy'. Early autographs or her are scarce & in demand! VF+ $95
FABIAN- Huntingdon's Fabulous Fabian Sweaters- (Medium-large vintage plastic bag for: "Your Fabulous Fabian Sweater - Authentically Fashioned By Huntingdon Mills, Inc.") EX $24 Rare
MANSFIELD HOLIDAY II- Early 60s Vintage 8mm Cine Turret Movie Camera w/ built-in exposure meter. Lenses include: Raydex wide angle, Gruenex telephoto, & Mansfield 13mm Cinepar lens. On the side of the camera is an exposure guide. Aperture has F-stops from f1.8 to f16. It also has a footage indicator, spring wind motor w/ crank handle, an operating lever for single frame exposures or motion pictures, electric eye window, cover latch, empty take-up film reel. Tripod socket on bottom. Sturdy built metal case. Serial # 126636 Works fine. EX+ $23 See Picture


BALDWIN ELECTRIC 12-STRING GUITAR- (Made in Italy w/ Sunburst finish & Original case. Serial #0156. US. Pat. #196530) Write for more info
ELKA PANTHER ORGAN- (Double keyboard. Fully AUTOGRAPHED by Question Mark & all the original Mysterians!) Write for more info
FARFISA ORGAN- (Fast Model. Green & White w/ Fold-up Legs) Write for more info
FARFISA ORGAN- (Fast Model. Orange wo/ legs) Write for more info
FARFISA ORGAN- (Mini Compact Combo. Red & Grey w/ screw-on legs) $675 Write for more info
FENDER ELECTRIC GUITAR- (1966 Dakota Red Fender Mustang 6-String w/ whammy bar & original case. Serial #250405) Write for more info
GUITORGAN- (All-In-One Electric Guitar & Organ Combo, Model 340. A Unique Musical Instrument from Waco, Texas. Comes with original instruction manual, foot-pedal & case) Write for more info.
HOFNER ELECTRIC GUITAR- (1966 vintage Violin shaped w/ built-in Fuzz; mother-of-pearl pick guard. Original case) Write for more info
KENT ELECTRIC GUITAR- (1960s vintage 820-Series 6-String Hollow body, 2 pickups w/ sunburst finish & "racing stripe" edging. The Kent 800-series guitars are true hollowbodies. There is no center-block running through the body. The advertisements of the time refer to the bodies as "semi-acoustic". I believe they describe them that way because they are thin bodied, compared to acoustic guitars) Write for more info.
SEARS SILVERTONE GUITAR w/ Amplifier Guitar Case- Model 1457 Serial/Chasis #185-11090 w/ lipstick pickups) Write for more info
THEREMIN- Small Therimin made from kit by Eric Lindgren - his first. Comes w/ schematic & booklet. Write for more info
TRIXON DRUM KIT- (Light Blue Sparkle w/ Egg shaped bass drum; Rack Tom; Floor Tom; Snare; Foot pedal plus misc hardware) Write for info
VOX ELECTRIC 12-STRING GUITAR- (Mark XII Teardrop shape. Original 1960s vintage, Made In Italy w/ Sunburst finish; Whammy Bar & Original case. Serial #239814) Write For More info
VOX ORGAN- (Jaguar Model w/ modified plug. Legs sold separately) Write for more info


AVALON BALLROOM CONCERT POSTER- Family Dog Presents: 13th Floor Elevators & Moby Grape at The Avalon Ballroom, Nov. 11-12, 1966. Concert Poster by Steve Renick, measures approximately 14.25" x 20". Can ship framed or rolled. Official 1967 3rd printing: FD-34-3 M- $65 See Picture
AVON BOTTLE- "Dune Buggy" Sports Rally Bracing Lotion in a cobalt blue decanter shaped like a dune buggy. Sporty Box Art, circa mid-70s (5¾" x 3½" x 2") 5 Fl. Oz. Unused M $8 See Picture
AVON BOTTLE- "Strike!" Sweet Honesty Cologne in a white milk-glass bowling pin shaped decanter. Bowling theme box art, circa late-70s. 4 Fl. Oz. Unused M $9 or unboxed & empty bowling pin decanter M $4 See Picture
AVON BOTTLE- "Volkswagen" Wild Country After Shave in a black VW Bug shaped decanter. Embossed Volkswagon box art, circa early-70s (6" x 2¼" x 2½") 4 Fl. Oz. Unused M- $12 Rare! See Picture
BOB DYLAN BELT BUCKLE- Vintage late 60s - early 70s era cast metal belt buckle depicting Bob Dylan in 3D relief. 2.5" square, w/ 2.5" x 2" image area. There is a 2.25" slot on the right side for a leather belt to go through. The back of the buckle has a hook to go into the belt holes. Has nice brass or bronze toning to it. Heavy solid metal. No factory or artist markings of any kind. It could be handcrafted and is one-of-a-kind. Unique & obscure! Mint $18
MOODY BLUES / KINKS- Live In Concert May 15, 1964- Great classic vintage rock music poster art on repro 14" x 22" cardboard nostalgic poster for a show at Wembley Stadium, London. M $8 See Picture
PIN UP COASTERS- Quality made painted tin coasters w/ real cork bottoms. The four coasters picture tattoo style pin-up girls, measuring 3 1/2" round. Comes in a handy tin case picturing Betty Page. Sourpuss (unused) Mint $16 See Picture


PHULPH DRUMHEAD- This is the original hand-painted Slingerland bass drum logo head from the 1960s group Phluph. It is hand painted, probably by their drummer, Lee Dudley. Phluph was a psychedelic band from Boston/Cambridge, and recorded their one and only album for Verve Records in 1968. One wonders why such a talented group never achieved greater success. Perhaps Verve, being a predominately jazz based label, did not know how to promote the band properly. Or perhaps it was because Phluph were part of the ill-fated "Bosstown Sound" scene. In any event, they have recently become one of the more sought-after soft-psych groups from the 60s. This drum head would make a great CD face for some label reissuing the Phluph LP. As you can see by the photo, it is in fairly good condition, but has some wear to it. A few paint chips & scotch tape marks on the head from who-knows-what over the years. No one has tried to remove any tape residue. It remains as received. Hard to assign a value for this priceless one-of-a kind 60s New England Teen Scene artifact, so, Hurry! Don't miss out! The first $150 will receive this great piece of musical history! See Picture
ROCKY MARCIANO PHOTOS- Here are 3 sets of original B&W glossies, plus 1 other, many from Associated Press with the typewritten sheet still attached. In the first set, there are several shots from Rocky's title fight at Yankee Stadium with Ezzard Charles, September 18, 1954. The next set has photos from March 27, 1955 & March 28, 1955 of Rocky preparing to leave to San Francisco to meet British challenger Don Cockell. Another is a March 30, 1955 news photo of Rocky in Chicago enroute to San Francisco to meet Don Cockell, and another is of his arrival in San Francisco, March 31, 1955. These make a nice series of photos. The third set is a picture of Roland LaStarza getting his face distorted by the glove of Rocky in the 11th & final round of a title fight on September 25, 1953, plus another from earlier in the fight. Finally, there is an 8x10 of that famous photo of then President Eisenhower admiring the fist of Rocky. All together there are 16 photos available. Offers
SMOKING JOE'S RESTAURANT HAND FAN- (Their menu is on the backside. Early-mid 1900's design of this Black Americana / advertising collectible. Size 8" x 8" plus wooden handle, making it 12" tall) EX $5 See Picture
