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The following is a list of vintage TV Shows I have available.
Times are about 25-30 minutes each unless otherwise noted.

These selections are available from one collector to another with no rights given or implied. They are believed to be unreleased and/or in the public domain & come in a plain case without artwork, labels or inserts, not intended for retail or rental. If a title was listed in error, please email and it will be promptly removed. Dubs are made as needed, by request. Price is for time spent searching & dubbing, but trades are preferred. Note: Regardless of the individual prices listed for various movies & TV shows, if you combine titles on one disc & the individual prices add up to more than $30, the total price will be reduced to $30. We will match or beat any price on the web. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. DVD-Rs are recorded NTSC Region 1 in SP Mode on name-brand discs. High Definition (HD) XP Mode available by request. Times are approximate. Quality varies. Click Here For Viewing Guidelines. Write for more info. All transactions are final.


ABC STAGE 57- On The Flipside- A spirit & her musical combo are assigned to help a washed-up singer make a comeback. Rick Nelson & Joanie Sommers star in this original TV musical. Music by Burt Bacharach & Mack David, w/ original commercials (60 minutes) $14
ABC TV PROMOS 1965 - 1974- Presented by Damon Packard in chronological order. Includes The Green Hornet; Smothers Brothers Summer Show; Gunsmoke; Johnny Cash; Room 222; Love American Style; Bewitched; Toma; Shindig; The Music Scene; Get Smart; Fugitive; FBI; ABC Movie Of The Week; Happy Days; Kung Fu; Rookies; Tom Jones; Smokey Robinson Show; Odd Couple; That Girl; Bradey Bunch; Mod Squad; Streets Of San Francisco, many more; plus a special bonus of Star Trek bloopers- (90 minutes) $9
THE ADDAMS FAMILY- "Lurch Learns To Dance"- In this 13th episode of the series, Gomez & Morticia are concerned when Lurch refuses to go to the annual Butler's Ball. After some probing, they soon learn the reason, Lurch can't dance. After a horrible experience with a dance instructress, Gomez, Morticia & Wednesday try to help him by teaching him how to dance, but Lurch ends up on the rack to straighten his back out after attempting to learn The Twist. (12/11/1964) $8
THE ADDAMS FAMILY- "Lurch, The Teenage Idol"- Lurch plays the family harpsichord & grunts & groans a catchy tune, "Go Go Baby!". Gomez calls Mizzy Records for an audition & the producer says "He'll be bigger than the Beagles!". His record is a hit & screaming teenage fans surround the house! A world tour is planned. Wednesday dances the 'Watusi' & Gomez does 'The Freddie'. w/ Herbie Styles, Laurie Mitchell, Noanna Dix, Pamela McMyler, Jacque Palmer, Patrick Moore. (5/14/1965) $7
THE ADDAMS FAMILY- "Halloween With The Adams Family"- The eerie clan is reunited for a howling fun celebration that is interrupted by some unsuspecting thieves, in this made-for-TV movie. John Astin; Carolyn Jones; Jackie Coogan; Ted Cassidy. 1977 (75 minutes) $6
THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE & HARRIET- "Girl In The Emporium"- Ricky & Wally notice a pretty sales clerk in a department store while Christmas shopping, & soon get jobs in the same department as they compete for her attention. w/ original commercials (12/14/1960) $5
THE AFFLUENT TEENAGER- Documentary by KRON-TV for their 'Assignment-Four' series. In this edition they examine teen trends. Rodney Bingenheimer seen bobbing his head & clapping his hands to a local Fender-playing garage group! Autumn Records founder Tom Donahue spins records in a glass booth. Other cool combos perform. 1965 $5
AGE TENDRE ET TÊTE DE BOIS - Youth oriented rock & roll yé-yé pop music TV show from France hosted by Albert Rainser w/ The Beach Boys "I Get Around" & Fun, Fun, Fun"; Frank Alamo "Je me Bat Pour Gagner (A Hard Day's Night, turned into "I Fight To Win") & "Sing With Me" (w/ The Little Prince); Alain Barrière "Les Sabots"; Jean-Jacques Debout "Préviens Les Amis, Préviens Les Copains"; Les Surfs "Le Téléphone"; Jacques Brel "Les Vieux"; Claude-Anne Lander "Permets Moi de te Dire"; Jean-Noël Michelet "Dany"; Diana "Don't Whistle Under My Window Any More"; Gérard Brent "Tu ne Riras Pas Devant Moi"; Dick Rivers "Je Ne Suis Plus Rien Sans Toi"; Trio Fontes "Air Traditionnel Portugais"; Antonio Calvario "Fado"; Alain Barriere "Ma Vie"; Claude Kahn "J'entends Siffler Le Train", "Etude Révolutionnaire" & "Zorro est Arrivé"; Claude Bolling & Son "Si J'avais Un Marteau". 4th season finale. 60 minutes (11/10/1964) $12
ALCOA GOODYEAR THEATRE- "Girls About Town" aka "Meet The Girls"- Three bombshells arrive in New York City in search of fame, fortune & husbands. They end up taking over the Park Ave. apartmennt of a dapper bachelor & groom-to-be. w/ Virginia Field as Charlotte "The Brain" Dunning; Gale Robbins as Lacey "The Face" Sinclair, & Mamie Van Doren as Maybelle "The Shape" Perkins. (4/20/1959) $5
ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS- "The Big Kick"- This episode was written by Robert Bloch, author of the novel on which "Psycho" was based. At a cool beatnik party Ken meets Judy who is down & out and can't buy food, let alone pay the rent. Urged on by her boyfriend Mitch (who recites the beat-poem, "Diagnosis"), Judy agrees to go out on a date with Ken in hopes of getting some money out of him. When the professor gives her an expensive bracelet, Mitch tries to hawk it with interesting results. Ken is obviously one step ahead of them & little do they realize what is in store. (06/19/1962) $5
AMERICAN BANDSTAND- Complete episode w/ The Electric Prunes; Neil Diamond; Tim Conway & the cast of ABC-TV Series "Rango". Hotline call to Sean Bonniwell + "Masculine Intuition" by The Music Machine.(1/7/1967) 57 minutes $8
AMERICAN BANDSTAND- Best Of American Bandstand Vol 1- (Bill Haley & The Comets "Rock Around The Cl;ock"; Buddy Holly & The Crickets "Peggy Sue"; Sam Cooke "You Send Me"; Jerry Lee Lewis "Great Balls Of Fire"; Silhouettes "Get A Job"; Big Bopper "Chantilly Lace"; Fabian "Turn Me Loose"; Dion & The Belmonts "Teenager In Love"; Fleetwoods "Come Softly To Me"; Paul Anka "Lonely Boy"; Mark Dinning "Teen Angel"; Everly Bros. "Cathy's Clown"; Ed Byrnes & Connie Stevens "Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb"; Chubby Checker "The Twist". (45 minutes) $8
AMERICAN BANDSTAND- Best Of American Bandstand Vol 2- (Superbs; Ray Peterson; Neil Sedaka; Freddie Cannon; Youngbloods; Strawberry Alarm Clock; Pink Floyd; Love; Music Machine; Leaves; Van Morrison; Count 5; ? & The Mysterians; Rose Garden; Mama Cass; Jefferson Airplane) 60 minutes $8
ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW- "The Guitar Player"- In this 3rd episode of the series, Jim Lindsey (James Best, later a regular on 'The Dukes Of Hazzard') plays rockabilly music on the sidewalk & disturbs the local mortician. Andy thinks Jim has talent & wants to help him make it. When "Bobby Fleet & His Band with a Beat" pull into town, Andy & Barney find an excuse to put Bobby & his band in jail so they'll be a captive audience for Jim to audition his wild surf-a-billy guitar playin'! Barney cuts loose with some bop 'n jive moves! w/ Ronnie Howard, Henry Slate, Jonathan Hole, Dub Taylor, Connie Van. Wild guitar parts dubbed by Herb Ellis. (10/17/1960) $6
ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW- "Opie's Group"- Opie (Ron Howard) joins a rockin' beat combo called "The Sound Committee". Clifford tells Opie he can't act like a kid anymore by saying things like "Oh Boy" & "Neato." In no time he's a hip dude grooving on the scene & making time with the cool chicks! (11/6/1967) $7
ANDY'S GANG- 10 assorted mid-50s episodes starring Andy Devine & his pals Froggy The Gremlin; Midnight The Cat; & Squeaky The Mouse. (Write)
ANIMATED TV COMMERCIALS OF THE 50s & 60s- (Jello; E-Z Pop; Babbo; Ritz; Ajax; Vel; Pepsident; Tang; Listerine; Skippy; Chevrolet for 1955; Dodge for 1956; Westinghouse; GE; Esso; Snap Jacks from Flagg Shoes; various cigarette & beer brands; various cereal brands (ie: Cocoa Puffs; Trix; Cheerios; Maypo); Keds PF Flyers; more. (1 hour) $6
ARCHIE- Live action unsold pilot of the Riverdale gang produced by Columbia Pictures/Screen Gems who had then current hits with TV versions of Dennis The Menace & Hazel, both based on comics. Archie plays matchmaker for the High School Dance, and ends up with some unintended dates of his own. w/ John Simpson, Roland Winters. Former "Mouseketeer" Cheryl Holdridge plays Betty. Includes unique & rare promotion spot by the cast members who make a pitch to potential sponsors & network execs to pick up the series. (1964) 42 minutes total $9
THE ART LABOE SHOW- Los Angeles based teenage rock & roll music dance party show hosted by DJ Art LaBoe on KTLA-TV w/ Bobby Day "Rockin' Robin" & "Bluebird, Buzzard & Oriole"; The Vogues "Falling Star", & Jerry Wallace "All My Love Belongs To You". The kids dance to great 50s rock & roll records. Art is the creator of the "Golden Oldies" nostalgia record series. Circa December, 1958. Only known surving episode, from a kinescope. $7
ATLANTIC RECORDS STORY- This is the history of Atlantic Record which was founded in 1947 & evolved into a pioneering label that influenced idioms from R&B, Rock & Roll; to British Rock & Southern soul. This retrospective draws on Atlantic's eclectic & electrifying roster of artists from Aretha Franklin to Led Zeppelin. Performance clips include: LaVerne Baker; Booker T & The MGs; Soloman Burke; Ray Charles, John Coltrane; Cream, The Drifters w/ Ben E. King; En Vogue; Wilson Pickett; Otis Redding; The Rolling Stones; Sonny & Cher; Big Joe Turner & many others. The program interweaves recollection & priceless commentary by its founders Armet Ertigun, Herb Abramsen, Miriam Abramsen, & Jerry Wexler. (1994 Made For TV Documentary) $12


BACHELOR FATHER- "Bentley Goes To Europe"- Wealthy Beverly Hills attorney Bentley Gregg is going on an all-expenses-paid business trip to Rome, accompanied by his niece Kelly & housekeeper Peter. But lacking a birth certificate, Peter needs Grandpa Ling to swear that he was born in San Francisco in order to obtain a passport. Unfortunately, with time running out, Grandpa Ling can't seem to remember exactly where Peter was born. John Forsythe, Noreen Corcoran, Sammee Tong, w/ original commercials. (1/19/1961) $7
BALLYHOO! THE HOLLYWOOD SIDE SHOW- Frankie Avalon hosts this documentary chronicling the history of movie gimmickry, such as drive-ins; 3-D; Cinemascope & Smell-O-Vision, that producer/promoters used to draw audiences to their movies. w/ Peter Bogdanovich; Roger Ebert; Tab Hunter; Mamie Van Doren; John Waters. 1996 (55 minutes) $9
BATMAN- "The Cats Meow" / "The Bat's Kow Tow"- 2-Part episode w/ Catwoman (Julie Newmar), who uses a voice eraser to take away the voices of Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde. Steve Allen guests. Cameo by Don Ho. Plus 2 minute Bonus clip from "Hizzorner, The Penguin" w/ Paul Revere & The Raiders. Glitched. (12/14/1966) (12/15/1966) (40 minutes total) $8
BATMAN- "That Darn Catwoman" / "Scat, Darn Catwoman"- 2-Part episode w/ Catwoman (Julie Newmar) & her sidekick Pink Pussycat (Leslie Gore) who lip-synchs to "California Nights". (1/19/1967) / (1/25/1967) $9
BATMAN- "Wail Of The Siren"- Joan Collins, who sings 7 Octaves as Siren Lorelei Circle, a weird villainess who controls people with her 2 octaves above High-C voice. She sends Commissioner Gordon to find out the secret identities of Batman & Robin. Her ultimate goal is the Bruce Wayne fortune & she puts him under her spell to get it & then once she does, she tries to make him jump off the top of a building. But Robin & Batgirl (Yvonne Craig) save the day. The 'Batnesia gas' that Alfred sprayed the Commissioner with works & he never remembers being in the Batcave. (9/28/1967) $8
BATMAN- "Surf's Up! Joker's Under!"- The Joker w/ Riptide, Wipeout & moll Undine kidnap Skip Parker in the Jokemobile & transforms his championship surfing ability into The Joker. When Batman & Robin come to his rescue Riptide & Wipeout turn them into human surfboards! The dynamic duo finally defeats The Joker in a surfing contest. w/ Skip ward (Burt's bother) as 'Riptide'. Yvonne Craig as both Batgirl & Barbara Gordon (wearing a black-mesh bathing suit). Also w/ rock band Johnnie Green & His Green Men. The Jokemobile appears for the only 2nd & last time in the series. (11/16/1967) $8
BATMAN SPECIAL: Get the above 4 Batman titles (6 episodes in all, plus the clip) on 1 disc (SP) for only $20
THE BEAT!!- Complete episodes of the legendary R&B Soul Show hosted by William 'Hoss' Allen. (2/16/1966) Jimmy Church; Gatemouth Brown; Wanda Rouzan; Louis Jordan; Charlie Hodges; Frank Howard & The Commanders. (3/14/1966) Mighty Hannibal; Little Gary Ferguson; Gatemouth Brown; Johnny Taylor; Wanda Rouzan; The Beat Boys. (1966) The Dolls; Bobby Powell; The Beat Boys; Rodge Martin; Johnny Taylor. (1966) Rodge Martin; Maurice & The Radiants; Bobby Powell; Johnny Taylor; The Poppies; The Beat Boys; Jimmy Church. (1966 #14) Freddie King; Maurice & The Radiants; The Beat Boys; The Poppies; Lee Watson & The Panthers; Johnnie Jones. (1966 #15) Louis Jordan & The Tympany Five; Freddie King & Gatemouth Brown. (1966 #16) Clarence "Frogman" Henry; Gwen Davis; Robert Parker; Jimmy Church; Lattimore Brown. (1966 #17) Clarence "Frogman" Henry; Gwen Davis; Joe Simon, Gatemouth Brown & Johnny Jones; Mamie Galore; Jamo Thomas; Beat Boys; Robert Parker. $5 each episode
BEAT BEAT BEAT- Casey Jones & The Governors "Dizzy Miss Lizzy", "Don't You Just Know It", "Yesterday Man", "Don't You Know Yockamo"; The Sorrows "You've Got What I Want", "No, No, No, No", "Take A Heart", "Let Me In"; The Kentuckies "Saturday Night", "Hi-Heel Sneakers", "Teach Me How To Uncle Willy"; the amazing Cherry Wainer at the organ, & more. (2/4/1966) 45 minutes $12
BEAT BEAT BEAT- The Rangers "Black Is Black", "Lovers Of The World Unite"; Cherry Wainer "Soul Organ Blues; What Now My Love"; The Untamed "One More Heartache", "I Go Crazy", "Daddy Long Legs"; Tony Sheridan "Shake It Some More", "Just You"; Small Faces "Hey Girl", "All Or Nothing", "Whatcha Gonna Do About It", "Sha La La La Lee". (10/21/1966) 45 minutes $14
THE BEAT CLUB- The Phantoms "C.C. Rider", "Hang On Sloopy", "Please Mr. Postman"; Ian & The Zodiacs "Living Loving Wreck", "Face In The Crowd", "All Of Me"; The German Blue Flames "Too Much Monkey Business", You've Got Your Troubles", "Sunbeams At The Sky". (10/30/1965) 31 minutes $9
THE BEAT CLUB- Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band "Michael", "You Don't Know Like I Know"; Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers "I Take What I Want", "I'll Take Good Care Of You"; Smoke "My Friend Jack"; Jimi Hendrix "Hey Joe", "Purple Haze"; The Who "Happy Jack", "So Sad About Us", "My Generation". (3/11.1967) 36 minutes $12
THE BEAT ROOM- Complete episode of the British beat music TV show., w/ Tom Jones (2); The Kinks (2); Julie Rogers; John Lee Hooker; The Syndicats (2); Wayne Gibson & Dynamic Sounds. Small time-code. (5/10/1964) 32 minutes $9
BEAT CLUB- Season 4, Episode 11, Show 45: Dave Clark 5 "Live In The Sky"; Film feature (Part 1): Boat tour of the Adriatic Sea; Steppenwolf "Sookie, Sookie"; Film feature (Part 2): Skin-diving in the Adriatic Sea; Paul Revere & The Raiders "Out On The Road"; Film segment: Eddie Vickers reports on a Chuck Berry/The Who concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London; Marmalade "Baby Make It Soon"; Rainbow People "We're Living In A Dream World"; On film: Eddie Vickers interviews Robin Gibb, who recently left the Bee Gees; Robin Gibb "Saved By The Bell"; Beat Club news: (1) Top 7 UK hits (2) Report on Brian Jones' death, and the Stones' Hyde Park tribute concert; Zager & Evans "In the Year 2525 (Exordium & Terminus)"; Clodagh Rodgers "Goodnight Midnight"; The Beach Boys "Surfin' U.S.A."; Thunderclap Newman "Something In The Air"; On film from their Montreal 'Bed-In': John & Yoko and friends "Give Peace A Chance". (August 2, 1969)
BEST OF THE BEAT CLUB 1969-70- w/ The Bonzo Dog Band; The Who; Paul Revere & The Raiders; Brian Auger & The Trinity w/ Julie Driscoll; Melanie; The Rascals; Cat Stevens, and many more! 1 hour $9
THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES- "Clampetts Go To Hollywood"- Features King Donovan as Jed's cousin Jake, who convinces Jed to produce his movie. Jake is just a scam artist, & when Jed decides to produce a movie, Jethro, Elly & Granny all want parts in the movie. Elly gets all dolled up to look like Marilyn Monroe. Jethro goes for the Marlon Brando black leather fashion statement. A very funny episode, especially when Jed delivers his song at the end of the show on a double-neck Danelectro Longhorn guitar. (11/20/1963) $6
THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES- "Teenage Idol"- Rock & roll singing idol 'Johnny Poke' visits the Clampetts while in town playing the Hollywood Bowl. Granny is worried Jethro will pick up his bad habits! Johnny twangs a cool lookin' white Fender Jaguar ee-lectric gee-tar! Jesse Pearson as Johnny Poke. (Jesse played teen idol 'Conrad Birdie' in "Bye Bye Birdie"). Alan Reed Sr. plays Johnny's manager. (11/11/1964) $6
THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES- "Big Daddy Jed"- Elly Mae befriends beatniks who put the bite on Big Daddy Clampett for bread to keep their coffee hangout open! Cools scenes w/ bongos, jukeboxes, striped shirts, beards, goatees, dark shades, black berets, full beatnik garb & lingo! 1st of a two-part episode. Cool, daddy-o! (04/21/1965) $5 (get both beatnik episodes for $8)
THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES "Cool School Is Out"- Granny & the whole Clampett family become beatniks. Jethro looks like Maynard G. Krebs! Alan Reed Jr. (son of Alan 'Fred Flintstone' Reed) as beatnik leader. Playboy playmate Marianne Gaba as a cool beatnik chick! Granny asks the beatniks if they've ever dug taters, "yeah sure, we dig taters!" Hilarious classic episode! (04/28/1965) $5 (Get both beatnik episodes for $8)
THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES- "Hoe Down A-Go-Go"- Jed & Granny plan a wing-ding to help introduce Jethro to the opposite sex. The Enemies (w/ Danny Hutton & Cory Wells, both pre-Three Dog Night) play "Mojo Woman" at the Whiskey A-Go-Go Club, where they were the house band in real life. (11/24/1965) $7
BEWITCHED- "Serena Stops The Show"- Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart star as a cool 1960s rock duo. Samantha's sister, Serena gets Boyce & Hart to perform her song at The Cosmos Cotillion. Groovy, mod psychedelic rock & roll! Cool 60s teenagers, clothes & even a drug reference to tripping! Songs include "I'm Gonna Blow You A Kiss In The Wind" & "I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight?" (02/19/1970) $8
BIG BEAT '65- Special one-shot TV show hosted by Roy Orbison who presents the biggest "big beat" acts of 1965 from the USA, UK & New Zealand. Ray Columbus & The Invaders "She's A Mod". The Newbeats"Bread & Butter". Roy Orbison "Oh, Pretty Woman", "Only The Lonely" & "Candy Man". The Rolling Stones "Walking The Dog", "Heart Of Stone", "Little Red Rooster" & "Round And Round". $12
BIG CHUCK & LITTLE JOHN- The Best Of The Best Of Big Chuck & Little John" (w/ Ernie "Ghoulardi" Anderson) 34 minutes $6
BLACKPOOL NIGHT OUT- The Beatles made just one television appearance in Britain to promote "Help"... "Blackpool Night Out" was made by ABC TV, and was filmed August 1, 1965, at the ABC Theatre in Blackpool while broadcast live. Songs are: "I Feel Fine", "I'm Down", "Act Naturally", "Ticket To Ride". Paul sings "Yesterday" on his own, which was the songs debut for British TV. The group closes with "Help"! $7
BRIAN HENDERSON'S BANDSTAND- On this special edition of the popular Sydney, Australia TV teen dance show, The Easybeats are given a rousing send-off just prior to relocating to the UK. The Easybeats perform "Come & See Her"; "She's So Fine"; "Easy As Can Be"; "Wedding Ring"; "Women"; "In My Book"; "I'll Make You Happy", plus group interview. Also: Sandy Scott "Blue Turns To Grey"; "Strangers In The Night" & "Surrender". Christine Roberts"Shadow Of Your Smile" & "Chilly Wind". Ann & Jimmy Murphy "Elusive Butterfly"; "The 32nd Of May". Patti McGrath "End Of The World" & "My Love". (6/19/1966) (57 minutes) $9
BRIAN HENDERSON'S BANDSTAND- British Invasion episode w/ The Searchers "Sweets For My Sweet", "See See Rider / Jenny Take a Ride", "Love Potion Number 9" & "Take Me For What I'm Worth"; Tom Jones "Chills & Fever", "Long Tall Sally", "I Got A Woman", "With These Hands","Thunderball", "It's Not Unusual" & The Man With The Cigar"; Herman's Hermits "I'm Into Something Good" & "Listen People"; The Rolling Stones"Get Off Of My Cloud", "Play With Fire", "19th Nervous Breakdown","As Tears Go By" & "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" 57 minutes (2/7/1967) $12
BRIAN HENDERSON'S BANDSTAND- Dusty Springfield, Freddie Paris an& John Sangster perform "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me", "I Only Want To Be With You", "All I See Is You", "Little By Little", "Anything You Can Do", "My Colouring Book", "Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa", "Stay Awhile", "Manha De Carnaval", "Wishin' & Hopin'","In The Middle Of Nowhere", "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself", "What's It Gonna Be". Dusty is interviewed. 57 minutes (10/22/1967) $9