TV GUIDE- Complete 10 Year Run March 1957 through March 1967- (Hardbound issues of TV Guide from the March 30-April 5 1957 issue, complete through to March 25-March 31 1967. Professionally hardboound in 3-month increments for a total of 40 Volumes. Gold embossed bindings. These were part of the Library of CBS affiliate WGAN, Portland, Maine, now known as WGME. Includes many key date covers such as: October 1, 1957 w/ Mickey Mouse Club; December 28, 1957 w/ Ricky Nelson; April 26, 1958 w/ Guy Williams as Zorro; November 22, 1958 w/ Ronald & Nancy Reagan; February 14, 1959 w/ Alfred Hitchcock; May 9, 1959 w/ Ed 'Kookie' Byrnes; May 30, 1959 w/ Steve McQueen as bounty hunter Josh Randall from 'Wanted Dead Or Alive'; October 24, 1959 w/ Jay North in character, alongside an illustration of Dennis The Menace by Hank Ketcham; August 19, 1961 w/ Troy Donahue of Surfside 6; February 10, 1962 w/ Jacqueline Kennedy; April 21, 1962 w/ Connie Stevens of Hawaiian Eye; January 12, 1963 w/ Arnold Palmer; February 16, 1963 w/ Princess Grace; June 13, 1964 w/ Fred Flintstone; May 8, 1965 Bob Denver & Tina Louise of Gilligan's Island; June 26, 1965 Hullabaloo; July 10, 1965 w/ Yvonne DeCarlo & Fred Gwynne of The Munsters; October 9, 1965 w/ Anne Francis of Honey West; March 5, 1966 w/ Barbara Feldon of Get Smart- Agent 99 Goes POP w/ illustration by Andy Warhol; March 26, 1966 Famed illustrator Roy Lichtenstein designed this cover w/ Adam West as Batman; January 28, 1967 w/ The Monkees; March 4, 1967 Star Trek cover w/ William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy as Captain Kirk & Mr. Spock) Mint! Sold as an entire lot! Write for details. More Info


THE ADDAMS FAMILY- All the characters from the 1991 Paramount movie appear on each of these four Ralston cereal boxes. Great graphics. The Addams Family cereal is "the creepy crunchy cereal with the great taste you'll scream for". Available are all four original versions, complete w/ premium toy character flashlight & all three versions of the door-hanger, uncut from the back of the box. (1) "Hand" flashlight w/ "Keep An Eye On You Door" hanger & 11 oz. of cereal inside, all Still Sealed in company outer shrinkwrap w/ offer sticker intact. M $25 / (2) "Lurch" flashlight w/ "Lurch" hanger & 11 oz. of cereal inside, all Still Sealed in company outer shrinkwrap w/ offer sticker intact. M $28 / (3) "Thing" flashlight w/ "Keep Your Hands Off My Things" hanger. Box intact & in original company shrinkwrap w/ sticker, but no cereal $14 / (4) "Uncle Fester " flashlight w/ "Lurch" hanger. Box intact & in original company shrinkwrap w/ sticker, but no cereal $14 See Picture
ARCHIE DRINKING GLASSES- (Write for details)
AUSTIN POWERS MEGA MAGNET- This giant 6" x 9.5" refrigerator magnet is manufactured by Ata-Boy, Inc (MG-08225) & is still factory sealed on backing card. M $9 See Picture
BARBIE- Fashion Queen Barbie- Vintage 1962 straight-leg Barbie doll w/ original 'Midge-Barbie' body. Comes w/ Blonde, Brunette & Red Head 3-wig set & wig stand. Barbie is wearing pink lipstick, a pair of small round pink earrings; red fingernail & toenail polish, & aqua blue eye liner, all complimenting her pink strapless dress w/ zipper on back, from the 'Garden Wedding' outfit set. Markings: Midge™ ©1962 / Barbie® ©1958 by Mattel, Inc. Nice molded brown hair w/ no rubs. No neck splits or green ear. Overall EX+ $100 See Picture A   See Picture B
BARBIE & KEN- Star Trek 30th Anniversary Collector Edition Gift Set- Join Barbie & Ken for a special mission aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise™ in this tribute to the original Star Trek series. Barbie doll is an Engineering Officer in her short, red uniform with black trim. She wears an authentic insignia & carries a Tricorder™. Ken doll wears a gold jersey & insignia indicating he is a Command Officer. He carries a Phaser™ and Communicator. The dolls are displayed in a fun, commemorative package along with Captain James T. Kirk™ and First Officer Spock™. Beam aboard, and let the adventure begin. Replica tricorder, communicator & phaser are also included. Barbie & Ken doll size approx. 12" tall. Limited Edition from 1996, no longer available from Mattel. Never Removed From Box, M- $50 See Picture
BILLY BEER- Full Unopened Can of Billy Beer, brewed expressly for & with the personal approval of one of America's all-time great beer drinkers, Billy Carter, brother of President Jimmy Carter. Billy says: "I had this beer brewed up just for me. I think it's the best I ever tasted & I've tasted a lot." Brewed by the West End Brewing Co; Utica, NY, circa 1978. 12oz Flattop w/ ring-tab intact. Mint $12 See Picture
DUKES OF HAZZARD- TV / Breakfast Tray- (Metal tray 12.5" x 17.25" w/ fold open legs, making the tray 6.5" high. Perfect serving tray for breakfast in bed. Pictures the General Lee plus Luke, Bo & Daisy Duke from the popular TV series) 1981 Warner Bros M- $22 See Picture
DUNCAN GLOW IMPERIAL YO-YO- Rice Krispies' Snap, Crackle & Pop are featured on one side of this glow-in-the-dark yo-yo. The other side identifies this as a Duncan Glow Imperial. This glow-in-the-dark 2½” yo-yo was offered as a mail-away premium. 1989 Kellogg's M $12 See Picture
ELVIS PRESLEY HEART THROB DREAM PILLOW- The pillow itself is heart shaped, approx 12" in size. The back side is bright pink polyester w/ no design. The face side is 100% cotton & features a striking B&W picture of Elvis circa "Jailhouse Rock' era, printed w/ a baby blue background, w/ the TCB lightening logo repeated. There is slight discolored spot over a pink heart in the background that says "Love Me Tender". Polyester filling. Overall clean w/ no oder or tears) The legal tag indicates Made By Nikry Co. Inc., Bloomfield Hills, MI. (1991) VG+ $7 See Reference Picture (Note: Packaging in photo not included)
ELVIS PRESLEY TRIVET- It's not only a heatproof trivet for hot plates, it's also a decorative wall hanger, thanks to the fold-down hanger on the corked back. A rare & unique item, fit for a king! Trivet size 7.5" x 6.25" Still Factory Sealed! M $45 See Picture
ERASERHEAD BABY- 7.75" x 9.5" b&w glossy of the movie's new born thing being fed. An amazing image. M $1
FRIGHT'NING LIGHTNINGS- Here is a selection of limited edition Johnny Lightning 'Frightning Lightnings' Die-Cast Cars, individually numbered on the bottom as 1 out of only 17,000 made. Authentic 1:64 scale super detailed replicas of ghoulish show rods w/ metal body & chassis. Standard track size & very fast! Each manufactured by Playing Mantis & comes w/ matching pog: Series #1 (w/ original 1964 Mysterion Artwork by Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth): Christine (#06111) SS $ ; Vampire Van (#16058) SS $ ; Boothill Express (#01495) SS $ ; Mysterion (#12519) SS $ ; Elvira Macarbe Mobile (#03599) SS $ ; Series #2 (w/ original 1967 Boothill Express Art): Haulin' Hearse (#16015) SS $ See Pictures
FROGGY THE GREMLIN- Hiya Kids, Hiya Hiya! Who was the prince of subliminal mind control? Froggy the Gremlin! He could croak out a word or two & scramble up any professor, teacher, or lecturer till they were howling in agony & fleeing in rage. "I'll be good, I will I will", said Froggy to Andy Devine, but by the very next Plunk Your Magic Twanger time, Froggy was up to his old tricks! This 1948 vintage 5" tall television & radio figural character toy manufactured by Rempel still squeaks & is pliable. Write for details on condition.