CAPTAIN VIDEO- Two classic episodes, from 1951 & 1952, starring Richard Coogan. w/ the Dumont Network ID (Write)
CAR 54 WHERE ARE YOU?- "Boom, Boom, Boom"- Toody, Muldoon, Nelson, & Schnauser enter a barbershop quartet singing contest & drive Jan Murray mad! (1/14/1962) $8
CAR 54 WHERE ARE YOU?- "I Hate Captain Block"- Toody cares for Captain Block's silent parrot 'Bebe' when the captain goes on vacation, & it inadvertently picks up the phrase "I hate Captain Block", repeating it constantly. (11/18/1962) $8
THE CHEVY MYSTERY SHOW- “The Suicide Club”- Cesar Romero, Everett Sloan, & Dan Tobin are tired of their lives & play God with each other to choose which of them dies via murder the next day. Norman Lessing adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic. Hosted by Vincent Price, complete w/ car commercials. One of the last episodes aired of this great live dramatic television series, marking the end of an era. (9/15/60) (1 hour) $7
CILLA- The theme song to the Cilla Black TV show, "Step Inside Love", was written by John Lennon & Paul McCartney. On this early episode Cilla's guests include Sandy Shaw & Cliff Richard.1968 $6
C'MON- Peter Sinclair host this Auckland, NZ TV Show featuring Go-Go Girls, mod clothes, pop art, & exciting camera work! Debut Episide February, 1967 w/ The Gremlins"Blast Off"; Bobby Davis "I Can Hear The Grass Grow", "Shotgun"; Lee Grant "Get Me To The World On Time", "After The Ball"; Bronwyn Neil "I Got What You Need", "Don't Go Home"; Herma Keil "Girl Watchers"; Bob Paris "Walking In The Sunshine"; Herma Keil & Billy Karaitiana "I Take What I Want". plus: Final Episide August 1967 w/ Ray Woolf "Hello Josephine", "Witch Doctor", "Too Many Fish In The Sea\"; Sandy Edmonds "Daylight Savings Time", "Soul Time"; Herma Keil "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead", "If You Got A Secret"; Lee Grant "Thanks To You", "Spinning Like A Top"; The Chicks "You Won't Forget Me", "Western Union", "Puppet On A String"; Tommy Adderley "With A Little Help From My Friends", "Matthew & Son"; Bobby Davis "Show Me", "Standing In The Shadows Of Love", "Aunty Maggie's Remedy"; Cast "Georgy Girl", "Shake A Tail Feather". Plus bonus clips from various New Zealand TV shows 1967-70 w/ The Revving Tongues "Rain & Tears"; Dedikation "Wait For Me Mary Anne"; Shane "St. Paul"; The Avengers "Everyone's Gonna Wonder", "Love Hate Revenge"; The Chapta "Say A Prayer"; Kal-2-Lated Risk "Looking Through the Eyes Of Love"; Hamilton Count Bluegrass "Barefoot Nellie"; The Chicks "Miss You Baby"; Jay Epae & Maria Dallas "Tumblin' Down"; Dinah Lee "Don't You Know Yokomo"; Sandy Edmonds "Daylight Savings Time"; Ray Columbus "She's A Mod", "People Are People"; La-De-Das "Rosalie"; Larry's Rebels "Let's Think Of Something"; Timberjack "Come To The Sabbit"; Craig Scott "Smily"; Nash Chase "Today I Killed A Man I Didn't Know". 2 hours $12
CUCUMBER CASTLE- Written & performed by Barry & Maurice Gibb of The Bee Gees, this made for British TV comedy is set in the middle ages. The show was intended to promote their LP of the same name, similar to The Beatles' TV special of "Magical Mystery Tour". Co-stars Vincent Price; Lulu; Spike Milligan, w/ cameos by Mick Jagger; Roger Daltrey; Donovan; Marianne Faithfull, & Blind Faith performing at London's Hyde Park in 1969. A Robert Stigwood Production, directed by Hugh Gladwish who also directed "The Ghost Goes Gear". (12/26/1970) (1 hour) $12


DADDY-O- Don DeFore stars as a reluctant TV actor 'Ben Cousins', on a highly-rated family sit-com 'Daddy-O'. The skirt-chasing producer is addicted to overblown laugh tracks. Prophetic dialogue & clever show-within-the-show concept. w/ Sheila Kuehl (of Zelda fame); Jimmy Baird (Brother of Sharon Baird, Mouseketeer. He played 'Packy' on 'Fury'); Trudi Ames (from "Gidget Goes to Rome" & "Bye Bye Birdee"). Made for CBS by Max Shulman & Rod Amateau (who worked on Dobie Gillis together) but this pilot was never aired. (1961) $7
THE DAVE SENNETT DANCE PARTY- WPRO-TV Channel 12 Rhode Island, teenage rock & roll dance show hosted by Dave Sennett. In-studio performers include Philadelphia's (Chancellor Label) Carlos Gerace. Larry Verne lip syncs to his hit "Mr. Custer". 1962 kinescope (34 minutes) $6
DECOY- Filmed in New York City, policewoman Casey Jones (Beverly Garland) fights crime by handling dangerous assignments from the gritty streets of Manhattan to the Coney Island Boardwalk. Twelve, tense & exciting episodes of this vintage 1957-58 syndicated TV series: (1) TO TRAP A THIEF (11/4/1957)- To solve a puzzling case of armed robbery, Officer Jones poses as a blackmailer & then serves as an intermediary between the victim & alleged perpetrator. This episode includes an early television merchandising tie-in. Casey Jones makes brief mention of a sale at Orbach's. The end credits list "Fashions by Orbach's". (2) NIGHT FIRE (3/17/1958)- Casey goes undercover posing as a file clerk in a factory in an effort to find the arsonist who started a $100,000 warehouse fire. A secretary who is an ex-mental patient is suspected. (3) SATURDAY WAS LOST (3/24/1958)- During a homicide investigation, Casey arrests a drug-crazed young woman who has lost her memory after a late-night reefer party. Larry Hagman plays a college student. (4) HIGH SWING (3/31/1958)- Casey befriends an elderly couple w/ larceny on their mind. She becomes an accomplice in their plot of mugging & robbery. (5) THE SOUND OF TEARS (4/14/1958)- When an engaged man is found murdered in Central Park, the only clue Policewoman Casey Jones has to go on is a whimpering dog found near the victim. Suzanne Pleshette stars as the accused fiancé. (6) CRY REVENGE (4/28/1958)- Casey moves in to protect a woman & her daughter, who have received threatening phone calls. Mother & daughter are at odds & the situation worsens when the daughter marries the hoodlum making the calls. (7) NIGHT LIGHT (5/12/1958)- Casey investigates the theft of a $200,000 ruby necklace & poses as a go-between to catch the crooks. Martin Balsam guest stars. (8) SHADOW OF VAN GOGH (6/2/1958)- A Svengali-like gallery owner manipulates a deranged artist to create forgeries of rare paintings. (9) TIN PAN PAYOFF (6/9/1958)- Up & coming singer goes from demo record to police record when a popular songwriter is murdered. Special Song: "All I Touch" Music by Vladimir Selinsky / Lyrics by Mel Mandell. (10) BLIND DATE (6/16/1958)- Two female tourists are found unconscious w/ a suitcase containing $125,000. Casey must play the woman against each other in order to discover where the money came from. (11) THE COME BACK (6/23/1958)- Peter Falk guests as a racetrack teller who keeps a deadly secret regarding counterfeit betting tickets. (12) FIRST ARREST (6/30/1958)- In a flashback to her days as a rookie, police woman Jones goes undercover as an exotic dancer in a sideshow & becomes suspicious about a carnival worker she thinks is fencing stolen property. B&W- $3 each
THE DENNIS DAY SHOW- "Grandpa Day's Leprechaun"- In this blarney-filled episode Dennis' grandfather encounters a leprechaun (Billy Barry) who makes the entire world sing like Dennis Day. w/ Cliff Arquette as Charlie Weaver. (3/15/1952) $6
THE DICK CAVETT SHOW- Guest Little Richard performs "Lucille" & "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" plus Interview, 1970 (12 minutes) $3 or Free to fill-out any other program ordered.
THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW- "The Twizzle"- Great episode where Sally discovers a cool singer at a Connecticut bowling alley performing the next big dance sensation, The Twizzle. Stars Jerry Lanning, son of pop vocalist Roberta Sherwood. Frank Adamo is seen dancing & wrestler Fred Blassie shows up at the end to introduce his new dance, The Twazzle! Songwriters Mack David & Jerry Livingston wrote "The Twizzle" song. Jack Albertson guests. (2/28/1962) $6
THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW- "The Redcoats Are Coming"- In this marvelous spoof of "Beatlemania," singers Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde guest star as 'The Redcoats', a wildly popular British rock duo slated to appear on "The Alan Brady Show". They perform "I Don't Want No Other Baby But You" & "My, How the Time Goes By." w/ Linda Cochran, fresh off the set of the H.G. Lewis film, "Two Thousand Maniacs". (2/10/1965) $8
DING DONG SCHOOL- 1955 broadcast of the kiddie show. $5
THE DONNA REED SHOW- "Boys Will Be Boys"- Davy, a military cadet who can't seem to stay out of trouble. Jeff asks him to spend the weekend & they end up home alone staying up past their bedtime watching TV & eating the cake Donna baked for the weekend. After watching an adult crime drama called "The Showdown", Davy has a nightmare confusing television w/ real life. (3/4/1959) w/ Original Campbell Soup commercials: $7 or wo/ commercials $6
THE DONNA REED SHOW- "April Fool"- w/ James Darren (his TV debut) as teen heart-throb Buzz Berry, Mary's favorite rock singer, who is coming to town for a show. Buzz comes down with the measles & is taken to the Stones' house for treatment & is forced to stay there a few days to recuperate. When word leaks out, the Stones' house is besieged by his adoring fans. Ted Knight cameos & Mary plays Darren's 1st Colpix single "There's No Such Thing". (4/1/1959) $6
THE DONNA REED SHOW- "Donna's Prima Donna"- Mary announces that she'd rather pursue a singing career than go to college. Donna hopes that a visit to Fairburn, her old alma mater, will change her daughter's mind. Shelley Fabares, as Mary Stone, makes her singing debut doing "Johnny Angel" (2/1/1962) $9
THE DONNA REED SHOW- "My Dad"- Jeff's father, Dr. Alex Stone (superbly played by Carl Betz), was always missing family events because of emergency house calls. When he arrives too late to hear Jeff's song in a show, the band persuades Jeff to perform an encore backstage. Paul performs a heartfelt version of "My Dad", written by Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil. (10/25/1962) $10
THE DONNA REED SHOW- "Slipped Disc"- Popular at parities, The Jeff Stone Combo releases their 45 "I Want To Be Free" on their 'Egarag' label. That's 'Garage' spelled backwards. Featuring Paul Peterson, Darryl Richard, Jimmy Hawkins, & Gary Waynesmith, "I Want To Be Free" is Not the Monkees song. (Also w/ Patty Peterson). (12/9/1965) $9
THE DONNA REED SHOW- "By-Line - Jeffrey Stone"- Jeff & Smitty try to get Leslie Gore, who is appearing in town, to record their new song. Last episode of the series. (3/19/1966) $9
DRAGNET 1967- "The LSD Story"- This is the famous "Blue Boy" episode who deals still legal LSD-25 until Friday & Gannon step in, but they're too late. Jack Webb wrote the script under a pseudonym. (1/12/1967) $7
DRAGNET 1968- "The Big Prophet"- Bill & Joe discover a religious sect known as 'The Temple Of The Expanded Mind', headed by a Timothy Leary inspired character who claims to promote alternative lifestyles, but seems mainly concerned with legalizing marijuana & LSD. $7
DROP IN- Teen orientied show from Stockholm, Sweden hosted by Kersit Adams-Ray, Klas Burling & Kjell Eriksson. Three complete episodes offered: October 30, 1963 w/ The Beatles live versions of "She Loves You", "Twist & Shout", "I Saw Her Standing There", "Long Tall Sally"; Lil-Babs "It's My Party"; Gals & Pals "Bossa Nova USA"; Boris & Doris. The house band is, "The Telstars". December 1, 1963 w/ Gerry & The Pacemakers live versions of "A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues", "How Do You Do It?"; Michael Cox: "Stand Up","I've Been Thinking"; The Telstars and Gals & Pals "500 Miles"; Monika Lind; Osten Warnerbring performs a sort-of beatnik number. January 13, 1965 w/ The Honeycombs perform "Have I The Right", "Is It Because", "That's The Way", "She's Too Way Out"; The Dee Jays "Farmer John", "Long Tall Shorty"; Git Hill "Downtown"; Bob Asklof "I Love You"; The Kays. Small time-code along bottom. $12 complete