HOWARD THE DUCK BUTTON- "Get Down America! Vote Howard The Duck in '76" 2.25" round full color pinback M $25
JAX BEER- Full Unopened Can of Jax Beer 'A New Orleans Tradition', brewed by The Pearl Brewing Co. of San Antonio, Texas, who acquired the rights to the Jax Beer formula after the Jackson Brewing Co. closed in 1974. 12oz Flattop w/ ring-tab intact. M- $18 See Picture
J.R. ERWINGS PRIVATE STOCK BEER- Empty can of J.R. Erwing Beer, inspired by the character from the hit TV series 'Dallas'. Made by The Pearl Brewing Co. of San Antonio, Texas, 1980. 12oz Flattop can. M $9 See Picture
LITTLE LULU KLEENEX DISPLAY- 1950 three-color die-cut standup advertising counter display depicts popular Marge comic-book character Little Lulu w/ a box of Kleenex Tissues under her arm. Her other arm is extended with her index finger & thumb touching to form an open circle for the vendor to pull a bit of Kleenex Tissue through to enhance the eye-catching quality of the display. 10" tall x 10" across at base. Wraps into a cone w/ interlocking tab. Manufactured 1950 by International Cellucotton Products Co (Form No. D-309) Printed on heavy paper stock. Unused & uncut beautiful Mint condition $50 See Picture
MARS ATTACKS!- Martian Ambassador w/ Firing Chaos Ray Blaster! Talking Action Figure Toy w/ Martian chatter & English translations. Molecular Stun Gun w/ Night-Glow Ammunition. Based on a character from the Tim Burton Movie- (1996) Trendmasters SS $40 See Picture
MARS ATTACKS!- Supreme Commander w/ Firing Disintegration Ray Staff. Leader of the Martian Strike Force. Talking Action Figure Toy w/ Martian chatter & English translations. Power Shield fires Night-Glow Missiles. Based on a character from the Topps Company- (1996) Trendmasters SS $49 See Picture
MARS ATTACKS!- Cool Martian Flying Saucer w/ 5 distinct Martian Battle Sounds; Intergalactic Star-Ray Missile Launcher w/ Night-Glow Ammunition; Classic silver flying saucer color w/ bubble-hooded cockpit in the center that opens to reveal blazing lights & removable Martian Pilot; Three collapsible landing gear struts. Awesome!- (1996) Trendmasters EX $45
MARS ATTACKS!- Martian Brain Disintegrator- This Alien Mega-Weapon utilizes a blazing Anti-Sapian Laser Beam powered by a Throbbing Martian Brain that channels evil Martian thoughts. Horrid sound effects include Martian Brain Ray; Mega Laser Pulse & Throbbing Brain Juice! (1996) Trendmasters EX- $45
MICKEY MOUSE RECORD PLAYER- Rare 4-Speed Deluxe Model RP3122A - 20 Watts w/ tone-arm shaped like his hand. Plays 16; 33.3; 45; 78 RPM Records. Made by General Electric circa 1960s for Walt Disney Productions. White & Blue. Works fine. Near Mint. $44
MICKEY MOUSE JACKS- w/ 7 blue jacks; 5 purple jacks; 5 gold jacks, & 2 red rubber balls. Comes in a 3" x 1" white vinyl purse w/ handles & snap back. Color picture of Mickey Mouse on front. Circa 1960's. M- $9
MONKEY WITH FEZ SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS- Two brown ceramic shakers shaped like sitting monkeys wearing red fezes, measuring approximately 3.75" tall. The fez is marked "S" & "P" in yellow. A must for your Tiki Bar! Made by Accoutrements. UPC 7-39048-10402-8; NEW In Original Box Unused M $9
PARTRIDGE FAMILY LUNCHBOX & THERMOS- 8.5" W x 6.75" H x 4" D metal lunch box minus handle. Orange 6.25" H x 3.5" W thermos minus cup. Latch & thermos holder excellent. General edge wear to box. No dents of note. Overall C5+ condition. 1971 $28
PARTRIDGE FAMILY LUNCHBOX THERMOS- Orange 6.25" H x 3.5" W thermos w/ cup. No marks, stains, odor or defects. Overall near Mint C9+ condition! 1971 $22
PONDEROSA RANCH TIN CUP- Souvenir cup from The Ponderosa Ranch theme park, based on the popular 1960s TV western BONANZA. The park operated in Incline Village, near Lake Tahoe, Nevada from 1967 until 2004. Portions of the last five seasons of the TV series & three TV movies were also filmed at that location. Cup measures 2.5" tall x 3 1/4" round, w/ handle. Design 1 has Gold Horseshoe w/ 'Nevada, U.S.A' in small type & a color picture of the ranch vista & a picture of the 4 lead characters: Adam (Pernell Roberts), Little Joe (Michael Landon), Ben (Lorne Greene), & Hoss (Dan Blocker) EX- $6; or Design 2 has a yellow horseshoe w/ 'Nevada, U.S.A' in large type & a color picture of the ranch w/ stage coach in front & a picture of the 4 lead characters over a longhorn adorned banner that says Ponderosa Ranch. M $9   See Picture Design 1   See Picture Design 2
RAT FINK ACTION FIGURE- The Rat Fink character was created by Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth. This 4.25" action figure comes w/ a highly detailed skateboard that has a sculpted motor & working wheels. With 5 points of articulation, Rat Fink can achieve many exciting skateboard poses! (Real Rat-A-Tude for Ages 5 & Up! Sculpted by Phil Ramirez) Jonzo / Sideshow SS $40 See Picture
RAT FINK DELUXE ACTION FIGURE- 6" Green 'Hunka Rat Fink' figure w/ red 'RF' jumpsuit, on detailed motorized skate board- (The Original Kustom Monster 'Rat Fink' is the first action figure to ever be authorized by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. A metallicized 'Freeky Decal' is included in box: Dodge Power 'Color Me Gone'. Box size: 9 3/4"H x 5.5"W x 3.5"D. Mazooma! Real Rat-A-Tude for Ages 5 & Up! Sculpted by Phil Ramirez) 1999 Jonzo Inc. M $48 See Picture
RAT FINK HYDRO RACERS- Full out drag racing w/ a 'rat'-ical water propulsion system. Pump 'em up & let 'em go. Watch the Hydro Racers take off like street rockets trailing streams of water behind them! (Only 3 designs made. Each of these Original 1990 Sets contain 1 vehicle; 1 launcher; 1 figure) Kenner (#57240) "Rat Fink In His Freeway Surfer" SS $60 or Kenner (#57250) "Raw Jaw In His Jivin' Jet Boat" SS $48 or Kenner (#57260) "Dirty Doug In His Dune Blaster" SS $48 See Pictures
RAT FINK MOD RODS- Yellow Die Cast 1957 Chevy Bel Air 1:64 scale. (Nicely detailed model includes green 'Beyond Nuts' figure w/ orange shirt & long black hair. Sculpted by Larry 'Speedo' Henley 2000. Metal car has rubber tires & runs on standard size track) Racing Champions (2410SR) SS $50 Scarce!
RAT FINK MOD RODS- Deep Purple Die Cast 1949 Mercury 1:64 scale. Includes blue 'King Fink' figure w/ red shirt & gold crown on his head. (Sculpted by Larry 'Speedo' Henley 2000. Metal car has rubber tires & runs on standard size track) Racing Champions (2410SR) SS $50 Scarce!
RAT FINK POGS- Complete Playcaps Series One (60 pogs) & Complete Series Two (70 pogs)- M $75 per set Series-1 Pictures   Series-2 Pictures
RAT FINK RAD RODS- Motorized Stunt Vehicle!- (Race 'em or make 'em do spins, wheelies & other crazy stunts. Original 1990 series of 7 w/ arms that move. Comes w/ collectible sticker card) Kenner (#57110) Junkyard Kid In His Clod Hopper" SS $45; or Kenner (#57120) "Rat Fink In His Sonic Scream" SS $55 or Kenner (#57130) "Dragnut In His Haulin' Hog" SS $50; or Kenner (#57140) "Drag Lover In His Turbo Tank" SS $45; or Kenner (#57150) "Rat Fink In His Rockin' Roadster" SS $75; Scarce! or Kenner (#57180) "Deputy Sludge In His Bruiser Cruiser" SS $40; or Kenner (#57190) "Gearhead In His Beach Bomber" SS $45
THE RELUCTANT ASTRONAUT- Coloring Book adapted from the motion opicture produced by Universal City Studios, starring Don Knotts. 2½ pictures colored, rest ok. Original 10¢ cover price (not 29¢ reprint) Saafield Publishing Co. 1967 / Artcraft (2043) VG $5
ROAD AGENT MODEL CAR- Out of the wild & wooly west comes the Road Agent, one of the more bizarre creations to come forth from the mind of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. From it's trademark bubble top to the moto-meter mounted on it's prow, the Road Agent is back with a vengeance! Molded at 1/25 scale in white & transparent pink w/ chrome plated parts & black vinyl tires. Detailed Corvair engine; Transparent, hinged one-piece bubble top; 60s style Ed Roth & Ratfink figures included. 1997 Revelle / Monogram SS $45 See Picture
SPACE MEN & WOMEN- Glencoe Models- (1/20 Scale plastic figures of Spacemen, Spacewomen (w/ Spacebaby) & Robots. 12 Classic Large Figures + 12 Clear Plastic Helmets. 1991 reissue from original late-1940's early-50s molds. Great repro of original packaging too!) Glencoe (05907) SS $60 Scarce!