E - F

THE EASYBEATS- Coca Cola TV Special- Hosted by Billy Thorpe, this "Easybeats TV Spectacular" was a farewell to the Easybeats who were leaving Australia for London where they would be recording at Abbey Road Studios! Excellent footage, tons of screaming teenagers, go-go girls, mod dancing & interviews with the lads & their manager! This show is still regarded as one of the prime artifacts of Sixties Australian pop TV! The Easybeats perform "She's So Fine"; "Wedding Ring"; "I'll Make You Happy"; "I Can See"; "Sorry"; "Easy As Can Be"; "Someday Somewhere"; "In My Book"; "Come & See Her"; "Women"; "Too Much"; "For My Woman"; "A Very Special Man"; "Make Life Sweet With Coca Cola". Other artists include Tony Worsley & The Fabulous Blue Jays"Raining In My Heart" & "Knocking On Wood"; Janice Slate "We're Doing Fine" & "If You Don't Think." (07/03/1966) (53 minutes) $12
THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW- Unreleased Ed Sullivan- w/ Gerry & The Pacemakers (Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin'); The Animals (Crying, House Of The Rising Sun, Don't Let Me Down); Rolling Stones (Have You Seen Your Mother); The Byrds (Mr. Tambourine Man, Turn Turn Turn); Creedence Clearwater Revival (Willie & the Poor Boys); The Turtles (Happy Together, She's My Girl), Petula Clark (My Love); Jackie DeShannon (Put A Little Love In Your Heart, Is Anybody Going That Way?); The Supremes (medley of hits); Jackson 5 (medley); Leslie Gore (medley of hits); The Angels (My Boyfriend's Back); Nancy Sinatra (Strangers In The Night), Patti Page (If I Had A Hammer); Edie Gorme (What Did I Have); Hank Williams Jr (age 14 singing a medley of his dad's hits); Glen Yarborough (medley); Bo Diddley (Hey Bo diddley); Rick Nelson (Your Kind of Lovin', Fire Breathin' Dragon), The Everly Brothers (Bye Bye Love, Mama Tried, All I Have To Do Is Dream), Bernadette Peters (Look For The Silver Lining); Jack Jones (Call Me Irresponsible), Beach Boys (I Get Around, Wendy); The Rascals (Mickey's Monkey, Lonely Too Long) (137 minutes) $12
F-TROOP- "That's Showbiz"- It's 'The Termites' Vs 'The Bedbugs' featuring Lowell George (pre-Little Feat) & The Factory. (2/9/1967) $9
FACE AU PUBLIC- Chuck Berry performs his hits live on this 1965 Belgium TV show, filmed February 6, 1965 & broadcast on May 11, 1965. Great performance & playing! $8
FAME, SET, MATCH- Rolling Stones Women featuring Jerry Hall; Anita Pallenberg; Mandy Smith; Marianne Faithfull; Bianca Jagger & others in a tawdry tabloid style exposé. (British TV 1-hour) $9
FATHER KNOWS BEST- "Calypso Kid"- All the chicks dig bongo players, so Bud is motivated to learn to play & improve his popularity. Guest stars Sandra Harrison, & Sir Lancelot as the bongo instructor. (1/15/1958) $6
THE 5TH DIMENSION TRAVELLING SUNSHINE SHOW- TV Variety Special featuring: Marilyn McCoo, Florence LaRue Gordon, Billy Davis, Jr., Lamonte McLemore, & Ron Townson, w/ guests Dionne Warwick, Merle Haggard, & The Carpenters (8/18/1971) 60 minutes $8
THE FLINTSTONES- "Girls Night Out"- After Fred cuts a cool sounding record, "The Rockingbird", a talent scout grooms him for stardom, as rocker 'Hi-Fye Fred'. His mammoth ego gets in the way though. Appearance by "The Colonel". The Rockadero is a take-off of a famous Hollywood nightclub, The Trocadero. (01/06/1961) $4
THE FLINTSTONES- "The Twitch"- When stone-age superstar 'Rock Roll' can't perform his hit song "The Twitch" at the charity benefit show, Fred saves the night by taking his place. Ed Sullystone (Ed Sullivan) introduces the act. (10/12/1962) $4
FLY WRINKLIES FLY- Experimental music special from Melbourne, Australia TV-9 w/ live performances & films. Otis Redding; Pink Floyd; Ike & Tina Turner; Daddy Cool; Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs; more (1971) 35 minutes $9
THE FLYING NUN- "Song Of Bertrille"- Sonny & The Sundowners will be performing at Casino Carlos A-Go-Go. Sister Bertrille meets Sonny who offers to help the convent by asking Sister Bertrille to write their next hit record, & she'll get the royalties. After flying the hillsides, she writes a very image-laden song that the Sundowners turn into an all out acid-fuzz-psychedelic-trip! All the nuns go to the go-go club to hear the song's debut, & flip out when presented with a trippy strobe-light show, caged go-go dancers & background vocal lines like "grow your own" & "magic mushrooms!" Must see rock 'n roll TV! w/ Paul Peterson fronting Decca recording artists, The Sundowners. This is the 1st episode of the 2nd season (9/26/1968) $8
FRANCE GALL TV SPECIAL- YéYé mod girl, France Gall stars in a French language TV special during her tour of Quebec, Canada. Hosted by Guy Boucher & Francoise Lemieux, she sings outside at an oil refinery in eastern Montreal's Pointe-aux-Trembles. Then, set against some otherwise really cool mod imagery, all is very '60s cool' in that groovy mod, secret agent, Burt Bacharach kind of way. Songs include: "L'Amérique" ("America"); "Le Coeur Qui Jazze" ("The Heart Who Jazze"); "L'Hiver Est Mort"; "Nous Ne Sommes Pas Des Anges" ("We Are Not Angels"); "L'Orage" ("The Storm"); "Homme Tout Petit" ("Man All Minor"); the seductive "Bébé Requin" ("Baby Shark") & "Teenie Weenie Boppie", a bizarre tune by Serge Gainsbourg about a deadly LSD trip that somehow involves Mick Jagger. (1969) $6


THE GEORGE BURNS & GRACIE ALLEN SHOW- George & Gracie welcome Gracie's sister & her daughters for the holidays. w/ original Carnation Evaporated Milk commercials. (12/20/1951) $5
GET SMART- "Groovy Guru"- Max & 99 try to escape the clutches of The Groovy Guru, played by Larry Storch, who torture them with the sounds of 'The Sacred Cows' playing "Kill, Kill, Kill" featuring John Greek of The Beautiful Daze. (1/13/1968) $8
GET SMART- "Is This Trip Necessary"- Everyone important in Washington suffers bad dreams, all caused by KAOS.
Max & 99 track evil Dr. Pym to the Dartfoot Spring Water Company, where Dr. Pym captures them using "the old mortar in the mortar trick". w/ Vincent Price & Billy Barty. (12/12/1969) $8
GILLIGAN'S ISLAND- "Don't Bug The Mosquitos" The Wellingtons perform "Don't Bug Me" & "He's A Loser". Ginger, Mary Ann, & Mrs. Howell form The Honey Bees, & perform "I Need You".The Wellingtons are the same band who performs the theme song to 'Gilligan's Island' in the opening credits of the series' color episodes. (12/9/1965) $8
THE GLAM TOP 10- 1999 British TV show w/ (from #10>#1) Alice Cooper; Alvin Stardust (Shane Fenton); Suzi Quartro; Roy Wood & Wizzard; Bay City Rollers; Mud; Sweet; Gary Gitter; Marc Bolan & T-Rex; Slade. (75 minutes) $14
THE GO!! SHOW - Australian teen-beat show w/ Tony Shepp "Security", "Sweet Pea"; Yvonne Barrett "Off & Running"; The Cherokees "A Woman With Soul", "I'll Give You Love"; Ian Turpie "I Would Never Do That", "Another Saturday Night"; Mike Furber "You're Back Again", "You Stole My Love"; Terry Dean "Wigglin' & Gigglin'", "Sticks & Stones", Merv Benton "King Of Love", "Yield Not To Temptation"; Toni & Royce "You're The Only One". (7/11/1966) 40 minutes $12
THE GO!! SHOW - Australian teen-beat show w/ Ian Turpie "It's Not Unusual", "New Orleans"; Marcie Jones "That Hurts"; Bobby & Laurie " You'll Come Around"; Yvonne Barrett "Send Her Away"; Buddy England "Question"; Tony Shepp "Come To Your Window"; Merv Benton "Shimmy Shimmy"; The Strangers "Put Yourself In My Place"; Mary Kristian "One Too Many Mornings"; Normie Rowe "Que Sera Sera"; Joy Lemmon "From The Shadows To The Sun"; Terry Dean "Sunny Afternoon". (8/1/1966) 36 minutes $12
THE GO!! SHOW - Australian teen-beat show w/ Merv Benton "It's Love Baby"; The Twilights "Bad Boy" & "Needle In A Haystack"; Yvonne Barrett "Send Her Away" & "I Walk Alone"; Annette Steele "Secret Love"; The Groop "I'm Satisfied" & "Empty Words"; The Strangers "Put Yourself In My Place"; Richard Wright Group "No No No"; Ja-ar "The End" Host Johnny Young sings "Sunny", plus the entire cast perform a medley of hit songs. Momentary audio spike in 1 song. (8/22/1966) $9
THE GO!! SHOW - Australian teen-beat show w/ The Twilights "Needle In A Haystack", "It Won't Be The Same Without Her"; Lynne Randell "The Bitter & The Sweet", "Going Out Of My Head"; The Playboys "Soul & Inspiration", "Land Of 1000 Dances"; Normie Rowe "Tell Him I'm Not Home", "I Who Have Nothing", "Shakin' All Over"; Danna Gaye "Little Things Like That"; Running Jumping Standing Still "Diddy Wah Diddy"; The Strangers "Put Yourself In My Place". (9/5/1966) 41 minutes $12
THE GO!! SHOW- Australian teen-beat show w/ The Purple Hearts "Just A Little Bit", "Early In The Morning"; The Twilights "Bad Boy", "If She Finds Out", "Needle In A Haystack"; Marcie Jones "You Can't Hurry Love", "That Hurts"; Billy Adams "Dancing In Your Eyes", "Come & Dance With Me"; The D-Coys "Bad Times", "You're Against"; Johnny Young "Whatcha Gonna Do Now". (9/19/1966) 38 minutes $12
THE GO!! SHOW - Australian teen-beat show w/ host Johnny Young singing "Land Of 1000 Dances" & "Uptight". The Loved Ones "The Loved One", "Everlovin' Man" & "More Than Love"; Denise Drysdale "Rescue Me" & "Sunshine Shadows"; Eden Kane "Magic Town" & "Stick & Stones"; Terry Dean "Stagger Lee" & "Now That You've Back Home"; Lynne Randell "Whatcha Gonna Do Now" & "It Won't Be Long"; The Strangers "Surfer Girl"; Running Jumping Standing Still "Diddy Wah Diddy"; Jade Hurley "Shame On You". (10/24/1966) $12
THE GO!! SHOW - Australian teen-beat show w/ Johnny Young "Uptight Baby", "You've Got What It Takes"; The Mixtures "Koko Joe", "Lose Your Money"; Crispian St. Peters "But She's Untrue", "You Were On My Mind", "Pied Piper"; Denise Drysdale "Rescue Me", "Dancing In The Street"; The DeaKins "Tonight You're Gonna Fall In Love With Me", "Look & Learn"; Annette Steele "Gonna Stand Upon The Mountain", "Who Am I"; Tony Barber; Normie Rowe & more! (11/28/1966) 50 minutes $12
THE GOLDEN AGE OF ROCK'N'ROLL- Jon 'Bowzer' Bauman produced this 10-part series hosted by John Sebastian, featuring 130 complete song performances & more! Covering over three decades of rock music, this 'rockumentary' series set the template for the many imitators that followed, & still remains one of the best programs of the genre. Choose any 2 episodes on 1 disc for $9 or choose all 10 episodes on 5 discs for $35 More Info w/ Episode Guide
GREEN ACRES- "Uncle Ollie"- Oliver's nephew Chuck is a leather-jacketed, long haired, guitar playin' beatnik hipster. He arrives on his motorcycle for a visit & befriends Eb Dawson who says he likes Dizzy Gillespie records. Chuck doesn't dig the farm scene & goes out looking for action! w/ Don Edmonds, Tom Lester, Marshall Bradford, Jack Perkins, Pat Buttram, Aly Moore (06/01/1966) $5


HAPPENING '68 & HAPPENING '69- Four complete 30-minute episodes, w/ commercials starring Paul Revere & Mark Lindsay. Musical guests include: The Monkees; Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart; Paul Revere & The Raiders; Strawberry Alarm Clock; Tommy Roe; Steve Alamo; Wilson Pickett; Bobby Vee, more... $12
HAWAII FIVE-O- "Uptight"- McGarrett has Danno pose as a surfer in an attempt to get the goods on David Stone, a professor-turned-guru who introduces young people to LSD, but doesn't use it himself. A father seeking revenge for his daughter's drug related death, forces Stone to take his entire stash of LSD, which sends him on a trip of a lifetime. Great special effects. (1/15/1969) (about 50 minutes) $9
THE HIPPIE TEMPTATION- Harry Reasoner & Warren Wallace host this biased & exploitative 1967 CBS TV News Documentary on the San Francisco Haight Ashbury scene, with the focus on LSD. Canned Heat plays the Avalon Ballroom. The Grateful Dead play "Dancing In The Street" at a concert in the park & are interviewed in their house at 710 Ashbury St. (8/22/1967) (about 50 minutes) $8
HIT SCENE- The Best Of Hit Scene 1970-1971- Australian TV Show collects The Who; Master's Apprentices; Shocking Blue; Musik Express; Creedence Clearwater Revival; Kelly; Free; Kahvas Jute; Daddy Cool; The Zoot; Autumn; Status Quo; Fleetwood Mac; Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs; Mungo Jerry (1 hour) $12
HOLLYWOOD A GO GO- On Episode #27, host Bob Riddle presents: JAMES BROWN "Out Of Sight" & "I Got You (I Feel Good)"; ARETHA FRANKLIN "Mockingbird" & "I'm Losing You"; SONNY & CHER "Just You", "All I Really Want To Do" & "I Got You Babe"; CHAMBERS BROS "Don't Lose Your Cool" & "Call Me"; KIMBERLEYS "You Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd"; CHALLENGERS "Wonderful World" & "This Little Bird"; SINNERS "Off The Hook", "I've Had It" & "Milk Cow Blues". (6/26/1965) $12
HOLLYWOOD A GO GO- "Aloha A GoGo"- In this TV special theme episode, Hollywood A-Go-Go goes to Waikiki Beach, Hawaii w/ Jan & Dean "Honolulu Lulu", "Surf City", "You Really Know How To Hurt A Guy"; The Challengers "That's What I'll Give To You", "Pipeline", "Surfin' U.S.A."; The Wellingtons "Rock & Roll Music", "If I Had A Hammer"; Ray Peterson "One Lonesome Rose" w/ The Ted Neely Five; Jackie & Gayle "That's How It Goes" & "A Summer Song, The Crickets "I Saw Her Standing There" w/ Jerry Naylor, The Gazzarri Dancers & more! (7/14/1965) 50 minutes Some glitches during 1st half. Kinescope $9
HOLLYWOOD A GO GO- On Episode #30, host Bob Riddle presents: THE SINNERS "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On"; BOBBY VEE "Keep On Trying"; JACKIE WILSON "Baby Workout"; THE BYRDS "Mr. Tambourine Man"; IAN WHITCOMB "You Turn Me On (Turn On Song)"; THE CHALLENGERS "Seventh Son"; LENNY WELCH "Darling Take Me Back"; BOBBY VEE "Sharing You"; THE BYRDS "I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better"; JACKIE WILSON "No Pity (In The Naked City)"; THE SINNERS "She's About A Mover"; THE CHALLENGERS "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"; IAN WHITCOMB "Be My Baby"; THE BYRDS "All I Really Want To Do"; THE CHALLENGERS "Sticks & Stones"; BOBBY VEE "Hey Little Girl"; THE SINNERS "California Sun"; The Gazzarri Dancers & more! (7/17/1965) (52 minutes) $12
HOLLYWOOD A GO GO- Episode #32- Host Bob riddle presents RAY PETERSON "Corrina Corrina", "Lonesome Road"; THE IMPRESSIONS "It's All Right", "I Need You", "Meeting Over Yonder"; THE SINNERS "What'd I Say", "I Saw Her Standing There" "Eight Days A Week"; JODY MILLER "I Walk The Line" &"The Race Is On"; GLENN YARBROUGH "Baby, The Rain Must Fall", "It's Gonna Be Fine"; THE CHALLENGERS "You Like Me Too Much", "Bad Boy" & "The Last Time"; JIMMY WITHERSPOON "I'm Coming Down With The Blues" & "Love Me Right". (7/31/1965) (50 minutes) $12
HOLLYWOOD A GO GO- On Episide #34 host Sam Riddle presents: THE SINNERS "Slow Down"; BO DIDDLEY "Let The Kids Dance"; DONNIE BROOKS "Mission Bell"; CARLA THOMAS "For You"; JOHN ANDREA ; BOOKER T. & THE MG'S "Bootleg" BARRY YOUNG "Show Me the Way" BO DIDDLEY "Bo Diddley"; DONNIE BROOKS "Pink Carousel"; CARLA THOMAS "Every Ounce Of Strength" ; THE SINNERS "Shakin' All Over"; BOOKER T. & THE MG'S "Green Onions"; JOHN ANDREA "My Fool of a Heart"; BO DIDDLEY "Let Me Pass"; DONNIE BROOKS "What'd I Say"; BARRY YOUNG "One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart)"; THE SINNERS "Go Go Watusi"; The Gazzarri Dancers & more! (8/14/1965) (50 minutes) $12
HOLLYWOOD BACKSTAGE- The Haunted House Club is explored by Sonny & Cher as famous monsters lurk in every cranny. A bat-girl go-go dances on stage to the house band. Inside Sunset Strip clubs like Chiro's; Broadway A-Go-Go & The Action, bands like The Enemy, The American Beatles, The Sinners, The Condors & Joel Scott Hill are seen performing to celebrity audiences of April Steven & Nino Tempo; Bobby Hatfield; Zsa Zsa Gabor, others. Wow! 1966 (18 minutes) $5
HOLLYWOOD PALACE- A special "Beach Party" episode featuring Annette Funicello ("Promise Me Anything"), Frankie Avalon ("Sand & Sea"). Hosted by Phyllis Diller w/ guests Phil Harris ("Ode To Billy Joe" & "Tiny Bubbles"), & The Fifth Dimension ("Up, Up & Away" & "California, My Way"). There's sand, surf boards, bikini babes, a Tiki luau w/ fire jugglers & a trained seal! 'The Herculeans' muscle-man troupe do some wild gymnastics. Lots of wise-cracking jokes & ad-libbing. Cast songs include"Papa Ooh Mow Mow" & "Music To Watch Girls By" w/ The Wellingtons. Complete 60 minute ABC-TV show w/ original commercials. (airdate 9/12/1967 rerun 7/6/1968) (1 hour) $12
HONEY WEST- Anne Francis is the sensual & glamorous private eye, Honey West. Along with her rough & handsome partner, Sam Bolt (John Ericson), and her pet ocelot Bruce, the trendsetting Honey West brings bad-guys to their knees with her good looks & martial arts. $5 each, or any 4 episodes on 1 disc for only $12, or all 30 episodes on 4 discs for only $20 More Info w/ Episode Guide
THE HONEYMOONERS- "$99,000 Answer"- Ralph brushes up on his musical knowledge to win the big prize on a quiz show. (1/28/1956) $6 (Write for more Honeymooners episodes available)
HOWDY DOODY- Two original 1948 broadcasts of the famous puppet & his mentor, Buffalo Bob Smith. In one, Howdy runs for President! (write for time) $8
HULLABALOO- Complete episodes: (2/2/1965) Paul Anka hosts; (2/16/1965) Frankie & Annette co-host; (5/4/1965) Trini Lopez hosts; (5/11/1965) Frankie Avalon hosts; (9/13/1965) Sammy Davis Jr hosts; (9/20/1965) Jerry & Gary Lewis co-host; (9/27/1965) David McCallum hosts; (10/25/1965) Petula Clark hosts; (11/2/1965) Peter Noone hosts; (11/11/1965) George Maharis hosts; (11/15/1965) Barry McGuire hosts; (11/29/1965) Michael Landon hosts; (12/6/1965) Frankie Avalon hosts. (1/101966) Leslie Uggams hosts; (2/21/1966) Righteous Bros hosts; (2/28/1966) George Hamilton hosts; (3/14/1966) Gary Lewis hosts; (3/28/1966) Chad & Jeremy hosts; (4/4/1966) Soupy Sales hosts; (4/11/1966) Paul Anka hosts. (write for list of guests on any of these particular shows) $5 each
THE HY LIT SHOW- The Best Of The Hy Lit Show 1967-70 (Philadelphia TV w/ Otis Redding (3); Marvin Gaye & Tammy Terrell; Lemon Pipers (2); 1910 Fruitgum Co; Delfonics; Electric Prunes (2); Bill Medley; Melba Moore;Ventures; 3-Dog Night (2); Glen Campbell; Jeannie C. Riley; Chambers Bros; Lloyd Price; Jerry Butler; Joe Cocker & The Grease Band (2); Jay & The Americans; Manfred Mann; Four Tops (2); Gary Puckett & The Union Gap (2); more. Enjoyable despite production code in center of screen, plus time-code at bottom or sometimes top) (95 minutes) $9

I - J

I DREAM OF JEANNIE- "Jeannie The Hip Hippie"- Tony is forced to cancel his first vacation in years in order to help Mrs. Bellows find a group to play at a charity bizarre. Jeannie then decides to help by putting together a band herself. Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart get introduced to the real Phil Spector & perform "Out And About" & "Girl I'm Out To Get You", both from their recently released 'Test Patterns' LP. (10/17/1967) $8
I DREAM OF JEANNIE- "Jeannie, My Guru"- Tony picks up a teen-age hitchhiker named Suzy who happens to be the daughter of his new neighbor, General Schaeffer. Schaeffer is a stickler for efficiency & hates all hippies, including Suzy's spaced-out boyfriend, Harold. Suzy is afraid of having her father see her in hippy garb & hides-out in Tony's house. 'The Lewis & Clark Expedition' (w/ Michael Murphy) play "Bring On The Sundown" at a party in Major Nelson's house & Major Healy joins in on a trashcan. (12/30/1968) $9
I DREAM OF JEANNIE- "The Mad Home Wrecker"- The Bellows' give Major Nelson & Jeannie an early wedding present, a grotesque looking piece of artwork. That's not all, they & others chip in to hire a redecorator named 'Helasco' (Michael Lipton) to redecorate their home, to go with the hideous sculpture. Not happy with the results, Jeannie redecorates the place in a blink, with a brightly colored set of dual ottomans, a modern sofa, & a small nook-in-the-wall for Jeannie's bottle. This set was used for the remainder of the series. (11/11/1969) $8
I DREAM OF JEANNIE- "Never Put A Genie On A Budget"- To stretch the budget, Jeannie takes in hippie boarders. w/ Ellen Nance & Shear Delight. This was the last script Sidney Sheldon wrote for the series. (12/30/1969) $8
I LOVE LUCY- "Christmas Special"- A unique installment of the classic series where The Ricardos & Mertzes reminisce about the arrival of Little Ricky through a series of flashbacks. CBS hadn't rerun episodes concerning Lucy's pregnancy, but fans wanted them, so they incorporated the highlights into this heartwarming episode. But, this show aired only once & was never included in syndication. Original B&W version (12/24/1956) $5
THE INCREDIBLE FARTING REVEREND- aka The Farting Preacher- This series of wonderfully crafted clips feature televangelist Robert Tilton (aka Pastor Gas) making pronouncements punctuated by loud farting noises. This rude laugh-getter is artfully done w/ sharp editing (the reverend seems to comment on every burst) & great timing. I don't know who made these shorts, but this is the original pre-Internet incarnation, said to be done by a bored video editor staffer of the show. Tilton was a famous evangelist in the 1980s & 1990s that had a TV show called Success-N-Life. He asked viewers to send in $1000 in an attempt to rid themselves of sin & poverty. Of course it was a complete scam that was finally exposed by ABC News in 1991, sending Tilton's popularity to the depths of hell. (6 minutes) $6 (or $3 if used to fill out a disc)
IT'S ABOUT TIME- Low-budget 1966-67 TV sitcom about two NASA astronauts who travel back in time when their space capsule breaks the speed of light. In the prehistoric stone-age they meet cave dwellers Gronk & Shad, played by Joe E. Ross & Imogene Coca. In order to save the series, the producers reversed the premise & had the astronauts repair the ship & take the cave people back home with them to 20th Century New York City, where they were often mistaken for beatniks! This short-lived series by Sherwood Schwartz uses sets, props & incidental music from his other more popular series, "Gilligan's Island". $5 each or all 26 Episodes for only $40. More Info w/ Episode Guide
IT'S HAPPENING- Domenic Priore & Audrey Moorehead host this sparsely syndicated series of a 60s styled rock & roll teen dance show that aired between 1986 & 1991 on San Diego public access cable TV, featuring cool music clips & videos, dancing ala 'American Bandstand' or 'Ready Steady Go', plus live music by some of the top underground groups of the day. 19 early episodes available w/ The Unclaimed; Tell-Tale Hearts; Halibuts; Event; Mozells; Sharkskin (2); On The Air; Untamed Youth; Things; Nashville Ramblers (2); Leopards; Beguiled; Berry Pickers; Fuzztones; Threw The Looking Glass; Trebels; Driving Wheels; plus 4 rare "Rough Takes" compilations that include the above groups, plus The Bel Airs & Eddie & The Showmen. The outtake reels never aired & were only given as a 'gift' to the few stations that carried the show in syndication. Upgraded Prices vary (Write)
I'VE GOT A SECRET- Steve Allen hosts panelists Betsy Palmer; Bill Cullin; Bess Myerson & Henry Morgan who try to guess that Chicago police sketch artist Otis Rothell has drawn a portrait of program staffer Irma Reichert from a telephoned description. Then, guest Robert Goulet hands scripts to Betsy & Bess as they act out a melodramatic scene in which Betsy cries a lot. The dialogue in that scene is actually the words to the then # 1 hit song, "Leader Of The Pack".. The Shangri-Las then appear & lip-sync to the record while Goulet sits on a motorcycle. Complete (11/16/1964) $6
THE JACK SPECTOR SHOW- New York City's WMCA 'Good Guy' DJ Jack Spector hosts his own teenage music TV show on WPRO-TV in Providence, Rhode Island. Jack's awesome music guests include: Link Wray "Trail Of The Lonesome Pine" played on a Dan Electyro 'Longhorn'; The Crystals "Watching You" (male vocal group formerly known as The Metros); Lovelace Watkins "Hello Young Lovers"; Bob Crewe "Water Boy" + 1; & Myrna March. Jack's a hep cat! St. Patrick's Day show, March 1961 w/ original commercials. (60 minutes) $12
JAN & DEAN ON THE RUN- Rare unsold ABC-TV pilot done by the dynamic duo in 1966, right before Jan's tragic accident. This is a pretty funny show with some good songs as it depicts 48 hours in the life of college student-teen superstars Jan & Dean, who fly from LA to San Diego to a sold out show, then off to Washington DC for another concert, & back to school for final exams! Whew! Songs include: "Surf City"; "Dead Man's Curve"; "Little Old Lady From Pasadena"; "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away"; "Hang On Sloopy"; "Time & Space"; & "Capital City". Cameos w/ Elizabeth Montgomery; Hal Blaine; Arthur Julian. Produced & directed by Beach Movie impresario William Asher, who also makes a cameo as a wig wearing beatnik. $12
JEUNESSE OBLIGE DISCOTHEQUE- Jeunesse Oblige (loosely translated: Youth Must Be Served) was a French-Canadian teenage music TV show from Montreal, Canada 1963-1968. The show was broadcast by Radio-Canada six days a week & was a mix between American Bandstand, Hollywood A-Go-Go & Shindig! Featuring Live performances by an exciting array of French language rock & roll & garage punk groups surrounded by a wildly dressed & gyrating teen audience. Hosted by Pierre Lalonde. Guest artists: Petula Clark & Michèle Richard. Michèle Richard sings an upbeat pop number & Dave Clark Five's, "Can't You See That She's Mine." Pierre Lalonde sings a pop crooner. Petula Clark sings: "Hello Dolly," "Anyone Who Had A Heart," "Ya Ya," "Oh Sherry." Petula Clark, Michèle Richard & Pierre Lalonde sing a song together. 1964 $6
JEUNESSE OBLIGE DISCOTHEQUE- Jeunesse Oblige (loosely translated: Youth Must Be Served) was a French-Canadian teenage music TV show from Montreal, Canada 1963-1968. The show was broadcast by Radio-Canada six days a week & was a mix between American Bandstand, Hollywood A-Go-Go & Shindig! Featuring Live performances by an exciting array of French language rock & roll & garage punk groups surrounded by a wildly dressed & gyrating teen audience. Jenny Rock "Walkin' The Dog"; "Boom Boom Boom"; "Loup De Loup"; & a song that sounds like "Hang On Sloopy". Les Aristocrates play an incredible extended set that includes a total rave-up of the Hollies,"Come On Back"; the "Batman Theme," an organ punker that sounds like the Troggs, a fuzz guitar pounder similar to the Kinks, a blues rocker & others. Danny Aumont (wearing a Bobby Rydell pompadour) sings a swinging pop tune & a Ray Charles type number. 1966 $8
JEUNESSE OBLIGE DISCOTHEQUE- Jeunesse Oblige (loosely translated: Youth Must Be Served) was a French-Canadian teenage music TV show from Montreal, Canada 1963-1968. The show was broadcast by Radio-Canada six days a week & was a mix between American Bandstand, Hollywood A-Go-Go & Shindig! Featuring Live performances by an exciting array of French language rock & roll & garage punk groups surrounded by a wildly dressed & gyrating teen audience. Les Sharades "A Taste of Honey". Girl Group Les Étincelles sing a song that sounds like, "The Twist". Michèle Richard: sings a Lesley Gore type ballad & a pop tune. Les Chats Hutteurs crank out a garage rocker (with great guitar tone) that sounds like the Remains. Les Titans sing a vocal harmony pop song. Les 5 Notes also perform. Lots of dancing & audience chicks with hair hanging in their face. 1966 $6
THE JOE E. BROWN SHOW- A heartwarming 'one-off' TV episode titled "Country Store" that originally aired as part of the 'General Electric Summer Originals' series. The wide-mouthed comic is a widower raising two kids whose general store is the meeting point in Greendale, USA, a typical American small town where everyone is friendly- until a foreigner arrives. (7/17/1956) $6
JOE E. ROSS- Demo Reel- A black & white film of Joe E. Ross working up a new stand-up comedy routine, in the days immediately following the cancellation of "Car 54, Where Are You?" in 1963. Ross cleaned up his act to appeal to a wider audience, but there were no takers. 12 minutes $5 Free to fill-out any other program ordered.
THE JOHNNY CASH SHOW- The Very Best Of The Johnny Cash Show: Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Three w/ Carl Perkins "Big River"; Derek & The Dominos w/ Eric Clapton "It's Too Late" & "Matchbox" (w/ Johnny Cash & Carl Perkins); Roy Orbison "Crying" & "Pretty Woman"; Jerry Lee Lewis "Whole Lotta Shakin'"; Creedence Clearwater Revival "Bad Moon Rising"; Ray Charles "Ring Of Fire"; Neil Diamond "Cracklin' Rosie"; Joni Mitchell "Long Black Veil"; Neil Young "Needle & The Damage Done"; Bob Dylan "I Threw It All Away" & "Girl From The North Country"; Waylon Jennings "Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line" & Brown Eyed Handsome Man"; Tammy Wynette "Stand By Your Man"; Roy Clark "In The Summertime" & "12th St. Rag"; The Statler Bros. "Flowers On The Wall"; Carl Perkins "Blue Suede Shoes"; Johnny Cash / Carl Perkins & The Carter Family "The Old Account Was Settled Long Ago". 1 hour $8
JOHNNY STACCATO- This late 50s early 60s jazz & crime TV drama didn't last more than a year, but it was well-written, beautifully shot in a film-noir style & featured cool east coast jazz by Pete Condoli w/ Ray Brown & Mel Lewis, pre-MJQ. John Cassevetes plays a private eye. $5 each, or discount for all 27 Episodes. More Info w/ Episode Guide


KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY- Rare pilot of a Ford Theater Presentation that eventually became 'Father Knows Best'. The character names & actors are different with the exception of Robert Young as the father. The house is the same as used in the series, and the script was later reshot as an episode of 'Father Knows Best'. In this version, the harried father of three is perplexed by his teenage daughter's "discovery" by a theater talent scout. It turns out the agent is actually a recruiter for a drama school & the father tries to gently set his daughter straight. (05/27/1954) $7
KIDDIE A-GO-GO- 1965 live TV broadcast of Chicago-based pre-teen dance show w/ five year-olds in go-go boots & Cub Scout uniforms rocking out to records by Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels "Little Latin Lupe Lu"; The Knickerbockers "Lies"; Nancy Sinatra "These Boots Are Made For Walking"; plus The New Colony Six lip-synching in person to "I Lie Awake". Games & puppets round out the show. $9
KUKLA, FRAN & OLLIE- 1952 installment of this crazed puppet show for kids. $5