STAR WARS RETURN OF THE JEDI LUNCHBOX- 7" H x 8.75 W x 4" D metal lunchbox w/ artwork by Gene Lemery. The lid pictures Luke pointing a blaster at Jabba in Jabba's palace. The back side shows a Star Destroyer approaching the Death Star above Endor while the Empire's ultimate weapon, The Large Vader Head, is floating in space behind Endor. Latch, handle & clasp in excellent working condition. No dents or wear of note. Overall clean C8 condition. 1983 NM- $35 See Picture
JOHN TRAVOLTA BUTTON- "I'm Crazy About John Travolta" 3.5" round 3-color button w/ clasp back. M- $38 Rare!
JOHN TRAVOLTA JEWELRY- Pendant & Earring Set. Approx 7/8" x 1 1/8" Oval Pendant on a gold colored chain. Earrings also oval shaped. Hypogenic stud for pierced ears. All show a cameo portrait picture of John Travolta Circa late 1970s. In original box. $85 Rare!
TOY STORY CHARACTER TOY- Kicking Woody (original 1995 6" Action Figure Toy w/ Limited production separate hair piece. Includes: Kicking Woody w/ Leg Kicking Action, Hat, & Curled Up Cobra Snake) Disney / Thinkway Toys (#62863) SS $40 See Picture
TOY STORY CHARACTER TOY- Quick-Draw Woody (original 1995 6" Action Figure Toy w/ Limited production separate hair piece. Includes: Quick-Draw Woody w/ Quick-Draw Action, Hat, & Lasso) Disney / Thinkway Toys (#62801) SS $50 See Picture
'VISITING THE GRANDPARENTS'- 17" x 24" Color Print of famed advertisement by Will Elder that first appeared in Mad Magazine. Depicts family drinking beer together. Heavy stock by Litho Stabur Graphics, Inc. 1985. SIGNED by Will Elder!) Rolled M (C10) $55
'VOMIT GLOSSARY'- by Peter Bagge- (26" x 30" B&W poster from 1984) Rolled M (C10) $28 Rare!
WEIRD-OHS- Testors Model Kits- (Unassembled, new In Box. Paint & glue not included. Models available: Digger (#730); Davey (#731); Daddy (#732); Freddy Flameout (#733); Leaky Boat Louie (#734); Drag Hag (#736); Endsville Eddie (#737); Huey's Hut Rod (#738); Hodad Makin' The Scene (#743) SS $25 each
WOODSTOCK MUSIC & ART FAIR- Friday, August 15, 1969- Unused Ticket #D00360 // Saturday, August 16, 1969- Unused Ticket #A00807 // Sunday, August 17- Unused Ticket #A00796- All Three are guaranteed original. Unused M- Serious Offer Only


Check back for updates or Write for details on a vast collection of antique picture puzzles for sale...


SMURF BELT BUCKLE- Brass belt buckle picturing flying 'Hang-Glider' Smurf. Measures 2" x 3" by Oden. EX $9
SMURF BOOK- "Papa Smurf & The Show-Offs"- 6.5" x 9" die-cut book. 1983 by Peyo / Happy House Books EX- $3
SMURF BOOK & CASSETTE TAPE- "A Winter's Tale"- (Read-along 7" x 7" book w/ cassette tape. You can Look at the pictures, Listen to the music & Learn from the book. 1983 Peyo / Starland Music NM $9
SMURF CASSETTE PLAYER- A great Smurf tape player to enjoy for all of your Smurfy cassettes! It has four buttons: Eject, Stop, Forward & Play. His mouth is the speaker & the sound is great! The tape player comes with a headset-jack & a nifty collapsable handle for easy carrying. Approx 8.5" x 8.5" x 3". Made by Nasta, 1984. Hard-to-find this clean, it is fully working & in overall beautiful near Mint condition! $75 See Picture
SMURF CAKE PANS- Original 1981 Aluminum Smurf & Smurfette Cake Pans by Wilton. Smurf measures 15" x 12"x 2" & is in near mint condition. Smurfette measures 16" x 11" x 2" & is mint! Each has eyelets for hanging. Sold as a pair $50
SMURF CHRISTMAS WRAPPING PAPER- Two sheets measuring approx 20" x 27" w/ blue 'sheet music' background. Musical themed foreground pictures various Smurfs playing musical instruments. Circa early 1980s Uncut $5
SMURF COFFEE MUGS- About 1 dozen assorted designs, clean & ready to use. Write
DR. SMURF'S OFFICE- Includes 180 pieces w/ vinyl-molded Dr. Smurf character & Leggo styled non-toxic "Loc Blocs" that create instrument cabinets, examination chair, & adjustable overhead light. Pieces/M complete; Box/VG. Circa 1980s by Entex (1475) $22
SMURF DRINKING GLASSES- About 1 dozen assorted designs, clean & ready to use. Write
SMURF FIGURINES- All character figures are EX+ condition or better: "Astro Smurf" w/ helmet (#20003) $22 Rare! // "Singer" (#20038) $4 // "Band Leader" (#20061) $7 // "Present" (#20086) $4 // "Beer" (#20078) $18 // "Papa w/ Lab Glass" (#20164) $5 // "Pirate" (#20104) $9 // Sea "Captain" (#20141) $7 // "Baker" (#20113) $12 // "Umbrella Mushroom" (#20118) $4 // "Doctor" (#20037) $12 // "Nurse" Smurfette (#20139) $12 // "Ice Skater" (#20121) $5 // "Bowler" (#20051) $8 // Jester" (#20090) $4 // "Clown" (#20033) $4 // "Surfer" (#20137) $14 // "Tennis" Smurfette (#20135) $12 // "Rock 'N Roll" (#20023) $6 // "Telephone" (#20062) $8 // "Angry" Smurfling (#20007) $3 // "Halloween Pumpkin" (#20136) $4// Thanksgiving Smurf" (#20177) $5 // "Indian" (#20144) $8 // "Christmas Gift" (#51902) $4 // "Christmas Gift" Smurfette (#20298) $5 // "Christmas Caroling" (#51905) $4 // "Smurf w/ Christmas Tree" (#51901) $4 // "Praying" Smurf & Smurfette Smurflings (#51910 / 51911) $5 pair // "Bobsled" (#40201) $12 // "Smurfette In Bunnysuit" (20497) $4 // Sleepwalker" (#20021) $4 // "Suana" (#20108) $4 // "Toothbrush" (#20064) $5 // Olympic "Torchbearer" Running (#20030) $8 // "Card Player" (#20056) $9 // Bird "Hunter" (#20106) $5 // "Sun Bather" (#20014) $5 // "Ice Lolly" (#20053) $4 // "Cowboy" (#20122) $5 // "Hobby Horse" (#40214) $6 // "Laughing" (#20011) $5 // "Photographer" w/ camera (#40217) $12 // "Policeman" (#20123) $9 // "Field Hockey" (#20133) $9 // More...