LANCELOT LINK- SECRET CHIMP- "The Mysterious Motorcycle Menace"- The Baron's motorcycle gang steals A.P.E.'s payroll. / "The Great Beauty Contest"- A Soviet beauty queen from Siberia wants to defect. Lance Link (played by Tongo the chimpanzee & voiced by Dayton Allen) is a secret agent for APE (Agency to Prevent Evil). He works alongside his partner Mata Hairi (played by Debbie the chimpanzee & voiced by Joan Gerber) & gets his assignments from Commander Darwin. The monocled Baron Von Butcher (voiced by Bernie Kopell, formerly Siegfried on 'Get Smart') was the evil leader of rival agency C.H.U.M.P (Criminal Headquarters for Underworld Master Plan). The psych-pop chimp band 'The Evolution Revolution' also play some songs by Steve Hoffman & Marty Mandrill, produced by Steve Barri. The studio musicians used were known as 'The wrecking Crew', who also backed 'The Grass Roots'. This is the 3rd episode of the series. (09/26/1970) $9
THE LAUGHMAKERS- Unsold pilot starring Alan Alda; Louise Lasser; Sandy Baron; & Louie Sorel as a group of improvisational artists working in a small club in New York. Written by Woody Allen. (1962) $8
LEAVE IT TO BEAVER- "It's A Small World"- This episode originally aired as a stand-alone special & was not presented as the pilot / premiere episode of "Leave It To Beaver". The cast here is slightly different. Max Showalter (billed as Casey Adams) starred as Ward, & Paul Sullivan starred as Wally. Beaver learns he can win a new bike if he collects 1,000 milk bottle caps, so he & Wally set about to win the prize. Unbeknownst to them, the contest is phony, made up by Wally's friend as a joke. (04/23/1957) $7
LEAVE IT TO BEAVER- "Voodoo Magic"- In the 13th episode of this long-running series, Wally & Beaver decide to go to a double feature movie about voodoo magic. Although it's against their parents' orders, Eddie convinces them to go anyway, saying they won't get caught. Of course they do get caught, & an angry Beaver places a voodoo curse on Eddie. (01/3/1958) $7
LEAVE IT TO BEAVER- "Tenting Tonight"- After a weekend spent at the movies goes awry for Ward, he decides the boys should spend their weekends outside & plans a camping trip. However, when Ward's called into work, Wally & Beaver decide to camp out in the backyard. (04/30/1958) $6
LEAVE IT TO BEAVER- "The Hypnotist" After seeing someone being hypnotized in a movie, Beaver sets out to do the same but Eddie wants to play a trick on Beaver & pretends that Beaver has actually hypnotized him. Beaver gets scared when Eddie doesn't snap out of the trance. (03/12/1960) $6
LET'S GO- A successor to 'Music Hop', 'Let's Go' featured popular rock music for the Canadian teen market. Here is the debut Winnipeg show, hosted by Chad Allen w/ The Guess Who; Goodtime Music Appreciation Society; The Fringe. Also includes Vancouver episodes hosted by Fred Latremouille w/ The Classics; Howie Vickers; Jayson Hoover & The Epics. The show evolved into 'Where It's At'. 1967-68 (113 minutes total) $9
LET'S JOIN JOANIE- Two years before scoring a hit with her "I Married Joan" series, brilliant comedienne Joan Davis makes her TV debut in this obscure unsold pilot in which she shows off her slapstick genius as a salesgirl suffering through a grueling exercise program in order to impress her handsome neighbor (Joe Flynn of "McHale's Navy"). Joan's fitness training scenes are an absolute riot. (1950) $5
THE LIFE OF RILEY "Juvenile Delinquent"- In another revolting development, Junior announces his intention to buy a hot rod. William Bendix; Gloria Blondell; Wesley Morgan, Marjorie Reynolds, Tom D'Andrea. (11/2/1956) $8
LIGHTS OUT- "Curtain Call"- The air is electric with excitement as an eager audience packs the theater anxiously awaiting the return to the footlights of Carlton Dane, the great actor, after ten years retirement. The play is Richard III, but the audience will see much more than Shakespeare tonight. (2/12/1951) $6
LITTLE AMY- Precocious Amy (a female 'Dennis The Menace' of sorts, fashioned after Little Audrey & played by Debbie Megowan) has convinced herself that accident-prone neighbor Arthur is future marriage material. Alas, the boy is too busy making a fool out of himself on the football field to take much notice, so Amy hatches several disastrous schemes to help him succeed. A young Jack Nicholson appears in a brief cameo as an assistant football coach! Great period suburban home décor. Unsold Pilot (1962) $8
LIVE AT TJ'S- Sal Mineo & Phil Spector host this rare TV special spotlighting the Dave Clark Five. Phil Spector is in fine form. Songs include: "Catch Us If You Can"; "Having A Wild Weekend" & several others (7/15/1965) $12
THE LLOYD THAXTON SHOW- The Best Of The Lloyd Thaxton Show- (Lloyd Thaxton hosts this syndicated live afternoon dance party show from Los Angeles w/ The Turtles (3); Four Tops (3); Temptations (3); Marvin Gaye (2); Shangri-Las (2); Petula Clark (3); Gail Garnett; Johnny Rivers (2); Bobby 'Boris' Pickett; Bobby Hebb; Bachelors (2); Ray Stevens; Ben E. King (2). Diffuse production code at top & bottom of screen sometimes interferes w/ viewing performers, otherwise picture & sound quality is EX) (108 minutes) $7
THE LUCY SHOW- "Lucy In The Music World"- Lucy takes a temp secretary job at a record label, The Pop Record Co. Her neighbor, songwriter Mel Tinker (Mel Torme), has his tunes rejected by Lucy's boss because they're not rock 'n roll. Mel reworks the songs & before you know it, he & Lucy perform them on the TV teen music show 'Wing Ding'. (9/27/1965) $8


THE MAD MAGAZINE TV SPECIAL- Unaired animated pilot w/ voice characterizations by Pat Bright; Herbert Duncan; Hetty Galen; Gene Klavan; others. Not to be confused w/ 'Mad TV'. This is sanctioned by the usual gang of idiots at Mad magazine (Larry Siegel, Stan Hart, Tom Koch, Earle Doud, & Don Edwing), & is based on articles from 1963-73. See the animated TV debut of Spy Vs. Spy, Don Martin, & many other classic Mad artists' characters & gags. "Auto Manufacturer Of The Year" from issue #155, written by Tom Koch, illustrated by George Woodbridge; Don Martin's "Bath Time" & "Shipwrecked" (from issue #83); "X-Rayvings & Other Stuff" An abbreviated version of a running gag that spanned many issues, this "X-Rayvings" is based on bits from issue #144. Written by Don "Duck" Edwing, illustrated by Bob Clarke; "Academy Awards For Parents" based on a terrific teen-verses-parents sketch from issue #80, written by Stan Hart, illustrated by Mort Drucker; "The Oddfather" movie parody straight outta the pages of issue #155, written by Larry Siegel, illustrated by Mort Drucker. 1974 $12 Rare!
THE MAGIC CLOWN- Complete w/ Bonomo Turkish Taffy commercials (1952) $5
MALIBU U- Rick Nelson hosts this lighthearted 1967 ABC-TV summer replacement show featuring the top music acts of the day performing their hits on Malibu Beach. Australian singing star Robie Porter appears as a regular along w/ The Bob Banas Dancers & original commercials. $7 each More Info w/ Selected Episodes Available
MAMA DON'T ALLOW- Karel Reisz & Tony Richardson co-directed this BBC documentary about working-class youths, shot at the famed Wood Green Jazz Club in North London. The Chris Barber Jazz Band (w/ Monty Sunshine, Lonnie Donegan & Ottilie Patterson) rock the room full of jive dancing pompadoured Teddy Boys & their tight sweatered shop girls. It's great cinéma vérité that really captures the sizzling atmosphere & wild dancing at the club. (1955) $10
THE MANY LOVES OF DOBIE GILLIS- "Beethoven, Presley & Me"- Robbie The Robot predicts if a song will be a hit or not. The computer-like song-analyzing qualities are transferred to Maynard, & his cousin Virgil uses this to become a singing star. w/ Dwayne Hickman & Bob Denver. (3/13/1963) $10
MARC- All 6 complete episodes of Marc Bolan's BBC Show, produced in Manchester, UK by Granada TV for the ITV network: Show 1: August 24,1977 Marc Bolan & T. Rex "Sing Me A Song","I Love to Boogie", "Celebrate Summer", "Jeepster"; The Jam "All Around The World"; Stephanie DeSykes "Cool Wind From The North"; Radio Stars "No Russians In Russia"; Showaddywaddy "You Got What It Takes"; The Heart Throbs dance to "You Made Me Believe In Magic". Show 2: August 31, 1977 Marc Bolan & T. Rex "Celebrate Summer", "New York City", "Ride A White Swan", "Endless Sleep"; Roots Rock & Desmond Dekker "Hearts Throb Dance"; Alfalpha "If I Can Just Through Tonight"; Bay City Rollers "You Made Me Believe In Magic"; Mud "Just A Little Tenderness"; 10cc "People In Love". Show 3: September 7,1977 Marc Bolan & T. Rex "Sing Me A Song", "Groove A Little", "Let's Dance", "Hot Love"; The Boomtown Rats "Looking After Number One"; Jamie Wild "You're My Baby"; The Hearts Throbs dance to "Celebrate Summer" by Marc Bolan & T. Rex; Alan David "Get Your Love Right"; Hawkwind "Quark Strangeness & Charm". Show 4: September 14, 1977 Marc Bolan & T. Rex "New York City", "I Love To Boogie", "Endless Sleep", "Dandy In the Underworld"; Denis Conly "Idolizer"; Steve Gibbons Band "Tulane"; Roger Taylor (of Queen) "I Wanna Testify". Show 5: September 21,1977 Marc Bolan & T. Rex "Sing Me A Song", "Celebrate Summer", "Get It On"; Rosetta Stone "Sunshine Of Your Love"; The Heart Throbs dance to "Get On"; Blue "Bring Back the Love"; Radio Stars "No Russians In Russia"; Thin Lizzy "Dancing In The Moonlight (It's Caught Me In It's Spotlight)". Show 6: September 28, 1977 Marc Bolan & T. Rex "Deborah", "Groove A Little", "Ride A White Swan"; Generation X "Your Generation"; Lip Service "I'm A Fighter"; The Heart Throb's dance to "Ain't It Strange" & "I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet" by Gonzalez; Eddie & The Hot Rods "Do Anything You Want To Do"; David Bowie "Heroes"; plus an instrumental Jam w/ David Bowie and Marc Bolan & T. Rex to close the series... Marc accidentally falls off the edge of the stage in the last frame. Note: This final episode was recorded on Sept 7,1977, but not broadcast until after Marc Bolan's funeral on Sept 20, 1977.
PAUL McCARTNEY LIVE- Quebec City Anniversary Concert- Amazing Live Canadian TV Broadcast of Paul McCartney for the 400th anniversary celebration of Quebec City. 37 songs from himself, Wings & The Beatles, in front of 275,000 people! (185 minutes) (7/20/2008) $12 Rare!
PAUL McCARTNEY- "Who Buried Paul?"- Dutch Television Documentary by Wouter Van Opdorp gives the true story behind one of the greatest mysteries in the history of Rock & Roll. Plus "Dutch Top 2000 A-Go-Go" (12/30/2005) (38 minutes) $7
MEET THE O'BRIENS- Dave O'Brien plays a clumsy & none-too-bright husband who accidentally wrecks his father-in-law's car while looking for work. Dave goes to pick up the insurance money, but on the way home he gets conned into buying a car from a nice little old lady from Pasadena. This unsold comedy pilot also features comedian Willie Best as a flustered tow-truck driver. Director Charles Barton, who gave Bud & Lou their finest hour in "Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein" keeps the laughs coming fast & furious. (1954) $6
MEETING WITH AN ALIEN- Early 1980 perspective of Roky Erickson from Austin, Texas cable TV. $12
MIDNIGHT RAMBLE- The Story Of The Black Film Industry- (Oscar Micheaux & Race Movies are explored in this award winning 1994 documentary featuring early Black independent film circa 1910-1950. James Avery narrates) (1 hour) $9
THE MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW- The Rolling Stones appear to perform 4 songs, plus a short interview with Mike. "Carol"; "Tell Me"; "Not Fade Away" & "I Just Want To Make Love To You". (6/18/1964) 14 minutes $6 or $3 if used to fill-out a disc.
THE MILTON BERLE SHOW- Broadcast live from the Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Hancock w/ Elvis Presley performing "Shake, Rattle And Roll"; "Heartbreak Hotel" & "Blue Suede Shoes" backed by Scotty Moore, Bill Black & D.J. Fontana. Elvis appears in a comedy sketch w/ Milton. Esther Williams & Arnold Stang also guest star. Music by the Harry James Orchestra featuring Buddy Rich. (04/03/1956) (1 hour) $7
THE MINI-MUNSTERS- Animated pilot originally aired on "The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie". Eddie & Marilyn start a rock band. Herman gets them a herse to get to gigs. Al Lewis voices as Grampa Munster who concocts an invention that runs the herse on music power, rather than gasoline. The band enters a drag race, plays real fast, and wins on 'music power'. But when word gets out about Grampa's invention, the public wants it & the gas company wants to destroy it. Bad guys kidnap Eddie's pet 'Spot', and holds him for ransom in exchange for the music power machine. Richard Long ("Nanny & The Professor") voices Herman. Cynthia Adler voices Lily. This animated film only aired once & remains unreleased. (10/27/1973) $12 Rare!
MISTER ED- "Ed The Songwriter"- Wilbur has a music publisher record a song written, composed & sung by Mr. Ed. (04/06/1961) $5
MISTER ED- "Ed The Beachcomber"- Teenage beatniks have taken over Roger's beachfront property & do nothing but lie around, play records & ride surfboards all day. Roger asks Wilbur to help rid him of his beatnik problem. Mr. Ed hangs out at the beach & creates beatnik art with the teenagers & recites poetry! Larry Merril, Nancy Lee, Joe Conley, Jay Berniker, Gail DaCorsi. (04/01/1962) $5
MISTER ED- "Hi-Fi Horse"- Wilbur buys a stereo for his & Carol's anniversary, but Carol complains that it isn't a very personal gift. (10/04/1964) $6
MISTER ED- "Ed A-Go-Go"- In this Beatles inspired episode Wilber's new neighbor happens to be a builder who needs an architect. His bongo playing teenage son (Johnny Crawford) plays way-out beat music late into the night. On Ed's advice, Wilbur tutors the teenager in Algebra in exchange for a business opportunity with the teen's Dad. But, they end up dancing The Frug, Watusi, Swim, & The Mule instead! Mr. Ed claims to be a swinging teenager himself, as he skateboards & listens to rock 'n roll records! Ed even wears a Beatle wig & straps a guitar around his neck! w/ Frank Wilcox. (9/19/1965) $8
MISTER ED- "Mae West Meets Mister Ed"- Ed overhears Mae West commissioning Wilbur on creating ultra deluxe stables for her horses. When Ed overhears the conversation, he starts to get discontented with his own surroundings. (03/22/1964) $6
MR. LUCKY- John Vivyan stars in this CBS adventure drama as the suave Mr. Lucky, whose full name was never revealed. Created by Blake Edwards as spin-off to his successful Peter Gunn series. Music by Henry Mancini. 10 Selected Episodes feature guest appearances by Jack Nicholson; Joi Lansing; Richard Chamberlain; Yvette Minieux; Frank Gorshan; Lee Van Cleef; Barbara Bain; Gavin MacLeod, Bambi Hamilton, Jackie Coogan, Mel Welles, Richard Bakalyan, others. Several episodes directed by Jack Arnold. $3 each or all 10 for $20 More Info w/ Selected Episodes Available
THE MONKEES- "I Was A Teenage Monster"- A mad doctor plans to turn 'Groont', a seven foot monster, into the world's greatest rock & roll singer by transplanting the Monkees musical prowess into the monster's body with an electronic device. The transfer is a success & the doctor erases whatever memory the boys have of the event. When the hear the monster singing "Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day" in their own voices, the group is horrified. The doctor names his creation 'The Swinging Android' & prepares for stardom. "Your Auntie Grizelda" is played during the closing sequence. (01/06/1967) $6
THE MOTHER'S IN-LAW- "How Not To Manage A Rock Group"- Eve Arden & Kaye Ballard star as the mothers of Jerry & Suzie (played by 'Beach Party' movie regular Deborah Walley). Herb Rudley watches The Warts (played by The Seeds) perform their hit, "Pushin' Too Hard". Sky Saxon has a speaking part & appears in 2 scenes. (4/28/1968) $9
THE MUNSTERS- "Far-Out Munsters"- The Standells are coming to Mockingbird Heights. They have a tendency to damage the places they stay in, so they decide to rent a run-down house in the suburbs. The Munsters are contacted by the Standells manager & are paid to go stay in a hotel, but they can't stand the beds, lack of dust, or the fresh air, so they return to their house, where The Standells are performing The Beatles' hit "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" for a roomful of beatniks & hippies. Later they play "Do The Ringo", an otherwise unrecorded / unreleased song by them. Zalman King guests. (03/18/1965) $8
THE MUNSTERS- Will Success Spoil Herman Munster?"- Eddie's friend brings a tape recorder to the Munsters' house. After everyone has gone to bed, Herman has fun with it & sings "Dem Bones". Eddie's friend's father works for a radio station & thinks Herman's song is a demo tape. He plays it on the radio & it becomes a big hit. Herman starts to become a conceited celebrity & the family doesn't like it. (12/02/1965) $7
MURRAY THE K- "It's What's Happening, Baby!"- Totally cool teen music CBS-TV Special w/ Dave Clark 5; Bill Cosby; Jan & Dean (w/ Katherine Minner as 'The Little Old Lady From Pasadena' dancing w/ Bob Burns as 'Kogar The Swinging Ape'); Drifters; Temptations; Marvin Gaye; Little Anthony & The Imperials; Supremes; Tom Jones; Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles, Ray Charles; The Righteous Brothers; Hermans Hermits; Martha Reeves & The Vandellas; Four Tops; Gary Lewis & The Playboys; Johnny Mathis; Chuck Jackson; Johnny Rivers; Mary Wells; Dionne Warwick; The Shindig Dancers; Cannibal & The Headhunters; Smokey Robinson & The Miracles; The Ronettes; even Herman Munster shows up & dances on the beach! Audio starts off a bit shrill, but settles out. Produced by the Office of Economic Opportunity, urging kids to pursue education & summer employment. (6/28/1965) 90 minutes $14
THE MUSIC SCENE- 2nd episode of ABC-TV music show, hosted by David Steinberg w/ Janis Joplin "Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)"; Gary Puckett "This Girl Is A Woman Now"; Eydie Gorme "Tonight I'll Say A Prayer"; Three Dog Night "Easy To Be Hard" ; Lou Rawls "Your Good Thing Is About To End", Plus "Midnight Cowboy" film clips & comedy skits fasir quality (9/29/1969) 1 hour $9
MY FAVORITE MARTIAN- "My Favorite Martian"- Rare 1962 unaired pilot episode w/ subtle differences from the aired version. Here Annabelle is Lorelei Brown's other daughter. In the aired version, her scenes were re-filmed so that Annabelle was Mrs. Brown's visiting niece. $8
MY THREE SONS- "Adventure In New York"- Aspiring song writers Mike & Robbie decide to take a song they wrote to New York City & present it to a publisher. A friendly cab driver helps them in their quest & the publisher gives them both some good advice before they head home. Don Grady & Tim Considine sing the song 'A Broken Heart Knows Better' (Words & Music by Don Grady & Gary Abrams) (05/14/1964) $9

N - O

NIGHT TRAIN- All-black R&B Music TV show out of Nashville, TN hosted by Noble Blackwell... featuring vocal & soul groups: The Avons; Hal Hardy; Jimmy Church; Ironing Board Sam; Pamela Releford; Jeffery Allen; Sandra King; Joe Perkins; Spidels; King Kasuals; Hytones. The house band is led by musical director Bob Holmes, showcasing the fiery blues licks of guitarist Johnny Jones. One episode has the 1st TV appearance of Jimi Henrdix (June, 1965) in Little Richard's ensemble band, The Upsetters, backing vocalists Buddy & Stacy on "Shotgun"! 3 different episodes available from 1965. (50-55 minutes each. Hendrix episode is 30 minutes) $6 each (specify)
NOEL HARRISON IS WHERE THE GIRLS ARE- Dazzling & hip musical variety TV special hosted by Noel Harrison, w/ The Byrds (w/ Gene Clark), Association; Cher; Barbara McNair; Don Peake's Big Band; Don Adams; Professor Irwin Corey; Rob Reiner, a group playing electric sitars, a bevy of mini-clad beauties & more! A segment has Noel Harrison visiting Sunset Strip nightspots including the Haunted House. (4/23/1968) (approx 58 minutes) $12
OH! SUSANNA- aka The Gale Storm Show- "Lovey-Dovey"- In this comedy series, Susanna (Gale Storm) is the social director aboard a luxury liner. Gary Stewart (Russell Arms), a musician friend of Susanna, is on board the ship to San Rey w/ the girl he loves, but the girl's mother, who objects to their relationship, doesn't know he's there. Susanna hopes to convince the mother that the two are right for each other. Gale Storm sings "Winter Warm" & duets w/ Gary on "Love Birds". w/ Judi (Judy) Meredith, Vera Vague, Zasu Pitts & original Nescafe Coffee commercials. (1/18/1958) $6
OPERATION ESP- This CBS episode of "Your Jeweler's Showcase" shows the amusing tough-talking wise-guy actor Sheldon Leonard at his best. He & his pal think they have it made after meeting a coffee shop cook with a knack for forecasting the future; but the psychic isn't too keen on the con men making money off his predictions. (11/18/1952) $7

P - Q

THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY- "A Knight In Shining Armor"- Bobby Sherman & David Cassidy write a song together. This was Bobby Sherman's only time on The Partridge Family. After his highly-rated appearance, Bobby was given his own show on ABC, titled 'Getting Together', where he & Wes Stern reprise their original roles from this episode. The original ending where Bobby & Lionel say their good-byes to the Partridges is included in this version. Rare! (03/19/1971) $9
THE PATTY DUKE SHOW- "Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow"- When Patty learns that Richard is going to a record hop without her, she decides to throw a party the same night-with live music. Patty sings "I'm Henry VIII, I Am" & "Funny Little Butterflies" (a song from her movie "Billie"). The Shindogs (house band for "Shindig" w/ James Burton on lead guitar) perform "Hard Rock" & "Rock On". (09/29/1965) $9
THE PATTY DUKE SHOW- "Anywhere I Hang My Horn Is Home"- Patty befriends a hipster trumpet-playing musician (Dick Gautier aka 'Hymie' on "Get Smart") who is down on his luck & invites him to stay with the Lanes until he can land a gig. (01/19/1966) $6
PAUL LYNDE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL- Paul Lynde hosts this kitchsy & camp ABC-TV special w/ Margaret Hamilton in her only prime time TV appearance wearing the full 'Wicked Witch Of The West' outfit from "The Wizard of Oz". Also appearing are Witchie Poo from H.R. Pufnstuf; Donnie & Marie Osmond; Tim Conway; Billy Barty; Betty White & Pinky Tuscadero. Florence Henderson sings a disco version of "That Old Black Magic". In their first network TV appearance, KISS performs "Detroit Rock City"; "Beth" & "King Of The Nighttime World" & interact w/ Paul & Margaret. Written & produced by Bob Booker, this surreal show aired only once & for 31 years was consided lost. (10/29/1976) 50 minutes $6
THE PAUL WINCHELL SHOW- Ventriloquist Paul Winchell & Jerry Mahoney celebrate the yuletide season as Paul flashes back to his early courting years. w/ original commercials. (12/17/1953) $5
PETER GUNN- "Lynn's Blues" When love turns to obsession, a sultry nightclub singer needs Peter Gunn's help to block an ingenious killer's bid to play an ace card. A film-noir atmosphere, featuring the music of Henry Mancini. Jazz guitarist Bill Bean appears in 2 club scenes. (11/03/1958) $6
PETER GUNN- "Edge Of The Knife"- A distraught father is worried about his daughter who did time for four years as an accomplice in a robbery. Now after her release she has disappeared & her father hires Gunn to find her. The twist is that her father died when she was four. w/ Hope Summers & Lola Albright. A film-noir atmosphere, featuring the music of Henry Mancini. (10/05/1959) $5
PETER GUNN- "Take Five For Murder" Peter Gunn agrees to make the payoff for a blackmailed teen idol Bobby Jeeter, until the case takes a murderous turn when the hatcheck girl at the club Bobby is playing turns up dead. w/ Gavin MacLeod. A film-noir atmosphere, featuring the music of Henry Mancini. (12/05/1960) $5
PETTICOAT JUNCTION- "The Talent Contest"- Kate has serious reservations about the girls competing against one another in a talent contest being help in the Shady rest lobby. Uncle Joe is in on the scheme for a free trip to Chicago. (03/10/1964) $5
PETTICOAT JUNCTION- "The Ladybugs" Uncle Joe decides to cash in on "Beatlemania" by casting his nieces & Sheriff Ragsdale's daughter in a musical group called "The Lady Bugs". From the creator of 'The Beverly Hillbillies', the group featured Sheila James, who played 'Zelda' on 'The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis'. The made-up group also appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show 2 nights before this episode aired. (03/24/1964) $9
PETTICOAT JUNCTION- "A Star Is Born"- Billy Jo & Steve enter a TV talent contest as "The Swinging Sweethearts" & win a contract to tour their act, but Steve bows out. (02/7/1967) $6
PETTICOAT JUNCTION- "The Barbershop Quartet"- Tone-deaf Uncle Joe quits the quartet he organized, which upsets his friend Sam Drucker. Betty Jo & Steve try to reunite the two. Burt Mustin (aka Gus The Fireman on 'Leave It To Beaver') replaces Uncle Joe in the quartet. (01/20/1968) $6
PLAYBOY AFTER DARK- The Best Of Playboy After Dark- (musical acts from the TV show: Smokey Robinson & The Miracles; Iron Butterfly; Fleetwood Mac; Grand Funk Railroad; Grateful Dead; Grassroots; Sonny & Cher; Leslie Gore; O.C. Smith; Brenton Wood; James Brown; Jackie DeShannon w/ Barry White; Cowsills; Deep Purple; Linda Ronstadt; Sir Douglas Quintet) (85 minutes) $15
POLKA PARTY- 50s TV Show- $6
POPSIDE- The Who perform "Daddy Rolling Stone", "It's Not True", "Bald Headed Woman", "The Kids are Alright", "Substitute" & "My Generation" on Swedish TV. (6/5/1966) $6


RAINBOW QUEST- Pete Seger's Rainbow Quest is a ground breaking TV series from the 1960s featuring authentic traditional music including folk, gospel, country, bluegrass & blues played in the atmosphere of an informal back porch picking party. Two mid-60s B&W episodes available, hosted by Pete Seeger, who interacts w/ the guests: (1) Johnny Cash & June Carter, just back from a European Tour, focus on their country roots, offering heartfelt performances of some of their most famous songs. They talk about the early years growing up & shed light on the sources of their music. (2) Roscoe Holcomb & Jean Redpath. Roscoe Holcomb is an extraordinary banjo & guitar player from Hazard, Kentucky who performs traditional music of such power that Eric Clapton was moved to call him "his favorite country musician". Roscoe is joined on this program by balladeer Jean Redpath who sings Scottish songs with tenderness & affection. (approx 55 minutes each) $12 each
RANCH PARTY- 1957 broadcast w/ The Collins Kids "Let's Have A Party"; Johnny Cash "I Walk The Line"; Ranch Party Gang "Blue Tail Fly"; Patsy Cline "I've Loved & Lost Again"; Les 'Carrot Top' Anderson "Dimples Or The Dumplins"; Joe Maphis & Fiddlin' Kate "Instrumental Hoedown"; Dorothy Wright "Just A Closer Walk With Thee"; Bobby Helms "Long Gone Daddy" (Terrific rockabilly!); Lorrie Collins "Young Heart"; Ranch Party Gang "Deep In the Heart of Texas" $7
RANCH PARTY- The Best Of Ranch Party- (musical acts from the TV show: The Collins Kids; Wanda Jackson; Tex Ritter; Carl Perkins; Joe Maphis; George Jones; Merle Travis; Johnny Cash & The Tenessee Two; Patsy Cline; more) 100 minutes $14
READY STEADY GO!- One of the UK's first rock/pop music TV shows, airing early Friday evenings w/ tag-line "The Weekend Starts Here!" against themes songs: "Wipe Out" by The Surfaris, later replaced by Manfred Mann's "5-4-3-2-1" & finally Manfred Mann's "Hubble Bubble, Toil & Trouble". It featured hit artists: The Beatles, Dusty Springfield, Gerry & The Pacemakers, Rolling Stones, Donovan (discovered by RSG!), Helen Shapiro, P.J. Proby, Dave Clark Five, Kinks, Animals, Cilla Black, Searchers, Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames, Billy Fury, Lulu, Marvin Gaye, Gene Pitney, Beach Boys, Martrha & The Vandellas, Rufus Thomas, Isley Bros, Jerry Lee Lewis, Sandie Shaw, Small Faces, Long John Baldry, Who, Burt Bacharach & many more. Over 4 1/2 hours of great rare footage available. Write for details.
RHAPSODY IN BREW- Beer Commercials of the 50s & 60s w/ Hamms; Black Label; Rheingold; Budweiser; Ballentine Ale; Old Milwaukee; Simon Pure Beer; Olympia; Falstaff; Knickerbocker; Utica Club; National Bohemian; Blitz; Jax; Gunther; Pabst; Molson; Genesee; Schaefer; Duquense; Goebel; Mitchell; Rainier, many more (1 hour) $8
THE ROCK SCENE- Like It Is- CBC music special, filmed at The O'Keefe Center, Toronto Canada, hosted by Noel Harrison (son of actor Rex Harrison) w/ guests The Jefferson Airplane "White Rabbit", "Two Heads", "Ballad of You & Me & Pooneil" and The Doors "The End". Not seen are: Dionne Warwick, Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66, and Eric Andersen. (10/16/1967) 30 minutes $9
ROMPER ROOM- "Peanut Butter & Lettuce Sandwich"- B&W kiddie show created by Nancy Claster. $5
ROOTY KAZOOTIE- 1953 episode of this obscure kids show. $5
ROY ROGERS- Description Coming Soon.....