THE SMURF GAME- (Big fun w/ your little blue pals in an exciting 3-dimensional game) Filler Tray Board/M; Pieces/M complete); 32 food basket discs/M (1 disc missing, non-essential); Instructions on box lid. Box/EX- 1981 Milton Bradley (4113) $12
THE SMURF GAME- (Join the Smurfs on a run-and-hide river ride!) Tray Board/M; All Game Pieces/M complete; spinner w/ plastic arrow/M; Instructions on box lid. Box/VG 1988 Milton Bradley (4909) $9
SMURF KEY CHAIN- Smurf Baseball Batter figure in batting stance. About 2.5" high. Metal keychain about 3" long. EX $7
SMURF LACES- Own a cool pair of yellow 36" Smurf laces for your shoes, sneakers, or whatever. Made in USA. by Lasting Impressions. Unused Still Sealed New in package. M- $14
SMURF LICENSE PLATES FOR BIKES- Set of 4 tin bicycle license plates measuring 2" x 5" each. Slogans are: "S M U R F S"; "Smurfs Ride Free"; "I Brake For Smurfs"; & "Keep On Smurfin'". circa 1983 by Wallace Berrie. Complete set of all 4 are NM $9 for set.
SMURF LUNCH BOX- Blue 8.5" x 7" x 4" deep plastic lunch box depicting swimming scene. Includes 8oz square yellow thermos bottle w/ cup cap. Thermos depicts lover Smurf presenting a daisy flower for Smurfette. Both the lunch box & thermos are clean & in overall beautiful near Mint condition. Thermos/King-Seeley $55 complete
SMURF METAL CAR- Color: Green, w/ rubber tires. Says Papa Smurf on drivers side & has Papa Smurf inside, behind the driver's wheel. 1984 by Ertl NM $22
SMURF MINI STORY BOOK- "The Fake Smurf" 1980 Peyo / Random House EX+ $5
SMURF MINI STORY BOOK- "The Hundredth Smurf" 1862 Random House EX $3 or VG $1
SMURF MIRROR- 13" square mirror w/ frame. Mirror depicts a sitting Smurf covered w/ lipstick kisses He is love-struck amp; holding a flower. Slogan says "Want To Smurf Around?" Natural wood frame w/ cardboard backing. Overall near Mint condition! $12
SMURF MUSHROOM HOUSE- 4" hard rubber Smurf Mushroom House, white w/ removable red roof, brown door that opens, & two windows. Has yellow butterfly on roof. Must-have vintage domicile for the little blue village people. 1978 Peyo / Schleich NM $16
SMURF PARTY HORNS- Unopened/Unused bag of 6 noise-maker paper party horns w/ plastic tips for blowing into. From 1982 by Unique $8
SMURF PEZ- Red Papa Smurf Pez Candy container w/ feet. Has Orange, Cherry & Lemon Pez candy. Made in Austria by Ed Haas& imported through Canada by Kay Pee Imports, 1986. Complete & Unused. Still Sealed in original package! M- $9
SMURF PIN BACK BUTTON- 2" diameter button w/ yellow background. Foreground has blue smurf w/ slogan "Have You Hugged Your Smurf Today?". Made in USA 1982 W. Berrie M- $5
PLUSH SMURFS- Different sizes. Write
SMURF PUZZLES- Several Smurf picture puzzles available. Write
SMURF 7 INCH STITCHERY KIT- Roller-skating Smurf, still sealed Mint in package w/ design stamped on fabric; 23 strands of 100% wool yarn; 7.7 strand lengths of 1200% cotton embroidery thread; 1 set of red polystyrene hops for framing; Embroidery needle; complete, w/ easy to follow instructions- Wonder Art (5053) SS $12
SMURF STICK-ON BUTTON CEREAL BOX PREMIUM- 2" metal "True Blue Smurf Award" button w/ slogan "Most Helpful". Stickback is Unused M $6
SMURF STICK-ON BUTTON CEREAL BOX PREMIUM- 2" metal "True Blue Smurf Award" button w/ slogan "Most Mischievous". Stickback is Unused M $6
SMURF STICK-ON BUTTON CEREAL BOX PREMIUM- 2" metal "True Blue Smurf Award" button w/ slogan "Most Daring". Stickback is Unused New in package! M $9
SMURF STICK-ON BUTTON CEREAL BOX PREMIUM- "Handy For President - For A Smurfy Deal". Large 3" diameter 3-color campaign button for Handy For President. Circa 1984 Wallace Berry M- $8 Rare!
SMURF SUPERCARDS- 2.5" x 5" two-sided Topps Chewing Gum Cards w/ slogans: #4 "Stop, Look & Listen"; #5 "Stay Cool!";#16 "Neatness Counts"; #17 "Smurf's Up!" (surfing); #41 " Don't Bother Me, I'm Smurfin'"; #52 "You're In A Class By Yourself". 1982 Topps Chewing Gum. All are Mint condition $9 for all 6
SMURF TRANSISTOR RADIO- Blue Smurf AM transistor radio that plays great. It measures 5" X 2.75" x 1.5" Has a belt clip on back, mini headphone jack on top & takes a 9-volt battery (not included). Made by Nasta, 1982. It is clean, fully working & in overall beautiful near Mint condition! $45 See Picture
SMURF WIND-UP TOYS- Walking blue Smurf Character approx 3" high. Wallace Berrie NM $3 or Walking Papa Smurf character approx 3" high. Wallace Berrie NM $3
SMURF WRIST WATCH- The official Smurf wind-up watch, quality made. Not a toy. Face measures approx 1" diameter. Slogan says "Smurf Time" on yellow background w/ blue numbers & blue Smurf character. Beautiful stylish expandable chrome metal watchband. Wallace Berrie / Bradley Time Division NM $85
SMURFETTE COMB & MIRROR SET- Color: White Back of 'Unbreakable' mirror says "Let's Be Friends" 1982 by Arc (538) Unused Still Sealed New in package. M- $9
SMURFETTE LUNCH BOX- Pink 8.5" x 7" x 4" deep plastic lunch box depicting Smurfette w/ heart/butterflies & flowers background. Overall EX- condition. Thermos $28
SMURFETTE KEYCHAIN FIGURE- 2" tall w/ metal 'eye' on top for attaching to your key ring. EX+ $5
SMURFETTE MIRROR- Color: Yellow. Back of 'Unbreakable' mirror says "Have A Smurfy Day" 1982 by Arc (537) Unused Still Sealed new in package. M- $9


THE CRAMPS- "I Have The Cramps" appears on the front in red ink, surrounded by a puffy green ink. The back of the shirt, in red ink, says: Stay Sick! - Enigma. Original vintage, from 1989. The shirt is 50/50 Size Large, by Screen Stars. Brand New, unused, never worn or washed. No tears, stains or odors. Mint $50 See Picture
JUICY- An original vintage "Juicy" graphic t-shirt by underground comic book artist Mike McMillan, made available by the Roy Elliott Co. in 1975. The graphic & shirt overall are in good shape. Used, and cared for, but somewhat faded. The 100% Cotton fabric is soft from many washings, but not thread-bare. There are no holes, tears, stains or odors. Still a very serviceable summer t-shirt. It measures like a Medium by today's standards: Armpit to Armpit: 20" - Back collar to hem: 24" Really fantastic shirt from the mid 70s, and Seldom seen! $45 See Picture
KILLER LORDS- Original design black T-Shirt shows gold dagger w/ skull, with the words Killer Lords in red dripping blood style on each side of dagger... On the back, in red, is an 8.5" x 8" box that says: Warning!! This shirt contains material that will cause offence to the moral majority! Wear loud. It measures like a Large: Armpit to Armpit: 22" - Back collar to hem: 28" No tears, stains or odors. NM $6
LIVE AT THE RAT- Here is a really great sweatshirt showing the famous RAT Club logo as it first appeared in 1977, printed on a long sleeved off-white sweat shirt. The Rathskeller, or 'RAT' Club, was a popular nightspot in Boston's Kenmore Square, going back to the 1960s when Boston University Students (& bands, like The Remains) would frequent the basement cellar pub. During the punk, New Wave music explosion of the late 1970s, the Rat Club was a popular haven for groups like Thundertrain, Willie Alexander, DMZ, & others. This is a brand NEW, unused, unwashed, sweat shirt, and is free of any stains, odor, tears, stretching or flaws. The Hanes brand neck tag is intact. There is a choice of two Adult Sizes to pick from: Hanes Heavyweight 50/50 Size Large, and a Hanes Ultimate Cotton (95% cotton) Size Extra Large. This is a pretty hard sweat shirt to find & appears in overall beautiful MINT condition! $40 each See Picture A (facsimile - shown as short sleeved)   See Picture B (image area on tan background)
THE PESTS- "You're All Gonna Die - Might As Well Have Fun" T-Shirt- (New Orleans punk band, 2015 black T-Shirt w/ red lettering. Brand new, unused, never worn or washed. No tears, stains or odors. 100% pre-shrunk Heavy Cotton by Gildan. Size Medium. Mint $9


THE ADAMS FAMILY- 1964 Donruss cards #15; 25; 55; & 64 Overall VG- $2 for all 4 cards
ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW- (Series-3 box set of 110 cards w/ Andy, Barney Fife, Gomer Pyle, Aunt Bee, Opie, Goober & more. Color & B&W plus several photos from the "Danny Thomas" pilot episode. 1991) Pacific M $12
ARMAGEDDON MOVIE TRADING CARDS- 11 assorted promo cards measuring 2.5" x 3.5" w/ metallicized printing & backing board, each individually sealed. Distributed in packages of Nestle candy bars in the USA only, 1998. $5 for the 11 card set. Duplicate of card #3 (New York City gets hit by asteroid) available, plus 3 others. SS $1 each. See Card #5   See Card #13   More Cards
ASTRONAUT PICTURES- Trading cards with 1960s vintage astronauts, by Topps w/ photo fronts & 3-D drawings on the backs- (No. 1; 3; 4; 6; 13; 18; 22; 24; 40; 41; 44; 46; 48; 51; 53; 54; 55 (checklist card)
AUSTIN POWERS- Collectible Card Game: The Spy Who Shagged Me- (Box set contains 2-decks of 30 cards each, one good, one evil, total 60 cards, plus rulebook. Groovy baby! 1999) Decipher M $9
BATMAN- 1966 Topps 'Black Bat". This 55-card Black Bat set is divided into story arcs which are told on the orange backs of each card.(The Following numbers are available: #2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17; 18; 19; 20; 21; 22; 23; 24; 25; 26; 27; 28; 29; 30; 31; 32; 33; 34; 35; 36; 37; 38; 39; 40; 41; 42; 43; 44; 45; 46; 47; 48; 49; 50; 51; 52; 53; 54; 55. Complete set (#2-55) M $575. Individual cards also available in lesser grades. Write for condition & price of any individual card.
BATMAN- 1966 Topps Batman A-Series "Red Bat" 44 Card Set, featuring the artwork of Norman Saunders. (The Following numbers are available: #1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17; 20; 22; 24; 25; 26; 30; 31; 32; 33; 34; 35; 36; 37; 38; 39; 40; 41; 42; 43; 44 Condition & prices vary... Write for info...
BATMAN- 1966 Topps Batman B-Series "Blue Bat" 44 Card Set, featuring the artwork of Norman Saunders w/ puzzle backs (The Following numbers are available: #1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 11; 12; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17; 18; 19; 20; 21; 22; 23; 25; 26; 27; 28; 29; 30; 31; 32; 33; 34; 35; 36; 37; 38; 39; 40; 41; 42; 43; 44. Most are NM to VG $3.50 each / 5 for $15 / all for $75
BATMAN- Riddler Back Cards by Topps- 1966 38-card set features photo images from the TV Series on the front w/ red "photo album" style tabs at the corners. On the back is a caption & blurb at the top & a riddle on the bottom half w/ an illustration of the Riddler. The riddle solution requires a decoder that came in packs. (The Following numbers are available: #6; 10; 13; 14; 20; 21; 24; 29; 36; 38. NM- to VG- condition. All 10 cards for $33. Write for individual condititions & prices.
BATMAN- Bat Laff Trading Cards by Topps- 1966 set features photo images from the TV Series on the front w/ puzzle pieces & jokes on the backs. (The Following numbers are available: #1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 9; 10; 11; 12; 13; 14; 17; 18; 19; 21; 22; 23; 24; 25; 26; 27; 28; 29; 30; 31; 34; 35; 36; 37; 38; 39; 40; 41; 42; 43; 44; 45; 46; 47; 48; 49; 50; 51; 53; 54; 55. Most are NM to VG $3.00 each / 5 for $12 / all for $55
BEATLES- Trading Cards - Original issue (Write for sets & numbers)
BETTY PAGE- Forty Private Peeks- (1950s era Bettie, mostly from Irving Klaw Studios. Some w/ Tempest Storm. Many rare images from original photos. Backs of cards are Blue & Pink to form a puzzle photo of Betty Page. Early 90s Ltd. 1st edition cards w/ gold border) Mother Bomb Press M $30 See Picture
BUSH LEAGUE- (36 card boxed set features the personalities, cronies & corruption in the H.W. Bush administration. Text researched by Paul Brancato & edited by Catherine Yronwode. Artwork by Salim Yaqub. 1989) Eclipse Enterprises M $22 See Picture
BEN CASEY- Vince Edwards card #11 from the 1962 Topps Set "Casey & Kildare". VG $1
THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES- 1963 Topps Cards #1 & #17 both VG $24 for the pair. Scarce!
CLASSIC SCI-FI ART- Astounding Science Fiction- (50 card boxed set of Astounding pulp magazine covers from the 1930s-40s. Each card depicts a futuristic scene painted by H.W. Wesso; Howard Brown; Hubert Rogers & others. The backs have fascinating background info written by acknowledged science fiction historian Bob Weinberg. 1994) 21st Century Archives SS $20
CONFIDENTIAL- 1st Edition Boxed card Set. (Full set of 36 color cards w/ reproductions of Confidential, America's 1st scandal magazine. Covers from the 1950's& early 60's pictured on the front, along w/ notes on the contents of each issue on the back. Compiled And Annotated By John Wooley) Kitchen Sink Press SS $25 See Picture
COOP PLAYING CARDS- (Regulation deck of 52 playing cards in hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades, plus 2 jokers, all designed by that notorious illustrator, Coop! These deluxe 'Keep-em Honest' playing cards are full-color beauties, featuring the sexy & iconic imagery for which Coop has become world-famous. Note: Has Original bar-code: 7-61568-13483-4, not the later one) Dark Horse Deluxe SS $12
DARK SHADOWS- 1969 Set by w/ green border. Numbers 19; 37; 46; 60; 62. Overall VG+ $4 each or all 5 for $15
DINOSAUR NATION- Seventy Years Of Saurian Cinema- (Boxed Set of 36 cards celebrating the most notable Dino films of all-time, compiled & annotated by Michael Barson. 1993) Kitchen Sink SS $16 See Picture
ELVGREN PINUPS- (Set of 50 Premium Collectible Trading Cards from 21st Century Archives, featuring 1950's & 60's Gil Elvgren pinup calendar art. 1995 w/ informative backs written by Reid Stewart Austin. This is the 3rd Elvgren collector card set, & is the hardest to find. The previous 2 Elvgren card sets were produced by Comic Images) Brown & Bigelow M $22 See Picture (Note: Pictures came out kind of light. Actual colors are much more vivid in person)
FABIAN- "Tell Us" Trading Cards- This 1959 Topps Card set features 55 color photo fronts & "Tell Us Fabian" backs, in which facts about the singer were given in a question-and-answer format. (The Following numbers are available: #2; 3; 7; 10; 15; 17; 18; 20; 21; 25; 27; 30; 33; 34; 36; 37; 50; 53; 54 (© T.C.G & M.D.S. Enterprises, Inc. Printed in U.S.A.) M to NM $2.00 each / 6 for $10 / all for $25
THE FLYING NUN- 1960 Screen Gems Card #33 "I WEant To Fly To" w/ Sally Field. EX- $1
FREDDIE & THE DREAMERS- Donruss released this Freddie & The Dreamers 66-card set © 1965 P.T.A. The Following numbers are availale: #1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 7; 8; 9; 11; 12; 13; 14; 15; 16; 18; 19; 20; 21; 23; 24; 25; 27; 28; 29; 31; 32; 33; 34; 35; 36; 39; 40; 41; 42; 43; 44; 45; 46; 47; 49; 52; 53; 54; 55; 56; 57; 58; 61; 62; 64; 65; 66. (Printed in the USA w/ Puzzle back) All NM to M $2.50 each / 5 for $10 /15 for $25
GET SMART TRADING QUIZ CARDS- 1966 Card set by Talent Associates, based on the TV Series. The following numbers are available: #19; 27; 33; 34; 44; 51; 57. Overall VG condition $2.00 each / all for $12
GILLIGAN'S ISLAND- Of the TV series from Topps w/ photo fronts & humorous word balloons. Backs have photos from the show in flip-card action- (#11; 16; 21; 25; 29; 37; 39; 40; 42; 44; 45; 51; 55) Overall VG condition $2.50 each / 5 for $10 / all for $20
GOMER PYLE USMC- Of the TV series from Fleer w/ photo fronts & humorous dialogue quoted from the show on the back- (#3; 10; 17; 35; 45; 46; 51; 62; 63) Overall VG $6 for all
GOOD GUYS & BAD GUYS- 1966 Leaf Trading Cards: #21 Yellowstone Kelley (EX-); #54 Robert Dalton (VG+); #61 Jessie James (VG-) $9 for all 3 cards.