SCREEN TEST- Superboy- $4 or Free to fill-out any other program ordered.
SECRET FILE USA- 1954 Cold-War Spy Series stars Robert Alda, father of Alan Alda, as Major Morgan. Narrated by Frank Gallop. (1) "Mission Assassin"- Major Morgan of the American Secret Intelligence risks his life by breaking up a plot to assassinate an American delegate to the International Peace Conference. This debut episode of the series, filmed in Italy. (2) "Mission Chopin"- Major Morgan engages the help of beautiful concert pianist, Helene Van Loon to participate in a dangerous mission of cat and mouse to eliminate an agent working against American Intelligence, threatening to expose top secret information. 2nd episode of the series, filmed in Vienna. (3) "Mission Firebird"- Morgan goes to Czechoslovakia to prevent the test flight of a nuclear powered aircraft, code-named "Firebird". (4) "Mission 'M'"- Major Morgan investigates an international gangster being
held in customs at an airport in Amsterdam for carrying a forged passport. Filmed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ($2 each or all 4 episodes for $6)
SEVENTEEN- From Ames, Iowa comes this awesome Saturday night teenage dance show on WOI-TV, featuring some cool rockabilly music for the kids to dance to: Ronny Self "Bop-A-Lena"; Gene Vincent "I Got A Baby"; Dale Wright "She's Neat"; Buddy Knox "Swingin' Daddy"; Elvis Presley "Don't"; The Chantels "Maybe"; Chuck Willis "Betty & Dupree" plus "The Stroll"; Tom & Jerry "Hey School Girl"; Billy & Lillie "La Dee Dah". Dress code is relaxed. There's a bubble gum bubble blowing contest & a "Lucky Table" contest! The winners got tickets for the new film "Jamboree" & a Royal Teens 45-RPM record! An announcement of Clay Stapleton being named head football coach at Iowa State College. The hosts are Dick Green, Ron Scott, Liz Dwight & Betty Lou McVeigh. (2/1/1958) $8
77 SUNSET STRIP- "Caper In E Flat"- Singing star Billy Baines (Evan McCord) has been receiving threatening letters. Now the threats are followed by a rifle shot & Billy Boy's manager, Morton P. Franklin, goes to Bailey & Spencer for help. Rex Randolph (Richard Long of "Bourbon Street Beat") is on the case. Cloris Leachman guest stars. (05/19/1961) (approx 50 minutes) $10
SHEBANG- Lots of artists & celebrities drop by to surprise Casey and wish him well on Shebang's first anniversary. Don Grady, Dean Torrance, Bobby Sherman, Donna Loren, Eddie Hodges, Jewel Akens, Dick & Dee Dee, more! Eddie Hodges performs "New Orleans" live, and the kids dance to records by: Tom Jones: "It's Not Unusual"; Brenda Holloway "When I'm Gone"; The Beatles "Eight Days A Week"; Petula Clark "I Know A Place"; Gary Lewis & The Playboys "Count Me In"; Shadows of Knight "Gloria"; The Supremes "Stop, In The Name Of Love"; Sandie Shaw "Girl Don't Come"; The Temptations "My Girl" (50 minutes) (3/16/1966) $12
SHEBANG- A salute to Motown w/ live in-person performances by Brenda Holloway "When I'm Gone" & "Just Look What You Have Done"; The Temptations"My Girl", "Beauty Is Only Skin Deep" & "Ain't Too Proud To Beg". The kids dance to The Supremes "The Happening"; Martha & The Vandellas"Dancing In The Street"; Brenda Holloway "When I'm Gone"; Eddie Holland"Jamie"; Jimmy Ruffin"What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted"; The Four Tops "Bernadette"; Jr. Walker & The All Stars "Shotgun"; Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston"It Takes Two" (50 minutes) (4/11/1967) $9
SHEBANG- This is episode #21 of the series which aired right after The Montery Pop Festival & features: Eric Burdon & The The Animals "When I Was Young" &"San Franciscan Nights"; plus The Music Machine "The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly" & "Astrologically Incompatable" Also w/ UK soccer star Mike Bailey. The kids dance to "A Thousand Shadows" by The Seeds & other cool songs. Hosted by Casey Kasem (50 minutes) (6/24/1967) $12
SHEENA- QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE- TV series starring Irish McCalla. "Forbidden Cargo" (9/16/56 premiere episode); "Sacred River" (9/30/56); "Curse Of The Voodoo" (11/18/56); Eyes Of The Idol" (12/23/56); "The Lash" (01/06/57); "Rival Queen" (01/20/57); "The Magic Bag" (02/24/57); "Secret Of The Temple" (3/10/57). Any 4 for $12
SHINDIG- Debut show w/ Jackie and Gayle "(Up Above My Head) There's Music in the Air", "The Girl from Ipanema" & "Gonna Build a Mountain"; The Wellingtons "Tzena, Tzena, Tzena" & "Yes, Indeed" (w/ The Blossoms); Bobby Sherman "Back Home Again in Indiana" & "Hello Dolly" (duet w/ Shindig dancer Maria Ghava); Sam Cooke "Tennessee Waltz" & "Blowing In The Wind"; The Everly Brothers "You're The One I Love" & "Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo"; Donna Loren "Wishin' & Hopin'"; The Righteous Brothers "This Little Girl Of Mine"; Comedian Alan Sues impersonates Liberace; The Shindig dancers; Finale: The Everly Brothers & Sam Cooke "Lucille" (w/ closing credits) (9/16/1964) $8
SHINDIG- Alan Sues & Jerry Cole "Ain't She Sweet?"; The Cables & The Blossoms "Cannon Ball"; The Righteous Bros w/ Jody Miller & Pamela Bennett "California Here I Come" Jody Miller "Yes, My Darling Daughter" (1940's song); The Righteous Bros "Koko Joe" & "My Babe"; Pamela Bennett "And I Love Him" (folk singer performing a Beatles' song); Alan Sues "Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey"; Bobby Freeman "C'Mon & Swim"; Delaney Bramlett "You Never Can Tell"; Darlene Love "You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart)"; The Cables "Way Down Yonder In New Orleans"; Johnny Rivers "Maybelline" & "Memphis"; Finale: Jody Miller "Saved" (w/ closing credits) (09/23/1964) $8
SHINDIG- Adam Faith "It's Alright" & "Big Time"; Manfred Mann "Do Wah Diddy"; Bobby Sherman "You Make Me Happy"; Elkie Brooks "Nothing Left To Do But Cry"; Roy Orbison "Oh, Pretty Woman"; The Hondells "Little Honda" (w/ Teri Garr & other dancers on back of motor scooters); The Everly Brothers "Let It Be Me" & "Gone Gone Gone"; Finale: Roy Orbison "Wha'd I Say?" (w/ closing credits). (10/14/1964) $8
SHINDIG- Tommy Quickly "The Dog" & "Wild Side Of Life"; Manfred Mann "Do Wah Diddy Diddy"; Kelly Garrett "Mellow Fellows"; Chubby Checker "She Wants To Swim" & "Lovely Lovely (Loverly Loverly)"; Dixie Cups "Chapel Of Love" & "You Should Have Seen The Way He Looked At Me"; The Righteous Brothers "Fannie Mae"; Willy Nelson "Hand Jive" (not Willie Nelson, the country singer); Jack Good & Jimmy O'Neill segment; Finale: Manfred Mann "Sha La La" (w/ closing credits) (12/09/1964) $8
SHINDIG- Dave Clark Five "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah", "Can't You See That She's Mine?"; "Everybody Knows" & "Anyway You Want It"; Mickey Rooney Jr. "I Feel Fine"; The Newbeats "Everything's All Right"; Adam Faith "Boom Boom"; Kelly Garrett; "Wild One" (not the Bobby Rydell song); Bobby Sherman "She's A Woman"; The Blossoms (w/ Fanita James singing lead) "Going Out Of My Head"; Adam Faith - "It's All Right" (w/ The Isley Brothers & The Newbeats singing backup); Finale: Isley Brothers "Shout" (w/ closing credits) (12/16/1964) $8
SHINDIG- Bobby Sherman "All Day & All Of The Night","Good Night," & "Yeah, Yeah"; Suzy Kaye "Really Saying Something" & "Jerk And Twine"; Roy Clark "Shake"; "Lumberjack Man," & "The Wind Always Blows In Chicago"; Jerry Cole & Russ Titleman "Little Things" (Bobby Goldsboro song); Joe Tex "Keep On Keeping On" & "Hold On To What You've Got"; The Shindogs & The Gauchos "Eight Days A Week"; Rolling Stones "Heart of Stone" & "Suzie Q"; The Chambers Brothers "People Get Ready"; Jay & The Americans "Let's Lock The Door", "At The Club" & "Come a Little Bit Closer"; Little Eva "Let's Turkey Trot", "I Want You To Be My Boy" & "Locomotion"; Dave Berry "My Baby Left Me"; Johnny Tillotson "Angel"; The Gauchos "Everyday" (Buddy Holly song); The Shindogs "Midnight Special" & "A Big Hunk ‘O Love"; John Andrea "Comin' Home" ("I'm Coming Home"); The Shindig Dancers sing "Busy Signal". Finale: Joe Tex & Darlene Love "Yes Indeed" (w/ closing credits) 1 hour (03/03/1965) $8
SHINDIG- Bobby Goldsboro & Donna Loren "I Go Ape"; "Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows" & "All My Loving"; Joey Paige "Move It", "I Just Want to Make Love To You" & "The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man"; The Shindogs "Rock 'n' Roll Music", "Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby" & "I Feel Fine"; Glen Campbell "Way Down Yonder In New Orleans", "It Happened Just That Way" & "What's New Pussycat?"; The Blossoms & Wellingtons "Shake Rattle & Roll"; The Ronettes "All Shook Up", "Born To Be Together" & "Be My Baby"; Sonny & Cher "Yakety Yak" & "I Got You Babe"; Billy Preston "Hound Dog" & "Whole Lot Of Shakin' Goin' On"; The Righteous Brothers "Justine", "Hung On You" & "Turn on Your Love Light"; Donovan "Catch the Wind" & "Colours"; Bobby Goldsboro "Voodoo Woman" & "If You've Got A Heart"; The Rolling Stones "Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin')" & "Down The Road A Piece"; Sonny Bono "Laugh At Me." The Wellingtons "People Get Ready". Finale: The Righteous Brothers "This Little Girl of Mine" (w/ closing credits) 1 hour (08/11/1965) $8
SHINDIG- The Shindogs "Ride On Josephine", "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" & "It's All Over Now"; Bobby Sherman "Pretty Thing" & "Down In The Boondocks"; Jay P. Mobey (a Shindig discovery) "Bo Diddley" & "Don't Cry No More; Eddie Hodges, Glen Campbell & Bo Diddley "Mama Don't Allow No Twistin'"; Glen Campbell "Don't You Rock Me, Daddy-O" & "Rip It Up"; Jackie DeShannon "What The World Needs Now" & "Feel So Fine"; Dick & Dee Dee "Thou Shalt Not Steal" & "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright"; Bo Diddley "Give Me A Break", "You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover", "Road Runner" & "Hey Bo Diddley"; Eddie Hodges "New Orleans"; Fanita James (of the Blossoms) "Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte"; Patty Michaels "Mrs. Johnny"; Billy Preston "Satisfaction" (w/ The Wellingtons); Eddie Rambeau "Concrete & Clay" & "My Name Is Mud"; Tina Turner "I Don't Need", "Goodbye, So Long" & "I Can't Believe What You Say"; The Shindig Dancers dance to "Green Peppers". Medley of beach songs: Bobby Sherman "On the Beach"; Jay P. Mobey "Surf City" (w/ Eddie Rambeau & Dick St. James); The Wellingtons & Eddie Hodges "Noble Surfer"; Patty Michaels, Dee Dee & Jackie DeShannon "Surfin' U.S.A."; The Wellingtons "The Girls On The Beach". Finale: Jay P. Mobey, Bo Diddley & Tina Turner "Can Your Monkey Do the Dog?" (w/ closing credits). 1 hour (8/18/1965) $9
SHINDIG- Final show of Season 1 w/ Bruce Scott "Baby Work Out", "Save Your Heart for Me" & "Summertime Blues"; Barbara Lewis "He's a Real Gone Guy", "Baby I'm Yours", "Watermelon Man" & "It's Not Unusual"; Gene Chandler "I Got A Woman", "Sugar Dumpling", "Can I Get A Witness?" & "Good Times"; The Blossoms & The Eligibles "Rider" Collins Kids, Bruce Scott, & John Andrea "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright"; Searchers & Guilloteens "I Got My Mojo Working"; Billy Preston "Agent Double-O-Soul"; The Guilloteens "I Don't Believe"; John Andrea & The Eligibles "Bread & Butter" & "California Girls"; The Collins Kids "Like A Rolling Stone", "Sunshine Lollipops & Rainbows" & "Ticket to Ride"; The Eligibles "A Summer Place" The Searchers "He's Got No Love", "Love Potion #9" & "Bumble Bee"; Patty Duke "Say Something Funny" & "Funny Little Butterflies"; Darlene Love (with The Blossoms) "Saved"; The Zombies "She's Not There"; Shindig band " Yakety Axe" (or "Wacky Sax") 1 hour (9/8/1965)
SHINDIG- The Turtles "We'll Meet Again (Some Sunny Day)". "Needles & Pins" & "It Ain't Me Babe"; Lesley Gore "It's My Party", "My Town, My Guy And Me", "Judy's Turn To Cry" & "Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows"; Major Lance "Don't Set Me Free", "Too Hot To Hold", "Um Um Um Um" & "Monkey Time"; The Blossoms & The Wellingtons "Oh Boy!"; Delaney Bramlett & Joey Cooper (from the Shindogs) "Dixieland Rock"; The Hollies "I'm Alive"; Donovan "Colours"; The Shindogs "Act Naturally"; The Searchers "High Heel Sneakers". Finale (w/ closing credits): Major Lance "Land Of A Thousand Dances" (9/30/1965) $8
SHINDIG- Host Jimmy O'Neill introduces: Billy Joe Royal "Down In The Boondocks" & "Knew You When"; Linda Gayle "Stop, Look & Listen" & "Home Of The Brave" (Jody Miller hit); The Four Tops "It's The Same Old Song"; Ray Peterson "Mean Woman Blues", "Let the Four Winds Blow" & "Mickey's Monkey"; The Who "I Can't Explain" (Who's U.S. TV debut, performance taped in England); The Blossoms "Lover's Concerto"; Gerry & The Pacemakers "Ferry Cross The Mersey"; more (10/02/1965) 30 minutes $8
SHINDIG- Evie Sands "Live It Up" & "Take Me for a Little While"; Bobby Sherman "You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby"; Dee Dee Sharp "Rock Me In The Cradle Of Love"; "Do the Bird"; The Shindogs "Come On Let's Go" & "The Night Before" The Kinks "Who'll Be the Next In Line?" & "See My Friends"; Charlie Rich "Mohair Sam" & "Lonely Weekends"; Bobby Sherman (w/ The Wellingtons) "You're The One"; Jean King "Something Happens to Me"; Dee Dee Sharp (w/ The Blossoms) "Mashed Potato Time"; Billy Preston & Dee Dee Sharp "Slow Twistin'"; Bobby Sherman * Evie Sands "Shu Rah". Finale: The Shindogs, Dee Dee Sharp, Billy Preston & Bobby Sherman "I'm Movin' On" (w/ closing credits) (10/07/1965) $8
SHINDIG- Halloween show hosted by Boris Karloff. Lurch (Ted Cassidy) of 'The Addams Family' performs a dance called "The Lurch", after assisting Boris Karloff with his rendition of the "Monster Mash", Also w/ Billy Preston; Bobby Sherman; The Blossoms; Wellingtons; Jim Doval & The Gauchos; Spokesmen; more. (10/30/1965) $8
SHINDIG- Billy Joe Royal - "Down in the Boondocks", "I've Got To Be Somebody" & "I Knew You When."; Fontella Bass "Jim Dandy", "Everyday I Have to Cry" & "Rescue Me"; The Strangeloves "Roll On Mississippi", "Cara Lin" & "I Want Candy"; Jackie Wilson "The Way I Am" & "I Believe I'll Love On"; The Rolling Stones "Good Times" & "Have Mercy"; Tony & The Bandits "It's ABit Of All Right" (band from Cincinnati, Ohio - winners of a Shindig band contest). Finale: Jackie Wilson "Baby Workout" (w/ closing credits) (11/06/1965) $8
SHINDIG- Shindig Goes To London: The Animals "Rosie" & "We Gotta Get Outta This Place"; Moody Blues "I'll Go Crazy"; Brian Auger Trinity (w/ Long John Baldry, Rod Stewart & Julie Driscoll) "Do Lord Remember Me"; Gary Farr & The T-Bones "Wooly Bully"; Georgie Fame "Monkeying Around"; Finale: Eric Burdon, Steve Winwood, Long John Baldry, Julie Driscoll, & Rod Stewart "I Feel Alright" (w/ closing credits) Performances filmed August 6-8, 1965 at the Richmond-On-Thames Jazz Festival (aired in US: 12/04/1965) 30 minutes $8
SHINDIG- The Hollies "Too Much Monkey Business" & "Just One Look"; Manfred Mann "Watermelon Man" & "5,4,3,2,1"; The Blossoms "That's When The Tears Start"; Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames "Yeh, Yeh"; The Who "Daddy Rolling Stone"; Marianne Faithfull "There But For Fortune"; Adam Faith "Dig That Kind Of Beat"; Gerry & The Pacemakers "Ferry Cross The Mersey"; The Kinks "Milk Cow Blues" (w/ closing credits) (12/30/1965) $8
SHIVAREE- This swingin' syndicated series for ABC-TV features some of the top music performers of the day. The shows have an unobtrusive time-code, but are from the best video sources available. $7 each or any 4 Shivaree episodes on 1 disc for $25. More Info w/ Selected Episodes Available
SHIVAREE- The Best Of Shivaree- (musical acts from the TV show: Donnie Brooks (2); Sonny & Cher (2); Bobby Goldsboro; Standells (2); Eddie Hodges; Nino Tempo & April Stevens (2); Cher (2); Moon Maids (2); Jody Miller (2); Rolling Stones (2); Little Esther Phillips; O'Jays (2); Ronettes (2); Timi Yuro; Alan Sherman (2); Jimmy Witherspoon; Human Beings (2); Reflections (2); Gene Chandler; Four Tops; Jimmy Doval & The Gauchos; Jackie Wilson (2); Jay & The Americans (2); Uniques; Dixie Cups. Collected from a different source than the individual episodes) (2 hours) $14
THE SHOW WITH THE VERY LONG TITLE- Independent TV special written & produced Steve Geller for WNHC-TV (now WTNH-TV) in Connecticut. Features The Bram Rigg Set "I Can Only Give You Everything" & The Shags "Hey Little Girl"; "I Call Your Name" + 1 more. Unaired pilot. (1966) $14
SMILIN' ED'S GANG- Pre-'Andy's Gang' Vintage TV kiddie shows w/ Froggy the Gremlin. Complete show w/ Gunga Din Story; song: "Oh Susanna"; Froggy interacts w/ singing teacher Geno Pasta Fasuli. $5
THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS SHOW- "It Don't Mean A Dang If It Ain't Got That Twang"- Tommy's assignment is to aid a songwriter whose songs are out of tune with the times. This B&W pre-dates their color variety show of the late-60s. (11/19/1965) $10
SOGGY CELEBRITIES: CEREAL COMMERCIALS- Vintage TV breakfast ads include: Ralston & Chex cereals w/ Space Patrol; Kelloggs Pep & Raisin Bran w/ Tom Corbit; Kix w/ Capt. Midnight; Kelloggs Rice Krispies w/ The Monkees; Sugar Pops w/ Andy Devine; Cheerios & Trix w/ Mickey Mouse Club; Post cereals w/ Danny Thomas; Kelloggs Corn Flakes w/ Superman; Sugar Jets; many more. (1 hour) $8
SOMETHING ELSE- (Episode #2 1970 from the Texas State Fair) John Byner hosts Roy Clark; Hank Thompson; Ferlin Husky; Motherlode (fair quality at best) $8
SOMETHING ELSE- (Episode #3 1970 from Six Flags Over Texas) John Byner hosts 1910 Fruitgum Company; Lou Rawls; Cathy Green; Andy Kim (fair quality) $8
SOMETHING ELSE- (Episode #19 1970) John Byner hosts Crabby Appleton "Go Back"; Bobbi Martin "Reason For Living"; Jack Wild "Wonderful In My World"; Ides Of March "Vehicle" (w/ Jim Peterik, later of the group, Survivor). Cameo by Alex Cord. $9
SOMETHING ELSE- (Episode #21 1970 from Newport Beach, California) John Byner hosts Linda Ronstadt "Baby, You've Been On My Mind"; Poco "You Better Think Twice"; Flying Burrito Bros "The Older Guy"; Mark Lindsay "Miss America". $9
SOMETHING ELSE- (Episode #32 1971) John Hartford hosts Dr. John The Night Tripper "Where You At Mule? & "Voodoo Man"; Judy Mayhan "Dream Goin' By"; Bobby Bloom "Montego Bay"; John Hartford "The Davidson County Flash" & "The Wart". $9
SOMETHING ELSE- (Episode #33 1971 from San Francisco Bay Area) John Hartford hosts Carla Thomas; Bush "Youngstreet Patty" & "Get Back" (instrumental); Cold Blood; Creedence Clearwater Revival "Lookin' Out My Back Door". $8
THE SOUPY SALES SHOW- Tab Hunter guests on this B&W lunch time episode from the 1960s $6
THE SPIKE JONES SHOW- Zany bandleader's broadcasts from 1952-57 w/ "Evolution Of Music"; "Persian Market Melody"; "Cry" (w/ Sir Frederick Gas); "Sock Myself In The Chin" (w/ Peter James); "Melody In F"; "Hotcha Cornya"; "Goin' Down South"; "San"; "Stranger In Paradise" (w/ Peter James); "Life's Not So Bad In Prison" (w/ Eddy Arnold & Joe Besser); "Holiday For Strings"; "That's Amore"; "Indian Love Call" (w/ Mimi Benzell & Freddie Morgan) (53 minutes) $8
THE STEVE ALLEN SHOW- "Crazy Red Riding Hood" (Steve's beatnik twist on the famed fable, w/ Mamie Van Dooren); Plus: "The Allen Report To The Nation" w/ Jayne Mansfield. (12 minutes total) $6 or $3 when used to fill out a disc
SUICIDE THEATER- Bizarre unsold TV pilot starring DeForest Kelley (pre-Star Trek) as a man down on his luck, w/ Ellen Corby (later to "The Waltons") as the landlady. $7
SUPER CIRCUS- 6 complete 30-minute episodes includes a smoking chimp; a Chinese acrobatic couple; trained Collie dogs; high-wire act; female contortionist; jugglers; magic tricks; dog & pony show; trained horses; comedy; prizes; clowns Cliffy, Nucky & Scampy, plus a cameo by then Illinois Governor William Stratton. Sponsored by Mars Candy Bars (Snickers & 3-Muskateers); Kelloggs Cereals. Stars real-life circus barker turned announcer Claude Kirchner as the ringmaster (later a spokesman for Marx Toys), & the lovely Mary Hartline as Super Circus majorette bandleader. (1950s) $8
SWINGIN' TIME- Detroit area teen music show hosted by DJ Robin 'Bobbin' With Robin' Seymour w/ ? & The Mysterians; Richard & The Young Lions; Temptations; Wayne Cochran & The C.C. Riders; Magnificant Men; Elgins; Terry Knight & The Pack; Charlie & Inez Fox; The Rationals, others. Some glitches but not too distracting. (September 10 & 17, 1966 + December 24, 1966) 81 minutes total - $12
SWINGIN' TOGETHER- Bobby Rydell leads a Rock & Roll band (Bobby Day & His Four Knights) on the road playing one-night stands. Bobby saves the day when he convinces a very square, uptight girl to let loose & twist the night away! w/ James Dunn & Stephanie Powers (Girl From U.N.C.L.E.). Unsold / unaired pilot from Desilu (1960) $9