G-MEN & HEROES OF THE LAW- 1936 by Gum, Inc. (No. 3; 4; 5; 11; 12; 17; 19; 20; 21; 23; 29; 40; 46; 58; 59; 60; 63; 69; 72; 77; 80; 86; 91; 92; 96; 98; 101; 111; 125; 126; 132; 137; 139; 142) also 1937 Series by Gum, Inc. (Numbers 424 & 427)
GOVERNMENT AGENTS VS PUBLIC ENEMIES- 1936 by M. Pressner & Co.- (A-202; A-203; A-204; A-205; A-207; A-208; A-209; A-210; A-211; A-212; A-213; A-214; A-215; A-216; A-218; A-219; A-220; A-223; A-224) See Picture
GREEN BERETS- Photo front w/ puzzle back, issued by the Philadelphia Chewing Gum Corp. (PCGC) circa mid-1960s- (No. 10; 13; 15; 20; 26; 28; 31; 32; 33; 34; 43; 45; 8 50; 52; 54; 56; 57; 58; 59; 61)
HEROES OF THE BLUES- (Boxed Set of 36 cards w/ artwork by R. Crumb. Annotated on backs. 1992) Eclipse Enterprises M $27 See Picture
HOGAN'S HEROES- Of the TV series from Fleer w/ photo fronts & puzzle backs- (#3; 13; 19; 38; 44; 46; 49; 52; 57; 58) Overall VG condition. All for $5
INCREDIBLE TRUE-LIFE MURDERERS!- (Ltd. boxed set of 40 cards depicting some of the most notorious killers of all-time, bw/ bios & artwork by The Pizz & Bad Otis Link. 1990) Mother Bomb M $25 See Picture
JAMES BOND SECRET AGENT 007- 1965 Philadelphia Gum by Glidrose Productions, Series 1 of 66 Cards w/ photo fronts depicting scene from the 1st 3 James Bond films: "Dr. No" (#1-18); "From Russia With Love" (#19-41); "Goldfinger" (#42-66) - (The following cards are available: #5; 10; 13; 17; 20; 22; 24; 25; 31; 33; 34; 36; 37; 41; 44; 45; 47; 59; 60; 65). Overall condition VG $2.00 each / 6 for $10 /all for $25
JAMES BOND SECRET AGENT 007- 1966 Philadelphia Gum by Glidrose Productions, Series 2 of 66 Cards w/ photo fronts depicting scenes from "Thunderball" (The following cards are available: #1; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 9; 11; 18; 20; 21; 23; 24; 28; 29; 33; 35; 37; 39; 40; 42; 44; 45; 47; 49; 50; 52; 53; 55; 59; 60 62; 63) Overall condition is VG to VG+ $2.00 each / 6 for $10 /all 33 for $30 (Note: Combine both James Bond sets, 1 & 2, for a total of $50 for all)
KING KONG- 1965 King Kong Cards from RKO / Donruss,pictures King Kong making wisecracks in various movie scenes. Card Available: #1; #32 (w/ Godzilla!), & #39. Overall VG $8 for all 3.
LOST IN SPACE- 1966 Topps card set w/ B&W photo front w/ caption, and pink/orange backs w/ description & artwork. Numbers 40 (VG) & 44 (VG-) available. $3 for the pair.
MAD MAGAZINE- (55 card set of memorable Mad covers. Cool Cartoons & Comics on backs. Comes in hard plastic snap-case. 1992) Lime Rock M $9 See Picture
MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.- Of the TV Series from Topps 1965 w/ photo front, puzzle back- (#5; 6; 9; 13; 15; 27; 28; 29; 30; 34; 40; 42; 45; 46; 52; 53; 54; 55) VG to VG- #1.50 each/ 3 for $4 / All 18 cards for $20
MARVEL SUPER HEROES- 1966 Donruss Marvel Super Heroes is a 66-card set. There are six 11-card sections, each w/ a different hero. Captain America (#1-11); Iron Man (#12-22); Daredevil (#23-33); Spider-Man (#34-44); the Hulk (#45-55); Thor (#56-66). Full color fronts feature artwork of era greats like Steve Ditko, done to look like a comic panel. Card backs fit together to form a large labeled puzzle of all the featured heroes. The following cards are available: #3; 4; 7; 9; 10; 14; 17; 20; 29; 33; 34; 35; 42; 43; 47; 48; 50; 54; 57; 59; 60; 61; 63. Overall condition is VG w/ no writing on any cards. $2.00 each / 6 for $10 / all for $25
MAYA MYSTERIES OF INDIA- 1967 Topps 55 card set from the Maya TV Show. Available numbers: #1; 2; 15; 19; 30; 39; 40; 41; 51; 55 Overall EX+ to EX $2.00 each / all 10 for $12
McHALE'S NAVY- Of the TV series from Fleer w/ photo fronts & humorous dialogue quoted from the show on the back- (#1; 5; 6; 7; 10; 14; 22; 24; 57; 60; 61; 64; 66) Overall NM- to VG- $1.50 each / 4 for $5 / all for $9
MOD SQUAD- 1969 Topps 55 Card set w/ color photo on the front from the TV series w/ multi-color border. The backs form different larger puzzles of the stars. Available numbers: Puzzle #1 Card #4; 25; 26. Puzzle #2 Card #1 2; 23. Puzzle #3 Card #48. Puzzle 4 Card #20;26; 40. Overall condition VG+ $2.00 each / 6 for $10 / all 10 for $15
THE MONKEES- 1966 Sepia Set trading cards w/ puzzle backs or 1967 Series-A, B, or C color trading cards w/ puzzle backs. By Raybert Prod. Inc; a Trademark of Screen Gems, Inc. (Write for numbers)
THE MUNSTERS- 1964 Munsters Mumbles trading cards by Leaf Brands, capitalize on the fun w/ a mix of shots from the TV show + promotional images. Captions on the front are funny one-liners. Backs have Munsters logo & dialogue highlights from the show. (The following numbers are available: #1; 5; 12; 14; 17; 18; 25; 32; 34; 37; 49; 51; 70. Overall VG+ to VG. Price varies... Write.