TALES FROM THE FAR SIDE- Gary Larsen's 1st "Far Side" Halloween TV Special w/ 10 animated vignettes including a Frankenstein cow; an insect airline's in-flight movie; deers, hunters, UFO's; wolf home-movies; egg horror flicks; cowboys & aliens. Original music score by jazz guitarist Bill Frisell. This original airing has a slightly different audio track, plus the original final scene w/ Bob's Monster truck containing Exploding Kids, later edited from the commercial DVD release. This award winning program was created at International Rocketship, a Canadian animation studio under the direction of Marv Newland ('Bambi Meets Godzilla'). (10/26/1994) $8
TED MACK & THE ORIGINAL AMATEUR HOUR- Best Of w/ The Rockers (Calif) "Pipeline"; Continentals (NY) "Thunderbird"; Dukes (Mississippi) "Brown Eyed Handsome Man"; Chessmen (NJ) "Hoochie Koochie"; Bruner Sisters (Ohio) "Get Away Jordan"; Pixies (PA) "Tall Paul" (became The Pixies 3); Ceaser Brothers (MN) Yodel Duo; Irene Cara (NY) "Hola Hola Hola"; The Swinging Conner Family (OK) "Lazy River"; Danny Smythe - Gene Krupa inspired Drum Solo; Starlighters (early Joey Dee); The Rock'N'Roll Trio (TN) "Hound Dog"; Bop Kats (NY) Be-Bop-A-Lula". (40 minutes) $7
TEENAGE A GO-GO- (Teen related TV show openings & closings; clips & commercials from the 60s & early 70s w/ The Monkees & Partridge Family for Rice Krispies; Cover Girl w/ Susan Dey; Teaberry Shuffle; Tammy; Margie; Karen (theme song by The Beach Boys); Gidget; Twister; Patty Duke for Breck Shampoo; Ipana Toothpaste; Vespa; Yardley; Wildroot; & other teen rarities) (1 hour) $12
TELEVISION TIME MACHINE- The 1st decade of Maine's oldest TV station, WABI - Bangor, chronicles Miss Sea Goddess & The Potato Queen, to Pappy's Kelvinator Food-a-Rama & The Gadget Man. $6
TERRY DENE- POOR BOY- This UK TV Documentary follows the meteroic rise of 1950s British teen rocker Terry Dene. When his record label, Decca, forces him to record ballads, his career nose dives. Great rare footage of 1950s Soho plus interviews with Terry Dene; Jack Good; Justin Hayward; Cliff Richard & others. $8
TEST PILOT FILM- Bat Girl (8 minutes) $4 or Free to fill-out any other program ordered.
THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS- Brian Mathews hosts this fantastic Mersey Beat edition w/ Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas "I'll Keep You Satisfied"; Cilla Black "Love Of The Loved"; Tommy Quickly" Kiss Me Now"; Gerry & The Pacemakers "You'll Never Walk Alone" & "I Like It"; The Searchers "Sugar & Spice"; The Breakaways "That Boy Of Mine"; The Beatles "All My Loving", "Twist & Shout", "She Loves You" & ""I Want To Hold Your Hand". The Spin-A-Disc segment panel includes Ursula Higgins, Janice Nicholls, the Cavern Club's Bob Wooler as guest D.J. & Billy Butler (current Radio Merseyside DJ) as mop top Liverpudlian! The show closes with George Martin presenting two gold discs for "She Loves You" & "I Wanna Hold Your Hand". (12/21/1963) $12
THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS- Jim Dale hosts the Liverpool group The Koobas "You'd Better Make Up Your Mind"; Deano "Starlight"; The Morgan-James Duo "Put Your Tears Away"; Tom Jones "Responsible" & "Once There Was A Time", plus interview. Kentuckians "She Still Thinks I Care"; Lorne Lesley: "Somebody"; Ronnie Carroll: "Wait For Me"; The Londonaires "Dearest Emma" (about Emma Peel from 'The Avengers' TV series); The Rolling Stones: "Lady Jane" & "Paint It Black" plus Jim interviews Mick. (5/14/1966) $12
THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS- Jim Dale hosts the final episode of Lucky Stars & takes a trip down memory lane remembering the highlights of '61, '62 '63, '64, '65, & '66. Roy C "Jumping Pneumonia"; Peter & Gordon "To Show I Love Her" (Jim interviews them about their successful tour of the Phillippines); Pete Murray joins Jim & introduces Helen Shapiro "Shop Around". Keith Fordyce then joins everyone & describes the first time he met Peter Noone. Herman's Hermits "This Door Swings Both Ways"; Ivy League "Willow Tree"; Ray Ellington & Cleo Laine: "We Should Have". Brian Matthew introduces Gene Pitney "Nobody Needs Your Love More Than I Do". The final group to appear are The Beatles via promo clips of "Paperback Writer" & "Rain". (6/25/1966) $12
T.H.E. CAT- "To Kill A Priest"- In this pilot episode a priest on the waterfront has been trying to clean up crime in his area & he's not making the local criminals very happy. Cat doesn't think the police are doing enough to protect him & steps in. (09/16/1966) $6
THIS IS YOUR LIFE- Ralph Edwards takes Ethel Merman on a nostalgia tour of her radio, stage, television & film career. This is a rebroadcast of the syndicated 5/20/1971 episode, from February 1984. Color $5
THE THREE STOOGES- "Jerks of All Trades"- Original unsold pilot of the Three Stooges' proposed ABC-TV series, filmed in front of a studio audience. Moe, Larry & Shemp are painters & paper-hangers called in to decorate the house of a man whom they just had a very bad run-in with at their office. At the house, they proceed to horrify his wife as well & pretty much make a mess of the living room, as well as angering the husband even more when he comes home & discovers his wife hired the very paperhangers whom he had such a humiliating experience with. Columbia pictures threatened to sue ABC if they developed a series with The Stooges, and it was shelved. (10/12/1949) $8
TIDY HOUSE POLKA PARTY- 1950's TV show. $5
TIENERKLANKEN- Jazz Bilzen- Brussels, Belgian TV show (BRT) from 1969 w/ The Move; Deep Purple; Humble Pie; Blossom Toes; Life; Marsha Hunt; Brian Auger; Taste; Moody Blues; Bonzo Dog Doo Dah band; Steve Shorter & Till Set; Shocking Blue; Soft Machine. $12
TIME FOR BEANY- Live puppet show for kids from 1953. $5
TIME OUT FOR GINGER- aka "Life With Virginia". She's just an angel in jeans in her terrible teens! That's Virginia "Ginger" Carol (13-year-old Candy Moore), the feisty, boisterous, unstoppable teenage girl based on Ronald Alexander's hit 1953 Broadway play of the same name. Desperate to find a car for her sister's big date, Ginger considers buying her a new one! Margaret Hamilton joins in the fun as Lizzie the housekeeper. Roberta Shore plays Joan, the sophisticated older sister. Candy Moore later went on to play the role of Bebe, Jeff's girlfriend in the final few seasons of "The Donna Reed Show". This is actually an episode of the "Comedy Spot", a series of different 'one-off' programs that aired in syndication as a summer-replacement for the Red Skelton Show. (09/18/1962) $7
TO TELL THE TRUTH- Bud Collyer hosts Kitty Carlisle, Peggy Cass, Tom Poston & Orson Bean who try to determine which guest is the real Paul Butterfield. After revealing himself, Paul does his best to play something bluesy while the back-up band scrambles to find a groove. (3/28/1966) 10 minutes. $5 or Free to fill-out any other program ordered.
TO TELL THE TRUTH- Bud Collyer hosts Kitty Carlisle, Virginia Graham, Tom Poston & Johnny Carson who try to determine which guest is the real Hank Ballard, creator of "The Twist" (11/13/1961) 9 minutes. $5 or Free to fill-out any other program ordered.
TOWN HALL PARTY- Jay Stewart introduces The Collins Kids & Eddie Cochran. Larry & Lorrie Collins perfom 5 songs from 10/4/1958. Eddie Cochran w/ Dick D 'Agostin & The Swingers perform 8 great songs from 2/7/1959, plus an interview by Johnny Bond) 50 minutes $7
TV PREVIEWS- Promo ads for various TV series including: Superman; Thriller; Space Patrol; Alfred Hitchcock; McHale's Navy; Get Smart; Batman; Green Hornet; Capt. Nice; Man From UNCLE; Lost In Space; Land Of The Giants; Time Tunnel; Invaders; UFO; Star Trek; more. (1 hour) $6
TV TOY COMMERCIALS- 1950s & 1960s TV ads for Mr, Machine; Astroblast; 007 Action Pack; Electro Shot Shooting Gallery; Mr. Potato Head; Soaky; Tric Trac Road; G.I. Joe; Patty Play Pal; Deluxe Man In Space; Flying Superman; Barbie & Ken; Shirley Temple Doll; & more (write for time) $6

U - V - W

UNAIRED PILOT: "The Treasure Of '67" (Paul Revere & The Raiders variety special w/ Steve Alaimo) (Write for info)
UPBEAT- Cleveland, Ohio show hosted by Don Webster w/ The Upbeat Dancers. w/ Cashman, Pistilli & West ("Searchin' For The Dolphin"), Fat Water ("Speed Queen"), Thomas & Richard Frost ("She's Got Love"), Bobby Goldsboro ("In The Morning Morning" & "Till That Day"), Larry Henley ("My God & I"), The Originals ("Baby I'm For Real"), The Student Body ("When A Woman Has A Baby"), The Tokens ("Lion Sleeps Tonight" & "She Lets Her Hair Down"), Freida Wallace ("Let Me Be Your Baby"). w/ commercials. (11/29/1969) 1 hour $9
UPBEAT- w/ Jerry Butler ("Moody Woman"), John Denver ("Follow Me"), Funkadelics ("I Got A Thing"), The Glass House ("I Can't Be With You"), Anthony Green & Barry Stagg ("We Must Learn To Love"), The Ides Of March ("Vehicle"), The Impressions ("Check Out Your Mind"), Robin MacNamara ("Lay A Little Lovin' On Me"), The O'Kaysions ("I'm A Girl Watcher"), Bobby Sherman ("Hey Mr. Sun"), Bobby Wright ("Take Me Back To The Good Times Sally") w/ commercials (5/30/1970) 1 hour $9
UPBEAT- Compilation from late 60s Cleveland, Ohio TV music show. w/ American Breed; 1st Edition; Classics IV; Guess Who; Steppenwolf; Yardbirds; Three Dog Night; Tommy Roe; 1910 Fruitgum Co; Lemonpipers; Georgie Fame; Spiral Staircase; Wilbert Harrison; Tyrone Davis; Leroy Van Dyke; Eddie Holman; David Ruffin; Steam; Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs; Amboy Dukes; Box Tops; Okaysions; O.C. Smith; Jeannie C. Riley; 5th Dimension; B-Kays; Edwin Starr; Eric Burdon & The Animals; Gene Pitney; Joe Tex; more (Write)
THE VAMPIRA SHOW- The only surviving episode of the historic Vampira Show, a weekly late night horror movie show hosted by Maila Nurmi as Vampira. The show was the first of its kind & has been imitated ever since, most notably Elvira's Movie Macabre. This complete episode originally aired on August 14, 1954. It begins with Vampira's original opening where she slinks down a misty corridor & lets out a scream when she reaches the camera. Then we go inside Vampira's Attic where she tells us about this night's movie, the not-so-classic 1943 Monogram film, "Mystery Of The 13th Guest". Then the movie rolls. Also includes some great vintage commercials starring & directed by Ed Wood, who would later cast Maila in his cult classic Plan 9 From Outer Space. After the movie, Vampira bids us scarewell with her trademark closing "Unpleasant Dreams, Darlings!" (70 minutes) $7
VARIOUS ARTISTS- I have a large collection of 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s & 80s artists & groups performing live music, lip-synching, making an appearance on TV, or in a movie. Too many to list. Write with your want/wish list & I would be happy to compile a custom made program featuring your interests, or you can see a partial list by clicking here.
WHAT'S MY LINE- John Daily hosts a panel of: Arlene Francis, Martin Gabel, Dorothy Kilgallen & Bennett Cerf, who try to guess two Mystery Guests in this episode: Chubby Checker & Joan Collins (4/1/1962) $5
WHERE IT'S AT- A successor to 'Music Hop' & 'Let's Go', 'Where It's At' featured popular rock music in a 5:30 PM time slot. It ran for 1 season. This Vancouver BC edition is hosted by Fred Latremouille, w/ Wiggy Symphony; 5 Man Cargo; Poppy Family; Northwest Company; Soul Unlimited; The Collectors; Shockers; others, plus interviews w/ Jimi Hendrix; Vanilla Fudge & Frankie Avalon. B&W 1968 (108 minutes) $9
WHERE IT'S AT- A successor to 'Music Hop' & 'Let's Go', 'Where It's At' featured popular rock music in a 5:30 PM time slot. It ran for 1 season. Vancouver BC 1968 edition w/ TOMORROW'S EYES "Train Kept A-Rollin'"; "Shapes"; "Very Last Day"; "I'm A Man"; THE POPPY FAMILY "Different Drum"; Shadows On My Wall"; Beyond The clouds"; "The Paper Sun"; TERRY JACKS "Gentle On My Mind"; Howie Vickers of 'The Collectors' talks about new record, etc. (30 minutes) $9
WHERE IT'S AT- A successor to 'Music Hop' & 'Let's Go', 'Where It's At' featured popular rock music in a 5:30 PM time slot. It ran for 1 season. Vancouver BC 1969 edition w/ MOCK DUCK "Cross Roads"; "Heard On Me"; "I Put A Spell On You"; RALPH w/Joannie Taylor "Morning Dew" & "Come Home Baby" instrumental; JOANNIE TAYLOR "Mom & Dad" (Frank Zappa song); plus interviews w/ CCR & Tommy James & The Shondells. (25 minutes) $9
WHERE IT'S AT- A successor to 'Music Hop' & 'Let's Go', 'Where It's At' featured popular rock music in a 5:30 PM time slot. It ran for 1 season. Vancouver BC 1969 episode w/ THE COLLECTORS featuring music from the play 'Grass & Strawberries': "The Long Rain"; "Sheep On The Hillside"; "Seventeenth Summer"; "Rainbow Of Fire"; "Early Morning". (25 minutes) $9
WHERE THE ACTION IS- The Everly Brothers perform "Cathy's Clown" & "Let It Be Me". Roy Head sings "Treat Her Right" & "Apple of My Eye" (11/2/1965) $8
WHERE THE ACTION IS- Complete show w/ The Five Americans "Evol Not Love" & "Good Times"; The Syndicate Of Sound "Little Girl" & "Almost Grown"; The Robbs "You've Got Your Troubles"; Paul Revere & The Raiders "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone" plus, an interview with Jim 'Harpo' Valley of the Raiders. Keith Allison, plus original commercials. (8/19/1966) $8
WHERE THE ACTION IS- Complete show w/ The Young Rascals "You Better Run" & "Love Is A Beautiful Thing"; Tina Mason "Lonesome Me" The Standells "Dirty Water"; The Robbs "Do You Believe In Magic?"; Koji Moriyama "Yesterday"; Paul Revere & The Raiders talk about pranks they've pulled on Gary Lewis, plus original commercials. (8/26/1966) $8
WHERE THE ACTION IS- Complete show w/ Major Lance "The Beat" & "It's Dark & Lonely"; The Razor's Edge "Let's Call It A Day Girl" & "True Blue Patron Of The Arts"; The Robbs "Blowin' In The Wind"; Paul Revere & The Raiders "My Generation" plus Phil Fang interview. Keith Allison, plus original commercials. (9/6/1966) $8
WHERE THE ACTION IS- The Best Of WTAI- (w/ The Knickerbockers (6); Sandy Posey (2); Brian Hyland (2); The Robbs (2); Billy Stewart; The Hard Times; Sérgio Mendez & Brazil '66 (w/ Dodie Stevens who had the 1959 hit "Pink Shoelaces"); The Critters (2); Paul Revere & The Raiders; Gloria Jones; Jackie De Shannon; Jay & The Americans; Roy Orbison (2); Shades Of Blue (2); Leslie Gore (2); The Four Tops (2); Tommy Roe; Left Banke; Four Seasons, more. (90 minutes) $12
A WHOLE SCENE GOING- Debut episode of British TV culture magazine show on teen trends, hosted by Wendy Varnels & Barry Fantoni. The discussion panel includes Lulu & Spike Milligan. There's a report from Liverpool w/ Ray McFall (Cavern Club owner) & Allan Williams (Beatles first manager). The Who perform several songs & Pete Townshend waxes philosophical about smashing guitars & girls' fascination with their clothes. Cool trick-skateboard riding segment, plus soon-to-be model & actress Caroline Munro! (01/05/1966) $8 More Info
A WHOLE SCENE GOING- Second episode of the UK Mod Fashion & Music show w/ The Pretty Things "Midnight To Six Man"; Chris Andrews; Pattie Boyd (actress / model who married George Harrison 9 days after this broadcast. Eric Clapton nicknamed her Layla); Michael Crawford; Judy Innes; Virginia Ironside; Paul Jones; Jonathan King. Sandie Shaw is profiled & interviewed. (01/12/1966) $8
A WHOLE SCENE GOING- In the next-to-last episode of this BBC program on Mod Fashion & trends, The Yardbirds perform "Over Under Sideways Down"; Ravi Shankar plays & answers questions from the host & Yardbirds about the Sitar; The Kinks perform "Sunny Afternoon; Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich visit Paris & perform "Hideaway"; Charlton Heston answers questions from the audience; The Bruce Turner Jump Band closes the show. (06/08/1966) $8
THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF WILBER POPE- Wilber's last name was changed to 'Post' & the series became "Mister Ed". Unaired pilot episode w/ different cast than in the aired pilot of the same story. (1958) $9

X - Y - Z

YOU ASKED FOR IT- w/ Bela Lugosi (10 minutes) $2 or Free to fill-out any other program ordered.
YOU BET YOUR LIFE- The secret word is "shoe" in this installment of the Groucho Marx quiz show. The 1st couple is an 18 year old girl & a man from the UK. The 2nd couple is a man from Georgia (USSR), & an elderly lady who tap dances. w/ original White Rain & Adorn Hairspray commercials. (2/7/1951) $4