1950's & 1960's Men's Magazine Covers- Series One- (Full set of 39 color & B&W Cards w/ different illustration on each side of card. Photo & Painted Covers, plus interior pages & More. 12 Photo's of Betty Page. Ltd edition from 1994) Mother Productions M $30
1950's & 1960's Men's Magazine Covers- Series Two- (Full set of 32 color cards of photo & painted men's magazine covers, w/ B&W interior illustration on back of card. 1995 numbered Ltd edition of 3000. This is #1470) Mother Productions M $30
1950's & 1960's Men's Magazine Covers- Series Three- (Full set of 32 color cards of men's magazine covers, w/ interior illustration or photo on back of card. 1996 numbered Ltd. Edition of 3000. This is #1700) Mother Productions M $30
ODDER ODD RODS- Odd Rods were created by the Donruss Company w/ artwork by cartoonist B.K. Taylor in the style of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. This set of color cards is Series-2, w/ peel-off backs, making them stickers, numbered 1-66, circa 1970. Comes in hard plastic snap-case. Donruss M $175 Rare! See Picture
THE OUTER LIMITS- 1964 Topps / Bubble Inc. black border set features monsters from the Outer Limits TV series. Available: #7; 19; 23; 26; 28; 31 Overall VG to VG- $2.00 each / 3 for $5 / all for $10
PAINTED LADIES- (Complete boxed set of 36 full-color cards featuring luscious pinup calendar art from the 40s & 50s w/ artwork by Rolf Armstrong; George Petty; Alberto Vargas; Gil Elvgren; Zoe Mozert; Enoch Bolle; Earnest Chiriaka; Peter Driben & many more. Annotation on card backs by compiler Max Allan Collins. 1993) Kitchen Sink M $22 See Picture
PLANET OF THE APES- 1969 Topps set of 44 cards. Color fronts w/ red scroll captions. Green backs has descriptive write-up & artwork. (Available numbers: #2; 3; 5; 6; 7; 9; 15; 16; 17; 18; 19; 20; 24; 28; 29; 31; 33; 35; 38; 49; 43; 44. Overall condition NM $3.50 each / 4 for $12 / 10 for $20 / all 22 cards for $35
ROBIN HOOD- 1957 Topps card #40 based on the TV Series. VG- Free with the order of any other Trading Cards valued over $5
SPEC SHEET- Hot Rod Magazine & Donruss released the 66-card "Spec Sheet" Series 1 © 1965 w/ color fronts & descriptive backs, giving the 'specs'. The following numbers are available: 15; 16; 25; 28; 38. Mint $2.50 each / all 5 for $10
TARZAN & THE SHE DEVIL- Tarzan 3-D Card #7 "Cheeta Steals An Egg". Topps from 1953. VG (some edge wear, blunt corners. No creases) $2
THE THREE STOOGES- 1959 Fleer Color Cards of The 3 Stooges: Card #11 & Card #65 overall VG $ $3 for the pair.
THE THREE STOOGES- 1966 Fleer B&W Cards of The 3 Stooges w/ puzzle backs: #4; 18; 22; 29 Overall VG $3 for the lot of 4 cards.
TV WESTERNS- 1958 Topps TV Westerns trading cards has 71 cards from 11 different shows. The following numbers are available: #23 -Wanted Dead Or Alive; #46 & #47 - Wagon Train; #58 & #62 - Tales Of Wells Fargo. EX- to VG $6 for all 5 cards.
WAR BULLETIN- Series of WWII Photo cards put out by Philadelphia Chewing Gum Corp. (PCGC) circa mid-1960s- (No.4; 13; 23; 32; 34; 42; 47; 48; 51; 55; 63; 78)
WAR CRY- Propaganda Poster Art Of WW II- (36 card boxed set by Monte Beauchamp. Backs written by John Petrie. 1992) Kitchen Sink SS $16
WASHINGTON, D.C.'S BIG BUDGET CIRCUS- The Most Taxing Show On Earth- (36 card boxed set shows waste of the US Taxpayers money during the H.W. Bush administration. Written by Peggy Gorden. Artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz. 1992) Eclipse Enterprises M $12
WHO AM I?- 1967 Topps card #36, featuring Daniel Boone. NM $1
ZORRO- 1958 Topps Trading Cards based on the Disney TV Series. The following cards are available: #1; 2; 27; 29; 65; 82. VG to VG- $12 for all 6 cards.


ASHTRAY- Novelty Ashray shows sleepy-eyed party-goer in pajamas & bathrobe w/ party hat; cigarette in mouth; & drink in hand. Funny caption says: I'm Just A Neighbor. I Couldn't Sleep. 3.5" x 4.5" Frosted glass w/ 2-color design. Circa early-60s Unused M $15
DROODLES COCKTAIL NAPKINS- 5" x 5" x 1.5" pink box pictures Droodles creator Roger Price pointing to a few examples of the 18 different Droodle designs, printed in black on the 32 out of 36 folded white paper cocktail napkins w/ deckle cut edges, enclosed. Made in USA by Monogram. Minor writing on box lid, otherwise fine. Napkins unused Mint. $20 See Picture
ELVIS RING- Stunning adjustable silver-tone metal ring with the name Elvis encrusted in sparkling glass diamonds! Name measures 1/4" high x 1" long. Ring starting size is 3/4" diameter w/ plenty of forgiveness for larger or smaller fingers or toes. Use for Elvis Presley or Elvis Costello, or your dog named Elvis. Unique $15
EXECUTIVE YO-YO- Play with your Executive Yo-yo, complete w/ sleeper action. Sexy nude topless cheesecake photos of voluptuous models on yo-yo & on 5.5" x 7.5" backing display card. Yo-yo is still sealed in blister-pak & attached to card. Sealed Unused Mint Circa 1960s $35 Rare!
KRUEGER BREWING CO. COASTERS- You can't go wrong with these rare vintage coasters for Krueger Beet & Ale. 3.5" diameter, die-cut round; printed 1-side on pulpboard. Unused Mint Circa early 1960s. Rare! 60 cents each; 2 for $1.00; 3 for $1.35 or 4 for $1.60 See Picture
PINUP POSTER- 'Crowning Glory'- 12" x 15" full color Pinup Poster by M.M. Phillips on heavy stock. Numbered: #166 of 950) Rolled M (C10) $25
PINUP POSTER- 'Lili'- 13" x 17" full color Pinup Poster by Rusty, copyrighted by M.M. Phillips & D, Rust. Numbered & signed by Rusty! (#105 of 950) Rolled M (C10) $25
STRIPTEASE NOVELTY SOAP- The more you wash, the more you see! The strip scenes appear in 6 layers of undress as the soap wears down. Soap is unused but has dried out a bit over time. EX- $10 See Picture
VINTAGE SHOT GLASS- Four Novelty Shot Glasses made by Anchor Hocking. Clear glass, 1.5 ounce shot glasses, slightly barrel shaped, w/ painted B&W cartoons: "Drinks Are On The House!"; "Here's Mud In Your Eye!"; "Here's Looking At You!"; "Down The Hatch!". Mint. Sold individually for $9 each, or $25 for the set of 4. See Picture
VINTAGE SHOT GLASS- Four Assorted 'Rumpus' Shot Glasses made circa 1960s by the Federal Glass CO, of Columbus, Ohio, w/ color painted labels indicating Rum, Gin, Rye, Bourbon. Appropriate drink recipe on back for Daiquiri, Martini, Sours & Manhattan. Mint. Sold individually for $9 each, or $25 for set of 4. See Picture
WOLVERTOON POSTCARDS- A set of 10 different caricature postcards by Basil Wolverton These eye-poppingly grotesque drawings will make some lucky recipient do a double-take in front of their mailbox! See Wolverton's "Barflize" characters dispense such bons mots as "That's two reasons why I'm not leaving"; "I thought I told you no soda"; "Bartender!! Water!!"; "Mix me another eye-opener!" and "I'm really screwed up". Comes in an illustrated envelope 6.75" x 4.5" Unused Mint $9
ZIPPO LIGHTER- Image of mistress Betty Page w/ cigarette & whip, 3-color enamel on black lighter. Unused, new in case. All Zippo lighters come w/ a lifetime guarantee from Zippo M $38
ZIPPO LIGHTER- Image of Buddy Bradley w/ cigarette. Lettering on flip-top says: Read Peter Bagge's Hate Comics! 3-color enamel on grey lighter. Unused, new in case. All Zippo lighters come w/ a lifetime guarantee from Zippo M $40


1964-1965 NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR- Assorted items include: Drinking Glass Set of 8 glasses; metal ashtrasy w/ Unisphere; metal flip-date calendar; assorted decorative plates 4.5" diameter; 6" diameter; 8" diameter; metal tray w/ Unisphere 12" diameter (black rim or white rim); Jim Beam Decanter. Write for details
Expo '67- 1967 World's Fair, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Metal Tray- Pavillon du Canada 12" diameter. Write for details